Children Ruin Everything Season 3 is to Premiere on CTV

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 11/29/2023
Created by: Kurt Smeaton
Official site:
Station: CTV
Genres: Comedy

Chronicling a former stay-at-home mom’s war of identity, illustrating the varied ways kids can wreck happiness, annihilate goals and dreams, and re-invent lives.

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Name Air Dates
MomentumFeb 20, 2023
ParentingFeb 13, 2023
ExpectationsFeb 6, 2023
Arguments Jan 30, 2023

Reaching a tipping point, Astrid and James need to vent about their growing list of grievances toward one another.

Weekends Jan 23, 2023

With their lives getting increasing hectic, Astrid and James decide a family daytrip might be the thing that will help them all reconnect.

Money Jan 9, 2023

When an unexpected expense puts Astrid and James over their budget, they must attempt to tighten their belts while still keeping a promise.

Me Time Dec 5, 2022

Running an errand, Astrid gets some much-needed alone time, but she might be on borrowed time before the chaos of her house finds her.

Teamwork Nov 28, 2022

As Astrid and James prepare to celebrate a special occasion, their ‘hook-up-aversary', all that stands between them and a much-needed night together is getting their kids to bed. From a pillow fight turned too rough to a baby that will not sleep, their simple plan of re-watching the bad movie that first brought them together is thrown into jeopardy. When Astrid's sister's husband, Bo, shows up at their door following a fight with his wife, it quickly becomes clear that this hook-up-aversary will not be anything like they planned.

Each Other Nov 14, 2022

When their son Felix's best friend moves away, Astrid and James try and help Felix make a new friend, but a sleepover soon has them questioning if Felix's potential new bestie might be a bad influence on their son.

Identity Nov 7, 2022

As their kids start to define who they are, Astrid and James must navigate how their own pasts shape what they pass down to their children.

Fairness Oct 24, 2022

Nisha announces her retirement from being default babysitter, while an opportunity at James' work causes a rift between their kids.

Privacy Oct 17, 2022

As Astrid and Dawn try to discover what their mom is hiding from them, James recruits family members to help pitch a new product at work.

Screen Time Oct 10, 2022

Astrid and James impose a family screen ban, but getting work done while following their own rules proves harder than expected.

Dignity Oct 3, 2022

Astrid tries to reconnect with her younger colleagues, while James struggles to follow the urologist's orders after a surgery.

Friends Sep 26, 2022

Feeling like parenthood has eroded her friendships, Astrid jumps at a playdate, and James attempts to keep his own commitments.

Sleep Sep 19, 2022

With a new baby refusing to sleep and a return to the office looming for Astrid, she and James consider desperate measures.

Space Mar 2, 2022

On the season finale, frustrated over their cluttered home full of kids' stuff, James and Astrid decide to purge.

Death Feb 23, 2022

Following a brush with death, James and Astrid realize they need to make a death plan, including finding legal guardians for Felix and Viv.

Road Trips Feb 16, 2022

As they race against time, The Berneys struggle to survive a chaotic road trip to Manitoulin Island.

Sick Days Feb 9, 2022

Despite getting sick, Astrid and James have to organize a kids birthday party and Felix seems to be growing up faster than Astrid thought.


Truth Feb 2, 2022

While Astrid is away on a business trip, James struggles to keep the Tooth Fairy tradition alive.

Intimacy Jan 26, 2022

James and Astrid attempt to get some alone time, but the kids keep getting in the way. Meanwhile, Dawn and Bo renew their vows.

Bodies Jan 19, 2022

Pressured to not look like a dad for an upcoming work event, James takes his kids out on a shopping trip.

Meals Jan 12, 2022

James and Astrid try to have a nice family dinner to celebrate a special occasion, but their young children make it challenging.

When will be Children Ruin Everything next episode air date?

Children Ruin Everything Season 3 is yet to be announced by CTV.

Is The Children Ruin Everything renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 11/29/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Children Ruin Everything is to be Premiered on CTV

Where to countdown Children Ruin Everything air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 3 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Children Ruin Everything, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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