Gomorrah Canceled Sky Atlantic Series Not Returning for Season 6

Status: Canceled
Latest Episode: 12/17/2021
Created by: Roberto Saviano
Official site: tg24.sky.it
Station: Sky Atlantic
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

New channel Sky Atlantic confirms the third and fourth installment of Italy’s best export being filmed

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Name Air Dates
Episodio 10Dec 17, 2021
Episodio 9Dec 17, 2021
Episodio 8Dec 10, 2021
Episodio 7Dec 10, 2021
Episodio 6Dec 3, 2021
Episodio 5Dec 3, 2021
Episodio 4Nov 26, 2021
Episodio 3Nov 26, 2021
Episodio 2Nov 19, 2021
Episodio 1Nov 19, 2021
L'immortale Dec 5, 2019

Ciro's body is slowly sinking in the Gulf of Naples. As he plunges into darkness, memories emerge.

Episodio 12 May 3, 2019

The time comes for everyone to make some big decisions, including deciding who will be left to rule Naples' smouldering ruins.

Episodio 11 May 3, 2019

While Mickey is forced to make the ultimate choice between his family and the woman he loves, Genny starts to doubt his decision.

Episodio 10 Apr 26, 2019

Having realized the cause of all of her misfortunes, Patrizia is forced to face up to a life-changing decision.

Episodio 9 Apr 26, 2019

The Capaccios strike out at Sangue Blu as they set out to conquer Forcella; Enzo risks not only losing his turf, but also his men's loyalty.

Episodio 8 Apr 19, 2019

A destructive chain of events sends Genny on a downward spiral into his past. While his business is plunged into the limelight, the entire airport project is at risk of going under.

Episodio 7 Apr 19, 2019

The cocaine delay forces the Forcella boys to resort to desperate lengths to survive; Sangue Blu faces a leadership crisis.

Episodio 6 Apr 12, 2019

Nicola goes after the spy who shopped them as he tries to regain boss Patrizia's confidence. But lurking in the shadows is someone with a very different agenda.

Episodio 5 Apr 12, 2019

Patrizia is put to the ultimate test when the seizure of a huge shipment of cocaine threatens to throw the clans into war.

Episodio 4 Apr 5, 2019

The airport project takes Genny and Resta to London, where an unexpected event forces Genny to resort to criminal ways and confront the demons of his past.

Episodio 3 Apr 5, 2019

Gerlando Levante, Gennaro Savastano's uncle, manages to avoid a war with Sangue Blu; Genny is satisfied with the outcome and is pleased to be able to control Patrizia.

Episodio 2 Mar 29, 2019

Genny reinvents himself as a businessman. However, when things get tough, he finds it impossible to keep his hands clean.

Episodio 1 Mar 29, 2019

With Ciro dead and Naples set for an all-out war, Genny turns to a new and powerful player for help. Patrizia doesn't run into difficulties yet, but her peace will soon be shattered.

Per sempre Dec 22, 2017

Ciro, Genny and Enzo agree to a treaty with the Confederati; however, peace achieved with blood carries only more blood.

Fede Dec 22, 2017

With Azzurra and Pietrino in the crosshairs of the Confederati, Genny risks losing everything with a plan that could easily misfire.

La creatura Dec 15, 2017

In an unwinnable position, Genny sends Patrizia to agree terms of surrender; he and Ciro go to Enzo, hoping he will listen to reason.

Giuda! Dec 15, 2017

Ciro wants a ceasefire, but it doesn't come without a quid pro quo; Enzo can finally enjoy all he's achieved, but the good times don't last.

Guerra aperta Dec 8, 2017

Enzo and his crew are under attack, but Ciro advises caution before retaliating; Genny approaches Scianel to help finance his own war.

Sangue del mio sangue Dec 8, 2017

Enzo launches new operations in Naples with Ciro's help; however, the traffic does not go unnoticed by the city's existing bosses.

Come nascere Dec 1, 2017

Genny is back in a strong position thanks to the success of his new drug ventures; Ciro and Genny meet with Branka, a Milanese business partner, to buy new drugs.

Sangue Blu Dec 1, 2017

Under Ciro's wing, Enzo and his companions make waves with a big score; Genny looks to get back on his feet with a new supplier.

Il filo e la Moira Nov 24, 2017

Scianel is out of prison, and Genny knows he must confront her; Don Avitabile is also preparing for revenge against Genny.

Inferno Nov 24, 2017

Ciro has rebuilt his life in Bulgaria, where he is the trusted right-hand man of a drug dealer called Valentin. The Bulgarian criminals come to an agreement with the Napolitan camorra.

Hasta la muerte Nov 17, 2017

After a year in Rome, Genny has made a success of Don Avitabile's business while he is in jail, but now Giuseppe has been released from prison.

Viva il Re! Nov 17, 2017

Gennaro Savastano heads to Naples to warn Ciro ahead of time, there will be retribution for Don Pietro's murder.

La fine del giorno Jun 14, 2016

Pietro sets up a new method for dealing in order to maintain wealth. Genny awaits the birth of his first child, while Ciro prepares for war.

Nella gioia e nel dolore Jun 14, 2016

With Pietro back in control, Ciro's allies are dwindling and he decides to go into hiding. Meanwhile in Rome, Genny and Azzurra prepare to wed.

Fantasmi Jun 7, 2016

Determined to defeat Pietro, Ciro shakes down Patrizia to find his hideout. Patrizia is desperate to prove her loyalty to Pietro.

Sette anni Jun 7, 2016

Raffaele returns from prison after seven years and immediately takes over O'Principe's turf, leaving Genny's boys with a smaller cut.

Divide et impera May 31, 2016

The alliance leaders blame O'Nano for the death of O'Principe. Ciro launches an investigation to ensure it was him before it's too late.

Il Principe e il Nano May 31, 2016

Determined to break up the alliance, Pietro decides to target O'Principe, since out of all the bosses, he is the most respected.

'O Track May 24, 2016

With the peace talks in tatters, a new type of Camorrista emerges -- one not concerned about breaking time-honored traditions.

Occhi negli occhi May 24, 2016

Ciro organizes a parley with Gennaro to avoid a full-on gang war; Gennaro agrees, but with some strict orders from his father.

Profumo di iena May 17, 2016

The supposed end of the Savastanos Clan opens new doors for Ciro and Conte; Annalisa and Patrizia want to make their claim to power; Schianel visits his son in prison.

Mea culpa May 17, 2016

Genny and his father start something new after the disaster in Cologne. In Naples, Ciro and Salvatore take over the drug business from the previous owners: the Savastanos.

Lacrime e sangue May 10, 2016

Genny visits his most valuable drug source in Honduras. During a trip to Cologne, Genny is faced with an unexpected reunion.

Vita mia May 10, 2016

Pietro and Malamo take refuge in a warehouse in northern Italy; Ciro and Nano need money to buy a part of Conte's cocaine; Deborah falls apart under questioning.

Gli immortali Jun 10, 2014

War breaks out on the streets of Naples and Ciro flees to Rome with his wife and daughter as both clans barricade themselves in their apartment bunkers, entering into a lethal stalemate. Meanwhile, a vengeful Genny hunts down Ciro, intent on seeking justice for his betrayal.

100 modi per uccidere Jun 10, 2014

Genny is cornered when the Savastanos' rivals rally around Conte to help exact revenge for Daniele's death, and he also faces trouble within his own ranks as a deadly battle erupts between his supporters and the old lieutenants. Imma is forced to intervene and manages to establish a fragile order within the clan, as well as realising that Ciro is behind this war.

Ora facciamo i Conte Jun 3, 2014

Major bloodshed, if not all-out war, is imminent as Conte returns to Naples to avenge Giuliano's murder, and Ciro weaves his web further around Genny to distract him from the coup he is plotting. Imma receives a visit from Daniele's desperate mother, who begs her to spare her son's life - but Conte also has him in his sights.

Gelsomina Verde Jun 3, 2014

Genny plans to lead the gang towards a bright and prosperous future, but Ciro tries to stop this by sending someone to kill Salvatore Conte's right-hand man in Naples. Genny sends out word that he had nothing to do with the hit, fully aware of its potentially disastrous consequences: for him and the entire clan.

La scheda bianca May 27, 2014

Genny has strikingly changed and no longer needs his family or his mentor Ciro. He takes matters into his own hands. Keeping Ciro at a distance, Genny might just have to be careful when he demands subordination and loyalty. Does Ciro have a secret agenda?

Imma contro tutti May 27, 2014

It has become clear that Imma has Pietro's blessing and Ciro realizes that his strategy must once again be to toe the line while Imma starts to restructure the Savastano business empire. But things are bound to change when Genny returns from Honduras.

Roulette spagnola May 20, 2014

Ciro realizes Imma had sent him away to pave her own road to power. Disapproving of the way she runs business, he sets up his own operation, to demean Imma's role within the clan. But Imma has learned quite well how to play the power-game herself.

Il ruggito della leonessa May 20, 2014

Imma convinces Genny to go on a mission to the clan's drug-trafficking sources in Honduras, Ciro leaves for Spain. His assignment is to find Conte and negotiate a truce between the clans. Ciro returns to Naples only to realize nothing is as it was before.

Sangue africano May 13, 2014

With Pietro gone, it is Imma who surprisingly starts to take care of business. With a couple of clever moves and a lot of courage she is suddenly in the pole position. Ciro has to take his orders from her now, with particular concern to her son Genny.

L'omm 'e casa May 13, 2014

Behind bars in Poggioreale, the boss Pietro experiences the strict rules of the prison and the cruelty of the Commander. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Genny manage the urgent business of the clan.

Ti fidi di me? May 6, 2014

Ciro knows the time for revenge has not yet come, for the next major problem he has to deal with is always waiting around the corner. Like the bust of the Savastano cocaine shipment at the port of Naples where the whistleblower must be found.

Il clan dei Savastano May 6, 2014

Ciro Di Marzio, right hand man of clan boss Pietro Savastano, and Ciro's fatherly friend Attilio set fire to Salvatore Conte's home to cut Salvatore down to size – him, the ruthless upcoming contender on the Savastano clan's turf.

When will be Gomorrah next episode air date?

Gomorrah Canceled and Series Not Returning for Season 6.

Is The Gomorrah renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/17/2021 and now is Canceled. Previous episodes of Gomorrah can be found on Sky Atlantic

Where to countdown Gomorrah air dates?

You could see all of 5 Seasons AIR DATES at this page.

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