The Farmer Wants a Wife Season 14 is to Premiere on Seven Network

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 5/22/2023
Official site:
Station: Seven Network
Genres: Drama, Romance

Five new, hard-working Aussie farmers are set to begin their quest for love in the hope that their first kiss leads to “I do!”

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Name Air Dates
Reunion May 22, 2023
Our very own Sam Armytage brings our five farmers together again in this very special reunion.
Final (2) May 21, 2023
Our final two farmers make a life changing decision. Who will Brenton choose to build a life together on the farm? And which lady will Brad trust with his heart?
Final (1) May 14, 2023
Our final two farmers visit the hometowns of their final 2 ladies before making the momentous decision on who they will spend the rest of their lives with.
Episode 12 May 9, 2023
It's the final day of the Farmstays, as our Farmers spend time with their remaining ladies. Then, they all hit the city for a black tie dinner, where honesty leads to tension, fallouts and walkouts.
Episode 11 May 7, 2023
It's the last 24 hour dates with the ladies chosen by the farmers' families. It signals the last chance to firm up relationships before the final 2 decisions are made.
Episode 10 May 1, 2023
Our farmers' families come to lunch and discover they must choose one lady to send on a crucial twenty-four-hour date. Who will win an entire day and night with their farmer?
Episode 9 Apr 30, 2023
As our Farmer's whisk our Ladies off on dates, Andrew makes a life-changing decision.
Episode 8 Apr 25, 2023
As Nat's weekend getaway continues, one lady leaves in a shock exit. At the Farmer Games, Nat announces a game changing prize that leaves one farmer torn.
Episode 7 Apr 23, 2023
The farmers meet two new ladies and choose one for a romantic date. Then at the Country Fair, the new arrivals rock romantic foundations, triggering an ultimatum.
Episode 6 Apr 18, 2023
The tables are turned and it's up to our Ladies to plan dates for their Farmers..but the Farmers don't know which Lady has proposed which date. When the dates return home - 2 Ladies leave the farms!
Episode 5 Apr 17, 2023
Our farmers take their chosen ladies on the very first incredible solo dates. One lady is left inconsolable after being sent home in a shock exit.
Episode 4 Apr 16, 2023
It's the annual Farmer Wants a Wife country ball full of romance and fun.But not everyone is happy as the quest for love threatens to tear one farm apart.
Episode 3 Apr 12, 2023
The farmstays are underway, but the first Farm Farewell is looming. After a double date with two of their ladies, each farmer must decide who will be going home.
Episode 2 Apr 11, 2023
Two farmers meet their love matches before choosing five to return to their farms. All farmers each take one special lady on a 24-hour date and the fallout leads to heartbreak.
Episode 1 Apr 10, 2023
The speed dates begin. Our first three farmers begin their search for a wife. They'll choose five ladies to take home to their farms on the most romantic journey of their lives.
ReunionOct 4, 2022
Episode 12Oct 3, 2022
Episode 11Sep 27, 2022
Episode 10Sep 26, 2022
Episode 9Sep 25, 2022
Episode 8Sep 21, 2022
Episode 7Sep 20, 2022
Episode 6Sep 13, 2022
Episode 5Sep 12, 2022
Episode 4Sep 11, 2022
Episode 3Sep 6, 2022
Episode 2Sep 5, 2022
Episode 1 Sep 4, 2022

We meet 5 new farmers, including an incredible female farmer, on their search for true love.  They've invited their potential matches to join them on a date.  Only 5 to be chosen to return home with them.

Reunion Aug 11, 2021
Find out who's still together when Natalie Gruzlewski gets the farmers back together for a heart-warming reunion special.
Final Jul 21, 2021
It's the last day on the farm before the ladies head back home, while the farmers are left to make their life-changing decision. Will they make the right choice for everlasting love?
Episode 11 Jul 20, 2021
The farmers take the ladies on a group date into the city where some tough questions are asked. But will all farmers head back home to the farms with the ladies?
Episode 10 Jul 19, 2021
The final one-on-one dates are here and it's time for the Farmers to go from 0 - 100 for love!
Episode 9 Jul 18, 2021
The farmers and their ladies unwind on a group camping trip. Sparks fly with the news of a surprise visitor and one lady decides to pack her bags before the final one-on-one dates are decided.
Episode 8 Jul 14, 2021
The farmers each take a chosen lady on a romantic one-on-one date. Some farmers introduce their ladies to their friends and family before one farmer is blindsided by an unexpected departure.
Episode 7 Jul 13, 2021
The farmers and their ladies kick up their heels at a country ball. And a game-changing surprise kicks off the party.
Episode 6 Jul 12, 2021
It's the halfway point in their search for love and each farmer takes one lady on a date. Then, a heartbreaking realisation pushes a farmer to face the music, and a surprise letter wreaks havoc.
Episode 5 Jul 11, 2021
The group gathers for a big country feast. One farmer's ladies create a pact to not "kiss and tell", while another farmer's affections are divided after a frank heart to heart with one his ladies.
Episode 4 Jul 7, 2021
The farmers have each chosen one lady for a romantic one-on one date. New connections form, before the farewell dinner, where the farmers must decide if they will send someone home.
Episode 3 Jul 6, 2021
After their first week on the land, the farmers and ladies come together for their first catch up at the FWAW Ute Muster. Talk of a kiss causes chaos for one of our farmers.
Episode 2 Jul 5, 2021
The farmers return to their farms with the one lucky lady they've each chosen for their first 24 hour date. Before the arrival of the remaining ladies, and the farmers face a difficult decision.
Episode 1 Jul 4, 2021
We meet five new farmers on their search for the one. They've invited eight ladies to join them on a first date, but they can only choose five to return with them to their beloved farms.
Episode 10 Aug 24, 2020

One farmer makes his final choice before host Natalie Gruzlewski gets the farmers back together for a heart-warming reunion special.

Episode 9 Aug 23, 2020

It's the last day on the farm before the ladies head back home while the farmers are left to make their life-changing decision. Will they make the right choice for ever lasting love?

Episode 8Aug 17, 2020
Episode 7Aug 16, 2020
Episode 6 Aug 10, 2020

Our five farmers have each chosen one lady for a romantic one-on-one date. One date ends with a kiss and another in heartbreak when a potential wife is given some surprising news.

Episode 5 Aug 9, 2020

It's halfway through the farm stays and feelings are running high as the farmers get closer to picking their one true love. Jealousy rears its head when everyone gets together at a country ball.

Episode 4 Aug 3, 2020

The farmers embark on romantic one-on-one dates with their chosen ladies. Over intimate picnics and river swims, the farmers start to make connections with their dates.

Episode 3 Aug 2, 2020

Romance is blossoming and in a first for Farmer Wants A Wife, the farmers and their ladies come together for an Italian feast where a surprise visitor causes chaos at the party.

Episode 2 Jul 27, 2020

Farmers Alex, Harry, Neil, Nick and Sam return to their farms, each bringing one lady they've chosen to spend the first 24-hour date with.

Episode 1 Jul 26, 2020

Host Natalie Gruzlewski returns playing Cupid to bring together five new farmers on their quest to find true love. Over one month they'll get to know their ladies and then reveal if love has triumphed.

Episode 8Mar 14, 2016
Episode 7Mar 7, 2016
Episode 6Feb 29, 2016
Episode 5Feb 22, 2016
Episode 4Feb 15, 2016
Episode 3Feb 8, 2016
Episode 2Feb 8, 2016
Episode 1Feb 1, 2016
The Big Reveal: Series FinaleSep 26, 2012
Last ChanceSep 19, 2012
The Final TwoSep 12, 2012
Meet the Parents'Sep 5, 2012
Farmer MakeoversAug 29, 2012
EliminationAug 23, 2012
Who's That Girl?Aug 22, 2012
Episode 2Aug 16, 2012
Episode 1Aug 15, 2012
Episode 8Oct 3, 2011
Episode 7Sep 26, 2011
Episode 6Sep 19, 2011
Episode 5Sep 12, 2011
Episode 4Sep 5, 2011
Episode 3Aug 29, 2011
Episode 2Aug 24, 2011
Episode 1Aug 22, 2011
Season 6, Reunion SpecialApr 6, 2011
Episode 8Mar 30, 2011
Episode 7Mar 23, 2011
Episode 6Mar 16, 2011
Episode 5Mar 9, 2011
Episode 4Mar 2, 2011
Episode 3Feb 23, 2011
Episode 2Feb 16, 2011
Episode 1Feb 9, 2011
Episode 8Sep 15, 2010
Episode 7Sep 8, 2010
Episode 6Sep 1, 2010
Episode 5Aug 25, 2010
Episode 4Aug 18, 2010
Episode 3Aug 11, 2010
Episode 2Aug 4, 2010
Episode 1Jul 28, 2010
Episode 7Sep 14, 2009
Episode 6Sep 7, 2009
Episode 5Aug 31, 2009
Episode 4Aug 24, 2009
Episode 3Aug 17, 2009
Episode 2Aug 10, 2009
Episode 1Aug 3, 2009
Episode 8Apr 1, 2009
Episode 7Mar 25, 2009
Episode 6Mar 18, 2009
Episode 5Mar 11, 2009
Episode 4Mar 4, 2009
Episode 3Feb 25, 2009
Episode 2Feb 18, 2009
Episode 1Feb 11, 2009
Episode 6Aug 4, 2008
Episode 5Jul 28, 2008
Episode 4Jul 21, 2008
Episode 3Jul 14, 2008
Episode 2Jul 7, 2008
Episode 1Jun 30, 2008
Episode 6Nov 28, 2007
Episode 5Nov 21, 2007
Episode 4Nov 14, 2007
Episode 3Nov 7, 2007
Episode 2Oct 31, 2007
Episode 1Oct 24, 2007

When will be The Farmer Wants a Wife next episode air date?

The Farmer Wants a Wife Season 14 is yet to be announced by Seven Network.

Is The The Farmer Wants a Wife renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 5/22/2023 and now is not renewed yet. The Farmer Wants a Wife is to be Premiered on Seven Network

Where to countdown The Farmer Wants a Wife air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 14 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode The Farmer Wants a Wife, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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