Gruen Season 16 is to Premiere on ABC (AU)

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 8/16/2023
Official site:
Station: ABC (AU)
Genres: Comedy

Super informative television docu-series about the modern day consumerism and how we are all baited into what to buy and do by more than just billboards and TV-Ads

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Name Air Dates
Episode 8Aug 9, 2023
Episode 7Aug 2, 2023
Episode 6Jul 26, 2023

We're tired of drink brands trying to sell energy. Plus how insurance ads are making disasters unnaturally fun. Wil is joined by Russel Howcroft, Karen Ferry, Kirsty Muddle and Todd Sampson.

Episode 5Jul 19, 2023

Just when you thought you were safe while you slept, brands are jumping into our beds. Plus the world is flipping out over Sam Kerr. Wil is joined by Todd Sampson, Dee Madigan, Sunita Gloster and Russel Howcroft.

Episode 4Jul 12, 2023

The panel goes plastic fantastic as brand Barbie's wildest dreams come true. Plus can job search advertising inspire the employed? Wil is joined by Todd Sampson, Camey O'Keefe, Milla McPhee and Russel Howcroft.

Supermarket Profits & Toilet PaperJul 5, 2023

Our panelists checkout how supermarkets are milking the cost of living crisis. Plus the Aussie toilet paper brand that's flush with cash. Wil Anderson is joined by Todd Sampson, Liana Rossi, Sunita Gloster and Karen Ferry.

Sports Betting Companies & SpectaclesJun 28, 2023

This week, the punts at sports betting companies are backing themselves to beat new rules and the panel takes a look at a very racy eye test. Wil is joined by Todd Sampson, Camey O'Keefe, Emily Taylor and Carolyn Miller.

American Pickup Trucks & VapingJun 21, 2023

Gruen is back to run over the influx of American pickup trucks and blow smoke in the face of teen vaping. Plus a pitch for Gen Z to hail the King. Wil is joined by Todd Sampson, Dee Madigan, Christina Aventi and Karen Ferry.

Spills, Thrills, Brand Shills & Bunnings Jul 27, 2022

On the thrilling season finale for Gruen: Spills, Thrills, Brand Shills and of course, Puppet Wils. Bunnings will be watching. Will you? Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Camey O'Keefe and Christina Aventi.

Real Estate & Football World Cup Jul 20, 2022

The real estate industry is open for inspection. Is selling The Great Australian Dream an advertising nightmare? Plus can sport give offside brands a clean sheet? Wil, Todd and Russel join Lauren Zonfrillo and Liana Rossi.

Cruises & Meal Kits Jul 13, 2022

We peer through the porthole as the cruise industry hits the high seas again. Plus meal kits and grocery apps have doorbells ringing in the race to your front door. Wil, Todd and Russel join Karen Ferry and Emily Taylor.

Selling the ABC Jul 6, 2022

We celebrate Aunty's 90th with a look back at how the ABC sells the ABC. Are we ready to wash our hands of germaphobe brands? Find out on our super hygienic show. Wil and Todd join Dee Madigan, Sunita Gloster and Priya Patel.

Pet Food & Bad Reviews Jun 29, 2022

Pet food is going gourmet. We'll roll up a newspaper and bop advertisers on the nose. And can bad reviews sell a product? Find out on our 1-star show. Wil and Todd are joined by Adam Ferrier, Karen Ferry and Lauren Zonfrillo.

Undies & Hardware Stores Jun 22, 2022

How do modern briefs brands sell to you? Plus the other hardware store declares war on the other, other hardware store. Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Priya Patel and Christina Aventi.

Servos & Violence Against Women Jun 15, 2022

How the servo pumps us full of ads. The Pitch asks if it's okay to lie to kids. Plus a look at the latest campaign to stop violence against women. Wil and Russel are joined by Adam Ferrier, Annie O'Rourke, and Camey O'Keefe.

Military Recruitment & Sex Toys Jun 8, 2022

Will Top Gun 2 put military recruitment in cruise control? How does ASIO sell the spy life? And sex toys have a new vibe. Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Dee Madigan and Karen Ferry.

The Good, the Bad and the Really BadDec 15, 2021
Selling Summer & Cosmetic Surgery Dec 8, 2021

How is ad land selling summer? Chanel's Ad-vent calendar, the skincare industry gets an injection of marketing and a Pitch to start (or stop) having kids. Wil is joined by Russel, Dee Madigan, Emily Taylor and Pia Chaudhuri.

Christmas & Novelty Flavours Dec 1, 2021

'Tis the season for rampant consumerism! Gruen unwraps Christmas campaigns, dissects disturbing novelty flavours, plus a Pitch to reinvent the working week. Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Karen Ferry and Carolyn Miller.

Lego & Salmon Nov 24, 2021

We pull apart Lego brick by brick, find out what's fishy in the salmon industry, and on the Pitch, our agencies shake up consent campaigns. Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Sunita Gloster and Emily Taylor.

Buy Now, Pay Later & Sunglasses Nov 17, 2021

Tech companies want you to buy now and pay, and pay, and pay. Plus the risky business of selling sunglasses - is it a bright future or shady deals? Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Karen Ferry and Kirsty Muddle.

BTS & Bottled Water Nov 10, 2021

What happens when the biggest band in the world teams up with a smaller brand like McDonald's? Plus we unbottle how we're sold water. Wil, Todd, and Russel are joined by Karen Ferry and Pia Chaudhuri.

Episode 4 Nov 3, 2021

Facebook goes meta, car companies go electric and an insurance company dances into international controversy. Plus a pitch worthy of the silver screen. Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Christina Aventi and Sunita Gloster.

Online Gambling & Fresh Breath Oct 27, 2021

We're paying out online gambling. Plus the Pitch makes an each-way bet on abolishing the states. And when did fresh ads for fresh breath get so extra? Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Carolyn Miller and Dee Madigan.

Episode 2 Oct 20, 2021

We unbox the world of online delivery and unravel the breakfast of your nightmares. Our pitch agencies take on the challenge of homeschooling. Wil, Todd, and Russel are joined by Christina Aventi and Karen Ferry.

Episode 1 Oct 13, 2021

We return with a jab at the vaccine rollout. The Pitch gets a shot in the arm, and The Simpsons are on the catwalk for Balenciaga - as if they need the D'oh. Wil is joined by Todd, Russel, Dee Madigan and Sunita Gloster.

2020 Hindsight Dec 16, 2020

On the Gruen season finale, hindsight is 2020 as we look at some of the biggest ads of the longest year. Plus the thrilling conclusion of The Unmasked Jingler. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Sunita Gloster and Karen Ferry.

Fitness & Racism Dec 9, 2020

The sweaty world of fitness, gymfluencers and a Hemsworth. Plus Allens Lollies, the Cheese-That-Shall-Be-Renamed and how brands responded to Black Lives Matter. Wil, Todd & Russel are joined by Camey O'Keefe and Priya Patel.

The Christmas Spirit & Big TechDec 2, 2020
Kmart & Gaming Nov 25, 2020

How did Kmart make being cheap cool? And with two out of three Aussies gaming we ask how did games ride the green pipe to the mainstream? Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Christina Aventi and Karen Ferry.

Chooks & 5G Conspiracies Nov 18, 2020

What's cooked about the way we're sold chook? Can telcos fight conspiracies with a 5G-up? And a pitch to save or end the arts. Wil, Todd and Russel are joined by Priya Patel and Sunita Gloster.

Selling Beer & LOOK UPNov 11, 2020
Tourism Australia & Big Mac/Big JackNov 4, 2020
Bunnings Warehouse & RM WilliamsOct 28, 2020
Soap & Bushfires Oct 21, 2020

How a pandemic fell into soap's hands, brands giving thanks and can a bushfire campaign go too far? Plus the Pitch saves journalism, unless that's fake news. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel is Christina Aventi and Emily Taylor.

Coronavirus Messaging & TikTok Oct 14, 2020

Gruen is back and putting Coronavirus messaging to the test without shoving a swab up your nose. And why is TikTok advertising on the telly? Also, what's TikTok? Plus a pitch to either love or ditch the office.

Christmas spirits & AfterPay and gratification now Nov 27, 2019

On the Gruen final: getting into the Christmas spirits - how alcohol marketing is adapting to Aussies drinking less. AfterPay and gratification now, pay later. And on The Pitch, everything is fine vs everything is f***ed.

Streaming wars & Christmas cheer Nov 20, 2019

It's a whole new world as Disney takes on Netflix in the streaming wars. A Pitch to double or halve the population. And Australia Post delivers Christmas cheer. Joining Wil are Todd, Russel, Claire Salvetti and Kirsty Muddle.

Infomercials & Heart disease Nov 13, 2019

How pizza + robots = $, a taxi campaign that puts the rank in taxi rank, the selling of Australia's worst serial killer & privacy vs oversharing on The Pitch. Wil is joined by Todd, Russel, Christina Aventi and Dee Madigan.

Greenwashing & #philausophy Nov 6, 2019

It's easy being green, according to brands. What campaigns are making a difference and what's just greenwashing? Plus, the fallout from #philausophy, wage theft and the Pitch takes on gambling. Wil is joined by Todd, Russel, Nitsa Lotus and Emily Taylor.

State Tourism & Spring Racing Oct 30, 2019

Brandspiration, domestic tourism and how your state sells itself, the PR crisis engulfing spring racing season and a Pitch for and against Halloween. Wil is joined by Todd, Russel, Karen Ferry and Carolyn Miller.

Milkvertising & INEOS Oct 23, 2019

Wil and the team look at milkvertising: how dairy and alternative milks are vying to fill our cups. Plus books as brands, the marketing marathon that was the INEOS 1:59 Challenge and It's Fix it or Bin it on The Pitch.

Influencers & Mental HealthOct 16, 2019
Spring Racing & Big VitaminOct 9, 2019
Banking Royal Commission & KFCOct 2, 2019
Supermarket Collectables & Google's New Campaign Sep 25, 2019

Gruen returns with a deep dive into supermarket collectables, Google's new campaign and a Pitch persuading meat eaters to go vegan and vegans to eat meat. Joining Wil, Todd and Russel are Dee Madigan and Karen Ferry.

Supermarket Bag Ban & Unpacking ASMRJul 4, 2018
Confectionery Marketing & EOFY SalesJun 27, 2018
Food Delivery Services & Bowel Cancer AwarenessJun 20, 2018
Hair Loss & Online Shopping WarsJun 13, 2018
Health Insurance & IKEAJun 6, 2018
Mattresses & Animal RightsMay 30, 2018
DNA Testing & Gossip MagazinesMay 23, 2018
Pharmacies & David WarnerMay 16, 2018
Brand Zuckerberg & Selling Australia May 9, 2018

This week on Gruen, Wil, Todd, Russel and guest panellists, Kimberlee Wells and Claire Salvatti discuss:

Facebook's new ad campaign - a company in crisis and the evolution of Brand Zuckerberg.

Plus, selling Australia to the USA. We follow up on Tourism Australia's Dundee reboot.

And a 'Pitch' to shut down the internet.

Big Banks & Coke No Sugar May 2, 2018

The show that unpicks the dark arts of advertising, branding and spin is back. Wil Anderson, Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson are joined by a trusty team of advertising experts, including Dee Madigan and Claire Salvetti.

Taylor Swift & HeadachesNov 15, 2017
A.I. & StreetsNov 8, 2017
Marketing & People BrandsNov 1, 2017
Equal Pay & Hillsong Church Oct 25, 2017

Wil Anderson, Russel Howcroft & Todd Sampson pick over the good, the bad and the ugly of advertising. They explore the dark arts of branding & spin with a trusty team of advertising experts, including panellist Dee Madigan.

Amazon & McHappy DayOct 18, 2017
People & BrandsOct 11, 2017
ATM Fees & ShopkinsOct 4, 2017
Same-Sex Postal Vote & RacismSep 27, 2017
Online Dating & Apple Watch Sep 20, 2017

How to sell online dating when the product is you. A new Apple Watch campaign which is a matter of life & death. The Pitch smashes brand avocado & a look at who we were & how far we've come in Ads You Couldn't Make in 2017.

NBN & Hipsters Sep 13, 2017

Gruen returns to ask: How do you sell the NBN, why big companies are bashing hipsters & the weird advertising trend of rapid aging. A Pitch to convince North Korea to aim somewhere else & Ads You Couldn't Make in 2017.

Lamb & BanksOct 5, 2016
Fruit & Feminine HygieneSep 28, 2016
Plebiscite & SamsungSep 21, 2016
Funerals & Men's FragranceSep 14, 2016
Sugar & Awareness CampaignsSep 7, 2016
Dadvertising & Paralympics CampaignAug 31, 2016
Superannuation & FitnessFirstAug 24, 2016
Census Fail & Organ DonationAug 17, 2016
Olympic SponsorshipAug 10, 2016
Coffee & Telstra Aug 3, 2016

Gruen is back to find out why we buy what we buy. And why the ads on the side of our internet browser want us to buy more. Wil, Russel, Todd & a team of new & familiar faces will deconstruct the advertising landscape.

Christmas AdvertisingNov 11, 2015
Movie MerchandisingNov 4, 2015
Competitive AdvertisingOct 28, 2015
Toilet PaperOct 21, 2015
Anti-Advertising & Domestic ViolenceOct 14, 2015
Footy FinalsOct 7, 2015
The PopeSep 30, 2015
AldiSep 23, 2015
UberSep 16, 2015
Pet FoodSep 9, 2015
Same Sex Marriage - Anti-Ads - Bikie GangsOct 30, 2013
Beer - Tea - Bangladesh ClothingOct 23, 2013
Coca-Cola - ASIO - Jamie OliverOct 16, 2013
Prince Harry - Chickens - Female InsecurityOct 9, 2013
Candid Camera - YouTube - Cricket - BarossaOct 2, 2013
AFL vs NRL - Boat People - Defence ForcesSep 25, 2013
Apple - Online Shopping - Dumb Ways to DieSep 18, 2013
One Direction - Prince George - PR MovesSep 11, 2013
Red Bull & Felix BaumgartnerOct 24, 2012
NewspapersOct 17, 2012
The Church of ScientologyOct 10, 2012
Alan JonesOct 3, 2012
The iPhone 5Sep 26, 2012
People SmugglingSep 19, 2012
IheartRine...Sep 12, 2012
Lance ArmstrongSep 5, 2012
Doug PittAug 29, 2012
Crown CasinoAug 22, 2012
Golf, Cancel Xmas, ReligionsNov 16, 2011
Mining, Pokies in Public Places, Kim KardashianNov 9, 2011
Qantas, Kevin Rudd, Occupy Wall StNov 2, 2011
Spring Racing Carnival, Betting, Hungry JacksOct 26, 2011
Royal Family, Kwantas, Vodafone and EgyptOct 19, 2011
Death Threats, Tasmanian Off Shore Processing, Apple IncOct 12, 2011
Crisis Control, Rupert Murdoch, PinktoberOct 5, 2011
At Home with Julia, Footballers As People, PatriotismSep 28, 2011
Sports BettingSep 21, 2011
ShampooSep 14, 2011
BillboardsSep 7, 2011
Snack BarsAug 31, 2011
CondomsAug 24, 2011
Animal Rights & PillowsAug 17, 2011
Banks (Part II)Aug 10, 2011
SupermarketsAug 3, 2011
AirlinesSep 29, 2010
InfomercialsSep 22, 2010
InsuranceSep 15, 2010
ReligionSep 8, 2010
RazorsSep 1, 2010
Creamy Creamy MilkAug 25, 2010
Non-drinkingJul 21, 2010
3D TelevisionJul 14, 2010
DeodorantJul 7, 2010
MasterChefJun 30, 2010
The World CupJun 23, 2010
Cleaning ProductsJun 16, 2010
BurgersMay 20, 2009
Red MeatMay 13, 2009
YourselfMay 6, 2009
SmokingApr 29, 2009
CerealApr 22, 2009
DietsApr 15, 2009
PetrolApr 8, 2009
WaterApr 1, 2009
Dental CareMar 25, 2009
AustraliaMar 18, 2009
CannesJul 30, 2008
SkincareJul 23, 2008
TelcosJul 16, 2008
Road SafetyJul 9, 2008
Feminine HygieneJul 2, 2008
4WDJun 25, 2008
ChocolateJun 18, 2008
BanksJun 11, 2008
UndiesJun 4, 2008
BeerMay 28, 2008

When will be Gruen next episode air date?

Gruen Season 16 is yet to be announced by ABC (AU).

Is The Gruen renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 8/16/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Gruen is to be Premiered on ABC (AU)

Where to countdown Gruen air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 16 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Gruen, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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