Basketball Wives LA Season 6 is to Premiere on VH1

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 4/10/2017
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Station: VH1

Produced by Shed Media, Basketball Wives: LA is an American reality television series that follows the lives of women who are or have been in a romantic relationship with professional basketball players in the NBA.

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Name Air Dates
Reunion Oct 23, 2016

The ladies reunite on stage to take you inside the drama from the season. Tami and Duffey come face to face for the first time since their battle in Portugal. Angel Love and Brandi face off in an explosive argument.

Finale Oct 16, 2016

After Tami and Duffey fight, Jackie must decide which one of them can stay with the group and which one must return home. The results of a pregnancy test threaten to change everything for Tami. Doug surprises Jackie with a dream wedding in Portugal.

Episode 14 Oct 9, 2016

The ladies explore Portugal and try to relax, but the tension between Duffey and Tami has everyone on edge. Jackie fears the worst when she can't get ahold of Doug. Tami finally confronts Duffey in an explosive showdown.

Episode 13 Oct 2, 2016

As the ladies all prepare for their trip to Portugal, Malaysia attempts to broker a peace between Tami and Duffey. Soon after her arrival, Duffey has second thoughts about her decision to come on the trip.

Episode 12 Sep 25, 2016

Jackie asks Malaysia to be by her side during a very personal weight loss procedure. Duffey apologizes to Tami's daughter in an attempt to make things right with Tami. Doug takes Jackie on a romantic date and reveals a huge surprise.

Episode 11 Sep 25, 2016

Tami gets some scandalous information from a friend. Jackie is willing to try anything to lose weight in order to keep Doug interested. At Tami's daughter's video release party, Angel Brinks gets blindsided and Jackie finds herself in the line of fire.

Episode 10 Sep 18, 2016

Tami fires Duffey from her daughter's music video. Angel Brinks and Angel Love have it out with Jackie after her nasty breakdown at Angel Brinks's anniversary party. Tami hustles to finish her daughter's music video in time for the release party.

Episode 9 Sep 11, 2016

Jackie's display at Angel Brinks's party causes a rift between Jackie and the Angels. Brandi and Duffey plan a BBQ to get to the bottom of Jackie's recent behavior. Tami confronts Duffey about her daughter's music video and makes a drastic decision.

Episode 8 Aug 28, 2016

Angel Brinks hosts a star-studded event to celebrate the anniversary of her clothing company but Jackie's erratic behavior makes it a night to remember. Tami and Reggie visit a fertility doctor, and Jackie seeks the advice of an energy healer.

Episode 7 Aug 21, 2016

Angel Brinks plans her clothing line anniversary party but it turns into a circus. Tami and Duffey collaborate on Jazz's music video but their visions don't match. Doug breaks the news to Jackie that he is taking a coaching position.

Episode 6 Aug 14, 2016

Angel Love starts a feud with Malaysia, Brandi and Duffey while on a trip to Big Bear Lake. Later, Duffey offers to direct a music video for Tami's daughter; and Jackie's attempt to mediate Duffey and Angel Love's argument only makes matters worse.

Episode 5 Aug 7, 2016

Malaysia proposes a ladies "peace trip" to Big Bear Lake CA. Shaunie and Brandi let bygones be bygones. Angel Brinks's relationship with her baby daddy is called into question. Angel Love comes at Malaysia for rolling up on her at Brinks's party.

Episode 4 Jul 31, 2016

Brandi goes off on Angel Love for voicing her opinion. When Malaysia defends her bestie Brandi, Duffey's opinion about Malaysia changes for the better. Jackie convinces Shaunie and Brandi to hash out their problems and it turns into a showdown.

Episode 3 Jul 24, 2016

Brandi must defend Malaysia's behavior to "sister" Duffey. Malaysia and Angel Brinks attempt to put their feud to rest. Angel Brinks holds a launch party for her clothing line, but drama between Brandi and Angel Love threatens to derail the event.

Episode 2 Jul 24, 2016

Brandi throws a Welcome to L.A. party for her "sister" Duffey but Malaysia's attitude is anything but welcoming. Brandi's ex Jason returns hoping to rekindle their relationship, but Brandi is not ready. Jackie surprises Doug with a downtown condo.

Episode 1 Jul 17, 2016

Brandi questions whether to return to LA. Jackie, who's husband is offered a new job, must decide if she can manage being alone. Angel Brinks and Malaysia have drama over their dress-related beef. Tami Roman is in town with the hopes of having a baby.

Reunion Oct 11, 2015

In the Basketball Wives LA Season 4 Reunion Special, Mehgan shocks the ladies with something she found online and tensions between Tami and Brandi explode over talk of Draya.

Finale Oct 4, 2015

Mehgan finally pushes Angel to her breaking point and a second beach brawl ignites when Brandi and Malaysia confront the Miami ladies, Tami and Shaunie, because of some assumed giggling.

Episode 11 Sep 27, 2015

Angel tries to defend her character; Jackie and Malaysia try to mend fences; tempers flare between Mehgan and Angel.

Episode 10 Sep 20, 2015

Malaysia kicks Jackie out of her launch party; Shaunie hopes to bring resolve to the group with Draya gone; a Miami and Los Angeles divide begins to form.

Episode 9 Sep 13, 2015

The truth about Draya is revealed, winning Brandi the group's support; Malaysia insults Angel's lingerie line; Shaunie brings in a friend for backup.

Episode 8 Aug 30, 2015

Draya says unforgivable things that jeopardize her friendships; Brandi and Jason attend couples therapy; Shaunie's son is growing up.

Episode 7 Aug 23, 2015

Brandi and Mehgan bond over their hatred of Jackie; Mehgan plots revenge; Malaysia and Brandi expose Draya's selfish ways.

Episode 6 Aug 16, 2015

Draya prompts Mehgan to question Jackie's loyalty, ending the Santa Barbara excursion; Patrice opens up about having a mixed family.

Episode 5 Aug 9, 2015

Brandi and Malaysia see a new side to Draya when they see she is out for herself; a game of Q and A turns physical.

Episode 4 Aug 2, 2015

Shaunie learns that the drama is strong within the group; Jackie premieres her commercial; Mehgan learns what Draya said.

Episode 3 Jul 26, 2015

Malaysia agrees to meet with Jackie to talk about their problems; Shaunie O'Neal joins the women, witnessing the heavy drama.

Episode 2 Jul 19, 2015

Jackie shoots her first commercial for the cognac, and finds herself overwhelmed by directing; Draya pushes Malaysia to her breaking point.

Episode 1 Jul 12, 2015

Jackie tries to work her way back into the group's good graces after causing trouble in Paris; Malaysia and Brandi require stipulations to speak to Jackie.

Reunion Apr 28, 2014

In the Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion Special, things get heated! Join us for the most dramatic Basketball Wives Reunion Special yet!

Finale Apr 21, 2014

While in France, Jackie launches her cognac, Brittish gets a surprise present from her fiancé, Lorenzo, and Sundy's attempt to reconcile Malaysia and Jackie takes a nasty turn that ends up splintering the entire group.

Episode 9 Apr 14, 2014

The ladies head to France to launch Jackie's cognac, but divisions in the group threaten to spoil the trip and may be the end of Jackie and Malaysia's friendship.

Episode 8 Apr 7, 2014

Jackie and Chantel are over the situation with Draya and her boyfriend, but Draya and Orlando aren't done yet-- they confront the ladies in an attempt to put the issue to rest. Jackie invites the group on a trip to France.

Episode 7 Mar 31, 2014

Jackie develops a bottle for the cognac brand she hopes to launch. As payback for Palm Springs, Draya hosts all the ladies at an excruciating Mud Run. And Jackie forces a meeting with Draya to clear her daughter's name.

Episode 6 Mar 24, 2014

The Palm Springs getaway is anything but relaxing as tensions between Draya and Sundy erupt into full-blown mayhem. And in a tearful confession, Draya tells Jackie her daughter may not be as innocent as she thinks.

Episode 5 Mar 17, 2014

With the group still reeling from the effects of Jackie's event, Sundy decides the ladies need a getaway to Palm Springs—but for the good of the group, Brittish is not invited.

Episode 4 Mar 10, 2014

Draya confronts her boyfriend about accusations of possible infidelity with Jackie's daughter, Chantel. Jackie's gala event falls apart when almost none of her friends show up and Brittish gets into an altercation with Malaysia.

Episode 3 Mar 3, 2014

Things are getting serious with Draya and her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick, but Jackie's daughter has news that may rock Draya's world. Meanwhile, Brittish's fiancé Lorenzo Gordon gets advice from Jackie's husband, Doug Christie.

Episode 2 Feb 24, 2014

Brittish is determined to give it another shot and throws a "Turkish Tea Party" for the group. Meanwhile, Brandi's time to have another baby is running out, so she and her husband Jason seek the help of a fertility specialist.

Episode 1 Feb 17, 2014

Jackie invites some ladies of the league to meet and plan an event, but as the new girls get to know each other, the claws come out, and when the focus turns to Draya, it all goes left.

Reunion, Part 2 Dec 17, 2012

Join the ladies of Basketball Wives LA Season 2 as they reunite to discuss the season of rivalries, friendships, and drama.

Reunion, Part 1 Dec 10, 2012

Join the ladies of Basketball Wives LA Season 2 as they reunite to discuss the season of rivalries, friendships, and drama.

Finale Dec 10, 2012

The heat's turned up in the Big Easy as the ladies' season-ending trip to New Orleans goes sideways as Jackie discovers that Laura has spoken with her daughter. Also, long-simmering beefs between Brooke and Draya as well as Bambi and Laura come to a boil.

Episode 13 Dec 3, 2012

The ladies plot a trip to New Orleans, but when Bambi's ire toward Gloria ruins Laura's birthday plans, no one knows what to expect.

Episode 12 Nov 26, 2012

The ladies head to the Big Apple to walk the runway for Jackie's clothing line. More than flash bulbs and champagne corks start popping when Draya bails on a party to celebrate Brooke landing a major magazine cover.

Episode 11 Nov 19, 2012

Good news for Brooke means bad news for her relationship with Draya. Also, Bambi reacts when Gloria shuts her down during an argument.

Episode 10 Nov 12, 2012

It's hell on wheels at Malaysia's 80's-themed roller skating party when Laura is confronted about her treatment of Jackie. Also, Gloria shoots an explosive scene from her web series and the girls discuss an upcoming trip to Fashion Week in NYC.

Episode 9 Nov 5, 2012

Jackie's suspicious of Laura's desire to speak with her daughters while in Seattle, and Draya, Brooke and Gloria's good time back in L.A. is interrupted by news of Matt's arrest.

Episode 8 Oct 29, 2012

A surprise blowout at Laura and Gloria's mixology event shocks the group, and Jackie and Doug Christie's trip to Seattle gets off to a rough start when Jackie and her daughters get real during a visit with a family therapist.

Episode 7 Oct 22, 2012

Bambi confronts Laura on her treatment of Jackie. Also, Jackie and Doug's gay-themed wedding spectacular is nearly upstaged by one of the wives' choice of attire.

Episode 6 Oct 15, 2012

Tensions between Jackie and Draya hit an all-time high. Also, some of the other ladies consider not showing up for Jackie's upcoming annual wedding.

Episode 5 Oct 8, 2012

The Christies forge ahead with their gay-themed wedding, Gloria and Laura have a wrenching heart-to-heart about growing distant, and Draya finally reaches her boiling point with Jackie.

Episode 4 Oct 1, 2012

The ladies gather for a pool party, but Draya's short temper sets Jackie off over the issue of respect. Also, Malaysia flubs a voiceover session and decides that overcoming her shyness is a top priority.

Episode 3 Sep 24, 2012

Jackie's unique wedding plans and new tattoo raise eyebrows. Also, a phone call to Gloria tests Draya and Jackie's friendship.

Episode 2 Sep 17, 2012

Jackie's surprise appearance at Gloria's cooking party leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Also, Gloria lands a plum acting role and Draya's behavior at a photo shoot irks newcomer Brooke.

Episode 1 Sep 10, 2012

In the season two premiere, Malaysia's desire to bring Jackie back into the group has the ladies baffled. Also, Laura and Gloria find that despite being sisters, they've grown apart.

Reunion, Part 2 Nov 28, 2011

Host John Salley explores the ladies' blowout with Jackie Christie and the tumultuous end to the series' debut season.

Reunion, Part 1 Nov 21, 2011

In the first hour of this two-part reunion special, host John Salley examines topics including Draya's haunted past, friction between Laura and Draya, and the current state of Matt and Gloria's relationship.

Finale Nov 14, 2011

Jackie's attempt to reconcile with the girls doesn't go as planned. Also, Matt and Gloria' relationship takes a turn no one saw coming.

Episode 11 Nov 7, 2011

There's trouble in paradise as tempers flare and the ladies decide to call Jackie out on what they believe she's been saying behind their backs. Will the friction put an early end to the ladies' vacation in Hawaii?

Episode 10 Oct 31, 2011

The ladies are off to Hawaii for some fun in the sun, but the revelation that Jackie's been pitting them against each other heats up more than ever.

Episode 9 Oct 24, 2011

Matt and Gloria's charity golf event provides the backdrop for mounting friction between Draya and Laura.

Episode 8 Oct 17, 2011

Jackie's penchant for gossip begins to wear on the girls. Also, a trip to Oakland has Gloria wondering about the future of her relationship with Matt.

Episode 7 Oct 10, 2011

After reaching out to Malaysia, Draya is confused when Jackie suddenly decides she's her new best buddy.

Episode 6 Oct 3, 2011

Laura's issues with Draya turn the group's recreational MMA outing into a major showdown… but the heat really turns up when Jackie and Laura start digging up Draya's past online.

Episode 5 Sep 26, 2011

The group takes Draya to task over sitting out Jackie's wedding, and Imani's frustration with the single life results in a new resolve to get back in the game.

Episode 4 Sep 19, 2011

Love is in the air at Jackie and Doug Christie's Vegas wedding, the 16th time they have tied the knot, but feathers are ruffled when one of the girls goes AWOL.

Episode 3 Sep 12, 2011

Jackie prepares for her annual renewal of vows to Doug Christie, but will Draya make the cut for an invite? Also, Jackie's bachelorette party nearly boils over when some surprise guests turn up the heat.

Episode 2 Sep 5, 2011

After a rooftop altercation between Malaysia and Laura, Tanya finds herself the surprise recipient of the group's disdain.

Episode 1 Aug 29, 2011

In the series premiere, a fresh group of West Coast basketball wives, girlfriends, fiancées and exes deal with life in SoCal's hottest hub for gossip and game.

Basketball Wives Showdown: Evelyn Vs. TamiApr 10, 2017
PostshowOct 31, 2011

When will be Basketball Wives LA next episode air date?

Basketball Wives LA Season 6 is yet to be announced by VH1.

Is The Basketball Wives LA renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 4/10/2017 and now is not renewed yet. Basketball Wives LA is to be Premiered on VH1

Where to countdown Basketball Wives LA air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 6 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Basketball Wives LA, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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