Help! My House is Haunted Season 6 is to Premiere on Discovery+

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/17/2023
Created by: Zak Bagans
Official site:
Station: Discovery+

Families living in homes they believe are haunted will present a case file of paranormal activities to experts who then research historical evidence

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Name Air Dates
The Chapel of Unrest Dec 29, 2022

Helen moved into a converted Methodist chapel, but it was soon clear she wasn't the only resident. During investigation, Barri gets hypnotised to find answers.

Farm of Horrors Dec 22, 2022

Anita and her family have an idyllic farm located in Bude in Cornwall, but paranormal phenomena have left them terrified. At the end of her tether after her daughter was pinned down in bed by this terrifying entity, Anita has called in team to get to the bottom of the case.

The Spooky House Dec 15, 2022

The team is called to the seaside town of Westward Ho! by Rob, who has recently acquired Seafield House, a 19th century former B&B. The reportedly haunted house was unoccupied for six years before Rob took it over. Rob is planning on renovating the property, but before he can reopen it as a guest house he needs the team to give it the supernatural all clear.

Highway Men and Whores Dec 8, 2022

The team travels to the historic market town of Bridgnorth where they uncover a crime of the century at an old inn. Barri gets more than he bargained for.

Dead in the Water Dec 1, 2022

The team heads to the village of Tasburgh in Norfolk, a county famed for its links with witchcraft. The homeowners, Becky and David, live in a converted watermill and are plagued by paranormal activity.

The Hanging Oak Nov 24, 2022

The team is called to to Cardiff to help Charlie who claims she is being tormented by an oppressive black-hooded figure in her 1930s home.

Village Hall Secrets Nov 17, 2022

The team is called to the Yorkshire Village of Charltons near Guisborough to investigate a village hall that is said to be hiding a dark secret.

Pendeford Portal Nov 10, 2022

The team once again encounter paranormal activity on an unprecedented scale when they're called to the West Midlands by a desperate retired couple who've lived in a house of horrors for years.

Law and Disorder Nov 3, 2022

The team have been called to Bristol to help an anxious homeowner besieged by a spirit whose identity she knows.

Spirits of the Shipwreck Oct 27, 2022

The team have been called to a historic seaside town in Kent to get to the bottom of a haunting linked with a shipwreck that may have washed up more than just flotsam.

Nightmare in Neath Oct 20, 2022

The team heads to South Wales, where they've been asked to get to the bottom of terrifying paranormal activity on an unprecedented scale at a house located in the middle of an area shrouded in folklore and legend.

Shook to the Core Oct 13, 2022

The team is called to the south coast by the owner of a haunted home in Kent, who is too terrified to sleep. Ian, Jayne, and Barri come face to face with a demonic entity that takes them by surprise.

Unfinished Business Oct 6, 2022

The team heads to Somerset to unravel 700 years of history in an attempt to get to the bottom of what's haunting a historic hotel.

The Curse of the Jinn Sep 29, 2022

The team embarks on their most terrifying case yet, as Ian, Jayne and Barri tackle a dark entity that is reluctant to leave a family home in the East Midlands.

Devil in Disguise Sep 23, 2022

In Peterborough, a sinister entity drags Kevin out of bed and leaves him with painful scratches. The team conduct an intense investigation to uncover the demon.

Bargain to Burden Jun 25, 2021
The team investigate a home in the former mining village of Ynyshir. Can they identify a menacing spirit and finally bring peace to this property?
Never Dead and Buried Jun 25, 2021
The team investigate unsettling activity at the Trinity Arts Centre. Box Office Manager Lisa has worked there for 20 years and fears going into certain rooms.
Playing with the Devil Jun 25, 2021
The team are called to investigate a 17th century pub. The landlord is petrified to enter the attic and believes a sinister spirit resides there.
Ashes to Ashes Jun 25, 2021
Kelly lives in an 18th century cottage on the edge of the Forest of Dean. Is an evil paranormal force causing Kelly's daughter to experience mysterious mood swings?
Looking for Lisa Jun 25, 2021
Paul and Daveena have been living in a former doctor's surgery for over a decade. They ask the team to investigate strange noises and frightening shadow shapes.
Taking the Biscuit Jun 25, 2021
Georgina and Barry are being troubled by strange activity in their 19th century mansion. The team investigate reports of a child spirit who throws stones.
Theatre of Slums Jun 25, 2021
The team are called to investigate the Groundlings Theatre in Hampshire. A volunteer believes there are malevolent spirits trapped in the building.
Murder at the Museum Jun 25, 2021
The team investigate True's Yard Fisherfolk Museum. There have been reports of ghostly sightings, strange noises and a violent child spirit.
Possessive Petts Lane Jun 25, 2021
Krissie blames a possessive spirit for the break-up of two relationships. Could the spirit be Samuel Pett, who lived in her home in the 18th century?
The Ghost of Gertie Jun 25, 2021
The Bull Hotel dates back to the 14th century and is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. The team investigate a child spirit that's been scaring staff.
The Grey Lady of Sinai Jun 25, 2021
When Kate asks for help with her 14th century hunting lodge, the team discover a mind-blowing theory and the sinister story of a murdered woman.
A Sinister Attachment Jun 25, 2021
Daniel and Claire believe renovations on their home have stirred a residual energy. The team investigate whether Claire has a demonic attachment.
Calverton Jan 23, 2020

The team investigate reports of paranormal activity in a pub in Calverton, but soon learn that strange phenomena are happening all over the historic village.

Ghost Of Grandad Jan 16, 2020

The team are called in to investigate a house in Nottingham. The owners believe the house is haunted by multiple spirits, both malevolent and protective.

Gedling House Of Cricket Jan 9, 2020

The team of paranormal experts have been called in to investigate a 19th century town house with a celebrated but unsettling past.

Tivetshall Murder House Jan 2, 2020

After six years of sleepless nights, the owners of a seemingly normal property call in the team to investigate why they don't feel welcome in their own home.

Nuneaton Dec 26, 2019

The team head to the midlands to take on their toughest case yet. Escalating levels of terrifying and unexplainable phenomena makes the team suspect demonic activity.

Old School House Dec 19, 2019

In Devon, the team investigate reports of strange figures and sensations in a historic 16th-century cottage. What will they discover during their stay?

Chilmark Manor House Dec 12, 2019

A man calls the team in to investigate his childhood home in Chilmark. Having recently moved back in, he and his family have been terrified by strange events.

Uncle Tom's Cabin Dec 5, 2019

The team of paranormal experts visit an inn in Wincanton, Somerset, and witness some unusual activity. Plus, Jane finds herself at the mercy of a possible spirit.

Smugglers Inn Nov 28, 2019

In Sussex, the team investigate a historic inn with a gruesome past. The new owners ignored the dark reputation, but strange phenomena are giving them second thoughts.

The Manor Nov 21, 2019

The team investigate a picturesque mansion in a small village in Essex. Can they find the cause of the reported strange sounds and apparitions?

Stable Cottage Nov 14, 2019

The team are called in to investigate sinister activity at a grade 2 listed cottage. The residents are increasingly disturbed by unexplainable events.

The Corn Exchange Nov 7, 2019

In Hertford, the team investigate reports of strange sounds and sensations in a music venue. A former jail, are the shadows of the past affecting the present?

The Cage Sep 28, 2018

In St Osyth the team visit a building so haunted that the owner can't bear to stay another night in it. Once used to hold suspected witches, this house carries a dark history.

Balgonie Castle Sep 21, 2018

Balgonie Castle in Scotland has seen brutal murders, violent battles and torture. With reported sightings of ghostly children and a mysterious Green Lady, there is much to uncover.

The Skirrid Inn Sep 14, 2018

The team visit Wales's oldest drinking establishment, the Skirrid Inn, which has hosted many a visitor over the centuries, although a few seem to have outstayed their welcome.

The Dolphin Sep 7, 2018

Our intrepid investigators lock down for the night at The Dolphin, an 18th-century pub in Littlehampton with a sinister history. But events take an unexpected turn.

Fyvie Castle Aug 31, 2018

The team travel to Fyvie Castle, which is said to be plagued by an evil curse and the soul of a restless woman. There, they are faced with skeletal remains and blood-soaked floors.

Great Fulford Aug 24, 2018

Sandy, Barri and Chris explore a country estate in Devon with a dark history, from a battlefield in the grounds to the spirit of a tormented child. They also meet Great Fulford's notorious owner Francis Fulford.

Fleur De Lys Aug 17, 2018

Fleur De Lys is the oldest public house in the historic New Forest. This stunning location is full of surprises, and the team uncover stories of a mysterious grey lady, violent spirits and unexplained goings on…before experiencing shocking premonitions.

The Bate Hall Aug 10, 2018

The team of investigators travel to Macclesfield, Cheshire to explore this 15th century coaching inn that is believed to be haunted by a small boy and a mysterious grey lady.

The Queens Oak Aug 3, 2018

The investigators visit picturesque Finchampstead in Berkshire, home to the Queens Oak country pub. But all is not as it seems in this ancient inn, where malevolent spirits are threatening the pub's new owners, leaving them with no option but to ask our team for help.

De Grey St Jul 27, 2018

The paranormal investigation team travel to Hull to meet a resident who is too scared to stay in his own home. Terrifying portals and troubled spirits plague this former suburban family home. The team will do all they can to release the spirits back to the other side.

The Leopard Inn Jul 20, 2018

The team are back investigating The Leopard, an elegant, historic hotel with hidden secrets. With a terrified owner experiencing physical attacks, a dark mysterious figure and a haunted staircase, they will work through the night to try and uncover the inn's secret past.

Chillingham Castle Jul 13, 2018

Three paranormal investigators travel the UK to help families reclaim their homes from unwelcome spirits. Chillingham Castle has a bloody and barbaric history, and a torturous soul still lingers…

When will be Help! My House is Haunted next episode air date?

Help! My House is Haunted Season 6 is yet to be announced by Discovery+.

Is The Help! My House is Haunted renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/17/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Help! My House is Haunted is to be Premiered on Discovery+

Where to countdown Help! My House is Haunted air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 6 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Help! My House is Haunted, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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