A Black Lady Sketch Show Canceled HBO Series Not Returning for Season 5

Status: Canceled
Latest Episode: 5/19/2023
Created by: Robin Thede
Official site: www.hbo.com
Station: HBO
Genres: Comedy

FollowA Black Lady Sketch Show will feature narrative sketches performed by a core cast of black women.

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Name Air Dates
Check Yo' Slack Every 5 to Stay Alive May 19, 2023

The Coral Reefs vie for office space. A new employee creates work-wife drama. A ballet dancer auditions for a trap rapper.

Peek-A-Boob, Your T***y's Out May 12, 2023

Cousin Curtis mans a hotel front desk. A woman's hot date with herself gets interrupted. Three friends compete for a picture-perfect life.

My Love Language Is Words of Defamation May 5, 2023

A Black Lady Courtroom hears a new case. A queen's knights share gossip from around the kingdom. A waitress riles up her customers.

Pre Ph.D, Based on a Novel by Sapphire Apr 28, 2023

Dr. Haddassah returns with Black Table Talk; Karlie Chanel pitches TV executives; a mother passes down her prized heirlooms.

What Kind of Medicine Does Dr. King Practice? Apr 21, 2023

Kimber and Skip host a baptism dunk-a-thon; coworkers vent about their jobs; Gia is a menace at the movies; Annie interviews for preschool.

I'm Clapping From My Puss Apr 14, 2023

A girls' trip gets off to a bumpy start; three women attempt catch up to the Three Wise Men; Salina tries to defeat her childhood nemesis.

It's a New Day, Africa America! May 13, 2022

Ally hosts a birthday bonfire to remember. Day campers attempt to embrace the outdoors. Octavia teaches a top-secret workout class.

Peaches and Eggplants for Errbody! May 6, 2022

Sharlene welcomes a new family member; competitors face off in the World Texting Championship; Tasha ends a long relationship.

Bounce Them Coochies, Y'all! Apr 29, 2022

Jamila deals with an ashy foot situation; two chefs cook up their best excuses; Valerie attempts to sell a timeshare before it's too late.

Y'all Want Some Blood Juice? Apr 22, 2022

Amanda delivers the Black hair weather forecast; a bachelorette party gets wild; two moms butt heads at a spelling bee.

Anybody Have Something I Can Flog Myself With? Apr 15, 2022

Ms. Miller's class learns about her fiancé; Jocelyn and Dee-Dee welcome a new member to the friend group; Fatimah calls in a security threat.

Save My Edges, I'm a Donor! Apr 8, 2022

A neighborhood gets pumped for the annual Product Purge; Dr. Haddassah takes on Career Day; Keisha bombs at a comedy club.

Way to Ruin the Party, Soya! May 28, 2021

A woman on a date faces tough questions; friends split the check; a couple braves a family reunion.

If I'm Paying These Chili's Prices, You Cannot Taste My Steak! May 21, 2021

A freshman navigates her first cafeteria lunch; a motivational speaker rouses a crowd; a woman tries a promising new hair salon.

My Booty Look Juicy, Don't It? May 14, 2021

Tiffany confronts insomnia; friends stage an intervention.

Sister, May I Call You Oshun? May 7, 2021

A gender reveal party loses its focus; Portia takes issue with her takeout.

So You Just Out Here Chloroforming Anybody? Apr 30, 2021

A group of girlfriends face first-class confusion on their trip to Fiji.

But the Tilapias Are Fine Though, Right? Apr 23, 2021

Dr. Haddassah breaks her silence; Salina visits a psychic.

Born at Night, But Not Last Night Sep 6, 2019

Two friends come to regret their decision to visit a new black-owned restaurant. A mother and daughter go toe-to-toe in the latest episode of "Get the Belt." "Taskmaster," "Turnt" and "Insecurity" help Krystal through a surprise hot-air balloon ride. Carl and Lori's "special guest" has very specific boundaries. A judge, bailiff, court reporter and attorneys celebrate their first ever all-black lady courtroom. Tensions rise between Ashley, Gabrielle, Quinta and Robin as the reality of their situation sinks in.

Why Are Her Pies Wet, Lord? Aug 30, 2019

Four friends on a camping trip unknowingly disprove a stereotype. A pastor tries to take back control of his church potluck. A flight attendant struggles to get compliance from newlyweds Chris and Lachel in the exit row. Elementary school students notice a change in their teacher Ms. Miller. Jackie receives a less-than-warm welcome when she returns to her hometown high school. Robin, Quinta, Ashley and Gabrielle discuss their weird turn-ons and stage an intervention.

Where Are My Background Singers? Aug 23, 2019

A divorce party spirals out of control following Eboni's bad mushroom trip. The tragic tale of star-crossed lovers, Rome & Julissa. A 1930s groupie, Feather Atwood, sets her sights on Negro League baseball player Satchel Paige. A frustrated airline passenger seeks a like-minded customer service representative. Denise tries to prevent yet another breakup and its typical, unusual side effect. "Taskmaster," "Insecurity" and "Turnt" help Krystal navigate a possible cat-calling situation. Quinta, Gabrielle, Robin and Ashley lay down odd rules while playing cards to pass the time.

3rd & Bonaparte Is Always in the Shade Aug 16, 2019

Asia is shocked by a very public, very unexpected marriage proposal from her new boyfriend Dewayne. New recruits talk about their goals and expectations at a gang orientation. A church service devolves when congregants take to the mic with self-centered motivations. Dr. Haddassah Olayinka Ali-Youngman turns a toast at her sister's wedding into a teachable moment. Gabrielle, Ashley, Quinta and Robin bond while discussing their ideal men and some of their worst dates.

Your Boss Knows You Don't Have Eyebrows Aug 9, 2019

A perpetually-late-to-work Shayla decides to forgo her morning makeup routine, to her coworker Toni's dismay. Trinity the Invisible Spy hunts down The Recluse, an elusive villain with a surprising identity. An array of average, awkward contestants perform before a panel of judges at the Basic Ball. Security guard Fatimah helps an office worker investigate who stole her missing mug. Robin, Quinta and Gabrielle uncover a shocking truth about Ashley's nighttime ritual.

Angela Bassett Is the Baddest B***h Aug 2, 2019

Two women seek an escape from an ominous fog. 1960s soul group Claude and The Boppers perform their hit song "Ice Cream Shop." A world-renowned author and "philosophizer" promotes her latest masterclass. Maya's confession in a support group gets a less-than-supportive response. Trinity, the Invisible Spy, meets a formidable adversary. Drea confronts a mysterious woman stealing her dance moves at a club. Fun and games lead to tension, as Robin, Ashley, Quinta and Gabrielle are stuck in a house after an end-of-the-world event.

When will be A Black Lady Sketch Show next episode air date?

A Black Lady Sketch Show Canceled and Series Not Returning for Season 5.

Is The A Black Lady Sketch Show renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 5/19/2023 and now is Canceled. Previous episodes of A Black Lady Sketch Show can be found on HBO

Where to countdown A Black Lady Sketch Show air dates?

You could see all of 4 Seasons AIR DATES at this page.

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