Anh’s Brush with Fame Season 7 is to Premiere on ABC (AU)

Latest Episode: 7/6/2021
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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The ABC AU network has confirmed that an exciting celebrities’ lineup will appear in new episodes but remained coy about mentioning any names

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Peter Garrett Jul 6, 2021

Peter Garrett is one of the nation's most intriguing rock stars. He's lived life on many stages, as front man of Midnight Oil, activist, and a politician. Anh creates a portrait as striking as the man himself. (Season Final)

Dr Harry Cooper Jun 29, 2021

Dr Harry Cooper is Australia's original TV vet and one of our most trusted faces. He built a successful vet practice and then stumbled onto our screens where he's remained ever since. Anh captures his wisdom and passion.

Gai Waterhouse Jun 22, 2021

Gai Waterhouse is the leading lady of Australian horse-racing. She took over the family stable in 1992, became one of the top trainers of all time, and even worked for the Queen. How will Anh capture her verve and charisma?

Marcia Hines Jun 15, 2021

Marcia Hines is an Australian music icon. She arrived in Australia, from Boston, as a 16-year-old to perform in the musical Hair and then made Australia her home. How will Anh capture her independence and bravery?

Michael Kirby Jun 8, 2021

The Hon. Michael Kirby's dedication to learning propelled him to the High Court of Australia, but during an era where he felt compelled to conceal a part of himself. Can Anh capture his intellect and compassion?

Missy Higgins Jun 1, 2021

Much loved singer-songwriter Missy Higgins opens up to Anh about her meteoric rise from schoolgirl to chart topper, and the emotional stories behind her music. How will Anh capture her warmth and humility?

Li Cunxin May 25, 2021

'Mao's Last Dancer' Li Cunxin shares his incredible journey from extreme poverty in communist China to principal dancer on the world ballet stage. Can Anh capture his poise and humility?

Manu Feildel May 18, 2021

French chef Manu Feildel's passion for entertaining has made him a regular on our TV screens over the last decade. Anh captures the desire, determination and flair of a man who has worked hard for every opportunity.

Tara Moss May 4, 2021

Best-selling author Tara Moss moved to Australia when she was 23 and wrote her first book. She draws on some tough experiences from her days as a model, sharing her optimism and vulnerability with Anh.

Guy Sebastian Apr 27, 2021

Guy Sebastian is one of the biggest names in Australian music. He stepped into the spotlight in 2003 as the winner of Australian Idol and 18 years on has proven he's the real deal. Anh captures his humour and integrity.

Kamahl Apr 20, 2021

As a young migrant plagued by self-doubt, Kamahl put his sense of inferiority aside to make his name in showbusiness, going on to sell millions of records around the world. How will Anh interpret his charm and gentle wisdom?

Jane Seymour Apr 13, 2021

Jane Seymour is a star of the big and small screen. The former Bond Girl shares insights from her incredible life and career that saw her become a global star. Anh must capture her positivity and infectious energy.

Kate Ritchie Apr 6, 2021

Kate Ritchie grew up in front of the nation. She was cast as Sally on Home and Away and played the role for 2 decades, with her own experiences reflected in her character. Anh must capture her warmth and authenticity.

Jamie Durie Mar 30, 2021

Jamie Durie is one of our most dynamic TV personalities. He's led an interesting life that has had its challenges. Can Anh capture his charisma and passion?

Michelle Payne Oct 13, 2020

Michelle Payne is a big name in Australian horse racing. She overcame family tragedy and life-threatening injuries to achieve her dream of becoming the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup. How will Anh portray her?

Deborra-Lee Furness Sep 29, 2020

Deborra-Lee Furness shares her trailblazing journey to Hollywood, her whirlwind romance with Hugh Jackman and the drive behind her quest for adoption reform. How will Anh portray her enthusiasm and drive?

Todd Sampson Sep 22, 2020

Adman and adventurer Todd Sampson shares the pivotal moments that have shaped his life, taking him from small town Canada to advertising success and beyond. Can Anh capture his fearless determination and thirst for life?

Father Bob Sep 15, 2020

Retired larrikin priest, Father Bob Maguire, emerged from his own troubled childhood to dedicate his life to helping society's most vulnerable. How will Anh capture his sense of humour and compassion?

Layne Beachley Sep 8, 2020

World Champion Surfer Layne Beachley has overcome many emotional and physical battles in her unrelenting quest for success, love and contentment. How will Anh portray such a complex and driven figure?

Jack Thompson Sep 1, 2020

Jack Thompson is an icon of Australian film and TV. After a difficult start to life, Jack found his voice in Breaker Morant, The Man From Snowy River and many more iconic films. Can Anh capture his charisma and warmth?

Sophie Delezio Aug 25, 2020

As a child, Sophie Delezio survived two horrific accidents. Now an independent and optimistic eighteen-year-old, she refuses to let disability hold her back. Anh hopes to capture her stoicism and joy on the canvas.

Anna Meares Aug 18, 2020

Anh is joined by champion cyclist Anna Meares. From her upbringing as a coal miner's daughter to winning Olympic gold, she opens up about her near-death injury, personal loss, family sacrifice and record-breaking triumph.

Dr Richard Harris Aug 11, 2020

Dr Richard Harris is a medical hero. When a soccer team became trapped in a Thai cave in 2018, the South Australian anaesthetist played a pivotal role in getting them out. How will Anh portray his courageous spirit?

Lisa Wilkinson Aug 4, 2020

Lisa Wilkinson is a powerhouse of the Australian media. From her first break as editor of Dolly to life in the spotlight on commercial TV, how will Anh capture her warmth, humility and fighting spirit?

David Wenham Jul 24, 2019

Actor David Wenham joins Anh with stories from his happy childhood, where his flair for performance flourished with the support and love from his deeply compassionate parents and siblings. (Final)

Kylie Kwong Jul 17, 2019

Anh paints celebrity chef Kylie Kwong, who was born to cook. She shares stories from her childhood in suburban Sydney and deeply spiritual return to her ancestral village in China.

Archie Roach Jul 10, 2019

Anh invites ground-breaking singer/songwriter Archie Roach to the studio to tell his story as a member of the Stolen Generation. He shares how music and soulmate Ruby saved him from a life of anger on the streets.

Gordian Fulde Jul 3, 2019

Anh is joined by one of the founding fathers of emergency medicine: Dr Gordian Fulde. He shares the moments from the front line of one of Australia's busiest emergency departments that have shaped his world view.

Georgie Parker Jun 26, 2019

Anh invites TV's golden girl Georgie Parker to share her story. She opens up about life with scoliosis, her family's iconic furniture business and how a dear friend's death taught her more about life than she ever expected.

Saroo Brierley Jun 19, 2019

'Little Boy Lost' Saroo Brierley joins Anh to share his remarkable story of how catching the wrong train can take you to the right station. It's the adventure which was turned into the Hollywood film 'Lion'.

Alan Jones Jun 12, 2019

Alan Jones is Australia's most influential broadcaster. He shares stories from his humble childhood where he always put his hand up to get involved. What will he think of 'the Alan' that Anh sees and captures on canvas?

Deborah Hutton Jun 5, 2019

Popular TV personality Deborah Hutton joins Anh for an engaging chat about her unusual childhood and shares stories of the men and women who shaped her life. Anh hopes to capture her iridescent charisma in his portrait.

Dannii Minogue May 29, 2019

Australian showbiz icon Dannii Minogue invites Anh to step into her world for a surprisingly revealing chat about growing up in the public eye and the challenges she has faced working, loving and parenting in the spotlight.

Walter Mikac May 22, 2019

Anh's joined by anti-violence advocate Walter Mikac. He shares memories of his wife and two children before their lives were devastatingly cut short at Port Arthur and his aim to keep fighting to make the world a safer place.

Leah Purcell May 15, 2019

Beloved comedian, author and two-time Archibald Prize winning artist Anh Do returns to paint and interview a whole new line-up of extraordinary stars. This week, Anh paints actress Leah Purcell.

Tim Minchin May 1, 2019

Musical comedy maestro Tim Minchin joins Anh to share his ascent from 'chubby and asthmatic' Perth boy to critical acclaim and box office success on the world stage. Can Anh capture his wit and intensity?

Lindy Chamberlain Apr 24, 2019

Anh is joined by Lindy Chamberlain. Her wrongful conviction for the death of her daughter Azaria in 1980, taken by a dingo from their campsite, is etched into our national psyche. Can Anh capture her strength and humanity?

Michael Clarke Apr 17, 2019

From the age of five, Michael Clarke dreamt of playing for Australia. Hear the personal stories behind the headlines that made him a poster boy of modern cricket. How will Anh capture his determination and schoolboy charm?

Sigrid Thornton Sep 12, 2018

In the season final of Anh's Brush with Fame the subject is the luminous Sigrid Thornton, seen most recently on Wentworth.

She discusses her body of work, including Seachange - but what about those revival rumours please?

Raised in a politically aware household, Sigrid's mother was involved in the movement to overturn rules that restricted women from public spaces and careers. She reflects on her gentle father's simple upbringing that led him into the army in pursuit of an education, and the unfortunate exposure to radiation that led to him suffering chronic pain in the final years of his life.

An unusual childhood, Sigrid was bullied for her Australian accent when the family relocated briefly to London. Returning to live in Brisbane, the whole family was arrested during an Anti-Vietnam war demonstration before her love of performing sparked a career that began in her early teens.

Meeting husband Tom when she was just 18, Sigrid juggled a successful screen career in Australia and the US with motherhood, reflecting that the dips in her career allowed her the opportunity to experience more time with her children. She describes Seachange as a joyful part of her life and reflects that she is happiest when the people around her are content.

Anh hopes to capture the light and dark that Sigrid brings to her on-screen characters, noting the pressure to get her familiar face right. Will Sigrid be happy with the result?

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki Sep 5, 2018

The subject this week on Anh's Brush with Fame is TV science guru Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki.

Dr. Karl has shared his passion for life and science with Australians for decades. He joins Anh to share the fascinating life story that led him to broadcasting while Anh endeavours to capture his natural curiosity and enthusiasm on canvas.

Karl's parents, both survivors of brutal Nazi concentration camps, met as refugees in Sweden before migrating with their infant son to Australia. After a stint in a migrant camp, the family settled in Wollongong, where Karl was singled out for his ethnicity. He describes his experience with ‘face blindness' and the tricks he has developed to recognize people in other ways.

Going through university young, Karl followed an unusual career path, including time as a taxi driver which brought both rewarding and horrifying experiences. He stumbled into broadcasting as an ‘expert' on the 1981 space shuttle launch, before being recruited to present his own show, ‘Great Moments In Science'.

Lauren Jackson Aug 29, 2018

The subject this week on Anh's Brush with Fame is basketballer Lauren Jackson.

Superstar basketballer Lauren Jackson was born to play the game. She joins Anh to talk about the realities of life as an elite athlete with an international career. Anh hopes to capture her femininity and strong persona, both on and off the court.

The daughter of two national level basketballers, it was no surprise when Lauren displayed a talent for the game at a very young age. Despite struggling with homesickness when travelling for regional competitions, her move to the AIS in Canberra at just 15 was a positive experience, as she found herself a comfortable fit with the athletic community.

Drafted to Seattle as the WNBA number one draft pick, she played aggressively, determined to prove herself in the big league. Earning the title of MVP a record three times, Lauren explains how the gender pay gap in sport puts pressure on female athletes to play year round, without allowing sufficient recovery time for injury.

John Williamson Aug 22, 2018

The subject this week on Anh's Brush with Fameis renowned Aussie singer John Williamson.

True Blue icon John Williamson joins Anh to share his journey from farm to fame, as a prolific songwriter and performer with a passion for everything Australian. Anh wants to capture the wisdom and warmth of this quintessential Aussie bloke.

The eldest of five boys, John shares stories from his idyllic childhood in country Victoria where his musical family participated in any community event that called for entertainment. After a stint at private school in Melbourne, John returned to the ups and downs of farm life until one of his songs, Old Man Emu, gained national attention on a televised talent show and his career as a performer took off.

John shares the story of his most iconic song, True Blue, used at significant personal and public events around the country, perhaps most notably during Steve Irwin's memorial service. He talks about seeing the song as belonging to everybody, and the times he has had to stand up to protect it, not afraid to ruffle feathers when he comes up against issues he feels strongly about.

John shares the personal tribute to his brother Robin that he includes in every show and his advice to find what you want to do, be an individual and enjoy the journey.

While John performs his iconic song, Anh tries to capture the ‘true blue' warmth and wisdom of this Aussie icon – how will John react?

Dr. Munjed Al Muderis Aug 15, 2018

This week on Anh's Brush with Famethe subject is Associate Professor Munjed Al Muderis.

Anh invites ground-breaking surgeon Associate Professor Munjed Al Muderis to share his gruelling journey from Saddam's Iraq to an outback detention centre in Australia, and how he has gone on to make his name in revolutionary robotic prosthetics.

Munjed had a privileged upbringing in Baghdad, but always had a sense that he wanted to help the victims of war that he saw around him. Early in his medical career, he was confronted with a brutal ultimatum by members of Saddam's regime, and he made the snap decision to flea his homeland or else face dire consequences.

After a gruelling journey at the hands of unscrupulous people smugglers, his overcrowded boat was intercepted off Christmas Island, where Munjed would experience one moment of great kindness that taught him to take any available opportunity to help others. He was detained at Curtin Detention Centre in the Australian outback, where he was considered a trouble-maker for trying to improve conditions in the camp, before being granted release and refugee status one year later.

Working to have his Iraqi medical qualifications recognised, Munjed found a position at a rural Victorian hospital and devoted all his time to his dream of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon. He has been instrumental in developing robotic prosthetics and integrative surgery in the hope of improving quality of life for amputees.

Anh admires Munjed's self-belief and optimism and hopes to capture a sense of that in his portrait. Will Munjed like it?

Carrie Bickmore Aug 8, 2018

Popular broadcaster Carrie Bickmore joins Anh with stories from her life, sharing how she has dealt with personal tragedy and triumph in the public eye. Can Anh capture her warmth and spirit?

Adam Goodes Aug 1, 2018

AFL Legend Adam Goodes shares the personal experiences that shaped his very public stand against racism in the final years of his career, and the emotional toll it took. How will Anh capture his strength and his purpose?

Gill Hicks Jul 25, 2018

Comedian, author & artist Anh Do paints prominent high-profile personalities, capturing not only their likeness, but their spirit. In this episode Anh paints peace campaigner and London bombing survivor Gill Hicks.

Terri Irwin Jul 18, 2018

Terri Irwin has raised her children through public grief after the death of her husband, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. She speaks to Anh Do who hopes to capture her dignity and her drive as she continues Steve's legacy in wildlife conservation.

Samuel Johnson: In Memory Of Connie Johnson Jul 5, 2017

Anh paints Gold Logie winning actor & passionate crusader in the fight against cancer, Samuel Johnson. The Molly star opens up about a life & career plagued by immeasurable loss & personal tragedy. (Final)

Fiona Wood Jun 28, 2017

Anh paints burns specialist & 2005 Australian of the Year Fiona Wood. The daughter of a Yorkshire miner became one of our greatest medical minds & inspires Anh with her enthusiasm & optimism.

Uncle Jack Charles Jun 14, 2017

Anh's guest this week is veteran actor and loveable rogue Jack Charles. Jack has a chequered past of crime and addiction - how will Anh portray this child of the Stolen Generation's wisdom and loneliness?

Tina Arena Jun 7, 2017

Anh's guest this week is household name and acclaimed performer Tina Arena, who shares her journey from child star to international success and the challenges and sacrifices that have shaped her.

Kurt Fearnley May 24, 2017

Anh Do's guest this week is inspirational five-time Paralympian Kurt Fearnley. Anh tries to capture the charming larrikin's 'never say die' attitude.

Ray Martin May 17, 2017

Anh Do's guest is veteran journalist & television personality Ray Martin, who shares stories from his unconventional childhood as well as the most heartbreaking & uplifting moments of his career.

Ian Thorpe May 10, 2017

Anh Do paints one of Australia's greatest ever Olympic legends, Ian Thorpe who shares the mixed blessings of his early success and his ongoing private battle with depression.

Megan Gale May 3, 2017

Anh Do paints the straight-talking Megan Gale. She has made a career of her beauty, but as she shares her triumphs and heartbreaks, it is her passion that informs Anh's portrait.

Anthony Field Apr 26, 2017

Comedian, author and artist Anh Do paints Anthony Field. He's one of the world's most successful children's entertainers, but the Blue Wiggle's radiant smile has often masked a tough personal battle.

Rosie Batty Apr 19, 2017

Rosie Batty has put family violence on the national agenda. In a revealing and candid new episode, can Anh capture her irrepressible strength and resilience?

Jessica Mauboy Apr 12, 2017

Talented Darwin girl Jessica Mauboy joins Anh in his arts studio to talk about her journey to chart and television success, and the family that made it possible.

Anthony Mundine Oct 12, 2016

Comedian and artist Anh Do paints controversial, outspoken and passionate athlete Anthony Mundine. Anthony talks about what drives him and what makes him tick.

Kyle Sandilands Oct 5, 2016

Comedian and artist Anh Do interviews and paints radio broadcaster Kyle Sandilands but will Australia's most outspoken man actually like the way he's been portrayed?

Jimmy Barnes Sep 28, 2016

How do you paint a national icon? That's the big question Anh Do has to ask himself as he attempts to create a portrait of Jimmy Barnes, easily Australia's most successful rock artist.

Craig McLachlan Sep 21, 2016

Craig McLachlan has been on our TV screens one way or another for nearly 30 years. Anh Do paints the former Neighbours star, Gold Logie winner & musical theatre maestro while they chat about his meteoric rise to success.

Kate Ceberano Sep 14, 2016

Kate Ceberano exudes boundless energy and a big personality, and she's had a much more complicated family life than many realise. So how will Anh capture all this on canvas?

Charlie Teo Sep 7, 2016

Anh Do has been delving deep into his subjects' minds to capture their essence on canvas. Now he has a challenge with the much-admired surgeon Dr Charlie Teo, who has literally been inside thousands of brains.

Amanda Keller Aug 31, 2016

Comedian Anh Do paints and chats to one of Australia's most beloved broadcasters and television personalities Amanda Keller.

Magda Szubanski Aug 24, 2016

In this episode one of Australia's funniest & most popular performers Magda Szubanski reveals the amazing stories of her family history.

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