Doctor Who Season 15 is to Premiere on Disney+

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 10/23/2022
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Station: Disney+

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi television series produced by the BBC.

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The Giggle
Wild Blue Yonder
The Star Beast
The Giggle
Wild Blue Yonder
The Star Beast
The Power of the Doctor Oct 23, 2022

In this feature-length Special to mark her last adventure, Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor must fight for her very existence, against her deadliest enemies: the Daleks, the Cybermen and her arch-nemesis, the Master.

Who is attacking a speeding bullet train on the edges of a distant galaxy? Why are seismologists going missing from 21st century Earth? Who is defacing some of history's most iconic paintings? Why is a Dalek trying to make contact with the Doctor? And just what hold does the mesmeric Rasputin have over Tsar Nicholas in 1916 Russia?

The Doctor faces multiple threats...and a battle to the death.

Legend of the Sea Devils Apr 17, 2022

The Doctor, Yaz and Dan are in 19th century China, where a small coastal village is under threat – from both the fearsome pirate queen Madame Ching and a monstrous alien force which she unwittingly unleashes. Will the Doctor, Yaz and Dan emerge from this swashbuckling battle with the Sea Devils to save the planet?"

Eve of the Daleks Jan 1, 2022

Sarah owns and runs ELF storage, and Nick is a customer who visits his unit every year on New Year's Eve. This year, however, their night turns out to be a little different than planned as they find themselves joining forces with the Doctor, Dan and Yaz in a fight against the Daleks.

Chapter Six: The Vanquishers Dec 5, 2021

In the final epic chapter in the story of the Flux, all hope is lost. The forces of darkness are in control. But when the monsters have won, who can you count upon to save the universe?

Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux Nov 28, 2021

As the forces of evil mass, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival.

Chapter Four: Village of the Angels Nov 21, 2021

Devon, November 1967. A little girl has gone missing, Professor Eustacius Jericho is conducting psychic experiments, and in the village graveyard, there is one gravestone too many. Why is Medderton known as the Cursed Village, and what do the Weeping Angels want?

Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time Nov 14, 2021

On a planet that shouldn't exist, in the aftermath of apocalypse, the Doctor, Dan, Yaz and Vinder face a battle to survive.

Chapter Two: War of the Sontarans Nov 7, 2021

During the Crimean War, the Doctor discovers the British army fighting a brutal alien army of Sontarans, as Yaz and Dan are thrown deeper into a battle for survival. What is the Temple of Atropos? Who are the Mouri?

Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse Oct 31, 2021

On Halloween, all across the universe, terrifying forces are stirring. From the Arctic Circle to deep space, an ancient evil is breaking free. And in present-day Liverpool, the life of Dan Lewis is about to change forever. Why is the Doctor on the trail of the fearsome Karvanista? And what is the Flux?

Revolution of the Daleks Jan 1, 2021

The Doctor is locked away in a high-security alien prison. Isolated, alone, with no hope of escape. Far away, on Earth, her best friends, Yaz, Ryan and Graham have to pick up their lives without her. But it's not easy. Old habits die hard. Especially when they discover a disturbing plan forming. A plan which involves a Dalek. How can you fight a Dalek, without the Doctor?

The Timeless Children Mar 1, 2020

The Cybermen attack, and for the Doctor nothing will ever be the same.

Ascension of the Cybermen Feb 23, 2020

The aftermath of the Great CyberWar. The Doctor arrives in the far future, intent on protecting the last of the human race from the deadly Cybermen. But in the face of such a relentless enemy, has she put her best friends at risk? What terrors lie hiding in the depths of space, and what is Ko Sharmus?

The Haunting of Villa Diodati Feb 16, 2020

The Doctor and gang arrive at the Villa Diodati, Lake Geneva, in 1816 - on a night that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The plan is to spend the evening soaking up the atmos in the presence of some literary greats - but the ghosts are all too real. And the Doctor is forced into a decision of earth-shattering proportions…

Can You Hear Me? Feb 9, 2020

From ancient Syria to present day Sheffield, and out into the wilds of space, something is stalking the Doctor and her friends and infecting people's nightmares. As Graham, Yaz and Ryan return home to see friends and family, they find themselves haunted by very different experiences. Who is the figure calling from beyond the stars for help, and why? And what are the fearsome Chagaskas terrorising Aleppo in 1380? To find the answers, Team TARDIS embark on a mission that forces them to face their darkest fears.

Praxeus Feb 2, 2020

What connects a missing astronaut, birds behaving strangely in Peru, and a US naval officer who washes up on a Madagascan beach? The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham split up to investigate mysterious events across 21st century planet Earth. As the mystery deepens, and lives are put at risk, the TARDIS team face a deadly race against time to save humanity.

Fugitive of the Judoon Jan 26, 2020

Stomping their way into present-day Gloucester, the Judoon are on the hunt for someone on the run. Who is this fugitive? And why are these alien mercenaries after them?

Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror Jan 19, 2020

It is 1903 and on the edge of Niagara Falls, something is wrong at Nikola Tesla's generator plant, where someone – or something – is sabotaging the maverick inventor's work. Has Tesla really received a message from Mars? And where does his great rival Thomas Edison fit into these events? The Doctor and her companions Yaz, Ryan and Graham must join forces with one of history's greatest minds to save both him and planet Earth.

Orphan 55 Jan 12, 2020

Having decided that everyone could do with a holiday, the Doctor takes Graham, Yasmin, Ryan to a luxury resort for a spot of rest and relaxation. However, they discover the place where they are having a break is hiding a number of deadly secrets. What are the ferocious monsters that are attacking Tranquillity Spa?

Spyfall, Part 2 Jan 5, 2020

A terrifying plan to destroy humanity is about to reach fruition. Can the Doctor and her companions escape multiple traps and defeat a deadly alliance?

Spyfall, Part 1 Jan 1, 2020

Intelligence agents around the world are under attack from alien forces, so MI6 turns to the only people who can help - The Doctor and friends. As the team travels the globe looking for answers, attacks come from all sides. Earth's security rests on the their shoulders - but where will this planet-threatening conspiracy lead them?

Resolution Jan 1, 2019

As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil who's the Doctor's oldest enemy stirs from across the centuries of Earth's history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham, and Yaz return home, they must overcome this threat to the planet.

The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos Dec 9, 2018

The Doctor and her companions respond to nine separate distress signals all originating from the same planet: Ranskoor Av Kolos. There they discover a stranded ship, an amnesiac pilot... and an old foe.

It Takes You Away Dec 2, 2018

The TARDIS group materialize in Norway in 2018, and soon find themselves involved with a blind girl and her missing father.

The Witchfinders Nov 25, 2018

The Doctor and her companions materialize in 17th century England and soon find themselves embroiled in local witchcraft... which is the prelude to an alien invasion.

Kerblam! Nov 18, 2018

After receiving an anonymous request for help, the Doctor and her companions travel to a moon of Kandoka to investigate the universe's large retailer: Kerblam.

Demons of the Punjab Nov 11, 2018

Yasmin asks the Doctor to travel back to 1947 India to find out the secret of her grandmother's watch, and discovers more than she wanted to know.

The Tsuranga Conundrum Nov 4, 2018

After a sonic mine detonates, injuring them, the TARDIS crew wake up on a medical ship. They soon discover that they're trapped with an omnivore that threatens the ship's integrity... and the authorities will blow up the ship rather than let the creature endanger thousands of patients.

Arachnids in the UK Oct 28, 2018

The Doctor and her companions return to Earth and find a homegrown menace in the apartment complex where Yasmin's family live... and at the hotel where her mother Najia works.

Rosa Oct 21, 2018

The Doctor and her friends find themselves in the Deep South of America when they arrive in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955. As they encounter a seamstress named Rosa Parks, they begin to wonder if someone is attempting to change history. They discover that a criminal from the future is trying to alter time and make sure that Rosa is never forced to stand on the bus.

The Ghost Monument Oct 14, 2018

The Doctor and her new friends are rescued by two separate spaceships on a mysterious quest, and at the end of the quest lies... the Ghost Monument.

The Woman Who Fell to Earth Oct 7, 2018

In a South Yorkshire city, Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan, and Graham O'Brien are about to have their lives changed forever, as a mysterious woman, unable to remember her own name, falls from the night sky. Can they believe a word she says? Ryan stumbles across a mysterious pod that appears in the forest. Soon a series of strange occurrences happen in Sheffield, and the mysterious woman sets out to solve them.

The Doctor Falls Jul 1, 2017

The Doctor rescues Bill, but warns her that there's no going back to the way things were. Meanwhile, the Cybermen prepare to invade another floor of the spaceship, and Missy must choose sides.

World Enough and Time Jun 24, 2017

The Doctor decides to test Missy's reformation with a mission to investigate a distress signal coming from a 400-mile-long ship near a black hole. However, things soon take a turn for the worst and an old friend returns with new allies.

The Eaters of Light Jun 17, 2017

The Doctor, Bill, and Nardole travel to Scotland in the distant past to learn what happened to the Ninth Legion. They soon discover an alien creature stalking the woods, and the gate that must remain guarded no matter what.

Empress of Mars Jun 10, 2017

The Doctor and Bill end up stranded on Mars investigating how a 19th century message appeared on the 21st century Mars. They find Victorian soldiers... invading an ancient Ice Warrior hive.

The Lie of the Land Jun 3, 2017

Bill finds herself in a world that is ruled by the Monks, and has always believed that the Monks have been there to guide humanity and defend it. Worse, the Doctor is working with the Monks to solidify their rule.

The Pyramid at the End of the World May 27, 2017

The Monks materialize a 5,000-year-old pyramid as a threat, and then demand the consent of Earth's leaders to save the planet from imminent destruction.

Extremis May 20, 2017

The Pope asks the Doctor to investigate the mysteries of Veritas, a book that has caused everyone to read it to commit suicide. However, the Doctor soon learns that Veritas contains the real history of the universe… and it is enough to drive anyone to suicide.

Oxygen May 13, 2017

The Doctor takes Bill and Nardole to a space station in the future in response to a distress call. They discover that 36 of the 40 crew members are dead... but their suits aren't.

Knock Knock May 6, 2017

Bill and her mates receive an offer to move into an old house at a price they can't refuse. However, they soon discover that the price is much higher than promised.

Thin Ice Apr 29, 2017

The Doctor takes Bill to the Great Frost Fair on the Thames in 1814... and they discover that something is living beneath the ice. Something huge, and hungry.

Smile Apr 22, 2017

For her first proper trip, the Doctor takes Bill to a colony in the future. They discover that the skeleton crew has been wiped out, and a terrible fate awaits the awakening colonists unless they do something.

The Pilot Apr 15, 2017

A young woman, Bill, listens to the lectures of a long-time university professor, the Doctor. He soon agrees to tutor her, and Bill realizes that the Doctor is much more than he seems. Bill's mind is opened to a universe that is bigger and more exciting than she could imagine.

Twice Upon a Time Dec 25, 2017

The Twelfth Doctor refuses to regenerate... and finds himself at the South Pole, confronting his first incarnation as he also refuses to regenerate. Together they confront a British Captain displaced from World War I and the mysterious Testimony.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio Dec 25, 2016

The Doctor inadvertently gives a young boy superpowers. Decades later, the Time Lord returns to New York City and finds an alien invasion underway... and only the mysterious superhero known as the Ghost can stop it!

Friend from the Future Apr 23, 2016

Friend from the Future was a short scene broadcast during Match of the Day and later released online in 2016, which introduced the character of Bill Potts to the world. While this was made before the filming of The Pilot, which introduced Bill to the show proper, some elements were re-used and re-purposed for that episode. In the new scene, Bill and the Doctor are in a Dalek-Movellan war zone, where they have fled to free themselves from some sentient oil, the main antagonist of that story. The story is also technically the first appearance of Heather, as the Dalek shown at the end of this story was later revealed to be the oil in disguise.

The Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts are running from this Dalek. They hide behind a wall, and Bill repeatedly questions the Doctor as to what a Dalek is. Bill mentions the Daleks' standard weapons and their standard catchphrase. The Doctor tells Bill what a Dalek is. He hurriedly explains to her, then they run away, intent on going back to the TARDIS, convinced that 2017 needs them. However, they are cornered by the Dalek.

As they turn around a text hits the screen that says "Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill".

Hell Bent Dec 5, 2015

The Doctor bargains with the Time Lords: his knowledge of the Hybrid in return for their saving Clara from death. However, the price may be far more than the Doctor is willing to pay.

Heaven Sent Nov 28, 2015

The Doctor finds himself trapped and alone in an inescapable castle, stalked by an enemy that can't be fought. If he doesn't solve the puzzle of his captivity, then he will never leave.

Face the Raven Nov 21, 2015

Rigsy wakes up one day and finds a tattoo on his neck counting down the minutes to zero. He calls Clara's emergency number for help, and the Doctor and Clara soon discover that Rigsy is bait in a trap... but it catches the wrong person.

Sleep No More Nov 14, 2015

The Doctor and Clara find themselves aboard the Le Verrier Space Station in orbit above Triton in the 38th century, and face a deadly threat that could consume all of humanity.

The Zygon Inversion Nov 7, 2015

After the Presidential Airliner is destroyed, the Doctor and Osgood head back to London. Meanwhile, Clara discovers that she has been replaced, and the Zygon calling itself Bonnie sets out to recover the Osgood Box from the Black Archive.

The Zygon Invasion Oct 31, 2015

The Doctor and UNIT learn that the Zygon-Human truce has been broken, as a renegade faction of Zygons seek to conquer the world so that they can live in their true forms. Meanwhile, Clara witnesses a strange occurrence outside of her flat.

The Woman Who Lived Oct 24, 2015

The Doctor travels to England 1651 to find an alien artifact. What he finds instead is an old acquaintance, who he must help answer an age-old question: who wants to live forever?

The Girl Who Died Oct 17, 2015

The Doctor and Clara are captured by 10th century Vikings, only to discover that alien warriors are abducting the village fighters and harvesting their adrenaline. A young woman challenges the aliens to war, and the remaining villages turn to the Doctor for help.

Before the Flood Oct 10, 2015

The Doctor travels back to 1980 with Bennett and O'Donnell to try and stop the Fisher King from sending the message that dooms the base in the future. Meanwhile, in the future, Clara, Lunn, and Cass fight to survive the ghosts and discover that their enemies have expanded their ranks.

Under the Lake Oct 3, 2015

The Doctor and Clara arrive on an underwater base in the year 2119, and discover a base under siege. Ghosts are haunting--and killing--the crew, and the Doctor sets out to determine what they want and where they come from.

The Witch's Familiar Sep 26, 2015

On Skaro, Davros asks the captive Doctor for one last favor before his death. Meanwhile, Clara and Missy attempt reenter the Dalek city.

The Magician's Apprentice Sep 19, 2015

On modern-day Earth, planes freeze in the sky, locked in the time. UNIT turns to Clara for help, and they soon discover the person responsible: Missy, back from the dead. Missy wants their help on a unique quest: find the Doctor.

The Husbands of River Song Dec 25, 2015

The Doctor is avoiding Christmas when he is summoned to save a dying king. However, he soon discovers that the king's wife--River Song--has plans of her own. And she doesn't recognize the Doctor in his newest incarnation.

The Doctor's Meditation Sep 18, 2015

Taking up about where the Doctor Who series 9 prologue left off, this 6+ minute video shows the Doctor meditating, or rather trying to meditate, about an "old friend" who is very ill.

Prologue Sep 11, 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 starts here, with this prologue to episode 1

Death in Heaven Nov 8, 2014

With Cybermen on the streets of London, old friends unite against old enemies, and the Doctor takes to the air in a startling new role. Can the mighty UNIT contain Missy? As the Doctor faces his greatest challenge, sacrifices must be made before the day is won.

Dark Water Nov 1, 2014

In the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, plans have been drawn. Missy is about to come face to face with the Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming… "Death is not an end" promises the sinister organization known only as 3W – but, as the Doctor and Clara discover, you might wish it was.

In the Forest of the Night Oct 25, 2014

One morning in every city and town in the world, the human race wakes up to face the most surprising invasion yet. Everywhere, in every land, a forest has grown overnight and taken back the Earth. It doesn't take the Doctor long to discover that the final days of humanity have arrived…

Flatline Oct 18, 2014

Separated from the Doctor, Clara discovers a new menace from another dimension. But how do you hide when even the walls are no protection? With people to save and the Doctor trapped, Clara comes up against an enemy that exists beyond human perception.

Mummy on the Orient Express Oct 11, 2014

The Doctor is on the most beautiful train in history, speeding among the stars of the future. But a deadly creature is stalking the passengers. Once you see the horrifying mummy, you only have 66 seconds to live. No exceptions, no reprieve. As the Doctor races against the clock, he is seen at his deadliest and most ruthless.

Will he work out how to defeat the mummy? Start the clock!

Kill the Moon Oct 4, 2014

The Doctor and Clara crash land on the Moon to find a world of horror — a mining base full of corpses, vicious spider-like creatures poised to attack, and a terrible dilemma.

The Caretaker Sep 27, 2014

The terrifying Skovox Blitzer is ready to destroy all humanity – and worse, any second now, Danny Pink and the Doctor are going to meet.

Time Heist Sep 20, 2014

The Doctor turns bank robber when he attempts to break into the most dangerous bank in the Cosmos.

Listen Sep 13, 2014

When ghosts of past and future crowd into their lives, the Doctor and Clara are thrown into an adventure that takes them to the very end of the universe.

Robot of Sherwood Sep 6, 2014

When Robots threaten Sherwood forest, the Doctor must join forces with Robin Hood to stop the evil reign of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Into the Dalek Aug 30, 2014

A Dalek fleet surrounds a lone rebel ship, and only the Doctor can help them now… With the Doctor facing his greatest enemy, he needs Clara by his side. Confronted with a decision that could change the Daleks forever he is forced to examine his conscience. Will he find the answer to the question "am I a good man?"

Last Christmas Dec 25, 2014

The Doctor and Clara face their last Christmas. Trapped on an Arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus!

Prequel (Deep Breath)Aug 23, 2014
Deep Breath Aug 23, 2014

Clara is alone in Victorian London with a man she doesn't know, a dinosaur in the Thames, and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions. The Doctor has changed. It's time you knew him.

The Name of the Doctor May 18, 2013

Clara is summoned to an impossible conference call, alerting her that the deadly Whisper Men are closing in on Vastra, Jenny and Strax.

Someone is kidnapping the Doctor's friends, leading him toward the one place in all of time and space that he should never go. It's a deadly trap that threatens to unravel his past, present and future…

Nightmare in Silver May 11, 2013

Hedgewick's World of Wonders was once the greatest theme park in the galaxy, but it's now the dilapidated home to a shabby showman, a chess-playing dwarf and a dysfunctional army platoon.

When the Doctor, Clara, Artie and Angie arrive, the last thing they expect is the re-emergence of one of the Doctor's oldest foes. The Cybermen are back!

The Crimson Horror May 4, 2013

There's something very odd about Mrs Gillyflower's Sweetville mill, with its perfectly clean streets and beautiful people. There's something even stranger about the bodies washing up in the river, all bright red and waxy. When the Doctor and Clara go missing, it's up to Vastra, Jenny and Strax to rescue them before they too fall victim to the Crimson Horror!

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Apr 27, 2013

A spaceship salvage team drags the TARDIS on board, sending its systems into meltdown. As the Doctor marshals the motely salvage crew outside, he realizes Clara is still trapped within his malfunctioning ship, pursued by a dangerous group of ossified monsters.

He has just 30 minutes to find Clara and save his TARDIS before it self-destructs.

Hide Apr 20, 2013

Clara and the Doctor arrive at Caliburn House, a haunted mansion sat alone on a desolate moor. Within its walls, a ghost hunting Professor and a gifted psychic are searching for the Witch of the Well. Her apparition appears throughout the history of the building, but is she really a ghost? And what is chasing her?

Cold War Apr 13, 2013

The Doctor and Clara land on a damaged Russian Submarine in 1983 as it spirals out of control into the ocean depths. An alien creature is loose on board, having escaped from a block of Arctic ice. With tempers flaring and a cargo of nuclear weapons on board, it's not just the crew but the whole of humanity at stake!

The Rings of Akhaten Apr 6, 2013

Clara wants to see something awesome, so the Doctor whisks her off to the inhabited rings of the planet Akhaten, where the Festival of Offerings is in full swing. Clara meets the young Queen of Years as the pilgrims and natives ready for the ceremony. But something is stirring in the pyramid, and a sacrifice will be demanded.

The Bells of Saint John Mar 30, 2013

The Doctor's search for Clara Oswald brings him to modern day London, where wifi is everywhere. Humanity lives in a wifi soup, but something dangerous is lurking in the signals, picking off minds and imprisoning them. As Clara becomes the target of this insidious menace, the Doctor races to save her and the world from an ancient enemy.

The Angels Take Manhattan Sep 29, 2012

The Doctor's heart-breaking farewell to Amy and Rory — a race against time through the streets of Manhattan, as New York's statues come to life around them… With Rory's life in danger, the Doctor and Amy must locate him before it's too late! Luckily, an old friend helps them and guides the way…

The Power of Three Sep 22, 2012

The Doctor and the Ponds puzzle an unlikely invasion of Earth, as millions of sinister black cubes arrive overnight, almost like presents falling from the sky. But what are they, what's inside them and most importantly, who sent them? With the international community at a loss, it's left to the Doctor to unearth who is behind the mystery.

A Town Called Mercy Sep 15, 2012

The Doctor gets a Stetson (and a gun!), and finds himself the reluctant Sheriff of a Western town under siege by a relentless cyborg, who goes by the name of, the Gunslinger. But who is he and what does he want? The answer seems to lie with the mysterious, Kahler-Jex, an alien doctor (yes another one!) whose initial appearance is hiding a dark secret.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Sep 8, 2012

An unmanned spaceship hurtles towards certain destruction – unless the Doctorcan save it, and its impossible cargo… of dinosaurs!

By his side a ragtag gang of adventurers; a big game hunter, an Egyptian Queen and a surprised member of the Pond family. But little does the Doctor know there is someone else onboard who will stop at nothing to keep hold of his precious, prehistoric cargo.

Asylum of the Daleks Sep 1, 2012

Kidnapped by his oldest foe, the Doctor is forced on an impossible mission – to a place even the Daleks are too terrified to enter… the Asylum. A planetary prison confining the most terrifying and insane of their kind, the Doctor and the Ponds must find an escape route. But with Amy and Rory's relationship in meltdown, and an army of mad Daleks closing in, it is up to the Doctor to save their lives, as well as the Pond's marriage.

The Time of the Doctor Dec 25, 2013

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe's deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars. And amongst them, the Doctor.

Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

The Day of the Doctor Nov 23, 2013

The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th anniversary special. In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London's National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor's own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

The Last Day Nov 21, 2013

A Gallifreyan soldier undergoes initiation in the use of a headcam, as well as the defence of Arcadia. During his training, the impossible happens and Daleks invade.

The Night of the Doctor Nov 14, 2013

On the eve of his most terrible battle, the Time Lord is faced with a choice that will change the course of his life. The darkest of days are about to begin.

Clarence and the Whispermen May 18, 2013

Clarence and the Whispermen is a short produced exclusively for the Doctor Who: Series 7 Part 2 and Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series DVD and Blu-ray box sets. It was written by Steven Moffat and serves as a prequel to the events of The Name of the Doctor.

Synopsis: The Whisper Men approach Clarence DeMarco while in jail, producing the coordinates to Trenzalore which he must give to the 'reptile detective' so they would end up with the Doctor.

She Said, He SaidMay 10, 2013
Demon's Run: Two Days LaterMar 25, 2013
Prequel (The Bells of Saint John) Mar 23, 2013

A little girl finds the Doctor sitting on a swing in a playground. They discuss that he is sad because he can't find his "friend".

The Snowmen Dec 25, 2012

Saddened by the loss of his companions, the Doctor returns to Victorian London and helps a young governess battle a frosty menace. This episode also introduces a new title sequence, the first to show a Doctors face since the 7th Doctor.

Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel Dec 17, 2012

Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel, was a webcast and prequel produced for the 2012 Christmas special.

The Great DetectiveNov 16, 2012
P.S.Oct 12, 2012
Prequel (Asylum of the Daleks)Sep 1, 2012
Pond Life: Part 5 Aug 31, 2012

Pond Life: Part 5 of 5, The Doctor finally arrives at the Ponds House. But where are they?

Pond Life: Part 4 Aug 30, 2012

Pond Life: Part 4 of 5, Domestic life with the Ponds is never dull!

Pond Life: Part 3 Aug 29, 2012

Pond Life: Part 3 of 5, Rory stumbles upon an unexpected guest in his bathroom.

Pond Life: Part 2 Aug 28, 2012

Pond Life: Part 2 of 5, The Doctor picks the wrong time to turn up unannounced.

Pond Life: Part 1 Aug 27, 2012

Pond Life: Part 1 of 5, Whilst the Ponds enjoy life at home, the Doctor has been having some unplanned adventures.

The Wedding of River Song Oct 1, 2011

As the Doctor makes his final journey to the shores of Lake Silencio in Utah, he knows only one thing can keep the universe safe—his own death.

Closing Time Sep 24, 2011

In the last few days of his life,the Doctorpays a farewell visit to his old friend Craig and encounters a mystery. People are going missing, a silver rat scuttles in the shadows of a department store and somewhere close by the Cybermen are waiting.

The God Complex Sep 17, 2011

The Tardis lands in what looks like an ordinary hotel. But the walls move, corridors twist and rooms vanish. There is a room for every visitor that contains their deepest, darkest fears. Fears that will kill them. What lies in the Doctor's room? And when his turn comes, will he welcome death like all the rest?

The Girl Who Waited Sep 10, 2011

Amy is trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague—a plague that will kill the Doctor in a day. The Doctor can use the Tardis to smash through time and break in, but then Rory is on his own. Can he rescue Amy before she is killed by kindness?

Night Terrors Sep 3, 2011

The Doctor receives a distress call from the scariest place in the Universe: a child's bedroom. Terrified of the monsters in his cupboard, George's pleas for help break through the barriers of all time and space. But allaying his fears won't be easy, even for the Doctor. Because George's monsters are real.

Let's Kill Hitler Aug 27, 2011

In the desperate search for Melody Pond, the Tardis crash lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face-to-face with the greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler. The Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities—and in so doing, learns a harsh lesson in the cruelest warfare of all.

A Good Man Goes to War Jun 4, 2011

Amy Pond has been kidnapped and the Doctor is raising an army to rescue her. But as he and Rory race across galaxies calling in long-held debts and solemnly-given promises, his enemies are laying a carefully concealed trap.

In her cell in Stormcage, River Song sadly acknowledges that the time has come at last. For this day will mark the Battle of Demons run and the Doctor's darkest hour. Both sides will make their sacrifices and River Song must finally reveal her most closely guarded secret to the Doctor.

The Almost People May 28, 2011

As the solar storm rages, Jennifer, a Ganger driven mad by the memories of being 'decommissioned', is seeking revenge. She can remember every excruciating second of every 'execution' and is determined that the humans will pay. She isn't just talking war, she's talking revolution.

The Rebel Flesh May 21, 2011

A solar tsunami sends the TARDIS hurtling towards a futuristic factory on earth where human doppelgangers are used to mine dangerous acid. A second wave hits and the 'Gangers' separate. They can remember every second of their 'originals' life and feel every emotion they've ever experienced.

The Doctor's Wife May 14, 2011

The Doctor receives a distress signal from an old friend. Could there really be another living Time Lord out there? Hopes raised, he follows the signal to a junkyard planet sitting upon a mysterious asteroid in a Bubble universe, populated by a very strange family. The Doctor, Amy and Rory are given the warmest of welcomes by Auntie, Uncle and Nephew.

But the beautiful and insane Idris greets them in a more unusual fashion—what is she trying to tell the Doctor? As the Doctor investigates, he unwittingly puts his friends in the gravest danger.

The Curse of the Black Spot May 7, 2011

The TARDIS is marooned onboard a 17th-century pirate ship whose crew is being attacked by a mysterious and beautiful sea creature, as the time-traveling drama continues.

Becalmed and beset by cabin fever, the pirates have numerous superstitious explanations for the appearance of a mysterious Siren. The Doctor has other ideas but as every plan of escape is thwarted, he must win the trust of the implacable Captain Avery and uncover the truth behind the pirates' supernatural fears—and he must work quickly because some of his friends have already fallen under the Siren's spell …

Day of the Moon Apr 30, 2011

The Doctor is locked in the perfect prison. Amy, Rory and River Song are being hunted down across America by the FBI. With the help of new friend and FBI-insider, Canton Everett Delaware the Third, they reunite to share their discoveries and memories.

The Impossible Astronaut Apr 23, 2011

Four envelopes, numbered 2, 3 and 4, each containing a date, time and map reference, unsigned and TARDIS blue. Who sent them? And who received the missing envelope numbered 1?

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe Dec 25, 2011

It's Christmas Eve, 1938, when Madge Arwell comes to the aid of an injured Spaceman Angel as she cycles home. He promises to repay her kindness – all she has to do is make a wish.

Three years later, a devastated Madge escapes war-torn London with her two children for a dilapidated house in Dorset. She is crippled with grief at the news her husband has been lost over the channel, but determined to give Lily and Cyril the best Christmas ever. The Arwells are surprised to be greeted by a madcap caretaker whose mysterious Christmas gift leads them into a magical wintry world. Here, Madge will learn how to be braver than she ever thought possible. And that wishes can come true…

Prequel (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)Dec 6, 2011
Night and the Doctor: Up All NightNov 21, 2011
Night and the Doctor: Last NightNov 21, 2011
Night and the Doctor: First NightNov 21, 2011
Night and the Doctor: Good NightNov 21, 2011
Night and the Doctor: Bad NightNov 21, 2011
Prequel (The Wedding of River Song) Oct 1, 2011

The prequel to The Wedding of River Song was the fifth prequel produced by the BBC for the sixth series of Doctor Who.

Prequel (Let's Kill Hitler)Aug 14, 2011
Prequel (A Good Man Goes to War)Jun 4, 2011
Prequel (The Curse of the Black Spot)May 1, 2011
Prequel (The Impossible Astronaut) Mar 25, 2011

The Prequel to The Impossible Astronaut was the first prequel produced by the BBC for the sixth series of Doctor Who. It contained the first visible appearance of a living, breathing Silent.

A Christmas Carol Dec 25, 2010

Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser. But is Kazran Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve?

Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2Nov 8, 2010
Meanwhile in the TARDIS 1Nov 8, 2010
The Big Bang Jun 26, 2010

The Doctor is gone, the Tardis has been destroyed and the universe is collapsing. The only hope for all of reality is a little girl who still believes in stars…

The Pandorica Opens Jun 19, 2010

According to legend, the Pandorica contains the most feared being in all the cosmos, a monster soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies.

The Lodger Jun 12, 2010

There's a house on Aickman road and a staircase that people go up, but never down. To solve the mystery of the man upstairs the Doctor must face his greatest challenge.

Vincent and the Doctor Jun 5, 2010

Terror lurks in the cornfields of Provence, but only a sad and lonely painter can see it.

Cold Blood May 29, 2010

It's the most important day in the history of Earth—the dawn of a new age of harmony or the start of its final war.

The Hungry Earth May 22, 2010

2015: the most ambitious drilling project in history has reached deeper below the Earth's crust than man has ever gone – but now the ground itself is fighting back.

Amy's Choice May 15, 2010

It's been five years since Amy Pond traveled with the Doctor and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice.

The Vampires of Venice May 8, 2010

Desiccated corpses, terror in the canal, and the sinister House of Calvierri—the Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a romantic mini-break.

Flesh and Stone May 1, 2010

No way back, no way up, no way out. Trapped among an army of Weeping Angels the Doctor and his friends must try to escape through the wreckage of a crashed space liner.

The Time of Angels Apr 24, 2010

Don't blink—the Weeping Angels return! The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead. And the mysterious River Song is back in the Doctor's life—but can he trust her?

Victory of the Daleks Apr 17, 2010

The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him.

The Beast Below Apr 10, 2010

The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future where she finds Britain in space. Starship UK houses the future of the British people, as they search the stars for a new home. But as Amy explores, she encounters the terrifying Smilers and learns a deadly truth inside the Voting Booth.

The Eleventh Hour Apr 3, 2010

The Doctor has regenerated into a brand new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover.

The End of Time - Part Two Jan 1, 2010

The Doctor faces the end of his life, as the Master's victory unleashes the greatest terror of all.

The End of Time - Part One Dec 25, 2009

It is Christmas Eve, and the Doctor is reunited with Wilf to face the return of an old enemy.

The Waters of Mars Nov 15, 2009

Mars, 2059. Bowie Base One. Last recorded message: "Don't drink the water. Don't even touch it. Not one drop."

Adelaide and the Doctor face terror on the Red Planet in one of the scariest adventures yet.

Planet of the Dead Apr 11, 2009

When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand. And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer…

The Next Doctor Dec 25, 2008

It's Christmas Eve in 1851 and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London. When the Doctor arrives and starts to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths, he's surprised to meet another Doctor, and soon the two must combine forces to defeat the ruthless Miss Hartigan. But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing?

Journey's End Jul 5, 2008

Season 4 concludes with the Doctor's companions making a last stand against Davros and the Daleks with the Doctor and the TARDIS both out of commission.

The Stolen Earth Jun 28, 2008

The Earth gets hijacked and relocated by a new Dalek empire, prompting the Doctor's allies--Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Capt. Jack Harkness and Martha Jones--to band together while an old enemy lurks behind the scenes.

Turn Left Jun 21, 2008

What would have happened if the Doctor had died facing the Racnoss? We find a nightmare world as Donna and Rose attempt to stop the approaching Darkness.

Midnight Jun 14, 2008

Vacation plans go awry for the Doctor when he joins tourists on a flight over the crystalline planet Midnight, where the passengers encounter a malevolent force.

Forest of the Dead Jun 7, 2008

As the shadows rise, the Doctor forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song. But can they halt the advance of the Vashta Nerada?

Silence in the Library May 31, 2008

The Doctor meets River Song for the first time as he and Donna face the Vashta Nerada!

The Unicorn and the Wasp May 17, 2008

In 1926, Agatha Christie disappeared for ten days. Was a giant alien wasp to blame?

The Doctor's Daughter May 10, 2008

As the shadows of war loom on the planet Messaline, the Doctor meets the most important woman of his life...

The Poison Sky May 3, 2008

As the Sontarans choke the Earth, the Doctor and UNIT battle to keep both Martha and Donna alive.

The Sontaran Stratagem Apr 26, 2008

Martha Jones summons the Doctor back to UNIT and modern-day Earth, but an old enemy lies in wait.

Planet of the Ood Apr 19, 2008

The Doctor takes Donna to her first alien world, where she finds the human race has developed dark secrets...

The Fires of Pompeii Apr 12, 2008

It's Volcano Day in Pompeii... Can Donna dare the Doctor to change history?

Partners in Crime Apr 5, 2008

Donna and the Doctor reunite and must save the lives of millions threatened by a sinister alien... Allons-y!

Voyage of the Damned Dec 25, 2007

When disaster hits the Titanic, the Doctor uncovers a threat to the whole human race. Battling alongside aliens, saboteurs, robot Angels and a new friend called Astrid, can he stop the Christmas inferno?

Time Crash Nov 16, 2007

The Tenth Doctor meets one of his previous incarnations in this Children in Need special.

The Infinite Quest Jun 30, 2007

The Doctor and Martha follow a trail of clues across alien worlds to find the location of the Infinite, a legendary lost spaceship.

Last of the Time Lords Jun 30, 2007

Earth has been conquered, the Doctor and Jack are imprisoned and the Master rules supreme. Can Martha Jones save the world?

The Sound of Drums Jun 23, 2007

Harry Saxon - aka the Master - becomes prime minister, but his dark ambitions reach beyond the stars.

Utopia Jun 16, 2007

Captain Jack Harkness storms back into the Doctor's life, and at the end of the universe, an evil old enemy is waiting...

Blink Jun 9, 2007

Only the Doctor can stop the Weeping Angels, but he's lost in time. So Sally Sparrow must fly into action...

The Family of Blood Jun 2, 2007

It's 1913, and war comes to England early as the terrifying Family hunt for the Doctor.

Human Nature May 26, 2007

A schoolteacher called John Smith dreams of adventures in time and space...

42 May 19, 2007

The Doctor and Martha must stop a spaceship from hurtling into the sun. But time and a malevolent alien force are against them.

The Lazarus Experiment May 5, 2007

Martha has to save her family from the lunatic schemes of the monstrous Professor Lazarus.

Evolution of the Daleks Apr 28, 2007

As a new Dalek Empire rises in 1930s New York, the Doctor must enter an unholy alliance.

Daleks in Manhattan Apr 21, 2007

The Doctor finds his oldest enemies at work on top of the Empire State Building when he and Martha travel to 1930s New York.

Gridlock Apr 14, 2007

The Doctor takes Martha to New Earth, where he must battle a powerful old enemy and have a fateful meeting with the Face of Boe...

The Shakespeare Code Apr 7, 2007

In Elizabethan England, William Shakespeare is under the control of witch-like creatures.

Smith and Jones Mar 31, 2007

A Judoon platoon on the moon and a vampiric alien! It's all happening when Martha meets the Doctor.

The Runaway Bride Dec 25, 2006

Bride-to-be Donna mysteriously vanishes as she prepares to marry her boyfriend Lance in a glittering ceremony on Christmas Eve. She suddenly appears, to her complete astonishment, in the Tardis with the Doctor. As the Tardis races to get to the church on time, the Doctor and Donna are closely watched by the sinister figure of The Empress of Racnoss from her throne in her spaceship. It soon becomes clear that Donna is the key to an ancient alien plan to destroy the Earth.

Doomsday Jul 8, 2006

As the human race is caught in a war between Daleks and Cybermen, the Doctor faces losing Rose.

Army of Ghosts Jul 1, 2006

The Cybermen have invaded Earth, but the Doctor and Torchwood are about to confront an even greater threat.

Fear Her Jun 24, 2006

London, 2012. The Doctor has brought Rose to see the Olympics, but a little girl unwittingly threatens billions of lives.

Love & Monsters Jun 17, 2006

Who is the sinister and mysterious Victor Kennedy, and why is he so keen to find the Doctor?

The Satan Pit Jun 10, 2006

As Rose battles the murderous Ood, the Doctor must grapple with a monster that challenges his every belief: the Beast.

The Impossible Planet Jun 3, 2006

The Doctor and Rose land in a base on an 'impossible planet'. But the TARDIS is missing, there's a killer in the base, and who are the Ood?

The Idiot's Lantern May 27, 2006

A face-stealing alien is rampant in Britain at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. The Doctor and Rose investigate!

The Age of Steel May 20, 2006

The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the populace. It looks like even the Doctor is beaten...

Rise of the Cybermen May 13, 2006

On a parallel Earth where Rose's parents remained together, the Doctor sees a terrifying enemy reborn... The Cybermen are coming!

The Girl in the Fireplace May 6, 2006

The Doctor is smitten by Madame de Pompadour, but the court at Versailles is under attack from Clockwork killers...

School Reunion Apr 29, 2006

The return of Sarah Jane and K-9! The Doctor plus companions old and new fight the bat-like Krillitanes!

Tooth and Claw Apr 22, 2006

Queen Victoria, a werewolf and the birth of Torchwood... The Doctor's trip to Scotland, 1879, could prove fatal...

New Earth Apr 15, 2006

The Doctor is summoned to an apparently beautiful 'New Earth' where he and Rose find gruesome secrets inside a luxury hospital.

The Christmas Invasion Dec 25, 2005

Rose and the newly-regenerated Doctor continue their adventures together in this Christmas Special episode. Christmas becomes a time of terror for Planet Earth, as the whole of mankind falls under the shadow of the alien Sycorax. Rose needs the Doctor's help, but can she trust a man with a new face?

Born Again Nov 18, 2005

In this Children in Need special, Rose must learn to accept the Doctor in his new, regenerated form.

The Parting of the Ways Jun 18, 2005

The Ninth Doctor's final episode is an epic encounter with the Daleks.

Bad Wolf Jun 11, 2005

The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack fight for their lives on board the Game Station, but disaster strikes when the Daleks capture Rose!

Boom Town Jun 4, 2005

The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack discover a Slitheen is behind a plan to build a nuclear power station in Cardiff.

The Doctor Dances May 28, 2005

'Are you my mummy?' The Child's plague is spreading throughout wartime London, and it looks like Captain Jack is doomed.

The Empty Child May 21, 2005

Homeless children in wartime London are terrorised by an unearthly child. Plus we meet a certain Captain Jack...

Father's Day May 14, 2005

Rose witnesses the day her father died, but interfering leads to terrible consequences... and sinister creatures!

The Long Game May 7, 2005

The Doctor investigates a strange satellite, and Adam's skills as an assistant are tested.

Dalek Apr 30, 2005

The Doctor is shattered and Earth is in danger as he and Rose discover the Time Lords' deadliest enemy beneath Utah.

World War Three Apr 23, 2005

Time is running out for the Doctor as Downing Street announces mankind's first Interplanetary War.

Aliens of London Apr 16, 2005

Rose is taken home, but a spaceship crashes in the Thames and London is closed off... Enter the Slitheen!

The Unquiet Dead Apr 9, 2005

Charles Dickens and the Doctor team up as corpses stalk the streets of Victorian Cardiff.

The End of the World Apr 2, 2005

The Doctor takes Rose on her first voyage through time, to the year five billion and the end of planet Earth.

Rose Mar 26, 2005

Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, and realises Earth is in danger.

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Watch Party: Pre-Show Oct 7, 2018

Celebrate the season (global) premiere of Doctor Who with a special, featuring interviews with Jodie Whittaker and panel interviews with Doctor Who fans and experts including Wil Wheaton, Travon Free, and Alison Haislip. Host: Maude Garrett

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Watch Party: Post Show Oct 7, 2018

Celebrating the Season 11 premiere of "Doctor Who" with a post-show review with Alison Haislip, Travon Free, and Dr. Janna Levin. Host Maude Garrett.

Doctor Who: The End of an Era Dec 25, 2017

Archive footage and interviews looking back at Peter Capaldi's era as the Twelfth Doctor; Steven Moffat reflecting upon his time as a writer and then later as Executive Producer, revealing his favorite episodes.

Doctor Who: Earth Conquest – The World Tour Jan 16, 2015

The 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and companion Jenna Coleman visit seven cities on five continents in 12 days to promote the new season of "Doctor Who."

Premiered on BBC America on Friday, August 22, 9:00pm ET.

Doctor Who: A Farewell to Matt Smith Apr 18, 2014

Recollecting Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor; cast mates, writers, producers and celebrity fans share highlights.

Strax Field Report: The Doctor Has Regenerated! Dec 25, 2013

Strax reports on the Doctor saving the universe and his latest regeneration! 


Strax Field Report: A Sontaran's View of Christmas Dec 22, 2013

Strax has discovered "puny humans enjoy a period of celebration known as Christmas..." 

Strax Field Report: The Doctors Dec 19, 2013

Strax delivers a field report about events unfolding around The Doctors.


Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty Nov 23, 2013

Zoe Ball and Rick Edwards are live, getting the party started for the ultimate celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who. With an impressive guest list of Doctors and companions both past and present, celebrity fans and some very special surprises, this is the afterparty not to be missed. As well as all the gossip on the new episode The Day of the Doctor, there are exclusive interviews, showstopping monster moments and plenty of fun. So make a date to celebrate with us and be a part of this time-traveling extravaganza as we say Happy Birthday Doctor Who.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Nov 23, 2013

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot is a 2013 comedy spoof and homage to the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. It debuted on the BBC Red Button service after the broadcast of "The Day of the Doctor", the official 50th anniversary special.[2][3] The programme was written and directed by Peter Davison, who stars alongside fellow former Doctor actors Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann. It features appearances from more recent stars of the show David Tennant, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and John Barrowman, as well as Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat, his predecessor Russell T Davies, and numerous others connected to the programme, all playing themselves in a more or less parodic manner.

The plot focuses on the fictionalised, disgruntled Davison, Baker and McCoy, who become embroiled in misadventures as they attempt to sneak onto the set of the official Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

An Adventure in Space and Time Nov 21, 2013

A special one-off drama that travels back to 1963 to see how Doctor Who was first brought to the screen. Actor William Hartnell felt trapped by a succession of hard-man roles. Wannabe producer Verity Lambertwas frustrated by the TV industry's glass ceiling. Both of them were to find unlikely hope and unexpected challenges in the form of a Saturday tea-time drama. Allied with a team of unusual but brilliant people, they went on to create the longest running science fiction series ever made.

Strax Field Report: Queen Elizabeth Nov 17, 2013

Strax reports on The Day of the Doctor and a 'boy' called Queen Elizabeth.

Strax Field Report: The Zygons Nov 7, 2013

Strax reports on The Day of the Doctor and the return of the Zygons!

Clara and the TARDISSep 24, 2013
Doctor Who Live: The Next DoctorAug 4, 2013
Strax Field Report: The Doctor's Greatest Secret May 24, 2013

"It appears the Doctor has kept one of his many faces from view..." Strax reveals more...

Strax Field Report: A Glorious Day - The Name of the Doctor May 18, 2013

Strax delivers a field report about events that will unfold in "The Name of the Doctor."

Strax Field Report: The Name of the Doctor May 16, 2013

Strax reports on the adventure and danger that lie ahead in The Name of the Doctor.

Strax Field Report: Trafalgar Square Apr 9, 2013

Strax gives us a field report on the sighting of the Doctor at Trafalgar Square

The Inforarium Dec 20, 2012

The Inforarium was a Doctor Who mini-episode made exclusively for the series 7 DVD and Blu-ray box sets. It featured a pre-Snowmen Eleventh Doctor, and actually demonstrated how he was deleting himself from history to support his faked death, as was mentioned multiple times throughout the 2012 series.

The Making of the GunslingerSep 15, 2012
The Destinations of Doctor Who Aug 25, 2012

Leave the beach towel at home and take a trip to the end of the earth - literally. From the Starship UK to one very haunted hotel, you won't find the destinations of Doctor Who in any guidebook.

The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who Aug 18, 2012

When the Doctor's around, tomorrow is yesterday, yesterday is tomorrow and 18th century France is in your fireplace. Confused yet? Watch the Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who. You've already seen it in the future.

The Women of Doctor Who Aug 11, 2012

Behind every great time lord there's a great woman. Whether they're busting Daleks or the Doctor's ego, the women of Doctor Who prove that you don't need testosterone to save the universe.

The Science of Doctor Who Aug 4, 2012

The Science of Doctor Who is a televised lecture by physicist Brian Cox discussing the nature of space and time as related to the science fiction series Doctor Who.

Good as GoldMay 24, 2012
The Naked Truth Oct 18, 2011

The Doctor makes you an offer you can't refuse… bid for his costume for Children in Need!

Death is the Only AnswerOct 1, 2011
Best of the CompanionsAug 27, 2011
Best of the MonstersAug 20, 2011
Best of the DoctorAug 13, 2011
Rain Gods May 14, 2011

Rain Gods was a Doctor Who mini-episode made exclusively for the Series 7 DVD and Blu-ray box sets. It was written by Neil Gaiman and featured Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Alex Kingston as River Song.

It was adapted from the unused opening sequence of The Doctor's Wife.

A Ghost Story for Christmas Dec 24, 2009

Christmas is a perfect time for scary stories that send a shiver down your spine and put a smile on your face! It's good to have a touch of terror in the tinsel and we've got a tale for you now that'll make you go brrrrrr!

But a warning to the curious... it's about a strange and terrifying race known as the Weeping Angels. Enjoy their story but whatever you do, don't blink!

Tonight's the NightMay 23, 2009
Top 5 Christmas MomentsDec 25, 2008
Music of the SpheresJul 27, 2008
Attack of the GraskeDec 25, 2005

When will be Doctor Who next episode air date?

Doctor Who Season 15 is yet to be announced by Disney+.

Is The Doctor Who renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 10/23/2022 and now is not renewed yet. Doctor Who is to be Premiered on Disney+

Where to countdown Doctor Who air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 15 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Doctor Who, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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