Eat Well For Less Canceled BBC One Series Not Returning for Season 9

Status: Canceled
Latest Episode: 9/29/2022
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Station: BBC One
Genres: Food

Eat Well for Less is a very popular food-related reality series airing on BBC One since 2015.

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Episode 6 Sep 29, 2022

Chris and Jordan are in the south west, just outside the city of Bath, with the Forsyths, a busy family in need of a mealtime miracle. Richard is a freelance writer, and Helen runs her own marketing agency. They are parents to 13-year-old Eddie and 10-year-old Elsa. Like a lot of working parents, they struggle to find a work-life balance. Richard works from home and is usually responsible for dinners, but it's a job he dreads, as the family all have different dietary needs.

Richard is a meat eater, Helen is vegan, and both children are vegetarian. Finding something they can all eat is impossible, so Richard relies on convenience food that he knows the kids will eat. When Helen gets home from work, she also heads for quick vegan convenience food. This lack of meal planning and reliance on quick fixes is costing them time and money, and after being hit hard by the pandemic, they want to get to grips with their spending. But Richard and Helen have lost their love of cooking and find it a chore. Chris wants to prove it is possible to cook quick and delicious meals and bring the fun back to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Jordan's mission is to get Eddie and Elsa in the kitchen and show them they can take some of the pressure off Dad by making their own quick and easy snacks.

Does food being plant-based mean it's a healthy choice? Chris visits Jordan in the Eat Well kitchen to find out. Chris rustles up a plant-based dish for Jordan that he thinks all the Forsyths would enjoy.

Episode 5 Jun 23, 2022

Eat Well for Less? is back, but this time Chris Bavin has a new partner by his side: dancer, radio presenter and busy dad of two Jordan Banjo. Our dynamic duo are tackling some of the nation's biggest spenders, overhauling their nutrition and helping them find quick, tasty and healthy meals. The Great British public have their say as the pair travel the country taste-testing different food and drink. Can they prove that we can all Eat Well for Less?

This week Chris and Jordan are in Manchester, helping a convenience-loving family. Gaz and Amina work in social services and are parents to five-year-old Lincoln and four-year-old Elita. Juggling busy jobs means evenings in the Whites' house are a tale of two teatimes. Lincoln and Elita get a delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal, whereas Gaz and Amina end up opting for pricey convenience food or takeaways. This lack of planning and reliance on expensive quick fixes is costing them time and money. Can Chris and Jordan get them cooking one meal for all and help them save some of their hard-earned cash?

The family's kitchen is taken over and their usual foods replaced with different brands disguised in plain packaging. Most are cheaper, some are the same, and some may be more expensive to challenge them to try new foods.

Chris wants to prove to Amina that she doesn't have to spend on premium ready meals, and that cooking from scratch can be quick! Jordan's mission is to convince Gaz that he can make his own delicious alternative to his lunchtime meal of choice: a cheese and onion pasty.

Chris visits Europe's largest vertical farm in Scunthorpe to look at the possible future of farming. Bristol Rovers Extra Time club taste-test five different types of bran flakes to see which one they prefer.

The White family think that buying fresh is always best. Jordan visits Chris in the Eat Well kitchen to find out if that's always the case. Chris gets to try a recipe that packs a punch and that Jordan thinks would be a winner with the Whites.

Can the boys get the White family all eating the same meal, enjoying more quality family time together and saving them money?

Episode 4 Jun 16, 2022

Chris and Jordan are in the West Country, in the town of Trowbridge. Lucy-Kate and Leon are parents to 8-year-old Gabriel, who has cerebral palsy. With some form of therapy happening every day, their schedule is extremely hectic, and finding time for family meals is proving impossible. Lucy-Kate ensures Gabriel has a well-balanced diet filled with nutritious fruit and veg, but she and Leon don't pay the same attention. Self-confessed emotional eaters, they often find themselves exhausted at the end of the day, which leads to them either snacking or resorting to takeaways - sometimes up to three times a week! A lack of meal planning means food waste is also a problem. This haphazard eating is not only hugely costly, but it's also impacting on mealtimes, as Gabriel would love them all to sit and eat together at the table. Can Chris and Jordan get to the bottom of this family's busy schedule and topsy-turvy eating habits, bring them together at mealtimes and save them money?

Chris and Gabriel make a tasty carbonara with Gabriel's favourite vegetable, broccoli. Jordan wants to help Lucy-Kate fall back in love with cooking and shows her a quick, easy and nutritious meal that the whole family can enjoy. Jordan talks Chris through calories and shows him how some meals can look similar but have a very different calorie content. Chris shows Jordan how to make a smoked haddock and mashed potato scotch egg, something he thinks would be a huge snack hit with families up and down the country.

Episode 3 Jun 9, 2022

Chris and Jordan face a big challenge when they meet a family from Suffolk who are divided at dinner time. Katy is grandma to ten-year-old Ruby and eight-year-old Toby. Sadly, Katy's daughter died three and half years ago, and it's been Katy and the grandchildren ever since. Katy's entire life changed, and her focus now is on making sure the children have happy and healthy lives. The family home is a harmonious place to be, until mealtimes. The kids have very different tastes, which means a constant battle for Katy. Ruby eats most things but doesn't like fruit, whereas Toby does like fruit but hates vegetables. It's not just the kids who are particular about what they eat. Katy has gluten and dairy intolerances and would like to be veggie. She tries her best to ensure the children are eating a healthy, balanced diet, but the constant disagreement over food means she ends up giving in and cooking separate meals. As well as all this, they love to snack, and Katy is partial to a takeaway coffee. This means their spending is adding up, and Katy needs help to get back on track. Can Chris and Jordan find a dinner they all like and save them money?

In Devon, Chris visits a tofu producer to find out how it's made, and in our Eat Well kitchen Chris and Jordan look at different gluten-free foods and how much they cost. Jordan shows Chris how to make vegetarian and gluten- and lactose-free toad in the hole.

Episode 2 May 26, 2022

This time, Chris Bavin and Jordan Banjo are helping a family of five from West Drayton. Liston and Preety Clarke are parents to 15-year-old Teyha, eight-year-old Jorja and seven-year-old Dylan. Being of Indian heritage, Preety feels her culture and upbringing has influenced how they shop. With a well-stocked pantry, food is readily available, but planning meals and getting everyone to eat the same food is where she faces her biggest challenge. The kids love to snack on sweet treats, and with a pantry full of temptation, it's hard to resist. Filling up on snacks means they often refuse to eat the healthy food Preety cooks for them. For an easy life and to keep everyone happy, she often resorts to meals she knows they'll eat – takeaways! Fast food and sugary snacks aren't great, but for Preety it's more serious as she has diabetes. It's a condition that runs in the family, and she worries that the children will follow in her footsteps. The overflowing pantry, mountains of snacks and regular takeaways are all adding up, and with the family now having to get by on one salary, they need help to get their spending and eating habits under control.

Chris tackles the children's snacking habits and uses shock tactics to show Preety and Liston just how much sugar the kids consume. Jordan wants to get the kids eating more veg and hopes his rainbow pizza will convince them. In the Eat Well kitchen, Jordan reveals some surprising facts about the sugar content of some of our favourite toast toppings, and Chris shows Jordan a great recipe he's sure the Clarke family would enjoy, honeycomb pasta cake.

Episode 1 May 19, 2022

Chris Bavin has a new partner by his side - dancer, radio presenter and busy father of two, Jordan Banjo. They head to Scotland to meet Karen and taxi driver Andy, who live near Glasgow and are parents to five-year-old triplets Alyssia, Poppy and Caleb. Two years ago, they were given the devastating news that Caleb had an aggressive brain tumour. Caleb spent a year in chemotherapy, and at the end of 2019 his first treatment was complete. Then Covid-19 hit, and in the middle of the pandemic, Caleb relapsed. Karen and Andy were initially told that nothing could be done, but now Caleb is now trialling a new chemotherapy drug, which he takes twice a day.

With so much going on with Caleb and the frequent hospital visits, it's understandable that cooking and eating routines have fallen by the wayside. Karen and Andy shop with the intention of cooking meals, but then life takes over, and they reach for anything that is quick and convenient. Relying on ready meals and quick fixes means lots of the food that Karen planned to cook ends up in the bin. She also worries a lot about the safety of food, which leads to more food waste. Karen is also on a mission to get fit so that she can do charity runs, and is training most days. She has started buying pricey protein products, but these come with a hefty price tag. Meanwhile, Andy is filling up on fizzy drinks, sometimes getting through three litres a day. Having been hit hard by the pandemic, Karen and Andy urgently need to rein in their spending. Can Chris and Jordan get them back on track and saving some much-needed cash?

In our Eat Well kitchen, Chris and Jordan look at the difference between use by and best before dates, Chris gets Jordan to join him in a taste test like no other, and Jordan shows Chris how to make a simple sweet treat that uses up what so many of us throw out.

The Hulme Family Jul 15, 2021

Gregg and Chris head to Cardiff to meet a family who are stuck in a food rut due to their seven-year-old son's serious food allergies.

The Ahmed Family Nov 5, 2020

Gregg and Chris visit a young family with very different tastes in food. Husband Ajaz loves spiced-up red meat, but wife Aliyah prefers milder flavours, so they never eat the same meal.

The Winbourne Family Oct 29, 2020

Gregg and Chris are in Bromley reuniting a family with their kitchen. Bored of dad James's cooking, the Winbournes often eat out, but now they want to learn some kitchen skills.

The Killeen Family Oct 22, 2020

Kim and Alex have called in Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin to help get their parents' diets back on track after an emotionally tough year of family difficulties.

The Peters Family Sep 15, 2020

Manchester single mothers Hayley and Megan join forces to help improve each other's diet, and turn to Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin for help in finding healthy meals all of their children will enjoy. Chris also visits a butcher to report on the importance of buying locally produced meat and asks members of the public what they think of some of the lesser known, cheaper cuts.

The Macbeth Family Sep 8, 2020

MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin return to help more families with their food shopping, beginning with the Macbeth family in Windsor. Single mum Holly has her hands full looking after her two sons - 16-year-old Spencer and Fletcher, who is 11. Caring for Spencer, who has cerebral palsy, leaves Holly little time to cook, and as a result the family has become dependent on microwavable ready meals. While Spencer is happy to eat most foods, Fletcher - who has recently been diagnosed with autism - is fussier.

The Drew Family Jan 8, 2020

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help a family of fussy eaters in Gosport on the south coast lower their food bills and change their unhealthy eating habits. James and Rianna have two children, Tallulah-Belle who is three and Penelope who is one. Tallulah-Belle was born 11 weeks early weighing just one pound and now suffers with chronic lung disease. The couple spent over two years in hospital with her, living on convenience freezer food and takeaways, and now she is home their diets have not changed. Can Gregg and Chris help this family get their spending and eating habits back on track?

Bristol Housemates Oct 23, 2019

Gregg and Chris help a household of students, whose expensive tastes and love of brands mean that they are blowing their student loans on pricey pesto and branded pasta.

The Walton Family Oct 16, 2019

This week Gregg and Chris are in Nottinghamshire with the sugar-loving Walton family, whose food shop leaves the boys totally speechless.

The Carter Family Jun 26, 2019

This week Gregg and Chris are with the Carters in Belfast. They need help with four permanently hungry children who are eating their dad out of house and home.

The Gambling Family Jun 12, 2019

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help the Gambling family in Ealing, west London, lower their food bills. Douglas and Angella are two self-confessed 'foodies" who like to keep their kitchen stocked up with high-quality products. Now the couple have two young children, they find themselves increasingly reliant on takeaway meals and pre-measured ingredient boxes. Can Gregg and Chris get the programme's biggest ever spenders to change their food shopping habits?

The Blackman Family May 30, 2019

This week, Gregg and Chris are in West Sussex to help the Blackman family. There is mum Kate, who works as a nursery practitioner, and her three daughters - 16-year-old Ellie, 11-year-old Charlotte and Annabelle, 9, – and none of them will eat the same thing! With one daughter who is fussy about what she eats and another who is dairy intolerant and avoids gluten, mum Kate is cooking four separate meals every night and unsurprisingly has fallen out of love with cooking. With Kate feeling guilty for relying on convenience food and takeaways, she has turned to Gregg and Chris for help. Can they bring the joy back into Kate's kitchen and stop her reaching for those convenience foods and takeaways? And can our couple of ex-greengrocers get the girls to fall in love with vegetables?


Episode 1 May 23, 2019

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help a couple of busy mums in Bridgend who have little time for proper meals, a problem made worse by their fussy-eating children.

The Saynor Family Feb 7, 2019

Gregg and Chris are in Cheshire to help the Saynor family, whose work is taking over their kitchen. Kelly and Justin have been married for four years and have two businesses together, but their successful careers have come at a cost. Work for these two is 24/7 and accompanies them home every evening which means their kitchen table has been taken over by their home computer. As a result the family rarely eat together around the table. Life for the Saynors is fast-paced and often Justin and Kelly miss breakfast and lunch - and dinner is all about speed. When it's not one of two recipes they know they can cook quickly, it's a ready meal, a takeaway or their absolute favourite option, a meal in their local restaurant. Not only is this expensive but it's not a healthy way of eating. If Gregg and Chris can come up with quick, easy, nutritious recipes, this family could start enjoying healthier meals together, but will they get the Saynors to slow down long enough to get back to basics, cooking and dining in rather than eating out?

The Venter Family Oct 18, 2018

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin are in Buckinghamshire with the Venter family. Fitness instructor Kim is on a mission to get her lorry-driving husband Martin eating healthily when he is not on the road. As a pescatarian she likes him to have meat-free dinners with no carbs. Kim and Martin have two sporty teenage boys who eat the opposite to them - protein-packed meaty meals with plenty of pasta or potatoes. So Kim is faced with cooking at least two meals every night. Not only is this time consuming, it is costly too. Can Gregg and Chris put an end to these habits and get the whole family eating vegetarian, protein-packed, nutritious meals together that would give them more money in their wallets for a family holiday?

The McKinstry Family Oct 11, 2018

Gregg and Chris travel to County Down, Northern Ireland, to help the McKinstry family. Videographer Gary and school teacher Louise love using their local butcher and spend a fortune on the butcher's ready meals. Add this to a weekly supermarket shop and this family of six are spending some serious cash. Gary and Louise want to save money but they also want to lose some pounds and start eating more healthily. Can Gregg and Chris help them get their portion sizes under control and wean the family off expensive premade dinners and on to cheaper home-cooked meals?

Poppy & Emma Oct 4, 2018

This week Gregg and Chris are in Hertfordshire to help two very busy mums, part-time physiotherapist Poppy and school teacher Emma. They have three-year-old twins, Piper and Beckett, and like many parents their evenings are ruled by the toddlers. Emma and Poppy are exhausted by the time the twins are in bed and regularly eat whatever they can throw together quickly. Cooking has fallen by the wayside in favour of nachos or platters of cold meat and salad, which means the food they buy for the week often goes out of date and is instead given to Poppy's self-sufficient mum to feed to her chickens. Can the boys get Poppy and Emma cooking one meal a night that they can all eat together and that's nutritious as well as cheap?

The Howell Family Aug 2, 2018

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. The duo head to Newport to help the Howell family, whose busy lifestyle means they are reliant on ready meals and takeaways. Full-time pastors Donna and Robbie are desperate to get their four children to eat nutritious meals, but with conflicting schedules and a variety of tastes to satisfy, ready meals and takeaways have become the easy option. With so many people to cater for, can Gregg and Chris get everyone working together and saving money?

The MacDonald Family Jul 26, 2018

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. Chris and Gregg head to Reading to help the MacDonald family. Part-time administrator Jo and her sons, 14-year-old Zennon and 9-year-old twins Tayon and Zain, are stuck in a food rut. After-school clubs and activities mean the family spend a lot of time out of the house, so when Jo gets everyone home she needs quick meal fixes. Luckily for Jo, her retired mum Denise is always on hand to help-but not with the cooking! Jo and Denise rely on big brands of jarred sauces and pre-prepared freezer food and a lot of snacks. This all comes at a cost, and Jo's much-needed garage conversion has had to be put on hold, meaning Denise is forced to sleep in one of the kid's beds.

The Dye Family Jul 19, 2018

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. They visit the Dye family in Bedford. Jon and Lisa Dye don't cook and while car part specialist Jon lives on a diet of convenience food and crisps, flight attendant Lisa has a sweet tooth. With Lisa often away with work, meal times are haphazard. They often miss meals and they rely on their microwave. This lack of organisation means their shopping bill comes in under the national average. Could this be the first time Gregg and Chris push a family's spending up in the hope of improving their health and nutrition?

The Atkinson Family Jul 12, 2018

Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. They visit the Atkinson family in Blackpool. Michelle and John live with their three boys, Gary, 22, Liam, 19, and Kyle, seven. Despite working 50 hours a week, feeding the family has fallen to mum Michelle, and she is fed up. With the older boys in their twenties and earning their own money, they prefer to get takeaways, and the whole family are now regularly relying on fast food, even though they do a weekly supermarket shop and always have a fridge full of food. The Atkinsons have the biggest food spend Gregg and Chris have ever seen, and it is up to them to put a stop to it. It is not going to be easy, but can they get the Atkinson men feeding the family, reduce the amount of takeaways they are ordering and get them to save some much-needed cash?

Gabrielle Nov 1, 2017

Chris and Gregg head to Amersham in Buckinghamshire to visit a former ballet dancer. Single mum Gabrielle proves to be the pair's biggest challenge to date, shopping up to three times a day, seven days a week and spending thousands. She's a shopaholic with a difference! Gabrielle isn't spending the big bucks because she loves doing it, this busy mum is doing everything she can to avoid a big supermarket shopping trip by going multiple times a day to small convenience stores, and daughter Zeeza is at her wits' end. When the pair aren't on a food run, they're at home heating up microwave food, and avoiding home cooking. With the bills spiralling into the thousands, can Chris tackle Gabrielle's supermarket phobia? Plus can Gregg find a way of inspiring Gabrielle in the kitchen, reigniting her love of food? With a weekly spend of over four and a half times the national average, and a bizarre approach to food shopping, is this the one that finally breaks our dynamic duo?

The Prestwich Family Oct 25, 2017

Chris and Gregg head to Surrey to help the Prestwich family. John, Sue and daughters Sophie and Anna are stuck in a food rut. John works long hours as a chartered surveyor so part time teaching assistant Sue is in charge of meals times. But there's one big problem, Sue loves to shop and can easily spend hours in the supermarket stocking up on convenience foods, big brands and lots of snacks to please the family. But with so many different tastes to cater for Sue is often left cooking two dinners every night and struggles to keep everyone happy. Can Gregg and Chris find meals the whole family will eat together, reduce their snacking and save them money?

The Wilson Family Oct 18, 2017

Gregg and Chris have their work cut out with a fussy family from Derby who are stuck in a rut with their food habits, and whose fruit and veg consumption is nowhere near the recommended five-a-day. Chris visits a fruit farmer and factory to find out if canned fruit could help. Mum Sarah, lives with her 11-year-old twins Sam and Alex, who are extremely fussy and reluctant to try new foods, Sam and Alex won't even eat family staples such as rice, pasta and potatoes and instead live on the same five meals, which all come out of a packet. Born with spinal muscular atrophy type 2, a rare genetic neuromuscular condition, Sam and Alex are both in wheelchairs, so Sarah understandably relies on convenience foods to try and save time. It's coming at a cost though. Can Gregg and Chris convince Sam and Alex to try new foods and persuade Sarah to ditch her favourite brands?

The Allison Family Oct 11, 2017

Gregg and Chris face a particularly tricky challenge in Lancashire with their largest family yet. Single mum Angela is juggling a full-time job and bringing up five daughters aged eight to eighteen - one ofthem has coeliac disease and another has both coeliac and type 1 diabetes.

The Brook Family Jun 21, 2017

Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. They have come to Nottingham hoping to help the Brook family, who are well and truly stuck in a rut. Tourism lecturer Janine is at her wits' end with husband Paul and their two girls, Rosie and Sophia, all of whom prefer snacking on sugary treats to following a healthy diet. Having quit sugar two years ago, Janine's hoping that with a little help, her family can reduce their dependence on the sweet stuff. As the girls are fussy eaters Janine relies heavily on 'quick teas', convenient favourites she knows her children will eat. Janine feeds them separately to her and Paul, but this means she's cooking twice a night and churning out the same old meals. Janine has secondary breast cancer and having exhausted all treatment options on the NHS is now faced with self-funding the drugs she may need in future, and so every penny this family can save really does count.

The Caan Family Jun 14, 2017

Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. Gregg and Chris are faced with one of their biggest challenges yet. Can they keep the Caan family from Glasgow, mum Tina, dad Ryan and kids - six-year-old Laila and eight-year-old Ray - away from their favourite takeaways and get them cooking from scratch? Gregg and Chris meet dietician Hala El Shafie to see what's really in some of our most popular takeaways, while Chris investigates what supermarkets are doing to tackle food waste, and helps the Caans try and overcome their wasteful ways. Ryan is addicted to food shopping and loves his fridge to be full, but with a weekly visit to the supermarket, a trip to the butchers and top-up shops every other day, this family's food bills are spiralling out of control. When it comes to food, convenience is king in the Caan household with takeaways being a weekly staple.

The Rielly Family Jun 7, 2017

Gregg and Chris have a challenge on their hands with the Rielly family from Middlesex, whose plentiful problems lead them to explore carbohydrates - should we be trying to cut them out of our diet or not? Chris investigates the baffling difference in price between cheap table salt and high-end sea salt to find out if it is ever worth paying more. The Riellys are a busy family with very different eating habits. Dad Adam lives on takeaways whilst mum Stacy cooks three different dinners every night because she and the kids do not like the same foods. Twelve-year-old Izzy is so fussy she survives on tomato soup and pasta, whilst eight-year-old Harry has type 1 diabetes, so Mum has to count the carbohydrates in everything he eats - not easy when Harry snacks up to eight times a day and is always hungry.

The King Family Sep 16, 2016

Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. Gregg and Chris head to Wandsworth in south London to meet dental nurse Sheena King and her daughter Nila. Work pressures mean that Sheena's go-to is prepacked convience food, as well as organic produce, which she believes tastes better than non-organic food. Sheena never makes a shopping list, and spends on average three times more than the national average on the weekly shop, and since Nila is a picky eater so Sheena ends up cooking two separate meals everytime. Can Gregg and Chris curb Sheena's spending and show her an alternative way of shopping that will satisfy her expensive tastes, Nila's eating habits and save them money along the way?

The Hoyland Family Aug 22, 2016

This week, Chris and Gregg journey to Edinburgh to meet the Hoyland family. Dad Derek, who is coeliac, has not eaten the same meal as his family for nearly six years, living off salads to avoid any gluten in his diet. Mum Clair is brand obsessed, filling the trolley with frozen convenience food, diet-ready meals and litres of bottled water every week, spending over double the national average for a family of four. Their two children, Connor and Amy, long to sit down as a family and all eat the same meal, but Clair's fear of gluten-free cooking means she cooks three separate meals every day.

Can Chris and Gregg conquer Clair's gluten-free cooking phobia and finally get this family to sit down together and eat the same meal, as well as save them money?

The Haynes Family Aug 3, 2016

Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. Gregg and Chris are in Hampshire with the Haynes family, whose different tastes mean that they are eating different dinners, causing lots of waste and their food bills to spiral. As Jodie is a childminder, she has lots of mouths to feed in the evening as well as their two young children. Husband Rob is often home late and prefers something spicier than Jodie's child-friendly dinners and so picks up pre-prepared meals for himself. Between the two of them, they are going to the shops 11 times a week and spending over twice the national average. The Haynes family likes to entertain with fizz, so Chris goes to Spain to see how cava is made and what the differences are between rivals prosecco and Champagne. Gregg and Chris also talk to nutritionist Hala El-Shafie about what to look out for when buying pre-packaged food.

The Taylor Family Jul 27, 2016

Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. Gregg and Chris are in Leicestershire with the Taylor family, whose spending on food has spiralled out of control. Mum Lindsey bakes a cake every day for her family, and her baking obsession, along with a fear of the cupboards being empty and a love of brands, means that this family's food shop is over three times the national average. Daily cakes are not only bad for their budget but also for their health, and so Gregg and Chris introduce some new recipes to shake up the family's bad habits. Nutritionist Hala El-Shafie discusses the best way to buy fruit and veg and what to do when they are past their best, and Chris is at an egg farm tracing the eggs' journey from hen to supermarket.

The Thomas Family Jul 20, 2016

Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin help families across the UK sort food fact from fiction and eat well for less. Gregg and Chris are in Chelmsford, Essex to help the Thomas family, a couple whose completely different shopping styles are causing arguments in the supermarket aisles. Newlyweds Mandy and Adie have four children between them. Brand-loving Mandy admits to having 'champagne taste with a lemonade income' - she never says no to the kid's food requests and, as a result, they go through 70 bags of branded crisps a week. Adie, however, thinks budget versions are just as good. Mandy also relies on convenience microwave meals whereas Adie likes to cook from scratch, leaving this couple completely at loggerheads. Can Gregg and Chris help them find a middle ground and potentially save them thousands a year?

The Butler Family Jul 13, 2016

Gregg and Chris come to the aid of the very busy Butler family from Wales. Teachers Neil and Angela have two daughters with very different eating habits. 17-year-old Ffion is a disabled swimmer, born with one arm. She trains twice a day and hopes to represent Britain at the 2020 Paralympics. Ffion is a meat-loving athlete, whereas 16-year-old Alice is a committed vegetarian who usually ends up eating a different microwave meal from the rest of the family.

Add to that Angela's love of pre-prepared, premium-brand products, and their shopping bill has become out of control. Can Gregg and Chris teach these teachers how to change their bad shopping habits?

Eat Well for Less at Christmas: The Goff Family Dec 17, 2015

Chris and Gregg are determined to prove that you can save money without scrimping on indulgence over the festive period. They test mince pies, champagne and cava and most importantly turkey to see what comes out on top as well as trying to save the Goff family some money in the process.

The Guest Family Oct 1, 2015

Gregg and Chris come to the aid of the Guest family from Loughborough, whose diet of beige convenience food is not only unwholesome - it's also frighteningly expensive. Mum Lisa is desperate to make her family healthier but is going about it in all the wrong ways, buying into costly superfoods rather than good old-fashioned fruit and veg.

As Gregg and Chris spy on the family's supermarket shop, they're astonished to see the couple haphazardly throwing anything beige that catches their eye into their shopping trolley, and realise they need a serious wake-up call.

Learning that your food bills are actually 50 per cent higher than you thought they were would reduce anyone to tears, and Lisa Guest is no exception, shocked to the core when Chris delivers the bombshell. But in order to save money the family have to agree to cook more, change their diet, eat more veg and accept some low-cost products - will it prove a step too far?

In between bringing colour to the Guests' dinner plates, Gregg and Chris look into how cost-effective canned fish compares to fresh, and which oil we should be cooking with, as well as what diet cons not to fall for. They offer up delectable budget-friendly recipes, from chickpea-based pizza to a Moroccan spiced casserole that provides your entire recommended five a day in just one serving.

Will the Guest family agree to banish their beige convenience food in favour of veg-filled, home-cooked meals? And will they manage to slash a decent chunk off their very hefty shopping bill?

The Parsons Family Sep 24, 2015

Gregg and Chris are with the Parsons family in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, with a unique challenge. Mum Clare and dad Richard both juggle work with looking after two young kids, six-year-old Aston and four-year-old Ava, so they have found themselves in a rather unusual rut. In an effort to save time, the family have devised a weekly meal plan that has hardly changed in seven years.

Gregg and Chris pry into Richard's weekly shop with the kids and discover that, not only do they have a set routine, but they are stocking up with big brands and premium supermarket ranges, leading to a sky-high bill at the checkout.

Back at the Parsons house, Gregg and Chris discover the true extent of the family's mealtime schedule. Monday's pizza, Wednesday's spaghetti bolognese and every Saturday is fajita night, so it's not surprising that they're becoming bored of their diet. However, Clare admits that she is bland in her tastes and doesn't feel that there is enough time in the evenings to cook proper meals from scratch.

Gregg and Chris swap the family's food to introduce new dishes and to steer them away from the pricey brands. But, as a family who have eaten the same foods for years, will they be able to spot the difference?

Gregg visits Clare to show her that it's possible to cook healthy, tasty meals in under 25 minutes, while Chris gets messy in the kitchen with Richard, Aston and Ava, encouraging the kids to try new foods.

The great British public are put to the test as they sample a range of ice creams, and Chris discovers the difference between fresh and dried pasta. Meanwhile, Gregg investigates how water gets from rivers to our taps and how safe it is to drink, to try to help the Parsons save money by stopping them splashing the cash on bottled water.

The Austen Family Sep 17, 2015

Gregg and Chris are with the Austen family from Sussex, tackling the highest expenditure on food they've ever encountered. Mum Denise has recently had to give up work, which means the family income has reduced by a third, and yet she still raids the supermarket like she's earning her old salary. The family are guilty of stockpiling food to the point where they can't open the fridge door without items falling out. On top of that, they're utterly devoted to high-end brands.

Gregg and Chris spy on the family's weekly shop to discover Denise only buys items she finds attractive, and it's not just glossy packaging she's drawn to, but also premium-priced, premium-packaged fruit and veg. The boys are further aghast when they get back to the Austens' home and chance on the nine jars of jam in the kitchen. This is a family who desperately need to change their habits and save some serious cash.

As well as opening the Austens' eyes to tasty lower-cost products, the show features blind taste tests with the British public on mayonnaise and jam. Another of Denise's weaknesses is for sugary drinks, so Chris visits Manchester Dental Hospital to look into the impact of fruit juice, milkshakes and other soft drinks. Meanwhile, Gregg goes on the hunt for affordable cuts of meat. The show's advice is often that meat is a product worth spending money on, so Gregg wants to look into more unusual, lower-priced alternatives to costly prime steaks.

When Gregg and Chris return to Sussex for the final time, they're anxious to find out whether the family will agree to be prised from their top-end purchases. Theirs may have been a record food spend, but will it be a record saving for the boys, or will the Austens revert to their old ways?

The Saini Family Sep 10, 2015

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin are in Sutton Coldfield to help the Saini family, who are seduced by supermarket offers and overindulge on snacks and sweet treats. This snack-obsessed vegetarian family will even eat crisps with a traditional Indian meal! Gregg and Chris have their work cut out. Can they help the family not only have a healthier and more balanced diet but also save money?

Vijay and Jyoti juggle looking after two children and working full-time and have found themselves stuck in a mealtime rut full of pre-prepared food and topped up with snacks and sweets. Mum's coupon addiction influences the food and drink they buy, and she has even been known to buy things they don't even use, just because they're on offer!

Gregg and Chris secretly watch them as they do their family food shopping and see that they are immediately drawn to the deals on snacks and junk food. They buy so many snacks that Gregg and Chris can't work out what they actually eat for dinner - they buy nearly 60 bags of crisps in one shop! Gregg and Chris surprise them at the checkout, and it's not long before the Sainis start to realise their food shopping is out of control.

The family are vegetarian, so dietician Lucy Jones looks at the nutritional difference between beef mince and soya mince, with some surprising results. And committed carnivore Gregg visits a Quorn factory to investigate how it's made.

All their usual brands have been taken away and some are swapped with cheaper alternatives, some stay the same and some are replaced with more expensive products to show that sometimes it is worth spending more. Along the way, Gregg and Chris introduce the family to some easy, healthy and budget-busting recipes - but will it be enough to change this family's ways?

The Scott Family Sep 3, 2015

Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin are in Newport with the Scott-Dent family, who are addicted to freezer food. They are a busy family who hardly ever cook from scratch and are throwing away a fortune in food every week. They desperately need to get their spending under control so that they can save for their first family home.

Kate and Chris have three children under ten, with Chris being stepdad to the oldest two. They both work, and Kate loathes cooking, and with non-existent kitchen skills she finds preparing food too much of a chore. She has a fear of food near its sell-by date and is convinced that reheating it will make her family ill.

To see where the family is going wrong, Gregg and Chris secretly watch them on a weekly food shop - and they make every mistake in the book, buying sliced and grated cheese, pre-prepared fruit and veg and overpriced frozen food. It's time for a reality check, and they're shocked when Gregg and Chris reveal that they are spending twice the amount of an average family of five. Can Gregg and Chris save this family some serious cash and improve the quality of what they eat at the same time?

Chris wants to allay Kate's fear of sell-by dates and investigate just how safe our food labels really are. Kate also believes that butter is better for you than margarine, and Gregg wants to find out if that's the case. Along the way, dietician Lucy Jones gives us the nutritional differences.

Their usual shopping has been replaced and everything is put in plain packaging. Most are cheaper products, some are the same and some are more expensive, to show that sometimes it is worth paying more. The fridge is full of fresh food and the freezer is left practically bare for the first time, but at the end of the week will this family change their ways and embrace Chris and Gregg's changes?

The Stanton Family Feb 12, 2015

Gregg and Chris help the Stanton family from Maidstone, and for the first time ever they see a three-year-old help with the family food shop...

The Stantons are spontaneous shoppers, and a fear of the freezermeans that they are throwing away a lot of food and money every week. They're not alone - each year in the UK we throw away 7 million tonnes of food, the equivalent of six meals per family per week.

Mum Zoe and dad Dan need help and Gregg and Chris are at hand, but first they secretly watch their weekly shop with three-year-old Sophia to see where it's going wrong. As they go for the pre-chopped fruit and veg with no list in sight, Sophia decides she wants to get involved, with everything she points to going in the basket.

If the Stantons find it hard to say no it's for a very good reason: Sophia was diagnosed with leukaemia, but is now on the road to recovery and so the way they shop needs to change. Gregg and Chris get to work swapping some of their usual brands. Zoe is convinced that she will be able to tell if her favourite brand of baked bean has been swapped, but can the public really tell the difference when we do a taste test between premium brands and a supermarket's own?

Gregg and Chris show the Stantons how to make their freezer work for them, dispelling some of the myths about frozen food. Is it possible that frozen could be better than fresh? And family favourite chicken nuggets are under dietician Lucy Jones's microscope.

The Stanton family have been through a difficult time, but will Gregg and Chris's changes save them enough money get them the dream holiday they so deserve?

The Warner Family Feb 5, 2015

Gregg and Chris are with a family whose weekly food shopping spend is out of control. The brand-loving Warners from Stratford-upon-Avon have a large family and an enormous food bill, but with a home renovation underway, every penny counts.

With four children and limited cooking skills, Hannah and Tim rely on pre-prepared food, whilst Hannah believes that if something is more expensive it must be better. Gregg and Chris secretly watch as they shop and see that they are being seduced by nice packaging and 2-for-1 deals, both classic shopping mistakes. However, when their spend is totalled up and they're confronted with the 17 receipts from the week before they are ready to change their ways!

Gregg and Chris make the food swaps that will hopefully save them money and all labels are removed. Yogurts are a family favourite, but is it worth paying for a top brand? Gregg visits a dairy to find out what the differences really are. The Warners have replaced their weekly takeaway with a supermarket one, but what goes into these ready meals? Chris is in the development kitchen of a factory, and is surprised by what he finds out. And dietician Lucy Jones reveals the shocking difference in the amount of sugar in jars of tomato pasta sauce.

This family have been a serious challenge for Gregg and Chris with Hannah convinced she would be able to tell a cheaper brand, but was her shock discovery when all is revealed enough to convince them they can eat well for less?

The Booth Family Jan 29, 2015

Gregg and Chris have their work cut out for them with the Booth family in Lancashire. Mum Jenny claims to always shop with a list and tries to be cautious, stocking up on buy-one-get-one-free deals. Dad Howerd's impulsive purchases mean that the food bill mounts up. They want to save £40 a week on food to afford a much-needed home extension.

Gregg and Chris get to work, secretly watching the Booths in the supermarket as they pile their trolley high, no lists or meal plans in sight. Considering the epic food shop, they expect to find the cupboards bare at home - but they find over £1,000 worth of food stockpiled in the kitchen.

After the Booths get a reality check about how much they are actually spending, all of their food labels are removed and some of their favourite products are swapped to see if they really like their brands as much as they think they do. The Booths love their sausages, so Chris heads to a sausage factory to see what the difference is between the mass-produced ones and ones from the butcher. Gregg investigates orange juice to see whether it's actually worth spending money on top-priced premium juice over concentrate.

The Booths' trial is over and they will only save if they accept enough of Gregg and Chris's swaps. Have they succeeded in changing the way this family shop forever?

Eat Well for Less Jul 15, 2013

We spend £1.2 billion a week on food - over £50 per household. Prices are rising, and we've got less money in our pockets. So in these cash-strapped times, can you get great value for money without compromising on quality?

Gregg Wallace (MasterChef) and award-winning greengrocer Chris Bavin are going head to head to uncover whether you should spend or whether you can save your pennies when it comes to buying food.

They're out to create two very different versions of the classic British dish - fish and chips. Gregg is seeking out high-end ingredients to prove you get what you pay for, and Chris is looking for a low-cost alternative that he hopes will taste just as good.

To test their theories, the boys brave stormy Norwegian seas to catch cod, take to the kitchen to create their own ketchup and even slip into lycra.

But in the end it's the great British public who decide in the final taste test. Whose version of fish and chips will win out - Gregg's high-end or Chris's great value? Is it worth splashing your cash when it comes to fish and chips?

The boys also hit Britain's streets to test other family favourite foods on the general public, with some surprising results... meaning we'll soon find out whether you really can Eat Well for Less.

When will be Eat Well For Less next episode air date?

Eat Well For Less Canceled and Series Not Returning for Season 9.

Is The Eat Well For Less renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 9/29/2022 and now is Canceled. Previous episodes of Eat Well For Less can be found on BBC One

Where to countdown Eat Well For Less air dates?

You could see all of 8 Seasons AIR DATES at this page. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Eat Well For Less, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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