Summer House Season 8 is to Premiere on Bravo

Latest Episode: 6/5/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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Station: Bravo

On January 9th, 2017 the TV channel Bravo brought out yet another reality TV show to entertain our Monday nights.

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Name Air Dates
Welcome to the JungleMay 22, 2023
(Don't) Let Them Eat CakeMay 15, 2023
The Hangover May 8, 2023

Carl throws Lindsay a surprise engagement party, but the reaction to their nuptial news shocks everyone. The housemates hit the beach for a game of flag football. Carl is surprised to be confronted by a friend from outside the house.

Ring of Fire May 1, 2023

Danielle and Chris host a Latin dinner night as Andrea and his girlfriend, Lexi, join the housemates for the weekend. Romance is in the air as Kory confesses his feelings about Sam. Carl has an engagement ring, but a trip to the hospital threatens to derail his plans.

Pity Party Apr 24, 2023

Carl and Danielle's confrontation continues and causes a late-night breakdown; Kory and Sam's relationship heats up as Amanda gets some shocking health news.

Who Wears the Crazy Pants Apr 17, 2023

While Kyle's 40th birthday party comes to a dramatic end, Lindsay and Carl throw a housewarming party and Danielle arrives with baggage; back in the Hamptons, Sam and Kory's flirtation heats up; Carl takes Danielle aside to clear the air.



Holy Cow, Kyle is 40 Apr 10, 2023

Kyle celebrates his 40th birthday with a Western-themed rager, and sparks fly between Kory and Sam; Lindsay and Danielle confront their issues; Paige is surprised by a revelation from Craig.

Hazed and Confused Apr 3, 2023

A confrontation during a girls-night dinner opens a rift between Lindsay and Danielle; Ciara considers a fling as a new man joins the house; everyone gets ready to send it at Kyle's 40th birthday party.

Rise and Wine Mar 27, 2023

As Kyle and Carl devise a plan to make Chris feel like one of the guys, a visit to a vineyard continues to strengthen Ciara and Danielle's friendship. The girls night turns sour for Lindsay.

Panic at the Disco Mar 20, 2023

The housemates throw their first big party of the summer as Kyle confronts the fallout from his outburst at the slumber party. Sam's encounter with a new man reignites old insecurities. When a few housemates head out to Montauk, Danielle's surprising comments about Lindsay's relationship come to light.

The Hangover Mar 13, 2023

The slumber party turns into a nightmare when a blowup between Kyle and Lindsay leaves Carl stuck in the middle. As Gabby leads the charge on the first bash of the summer, the housemates are left questioning if she can handle it. A confession from Danielle turns Lindsay's world upside down.

Pillow Talk Mar 6, 2023

Carl returns to the Loverboy offices, and his work issues with Kyle come to a head. Back in the Hamptons, Andrea rejoins the crew with hopes for an Italian dinner do-over. A slumber party turns from wild fun into a bad dream for the housemates.

A Cup of LoyalTEA Feb 27, 2023

Danielle and Gabby agree to move past shady men. Chris takes his shot with Ciara. Kyle continues to be frustrated with Carl and Lindsay about Loverboy. The girls enjoy an afternoon of sipping and spilling the tea until a revelation from Danielle threatens to derail the party.

A Line in the Sand Feb 20, 2023

As the holiday weekend continues, Kyle and Carl finally address their issues. Mya confronts Lindsay over their tense conversation in L.A. Gabby continues her pursuit of a hot prospect. While Ciara joins the share house ready to send it this summer, it doesn't take Danielle long to declare her allegiance to Carl and Lindsay.

Star-Spangled Feud Feb 13, 2023

The housemates are back in the Hamptons for another summer of fun. While Carl and Lindsay are living their version of a real-life fairytale, Kyle and Mya see changes in Carl and have theories behind his personality shift. Amidst a big change in rooming dynamics, three new housemates join the party!

Reunion Part 2 May 16, 2022

The reunion concludes with Kyle and Amanda reflecting on their wedding, and they give an update on their prenup question, shocking some of the housemates. Lindsay reveals why she stopped drinking and gives insight into her romance with Carl. Mya, Ciara and Alex open up about the difficult, but important discussion held this summer. Paige and Amanda question Lindsay's true intentions in the house.

Reunion Part 1 May 9, 2022

As the Summer House reunion kicks off, Lindsay defends her "Hot Hubbs Summer" and Carl questions his friendship with a surprising housemate along the way. Danielle's relationship with her boyfriend Robert is questioned, while Andrea gives an update on his dating life. Amanda calls Lindsay out for her lackluster apology about Austen, and Alex offers a surprising twist. Danielle and Ciara's growing resentments of each other come to a head.

A Happy Sending May 2, 2022

Kyle and Amanda's big day approaches; Lindsay and Carl address their feelings toward each other.

Keep Prom and Carry On Apr 25, 2022

The housemates let loose with a prom party; Kyle and Amanda are feeling the pressure.

Pre-nope Apr 18, 2022

The last weekend of summer starts with a bang; tensions rise among the housemates at dinner.

Playing With Fire Apr 11, 2022

Lindsay's heart burns for her latest suitor; Mya is hesitant about her new relationship.

Hurricane Warning Apr 4, 2022

Lindsay admits she may have feelings for Austen; Kyle pressures Amanda for a prenup.

That's Not Amore! Mar 28, 2022

Craig is back in town, and Paige wonders if she's finally ready to take things to the next level.

Happily Ever Never Mar 21, 2022

Carl's new fling seems to be fitting right in, and Mya hits it off with a potential suitor.

A Twisted Fairytale Mar 7, 2022

Lindsay throws a fairytale birthday bash to celebrate turning 35; Austen, Southern Prince Charming.

One Basket, Too Many Eggs Feb 28, 2022

Paige's confession to Craig; Kyle and Amanda's rocky relationship; Lindsay's life-changing news.

Summer Should Be Kinky Feb 21, 2022

Andrea is fully in his element throwing an epic "50 Shades of Summer" party, and continues to seduce Paige in the process. While Lindsay is away for the weekend, Carl returns to the Hamptons in a better headspace thanks to a new lady in his life. And Kyle makes a devastating comment that he can't take back.

Birthday Hex Feb 14, 2022

Following their passionate spin the bottle kiss, Ciara and Alex wonder if there's more between them than physical attraction. Meanwhile, Paige's heart begins to drift away from Craig and toward Andrea, who's looking for something real. After failing to give Amanda the grand birthday gesture she hoped for, Kyle is officially in the dog house. And finally, Mya is triggered to her breaking point, and makes the difficult decision to make her voice heard.

Charmed, I'm Not Sure Feb 7, 2022

After a shocking revelation about Craig, Paige gives her Southern Charmer a taste of his own medicine with her Italian romancer. Lindsay is having the time of her life as her "Hot Hubbs Summer" continues, meanwhile Mya and Carl begin to form a bond. Luke arrives from Minnesota in time for the house to throw it back to the ‘90s for Amanda's 30th birthday bash.

Heartbreak in the Hamptons Jan 31, 2022

After a rocky first weekend, Kyle and Amanda try to find sturdy ground in their relationship. Carl tries to get to know Ciara better, but soon realizes there might be someone else in the way. Lindsay continues to enjoy her hottest summer yet, and while Andrea and Paige are seemingly picking up where they left off in Vermont, Craig comes to town and shakes things up.

Star-Spangled Drama Jan 24, 2022

It's the 4th of July and the housemates throw their annual bash. After a big disagreement, Amanda focuses on having fun while Kyle struggles to get in the mood to party. Danielle is excited to see Robert but can't seem to get his mind away from work. Sparks begin to fly between Ciara and Carl, while Andrea finds some alone time with Paige and finally confronts her about Craig.

Where's My Lover, Boy? Jan 17, 2022

Weekends in the Hamptons and weekdays in the city are back! With a new house and new roommates, this group of friends sets out to make up for lost time and send it properly. Kyle's late-night shenanigans are triggering to fiancé Amanda and raise a red flag to their friends. An old flame returns and instantly heats things up for Paige. Meanwhile, Lindsay drops a bomb on Carl that no one saw coming.

Reunion Part 2 May 6, 2021

In the dramatic conclusion of the Summer House reunion, Carl discusses his struggles with sobriety. Luke accuses Hannah of turning the house against him, while Paige is caught in the middle of Hannah and Amanda's fractured friendship. Finally, tension comes to a head when Hannah is confronted about what she and her new fiancé Des did in Kyle and Amanda's bathroom, leading to shocking admissions and shaking the house to its core.

Reunion Part 1 Apr 29, 2021

Ciara, Luke and Hannah revisit the unraveling of their love triangle; Lindsay admits what Stravy was really doing in the house when he claimed to be working; the housemates confront Hannah about her recent statements in the press and on podcasts.

Makeups and Breakups Apr 22, 2021

It's the final days at the Summer House and to commemorate the end of summer, the housemates throw a wedding-themed party for Kyle and Amanda. Hannah, Paige and Ciara navigate their complicated friendships in the wake of Des' visit, while Lindsay and Stravy continue their stormy relationship, making the house question whether they are headed toward marriage or ending it for good.

Derby Days Apr 15, 2021

Lindsay, on Cloud nine with Stravy, decides it's time to take her relationship to the next level and make her ring size known. Carl throws a Derby-themed party, complete with a housemates horse race. And just when Hannah thinks she's finally back in the good graces of the group, she finds herself in the hot seat yet again, and for a familiar problem...her relationship.

Couples Retreat Apr 8, 2021

With Stravy's return, the house is abuzz about Lindsay's chaotic relationship. Meanwhile, Hannah and Danielle dial up their phone relationships to the next level with in-person visits from their love interests. Luke is blindsided by information about Hannah and Des before the summer. And while everyone parties on a boat to kick off the weekend, Paige starts questioning the direction of her relationship with Perry.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Apr 1, 2021

A fun house pub crawl devolves into a serious conflict between the boys, causing Luke to leave the house, possibly for good. Lindsay's pregnancy test result has her wondering if she made a mistake when she broke up with Stephen. Finally, Kyle surprises Amanda for their two-year engagement anniversary, and little does Lindsay know, Stephen has his own surprise...

Crawl Me Maybe Mar 25, 2021

It's a house divided for Girls' and Guys' Night. Lindsay and Luke's maybe-not-so-innocent friendship is called into question when Amanda and Paige confront them about the juicy hookup rumor. But the party must go on as the housemates organize a bar crawl through their rooms, where sparks fly between Ciara and Carl, who slips up and puts his sobriety at risk. Finally, all hell breaks loose when the guys corner Luke and demand he account for his behavior.

Medium at Large Mar 18, 2021

Kyle tries to make amends with Hannah for Amanda's sake, only to find that Hannah isn't as quick to forgive and forget. Lindsay grapples with ending her relationship with Stephen for good. Finally, rumors spread like wildfire when Hannah receives an explosive tip from her psychic about Lindsay and Luke, sending the house into a tailspin.

Power-Pointless Mar 11, 2021

Always looking for an opportunity to send it, Kyle is enraged to find his housemates have more laid back plans for their Saturday night than he'd prefer. The teacher becomes the student when Lindsay finally receives a grand gesture from Stephen. Carl returns from Pittsburgh to find the house in shambles after Hannah and Kyle's most explosive fight yet.

Best Frenemies Mar 4, 2021

Luke thinks a flirtatious flower delivery will get his relationship with Ciara back on track, only to find himself deeper in the friendzone. Stephen attempts to cheer Lindsay up with a romantic birthday dinner that completely backfires. Meanwhile, Hannah and Amanda's friendship takes a turn for the worse. Carl receives devastating news, and heads home to be with his family.

Trash Talk Feb 25, 2021

With the weekend finally upon them, the crew decides to let loose in an all-out mullet extravaganza. The debauchery continues when hit the beach for the first time this summer. Much to the chagrin of Paige and Amanda, Hannah and Luke reconcile. However, the real war begins when Kyle innocently calls a house meeting to discuss chores.

The Sandwich Between Us Feb 18, 2021

While the cold war between Luke and Hannah shows no signs of warming, Lindsay wonders if she is actually the priority in her relationship with Stephen; the housemates plan a family dinner to get back on track, but it leaves the house divided.

Let The Good Times Roll Feb 11, 2021

Carl kicks off the first weekend and hosts a reception for his mom's virtual wedding. Danielle throws a roller-skating party, but Lindsay is too bothered by Stephen's hectic work schedule to enjoy herself. Afterward, the housemates get to work to throw Kyle an unforgettable birthday, which devolves into chaos when Hannah and Ciara's budding friendship threatens Luke's chances with either girl.

Kiss and Don't Tell Feb 4, 2021

The crew flees the city and moves into a new house in the Hamptons for six straight weeks together. While Lindsay is trying to take her relationship with boyfriend Stephen to the next level, Paige is taking her time to decide if Perry is the one for her. The housemates, especially Hannah, are baffled to learn that Luke is bringing a new girl to the house this summer. Only time will tell if Luke's plan to juggle two girls under one roof is a good one.

Secrets Revealed May 13, 2020

The Summer House crew continues to bring the heat in this never-before-seen footage from Season 4. From fiery flings to rocky relationships, get the inside scoop on moments you didn't see this season.

Rave Goodbye May 6, 2020

It's the final weekend at the Summer House... but before the housemates celebrate with an epic end of summer rave, it's a house divided for Kyle and Amanda's bachelor and bachelorette festivities. Jules is blindsided when Danielle threatens to steal Carl's attention, Luke hijacks Amanda's spotlight, while Kyle confronts Carl about his recent issues. Finally, Paige attempts to mend Amanda and Hannah's fractured friendship, but unfortunately some relationships are forever changed by the summer.

America's Roast Wanted Apr 29, 2020

Paige and Amanda confront Hannah about her steamy night that leaves them blindsided. Carl and Jules bond over their summer of relationship mishaps, while a new rumor about Carl and Danielle spreads through the house. Meanwhile, while defending Hannah's hookup, Lindsay's harsh opinion puts her in Paige's sights. Finally, as the end of the summer nears, barbs are exchanged at the first-ever house roast, but not everybody can take the heat.

Offensive Rebound Apr 22, 2020

A blast from the past and an unlikely source help ease Carl's loneliness. When Hannah finally calls it quits with Luke, Paige and Amanda are thrilled to get their best friend back. However, things aren't always what they appear, and an idyllic day trip to the orchard leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth. Meanwhile, a night of passion leaves one housemate feeling satisfied, but others feeling betrayed.

A Birthday to Die For Apr 15, 2020

Lindsay turns the house into a crime scene for her murder mystery themed birthday, Paige is put in an uncomfortable position as tension between Hannah and Amanda escalates over Hannah's involvement with Luke, who is still hung up on an ex. Meanwhile, Lindsay is over-the-moon excited when new beau Stephen takes the relationship to a new level which pushes Carl even closer to the edge, but Jules surprisingly swoops in to comfort him.

Clique Bait Apr 8, 2020

As Kyle's birthday party comes to an end, Jules wonders if her time at the house is coming to a screeching halt. With Hannah distracted by Luke, Paige and Amanda don't hesitate to throw her under the bus. Meanwhile, Carl continues to spiral, and with Lindsay back in the Hamptons with her new fling for her birthday, she kicks off the celebration in murderous style.

Pledge Master, Beer Lord Apr 1, 2020

Kyle and Amanda turn the house into a petting zoo for Kyle's frat-themed 37th birthday. Meanwhile, Paige laments her BFF Hannah falling under Luke's spell. With Lindsay in Mexico, Carl invites his new fling to the house. Finally, a spat between Jules and Jordan escalates into a possible eviction.

Exes and Oh-No's Mar 25, 2020

Kyle and Amanda's moms visit for the weekend, and the boys of Summer House are behaving badly. As Jordan stuns Jules after her attempt to heat up the bedroom, Luke shocks the house with his relationship status, while Carl still can't make things right with Lindsay.

Love Her, Boy Mar 18, 2020

Kyle stuns Amanda with a shocking answer to a simple question. On the other hand, Luke revs up his courtship of Hannah with a motorcycle ride while Jules tries to break through a sexual roadblock. Carl and Lindsay, still at odds with each other, attempt to move forward with new flings of their own.

Caged Heat Mar 11, 2020

While Lindsay and Carl try to repair what's left of their friendship, Luke and Hannah's ongoing flirtation leads to their first date reaching new heights. Meanwhile, it's a house divided for Girls' and Guys' Night. Jules comes at Amanda during a surprising game of Truth or Dare while Kyle tries to play peacemaker between Luke and Carl.

Hamptons Vice Mar 4, 2020

Hannah invites her old pal Jordan for the weekend and the housemates are shocked to learn that he has a romantic history with someone in the house. When Hannah receives some news about Armand, it helps her make a decision about Luke. Before Carl can make a decision about Lindsay, another girl right under Lindsay's nose offers temptation that might be too much for Carl to bear.

Red, White and Ewwww Feb 26, 2020

The annual Fourth of July party is usually a high point of summer for Kyle and his trusty mullet wig, but things are so rocky with Amanda, the only love he might get is from Carl. Lindsay gives Hannah's friend Armand the third degree while Luke steps up his effort to win Hannah's affection. Meanwhile, Carl sours on his relationship with Lindsay but is too scared to end it.

Worst. Date. Ever. Feb 19, 2020

As the house gears up for its annual Fourth of July party, Jules wants to be BFFs with Paige, while Luke more than ever to get into Hannah's pants... Armand be damned. Meanwhile, Carl and Lindsay go on their first official date in the city, and it's a full-blown disaster. But, the loudest boom of the weekend is Amanda slamming the door in Kyle's face, setting him off.

Mice Will Play Feb 12, 2020

With house parents Kyle and Amanda away at a family wedding, the kids are ready to run wild. Lindsay's bestie Danielle joins the party, but before they can turn up, Lindsay needs to tell Danielle about hooking up with Carl. Meanwhile, hot new roomie Luke pulls out all the stops to court Hannah even though she's looking for a commitment from another guy, forcing her to make a difficult decision.

The Big Bang Feb 5, 2020

The summer starts off with a bang when Carl takes his friendship with Lindsay to the next level. While the returning housemates savor the juicy gossip, newbies Luke and Jules wonder what they've signed up for. Meanwhile, Kyle and Amanda are in a challenging place, making Paige and Hannah the house's happiest couple. But, if male model/hockey coach Luke has his way, that could change quickly.

Will You Bury Me? Jun 3, 2019

It's the last weekend at the Summer House and the crew gets together for one more epic ‘death of summer' party. Despite their undeniable attraction, Carl gets closer to Kristen, while Paige embraces being single. Kyle asks for Amanda's father's blessing for an engagement, but after getting a lukewarm response, beings to rethink his proposal to Amanda.

The Cookie Crumbles May 27, 2019

The Vanderpumps continue their visit at the Summer House and become bystanders in a house-wide divide when Kyle accuses Paige of leading Carl on... AGAIN. Hannah tears into Jordan about his lies.  Carl brings a date to the house to spite Paige, and Tom has an emergency requiring a trip to the hospital. When Kyle reveals he's ready to propose to Amanda, Stassi cautions not to proceed in haste.

Pumped Up May 20, 2019

Jordan finally meets a girl he'd bring home to mom and Kyle is unimpressed when Paige finally sleeps in Carl's bed... without Carl. Additionally, Kyle's coupled-up LA buds Stassi, Beau, Katie and Tom pay the house a visit and Stassi tries to help Lindsay see she deserves better from men. The houseguests witness tension coming to a fiery head between Carl and Paige, as they argue over who misled whom.

Wing-mom May 13, 2019

Carl's mom comes to the summer house and delights Paige, and Hannah finally takes the next step with British Dave. In an effort to move on from Everett, Lindsay goes on a date with Peyman. Meanwhile, Jordan finally tells his housemates what he's been hiding. Amanda and Kyle move on from the cheating scandal until Amanda's parents make her rethink her decision to stay with Kyle.

True or False May 6, 2019

Lindsay confronts Kyle about the shocking rumor and he subsequently tells Amanda the real story. Meanwhile, Carl's mom comes to town to surprise him. The housemates continue to wonder about what secret Jordan may be hiding. After Amanda ignores Kyle all week, he desperately waits outside of her office to confront her.

Rumors Gone Wild Apr 29, 2019

While Kyle is at his family reunion, Amanda plays single with Paige and Hannah. Danielle confronts Jordan about their tension and possibly uncovers a secret. Lindsay confides in Danielle about another scandalous rumor, only for Danielle to end up spilling the tea to Paige. Amanda, Kyle and their housemates celebrate Kyle's 36th birthday at a Monte Carlo night.

Ring Around the Rumor Apr 22, 2019

During the Christmas in July Party, Carl laments to Lindsay about his frustrations with Paige. However, Lindsay's advice is overheard, setting off a chain reaction among the girls in the house. As Kyle prepares to ask Amanda to take their relationship to the next level, another cheating rumor surfaces.

Epic Grand Gesture Apr 15, 2019

The house throws a Christmas in July party and exchanges secret Santa gifts, but Kyle has a special present for Amanda. Hannah invites her British beau to the party and he brings a friend for Paige, but Danielle's the one who makes the Christmas connection. Carl vies for Paige's attention but she ignores his advances, and he goes one step too far.

Swimming Uphill Apr 8, 2019

Kyle forges a new path for himself and Amanda by finally making changes to his behavior. Carl and Paige go on a date in the city, but Paige still isn't sure if Carl is marriage material. Hannah confronts Lindsay about her backhanded compliments regarding her femininity. The house heads to a swanky St. Barth's Party in the Hamptons and the girls flirt it up!

The Grapes Of Wrath Apr 1, 2019

Jordan continues to offend his housemates. Carl offers advice, but it may be too late for this "southern gentleman." Carl tries to push his relationship forward with Paige; however Paige isn't sure Carl checks off all her boxes. Lingering emotions between Kyle and Amanda lead to a fight where Amanda admits that she has cold feet when it comes to moving in together and she issues a tough ultimatum.

Pantry Passion Mar 25, 2019

Danielle forgives Jordan but he continues to wreak havoc in the house, leading his housemates to question who he really is. Kyle makes a romantic gesture to woo Amanda. While the rest of the house visits a vineyard, Hannah attends her Grandfather's 90th birthday party. Meanwhile, Carl and Paige's growing flirtation leads Carl to violate his cardinal Summer House rule.

Firework Starter Mar 18, 2019

Fireworks continue as the 4th of July party winds down. Danielle gets a taste of Jordan, but after their tryst, he sets his eyes on Paige. Lindsay reconnects with Everett. Kyle and Amanda work together on their new startup. At Girls Night, the ladies break the news of Jordan's true feelings to Danielle.

Cloudy with a Chance of Arguments Mar 11, 2019

Tensions come to a head during a trip to the beach. Kyle and Amanda discuss moving in together. Carl struggles with meeting his sales quota. The house prepares for their annual Fourth of July Party, and Jordan flirts with both Danielle and Lindsay.

Elephant in the Room Mar 4, 2019

The housemates return to the Hamptons with several new friends in tow. But before long, there's trouble in paradise. Unresolved issues between Kyle, Lindsay and Danielle quickly spread through the house, leading their new housemates to question their decisions to join the summer share. Meanwhile, Carl vows to focus on his work and never hook up with a summer share housemate again.

Reunion Apr 3, 2018

The Summer House crew sit down to rehash Season 2.

Lei It to Rest Apr 2, 2018

It's the final weekend of summer and the house throws a massive blow-out luau .Ashley's husband arrives from California just as everyone is at odds with each other. Carl and Stephen confront their unresolved issues. And Kyle and Amanda are under tremendous strain from their housemates who have had enough of their drama.

A House Divided Mar 26, 2018

Kyle and Amanda decide to try out a new plan in hopes of repairing their ever-growing rift but it might be too little too late. Carl chooses to put his cards on the table with his latest lady friend, while Lindsay has some shocking news for Everett. Lauren's twin Ashley returns and sees some welcome changes in her sister. Meanwhile, the entire house blows off a massive amount of steam at a Hamptons rose bash!

Summer Should Be Fun! Mar 19, 2018

Kyle and Amanda's relationship feels the strain of existing in the house while Lindsay attempts to get her single summer back on track and Lauren moves on from Carl with a few new prospects. Back from Alabama, Stephen is ready to take his fling more seriously but struggles with mixed signals and Carl asks for permission to let a new love interest spend the night.

Say It With Flowers Mar 12, 2018

Kyle's birthday party ends with a disruption from Lindsay. The gang goes back to the city hustle but when they return for Lindsay's "Hubbana Nights" party, Stephen visits his family in Alabama instead, hoping to confront some painful issues.

The Exes Are Coming Mar 5, 2018

The moms' weekend comes to a close with a revealing game before the gang all heads back to the city. Everyone returns to the Hamptons ready to celebrate Kyle's birthday weekend. Carl and Lauren clear the air of all the past weekend's drama, Stephen goes on a blind date, and Danielle has a houseguest. Everything kicks into high gear when Kyle's "revolutionary" 35th birthday party gets officially sent as Lindsay anxiously awaits the arrival of a very special guest.

Mother Knows Best Feb 26, 2018

Before Carl and Stephen resolve the bomb that fractured their friendship in the city, the gang hosts several housemates' moms for the weekend in the Hamptons. Despite everyone being on their best behavior, things soon go off the rails when Lauren calls Carl out on his dishonesty. Lindsay tries to be a good friend and play peacemaker while Kyle braces for his mother officially meeting Amanda's mother and gets nervous about this step being bigger than he anticipated.

Smashelorette Feb 19, 2018

Lauren's twin sister, Ashley, is back in the Hamptons for their older sister's bachelorette weekend and she is not happy to see how cozy Carl and Lauren have gotten. Lindsay goes on her first date since Everett with a hot younger man. Kyle takes a big step with Amanda during a romantic dinner. And Stephen finally puts his issues with Carl out on the table.

Don't Poke The Bear Feb 12, 2018

With the summer house finally back to its free-spirited, hard partying ways, Amanda begins to show her frustration with Kyle's continued boozy behavior and decides to let him have a weekend to himself. Lindsay gets in touch with her ex, Everett after failing to forget about him. Meanwhile, Lauren and Carl appear to have moved past the fiasco from the 4th and are back to being friends (with benefits) but Danielle continues to be an unwelcome third party in their relationship.

Bonfire Insanity Feb 5, 2018

Tensions are running high in the house after the craziness of the 4th of July party, and Lindsay finds herself in the middle of the drama after Lauren's cake-to-Carl's-face meltdown. The crew sets off for a sunset sail and beach bonfire, where these tensions boil over into drama of epic proportions. After a short-but-busy week at work, the housemates return the Hamptons, where Kyle and Amanda's relationship faces setbacks. In an effort to smooth over all the rifts and tension in the house, Danielle gains her housemates access to a very special place in the Hamptons with hopes that it will bring them all back to harmony.

Stars and Gripes Jan 29, 2018

The second weekend of the summer is a big one and the crew prepares for their big July 4th bash. Kyle and Amanda talk about the next steps for their relationship while Carl and Lauren struggle with unresolved feelings. But when Danielle drops a bomb during a girls' day, everything comes to a head as the crew celebrates the country's independence in glorious fashion.

Passing the Torch Jan 22, 2018

The work hard/party harder gang is back for another summer in a brand new weekend house in the Hamptons with some familiar faces and surprising changes. Newly single Lindsay happily passes the "house couple" torch to Kyle and Amanda and two new friends join the group to make the summer family complete. Things get off to a rocky start when room selections occur without everyone's input and tempers flare even worse when the house kickoff dinner turns ice cold. Then as Stephen prepares to attend Gay Pride back in the city he struggles with a decision to invite Carl for support. Meanwhile, Lindsay enjoys her freedom by having her way with a man on horseback at a polo event, as Lauren and new housemate, Danielle, navigate their complicated feelings about sharing a summer house with their common ex, Carl.

Winter Is Coming Mar 13, 2017

Summer's over, and that means one last wild weekend with no regrets...or maybe a few. A Hamptons White Party turns into a messy affair when Kyle blows up at his ex-girlfriend Amanda over a lip-syncing scandal. Meanwhile, Cristina makes a dramatic exit, and Carl  and Lauren's romantic pretzel twists one final time, when Carl disappears into the night.

The No Good, Very Bad Rosé Day Mar 6, 2017

As if there hasn't been enough rosé this summer, it's time for the annual Rosé Party, where Kyle meets a fellow blonde babe who may or may not be his drunken soul mate. And it's Cristina vs. everyone else, as the roommates take aim at her meddling ways.

Sprained Relationships Feb 27, 2017

With a scandalous secret looming over Lindsay and Everett's relationship, the pressure is on for the power couple to sink or swim. The roommates must come together to throw a race for charity, but not everyone will make it out in one piece. And finally, Cristina's meddling catches up to her when Lauren and Jaclyn go on the attack.

Hoedown Showdown Feb 20, 2017

It's Lindsay's 30th birthday hoedown, and trouble's abrewing when Carl brings two uninvited girls to the party, much to Lauren's dismay. Meanwhile, Everett and Lindsay are on the outs, and Stephen spills a secret that may make the "on and off" again couple turn the switch off permanently.

Model Behavior Feb 13, 2017

The roommates go from blowing out candles for Kyle's birthday surprise to a blowout fight that derails everyone's good time and leave Lindsay and Everett on the brink of a breakup. Meanwhile, at Model Volleyball, Cristina serves up some juicy gossip that Jaclyn hasn't been a model friend to Lauren. And at long last, the Wirkus parents meet the infamous Carl.

Wine, Whining, and Wieners Feb 6, 2017

When the roommates go to a winery there is more "whine" than wine. As the drama between Lindsay and Cristina reaches its breaking point, someone may be evicted from the Summer House.  Meanwhile, Carl cools off on Lauren but warms up to Jaclyn at a beach bonfire full of wieners and innuendo.

The Wrath of Wirkus Jan 30, 2017

It's Wedding-Gate in the Summer House as Lauren confronts Carl for lying about bringing a date to a wedding. Kyle dips his toe back into the ex-pool, despite everyone's warnings. And Lindsay and Cristina's roommate drama boils over into full-on name calling and accusations at a lavish Hampton's party.

Flirting With Disaster Jan 23, 2017

After their epic meltdown in the hot tub, Kyle confronts "perfect couple" Everett and Lindsay for disrupting his "single" summer. Speaking of single, new house guest Jaclyn raises eyebrows with her Southern sensibility... or lack thereof. Meanwhile, Carl gets caught in a lie that threatens his new relationship with Lauren.

Codependence Day Jan 16, 2017

It's America's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than rosé all day! This 4th of July there are fireworks in and out of the house as Lauren and Carl's relationship heats up in the bedroom, while Kyle juggles two girls at one party. Meanwhile, "love birds" Everett and Lindsay prove to be anything but the perfect couple, as their explosive antics dash any hopes for a drama-free summer.

Summer House Jan 13, 2017

Summer is here, which for this group of friends, means it's time to escape the rat race of NYC and jet out to the Hamptons. They've rented a weekend house in Montauk, and this year they've put together the perfect group... that is, if they don't let the drama of living together get the best of them. Twins Ashley and Lauren invite their LA friend Stassi out to see the new digs, but she's got her sights on their roommate Kyle. Meanwhile, long-time friends Everett and Lindsay shock everyone by shacking up, and new guy Carl plays the field...and maybe Lauren's heartstrings.

I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) 2023Feb 6, 2023
I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) 2022 Jan 10, 2022

The housemates are back and ready to "Send It!" in this half-hour special reflecting on their past few summers "share-housing" in the Hamptons. The last few summers have been a wild ride full of fun and heartbreak. Join the crew (new and old) as they spill the tea about what they know everyone did last summer(s) and about what might be coming in the new season.

Summer House Winter Charm 101Oct 25, 2021
Watch Party With Tom & Tom 313Sep 6, 2021
I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) 2021 Jan 28, 2021

Kyle and his housemates are back and ready to "Send It!" in this half-hour special reflecting on their past four summers "share-housing" in the Hamptons. Join the housemates as they spill the tea about what they know everyone did last summer(s).

I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) Jan 29, 2020

Kyle and his housemates are back and ready to "Send It!" in this half-hour special reflecting on their past three summers "share-housing" in the Hamptons.

When will be Summer House next episode air date?

Summer House Season 8 is officially renewed and Scheduled to Premiere on Bravo.

Is The Summer House renewed or cancelled?

Next Episode Summer House Season 8 is officially renewed and yet to be announced on Bravo

Where to countdown Summer House air dates?

Follow us and you find out it when series officially to be announced. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Summer House, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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