BattleBots Season 9 is to Premiere on Discovery Channel

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 11/9/2023
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Genres: Action

BattleBots is back! New, series coming to Discovery Networks

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Name Air Dates
World Championship VII Finals May 25, 2023

The World Championship VII Finals have arrived! Tonight, the most thrilling tournament in the sport's history reaches its epic conclusion. Eight of the baddest bots in the world leave no screw unturned in their quest for BattleBots immortality. A grueling gauntlet awaits, but at the end of it all, one team will be crowned BattleBots World Champion and hoist the most coveted trophy in all of robot combat, the Giant Nut!

World Championship VII -- Round of 16 May 18, 2023

In the Round of 16, teams clash in hopes of breaking into the quarterfinals. These bots survived the Round of 32, but tonight's action will be bigger, louder and deadlier than ever.

8 More to Fall May 11, 2023

The World Championship Tournament continues with the left side of the bracket. Eight more teams must fall before the final 16 robots are set, and tensions are reaching their boiling point inside the arena. As the squads look to carve out their paths to the Giant Nut, the action inside the BattleBox is more perilous than ever. The most elite field ever assembled has been shrunk down to the best of the best. No bot is safe from a potential upset, and one of these squads might be kickstarting the run of a lifetime and become the next BattleBots champion.

World Championship VII Round of 32 May 4, 2023

The World Championship kicks off with the best combat robots in the world competing for the ultimate prize: the Giant Nut. The first half of the Round of 32 will see eight do-or-die battles -- winners progress to the Round of 16, and the losers go home.

The Big Reveal Apr 27, 2023

It's the final qualifying round, and 12 teams must survive one more fight before the Round of 32 lineup can finally be unveiled. Tantrum faces Whiplash, and Minotaur -- the bull from Brazil -- looks to take revenge on Witch Doctor -- the master of voodoo.

The Unbeatables Apr 20, 2023

Black Dragon has never been knocked out; Riptide has destroyed every opponent in seconds; these two formidable foes face each other in the ultimate match up.

Pizza Party Apr 13, 2023

With dreams of World Championship glory only a few weeks away, anxious, desperate, and dangerous robots are barreling into the arena and putting everything on the line. Tonight, more teams will wrap up their qualifying season with their fourth and final fight. While some seek a coveted top seed in the tournament, others just want to avoid a humiliating defeat. As the roller coaster ride to the Giant Nut nears its apex, it's the last chance to hop on board for the ultimate robot ride.

Jaws and Claws Apr 6, 2023

With the World Championship VII tournament just around the corner, the race for the Giant Nut kicks into top gear. Tonight's fight card features some of the biggest names in the sport jockeying for tournament seedings in their final fight of the qualifying rounds. And in what could be a preview of this year's Championship Final, in the MAIN Event, for the first time ever SawBlaze will face the formidable flipping power of Hydra.

Never Say Die Mar 30, 2023

Buckle up for a bumpy ride. For some of tonight's teams, it's Do or Die – they must either win the battle or go home. And there's a Main Event so violent, sparks will be bouncing off the BattleBox, as one robot dies and the other fries. But will victory go to Bloodsport or Rotator?

Mid-Season Mayhem Mar 9, 2023

Week Ten of the qualifiers and the metal mayhem includes a tumultuous main event between Whiplash and Monsoon, two famous teams desperate for a win.

You Want a Pizza Me? Mar 2, 2023

A kill-or-be-killed main event between End Game and HyperShock.

Mirror, Mirror Feb 23, 2023

Huge and Quantum are undefeated while Blip looks to rebound by taking on its own sister bot, defending champion Tantrum.

Violent Night Feb 16, 2023

In Vegas, where dreams are made and broken, the stakes climb for 14 more teams in the World Championship qualifiers; Cobalt and Minotaur violently collide in an event.

Robot Redemption Feb 9, 2023

Current world champion Tantrum is up against the ropes and faces the formidable flipping force of Hydra; new fan favorite Ripperoni faces off against End Game.



Bad Blood Feb 2, 2023

Two teams with bad blood, Madcatter and Riptide, look to settle a score. It's just one tense highlight in an action-packed fight card as the contenders battle to raise their place in the BattleBots hierarchy.

0 and 2. Am I Through? Jan 26, 2023

The journey to qualify for the World Championship heats up as Quantum and Gruff look to start the season with a strong 2-0 start. Meanwhile, iconic veterans Hypershock and Whiplash try to avoid the opposite -- a disastrous 0 and 2.

Strike While the Bot's Hot Jan 19, 2023

Deathroll returns and punches its blood-soaked fist in victory every time it destroys an opponent as they face the British bot destroyer, Cobalt; a nautical monster with the biggest weapon in the field, rookie Triton also has its first fight.

What the Flip? Jan 12, 2023

It's week two of the world championship season and the fight card is full of veteran favorites, hotshot rookies and carnage; among the highlights is End Game versus Blip.

Robots, Ready!!! Jan 5, 2023

World Championship VII gets underway with a loaded opening fight card; Tantrum the Champion begins its defense of the Giant Nut with a tumultuous Main Event against the Brazilian Bull Minotaur.

BattleBots Champions: The Golden Bolt Sep 8, 2022

8 BattleBots Champions compete for The Golden Bolt. After the ferocious Sin City Slugfest, the 5 new Champions join 3 Giant Nut winners for one night of carnage in the BattleBox. At stake is BattleBots' newest trophy: The Golden Bolt.

BattleBots Champions: The Final Slugfest Sep 1, 2022

The final Sin City Slugfest blasts off. 8 contenders must fight to the death – only one will survive to take on Witch Doctor, gatekeeper of the last vacant spot in the Golden Bolt Tournament.  Who will join the field of Champions?

BattleBots Champions: The Slugfest Part 4 Aug 25, 2022

The Sin City Slugfest continues as eight bots go head-to-head for a chance to punch a ticket to the Golden Bolt Tournament. Fan favorites like Blade, Bloodsport and Kraken must first win three straight fights and then overcome the formidable Skorpios.

BattleBots Champions: The Slugfest Part 3 Aug 18, 2022

Eight hopefuls slug it out to the death for the right to take on Rotator. The winner will compete for the exclusive Golden Bolt. Will Rotator live up to its reputation or will another bot triumph and join the group of champions?

BattleBots Champions: The Slugfest Continues Aug 11, 2022

Tonight's quest is to beat Desperado champion Lock-Jaw. But first eight bots have to fight to the death in the Sin City Slugfest. Only one will survive to face the veteran and qualify for the exclusive Golden Bolt tournament of champions.

BattleBots Champions: Let the Slugfest Begin Aug 4, 2022

In the fight capital of the world, a new tournament kicks off for robotic combat's hottest trophy: The Golden Bolt. But first the robots must face the toughest battle ever seen in Vegas: the Sin City Slugfest. Starring: Gigabyte.

BattleBots: The Finals Apr 7, 2022

A champion is crowned tonight. By the end of tonight's season finale, a new team will hoist the Giant Nut and be crowned BattleBots World Champion. It's winner takes all, as the final 8 bots face off in the ultimate robotic fight to the death.

Round of 16 Mar 31, 2022

It's a fight to the death as only 16 bots remain in the World Championship.

8 Down, 8 to Go Mar 24, 2022

The first elimination round reaches its climax -- who will survive?

Let the Tournament Begin! Mar 17, 2022

We've arrived. Let the World Championship Tournament of BattleBots begin! The World Championship Tournament has arrived! Only one team will hoist the most coveted trophy in the sport, the Giant Nut. The defending champions, End Game, are ready to defend their crown, but a stacked group of contenders aren't backing down.

To the Victor, Go the Spoils Mar 10, 2022

It's do-or-die, as Qualifying fights wrap up & the Round of 32 is revealed. It's the Selection Show! The Qualifying Rounds wrap up with 7 must-win matchups, as many fan faves try to secure a spot in the World Championship Tournament. At the end of the night, the field for the Round of 32 is revealed.

Put Up or Shut Up Mar 3, 2022

Fourteen bots compete in their last bouts of the qualifying round! The penultimate week of the qualifying round has fourteen of the field's most destructive bots vying for a kick at The Giant Nut! In a tactically tantalizing Main Event two of the most aggressive drivers duke it out in an epic clash!

Flip the Script Feb 24, 2022

As the World Championship approaches, for many teams it's do or die. Shocking upsets shake up the entire competition. And with the World Championship looming, it's the last chance for many teams to make a statement that they belong in the Round of 32. 

Edges, Wedges, and Wheels Feb 17, 2022

There's fire, ice, and even robot dancing in this week's amazing Clashfest. It's a symphony of destruction as a fresh group of bots look to leave their mark on the 2021 season with a signature victory. And the night reaches a crescendo as two of the sport's best drivers square off in the main event.

Bigger Than Bots Feb 10, 2022

A legendary driver and his teammates attempt to overcome not only their opponent, but personal tragedy -- as the second half of the World Championship Qualifiers begins.

Let's Uppercut to the Chase! Feb 3, 2022

The march toward The Giant Nut continues as several fan favorite bots face a dreaded potential 0-2 start. In a violent Main Event: defending champs End Game take on 2019 finalists Witch Doctor in a clash of the vertical spinners!

Out With the Old Jan 27, 2022

Hungry new teams try to take down veteran heavy hitters. 
With World Championship qualification on their minds, many of the best bots on the planet put it all on the line trying to win their second match up of the qualifying round...

Ducks, Dragons, Killer Snakes – What a Zoo! Jan 20, 2022

The next batch of bots battle it out for their first win of the season. ?In Las Vegas, the action reaches fever pitch as more bots make their season debuts. Seasoned veterans return to the BattleBox to relive their glory years, while new Giant Nut contenders are determined to make a splash...

I Like Big Bots (That Will Not Die) Jan 13, 2022

The season heats up as Kraken, Yeti and deadly Rotator enter the Box for the 1st time. More carnage in Sin City as 14 killer bots enter the arena. Legendary drum-spinner Yeti returns to the fray after a year's absence. Rusty is back too – but will his Mum's popcorn bowl be enough protection against the deadly weapon of his first opponent?

Slash And Burn! Jan 6, 2022

Buckle up as bots from around the globe return to the BattleBox to face off in the world's top robot combat tournament - including reigning champ End Game from New Zealand, launching its title defence against Hydra, the biggest flipper on the planet.

The World Championship Finals Mar 11, 2021

The BattleBots World Championship Tournament reaches its climax as the remaining eight bots battle to hoist The Giant Nut. Who will be crowned champion of the world?

Shock and Awe Mar 4, 2021

It's the penultimate episode of the season. Just 16 bots remain - and eight ill die in the BattleBox tonight. For the victors, they'll be just two fights away from getting their hands on the most coveted trophy in robotic sports - The Giant Nut.

We're Beast Slayin' Tonight! Feb 25, 2021

It's win-or-go-home time for 16 elite bots as we conclude the Round of 32. Will second seed Bloodsport continue its winning run towards the Giant Nut? And will last year's runner-up Witch Doctor fend off the powerful sting of Skorpios?

Survive and Advance Feb 18, 2021

It's robot knockout time, with the Round of 32 launching the quest for the World Championship. For favorites like Hydra and Whiplash there's danger in every matchup, as up-and-coming teams look to shake up the bracket. Now every fight is do or die.

Qualify! or Wave Goodbye! Feb 11, 2021

The World Championship qualifiers reach their climax, with Hydra facing Uppercut and Whiplash against Valkyrie in two ferocious final battles. Only then can the top 32 finalists finally be revealed. Who will be top seed and who will be out?

Now or Never Feb 4, 2021

Tonight every fight has Championship consequences. In the Main Event, Copperhead and Black Dragon battle for high seedings, all the rest are fighting for survival. A win means life, a loss and it's time to power down for good.

Hit the Jackpot! Jan 28, 2021

Desperate to avoid a winless season, HUGH faces KRAKEN. It's veteran vs rookie as LOCK-JAW fights JACKPOT - only one can go 3-0. Tournament favorite Tombstone protects his crown against a bot that was built to dethrone him - Skorpios!

Turning up the Heat Jan 21, 2021

Slick-driving Whiplash looks to get its championship aspirations back on track against Gruff's menacing flamethrowers. Underdog Rusty tries attempts to upset veteran Beta, and Hypershock locks horns with Mammoth in a gear-grinding showdown.

Battle of the Undefeated Jan 14, 2021

Sparks fly round the BattleBox as Valkyrie and Rotator square off in a deadly battle of horizontal spinners. Undefeated Malice and MadCatter duke it out while Uppercut takes on SawBlaze in an explosive main event.

Sin City Slasher Jan 7, 2021

Giant Nut runner-up Witch Doctor faces off against Kraken and both are desperate to not go 0-2. Vegas newcomer Jackpot rolls the dice against the veteran Ghost Raptor and veteran flipper Hydra has a very big surprise in store.

Blood, Sweat and Gears Dec 24, 2020

Former Giant Nut winner Tombstone takes on rookie Slap Box and the part-frog, part-killer robot Ribbot takes on the feline-inspired MadCatter. Giant walker-bot Chomp makes its debut and End Game takes on Bloodsport in a messy main event.

Stop! Hammer Time! Dec 17, 2020

Legendary hammer-bot Beta returns to face off with Rotator, one of the deadliest horizontal spinners on the planet. Later, two rising stars attempt to stake their claim in the contest as Gruff pits its duel-flamethrowers against Hypershock.

Let the Big Bot Battle Begin Dec 10, 2020

Mammoth and Hugh face off in an epic battle of the big bots.

Return of the Bots Dec 3, 2020

Hard-hitting, steel-splitting combat returns as 60 teams converge for a tournament of all-out robotic carnage! Jack Barker from End Game finally gets the match he's been waiting for as he squares off with Ray Billings and his lethal bot Tombstone.

2019 BattleBots World Championship Sep 27, 2019

After a dramatic season of robot warfare, eight of the greatest bots in the world face off to stake their claim in becoming the 2019 BattleBots World Champion and take home the Giant Nut.

My Super Sweet 16 Sep 20, 2019

The 2019 BattleBots World Championship kicks off an epic Sweet 16 competition, as the deadliest bots across the globe battle it out for the ultimate prize.

Live to Die Another Day Sep 13, 2019

When a surprising twist blows the competition wide open, the world's greatest bots redouble their efforts to win a spot in the knockout round.

One Flipper to Rule Them All Sep 6, 2019

The Bots have one last shot of redemption has they fight to earn their place in the Top 16, and Hydra and Bronco fight for the title of greatest flipper in the world.

This is Gonna Be Huge Aug 30, 2019

The competition grows fierce with the World Championship Tournament approaching, and Huge looks to earn its first win of the season against the legendary Bronco.

Like a Bot to a Flame Aug 23, 2019

As the Top 16 looms closer, a group of underdogs gives it their last shot, and in the Main Event, Rotator and undefeated Death Roll bring everything they have to the BattleBox.

Flips, Fires and Flinches Aug 16, 2019

The competition heats up as the teams start to feel the pressure, and undefeated Hypershock looks to take down the reigning champ, Bite Force.

Eyes on the Prize Aug 9, 2019

The second half of the tournament kicks off with the most elite bots in history facing off for the coveted trophy, and in the Main Event, undefeated bots Whiplash and Witch Doctor look to end an enemy's hot streak.

The Desperado Tournament II Jul 26, 2019

Eight bots on the brink go head-to-head in the last chance Desperado tournament, and in one insane night, fighters on the edge of elimination take one final shot at redemption.

The Most Destructive Robot Jul 19, 2019

As the tournament heats up, the field of vicious robots gear up to guarantee their spot in the Top 16, and in the Main Event bout, Tombstone and Rotator look settle a year-long feud once and for all.

Buckers and Brawlers Jul 12, 2019

Competition gets fierce as the teams set their sights on making it into the top 16, and when defending champ Bite Force takes on legendary flipper Bronco, top teams are pushed to the brink.

A Family Affair Jul 5, 2019

The stakes get higher when teams on the brink start to feel the heat, and as the clash continues, undefeated bots Son of Whyachi and the Ewerts look to continue their reign of terror.

A Duck Only a Mother Could Love Jun 28, 2019

Elite bots Tombstone and Sawblaze go to war in the BattleBox, as the competition heats up to become the 2019 BattleBots champion.

Don't Flip Out! Jun 21, 2019

BattleBots Champion Bite Force squares off against famed bot Yeti. while another legendary builder returns to the competition with a brand-new epic bot.

You Mess with the Bull, You Get the Drum Jun 14, 2019

BattleBots 2018 finalist Minotaur goes head-to-head with Whiplash as a new group of 14 bots make their debut in the 2019 competition.

That's What You Call a KO! Jun 7, 2019

The season of BattleBots kicks off with 67 bots as they face off to become the 2019 BattleBots World Champion.

Championship Night Oct 5, 2018

It's championship night and just four bots remain to face off in the ultimate battles to decide the 2018 BattleBots World Champion.

The Tournament Sep 28, 2018

The tournament begins with an epic night of smackdowns and legendary upsets as eight world-class bots go head-to-head to earn a place in the final four of the BattleBots World Championship.

It's Tournament Time Sep 21, 2018

The Sweet 16 round kicks off with an epic night of fights featuring Tombstone, Minotaur, and Lock-Jaw, as the group of elite bots begin the battle to become the 2018 BattleBots World Champion.

Last Chance Rumble Sep 14, 2018

Brutus, Warhawk, and End Game fight for a guaranteed spot, as the last round of bots put everything on the line to make it into the Sweet 16 round.

A Bull in a Bot Shop Sep 7, 2018

Minotaur goes head-to-head with Subzero in an ultimate smackdown as the two bots try and secure their spots in the World Championship.

USA vs The World Aug 31, 2018

In a special tournament, Battlebots Team USA takes on bots from around the world in an international showdown of combat robotics.

It's Going to Be a Flippin' Blast! Aug 24, 2018

Undefeated bots Bronco and Sawblaze battle to the death to preserve their perfect records in a night of epic clashes.

The Rematch Aug 17, 2018

Minotaur continues its quest for the BattleBots title in an epic fight with Blacksmith, a rematch two years in the making.

This is Battlebots! Aug 10, 2018

Reigning BattleBots champion Tombstone and newcomer Whiplash fight to the finish as an advanced group of savage bots go head-to-head in the BattleBox.

The Desperado Tournament Aug 3, 2018

In a special last-chance tournament, eight bots battle it out for one of the last spots in the 2018 World Championship Sweet 16.

A Smashing Good Time Jul 13, 2018

Undefeated bots Bronco and Duck! duke it out in the battlebox as the race to become BattleBots World Champion heats up.

Ice, Ice, Baby Jul 6, 2018

BattleBots elite Icewave and Skorpios square off in an epic throwdown, and the rest of the bots battle to secure their spots in the Sweet 16.

I'm Here to Kick Some Bot Jun 29, 2018

BattleBots royalty Bronco and Lock-Jaw fight to the death as the competition for 2018 BattleBots World Champion gets fierce.

It's Fork Lifting Time! Jun 22, 2018

Rookie bot End Game and former BattleBots champ Bite Force duke it out in an action-packed night of battles.

It's a Flippin' Robot Party! Jun 15, 2018

World-class robots Bronco and Bombshell go head-to-head as the elite group of robots compete for the title of 2018 BattleBots World Champion.

Just Keep Spinning Jun 8, 2018

A brutal match-up between Icewave and Yeti ignites the Battlebox, while the best bots in the world flex their gears.

There's No Tapping Out in Battlebots! Jun 1, 2018

Reigning champion Tombstone takes on the legendary Gigabyte as the battles heat up to take home the renowned BattleBots trophy.

Everyone Wants to Be the Hotshot May 25, 2018

BattleBots legends Hypershock and Biteforce face off in an epic showdown, while up-and-comers try to prove they have what it takes to be crowned 2018 BattleBots World Champion.

Are You Yeti to Rumble? May 18, 2018

Fan favorites Yeti and Witch Doctor face off in a world-class fight as top competitors battle to earn their spot in the postseason tournament.

It's Robot Fighting Time! May 11, 2018

The BattleBots season begins as the legends of robot combat put it all on the line for a shot at the 2018 World Championship.

One Shining Bot: The Championship Sep 1, 2016

Eight teams fight their way to the championship.

Gr8 Expectations: The Quarterfinals Sep 1, 2016

It's the championship with two blockbuster matchups you won't want to miss, as the remaining teams light up the arena until a single champion emerges to claim the ultimate title and walk away with the Giant Nut.

Not So Sweet 16: The Round of 16 (2) Aug 25, 2016

The next-generation robots will go head to head, as 16 teams continue to fight their way to the championship in hopes of scoring the ultimate prize, the Giant Nut.

Not So Sweet 16: The Round of 16 (1) Aug 4, 2016

The extraordinary robot-fighting tournament "BattleBots" continues on THURSDAY, JULY 28 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. The next-generation robots will go head to head, as 16 teams continue to fight their way to the championship in hopes of scoring the ultimate prize, the Giant Nut.

The Good, the Bot and the Ugly: The Round of 32 Concludes Jul 28, 2016

The next-generation robots rumble, with 32 teams advancing out of the qualifying round in pursuit of the championship.

Shake, Battle and Roll: The Round of 32 Jul 21, 2016

The next-generation robots will go head to head, as 32 teams advance out of the qualifying round and on to the next round in pursuit of the championship.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Bracket: The Round of 32 Jul 7, 2016

The next-generation robots will go head to head, as 32 teams advance out of the qualifying round and on to the next round in pursuit of the championship.

Each match will consist of a three-minute bout in which the goal is to completely destroy or disable the opponent. If there is no knockout during the three-minute battle, the panel of judges will declare a victor to move onto the next round. Judging the matches are former "BattleBots" competitor and special effects artist Fon Davis, the face of "Nerdist," Jessica Chobot, and special guest judge Vernon Davis, NFL tight end for Super Bowl 50 Champions The Denver Broncos, now on the Washington Redskins.

There Will Be Bot Blood: The Qualifying Round Concludes Jun 30, 2016

The next-generation robots will go head to head, as 16 teams converge in an arena full of hazards for the chance to advance out of the qualifying round in pursuit of the championship.

Each match will consist of a three-minute bout in which the goal is to completely destroy or disable the opponent. If there is no knockout during the three-minute battle, the panel of judges will declare a victor to move onto the next round. Judging the matches are former "BattleBots" competitor and special effects artist Fon Davis, the face of "Nerdist," Jessica Chobot, and special guest judge Adam Savage ("MythBusters").

Robots Activate: Qualifying Round Begins Jun 23, 2016

Thirty-two teams compete in three-minute bouts in which they try to disable their opponents, with the winners moving on to the next round. Guest judge Adam Savage joins the panel.

BattleBots: The Gears Awaken May 10, 2016

Twelve robots face off in a series of matches to earn the final four spots in the championship.

One Bot Rules Them All: The Championship Jul 26, 2015

The final six teams compete; the ultimate champion is declared.

The Great 8: Quarterfinals Jul 19, 2015

Featured battles include Lock-Jaw vs. Overhaul, Bite Force vs. HyperShock and Tombstone vs. Radioactive.

Last Chance to Advance: Round of 16 Jul 12, 2015

Matches include Lock-Jaw vs. Overhaul, Bite Force vs. HyperShock, and Tombstone vs. Radioactive.

Full Metal Bracket: Round of 16 Jul 5, 2015

Eight teams compete in the first half of the championship round of 16.

Crunch Time: Qualifying Round (2) Jun 28, 2015

Sixteen robots compete in the second Qualifiers round. Competitors include Witch Doctor, Captain Shrederator, Ghost Raptor, Mohawk, Stinger, Sweet Revenge, Tombstone and Chomp.

The Battle Begins: Qualifiers (1) Jun 21, 2015

During the first night of the six-episode tournament, 8 teams converge in an arena of minefields and hazards for the ultimate shot at glory during the Qualifiers round.

Most Outrageous Moments Feb 2, 2023

BattleBot's biggest stars count down the sport's Most Outrageous Moments.

BattleBots: Nastiest Knockouts Jan 5, 2023

An expert panel of robot combat builders and producers unveils the nastiest knockouts; some of the biggest upsets, explosions and collisions of all time are put under the microscope, with previously unseen footage extracted from vaults.

When will be BattleBots next episode air date?

BattleBots Season 9 is yet to be announced by Discovery Channel.

Is The BattleBots renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 11/9/2023 and now is not renewed yet. BattleBots is to be Premiered on Discovery Channel

Where to countdown BattleBots air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 9 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode BattleBots, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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