DNA Family Secrets Season 3 is to Premiere on BBC Two

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 11/6/2023
Official site: www.bbc.co.uk
Station: BBC Two

Stacey Dooley helps to uncover people’s burning questions about their family, health or ancestry with a visit to a DNA testing clinic.

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Episode 6 Jun 15, 2022

Stacey meets five sisters in Lancashire who only found each other as adults. They know they all share the same mum but want to find out if they also have the same father.

Luke was a sperm donor as a university student in the late 1980s. He's now come forward to find out if any potential children might be looking for him.

After losing their mother to cancer, identical twins Diane and Louise want to test their DNA to discover if they both carry the cancer-causing BRCA genetic mutation.

Episode 5 Jun 8, 2022

Georgina was conceived 34 years ago when her mum had a holiday romance with a Portuguese waiter. She's now wondering if her father is still alive.

Matthew grew up never knowing his father's identity and wants to know if his ancestry is actually Caribbean.

Michaela and Richie only realised they could pass down the genetic disorder 'bubble boy disease' when they had their son Arlo. Now they're testing their second child's DNA to discover if he has to undergo life-saving gene therapy.

Episode 4 Jun 1, 2022

38-year-old Clare was always told that her father was a British soldier stationed in Belfast during the Troubles. Now, Clare wants to solve the mystery of his identity.

Leigh only discovered that he might have a secret sister after his mum passed away. He now wonders if his sister is still alive.

It was only when Jenna and Ryan were pregnant that they realised they both carry a genetic mutation that could be deadly if passed on to their kids. They're hoping that DNA testing can help.

Episode 3 May 25, 2022

46-year-old Mel only found out as a teenager that she was conceived using a sperm donor. Now she wants to see if she can find her biological father's identity by decoding her DNA - and discovers far more than she ever expected.

Fi always knew she was adopted. What she didn't know until later in life was that her father murdered her birth mother. Fi wants to know if it is possible to inherit a 'murder gene'.

Bahaa escaped the war in Syria but now wants to know if he carries a potentially deadly mutation in his DNA.

Episode 2 May 18, 2022

Liverpool-born Maureen is wondering if her father was an African-American GI who fell in love with her mother during the Second World War - which could mean she has family in the US. She's also curious why her three sons are so musically talented and if the secret may lie in her DNA.

79-year-old Jackie grew up in a Nazi concentration camp as a Jewish orphan and wants to know why he survived. Was his dad actually a Nazi? And did any of his birth family escape the Holocaust?

Episode 1 May 11, 2022

Stacey is in Liverpool to meet Richard, who is on a life-long mission to discover the identity of his father – he's blown away when he finally learns the truth. Janet is rattled by a rumour that her dad fathered a baby as a prisoner of war during WWII and she might have a secret sister. And Glen's mother never knew where his father was from, only that he wasn't white - with Glen now desperate to finally learn his ethnicity. Testing their DNA is the only way they will all finally get answers.

Episode 3 Mar 16, 2021

Stacey Dooley helps answer life-changing questions through the power of DNA. A set of adopted triplets want to discover their ethnicity, and gene therapy could stop Leo going blind.

Episode 2 Mar 9, 2021

This time, Stacy meets 31-year-old Duri, who fears she may carry a potentially fatal genetic mutation and wants to test her DNA to see if she could suffer from the same disease as her mother. Elsewhere, a woman who was adopted when she was just six-months-old wants to use DNA technology to finally uncover information about her ancestry.

Episode 1 Mar 2, 2021

In this episode, Stacey meets 75 year-old Bill, who grew up without a father. Born at the end of World War II, Bill's mum fell in love with his dad, who was an African American GI stationed at her local Loughborough airbase. He went back to America at the end of the war and she never heard from him again - the only information Bill has ever had about his father is the name written on his birth certificate. Now Bill wants to know if analysing his DNA might be able to tell him what happened to his dad - and if he has any living relatives in the US.

When will be DNA Family Secrets next episode air date?

DNA Family Secrets Season 3 is yet to be announced by BBC Two.

Is The DNA Family Secrets renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 11/6/2023 and now is not renewed yet. DNA Family Secrets is to be Premiered on BBC Two

Where to countdown DNA Family Secrets air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 3 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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