Fauda Season 4: to Be Released in Spring 2024 on Netflix

Status: Spring 2024
Latest Episode: 9/29/2022
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Official site: www.yes.co.il
Station: Netflix
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

Fauda (Chaos in Arabic) is an Israeli political and action thriller that was originally released in 2015, and is currently distributed by Netflix beginning on December 2, 2016.

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Name Air Dates
Episode 12 Sep 29, 2022

Omar's funeral in Jenin provides a morbid opportunity for Shin Bet as they pursue Adel, sending Doron and his teammates into danger once again.

Episode 11 Sep 22, 2022

Maya and her family gather in mourning, while Adel moves forward with a plan to strike back. Gabi struggles to process his time as a hostage.

Episode 10 Sep 15, 2022

Every second counts as the squad, using Omar's intelligence, races to stay ahead of Haj and recover Gabi before his captors move him out of Lebanon.

Episode 9 Sep 8, 2022

A shocking revelation changes the stakes and the plan for Doron. Eli, despite his doubts, signs on for one more mission. Haj moves a valuable asset.

Episode 8 Sep 1, 2022

Dana receives a crucial tip that leads Eli's team to a garage in Jenin. Maya finally reaches Aisha, but finds that her mission isn't over yet.

Episode 7 Aug 25, 2022

When information leaks to their adversaries in Lebanon, Maya and Doron improvise to reach their destination. Omar faces a painful dilemma.

Episode 6 Aug 18, 2022

Doron and Maya begin a long journey. The fallout from Sagi's unauthorized plan to lure Adel out of hiding leaves the team divided and at risk.

Episode 5 Aug 11, 2022

In the aftermath of the attacks, Shin Bet mobilizes for revenge while Raphael pitches Doron on a new mission. Sagi reacts to unexpected news.

Episode 4 Aug 4, 2022

Upon his return, Doron refuses to believe the worst. Maya begins receiving mysterious messages. Dana, hunting for Adel, puts pressure on a new source.

Episode 3 Jul 28, 2022

The squad presses forward in their search for Gabi, leading to a high-stakes operation in a crowded apartment block. Nurit confesses a secret to Doron.

Episode 2 Jul 21, 2022

In the aftermath of a crisis, Eli mobilizes the unit to join Doron in Belgium. Omar's sister Maya and her husband face unexpected questions.

Episode 1 Jul 14, 2022

A robbery attempt in Jenin puts Dana on a questionable cell's trail. Gabi asks Doron, still isolated from his old team, to travel with him to Brussels.

Episode 12 Mar 12, 2020

Eli sends the team back into the field with a new member, while Bashar's plan for a knockout punch races toward a jolting end.

Episode 11 Mar 5, 2020

Hardened, Bashar resolves to use Doron's own strategy against him. The team mourns a loss. Doron confronts Hila over her heat-of-the-moment decision.


Episode 10 Feb 27, 2020

Rejoined by an old ally, the team leans on Abu Mohammed while preparing for an all-out assault. Bashar discovers a deception and makes a desperate move.


Episode 9 Feb 20, 2020

Hila pushes the envelope after the team's operation goes sideways, forcing Eli into a fraught decision. Doron faces a dire choice of his own.


Episode 8 Feb 13, 2020

Saddled with a new responsibility, Jihad sees a chance to change his family's circumstances. Abu Mohammed faces fallout from the hostage debacle.


Episode 7 Feb 6, 2020

A hostage takes matters into his own hands, making the team's stealth mission even more urgent. Bashar learns the distressing truth about his situation.


Episode 6 Jan 30, 2020

As the search for the hostages intensifies, Hila turns to an old asset, and Doron's squad prepares for one of its riskiest covert operations yet.


Episode 5 Jan 23, 2020

With Doron and his team close on their heels, an increasingly desperate Bashar and Jihad follow an audacious plan to elude capture.


Episode 4 Jan 16, 2020

Jihad and Nasser act when an impulsive decision sends Bashar deeper into jeopardy. Avihai faces tough questions about the raid. Hila opens up to Doron.


Episode 3 Jan 9, 2020

Abu Mohammed gives Jihad a menacing ultimatum. A raid turns unexpectedly lethal. Doron pushes to extract Bashar to safety as the walls close in.


Episode 2 Jan 2, 2020

The search for Fauzi intensifies in the wake of the attack. Doron goes back undercover but faces heightened suspicion and scrutiny.


Episode 1 Dec 26, 2019

Doron goes undercover in a risky, months-long operation, but his mission takes a sharp turn when surprise intel points to an imminent attack.


Episode 12 Mar 18, 2018

Doron faces a fresh threat as the scope of Nidal's unfolding plan becomes clear, while the team and Abu Samara move to intervene before time runs out.

Episode 11 Mar 11, 2018

An operation to bring down Nidal backs the team into a lethal corner. Abu Maher makes a heartrending decision, and Captain Ayub learns critical intel.


Episode 10 Mar 4, 2018

Worried that Doron is sinking into despair, the team rallies to galvanize him to action. Samir confronts Nidal. Abu Maher makes a discovery.


Episode 9 Feb 25, 2018

With Doron grieving a loss, Shirin faces tough questions and the team carries out a rogue operation to get answers. Nidal sends Maher on a mission.


Episode 8 Feb 18, 2018

After discovering Nidal's true loyalties, Abu Maher joins in the effort to track him down. Captain Ayub and Naor escalate their plan to break Walid.


Episode 7 Feb 11, 2018

Nidal defends his new allegiance to Samir. Captain Ayub blackmails Abu Samara into helping him lay a trap. Sagi's nerves jeopardize a mission.


Episode 6 Feb 4, 2018

Sensing a chance to strike, Nidal regroups and leads a nighttime raid. While Walid faces interrogation, Doron takes Shirin under his wing.


Episode 5 Jan 28, 2018

Doron scrambles to protect his family when Nidal gets too close. Shirin puts a dangerous plan in motion. Walid learns some distressing news.


Episode 4 Jan 21, 2018

Nidal's plan takes an unexpected lethal turn and backs him into a corner. Shirin reaches out to Doron, putting them both at risk.


Episode 3 Jan 14, 2018

Rebuked by Walid, Al Makdasi doubles down on his renegade plan to exact revenge. Doron goes rogue during an operation to offer Shirin a way out.


Episode 2 Jan 7, 2018

Tensions rise on both sides as Doron's team intensifies its hunt and Abu Samara hands Al Makdasi an ultimatum. Shirin faces tough questions.


Episode 1 Dec 31, 2017

Doron joins his old team for an operation to take out the mastermind behind a bombing attack -- and who also wants revenge against Doron himself.


Episode 12 May 3, 2015

While the team scrambles to give Doron backup on his mission into the lion's den, Walid makes a decision that could change everything.

Episode 11 Apr 26, 2015

Doron's bosses give him the go-ahead to carry out his plan, but he discovers the toll his family has paid for his obsession with Abu Ahmad.


Episode 10 Apr 19, 2015

Doron gets a surprise visitor while waiting to learn his fate. Abu Ahmad lays out his master plan that could change the region's balance of power.


Episode 9 Apr 12, 2015

While suspicion grows between Abu Ahmad and his inner circle, Doron poses as a would-be suicide bomber to get perilously close to his target.


Episode 8 Apr 5, 2015

In the wake of the prisoner exchange, Doron disappears, Walid confronts Abu Ahmad about his tactics, and Moreno's boss threatens to dissolve the team.


Episode 7 Mar 29, 2015

While Moreno tries to track down the rogue team, Doron sinks his hooks deeper into Shirin and takes drastic measures to make a prisoner exchange.


Episode 6 Mar 22, 2015

Blamed for the disastrous ambush, Doron takes matters into his own hands and asks the team to join him on a mission to set things right.


Episode 5 Mar 15, 2015

A senior Israeli officer tries to smoke Abu Ahmad out of hiding. Ali fights suspicions of duplicity, and Boaz joins the squad on a risky ambush.


Episode 4 Mar 8, 2015

Doron sets his sights on recruiting Shirin to his cause, Abu Ahmad risks his life to see his wife, and Moreno sends the team on a daring daytime raid.


Episode 3 Mar 1, 2015

Abu Ahmad leans on Walid to organize an immediate retaliatory attack, and Doron and Nurit go undercover to close in on their quarry.


Episode 2 Feb 22, 2015

Having tasted action again, Doron pleads with Moreno to rejoin the squad. Meanwhile, Amal determines to martyr herself to avenge her husband.


Episode 1 Feb 15, 2015

Discovering that Abu Ahmad will attend his brother's wedding, Doron joins his old team for a covert strike, but the plan quickly goes off the rails.


When will be Fauda next episode air date?

Fauda Season 5 is yet to be announced Spring 2024 and to Premiere on Netflix.

Is The Fauda renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 4. Next Episode Fauda Season 5 is renewed

Where to countdown Fauda air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 5 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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