48 Hours Season 31 is to Premiere on CBS

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/16/2023
Official site: www.cbsnews.com
Station: CBS
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

48 Hours Mystery is a critically acclaimed and very long-running American newsmagazine and documentary TV series that originally debuted on the network CBS back in 1988 for its very first season.

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Name Air Dates
Episode 2Sep 16, 2023
Episode 1Sep 16, 2023
A Stabbing in Colts Neck May 20, 2023

Donna Ongsiako was home alone in her Colts Neck, N.J., home after midnight when she heard a noise downstairs near the door. She thought that she forgot to let the cat back in. When she opened the door, her life changed forever. There was a young man with a knife, who pushed his way in and began to repeatedly stab her. Ongsiako talks with contributor Jim Axelrod about her inspirational story of survival and her efforts to help other victims of random violence.

Lori Vallow Daybell: Guilty May 13, 2023

Donna Ongsiako was home alone in her Colts Neck, N.J., home after midnight when she heard a noise downstairs near the door. She thought that she forgot to let the cat back in. When she opened the door, her life changed forever. There was a young man with a knife, who pushed his way in and began to repeatedly stab her. Ongsiako talks with contributor Jim Axelrod about her inspirational story of survival and her efforts to help other victims of random violence.

Where Is Diana Duve? May 6, 2023

Diana Duve was 26 when she vanished one night in 2014 in Vero Beach, Fla. She was last seen alive leaving a bar with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Michael Jones. To witnesses, the couple seemed to be having a good time, though they told police that at one point it looked like Duve was upset. She never returned home. Her mother knew something was wrong when her daughter didn't call her, something she did every day. Contributor Michelle Miller and 48 HOURS report on what happened that night.

Lamar Johnson: Standing in Truth Apr 29, 2023

A man gets his life back after spending 28 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. "48 Hours" investigates and is there as Johnson is freed in time to walk his daughter down the aisle. Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

Alisa Mathewson's Night Terrors Apr 22, 2023

After a man manipulates his children into thinking he wants to get back together with their mother, he holds her captive and attempts to kill her.

Christy and Hilda's Last Dance Apr 15, 2023

When two women are dumped outside hospitals by masked men after a night out, authorities question whether they are good samaritans or if they were involved in the women's death.

Kassanndra's Secret Apr 8, 2023

Three days after a Washington woman's disappearance, surveillance footage of a mysterious man in a fedora leaving her car is discovered.

The Mysterious Death of Tiffiney Crawford Mar 25, 2023

When a young woman is found dead in her car, her husband claims she took her own life, but there are two bullet wounds in her head.

Remembering the Chowchilla Kidnapping Mar 18, 2023

A kidnapping survivor discusses her ordeal and her fight to keep her kidnappers behind bars; narrated by David Begnaud.

What Angelina Saw Mar 11, 2023

Á woman claims self-defense in the stabbing death of her fiancé; her daughter -- who witnessed the crime scene at 11 years old -- tells her story.

The Trial of Alex Murdaugh Mar 4, 2023

The double life of once prominent lawyer Alex Murdaugh and his stunning fall from grace.



The Brighton Ax Murder Feb 25, 2023

The 1982 murder of Cathy Krauseneck and the case against her husband, Jim, who says he found her dead in their bed with an ax in her head.

The Kidnapping of Michelle and Breea Renee Feb 11, 2023

A mother is forced to rob a bank after she and her daughter are threatened with dynamite, but in court she is falsely accused of masterminding the plot.



The Death of an Officer's Wife Jan 28, 2023

Police officer Seth Perrault reports his wife, Amanda, had taken her own life -- just days after she made allegations of abuse against him.

The Daughters Who Disappeared Jan 21, 2023

More than two decades after 48 HOURS correspondent Erin Moriarty began reporting on the case of a missing 12-year-old girl from Friendswood, Texas, there is finally a conclusion. What no one knew when Laura Smither first went missing in 1997 was that she had been the victim of a serial killer. William Reece would go on to murder three young women that same year before he was eventually identified by DNA. Moriarty, who has been on the trail since 1997, has the latest in "The Daughters Who Disappeared".

Melissa Turner's Closing Act Jan 14, 2023

A cosplay actor finds herself in the spotlight when she's accused of murdering her boyfriend. Can she convince a jury it was self-defense? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

The Idaho Student Murders Jan 7, 2023

Four college students are found stabbed to death in their home. Police say the suspect had studied the criminal mind. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports. 

The Tree That Helped Solve a Murder Dec 10, 2022

On Oct. 10, 2019, Joseph Elledge, then 23, reported his wife, Mengqi Ji, missing. Elledge told Columbia, Mo., police that he believed his wife may have left him and their 1-year-old daughter for another man with whom he said she had an online relationship. But when police searched the couple's apartment, they found a muddy pair of Elledge's boots - evidence that would become important months later, after Ji's remains were found buried under a juniper tree. Elledge's boots were found to have several juniper tree needles stuck to the soles. 48 HOURS correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on how DNA from those needles was linked to the tree directly above Ji's shallow grave, providing prosecutors with the evidence they needed to help convict Elledge of her murder.

The Betrayal of Linda Slaten Dec 3, 2022

On Sept. 4, 1981, Jeff and Tim Slaten were awakened by Lakeland, Fla., police and told that their mother, Linda Slaten, had been murdered. Jeff was 15 and Tim was 12. Investigators collected a rape kit and lifted a palm print from the windowsill where the killer had entered. They questioned a slew of suspects, but no one was charged. The case went cold. Prior to and after Linda Slaten's murder, Tim Slaten's football coach, Joe Mills, would regularly drive Slaten to and from football practice. Coach Joe became a role model for Slaten, who proudly hung up his football team photo in his room where Coach Joe stood right behind him. But nearly 40 years later, advances in DNA technology and a carefully stored rape kit revealed Linda Slaten's likely killer: Coach Joe. 48 HOURS and contributor Jim Axelrod report on how detectives and a DNA genealogist finally were able to catch Joe Mills.

The Case Against Michael Politte Nov 26, 2022

Michael Politte was just 14 years old when he was charged in 1998 with murdering his mother, Rita Politte, who died after being hit in the head and set on fire in her Missouri home. More than three years after the crime, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder, though he maintained he was innocent. He spent nearly 20 years in prison before a new law passed in Missouri that made him eligible for parole. Now 38 and out on parole, Michael Politte claims he knows who is responsible for killing his mother and talks with 48 HOURS correspondent Erin Moriarty.

Last Seen in Breckenridge Nov 19, 2022

In 1982 the bodies of Annette Schnee and Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer were found outside a luxe ski town. A man rescued from a snowdrift the night of the murders turned out to be their killer. "48 Hours" contributor Natalie Morales reports

The 'Unsolvable' Murder of Roxanne Wood Nov 12, 2022

How a DNA "detective," an undercover cop and a cast-off cigarette butt helped catch a killer. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

The Snapchat Clue Nov 5, 2022

When his parents disappear, Chandler Halderson's social media helps investigators unravel the case. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

The Kidnapping of Schanda Handley Oct 22, 2022

Schanda Handley details how she survived an abduction and later found video linking her estranged husband Michael Handley to the crime.

The Strange Death of Professor Shockley Oct 15, 2022

A respected professor dies in a hot tub. Two friends are at the scene. Only one survives to tell the tale.

Death Hits Home: The Hargan Killings Oct 1, 2022

Megan Hargan was suspected of killing her mother and sister. Her defense had an unusual theory: her sister was the one who pulled the trigger – with her toe. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

A Man with a Past Sep 24, 2022

A young woman vanishes. The prime suspect has a criminal past — he murdered his parents when he was a child. Did he kill again? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek Sep 17, 2022

Earlier this year, 58-year-old former Olympic equestrian Michael Barisone stood trial in a Morristown, New Jersey, courtroom for the attempted murder of his own riding student, Lauren Kanarek. Barisone's legal team of Ed Bilinkas and Christopher Deininger would gamble on an unusual defense. They claimed that at the time of the shooting Barisone was insane, and not legally responsible for his actions. Insanity pleas are uncommon and rarely successful. Barisone's defense would be that Lauren Kanarek had driven him over the edge, in large part by her use of social media.

Michael Barisone speaks out in his first television interview since the end of his trial.

Death By Text May 28, 2022

Inside the groundbreaking case of a crime of the digital age — a young woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter because she used text messages to encourage a friend to take his own life. "48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty reports.

Please Don't Tell May 21, 2022

Twin sisters say they were attacked by a Black man. Are they telling the truth or hiding a family secret? "48 Hours" contributor David Begnaud reports.

Chasing Catherine Shelton (Part 2) May 7, 2022

Controversial Texas attorney Catherine Shelton, now disbarred, talks about her checkered past and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of various men in her life.

Chasing Catherine Shelton (Part 1) Apr 30, 2022

A journalist finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with a skilled former attorney dogged by mayhem and suspicions of murder. Why do bad things happen to the men in Catherine Shelton's life? Follow "48 Hours" contributor Jenna Jackson's quest for answers.

The Dexter Killer Apr 23, 2022

Inside the mind of murderer Mark Twitchell. Newly revealed letters from the man police say wanted to be like fictional serial killer Dexter. "48 Hours" contributor Troy Roberts reports.

Death on Safari Apr 16, 2022

An American woman dies by gunshot on a safari trip. Was it murder or an accident? "48 Hours" contributor Debora Patta reports.

The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith Apr 9, 2022

An airline manager is shot dead while walking his dog. Who was the puppet master plotting his murder? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

Who Shot the Tech Exec? Apr 2, 2022

A tech exec and cannabis entrepreneur's kidnapping is caught on surveillance video. "48 Hours" contributor Tracy Smith reports.

Eric Smith: Gambling on a Killer Mar 26, 2022

The parents of Derrick Robie, who was murdered in 1993 at the age of four, have spoken out following the release of their son's killer from prison after 28 years.

In an interview with CBS News' 48 Hours, Doreen and Dale Robie recalled their painful journey in the three decades since their son's murder in the village of Savona, New York. The little boy was killed by Eric Smith, then 13 years old, who was dubbed the "freckle-faced killer" in the media at the time.


The Poisonous Wife Mar 12, 2022

A star snake breeder is murdered. Turns out the human closest to him was more cold-blooded than any snake. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

What Ally Kostial Didn't Know Mar 5, 2022

A college student's troubling text messages lead investigators to her killer. "CBS Saturday Morning" co-host Michelle Miller reports for "48 Hours."

Katrina Brownlee: The Good Cop Feb 26, 2022

Her ex-fiancé — an officer with a badge — nearly killed her. She says police failed to protect her, so she got her own badge. "CBS Saturday Morning" co-host Michelle Miller reports for "48 Hours."

Searching for Maya Millete Feb 19, 2022

A young mother disappears. Investigators say her husband contacted spellcasters to put a hex on his wife so she wouldn't leave him. "48 Hours" contributor Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

The Final Hours of Amie Harwick Feb 12, 2022

Drew Carey opens up about the violent death of his onetime fiancée, Hollywood therapist Amie Harwick. Why Valentine's Day will never be the same for CBS' "The Price is Right" host. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

The Yogurt Shop Murders Feb 5, 2022

The brutal murders of four teenage girls has haunted Austin, Texas, for 30 years. Could new information lead to a killer? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty has reported on the case from the beginning and has the latest on the search for answers.

Mystery on County Road M Jan 29, 2022

Todd Kendhammer says his wife was killed in an accident -- a pipe flew off a truck and crashed into their car. Authorities say the scene was staged. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

The Suzanne Morphew Case: Nothing Is What It Seems Jan 22, 2022

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of Suzanne Morphew, the case against her husband Barry Morphew, and incredible twists the story takes in "The Suzanne Morphew Case: Nothing Is What It Seems." 

Who Killed Jonelle Matthews? Jan 8, 2022

A former candidate for governor is accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old girl. Does his decades-long fascination with the case mean he's a true-crime junkie or a murderer? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

The Missing Millionaire: A 'Tiger King' Mystery Jan 1, 2022

A new look into the disappearance of Carole Baskin's husband. Famed lawyer investigates "meat grinder" theory. "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

The Life and Death of Nikki Kuhnhausen Dec 18, 2021

Nikki Kuhnhausen disappeared after connecting with a man in a Snapchat rendezvous. Her murder inspired a new law and started a nationwide movement. 48 HOURS and Jamie Yuccas investigate the groundbreaking case and the impact it continues to have on LGBTQI communities.

Who Killed Rachael DelTondo? Dec 11, 2021

Nearly three years after Rachael DelTondo was murdered outside of her family home in Pennsylvania, a search is still underway for the person who killed her and why. Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate the murder and seeks answers.

What Happened to the Perfect Child? Dec 4, 2021

After a young girl is adopted from Russia, her American parents come to believe she is capable of murder and return her. Years later, "48 Hours" contributor Troy Roberts learns her surprising story.

A Promise to Ahmaud Nov 27, 2021

When Ahmaud Arbery was chased by three white men and shot in the street, his mother laid him to rest promising to get him justice. The promise is fulfilled when the men are found guilty. CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca reports.

A Killer in the Family Tree Nov 20, 2021

When Chelsea Rustad uploaded her DNA to a public database hoping to find other branches of her family tree, she never expected that process would prompt a visit from police investigators. The police were at her Washington state home with devastating news - someone in her family may have committed a double murder. 48 HOURS and correspondent Erin Moriarty immerse viewers in the case of a killer who eluded police for 31 years, then was identified in just two hours by genetic genealogist CeCe Moore.

The Ring: The Murder of Patrick De La Cerda Nov 13, 2021

A young Florida couple was planning a wedding and their life together when the future groom was shot and killed at his front door. Patrick De La Cerda was expecting a delivery of the engagement ring for his fiancée, Jessica Devnani. Instead, say investigators, when he went to the door on Feb. 27, 2018, he was met with a hail of bullets. Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS report on the shooting and the unexpected twists in the investigation in "The Ring: The Murder of Patrick De La Cerda." 

The Diary of Martha Moxley Nov 6, 2021

A 15-year-old girl beaten to death with a golf club in a wealthy Connecticut neighborhood. Does her diary hold clues to the killer? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

The Murdaugh Mysteries Oct 30, 2021

New details in the tangled web of five suspicious South Carolina deaths thought to be linked to one prominent family — the Murdaughs.

The Station Nightclub Fire: Who's Responsible? Oct 23, 2021

Club owners open up for the first time after deadly fire kills 100. "48 Hours" contributor Jim Axelrod reports.

#LindasStory Oct 16, 2021

For nearly 45 years, the murder of 11-year-old Linda O'Keefe haunted the Newport Beach Police Department in California. Her image hung among the faces of other unsolved cases, reminding each new generation of officers of the work they still had to do. Could new technology and social media turn the tide? Correspondent Tracy Smith and 48 HOURS investigate the cold case and how an innovative Twitter campaign helped in the quest to find Linda O'Keefe's killer.

Jasmine Hartin's Shot in the Dark Oct 2, 2021

48 HOURS and Van Sant spent three days with Hartin in Belize reporting on the death of Henry Jemmott and the media frenzy that has surrounded the case.

What Happened to Gabby Petito? Sep 25, 2021

"48 Hours" goes inside the disappearance of Gabby Petito and the hunt for Brian Laundrie. CBS News national correspondent Jericka Duncan reports.

The Online Life & Death of Bianca Devins Sep 18, 2021

Bianca Devins, 17, was a popular social media figure who was murdered by a friend in Utica, N.Y. The killer posted images of her lifeless body online, which went viral. Making matters worse, the images were sent to Devins' family. In her first national television interview, Kim Devins opens up about the loss of her daughter and the attacks on her family.

The Black Swan Murder? Sep 8, 2021

A former ballerina shoots her husband. Did she kill to save herself or was it out of spite? "48 Hours" contributor Jim Axelrod reports.

Axelrod and 48 HOURS report on the case through interviews with Robb, Doug Benefield's family and attorney, students of the failed ballet studio in Charleston, S.C., and more. 

The Secrets of Chad Daybell's Backyard Sep 1, 2021

The Daybell children claim their father was framed for the murders of JJ and Tylee.

The Circleville Letters Aug 25, 2021

Has a forensic document expert unmasked the anonymous author of the infamous Circleville letters? For nearly two decades, an anonymous letter writer terrorized the small town of Circleville, Ohio, by sending threatening letters that exposed alleged secrets about neighbors and friends. Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate the true crime mystery behind the letters and interview experts about the documents.

The Fenn Treasure May 22, 2021

In 2010 eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn launched a treasure hunt when he announced that he had hidden a chest worth an estimated $1 million in the Rocky Mountains. Now, 48 HOURS reveals new details, rarely seen photos and exclusive interviews in the sometimes-deadly search for the treasure.

A Sister's Fight for her Brother May 15, 2021

A sister stands by the brother accused of murdering their parents. She insists that he's innocent and there's more to the story. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

The Covid Cover-Up: Searching for Gretchen Anthony May 8, 2021

Correspondent Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate what happened to Gretchen Anthony.

Scott Peterson: Case In Question May 1, 2021

He was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife. The "other woman" recorded his calls for the prosecution. With his death sentence now overturned there's a renewed push to clear him. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

The Killing of Cowboy Ray Green Apr 24, 2021

Correspondent Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of Ray Green and the case against Dani Green.

Crosley Green Comes Home Apr 17, 2021

Correspondent Erin Moriarty, who has covered the case for two decades, talks with Green about the case, his freedom and his future. 48 HOURS was there when Green was released and Moriarty visits with him and his family as they mark his return to life outside prison.

The Mysterious Death of Kat West Apr 10, 2021

Correspondent Maureen Maher and 48 HOURS investigate the night West died and her life. The broadcast also features the first television interview with Lauren Kwei, a paramedic in New York City who made headlines when a newspaper exposed her for posting nude images on OnlyFans.

The Kidnapping of Jonelle Matthews Mar 27, 2021

Correspondent Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of Jonelle and how more than three decades later, one-time Idaho gubernatorial candidate Steven Dana Pankey became a person of interest in the case in "The Kidnapping of Jonelle Matthews".

The Eye Drop Homicide Mar 13, 2021

Could an item found in the medicine cabinets of millions of Americans have played a role in the death of a well-liked millionaire? Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the death of businessman Steve Clayton and the case against his wife Lana Clayton.

Fighting for Aniah Mar 6, 2021

College student Aniah Blanchard had a deep fear of being kidnapped. When she disappears, UFC fighter Walt Harris battles for justice for his stepdaughter. CBS News special correspondent James Brown reports for "48 Hours."

The Puzzle: Solving the Madeleine McCann Case Feb 27, 2021

Thirteen years after a child is abducted, investigators have a credible suspect. Is the puzzle of what happened to her complete? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.

The Deliveryman Murders Feb 20, 2021

A judge's son is gunned down by a man delivering a package. 2,800 miles away, an eerily similar crime — this time the target is a lawyer. Who is behind the killings? CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith reports for "48 Hours".

What Does the Other Woman Know? The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos Feb 13, 2021

Michelle Troconis has been dubbed "the other woman" in a headline-making story about a Connecticut mother of five, Jennifer Dulos, who vanished and is believed to have been killed by her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos. He was charged with murder, but died by suicide weeks after his arrest leaving Troconis the focus of the investigation, as she faces multiple charges in Jennifer Dulos' presumed murder. Now, in their first interview, Troconis' family members defend her in 48 HOURS: "What Does The Other Woman Know? 

The Search for Christie Wilson Jan 30, 2021

Debbie Boyd spent an agonizing 15 years wondering where convicted killer Mario Garcia hid the body of her murdered daughter Christie Wilson. Through sheer will and wit, and the help of two determined investigators, she finally got her answer. Correspondent Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS explore Boyd's journey on "The Search for Christie Wilson".

The 30-Year Secret - The Tracey Harris Murder Jan 23, 2021

A young mother was found murdered in an Alabama river in 1990. Nearly 30 years later, the man long suspected as her killer was arrested. But just before trial, a confession turned the case upside down. Now, in her first television interview, the woman who changed the case speaks to 48 HOURS.

The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff Jan 16, 2021

After a chance encounter at a bar a college student is murdered. Was it because she resembled the killer's ex? CBS News chief investigative and senior national correspondent Jim Axelrod reports in an all-new "48 Hours" airing Saturday, January 16 at 10/9c on CBS.

The Suspicious Death of Christian Andreacchio Jan 9, 2021

Correspondent Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the death of a young Mississippi man and new information uncovered by 48 HOURS that gives his family hope in their search for justice.

The Tara Grinstead Mystery Jan 2, 2021

Tara Grinstead was a teacher and former beauty queen when she disappeared in October 2005. But nearly 12 years would pass before investigators finally learned what happened - and now recent revelations indicate local law enforcement and state investigators may have been able to solve the case soon after she vanished. Correspondent Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the young woman's disappearance and the quest for answers.

The Hunt for the Long Island Serial Killer Dec 12, 2020

Megan Waterman was one of the first victims of the Long Island serial killer found by police. In December of 2010, four women - aged 22 to 27, similar in height, weight, hair and eye color - were found dead along a stretch of Ocean Parkway near Gilgo Beach on Long Island, N.Y. They became known as the "Gilgo Four." Now, a decade after Megan Waterman's body was found, her teenage daughter talks for the first time on television with 48 HOURS correspondent Erin Moriarty.

The Disappearance of Kristin Smart Nov 28, 2020

Jonathan Vigliotti and 48 HOURS report on the podcast, the investigation and try to get answers from the prime suspect.

The Case Against Nicole Addimando Nov 21, 2020

To some, Nicole ("Nikki") Addimando is a young mother who shot her abusive partner in self-defense when she feared he would take her life. To others, she is a murderer who took the life of Chris Grover, a father and popular gymnastics coach in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Now, 48 HOURS and correspondent Jericka Duncan investigate their relationship and the night Grover died in "The Case Against Nicole Addimando."

Christy Martin - The Fight of Her Life Nov 14, 2020

Opponents feared boxer Christy Martin in the ring. However, it was at home where Martin fought her biggest battle - the one for her life. Now, Martin is speaking out for other victims of domestic abuse.

Murder at the Mall: The Michelle Martinko Case Nov 7, 2020

Jamie Yuccas and 48 HOURS investigate what happened that night and take viewers inside the unrelenting efforts by police to solve the case.

The Murder of Anna Repkina Oct 31, 2020

Now, for the first time, the "other woman" in that love triangle speaks to 48 HOURS.

Where Is Jennifer Kesse? Oct 24, 2020

Jennifer Kesse was a successful young woman with a good job and a loving boyfriend when she simply vanished from her Orlando, Fla., condominium. It's been more than 14 years since she was last seen. Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of the 24-year-old, raise new theories and go inside her parents' search for answers.

Justice for Ahmaud Oct 10, 2020

A mother fights for the truth behind her son's killing – captured on video. Ahmaud Arbery was jogging when he was chased and shot. CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca reports.

The Final Days of JJ and Tylee Oct 3, 2020

CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti and 48 HOURS take viewers inside the investigation into the heartbreaking national search for two missing children.

The Corn Rake Murder Sep 26, 2020

Correspondent Jim Axelrod and 48 HOURS investigate the strange death of Amy Mullis and the case against her husband Todd Mullis.

The Final Hours of Cayley Mandadi Sep 19, 2020

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS provide the first in-depth look into the death of a beloved college cheerleader and the case against her boyfriend Mark Howerton.

Home Renovation Homicide Sep 12, 2020

The investigation into the murder of a successful Orlando businesswoman found dead in her bathtub reveals an out-of-control home renovation — and her husband's apparent secret life.

The Missing Children of Lori Vallow Daybell May 16, 2020

In their first network television interview, the sister and mother of Lori Vallow Daybell defend the Idaho mother and speak out to CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti about the disappearance of her children.

Tracking the Murders of Israel Keyes May 9, 2020

Correspondent Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS get the first look at never-before-released evidence from the FBI's effort to identify victims of a notorious serial killer.

What Ever Happened to Mary Day? May 2, 2020

Maureen Maher and 48 HOURS investigate the strange case of the missing teenager, the police investigation years later, and a woman in Arizona who claimed to be her.

The Murder of Haley Anderson Apr 25, 2020

In her first report for 48 HOURS, CBS News contributor Maria Elena Salinas investigates the death of the student and the search for her killer.

Crosley Green's Hard Time Apr 18, 2020

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS take a deep look into the case in "Crosley Green's Hard Time" to be broadcast Saturday, April 18 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. It's a case that Moriarty has been covering for two decades and involves serious questions about whether Green was convicted on what his attorneys have referred to in court documents as a racial hoax.

Live to Tell: Surviving Ted Bundy Apr 11, 2020

Three women who were attacked by the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy reveal their terrifying stories of that night, their healing and hope in 48 HOURS. 

Reuschel vs. Reuschel Apr 4, 2020

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the attack, the police investigation and the case against Mike Reuschel in "Reuschel vs. Reuschel." 

Lizzie Borden Took an Axe Mar 28, 2020

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate a double homicide that captured the nation in 1892, and take a fresh look at a very cold case that turns up surprising results.

The Troubling Case Against Kevin Cooper Mar 21, 2020

A man on death row says his blood was planted at the crime scene. Will an empty vial help his case? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

Broken Hearts Mar 14, 2020

48 HOURS and correspondent Jim Axelrod explore the best and worst of the human experience in an unusual take on the true-crime genre.

The Case Against Sandra Garner Mar 7, 2020

48 HOURS will give viewers a rare look inside a murder case where virtually everything, from the first moments of the investigation through the verdict, are captured on camera.

Find Yura - Manhunt on the Dark Web Feb 29, 2020

A teenager learns she's the target of a hit ordered on the dark web. "48 Hours"' Peter Van Sant goes on a global manhunt to find Yura, the shadowy figure behind murder-for-hire sites.

The Life and Death of Amie Harwick Feb 22, 2020

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS go inside the investigation of what happened leading up to Harwick's death, and talk with those who were closest to her in the final weeks of her life.

The Plot to Kill Dr. Sievers Feb 15, 2020

Did a Florida man hire a look-a-like to kill his wife? A GPS leads police right to the hitman's door. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports. 

The Case Against Ezra McCandless Feb 8, 2020

A young woman claims she was attacked by an ex-boyfriend who carved the word boy into her arm. But the crime scene tells a different story. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas reports.

The Death of Todd Stermer Feb 1, 2020

Linda Stermer, a Michigan woman accused of setting a fire to her family home and murdering her husband, speaks out for the first time.

Live to Tell: Murder on Prom Night Jan 25, 2020

Jessi Toronjo was just 9 years old when she returned from a sleepover at a friend's house to find out her mother, stepfather and two sisters were murdered. More than three decades later, Toronjo shares her emotional story of the search for her family's killer and putting her life back together.

Chacey Poynter: Witness to Murder Jan 18, 2020

Chacey Poynter, a Texas woman convicted in the 2016 murder of her husband, University Park Fire Department Captain Robert Poynter, tells her story for the first time about what happened the night he died, in an interview with Peter Van Sant.

The Killing of Officer Green Dec 7, 2019

A California police officer shot dead in his home -- his ex-wife admits she pulled the trigger. Did a photo posted on social media lead to the officer's death? 48 Hours' correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

Mandy Stavik: The Case No One Could Forget Nov 30, 2019

How a bakery worker's secret plan to recover DNA from a discarded Coke can helped investigators solve the cold case of a college student murdered over Thanksgiving weekend. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

Justice for Kelsey Berreth Nov 23, 2019

An inside look at the startling evidence that helped convict against Colorado man Patrick Frazee for the murder of his fianceé. CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste reports.

Maria Spencer's Vow to Kill Nov 16, 2019

A woman repeatedly threatened to kill her ex. She enlisted her father to help make good on her promise. Why couldn't anyone stop her? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

The Twisted Case of Angie Dodge Nov 9, 2019

A brutal murder and police have DNA evidence — could a discarded cigarette lead investigators to a possible killer and close a case two decades later? CBS News correspondent Anne-Marie Green reports.

The Disappearance of Kelly Dwyer Nov 2, 2019

A young woman vanished after a night out in Milwaukee in October 2013. Did a meeting set up on a dating app lead to the disappearance or was it someone she knew? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

Who Wanted Howard Pilmar Dead? Oct 26, 2019

The wife of a NYC businessman is suspected of murdering him with help from her brother -- why would she want him dead and why did it take more than two decades to crack the case?

Correspondent Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS go inside the riveting real-life murder mystery behind the death of Pilmar and the search for answers.

Good Cop/Bad Cop: Solving the Murder of Heather Bogle Oct 19, 2019

Solving the murder of Heather Bogle: After a young mother is found murdered in the trunk of her car, a detective doggedly pursues the wrong suspects. It would take a dedicated sheriff to find a real suspect. Were there other victims?

Live to Tell: The Chowchilla Kidnapping Oct 12, 2019

Abducted by masked gunmen and buried alive in a truck trailer underground, 26 innocent school children spent 28 hours held hostage in the dark before they made a harrowing escape. This week, as their convicted captor faced a parole board, some of the survivors of that 1976 kidnapping share their emotional, heart-wrenching stories and their journey.

The Murder of Kelsey Berreth Oct 5, 2019

Correspondent Nikki Battiste and 48 HOURS take viewers inside the investigation to find out what happened to Berreth and piece together the twisted love triangle that prosecutors say led to the death of the 29-year-old mother.

The Case Against Brooke Skylar Richardson Sep 28, 2019

The parents of former high school cheerleader Brooke Skylar Richardson, who was tried for the death of her newborn child, speak to 48 HOURS in their first televised interview.

The Hollywood Ripper Sep 14, 2019

America's #1 Saturday night true-crime series, kicks off its new season with a special two-hour investigation of Michael Gargiulo, the serial killer known as "The Hollywood Ripper".

What Happened to Rachael? May 18, 2019

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate the murder of DelTondo and the search for her killer in "What Happened to Rachael?" to be broadcast Saturday, May 18 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

#FindPeterChadwick May 11, 2019

Tracy Smith and 48 HOURS take viewers deep inside the investigation into the search for a multimillionaire real estate investor accused of killing his wife and staging a kidnapping plot, in "#FindPeterChadwick" to be broadcast Saturday, May 11 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The Case Against Enrico Forti May 4, 2019

Enrico Forti, a former windsurfing champion and Italian television producer who had contracts with ESPN, sits in a Florida prison serving out a life sentence for a murder he says he didn't commit. Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS meet Forti and follow the trail of evidence all the way to Europe to investigate.

A Death in Payson Canyon Apr 27, 2019

Without question, the death by suicide of 16-year-old Utah teen Jchandra Brown on May 5, 2017 was a tragedy. But was how it happened a crime? David Begnaud and 48 Hours investigate the death of Brown and the search to find out what really happened to her in "A Death in Payson Canyon".

In Jason's Name Apr 20, 2019

In her first American television interview, the sister of an Irish businessman who was murdered in Winston-Salem, N.C., speaks out to defend his honor.

Live to Tell: The Vendetta Apr 13, 2019

Texas judge Julie Kocurek was shot multiple times, by an unknown man, in front of her teenage son, in the driveway of their home. She survived and shares her emotional story and her work to stop others from being targeted.

Widow's War Mar 30, 2019

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the death of a decorated Marine colonel in Iraq and his wife's decade-long quest to get it labeled a homicide.

Karrie's Choice Mar 23, 2019

Could a teenager be brainwashed by one parent to help murder the other parent -- and then make it look like a suicide? "48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty investigates.

The Shape of a Killer Mar 16, 2019

Maureen Maher and 48 HOURS investigate the deaths of Kathy Blair and Billie and Sidney Shelton and the search for answers.

Out of Reach Mar 9, 2019

The prime suspect in the murder of an American teacher while living in Seoul, South Korea, in 1988 speaks publicly about the case for the first time in 30 years.

Fatal Crossing Mar 2, 2019

A 48 HOURS investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding a young mother and her daughter found dead along railroad tracks in South Carolina has helped lead police to reopen the case. Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the 2008 death of Kadie Major and her 10-month-old daughter River Lynn and the search for what happened.

Portrait of a Killer Feb 23, 2019

Could a new California law free a teenage killer convicted as an adult for the brutal double homicide of an elderly couple? Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate the murders, the case against Daniel Marsh, and the new law.

Live to Tell: Standoff at Trader Joe's Feb 16, 2019

For the first time, some of the hostages reveal the chilling hours they spent fearing for their lives while being held inside a Los Angeles grocery store in 48 HOURS: "Live to Tell: Standoff at Trader Joe's."

Was Kevin Cooper Framed? Part 2 Jan 26, 2019

Nearly 20 years ago a death row inmate wrote to "48 Hours" that he was framed for the murder of four people. Was evidence planted? New DNA tests could answer that question.

Was Kevin Cooper Framed? Part 1 Jan 26, 2019

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate the controversial murder case against California death row inmate Kevin Cooper and explore whether new DNA technology can spare his life.

Knock Knock Jan 19, 2019

Can a driven detective and cutting-edge technology solve a nearly three-decade-old double murder? 48 HOURS and correspondent Richard Schlesinger go inside the investigation into the murders of two beloved grandmothers.

Jayme Closs Comes Home Jan 12, 2019

48 Hours goes inside the Closs case, the extraordinary stories of other children found, and the the heartache of families with children still missing.

Sugar Land: Life or Death Jan 5, 2019

A Texas man targeted by a hitman who killed two members of his family fights for the life of the person who ordered the murders - his son - in an updated encore of 48 HOURS: "Sugar Land: Life or Death".

FindJodi Dec 15, 2018

48 HOURS and Jim Axelrod reveal new information about the more-than-two-decade search for what happened to Iowa television anchor Jodi Huisentruit,

Defending DJ Dec 1, 2018

48 HOURS brings viewers a story of dedicated parents and their struggle to restore their son's reputation after he was shot dead by a police officer.

The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem Nov 24, 2018

More than four years after radio legend Casey Kasem died, his wife, Jean Kasem, reveals for the first time her version of her husband's final days; levels allegations of murder in a lawsuit; and discusses a heated family feud.

What Happened in Apartment 4C? Nov 17, 2018

When a man goes missing, his friends turn to social media to track his final hours. What they learn is horrific. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.

In The Name of Hate Nov 10, 2018

The parents of Blaze Bernstein, a brilliant Ivy League student allegedly murdered because he was gay and Jewish, talk with 48 HOURS in their first primetime interview about the loss of their son, the neo-Nazi hate group that may have fueled anger in his alleged killer, and what they're doing to move forward. Tracy Smith sits down with Bernstein's parents.

Cold-Blooded Killer Oct 20, 2018

Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS go deep into the swamps of Florida for the strange case of a missing duck hunter, who is said to have been eaten by alligators nearly two decades ago, and the investigation that led police elsewhere.

Dead Ringer Oct 13, 2018

A family man targeted for death lives to climb out of his own "grave." Who wanted him dead? "48 Hours" goes inside the sting that took down a hit man-for-hire scheme. Correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.

Hollywood Horror Story Oct 6, 2018

A wealthy Hollywood producer is accused of the brutal murder of his girlfriend. Was he following the plot of his frightening novel? Correspondent Maureen Maher investigates.

Click for a Killer Sep 29, 2018

"48 Hours" explores the alarming world of murder-for-hire on the mysterious dark web and exposes an international criminal organization in a hunt for a self-described murder mastermind simply named Yura.

Murder on Red River May 19, 2018

Jim Axelrod and 48 HOURS investigate the murder of Jennifer Harris and the search for clues to what happened to her. One of the coldest investigations in Fannin County, Texas, with only a couple of initial suspects and no arrests, the case has hung over the town of Bonham since she was killed.

Lorenzen Wright: No Defense May 12, 2018

Who wanted Wright dead, and how does a beloved basketball player's life end that way? CBS News special correspondent James Brown and 48 HOURS investigate the life and death of Wright and the hunt to find out what happened that night.

Don't Scream May 5, 2018

Did she really try to kill herself, or did her husband want her dead? Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate that fateful night, Mead's road to recovery and the police search into what happened.

The Last Ride Home Apr 28, 2018

A wealthy labor lawyer shoots his high profile wife from the backseat of a car -- was it an accident or just plain murder? "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher investigates.

The Clown Did It Apr 21, 2018

Two witnesses who watched as a woman was gunned down in her Florida home by a mysterious clown speak out for the first time on network television.

The Lost Boy Apr 14, 2018

Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of Etan Patz and the case against Pedro Hernandez, the man charged in 2012 with killing him.

Missing Marsha Apr 7, 2018

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate Marsha's disappearance and the murder case against her husband in "Missing Marsha". It's a case 48 HOURS has been working on for five years, and it raises questions about the challenges prosecutors often face when someone vanishes without a trace. It also includes a stunning ending that nobody - including prosecutors - saw coming.

Live to Tell: Trafficked Mar 31, 2018

Alyssa Beck was a 15-year-old Jacksonville, Fla., runaway looking for a way out of her family home. She ran right into the hands of a violent sex trafficking group. Beck reveals her fight for survival and the horrors she faced.

The Fitbit Alibi Mar 24, 2018

A suspect in a murder swears he didn't do it – can his Fitbit prove he's innocent? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.

Mystery at Eagle Creek Mar 17, 2018

An Oregon man accused of pushing his fiancée off a steep cliff during a hike nine years ago tells Peter Van Sant what may have happened that fateful day, in an unusual interview for 48 HOURS:

Who Killed Fabio? Mar 10, 2018

A famed Los Angeles hairstylist is killed in his backyard - was it a robbery gone wrong by thugs called the knock-knock burglars or a twisted plot no one could believe?

The Good Girl Mar 3, 2018

She was 19 with an allegedly abusive boyfriend – did he make her an unwitting accomplice to murder? CBS News' Jim Axelrod investigates.

Rodney Alcala: The Killing Game Feb 17, 2018

A photographer who was on "The Dating Game" became one of the nation's deadliest serial killers -- eight years after "48 Hours"' first report, new victims emerge.

Natalie Wood: Death in Dark Water Feb 3, 2018

Nearly four decades after the unexplained drowning death of Hollywood star Natalie Wood, Los Angeles County sheriff's investigators speak for the first time and tell 48 HOURS that her then-husband, actor Robert Wagner, is now a person of interest. Investigators want to speak with Wagner about the circumstances surrounding her death that night in 1981, they say in interviews for 48 HOURS.

Sins of the Father Jan 27, 2018

Nearly 60 years after Irene Garza disappeared after going to confession on Easter weekend, the priest accused of murdering her goes on trial - but is it too late? Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS report on the case against Father John Feit, the last man believed to have seen Garza alive.

All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez Jan 20, 2018

Best-selling author James Patterson investigates the life and death of convicted murderer and former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez.

Grapes of Wrath Jan 6, 2018

As California's wine country begins to rebuild after wildfires that tore through it last fall, Tracy Smith and 48 HOURS investigate the unlikely showdown between Tawfilis and Dahl that gripped the region three years ago.

Secrets of Waco Dec 29, 2017

In his first interview ever, a retired Texas United Parcel Service driver reveals to 48 Hours that he unwittingly delivered large boxes of military grade guns and ammunition to Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh in the months and weeks before the siege that would capture the attention of the world in 1993. Now, as the 25th anniversary of the standoff nears, Peter Van Sant and 48 Hours investigate the cult and what led to a deadly 51-day siege in Secrets of Waco.

The Evidence Room Dec 23, 2017

Accused of murder, a young woman's life hangs in the balance. "48 Hours" goes behind the scenes with her lawyer and a forensic animator -- can they save her? CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith investigates.

A Brother's Mission Nov 25, 2017

A woman accused of killing her husband in 2007 flees to her homeland, Brazil, where Brazilian law prevents its citizens from being extradited.

Taken Away Nov 18, 2017

A father dreams his daughter has been killed, then later she disappears. What does her boyfriend know and could the dad's nightmare have been real? "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher investigates.

Reality Kills Nov 11, 2017

Did being on camera for a true-crime television show influence the way an Atlanta detective investigated an alleged rape and murder? Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate what impact that TV show may have had into the search for clues in the death of a Marietta, Ga. man and the murder case against the woman who shot him dead.

Storm of Suspicion Oct 28, 2017

48 HOURS gained unprecedented access inside the command center in Baytown, Texas, a suburb of Houston, as investigators searched for a beautiful young mother reported missing just before Hurricane Harvey hit.

Red Notice for Murder Oct 21, 2017

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the search for a fugitive, the man who hunted her down and a daughter's desperate search for answers to her mother's disappearance.

Operation Murder Oct 14, 2017

Moataz Azzeh, a decorated former U.S. army soldier who pretended to take on a hit job for two Houston area doctors in a murder-for-hire plot, speaks out about the shocking case for the first time ever.

Moment of Truth Oct 7, 2017

A daughter hears her father's last words – he was a former NYPD officer and bodyguard to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – can she help put her dad's killer in prison? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.

The Widow on Solway Road Sep 30, 2017

48 HOURS kicks off its 30th anniversary season with a Saturday night double feature of all new back-to-back editions, Sept. 30, on the CBS Television Network. At 10:00 PM, Erin Moriarty investigates the case against Raynella Leath, a Tennessee woman with two dead husbands -who both died under strange circumstances - and the stunning outcome, in the season premiere of 48 HOURS, "The Widow on Solway Road." Leading into the season premiere, CBS News Special Correspondent James Brown tackles the impact of the O.J Simpson murder trial and how it reverberates throughout the country today, in "O.J. Simpson: Endgame".

O.J. Simpson: Endgame Sep 30, 2017

48 HOURS kicks off its 30th anniversary season with a Saturday night double feature of all new back-to-back editions, Sept. 30, on the CBS Television Network. At 10:00 PM, Erin Moriarty investigates the case against Raynella Leath, a Tennessee woman with two dead husbands -who both died under strange circumstances - and the stunning outcome, in the season premiere of 48 HOURS, "The Widow on Solway Road." Leading into the season premiere, CBS News Special Correspondent James Brown tackles the impact of the O.J Simpson murder trial and how it reverberates throughout the country today, in "O.J. Simpson: Endgame".

Serial Confessions Jun 24, 2017

The rescue of a woman found chained in a storage container leads investigators to discover the other crimes of the serial killer who held her captive.

Death by Text Jun 16, 2017

In her first television interview, Lynn Roy opens up about the death of her son, Conrad Roy III, and the groundbreaking case against Michelle Carter, who prosecutors say caused Roy to kill himself in text messages.

Murder by Design May 20, 2017

Did fashion icon Gianni Versace know his killer? A "48 Hours" investigation into the killing spree that ended his life in Miami 20 years ago. Richard Schlesinger reports.

Murder in the Mansion May 13, 2017

In 1976, a gunman dressed in black murders two people and wounds two more in the Texas mansion belonging to one of the victims.

Resident Evil May 6, 2017

The investigation into two double murders committed five years apart leads police to a famous hospital and an unlikely suspect.

The Family Apr 29, 2017

The investigation into a cult that originated in Australia and ended up in New York reveals allegations of stolen children, drug use, abuse and a leader who claimed to be the second coming of Christ.

The Golden State Killer Apr 22, 2017

Comedian Patton Oswalt opens up in his first television interview about his late wife's quest to find the elusive criminal who terrorized Californians by committing 50 rapes and a dozen murders.

The DNA of a Killer Apr 15, 2017

A brutal murder - police have DNA evidence, but can't match a killer - so how did a public DNA database lead police to suspect a filmmaker of murder? Anne-Marie Green investigates.

The Alternate Suspects Mar 25, 2017

A popular football coach convicted of murder gets a chance at freedom -- can evidence withheld from his trial prove him innocent? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Death on Valentine's Day Mar 18, 2017

Maureen Maher and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Cory and interview Curtis about the murder case against him.

Live to Tell: Afraid of the Dark Mar 11, 2017

A woman spends almost two decades searching for the man who kidnapped her from her bedroom and left her for dead when she was 8 years old.

Stalked: Part 2 Feb 25, 2017

Singer Christina Grimmie was killed by a stalker and Ivanka Trump has been stalked, too; now, an "NCIS" star is trying to change stalking laws. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.

Stalked: Part 1 Feb 25, 2017

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate multiple terrifying cases of stalking and the efforts driven by Pauley Perrette, star of CBS' NCIS, to change laws that she says are outdated or ineffective.

Eleven Hundred Miles to Murder Feb 18, 2017

A Florida doctor is brutally murdered. Her husband has an airtight alibi, but police travel 1,100 miles for a suspect that looks exactly like him. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.

The Strange Life of Dr. Schwartz Feb 11, 2017

The investigation into the murder of a beloved Florida doctor reveals his dark, secret past.

Murder in Beverly Hills Feb 11, 2017

The investigation into the brutal murder of a beloved Florida doctor reveals his dark, secret past.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent Feb 4, 2017

It's a case that raises questions about the investigation process, about the technology used decades ago, and about how two men can be convicted of a crime when the initial DNA evidence excluded them. Moreover, it's a case that looks at how a new way to examine DNA evidence has the potential to change the outcome in thousands of cases nationwide.

Solve This Case: Who Killed Kay Wenal? Jan 28, 2017

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS take viewers deep inside the investigation into a hard-to-close murder case, and those investigators ask for help from the audience in "Solve This Case: Who Killed Kay Wenal?"

Crime & Punishment Jan 7, 2017

A stepfather sits in prison for killing his wife. Her daughters vow to keep him there. Does he deserve parole? Correspondent Tracy Smith investigates.

The Fight for Melissa Dec 17, 2016

A day care worker says she loved kids, yet she's in prison for killing one. If she didn't do it, why did she confess? "48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty has the latest in the Melissa Calusinski case.

The Psychiatrist and the Selfie Dec 3, 2016

Jacob Nolan, a young man who claims his psychiatrist manipulated him into trying to kill her ex-lover, speaks out.

Live to Tell: The Long Road Home Nov 26, 2016

48 Hours takes viewers inside international basketball star-turned-tech entrepreneur, Sebastien Bellin's, remarkable eight-month journey of recovery after being nearly killed in the March terrorist attacks in Brussels, in a special Live to Tell: The Long Road Home.

Live to Tell: Sophia's Secret Nov 19, 2016

When a 17-year-old girl breaks up with her abusive boyfriend, he snaps and breaks into her bedroom to attack her.

Hunted Nov 19, 2016

Authorities in Colorado race to catch a serial rapist before he attacks again.

Buried Truth Nov 12, 2016

48 HOURS goes inside the missing persons investigation and the stunning revelations her alleged captor, Todd Kohlhepp, 45 year old real estate broker, made to police in "Buried Truth."

Bad Boy Oct 29, 2016

The case of Shelley Mook, a young mother and Tennessee school teacher who mysteriously vanished after visiting her ex-husband, is examined.

Killer Performance Oct 8, 2016

A young woman is murdered, police thought her killer was on the run ... or was he? Correspondent Tracy Smith investigates.

The Mortician, the Murder, the Movie Oct 1, 2016

When an elderly millionaire is found dead in a freezer, her decades-younger companion is brought up on murder charges; the movie inspired by the story, ``Bernie.''

Killer App Sep 24, 2016

Killer App tells the story of two families whose daughters got involved in online relationships that became a matter of life or death. It's a story that will resonate with millennials, teenagers and parents, who, thanks to so-called "parent proof" platforms, often don't know what their kids are doing on their phones, laptops, tablets or computers until something goes terribly wrong.

Death and the Dentist Sep 17, 2016

A New York dentist denies killing his lover's husband -- who was also his best friend.

Bringing a Nation Together Jul 9, 2016

Coverage of the aftermath of the police shootings in Dallas that left five law enforcement officers dead and several injured.

Cal Harris: The Final Verdict May 28, 2016

After nine years and four trials, has the search for what happened to Michele Harris and the case against her estranged husband Cal Harris come to a close? Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS report the latest in the case in an updated edition of "Cal Harris: The Final Verdict".

The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs May 21, 2016

What are the rules in the war on terror for America's spymasters? Will the next president bring back waterboarding as an "enhanced interrogation technique?"

The broadcast network premiere of 48 HOURS PRESENTS: "The Spymasters – CIA in the Crosshairs" raises those questions and more as it takes viewers inside the inner workings of the CIA through the eyes of all 12 living directors of the agency. The directors talk openly about tough calls they've had to make, the controversies they have faced and what it takes to be a master spy.

Death of an Olympian May 14, 2016

Olympic hero Dave Laut shot six times -- his wife pulled the trigger. Was it murder or self-defense? In her first TV interview, Jane Laut tells Erin Moriarty she's been hiding a secret.

The Soldier's Wife May 7, 2016

A young wife shot dead -- her soldier husband pulled the trigger. Was it an accident or murder?

Blood in the Sand Apr 30, 2016

Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS investigate the unsolved case of the two murders, the incredible similarities in the two killings and the new technology that would lead police to investigate one of their own.

Ryan Poston Murder Part 2: Obsessed Apr 23, 2016

A successful young attorney is gunned down in his own home. The shooter? His on-again, off-again girlfriend, a beautiful, young graduate student. She says it was self-defense. Police say it was something else.

Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking Point Apr 23, 2016

A successful young attorney is gunned down in his own home. The shooter? His on-again, off-again girlfriend, a beautiful, young graduate student. She says it was self-defense. Police say it was something else.

At the time of his death, Poston was a 29-year-old self-employed lawyer with a promising future ahead of him. Hubers, too, was "very, very, bright," according to Highland Heights, Kentucky Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer.

"When he walked into a room, he immediately demanded attention," says Poston's friend, Allie Wagner. "And he got it. He was a very good-looking guy and he had a very big heart."

What is certain is Hubers shot Poston. She admitted she shot him the moment she dialed 9-1-1. But what led to the shooting, however, is where the story takes unexpected turns. After the incident, Hubers was taken to police headquarters. There, she told police she wanted a lawyer but then, unexpectedly, she began talking on and off for more than two-and-half-hours with a police camera rolling. Hubers also danced, sang and snapped her fingers humming, "I did it! Yes, I did it." Portions of the video will be broadcast by 48 HOURS.

What Happened in Apt. 1601? Apr 2, 2016

Three friends, all with big futures ahead of them, headed to a tiny studio apartment near Washington D.C. after a night of barhopping. Sometime afterwards, one of them was butchered with a knife. The two survivors then told police they don't know what happened.

Eliminating the Threat? Mar 19, 2016

An elite FBI agent shoots his estranged wife after he says she came after him with a knife -- was it self-defense or murder? "48 Hours" correspondent Susan Spencer investigates

Playing by the Rules? Mar 12, 2016

A popular football coach is serving life for killing his pregnant wife -- was evidence hidden that could set him free? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Trail of Tears Mar 5, 2016

A couple's mountain hike turns deadly. The girlfriend had a haunting premonition -- did she predict her own murder? "48 Hours'" Peter Van Sant investigates.

A Student of Murder Feb 27, 2016

Yancy Noll, a well-liked Seattle wine steward, left work one evening in 2012 and headed home. Ten minutes later, he was dead. Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Noll and the trail that would lead police to an unlikely suspect in "A Student of Murder".

What Did the Children See? Feb 20, 2016

What happens when a former hard-charging prosecutor is prosecuted in his old courtroom? "48 Hours"' Maureen Maher investigates.

Target Justice Feb 13, 2016

A Texas town on edge -- someone was killing prosecutors. Was it a gang hit or could the killer be one of their own? Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Murder 90210 Jan 30, 2016

Will millionaire Robert Durst clear his name in the death of a California friend or end up spending his life in jail? Erin Moriarty investigates.

Live to Tell: My Name is Victoria Jan 23, 2016

Eighteen years after a California woman was kidnapped, assaulted and left for dead, DNA evidence leads to the arrest of an actor and his high school friend.

Love and Death in Alaska Dec 26, 2015

Is Mechele Linehan a conniving ex-stripper who should be in jail for murder, or was she unfairly targeted by police because of a past life?

Dear Savanna Dec 5, 2015

Dorothy Lee Barnett on how she fled the United States with her daughter, eluding the FBI for two decades.

Road to Redemption Nov 28, 2015

A woman seeks closure by speaking with her sister and brother-in-law's killer more than 20 years after their deaths.

The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld Nov 21, 2015

Police in Denver think Kurt Sonnenfeld murdered his wife, Nancy, but he insists that she committed suicide.

Paris Under Attack Nov 14, 2015

Terrorist attacks on Paris

The Bugs Bunny Defense Oct 31, 2015

A woman stands a second trial for killing her husband, claiming it was an accident after the two of them re-enacted a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

The Hunter: Searching for Kelli Bordeaux Oct 24, 2015

A bounty hunter searches for a young army combat medic who went missing after a night out at a local bar.

Vengeance in Vegas Oct 17, 2015

A beautiful mom is murdered while her West Point grad husband was at work. Was someone stalking women in Las Vegas? Peter Van Sant investigates.

Shadow of Death Oct 10, 2015

Family members believe a young man's fascination with the a notorious Menendez brothers murder case led him to allegedly shoot his parents.

The Doctor's Daughter Oct 3, 2015

When a doctor is charged with killing his wife, their daughter's 9-1-1 call becomes important to the case.

Hannah Graham: Stalked by Evil Sep 26, 2015

Susan Spencer and 48 HOURS investigate the tragic disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham and the tireless police work that linked her alleged killer to other cases.

Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections Sep 26, 2015

Susan Spencer and 48 HOURS investigate the tragic disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham and the tireless police work that linked her alleged killer to other cases.

Death on the Hudson Sep 12, 2015

Can new evidence obtained by "48 Hours" prove there was no murder in the case against a New York woman charged with killing her fiancé during a kayaking trip?

Temptation in Texas: UpdateJun 2, 2015
Last Chance for FreedomMay 30, 2015
Cal Harris: DeadlockedMay 23, 2015
Janet's Secret May 16, 2015

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the murder of Janet Walsh and the search for her killer.

Father and Son: The Verdict May 9, 2015

Susan Spencer and 48 HOURS investigate the death of von Schwedler in 2011, her son's efforts to prove Wall killed her, and the court case against Johnny Wall.

A Vision of Murder May 2, 2015

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Kelly Brennan and Trott's unusual dream-turned-nightmare.

The Verdict Apr 25, 2015

Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Robert Cline and the case against Anita Smithey.

To Catch a Genius Apr 18, 2015

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate the case against Curry for the murder of his Orange County, California, wife.

Death After Midnight Apr 11, 2015

Local police investigated, and four days after Ashley Fallis died, the coroner ruled it a suicide. 48 HOURS and Erin Moriarty initiated its own investigation using high-tech forensic animation that may explain what happened.

The Accidental Husband Apr 4, 2015

Harold Henthorn has lost two wives in unusual accidents. Does Henthorn have horrible luck, or is there something more going on behind the deaths?

The Bizarre Saga of Robert Durst Mar 21, 2015

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS have new details in the investigation of the murder of Berman and the unsolved disappearance of Kathie Durst.

Cold Case: Who Killed Amy Gellert?Mar 14, 2015
Bruce Beresford-Redman: The VerdictMar 14, 2015
Murder in Aspen Mar 7, 2015

Maureen Maher and 48 HOURS investigate the murder of Aspen socialite and ski resort heiress Nancy Pfister and the quest to find her killer.

Blaming Melissa Feb 28, 2015

Erin Moriarty and 48 HOURS investigate the case against Melissa Calusinski, who was charged and convicted of killing a 16-month-old boy in her care at a suburban Chicago child care center in 2009.

Fall from Grace Feb 21, 2015

Troy Roberts and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Bethany Deaton. The story behind Deaton's death includes a fundamental Christian religious group some likened to a cult, a dream marriage to the group's leader that quickly turned into a nightmare, and the quest by a family to find out exactly why their daughter was gone.

Dangerous Games Feb 14, 2015

Troy Roberts and 48 HOURS investigate the events leading to the death of University of New Hampshire sophomore Lizzi Marriott. It's a case that explores the sinister side of BDSM - bondage and sadomasochism. It exposes a man who fantasized about murder and looks at the teenager who got caught up in his world for just one night.

Gone Feb 7, 2015

Tracy Smith and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of Warner and the unusual path Castellano took to tell his story.

The Millionaire, the Model & the Hit Man Jan 31, 2015

Troy Roberts and 48 HOURS investigate the twisted relationship between millionaire health supplement distributor and a wannabe rock 'n roller, Dino Guglielmelli, his model wife, Monica Olsen, and the presumed hit man who came into the picture, Richard Fuhrmann.

Kiss of Death and the Google Exec Jan 24, 2015

Maureen Maher and 48 HOURS investigate the fatal heroin overdose of a Google executive and the young woman charged with killing him.

Murder in Pinyon Pines Jan 17, 2015

A California couple is shot dead, a daughter's body found burned in a wheelbarrow - after seven years investigators think they have solved the case, but a courtroom bombshell changes everything.

UltimatumJan 9, 2015
Live to Tell: Sole Survivor Jan 3, 2015

Doan, then just 10 years old, played dead before making a chilling call to 911, telling the operator, "There was a shoot-out in my house and I don't know who's dead. And I'm scared half to death." She survived the vicious attack that destroyed her family and recounts that night and her recovery in 48 HOURS: LIVE TO TELL: "Sole Survivor.

The Two Faces of Todd Winkler Dec 13, 2014

Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Rachel Winkler, a married mother of three, found stabbed in her home after her husband, Todd Winkler, called a friend to say she was dead.

The Sober Truth Nov 29, 2014

Correspondent Maureen Maher and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Brada and how attending meetings that would change her life ultimately led to the end of her life.

Devil's IslandNov 15, 2014
Prison DiariesNov 15, 2014
Live to Tell: I Remember EverythingOct 25, 2014
The PactOct 25, 2014
Kristen's SecretOct 18, 2014
The HitOct 11, 2014
Mommy Dearest Oct 4, 2014

Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS investigate the case of the gun that shot twice and the woman allegedly pulling the trigger.

Paradise Lost Sep 27, 2014

Did a Wall Street millionaire shoot himself, or was he murdered in his 50,000-square-foot home in Costa Rica? Susan Spencer and 48 HOURS head to the rainforest to investigate what happened to John Bender.

Blade Runner: The VerdictSep 12, 2014
Oscar Pistorius: Shots in the Dark Jun 16, 2014

Is Olympic star Oscar Pistorius a cold-blooded killer, or was the shooting death of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the middle of the night an accident? With the sprinter's fate resting in the hands of a South African court, 48 HOURS examines the emotional drama at the heart of the case.

The Trials of Cal Harris Jun 9, 2014

Now facing a third murder trial for Michele's death, Harris sits for his first-ever television interview and talks with 48 HOURS' Erin Moriarty in "The Trials of Cal Harris".

The Lost Daughter Jun 2, 2014

After 25 years, has the Alachua County Sheriff's Office solved one of Florida's biggest mysteries - what happened to Tiffany Sessions? Tracy Smith and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of the college student and the search for Sessions.

One Last HugMay 31, 2014
A Raging SonMay 10, 2014
Temptation in TexasMay 4, 2014
Dangerous BeautyApr 26, 2014
Decades of DeceiptApr 19, 2014
Father and SonApr 12, 2014
Wounded by LoveApr 5, 2014
Last ChanceMar 29, 2014
Fateful ConnectionMar 15, 2014
The Blue River MurderMar 8, 2014
The Last ConfessionMar 1, 2014
Pain and GainFeb 22, 2014
Death at Soho HouseFeb 1, 2014
A Bad BetJan 25, 2014
Perilous JourneyJan 18, 2014
Death at the ParsonageJan 4, 2014
Love, Hate & ObsessionDec 14, 2013
Nelson Mandela: Father of a NationDec 7, 2013
Walking FreeNov 30, 2013
Hollywood SecretsNov 23, 2013
The Devils TwinNov 16, 2013
RelentlessNov 2, 2013
Loved to DeathOct 26, 2013
The Ghosts of GreenwichOct 26, 2013
aka RockefellerOct 19, 2013
Death at Cottonwood CreekOct 12, 2013
Spies, Lies & SecretsOct 5, 2013
End of the TrailMay 26, 2015
A Daughter, a Mortgage, and Two MurdersMay 14, 2014
The Usual Suspect; Death WishSep 7, 2013
The War in Chicago May 18, 2013

For six months, 48 HOURS Correspondent Maureen Maher and CBS News Correspondent Armen Keteyian have been investigating what's driving the murder rate in Chicago and claiming the lives of young people like Pendleton. Maher and Keteyian's reporting reveals a deadly link between street violence and drug trafficking in the city and in the suburbs.

Unraveling the Lies of Jodi AriasMay 17, 2013
Murder at Sea?May 11, 2013
Over the Edge May 4, 2013

Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of the wife of a celebrated top chef and what ultimately drove him to dive off a California cliff.

Muscle and Mayhem Apr 27, 2013

CBS News' 48 HOURS reports on a Miami murder for money case hatched by a gang of bumbling bodybuilders so unusual that Hollywood decided to make a movie about.

CaughtApr 20, 2013
Power and Passion Apr 13, 2013

Richard Schlesinger and 48 HOURS investigate the death of Angel Downs, a beautiful real estate agent who was found face up in front of her home dead from a shot to the head.

Ambushed Mar 16, 2013

Troy Roberts and the 48 HOURS team report on the murder of a Florida father in a story that pits family members against each other and reveals a woman who has been harboring secret about what happened.

Cold as Ice Mar 9, 2013

Erin Moriarty and the 48 HOURS team go inside the investigation of what authorities say was the oldest cold case ever to be prosecuted in United States history.

The Usual SuspectMar 2, 2013
The AccuserFeb 23, 2013
Honor and Dishonor Feb 16, 2013

"Somebody broke into our house last night.. I don't know who it was, but they killed everybody here except my sister, my brother and me," Matthew says in in the 911 call. "I hear a couple of gunshots going through and some glass breaking and my grandma screaming that she's dying.".

Live to Tell: The Stranger You KnowFeb 2, 2013
Crazy Love Jan 26, 2013

Troy Roberts and the 48 HOURS team report on the murder of Novack. The broadcast includes the first interview with Rebecca Bliss, who carried on an 18-month affair with Novack while he was married to Narcy Novack.

Picture Perfect: The Trial of Jodi AriasJan 19, 2013
The Perfect FamilyJan 12, 2013
Shattered Dreams Jan 5, 2013

David Ditto repeatedly told police that night that Karina's injuries were because of the fall, nothing else. "I heard the cat screech at the top of the stairs and I heard a horrible falling down the stairs," he tells 48 HOURS Correspondent Maureen Maher.. "And I jumped up and ran over, and found Karina laying at the foot of the stairs. She wasn't moving - wasn't talking.".

Everything to Lose Dec 8, 2012

"What does a mother do when she's seen her daughter in a pool of blood,"

The Hunt for Mr. Wright Dec 1, 2012

48 HOURS investigates Patterson's murder and follows the task force of FBI, U.S. Marshals and New Jersey Department of Corrections officers on the most intense manhunt of their careers. It's a story that spans five decades, involves a stunning airplane hijacking, covers three continents and touches multiple generations of one family shattered by the brutal murder.

Presumed GuiltyNov 24, 2012
Highway of TearsNov 17, 2012
Secrets of the River Nov 10, 2012

"The day we found Mackenzie and we saw how brutally she had been murdered, we knew we were in for one tough investigation," Detective John Kruse tells Peter Van Sant.

Lina's HeartOct 27, 2012
The Preacher's Passion Oct 20, 2012

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2009, Randone summoned police because Tang wasn't breathing. He maintained she overdosed on the drug GHB, which they both took before going to bed. However, police didn't buy the story.

Collision CourseOct 13, 2012
Friends for LifeOct 6, 2012
My Dad's KillerSep 29, 2012
One of Their Own - Updated May 26, 2012

The family of Sherri Rae Rasmussen, who was murdered in 1986, is calling for a probe into the Los Angeles Police Department's original investigation.

RansomMay 12, 2012
The Writing on the WallMay 5, 2012
Death WishApr 28, 2012
Mystery on Twin Peaks DriveApr 21, 2012
The Stranger Beside Me Apr 14, 2012

Jamie, a graduate of the University of Michigan, moved to Phoenix and got a high-paying job in medical sales. When she joined a local university alumni group, Jamie fell for a handsome young member named Bryan Stewart. The couple dated for a year and lived together for two. Then Jamie went missing. While searching for her, detectives found evidence that Bryan had been lying to Jamie, and police, about who he is. Bryan is actually Rick Wayne Valentini. Ten years ago he changed his identity illegally, and moved from Michigan to Phoenix to "start over." But the life he left behind led detectives to suspect that Bryan is more than just a con man. In his only interview, the man who insists he is Bryan Stewart talks with 48 HOURS MYSTERY correspondent Erin Moriarty about changing his name, his relationship with Jamie and his claim that he helped her disappear. The broadcast also features exclusive interviews with Jamie's family and friends, Bryan's aunt and daughter, and lead investigators in the case.

A Family's HonorApr 7, 2012
Arturo Gatti's Last Fight - UpdatedMar 24, 2012
Grave Injustice - UpdatedMar 17, 2012
The Boy Next Door - UpdatedMar 10, 2012
The Country Club MurdersMar 3, 2012
Fatal Episode: The Producer's Story Feb 25, 2012

"For anyone who really believes, as you're supposed to believe in America, that you're innocent until you're proven guilty, please, take a look at the evidence, or in this case the absolute complete lack of evidence, and don't rush to judgment," he asks. "This is not CSI or Law and Order' or any of those shows where at the end we have a satisfying resolution. I doubt that there will ever be a satisfying resolution for this because the evidence is gone. Even if I do manage to get off, I don't know if Monica's killers will ever really be caught.".

Soccer Moms ConfidentialFeb 18, 2012
Screenplay for Murder: The Diary of a "Dexter" WannabeFeb 11, 2012
Dark Side of ParadiseFeb 4, 2012
A Fatal AttractionJan 28, 2012
Showdown in the BedroomJan 21, 2012
Family AffairJan 7, 2012
The Long Island Serial KillerDec 17, 2011
Secrets of a MarriageDec 3, 2011
Murder at the ManorNov 26, 2011
Private Needham's War Nov 12, 2011

Troy Roberts reports on the case of Pvt. John Needham, a decorated soldier who was Medivac-ed from Iraq and later diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Investigators say John beat his 19-year-old girlfriend to death with his bare hands - and while John took responsibility for Jacque's death, he remembers little of the crime, recognizing only that something inside him snapped. 48 HOURS MYSTERY explores the murder of Jacque Villagomez, as well as whether John's TBI and PTSD might have played a role in her death.

Murder in the O.C. Oct 29, 2011

Multi-millionaire entrepreneur Bill McLaughlin was living the good life in Newport Beach, California, when he was shot dead in his home. This Saturday, 48 HOURS MYSTERY explores the deadly love triangle that may have led to the death of McLaughlin, a murder that rocked this wealthy and glamorous community more than 15 years ago. The broadcast will investigate the story behind McLaughlin's death, including the suspected roles played by his fiancée Nanette Johnston, and former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki, who speaks to 48 HOURS MYSTERY in his first on-camera interview. McLaughlin was a devoted father and family man, who, following a 1990 divorce, began seeing and ultimately became engaged to a much younger Nanette Johnston who was later discovered to have a habit of seeking out wealthy men to date. Following McLaughlin's death, Nanette was questioned by police, but she had an alibi. However, the would-be Orange County housewife had a shocking secret that would soon be revealed: her relationship with former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki, who had his own plans of marrying Nanette. But police never had enough to bring this case to justice. Now, finally, a family and a community will get the answers to who killed Bill McLaughlin.

The Killing FieldsOct 22, 2011
Redemption SongOct 15, 2011
Amanda Knox: The Untold Story Oct 8, 2011

Correspondent Peter Van Sant has covered this dramatic case through the years from Perugia, Italy, and has now followed Amanda and her family to Seattle. His report reveals details of the cruel manipulation and sexual intimidation Amanda endured while behind bars, in her own words, from a letter that she wrote. She said a high-ranking prison administrator ordered her into his office alone, at night, to talk about sex. Amanda eventually came to believe that the administrator's real motive was to intimidate her and provoke her to say something that would support the prosecution's theory that she really was a sex-crazed killer.

Arturo Gattis Last Fight Sep 24, 2011

Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports on Gatti, the ultimate blood-and-guts warrior, who won three world titles, including welterweight champion. A multi-millionaire known for his legendary trilogy of fights with Mickey Ward, Gatti's professional fights were nothing compared to the shadows he faced outside the ring. Two years after retiring, did Gatti kill himself, or was it murder?.

Barefoot Bandit: The Stunning ConclusionJun 12, 2011
Follow the MoneyMay 21, 2011
House of SecretsMay 20, 2011
The Boy Next DoorMay 14, 2011
The Facebook DetectivesMay 7, 2011
Last Chance for JusticeApr 30, 2011
Grave InjusticeApr 23, 2011
Only Casey KnowsApr 16, 2011
Name Rank Serial Killer Apr 9, 2011

An investigation into the life of Col. Russell Williams, a Canadian Air Force commander who is suspected of murdering two women and sexually assaulting two others.

The Lost NightMar 26, 2011
Playing with Fire Feb 19, 2011

Two murders and the trail that leads from the Playboy Mansion to Wall Street.

The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard - Part 2Feb 12, 2011
The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard - Part 1Feb 12, 2011
Every Picture Tells a StoryJan 29, 2011
Temptation Jan 22, 2011

A beautiful girl who could charm anyone into doing anything..even murder?.

Body of Lies Jan 15, 2011

A young mother vanishes. Did one man's deception lead to murder?.

Fatal ChoiceJan 8, 2011
Shootout at the HillsNov 27, 2010
Secrets, Lies and AlibisNov 20, 2010
Chasing the Barefoot BanditNov 13, 2010
Taken: The Amber DuBois Story Nov 6, 2010

A predator kills two girls and admits he would kill again.

Dirty Little Secrets Oct 30, 2010

Since the sudden death of his wife Kari in April 2006, Matt Baker has gone from grieving husband to a murder suspect maintaining his innocence to convicted killer. And it was his lover, Vanessa Bulls, who revealed the dark secrets that helped put him behind bars. With exclusive interviews, police videos and depositions.

The One Who Got AwayOct 23, 2010
The Whole Truth Oct 16, 2010

An LAPD cover-up keeps an innocent man in prison for 26 years.

fugitive@hotmail.comOct 9, 2010
The Killing Game Sep 25, 2010

, "The Killing Game," as its season premiere on the CBS Television Network. Featuring Dow's exclusive interviews with Alcala's ex-girlfriend, girls Alcala had approached, investigators, and victims' family members, the season premiere will be presented by Harold's nephew, Jay Dow, a correspondent for WCBS in New York and a contributor for CBS News.

One of Their OwnMay 22, 2010
Betting Her Life: Susan Wright May 15, 2010

It's hard to say what's most horrifying about Jeff Wright's death - the fact that his wife Susan did it, that she stabbed him 193 times, or her claim that it was self-defense. During the sometimes theatrical 2004 trial, prosecutors went so far as to bring the couple's bed into court in order to paint Susan Wright, a former exotic dancer, as a cold-blooded killer who lured her husband to bed, tied him up, then brutally murdered him and dumped the body in a hole that he himself had dug for a home improvement project. Richard Schlesinger reports.

Shelley's Last Breath May 8, 2010

David Swain speaks for the first time since he was charged with murder.

A Killer DefenseMay 1, 2010
Unmasking a Killer aka Hannibal UnmaskedApr 24, 2010
My Mother's MurderApr 10, 2010
In Too Deep - UpdatedMar 20, 2010
The Girl Who Knew Too MuchMar 13, 2010
Lady in the PoolMar 6, 2010
A Cry for InnocenceFeb 27, 2010
Lies and WhispersFeb 20, 2010
A Time to Kill: Michele Harris - UpdatedFeb 13, 2010
Thou Shalt Not KillFeb 6, 2010
The SecretJan 30, 2010
Buried Secrets of Las Vegas Jan 23, 2010

Ted was the son of legendary gambling impresario Benny Binion, who founded the famous Horseshoe Casino. Ted was Sin City royalty, a charismatic and brilliant casino operator, but whose millions in gaming profits fed a darker side. The easy cash also allowed him to indulge his addiction to "chasing the dragon," smoking heroin. Paranoid about his wealth, he was known to have hid at least $7 million in a buried vault among other places and it is believed that millions have never been recovered.

Innocence Lost: The Yogurt Shop MurdersJan 9, 2010
The Lost ChildrenDec 12, 2009
Justice in the HeartlandDec 5, 2009
Diary of a ShowgirlNov 21, 2009
A Case for MurderNov 14, 2009
Deadly ProphecyOct 31, 2009
HauntedOct 24, 2009
Caylee Anthony: The Untold StoryOct 17, 2009
Show Me the Money Oct 3, 2009

A mother and her seven year old daughter are taken hostage, strapped with dynamite and forced to rob a bank.

The Godfather's Daughter aka Their Father, the GodfatherSep 26, 2009
Seven Days of Rage Sep 19, 2009

CBS News' 48 HOURS MYSTERY reveals that accused "Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff posted profiles of himself on several adult alternative-lifestyle Web sites, expressing his interest in bondage, sadomasochism, homosexuality and in particular, his desire to be dominated.

Drawn to MurderNov 29, 2009
Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor? - RevisitedJun 13, 2009
Deep SecretJun 2, 2009
Daddy's GirlMay 16, 2009
Catch Her If You CanMay 9, 2009
Dark VoyageMay 2, 2009
Craigslist: Classified for MurderApr 25, 2009
American Girl, Italian Nightmare Apr 11, 2009

New developments in the case of an American college girl facing murder charges in Italy.

The Curious Case of Colonel ShueMar 28, 2009
ToxicMar 14, 2009
Picture PerfectMar 7, 2009
An Invisible Enemy - RevisitedFeb 7, 2009
Conspiracy to KillJan 31, 2009
Lady in the HarborJan 24, 2009
Who Killed Toni HeartstringJan 10, 2009
Power, Passion and Poison - RevisitedDec 20, 2008
Invitation to a Murder - RevisitedDec 13, 2008
The Guessing GameDec 6, 2008
Sign of the Times aka The Mortgage and the MurderNov 22, 2008
Truth on TrialNov 15, 2008
Vegas Heat Nov 8, 2008

Trapped inside a world of glamour, fitness and fury, a Vegas dancer.

Blood and Money on Horseshoe BayNov 1, 2008
Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?Oct 25, 2008
Into Thin Air Oct 18, 2008

A mother disappears leaving behind a mystery that would take her daughter 30 years to solve.

Kidnapped - Shawn Hornbeck's Incredible StorySep 24, 2008
Peace, Love and MurderJan 17, 2008
Stolen BeautyJul 1, 2008
The Secret Life of Paige BirgfeldJun 10, 2008
BetrayalJun 3, 2008
Point Blank May 17, 2008

Did a husband's obsession with his wife lead to his death?.

The Preachers Wife May 10, 2008

A reverend's wife is found dead. Was it suicide or was he playing God?.

The Last Take Apr 26, 2008

Did a Hollywood actress' secret love diary lead to her murder?.

Deadline for JusticeApr 19, 2008
The Letter Apr 15, 2008

A letter written by a suspicious young mother helps solve her own murder.

A Long Way from HomeApr 12, 2008
Stolen Dreams Mar 15, 2008

A Wall Street trader lives a secret life as a serial bank robber.

The Long Road Mar 1, 2008

Newlyweds are murdered. Now, 20 years later were the convicted men guilty?.

Addicted to Love Feb 16, 2008

A plastic surgeon's risky affair with a patient turns deadly.

Who Killed the Beauty Queen? Feb 9, 2008

A couple's life is changed forever when their baby disappears from her crib.

No Way Out aka Flood of BlameFeb 2, 2008
Trigger Point Jan 29, 2008

What turned a sweet, soft spoken wife and teacher into a killer?.

Fight for the Truth: Marty TankleffJan 26, 2008
In Too Deep Jan 22, 2008

A college girl caught up in a gruesome murder case.

The Socialite's SecretJan 19, 2008
Death Without Mercy Jan 5, 2008

A seemingly perfect marriage goes up in smoke.

An Invisible Enemy Dec 8, 2007

A young marine drops dead -- NCIS says it's murder.

Capture the QueenDec 1, 2007
Where's Maddie? Nov 17, 2007

"I never in a million years thought it could have been Madeleine..It was just complete shock and complete horror that I might have seen Madeleine being abducted," says Jane Tanner in her first public interview.

A Time to Kill: Michele HarrisNov 10, 2007
An Eye for an EyeOct 27, 2007
The Sugar Land Conspiracy Oct 20, 2007

The Whitakers were an all-American, God-loving family living in a tightly knit community outside of Houston, Texas, but their apparent happiness quickly turned into torment the day that the entire family of four was gunned down in its own home. Tricia Whitaker, a retired elementary school teacher, and her 19-year-old son, Kevin, died from their injuries. The investigation into their murders reveals an intricate plot and a ruthless conspiracy involving young men whom most people would never suspect of being part of anything so evil. Incredibly, one of those young men, the mastermind of the murders, turned out to be Bart Whitaker, the eldest son - who had himself been shot as part of the bizarre plot. Such a revelation would shatter any family and challenge even the most faithful. Kent Whitaker, the father, on the other hand, is a man of unshakeable religious faith and he has decided to defend the life of his attacker, the last living member of his family. "The first night in the hospital, I forgave everyone who was involved in this," remembers Whitaker as he reflects on the murder of his late wife and son. "It is a gift from God that allows me to do this. I think he gave me that gift so that when I found out that it was my son, that it would be a legitimate forgiveness." Whitaker hopes he can persuade the Texas jury to forgive his only living son, but first his son must convince that same jury that he is no longer a threat to anyone - inside or out of prison.

Storm of Murder Oct 13, 2007

New Orleans was once known as a city with good beignets and great jazz, but since Hurricane Katrina, the Crescent City is gaining notoriety for its murder rate - the highest in the nation. Last year, 162 people were murdered in New Orleans. Police made arrests in a third of those cases, but as of today, there has been just one conviction. The New Orleans Police Department remains woefully understaffed and overwhelmed by the violence. "We're operating with nothing and trying to combat an escalating problem," police lieutenant Mike Glasser tells correspondent Erin Moriarty on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "Storm of Murder."

The McGuire Diaries Sep 29, 2007

The video diary, as well as interviews with McGuire and others associated with this bizarre case.

Beyond the BoardwalkMay 19, 2007
Death of a Dream May 12, 2007

An aspiring Broadway dancer is murdered -- did her secrets contribute to her death?

Power, Passion and PoisonMay 5, 2007
The Puppet Master Apr 14, 2007

Newlyweds Heather and John Grossman were driving to lunch 10 years ago on a sunny Florida day when bullets suddenly pierced their vehicle. John survived the shooting but a bullet ripped a fist-sized hole in Heather's neck, severing her spinal cord leaving her a quadriplegic. Investigators found the shooter, Roger Runyon, who detailed how he used a long rifle to fire at the Grossmans. But investigators also uncovered three other men who allegedly conspired with Runyon. Yet investigators soon realized that the case against the group was missing one big piece -- the puppet master -- the person investigators believed to be responsible for planning the crime.

The Ghost of David Coffin Apr 7, 2007

On December 10, 1996, fire raged through a home in an upscale Atlanta neighborhood. When firefighters extinguished the blaze, they found the body of 41-year-old David Coffin. Coffin's friends and family were grief-stricken, but their pain only deepened when authorities revealed that he was likely killed before the fire started. Correspondent Maureen Maher reports on the peculiar events surrounding Coffin's murder.

Dangerous ReunionMar 10, 2007
Murder on the Cape Mar 6, 2007

Christa Worthington was a powerhouse in her fashion reporter career, even at the age of 26 when she landed an interview with industry icon Yves Saint Laurent. She later decided to slow down the pace of her life and settled on Cape Cod, where she happily became a single mom. So how did Worthington wind up stabbed to death in her kitchen on the all-American Cape while her two-year-old was in the house?

To Catch a Killer: Nelson SerranoMar 3, 2007
Caught in the Crossfire aka Courting DisasterFeb 24, 2007
The Biggest Gamble Feb 17, 2007

Christie Wilson was a beautiful 27-year-old woman beloved by her family and friends. One October night in 2005, she spent six hours in a California casino gambling at the blackjack tables with a man she'd just met. Wilson left the casino that night with him and was never seen again. But the casino itself is outfitted with 700 cameras capturing movements of gamblers everywhere. Correspondent Erin Moriarty follows the story and examines the never publicly seen before videotape that may identify a killer.

Murder Comes Knocking Feb 10, 2007

Jarrod Davidson and Kelee Jones were college sweethearts. Within a year of meeting in chemistry class, they were moving in together, having a first baby, and planning a wedding. But the seemingly happy relationship ended in a bitter divorce and a nasty custody battle over the couple's daughter. On a July night in 2004, Jarrod was shot to death outside his Santa Barbara, Calif. apartment complex. Correspondent Maureen Maher follows the story as sheriff's deputies unravel a plot so bizarre that it puts three members of one family in prison - all in connection with a single murder.

Love and Lies Feb 3, 2007

Jennifer and Bart Corbin had a seemingly perfect life. Bart's successful dental practice afforded the couple a beautiful home in the Atlanta suburbs where they raised their two little boys. But one December morning in 2004, seven-year-old Dalton Corbin woke up to a living nightmare. He ran to his neighbor's house in his pajamas and told them his mother was dead. Correspondent Peter Van Sant examines how a suburban mom suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head and investigates her husband, a man who may have had something deadly to hide from his apparent charmed past. Van Sant also speaks exclusively to Jennifer's online lover - a person concealing a double identity.

Secrets in the SandJan 30, 2007
The Sweetheart Murders Jan 27, 2007

Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins were both 18 years old in the summer of 1980, about to start college and in love. On Dec. 20 of that same year, the couple was brutally murdered, both with their throats cut, on a foggy night in their hometown of Davis, Calif., on their way to Gonsalves' sister's birthday party. Now, more than 25 years later, the birthday gift the couple had with them may help identify the killer.

Taylor Behl: Searching for SecretsJan 16, 2007
Murder on His Mind Jan 13, 2007

A golden boy becomes a killer -- a brain defect may be the reason.

Endgame Jan 6, 2007

Perry March had the perfect life -- a successful lawyer living in the lap of luxury in sunny Mexico with his second wife, in a peaceful home, complete with a swimming pool where the kids liked to do cannonballs. March had only one problem - a determined cold case unit that wanted to know what happened to Janet March, Perry's first wife, who was reported missing in the summer of 1996, in their hometown of Nashville.

Murder on Lockhart RoadDec 9, 2006
Decade of MysteryNov 25, 2006
Blood and Money Nov 18, 2006

Two wealthy brothers -- two separate murders - one family's tragedy.

Exposed Nov 11, 2006

An actress on CSI Miami crosses paths with a real life serial killer.

Memory of Murder Nov 4, 2006

When Peter Porco, a popular 52-year-old lawyer from a sleepy American town, didn't show up for work on a Monday morning in November 2004, a court officer went to his upscale home to investigate. What the officer found was a bloodbath in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the family room. At the foot of the stairs was Porco's bludgeoned body -- the victim of a brutal murder.

Scientology: A Question of Faith Oct 28, 2006

Why would a 28-year-old man, described as sweet, kind and gentle, take a knife to his mother one morning in 2003 and stab her over 70 times? Jeremy Perkins, who had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, came to believe that his mother, Elli, was evil and out to get him. Experts say the brutal murder might never have occurred had he received proper treatment to control his psychotic delusions. But Jeremy's parents were devout Scientologists -- a religion that strongly opposes psychiatric treatment. Did Elli Perkins' faith contribute to her death?

Nashville BluesOct 21, 2006
Dangerous Liaisons Oct 14, 2006

On July 5, 2003, 37-year-old Sandra Rozzo of Pinnellas Park, Fla. was shot eight times at point-blank range while she sat defenseless in her car. According to police, Timothy "Tracy" Humphrey's name was the first to come up as a possible suspect. Humphrey proclaimed his innocence, but evidence would lead investigators to discover a twisted plot involving seduction, manipulation and murder on 48 HOURS MYSTERY.

Millionaire Manhunt Oct 7, 2006

For years after his wife's murder in 1987, millionaire Jim Sullivan lived the good life. He was a social climber, romanced gorgeous women worldwide, and lived a life of luxury. Though authorities suspected Sullivan was involved in his wife's death, it seemed he was untouchable and that no one would be held accountable for the point-blank shooting of Lita Sullivan. That is, until 11 years later, in 1998, when a young woman came forward with shocking new information that would link Jim Sullivan to the crime.

The Informer Sep 30, 2006

On October 13, 2002, 18-year-old Jim Morel was entrusted with a horrific secret -- one that could send his best friends to prison for life. He shares his story of murder, morality and betrayal with correspondent Susan Spencer on 48 HOURS MYSTERY.

Dark Voyage: Ashley's TaleSep 23, 2006
Deadly Obsession May 30, 2006

Carl "Charlie" Brandt was a mild-mannered man who lived what seemed to be a normal life in Big Pine Key, Fla. He was devoted to his wife of 17 years, Teri, and close to her family. So, when Hurricane Ivan threatened the Florida Keys in September 2004, the Brandts headed to the Orlando home of Teri's niece, Michelle Jones, a successful television executive at the Golf Channel. But, a few days after the Brandt's arrival, police made a horrific discovery at Michelle's home: Teri, stabbed repeatedly, was dead; Michelle was also dead and brutally dismembered; and Charlie had hanged himself in the garage.

Duty, Death, Dishonor May 20, 2006

Twenty-five-year-old Army Specialist Richard Davis survived the war in Iraq, only to vanish the day after he returned to the U.S. The Army listed Davis as absent without leave -- or AWOL -- but his father refused to believe it.

Cheatin' Heart May 13, 2006

Randy Hardison was on the road to country music stardom, writing hit songs for big names such as Lee Ann Womack, Garth Brooks and Darryl Worley. But, as Hardison's star was rising, he was found lying in a pool of blood outside his Nashville apartment on June 1, 2002. Hardison had been assaulted and his skull had been fractured; three days later, he died. Who wanted to hurt or even kill Hardison?

The Last Dance May 6, 2006

A young dancer dreams of fame on Broadway. She becomes front page news when she's murdered. Correspondent is Erin Moriarty.

Deadly Proposal Apr 29, 2006

When Louisiana Tech University professor Stephanie Pepper Sims vanished in early January 2003, what did her husband David and her lover, Wayne Guidry, Jr., know about her disappearance?

The Marilyn TapesApr 22, 2006
A Knock on the DoorApr 15, 2006
Love Lost Apr 8, 2006

Ever since honeymooner George Smith vanished under mysterious circumstances from the cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas, suspicion has been focused on four young men seen with Smith in the hours before he disappeared. Now, the father of one of those men -- Dr. Jerry Askin, father of Josh Askin, a college student from California -- is breaking his silence on the case in an exclusive interview with 48 HOURS MYSTERY. Dr. Askin was an eyewitness as his son and the others were interrogated by Turkish authorities. He shares details of his family's strange and frightening ordeal in an interview on 48 HOURS MYSTERY.

Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise Mar 25, 2006

Gerold Dompig, deputy chief of police in Aruba and the man leading the investigation into the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, says he feels strongly that Holloway was not murdered, but probably died from complications involving alcohol and, possibly, drugs as well. D

Texas Confidential Mar 11, 2006

By all appearances, Bob and Doris Angleton led a charmed life with their beautiful 12-year-old twin daughters in one of Houston's most affluent neighborhoods. Bob was a multi-millionaire and Doris a beloved, doting mother. But on an April evening in 1997, Bob and his daughters came home from a softball game and discovered Doris dead on the kitchen floor: shot 12 times in the head and chest. Police would soon learn that this was a family full of secrets -- illegal gambling, love affairs, incriminating tapes and a violent feud between brothers.

The Highest Stakes aka The Biggest GambleMar 4, 2006
What They Did for Love Feb 25, 2006

In 1994, 25-year-old Toni Dykstra of Los Angeles thought she had met Prince Charming in Carlo Ventre, a successful 46-year-old Italian who treated Toni and her young daughters as though they were his family. But, after Toni gave birth to their child, Santina, the relationship soured. Despite a court custody order, Carlo fled to Italy with Santina in January 1998. Even though Carlo had threatened her life, Toni went to Italy to get her baby. An Italian court ordered the baby returned to the U.S., but the day before she was to return home, Toni ended up dead in Carlo's apartment. Carlo claims he acted in self-defense when Toni attacked him, but did he kill her to keep his daughter?

Dream Killer Feb 18, 2006

Kent Heitholt, the popular sports editor of The Daily Tribune in Columbia, Mo., was found bludgeoned and strangled near his car on Halloween night 2001. Two years later, police received the tip they longed for in the notorious unsolved case: 19-year-old Charles "Chuck" Erickson was overheard admitting that he and his friend committed the crime. A close friend says Erickson told him he had a dream about the crime and his involvement. Did they really do it, or did Erickson just have a bad dream?

Blaming the Babysitter Feb 4, 2006

Ashley Howes loves kids and she was excited about her first real babysitting job. But what happened that led the 13-year-old to be charged with second-degree murder for the death of 19-month-old Freya Garden?

Rage on the Run Jan 28, 2006

Once the golden child of his Ft. Myers, Fla. high school, David Bieber -- with his good looks, athletic abilities and nice car -- developed a love for bodybuilding and, with it, an appetite for steroids. A combination of steroids and a love triangle involving Bieber would lead to murder and ultimately turn Bieber into a wanted man on two continents.

The Phone Call Jan 21, 2006

When Shannon Melendi, an ambitious 19-year-old sophomore at Emory University in Atlanta, disappeared in March 1994, authorities believed she had run away. Police even thought it might be a college prank. Nearly two weeks later, a mysterious phone call changed the course of the investigation.

The Girl Next Door Jan 7, 2006

On the night of May 1, 2003, a teenage girl's body is found in a trash bag left behind a restaurant in peaceful Castro Valley, Calif. The gruesome discovery became one detective's obsession and touched the entire community, which came to call the young girl "Castro Valley's Jane Doe." When no one claimed Jane, the chances of tracking down her killer were very slim. But can modern-day forensic reconstruction help solve this mystery and bring a killer to justice?

The Mystery of Christmas Dec 20, 2005

Correspondent Maureen Maher journeys to the Holy Land to investigate one of the most powerful and controversial stories ever -- the birth of Jesus. 48 HOURS searches for archaeological proof of the Biblical accounts, decodes the messages hidden in the scriptures and examines starkly different versions of Christmas, including some that never made it into the New Testament. The questions about what really happened, Maher explains, are explored with curiosity and respect.

Who Murdered the NewlywedsDec 17, 2005
Love, Lies, Murder? aka The Mystery of Janet MarchDec 10, 2005
Deadly Ride Nov 26, 2005

Jane Mixer had it all. One of a handful of female students at the University of Michigan Law School in 1969, she was also in love. She had just agreed to get married and had arranged a ride home to tell her parents the happy news. But she never made it home. Her body was found in a small, rural cemetery just miles from her dorm. Mixer had been shot twice in the head and strangled. Thirty-six years later, the police believe they have finally solved the case. But do they have the right man?

Nightmare in Napa Nov 19, 2005

It's a real-life Halloween shocker in idyllic Napa, Calif. when two young women are brutally murdered in 2004. Just hours after the last trick-or-treater left their home, former beauty queen Leslie Mazzara and her roommate, Adriane Insogna, were found stabbed to death in their upstairs bedrooms. A third roommate, sleeping downstairs, was not harmed and was the only witness. Who wanted these young women dead? After almost a year of heavy investigating, one clue turns this case inside out and leads to an unlikely suspect who was overlooked by investigators.

Sex, Lies and the Doctor's Wife Nov 12, 2005

When a prominent doctor's wife is murdered, is it a crime of passion or a murder for hire? Correspondent is Erin Moriarty.

Jeffrey McDonald: Time for TruthNov 5, 2005
Scared to Death Oct 29, 2005

Jim and Vickie Barton seemed to be living out their dreams just outside Springboro, Ohio. The couple owned and lived on a horse farm. Jim was a lieutenant with the Springboro police department, with aspirations of becoming police chief, and Vickie was a head nurse at the local hospital. In April 1995, however, Jim came home from work and found Vickie had been shot to death. Vickie was well-liked by everyone, so who wanted her dead? For three years there were virtually no leads in the case and no arrests, but then in 1998 came a stunning confession from an unlikely source.

Secrets & Lies on Grapevine Lake Oct 22, 2005

A successful real estate agent, David Nixon of Grapevine, Texas, lived what friends say was a life on the edge. According to his live-in girlfriend, Tracy Frame, he spent money extravagantly, gambled, hired prostitutes and owed the IRS and others large sums of money. In April 2002, his brutally murdered body was discovered in a storm drain in a nearby town. He had been shot in the heart and his remains burned beyond recognition. So, who wanted Nixon dead?

Defending Your Life Oct 15, 2005

For nearly 17 years, sisters Kim and Beth Jones of Snohomish, Wash., have been trying to prove that their father, Jerry Jones, Jr., is innocent of charges that he stabbed their mother, Lee, to death. 48 HOURS has followed this story since 1999 when Jones was released from prison after an appeals court overturned his murder conviction. But that release was only the beginning of an extraordinary legal drama that would include two more trials. At his third trial, for which Jones will represent himself, will the jury find him guilty, or will they set him free?

Strange Truth Oct 8, 2005

In the early morning hours of March 21, 2003, Ramona "Mona" Krotine left an office party just outside Cleveland, Ohio and was never seen alive again. Nearly 24 hours later, she was found in the trunk of her car, beaten and shot to death. At first, police suspected a botched robbery because Mona was carrying the cash receipts from working at a concession earlier that day. But then, Mona's husband, Jeffrey, started behaving suspiciously, according to police, and the focus of the investigation shifted from a carjacking and robbery to a domestic murder.

BTK: Out of the ShadowsOct 1, 2005
Back from the Dead Sep 24, 2005

It's never happened in 48 HOURS MYSTERY history -- and maybe not ever -- but a serial killer's presumed victim shows up at the killer's trial .

Perfectly ExecutedAug 6, 2005
The Pretender May 31, 2005

A man wanted for murder pretends to be a New York Times reporter.

Two Wigs, a Gun and a Murder May 21, 2005

When Fred Jablin, a beloved Richmond University professor and devoted father, goes out to retrieve the morning newspaper on Oct. 30, 2004 and is gunned down in his driveway, his ex-wife, Piper Rountree, is the prime suspect. But, before investigators in Richmond, Va. can make their case, they must deal with a trail of confusing clues and an unusual relationship between Rountree and her sister, Tina Rountree.

A Mind for Murder May 14, 2005

Professor Thomas Murray of Kansas State University is a very smart man, but is he smart enough to get away with the murder of his ex-wife?

Secrets from the GraveMay 7, 2005
The Man Who Knew Too Much Apr 30, 2005

American journalist Paul Klebnikov was shot nine times on July 9, 2004 in a contract killing as he left Forbes magazine's Moscow headquarters. Klebnikov, as editor-in-chief, wanted to expose the corruption in Russia's new economy, where the rich and powerful often operate beyond the law. As Klebnikov searched for the truth, did the secrets he uncovered cost him his life?

Terror at the Morgue Apr 23, 2005

Dr. O.C. Smith, a popular medical examiner in Memphis, Tenn., was apparently attacked on June 1, 2002, as he was leaving work. He was found wrapped head-to-toe in barbed wire with a bomb strapped to his neck. Dr. Smith survived, but he lives in fear that his assailant is waiting to attack again. Who wants to harm the city's medical examiner?

Prescription for Murder Apr 16, 2005

Chris Pittman shot his grandparents, Joe and Joy Pittman, at close range and then set their house on fire. According to family members, Chris, a well-mannered and shy 12-year-old, who lived with his grandparents, loved them more than anything. So, why would Chris kill them? Is the anti-depressant, Zoloft, which he was prescribed shortly before the murders, really to blame, as his lawyers claim?

Blood Feud Apr 9, 2005

Nancy Seaman, a suburban Detroit elementary school teacher, killed her husband, Bob, with a hatchet in May 2004. Nancy says she killed him in self-defense and that she had been abused for more than 30 years. At Nancy's murder trial, the couple's youngest son testified on behalf of his mother, while the other son says his mother was never abused and that she simply 'snapped.' k.

A Question of Murder Mar 26, 2005

John Maloney, a Green Bay, Wis. police officer, was convicted of murdering his estranged wife, Sandy, in 1999, though he has always maintained his innocence. But after Maloney's conviction, the story took an unexpected turn when the prosecutor in his case, Joe Paulus, pled guilty to accepting bribes to fix more than 20 cases. This question now is, did Maloney get a fair trial, and, if not, should he get a new one?

Prime Suspect: Marty Tankleff RevisitedMar 12, 2005
Secrets of the Well aka Cold Case ClayMar 5, 2005
Rescued from the Shadows Feb 26, 2005

CBS News' 48 HOURS investigates the shadowy underworld of human sex slaves and rescues a young woman. Correspondent Peter Van Sant infiltrates the billion dollar business of human trafficking to reveal how easy it is in the 21st century to purchase a human being -- not for an hour, but forever -- and bring her to the United States. 48 HOURS MYSTERY.

Chamber of Secrets Feb 19, 2005

Frieda Hanimov was a woman in desperate fear of losing custody of her kids because she believed the judge ruling on her case was corrupt. Panicked and pregnant, she told authorities of her suspicions and agreed to go undercover. Wearing a wire, she went alone into a warehouse to try to prove that New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerald Garson was corrupt.

Postmarked for Murder Feb 12, 2005

Texas multimillionaire Herb Vest is searching for who killed his father almost 60 years ago. Twenty-five-year-old Harold "Buddy" Vest was found hanging in his cabinet shop in June 1946 in the small town of Gainesville, Texas, and although the police ruled his death a suicide at the time, Herb always thought there was more to it. Now, he has launched his own investigation - hiring a team of experts to search for the truth. Vest receives a mysterious letter that claims that someone who was on the Gainesville police force was responsible for Buddy's death. Will Vest find his father's supposed killer?

Michael Jackson: Critical Stage Jan 29, 2005

Joe Jackson, father of superstar Michael Jackson, believes racism is a motivational factor in the case against his son. 48 HOURS MYSTERY has obtained the rights to an exclusive interview with Jackson's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, on the eve of their son's trial. Jackson's parents weigh in on the accusations against their son.

Hostage Jan 22, 2005

48 HOURS has obtained never-before-seen videotape shot by the terrorists who took 1,200 people hostage on Sept. 1, 2004 for three days at a school in Beslan, Russia. Roughly half of the hostages are believed to have been children. Correspondent Peter Van Sant speaks to the hostage negotiator, Ruslan Aushev, who is seen in the new video negotiating with the terrorists' leader. The footage also captures the dramatic moment when the terrorists let mothers leave captivity with their babies, some of whom were forced to leave their older children behind.

Where's Our Baby Jan 15, 2005

When Marlene and Steve Aisenberg awoke in their home outside Tampa, Fla., on a November morning in 1997, their five-month-old daughter, Sabrina, was missing from her crib. Immediately, the Aisenbergs reported their child missing and the police began to search for the baby. But soon, the investigation began to focus on themselves as authorities became convinced that the parents knew much more about their baby's disappearance than they were saying.

A Shot in the DarkJan 8, 2005
JonBenet: Prime Suspects Dec 18, 2004

New evidence that investigators hope will lead to a break in the almost eight-year-old unsolved murder case of JonBenet Ramsey is reported by correspondent Erin Moriarty for 48 HOURS MYSTERY.

Why Did Eric Kill Dec 11, 2004

In August 1993, 13-year-old Eric Smith made national headlines as a red-haired, freckle-faced killer. Smith's looks and age were so completely at odds with the horrific crime -- he was convicted of murdering four-year-old Derrick Robie -- that he nearly got away it. Until now, Smith has never explained why he killed Robie. Police investigators and veteran prosecutors found it difficult to comprehend that this child could kill another child in such a brutal way. CBS News' Dan Rather reported on this story 11 years ago and revisits it as Smith becomes eligible for parole and speaks out for the first times about the crime.

Black Dahlia Confidential Nov 27, 2004

48 HOURS MYSTERY has new clues in Los Angeles' most famous unsolved murder, the 57-year-old Black Dahlia case. The brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, a young, beautiful, struggling actress whose body was discovered in a vacant lot in January 1947, has baffled the Los Angeles Police Department for decades.

Eye of the Beholder Nov 20, 2004

It happened in the summer of 2002 during a wild July 4th weekend of partying in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, Calif. When it was over, three teenage boys would be accused of rape and face the prospect of spending life in prison. The critical evidence was a videotape the defendants made themselves. Correspondent Bill Lagattuta has the first network television interviews with the three defendants -- Greg Haidl, Keith Spann and Kyle Nachreiner -- and the alleged victim, "Jane Doe,"

Vanished Nov 13, 2004

Maria Cruz, a successful, 35-year-old New York City financial analyst, disappeared on the afternoon of April 13, 2003. For 10 months, police were unable to find Cruz, but the trail of evidence finally pointed to a man named Dean Faiello, who posed as a doctor and is believed to have treated Cruz for a mouth infection the day she went missing. In February 2004, acting on a tip from Faiello's former lover, Greg Bach, authorities found Cruz's body stuffed in a suitcase and buried in the cement in the garage of Faiello's former home in Newark, N. J. Just one month later -- 11 months after Maria Cruz was reported missing -- Dean Faiello was under arrest for Cruz's murder in Costa Rica.

The Right to Kill Nov 6, 2004

Cherry Hammock of Crawford County, Ga. says she killed her husband, Jay, in self-defense in September 2001, but prosecutors say it was murder.

On the Verge of a Verdict Oct 30, 2004

Amber Frey's father, Ron, tells contributor Maureen Maher, "A part of Scott was great in her mind. For that five-week window, that was the greatest thing that ever happened in [Amber's] life."

American Taboo Oct 23, 2004

Deborah Gardner, a beautiful young American Peace Corps volunteer from Tacoma, Wash., was murdered while on assignment in the South Pacific island nation of Tonga. Dennis Priven, a 24-year-old fellow Peace Corps worker from Brooklyn, N.Y., who friends say was obsessed with Gardner, was charged with her murder by Tongan police. But in a bizarre turn of events, Priven avoided going to prison for Gardner's murder and received a clean record from the Peace Corps. Many today are left wondering if justice was served and if the Peace Corps was trying to protect the murderer.

Who Killed Stephanie Crowe? Oct 16, 2004

Fourteen-year-old Michael Crowe of Escondido, Calif. confessed to murdering his 12-year-old sister, Stephanie, in her bedroom in January 1998. But was he telling the truth or was it another man, a drifter named Richard Tuite, who stabbed Stephanie while she slept? 48 HOURS

Dark Side of the Mesa Oct 9, 2004

Jennifer Blagg and her six-year-old daughter, Amy, suddenly disappear in Nov. 2001 and their close-knit community of Grand Junction, Colo., doesn't know what to think. Michael Blagg, husband and father, comes home from work to find a bloody bed and an empty jewel box, but no Jennifer and Amy. And, although the Blaggs' marriage seems to be perfect, authorities find out otherwise. Many suspicions and allegations surround Blagg, but only a few facts point to his possible involvement in their disappearance and/or murder.

The Ghosts of El Segundo Oct 2, 2004

In July 1957 two young police officers on a routine traffic stop in El Segundo, Calif., a Los Angeles suburb, were gunned down and murdered by a man who the police did not know had just committed robbery and rape at a nearby lover's lane. The gunman fled, triggering one of the largest manhunts in California's history. It would take detectives and modern science close to half a century to bring this case to a startling conclusion.

Written in Blood Sep 25, 2004

Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns, two brilliant best friends who once wrote a screenplay about two boys wrongfully accused of murder, are now caught up in a real-life murder mystery. They are accused of murdering Rafay's family, from the upper middle-class community of Bellevue, Wash., near Seattle. The brutal murders took place in July 1994. Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on this 10-year mystery that led investigators to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and involved secret videotaped operations by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Going to ExtremesAug 6, 2004
Cold Cases Get HotJul 10, 2004
Young, Rich and Powerful IIJun 4, 2004
Legal Challenges in the SpotlightJun 2, 2004
Six Miracles for ChristmasMay 19, 2004
Who Murdered the Rock Star?May 15, 2004
Driven to ExtremesApr 28, 2004
Right or WrongApr 24, 2004
Diana's SecretsApr 21, 2004
Dangerous MindsApr 14, 2004
Prime Suspect: Marty TankleffApr 7, 2004
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Mystery in ParadiseMar 12, 2004
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TrappedFeb 25, 2004
Murder in the HamptonsFeb 11, 2004
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Hong Kong: Crowded City of FearApr 9, 2003
Battling Gulf War SyndromeApr 9, 2003
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Hidden Dangers of Ambush AlleyApr 4, 2003
Waiting on Women Warriors: Jessica LynchMar 30, 2003
How Long a War?Mar 29, 2003
One on One with PowellMar 25, 2003
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The Tale of the TapeMar 7, 2003
The Negotiators aka Desperate CallMar 5, 2003
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Lust, Lies and Videotape aka The Secret TapesFeb 19, 2003
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Murder in MonacoFeb 5, 2003
Elizabeth's Road HomeFeb 5, 2003
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Invitation to a MurderJan 15, 2003
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Scammed!Nov 8, 2002
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Addictions on All SidesOct 18, 2002
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The Alibi: Disturbing the Peace IOct 11, 2002
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Middletown, U.S.A.Aug 23, 2002
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Murder They Wrote: The End of the Dream Pt. 2Jul 27, 2001
Murder They Wrote: The End of the Dream Pt. 1Jul 27, 2001
Murder They Wrote: While Innocents SleptJul 20, 2001
For Better or Worse: Divorce??Jul 5, 2001
Medical MysteriesJun 14, 2001
Day of ReckoningJun 11, 2001
Bitter Pill: A Wife on TrialJun 4, 2001
Prisoners in ParadiseMay 24, 2001
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Sleep TightApr 19, 2001
Campus InsecurityApr 3, 2001
Dead CertainMar 26, 2001
Survival of the Fittest: Eco-ChallengeMar 21, 2001
Slim ChanceMar 14, 2001
Living with the EnemyMar 5, 2001
Tug of LoveFeb 22, 2001
The Boston StranglerFeb 15, 2001
Krystal's Courage: The TrialFeb 8, 2001
Krystal's CourageFeb 1, 2001
CybercrimeJan 25, 2001
David's JourneyJan 4, 2001
Great DamesDec 28, 2000
The Fight to ForgiveDec 21, 2000
The Colonel's WifeDec 7, 2000
EcstasyNov 30, 2000
Rage Nov 16, 2000

Rage:Are people angrier these days, stressed by the fast pace of modern life?48 Hourstakes a close look at rage, from hostile encounters with strangers, to acrimony with loved ones.

Heroes Under FireNov 2, 2000
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Chance of a LifetimeAug 31, 1998
Cheating DeathAug 20, 1998
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EyewitnessJul 9, 1998
Free to KillJun 29, 1998
Princess Diana: Investigating TragedyJun 11, 1998
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RevengeMay 7, 1998
Never Forget IApr 30, 1998
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Dying WishApr 13, 1989
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In the Cocaine WarApr 28, 1988
From Disaster to DiscoveryApr 21, 1988
Faith Under FireApr 14, 1988
In HollywoodApr 7, 1988
More than a gameMar 31, 1988
Miami Fights BackMar 17, 1988
On Runaway StreetMar 10, 1988
In the CampaignFeb 16, 1988
In the Promised LandFeb 9, 1988
AirportFeb 2, 1988
In Las VegasJan 19, 1988
HospitalJan 19, 1988

When will be 48 Hours next episode air date?

48 Hours Season 31 is yet to be announced by CBS.

Is The 48 Hours renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/16/2023 and now is not renewed yet. 48 Hours is to be Premiered on CBS

Where to countdown 48 Hours air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 31 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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