Bondi Rescue Season 18 is to Premiere on Network Ten

Latest Episode: 6/23/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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Station: Network Ten
Genres: Action, Drama

Over 5000 rescues per summer season are the norm here – and the center of the long running series Bondi Rescue.

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Name Air Dates
Episode 11Jun 23, 2023

Chappo must decide which of three struggling swimmers to rescue first. Lifeguards use spotlights when Bondi hosts 15,000 World Pride Beach Party revellers. Hoppo celebrates his 30th year on the beach.

Episode 10Jun 16, 2023

Kite surfers make the most of the wild conditions when the biggest storm of the season hits Bondi. Chappo and Jack race to help a man with agonising chest pains, and Harries confronts a body surfer.

Episode 9Jun 9, 2023

In a frenzied mass rescue, lifeguards search for a student who didn't make it back to the beach. Bagus and Hoppo witness an assault on a woman. Harrison makes a young fan cry - for the right reasons.

Episode 8Jun 2, 2023

Lifeguards honour their former colleague Terry with a traditional paddle out. Lifeguards are concerned for the wellbieng of a missing man. Lifeguards compete in their annual run, swim and paddle race.

Episode 7 May 26, 2023

Chappo gets help from an unlikely source as he goes to rescue a father and daughter. A girl is rushed to the tower suffering an anaphylactic shock and Jackson must do something he's never done before.

Episode 6 May 19, 2023

The international borders are open & tourists flock to Bondi. Hoppo demonstrates his Float To Survive technique. Chase checks out Bondi's grey nurse shark colony. Will races in to rescue a swimmer.

Episode 5 May 12, 2023

Glick's jetski does something unexpected. Chase & Will race to the north of Bondi after reports a man has fallen off the cliff. Whippet's brought to tears upon seeing how money he raised changed lives.

Episode 4 May 5, 2023

New Year's Day arrives and Harrison is on alert as thousands descend on Bondi Beach for the 1st sunrise of the year. Harries is alerted to a baby not breathing, in the biggest challenge of his career.

Episode 3 Apr 28, 2023

As the day closes, a swimmer struggles in the water. Without a rescue board, Chappo sprints down the beach and dives into the water. Bagus bares it all in a nude photo shoot with thousands of people.

Episode 2 Apr 21, 2023

Harries is reminded of his mother when he meets a group of children from war-torn Ukraine. Jack and Azza race to the aid of a young surfer on the beach who insists he hasn't even been in the water.

Episode 1 Apr 14, 2023

After two years of closed borders, Bondi is back to it's busy best and the lifeguards have their work cut out for them as international and interstate visitors return to the world's most famous beach.

Episode 10 Dec 20, 2021

It's been a year like no other at Bondi Beach. Beach marshals work with the lifeguards to check numbers and enforce social distancing, but it's a challenge the lifeguards are only too keen to accept.

Episode 9 Dec 13, 2021

It's been a year like no other at Bondi Beach. Beach marshals work with the lifeguards to check numbers and enforce social distancing, but it's a challenge the lifeguards are only too keen to accept.

Episode 8 Dec 6, 2021

It's been a year like no other at Bondi Beach. Beach marshals work with the lifeguards to check numbers and enforce social distancing, but it's a challenge the lifeguards are only too keen to accept.

Episode 7 Apr 15, 2021

It's been a year like no other at Bondi Beach. Beach marshals work with the lifeguards to check numbers and enforce social distancing, but it's a challenge the lifeguards are only too keen to accept.

Episode 6 Apr 8, 2021

A rough tackle brings a game of beach gridiron to a shuddering halt. Is it the intense pain or five hours of drinking that leads to the patient leaving a mess on the promenade?

Episode 5 Mar 25, 2021

On the hottest day of summer, Hoppo rescues an international student drowning in waist-deep water metres from shore, while Evo finds a semi-conscious woman being carried out of the surf.

Episode 4 Mar 18, 2021

When the big surf comes to Bondi, lifeguards are on high alert to help surfers separated from their boards in pounding seas. Later, Harrison performs his most challenging rescue yet on Australia Day.

Episode 3 Mar 11, 2021

It's been a year like no other at Bondi Beach. Beach marshals work with the lifeguards to check numbers and enforce social distancing, but it's a challenge the lifeguards are only too keen to accept.

Episode 2 Mar 4, 2021

A body retrieval is the job Bondi lifeguards dread the most. So it's with a heavy heart that Will and Mario go out to investigate a reported body sighting off the coast.

Episode 1 Feb 25, 2021

It's been a year like no other at Bondi Beach. Beach marshals work with the lifeguards to check numbers and enforce social distancing, but it's a challenge the lifeguards are only too keen to accept.

Episode 10 Jul 8, 2020

As thousands flock Bondi at the height of Coronavirus and social distancing, the State Police Minister arrives to bar people from the beach – the first time it's been done since World War 2.

Episode 9 Jul 1, 2020

The Lifeguards investigate a UFO on Bondi's iconic shores - that is, an unidentified-floating-object of course. Will it be a whale, boat, or something out of this world?

Episode 8 Jun 24, 2020

Two brothers share an extraordinary tale of how they used resuscitation techniques learned by watching Bondi Rescue on someone who was struck by lightning.

Episode 7 Jun 17, 2020

No two days are the same at Bondi Beach, and for good reason! The lifeguards are on high alert when a group of monks go missing on the iconic shores.

Episode 6 Apr 8, 2020

Tragedy strikes when a husband and wife are washed off rocks by a massive wave. The Lifeguards search desperately for the couple, hoping that the rescue mission doesn't become a body retrieval.

Episode 5 Apr 8, 2020

When a car free falls off a ledge, tumbling upside down onto one of the Australia's busiest walking tracks, the Lifeguards venture off the sand to help keep beach goers safe.

Episode 4 Apr 1, 2020

It's New Year's Day and things get serious when a teenager overdoses. In the water Chappo pulls two teenagers onto his board, but faces a dilemma when two men further out start going under water.

Episode 3 Apr 1, 2020

It's Christmas at Bondi and hordes of revellers overwhelm lifeguards. Jake racks up hundreds of rescues on his jet ski and Jackson must run through the packed crowd to rescue a drunk woman in a rip.

Episode 2 Mar 25, 2020

A tourist is found unresponsive on the shoreline, her sister translates as lifeguards treat her for a spinal injury. Maxi is splitting his time working both as a firefighter and a lifeguard.

Episode 1 Mar 25, 2020

Australia's East Coast has been devasted by drought and fires. While the fires continue to blaze, the smoke impacts the lifeguards visibility, quality of air and their ability to protect beachgoers.

Episode 10Oct 2, 2019
Episode 9Sep 25, 2019
Episode 8Apr 19, 2019
Episode 7Apr 3, 2019
Episode 6Mar 27, 2019
Episode 5Mar 20, 2019
Episode 4Mar 13, 2019
Episode 3Mar 6, 2019
Episode 2Feb 27, 2019
Episode 1Feb 20, 2019
Episode 10Apr 23, 2018
Episode 9Apr 23, 2018
Episode 8Mar 27, 2018
Episode 7Mar 27, 2018
Episode 6Mar 21, 2018
Episode 5Mar 21, 2018
Episode 4Mar 20, 2018
Episode 3Mar 20, 2018
Episode 2Mar 13, 2018
Episode 1Mar 13, 2018
Episode 13 Apr 30, 2017

The lifeguards are still coming to terms with the worst tragedy on Bondi Beach in decades when Singlets attempts his first rescue since the incident. Plus, why is Hoppo telling kids to swim in a rip?

Episode 12 Apr 25, 2017

There has never been a rescue at Bondi Beach like this in 70 years as tragedy strikes when two unconscious patients are discovered in the water. The lifeguards will need to act quick to save lives.

Episode 11Apr 23, 2017
Episode 10Apr 2, 2017
Episode 9Mar 26, 2017
Episode 8Mar 19, 2017
Episode 7Mar 12, 2017
Episode 6Mar 5, 2017
Episode 5Feb 26, 2017
Episode 4Feb 19, 2017
Episode 3Feb 12, 2017
Episode 2Feb 5, 2017
Episode 1 Jan 29, 2017

With its sparkling charm & picture-perfect scenery, hundreds of tourists flock to Bondi every single day. However the Lifeguards are on edge due to extreme weather condidtions and large crowds.

Episode 13 Jul 10, 2016

At the end of every season, all lifeguard jobs are up for review. For Bondi's trainees, the best way of cementing their futures is by beating the big guns in the swimming challenge.

Episode 12May 29, 2016
Episode 11May 1, 2016
Episode 10Apr 26, 2016
Episode 9 Apr 19, 2016

The lifeguards meet the incredible blind Brazillian surfer Derek Rabelo who is catching waves on Bondi Beach. Then, the afternoon turns to chaos when hoards of blue bottles descend upon the beach.

Episode 8Apr 12, 2016
Episode 7 Apr 5, 2016

Harrison faces an impossible choice with two swimmers in trouble & only one rescue board. Plus, how will the boys react when international supermodel Heidi Klum visits the lifeguard tower?

Episode 6 Mar 31, 2016

The Bondi rescue lifeguards are pushed to their limits dealing with a myriad of alcohol and drug affected beach goers. Will the record-breaking heat and crowds prove too much for the lifeguards?

Episode 5Mar 29, 2016
Episode 4Mar 23, 2016
Episode 3Mar 22, 2016
Episode 2Mar 18, 2016
Episode 1Mar 11, 2016
Episode 12 Aug 30, 2015

Tonight's season finale is a double episode jam-packed with adrenaline, laughs and tears as the season ends on a personal note for the lifeguards.

Episode 11 Aug 2, 2015

An inexperienced surfer is sucked into a vortex. Yatesy paddles into 10 foot swell for a rescue that doesn't go to plan, finding himself washed up on the rocks with his patient nowhere to be seen.

Episode 10 Aug 23, 2015

A cyclonic swell hits Bondi Beach with 12 foot waves sucking beachgoers out to sea. It is Harries' most challenging rescue of the season as he and his patient are slammed repeatedly into the rocks.

Episode 9 Aug 16, 2015

The boys and girl in blue are convinced they have seen it all. But when a man waddles to the tower tonight with a horrendous dog bite on his manhood, the Bondi lifeguards cannot believe their eyes.

Episode 8 Aug 9, 2015

A dramatic fight breaks out when a man confronts a photographer taking pictures of his topless girlfriend. Meanwhile, Deano performs a mass rescue for a group not taking their situation seriously.

Episode 7 Apr 28, 2015

At the south end of the beach, a man screams in pain when he dislocates his hip. The lifeguards are taken by surprise when the man's friend then has a seizure just metres away, but not everything is as it seems.

Episode 6Apr 21, 2015
Episode 5Apr 14, 2015
Episode 4Apr 7, 2015
Episode 3Mar 31, 2015
Episode 1Mar 24, 2015
Episode 1Mar 17, 2015
Episode 17Nov 2, 2014
Episode 16Oct 26, 2014
Episode 15May 25, 2014
Episode 14May 18, 2014
Episode 13May 11, 2014
Episode 12May 4, 2014
Episode 11Apr 28, 2014
Episode 10Apr 28, 2014
Episode 9Apr 21, 2014
Episode 8Apr 21, 2014
Episode 7Apr 14, 2014
Episode 6Apr 7, 2014
Episode 5Mar 31, 2014
Episode 4Mar 24, 2014
Episode 3Mar 17, 2014
Episode 2Mar 10, 2014
Episode 1Mar 3, 2014
Episode 15Jun 2, 2013
Episode 14May 26, 2013
Episode 13May 19, 2013
Episode 12May 5, 2013
Episode 11Apr 28, 2013
Episode 10Apr 21, 2013
Episode 9Apr 14, 2013
Episode 8Apr 7, 2013
Episode 7Mar 31, 2013
Episode 6Mar 24, 2013
Episode 5Mar 10, 2013
Episode 4Mar 3, 2013
Episode 3Feb 24, 2013
Episode 2Feb 17, 2013
Episode 1Feb 10, 2013
Episode 13May 7, 2012
Episode 12Apr 30, 2012
Episode 11Apr 23, 2012
Episode 10Apr 16, 2012
Episode 9Apr 9, 2012
Episode 8Apr 2, 2012
Episode 7Mar 19, 2012
Episode 6Mar 12, 2012
Episode 5Mar 5, 2012
Episode 4Feb 27, 2012
Episode 3Feb 20, 2012
Episode 2Feb 13, 2012
Episode 1Feb 6, 2012
Episode 12Apr 24, 2011
Episode 11Apr 17, 2011
Episode 10Apr 10, 2011
Episode 9Apr 3, 2011
Episode 8Mar 27, 2011
Episode 7Mar 20, 2011
Episode 6Mar 13, 2011
Episode 5Mar 6, 2011
Episode 4Feb 27, 2011
Episode 3Feb 20, 2011
Episode 2Feb 13, 2011
Episode 1Feb 6, 2011
Episode 13May 2, 2010
Episode 12Apr 25, 2010
Episode 11Apr 18, 2010
Episode 10Apr 11, 2010
Episode 9Apr 4, 2010
Episode 8Mar 28, 2010
Episode 7Mar 21, 2010
Episode 6Mar 14, 2010
Episode 5Mar 7, 2010
Episode 4Feb 28, 2010
Episode 3Feb 21, 2010
Episode 2Feb 14, 2010
Episode 1Feb 7, 2010
Episode 13May 3, 2009
Episode 12Apr 26, 2009
Episode 11Apr 19, 2009
Episode 10Apr 12, 2009
Episode 9Apr 5, 2009
Episode 8Mar 29, 2009
Episode 7Mar 22, 2009
Episode 6Mar 15, 2009
Episode 5Mar 8, 2009
Episode 4Mar 1, 2009
Episode 3Feb 22, 2009
Episode 2Feb 15, 2009
Episode 1Feb 8, 2009
Episode 14May 6, 2008
Episode 13Apr 29, 2008
Episode 12Apr 22, 2008
Episode 11Apr 15, 2008
Episode 10Apr 8, 2008
Episode 9Apr 1, 2008
Episode 8Mar 25, 2008
Episode 7Mar 18, 2008
Episode 6Mar 11, 2008
Episode 5Mar 4, 2008
Episode 4Feb 26, 2008
Episode 3Feb 19, 2008
Episode 2Feb 12, 2008
Episode 1Feb 5, 2008
Episode 10Apr 9, 2007
Episode 9Apr 2, 2007
Episode 8Mar 26, 2007
Episode 7Mar 19, 2007
Episode 6Mar 12, 2007
Episode 5Mar 5, 2007
Episode 4Feb 26, 2007
Episode 3Feb 19, 2007
Episode 2Feb 12, 2007
Episode 1Feb 5, 2007
Episode 8Mar 27, 2006
Episode 7Mar 20, 2006
Episode 6Mar 13, 2006
Episode 5Mar 6, 2006
Episode 4Feb 27, 2006
Episode 3Feb 20, 2006
Episode 2Feb 13, 2006
Episode 1Feb 6, 2006

When will be Bondi Rescue next episode air date?

Bondi Rescue Season 18 is officially renewed and Scheduled to Premiere on Network Ten.

Is The Bondi Rescue renewed or cancelled?

Next Episode Bondi Rescue Season 18 is officially renewed and yet to be announced on Network Ten

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