ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks Season 6: to Be Released in Early 2024 on Nickelodeon

Status: Early 2024
Latest Episode: 3/4/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Created by: Janice Karman
Official site:
Station: Nickelodeon
Genres: Children, Music

ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks is a joint French-American production, a CGI-animated TV series airing on Nickelodeon since 2015.

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Name Air Dates
The Tour Mar 4, 2023

The Chipmunks can't wait to kick off their world tour, until Theodore and Alvin realize what they'll be leaving behind.

UndergroundMar 4, 2023
Theo VS. SimonMar 4, 2023
ScarecrownerJun 30, 2022
The LifeguardJun 29, 2022
DreambomberJun 28, 2022
A Knight's TailJun 27, 2022
Chess MateJun 23, 2022
Bubble WrapJun 22, 2022
Love SongJun 21, 2022
Mr. LouJun 20, 2022
My Life As a DogJun 16, 2022
Alvin Gets SchooledJun 15, 2022
Special IngredientJun 14, 2022
Little Drummer BoyJun 13, 2022
Mr. Fix-ItJun 9, 2022
Car WarsJun 9, 2022
PuzzledJun 8, 2022
Summer SchoolJun 8, 2022
All Washed UpJun 7, 2022
Skater GirlJun 7, 2022
Trophy DadJun 6, 2022
Excavation VacationJun 6, 2022
Warren SevilleApr 15, 2022
The Party AnimalsApr 15, 2022
Castle CatastropheApr 8, 2022
Fire SafetyApr 8, 2022
Jinxed!Apr 1, 2022
Writers BlockApr 1, 2022
SquashedMar 25, 2022
Return of ThornbergauphtMar 25, 2022
Bathroom BullyMar 18, 2022
The House on Cedar LaneMar 18, 2022
Time Traveller's PartyMar 11, 2022
Gone GalMar 11, 2022
My Fair ChipetteDec 23, 2021
The Road WarriorDec 23, 2021
Davey BoyDec 22, 2021
Dr. SleepDec 22, 2021
Zeela The GreatDec 21, 2021
The Curse of MacBethDec 21, 2021
The Flying BeastDec 20, 2021
TakenDec 20, 2021
Yeti Or Not Feb 25, 2021

On a ski trip, Alvin convinces Theodore there's a Yeti nearby, making life miserable for the rest of the family.

U-Fly Feb 25, 2021

Alvin's too short to ride an exhilarating new amusement park ride, so he devises a plan to sneak on afterhours.

Dave's Pavilion Feb 24, 2021

When the Chipmunks accidently ruin Dave's new pavilion, they allow Miss Miller to take the fall.

Unboxing Day Feb 24, 2021

Alvin's attempts to earn money as an Internet influencer almost puts a local toy store out of business.

The Great Snack Off Feb 23, 2021

Alvin and Theodore play a seemingly innocent game, which leads to unexpected consequences.

Deserted Feb 23, 2021

After getting detention again, Alvin's convinced Dave will drive him to the desert and abandon him there.

Unbored Feb 22, 2021

When Dave takes away Alvin's phone, the boredom Alvin experiences is enough to drive him crazy.

Geizmo's Day Out Feb 22, 2021

When Alvin kidnaps Simon's robot Geizmo, he gets a lesson parenting a child going through their terrible twos.

A Very Merry Chipmas Dec 12, 2020

Theodore is mistaken for an elf and whisked off to the north pole to help build toys in Santa's workshop.

Simon Saves the World Nov 21, 2020

Simon's new invention threatens to destroy the world, creating a time loop and changing gravity inside the house

Of Mice and Munks Nov 21, 2020

The Chipettes fall in love with a cute little mouse that's doomed to be fed to a snake as part of a science class.

Instant Gram Nov 14, 2020

Dave gets an "Instant Gram" account and after several embarrassing posts, Alvin does all he can to stop him.

Sick as a Chipmunk Nov 14, 2020

After caring for a sick Brittany, Eleanor and Jeanette wonder if Brittany would care for them if they were sick.

Life of the Party Nov 7, 2020

The Chipmunks along with Kevin and Cheesy decide to crash BoCarter's birthday yacht party after not being invited.

You Troll Nov 7, 2020

The Chipmunks try to keep Dave from getting on the internet after a performance he posts gets negative comments.

The Littlest Robot Sep 24, 2020

Simon invents a robot with emotions and an ability to learn which backfires when he's exposed to the internet.

Last Day of Summer Sep 23, 2020

Alvin wastes his entire Summer playing a video game, then tries to do all the fun things he'd planned in one day.

Double Dangus Sep 22, 2020

The Chipmunks discover Officer Dangus has a twin brother that's a bully and encourage Dangus to stand up to him.

The Chosen Chipmunk Sep 22, 2020

Alvin sneaks into Simon's new virtual reality game and is transported to a world in desperate need of a hero.

Dad Jokes Sep 21, 2020

Alvin is alarmed that Dave will be hosting an auction where he'll have to tell jokes because he's not that funny.

Chimpmania Sep 21, 2020

Jeanette and the Chipmunks try to rescue a chimpanzee Bocarter keeps in a cage.

Gossip Guy Mar 1, 2020

The school newspaper has a sudden increase in sales when a gossip column appears poking fun at other students.

Mega Bounce Battle Mar 1, 2020

The boy's disobey Dave's order to not play a dangerous game then have to hide their injuries when they get hurt.

Dr. Zap vs Electroboy Feb 23, 2020

Theodore is hit by lightning and believes he's like his comic book hero, until he's told he's actually a villain.

Animal House Party Feb 16, 2020

A wild party is planned by Derek when the brothers are set to be home alone for the weekend.

Lice-enced to Teach Feb 2, 2020

After a lice outbreak closes the school, Dave sets up a classroom in the house and acts as the boy's teacher.

Allergic Reaction Jan 26, 2020

Theodore develops an allergy to an unknown ingredient.

World Day Jan 19, 2020

To celebrate "World Day" and win a trip, the Chipmunks each get a country to represent for a school presentation.

Between a Rope and a Hard Place Jan 12, 2020

Coach Dobkins kicks Cheesy and Theodore off the track team for being slow, but Theodore is determined to compete.

Bloodline Jan 5, 2020

When the boys send Dave's DNA sample to a testing lab the results show he's related to Jack The Ripper.

Royal PainDec 8, 2019
Best In ShoeDec 8, 2019
The CrushDec 1, 2019
Artsy SmartsyDec 1, 2019
Crystal Ball BirthdayNov 24, 2019
The Exchange StudentNov 24, 2019
Sick DayNov 17, 2019
Granny AwardsNov 17, 2019
No Putts, No GloryNov 10, 2019
Big Bro TheodoreNov 10, 2019
Shack MagicOct 25, 2019
Munk vs MachineOct 25, 2019
Time Capsule Oct 24, 2019

When the school digs up an old high school time capsule, Miss Smith and Dave work together to keep an old secret.

Alvin Management Oct 24, 2019

When Alvin accuses Dave of yelling at him too much, A therapist moves in to help Dave control his anger.

Game Show Oct 23, 2019

Alvin signs the Chipmunks up for a game show that forces losing contestants to perform dangerous stunts.

Tour Bus Oct 23, 2019

When Alvin talks Dave into buying a used tour bus, Dave has no idea of the problems ahead.

World Record Oct 22, 2019

The Chipmunks and Chipettes compete to set a world record in hopes of winning a new virtual reality game.

Pirates Life Oct 22, 2019

When pirates show up at the house, the boys do all they can to protect a treasure chest that arrived for Dave.

Sing Like a Canary Oct 21, 2019

A cute singing bird replaces Alvin in the band after Alvin makes too many demands as a performer.

Simon Says Oct 21, 2019

When Alvin accuses Simon of being too safe, Simon agrees to do whatever crazy thing Alvin wants him to do.

The Crow That Ate My HomeworkAug 17, 2019
MysterionsAug 17, 2019
Alvin's AssistantAug 10, 2019
Adventures in BabysittingAug 10, 2019
Clumsy JeanetteJul 27, 2019
Theodore's CallingJul 27, 2019
The ToyJun 20, 2019
Father Daughter DanceJun 19, 2019
The C TeamJun 18, 2019
Guitar HeroJun 17, 2019
The Great Chipmunk DetectiveJun 13, 2019
Super Hot ChocolateJun 12, 2019
Lost In Space...campJun 11, 2019
Career DayJun 10, 2019
The Devil Wears RodentiaJun 10, 2019
Britt's PickApr 20, 2019
Across the UniverseApr 20, 2019
The PaperboyApr 13, 2019
SwitcherooApr 13, 2019
Glory DaysApr 6, 2019
Pizza DashApr 6, 2019
It Came from Outer SpaceMar 30, 2019
School AloneMar 30, 2019
The Haunted GetawayMar 16, 2019
Pack AnimalMar 16, 2019
Tables TurnedMar 9, 2019
Girls Night OutMar 9, 2019
Snail-a-paloozaMar 2, 2019
Talking Teddy's RevengeMar 2, 2019
Queen BeeFeb 24, 2019
A Rose by Any Other NameFeb 24, 2019
The BodyguardFeb 17, 2019
Theo's Big Night OutFeb 17, 2019
GermsFeb 10, 2019
Dave RebootedFeb 10, 2019
Tee Fore TwoApr 13, 2018
Temporary MomApr 6, 2018
Opposites AttractMar 30, 2018
Independence DayMar 16, 2018
Sherlock ChipmunkMar 9, 2018
The FugitivesMar 9, 2018
House PestNov 30, 2017
Curiosity Killed the AlvinNov 29, 2017
Lucky Day Nov 28, 2017

Alvin's luck goes from bad to worse after Theodore finds a four-leaf clover.

SimskyNov 27, 2017
Theo Knows BestNov 3, 2017
The GiftNov 2, 2017
The Wall Nov 1, 2017

When the girls at school cast votes for the cutest chipmunk on the bathroom wall, Alvin worries about the results.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou Oct 30, 2017

When Simon goes missing and nobody seems to remember who he is, Alvin worries that he is losing his mind.

Ballet Boys Aug 17, 2017

When Alvin's soccer team struggles, the coach makes the team learn ballet to help with their conditioning.

Baby Mama DramaAug 16, 2017
Something's Fishy Aug 15, 2017

When Alvin and Simon think Theodore's pet goldfish has died, they go all out to replace it before he notices.

Spoiler-itis Aug 14, 2017

When Alvin is accused of revealing spoilers for everyone's favorite TV show, he agrees not to speak for 24 hours.

Addicted Jun 24, 2017

The Chipettes challenge the Chipmunks to go three hours without their favorite things.

Cat Sitter Jun 24, 2017

Theodore is stuck taking care of Miss Croner's cats during a week that Dave wants the boys to focus only on school.

Report Cards Jun 17, 2017

Alvin worries about his bad report card and does everything he can to intercept the mail before Dave sees it.

Back to Basics Jun 17, 2017

Everyone thinks Simon has lost his mind after he fails a school test and moves into a tree for some alone time.

Playing Favorites Jun 10, 2017

When Alvin suspects Simon is Dave's favorite, he and Theo challenge Simon to a go-cart race to win Dave's favor.

Karate Kidder Jun 10, 2017

Dave, Simon and Theodore are worried for Alvin's safety after Alvin enters a karate contest.

Prank Calls Jun 3, 2017

Alvin's prank call gets out of hand when the person on the line vows to track him down.

Time Flies Jun 3, 2017

Alvin and Brittany are convinced Simon has vanished back in time and go all out in an attempt to bring him back

The Chipmunk and the Catfish May 4, 2017

Feeling bad for Chessy on Valentine's Day, Theodore makes an online alias, pretending to be a girl.

Wacky Wednesday May 3, 2017

When one of Simon's inventions malfunctions, Jeanette and Alvin switch places and now each must live as the other.

Attack of the Zombies May 2, 2017

Worried about a zombie attack, Alvin and Theodore try to protect their loved ones.

He Said She Said May 1, 2017

Alvin and Brittany deliver vastly different versions of why the fire alarm went off at the school.

Summer Camp Mar 25, 2017

The Chipmunks and Chipettes are sent to a summer camp that is actually split into two separate areas that are run by brothers Auggy and Austin.

Treasure Hunt Mar 18, 2017

When Alvin finds a treasure map in Miss Croner's basement, the chipmunks set off in search of lost treasure.

Jeanette's Secret Garden Mar 18, 2017

Jeanette decides to plant a garden on the school grounds, but Bocarter manages to install vending machines instead.

Wish Upon a Star Mar 11, 2017

After Theodore makes a wish, the Chipmunks try to learn what it was, so they can make it come true.

Overlooked Mar 11, 2017

Alvin borrows Simon's invisibility suit, but gets trapped when the zipper gets stuck.

Brothers of Dagarack Mar 4, 2017

Simon falls ill and asks Alvin and Theodore not to go see a new movie without him, but Alvin is unable to resist.

Viral Mar 4, 2017

After Brittany and the girls release a video that goes viral, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore try to top it.

Blabber Mouth Feb 25, 2017

Alvin never accepts the responsibility of his short comings and misdeeds, instead always blaming them on either of his brothers, which angers them and Dave.

Snake Charmer Feb 25, 2017

Simon is assigned with caring for a snake named Rosie at home for a week, but Dave's phobia of snakes presents a dilemma, so Simon creates a robotic clone of Rosie in an attempt to help Dave conquer his fear.

Knights Nov 4, 2016

After learning about King Arthur, Theodore starts a round table, but he secretly does not want Alvin to join.

Parent Trap Nov 3, 2016

When Bocarter's father helps him with his class project, Alvin enlists Dave's help to balance the playing field.

The Temp Nov 2, 2016

When Brittany hurts her foot, Jeanette takes her place as the principal's assistant.

Save the Dance Nov 1, 2016

The principal threatens to cancel the school dance if Alvin and Derek are caught fighting again.

We're the Chipmunks Oct 14, 2016

The Chipmunks must compete in a battle of the bands when a new boy band emerges and attempts to steal the spotlight

Keeping Up with the Humphries Oct 13, 2016

The boys feel pressure to keep up with their nemesis when Bocarter boasts about having the most powerful computer.

It's My Party Oct 12, 2016

When the children at school tease Kevin about his lame parties, Alvin decides to host a cool paintball party at his house for Kevin.

Held Back Oct 11, 2016

When Alvin learns that he might be held back a year, he plots to make Simon and Theodore fail as well so they can all stay together.

Super Girls Aug 25, 2016

Alvin claims only boys can be super heroes, so Brittany makes a bet with him that Jeanette can create super hero suits and gadgets for them, and the loser has to trot around the classroom while slapping their rear end and chanting, "I'm a little donkey."

Monster Madness Aug 24, 2016

While watching a horror movie, The Chipmunks' scared reactions were recorded and uploaded to the internet, going viral, much to their humiliation.

Missing Miss Smith Aug 23, 2016

Miss Smith finally reaches her breaking point and has a nervous breakdown after having to deal with Alvin's disrupting behavior in class, prompting her to quit teaching altogether.

Special Delivery Aug 22, 2016

When retrieving their frisbee that was accidentally tossed into Ms. Croner's house, Theodore accidentally gets himself taped inside an outgoing package, which Alvin and Simon pursue after it was picked up by the postal service before Theodore ends up getting shipped out in the mail.

The Music Box Aug 18, 2016

Principal Meadows's beloved cat goes missing, and she is very upset about it.

The Orb Aug 17, 2016

Theodore becomes exhausted with the other kids in school constantly asking him for favors, which he can't say no to.

Un-send! Aug 16, 2016

Simon writes a message to his teacher but regrets it when it accidentally gets sent by Alvin.

Secret Admirer Aug 15, 2016

The Chipmunks and Chipettes are mistakenly led to believe one of the nerds, Kevin, has a crush on one of the Chipettes

Suck Toad Aug 11, 2016

A parasitic toad accidentally settles on Brittany's face and Alvin and her are charged by Miss Smith to keep it alive until the specialist arrives to take it off.

Liar Liar Aug 10, 2016

Lies spread by Dave and Alvin become a big problem for the both of them.

Double Trouble Aug 9, 2016

After using Simon's invention, Alvin accidently clones himself and his clone ends up causing trouble for him.

Switch Witch Aug 8, 2016

The Chipmunks And Chipettes look for their Halloween Candy.

iHear Aug 4, 2016

Alvin listens to everyone's conversations which become too overwhelming

For Whom the Bell Tolls Aug 3, 2016

Simon is inadvertently hypnotized, so his IQ drops whenever he hears a bell. The next day, he participates in a knowledge contest, but the bell sound emitted by the buzzers turn him into an idiot every other round.

Alvin's Wild Weekend Aug 2, 2016

Dave agreed that if Alvin can do his chores for a month, he will spend a weekend with him doing whatever Alvin wants.

Ride Along Aug 1, 2016

There's a big bicycle competition and everybody with a bicycle is entering and also getting robbed.

Munk Man Jun 10, 2016

Alvin and Simon argue over who is the real hero when Simon creates a super hero costume for a convention.

Let's Make a Deal Jun 9, 2016

Chaos ensues when Alvin promises too many favors in order to make a special present for Dave.

Baby Whisperer Jun 8, 2016

Alvin dresses Theodore up like a baby in order to impress the girl of his dreams.

Agent Smith Jun 7, 2016

Simon tries to earn a job on the school newspaper by proving that his teacher may be a secret agent

Brittany the Body Snatcher Jun 6, 2016

When Brittany begins acting nice towards Alvin, he becomes convinced that aliens have taken over her body

Wax Dave May 13, 2016

Dave begins to exhibit strange behavior, worried, the chipmunks follow him to learn the reason for the change.

Lights Camera Uh-oh May 12, 2016

When the chipmunks set out to help Jeanette make a student film, they have different ideas about the project.

The Sub May 11, 2016

When Alvin signs up to teach an after school music class, he is treated differently by his classmates.

Simon the Superb May 10, 2016

When Alvin makes fun of Simon's magic act, Simon challenges him to a magic duel.

The New Kid May 9, 2016

Alvin befriends a new student, but Theodore learns something surprising about him

Wax Dave Mar 11, 2016

Alvin teaches some kids how to get rid of their fear of bullies.

Dragon Dad Mar 10, 2016

The Chipmunks and Chipettes find a dragon egg.

Dog Days Mar 9, 2016

When Theodore finds a dog, he keeps it. But then realizes he must keep it from being seen by Dave.

Mancave Mar 8, 2016

Alvin is convinced that Julie and her son are trying to move in to their home, so he tries to stop the invasion.

Art for Art's Sake Mar 7, 2016

Brittany takes up painting to impress her fashion idol, but her idol only likes her art after Alvin ruins it.

Alvin's Got a Brand New Bag Feb 15, 2016

Alvin accidentally ruins Brittany's favorite bag and must come up with a way to replace it.

I Will Survive Feb 15, 2016

When Alvin gets hurt, Simon agrees to face off against Derek on a survival reality show.

Warbie Nov 20, 2015

When the chipmunks find a baby bird that has fallen from its nest, Alvin is reluctant to get too attached.

Alvin's Secret Powers Nov 19, 2015

In order to get Theodore to do his bidding, Alvin tells him that he has secret powers and can turn trash into candy.

Who Ghosts There Nov 18, 2015

The boys are worried that Dave is going to move the family, so they decide to make the house seem haunted in order to thwart a sale.

Let Them Eat Crumbs Nov 17, 2015

Eleanor prepares her signature cake for the big Bake-Off competition and leaves it out to cool.

Reality or Not Nov 16, 2015

Alvin grows tired of seeing his celebrity status overshadowed by reality TV stars, so he decides to become one himself.

Mutiny Nov 13, 2015

Desperate to avenge last year's humiliating loss, the chipmunks argue over who is best suited to lead them to victory.

Doggone It Nov 12, 2015

When all the children's phones go missing at school, Alvin is blamed for the theft and sets out to clear his name.

Theozilla Nov 10, 2015

When Alvin is paired with Simon to work on a science project, he accidentally creates a potion that turns Theodore into a giant.

House Guest Nov 9, 2015

Alvin decides to rent out the family's house for a Hawaiian home swap.

Kiss Conspiracy Nov 6, 2015

Simon is too embarrassed to kiss his co-star in the school play.

Super Heroes Nov 5, 2015

Theodore thinks that he is a real superhero.

She's Got Style Nov 4, 2015

Brittany's style icon proclaims Jeanette is a fashion trendsetter.

Tattle Tail Nov 3, 2015

Alvin agrees to look after his crush's talking bird.

Going Green Nov 2, 2015

Jeanette signs the Chipmunks and the Chipettes up for a green living competition.

Carts and Crafts Sep 11, 2015

When Alvin inadvertently destroys Theodore's bicycle, he enters the boys in a roundup of shopping carts where the first prize is a new bike.

A Room of One's Own Sep 10, 2015

After squabbling with his brothers, Alvin convinces Dave to give him his own room, but soon realizes living alone isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Bromance Sep 9, 2015

Simon's new friend decides to ditch him to spend time with Alvin.

Back to School Sep 8, 2015

Dave finds himself in school with Alvin after he discovers that he never graduated from high school.

Saving Simon Sep 4, 2015

Believing Simon is going away to a boarding school, Alvin and Theodore do all they can to thwart his departure and keep him at home.

Tree House Sep 3, 2015

While cleaning out their treehouse, the girls remember how they saved the tree from being cut down, and made it their home.

Mister Manners Sep 2, 2015

Alvin must pass a manners course before he gets his dream meeting with the beautiful Princess of England! Problem is, he has to convince Brittany he's worthy.

Safety Third Sep 1, 2015

When Dave refuses to let Alvin get a dangerous toy sports car, Alvin secretly convinces Simon to build him an exact replica of the car. Will Alvin be able to keep this secret from Dave? Or will it turn out that the toy car is TOO FAST – TOO FURIOUS?!

Driving Dave Crazy Aug 31, 2015

While Dave is working on an important new song for the music festival, the Chipmunks are upstairs making a mess of their bedroom. Dave orders them to clean their room. But in the process, they accidentally ruin Dave's new song. Can they fix it in time for the big performance?

Slippin' Thru My Fingers Aug 21, 2015

Dave can't help but notice that his three little Chipmunks are growing up and becoming independent. Anxious to spend more time with them, he only ends up suffocating them. In order to get Dave off their backs, the Chipmunks decide to find him a new girlfriend.

Who's the Animal Aug 20, 2015

During a costume visit to the zoo, Alvin finds himself mistaken for a real Tasmanian devil. Soon, Alvin is stuck in the Tasmanian devil's cage and the real animal, goes home to the Sevilles'. The mix-up creates problems all around, especially when Simon reads that the Tasmanian devil is scheduled for surgery. Can Dave and the boys get to Alvin before the operation?!

Mojo Missing Aug 19, 2015

In a rare moment of generosity, Alvin gives his beloved cap to a fan. But soon he's convinced his mojo was in his cap, and must find a way to get his hat back before the Chipmunks' big concert.

Candy Confessions Aug 18, 2015

A grounded Alvin begs Theodore to buy him a limited edition skateboard.

Mystic Mountain Aug 17, 2015

Dave worries that the Chipmunks have become too obsessed with their latest video game.

Who's Your Daddy Aug 14, 2015

When Dave comes down with a bad cold, Alvin quickly offers to take over Dad duty. But he quickly learns that parenting is a lot harder than he ever imagined.

Good Luck Mr. Whiskers Aug 14, 2015

Theodore is convinced that Miss Croner's missing cat is the cause of a terrible curse. And the only way to break the curse is to find Mister Whiskers.

Turf War Aug 13, 2015

Needing to find a part time job in order to buy the latest video game, Alvin decides to "borrow" Brittany's baby-sitting job. But Basil, a sensitive little six year old boy, is not too thrilled at having Alvin look after him. So he decides to put Alvin through the wringer!

My Sister the Weirdo Aug 13, 2015

Jeanette wants to give a toast to Brittany at her upcoming party. But Jeanette is so shy, she seeks advice from the most confident person she knows...ALVIN. But his advice embarrasses Brittany to the point where she decides not to invite Jeanette to her party.

Bully for You Aug 12, 2015

When an accident forces Simon to wear his embarrassing old glasses, he becomes the target of the school bully. Unwilling to remain a victim, Simon builds a homemade robot bodyguard that helps Simon stand up to the bullies.

Clowning Around Aug 12, 2015

Theodore is desperate to land the part of the monster in the school play, so Alvin decides to show Theodore how to really scare people. But Alvin scares him so badly, that poor Theodore freezes like a statue. Can Alvin and Simon unfreeze Theodore before the big audition?

Kickin' It Old School Aug 11, 2015

Fed up with seeing how dependent The Chipmunks have become on their technology, Dave decides to take them camping for a weekend, without electricity, cell service or the Internet. But what seems like a good idea turns into a nightmare for Dave and our boys.

To Serve and Protect Aug 11, 2015

Simon is ecstatic when he's elected as the school's safety monitor. But when Alvin goofs off at school, Simon faces a moral dilemma, and has to choose between doing the right thing or giving Alvin detention and ruining the family vacation.

Simon for President Aug 10, 2015

Tired of Bocarter Humphrey, the class president, favoring his personal pals, Simon and Alvin decide to rebel and launch their own campaigns for class president. Will brotherhood survive the competition?

Albrittina Aug 10, 2015

When Alvin catches Simon taking a personality test to discover his soul-mate, he decides to do the same and prove just how silly the test really is. But when the test reveals that his own soul-mate is Brittany, Alvin decides to do something dramatic!

Don Juan Theodoro Aug 7, 2015

Alvin, Simon and the Chipettes give Theodore conflicting dating tips when they believe he has a crush on a girl. Will our little Romeo be able to make sense of all this?

The App Aug 7, 2015

When Dave gets a parenting app to help supervise The Chipmunks, Alvin tries everything to escape its control.

Family Spirit Aug 6, 2015

Both Alvin and Dave want to go see a soccer game the next Saturday, but that same day is their "Family Day", which commemorates the meeting of Dave with the Chipmunks, so they both pretend that they would rather go to their Family Day trip instead.

What a Gem Aug 6, 2015

When Alvin sees a sparkling diamond buried in his neighbor's rose garden, he's sure she's responsible for the recent diamond heist. So, with the help of Theodore and a VERY reluctant Simon, Alvin sets about proving it.

Lil' T Aug 5, 2015

As he does not manage to convince Alvin to listen to his new rap song, Theodore uploads it on the Web and it goes viral. Soon, he is signed for a solo career under the name Lil' T.

Sister Act Aug 5, 2015

Eleanor has a fallout with Brittany and moves in with the boys.

Jeanette Enchanted Aug 4, 2015

The Chipmunks surprise Jeanette for her birthday, but she doesn't want to celebrate because the world is less than magical.

A is for Alien Aug 4, 2015

When Theodore disappears from his bed, Alvin is POSITIVE that Theodore has been kidnapped by aliens! With the help of Simon and his home-made high-tech gear, they are ready to fight the aliens and save their brother.

Principal Interest Aug 3, 2015

Alvin is not thrilled about going back to school until he sees the new Principal and takes interest in her.

Talking Teddy Aug 3, 2015

Theodore's new talking-teddy bear is driving Alvin and Simon nuts. So, they decide to rewire the bear's hard drive so the bear will follow their directions!

The Best of Simon Dec 27, 2015

Simon and Alvin launch campaigns for class president; Simon is elected as the school's safety monitor; Simon builds a robot bodyguard that helps him stand up to bullies; Alvin and Theodore think that Simon is going away to boarding school.

The Chipettes' Greatest Hits Dec 27, 2015

Brittany's style icon proclaims Jeanette is a fashion trendsetter; Alvin must pass a manners course; the Chipmunks and Chipettes join forces to plan for Jeanette's birthday; Jeanette wants to give a toast to Brittany.

The Best of Theodore Dec 27, 2015

Theodore posts a video of himself rapping on the Internet; Simon and the Chipettes give Theodore conflicting dating advice; a grounded Alvin begs Theodore to buy him a limited edition skateboard; Theodore thinks that he is a real superhero.

When will be ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks next episode air date?

ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks Season 7 is yet to be announced Early 2024 and to Premiere on Nickelodeon.

Is The ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 6. Next Episode ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks Season 7 is renewed

Where to countdown ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 7 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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