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The very lovable Napier’s are all for the small town culture and bring us a whole new experience of renovating historic houses

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The Maui of Mississippi Apr 16, 2023

A couple who have lived on islands their entire lives are ready to downsize, and they've decided that Laurel is the perfect place to do so. Ben and Erin show them renovation options for two homes they can create into the cozy home to fit their needs.

New-Stalgic Restoration Apr 9, 2023

Three siblings return to Laurel to find a place large enough to accommodate all their families while visiting their dad. Ben and Erin present them with a historic Victorian that's right in town and a country cabin that boasts six acres and a pond.

Wood, Brick and Clay Apr 2, 2023

A young graphic designer in love with midcentury design looks to buy her first home; Ben and Erin present two options that will satisfy her love of natural elements, and Erin is determined to make the house feel as creative as its owner.

The Clock Starts Now Mar 26, 2023

Ben and Erin have just five weeks to reno a couple's home before Christmas.

The Heart of Laurel Mar 19, 2023

After a tornado destroyed a family's long-time residence nearly three years ago, they still have been unable to return; Ben and Erin rally the entire community to roll up their sleeves and open their hearts to help finally bring the family back home.

Second Chances Mar 12, 2023

With an early life as a troubled youth, a man who has turned his life around wants to reno his small guest cottage into a safe haven for those who need it. Also, Ben and Erin's best pals help them take on a massive project Erin has dreamt of for years.

What's Good for the Goose Mar 5, 2023

A recent graduate accepts a dream job in Laurel and now she's ready to buy a house. She's known for hosting great parties and wants to entertain, but she has a surprise requirement for Ben and Erin that will be a major factor in the home she chooses.

Blue Heaven Feb 26, 2023

A retired father of six looks for the perfect place in Laurel where all his kids can come together for more quality time. He's looking for a particular blue and white color palette, and his decision between two houses takes Ben and Erin by surprise!

A Drop of Sunshine Feb 19, 2023

California transplants look for a simpler small-town feel in Laurel and they're hoping to find a house with architectural charm. Ben and Erin present them with two home options, and the one they choose gives Erin a few design surprises along the way.

Mississippi Made Feb 5, 2023

A woman is thrilled to move to Laurel and wants a house that speaks to her feminine and eclectic style. Ben and Erin present her with two options, and whichever she chooses, they're on a mission to bring a little bit of local Mississippi into her home.

A Colorful Match Jan 29, 2023

Young entrepreneurs are excited to embark on a new chapter with the purchase of their first home. They want to incorporate bright colors into their design, and while Ben and Erin look to maximize space, it may also mean a bit of compromise.

The Buzzard's Roost Jan 22, 2023

A young entrepreneur wants to bring the tradition of hotels, bars and entertainment back to downtown Laurel with a four-bedroom boutique inn. Ben and Erin look to create an experience like no other, and it's one of their most ambitious projects yet.

From Windy City To City Beautiful Jan 15, 2023

After living on the outskirts of Chicago for the last 30 years, a couple looks to return to his Mississippi roots for a quieter life. Ben and Erin present them with two houses, and one has something special that Erin thinks they won't be able to resist.

A Solid Foundation Jan 8, 2023

After facing tough times, a young family is ready to plant roots and be part of the vibrant community of Laurel. Ben and Erin show them two houses in two very different neighborhoods, one in the country and a larger place in the city.

Ginkgos and Gondolas Jan 1, 2023

A California couple fell in love with the Mississippi small-town vibe and look to relocate to Laurel. Ben and Erin show them a classic Victorian with an unusual backyard vault and a Prairie-style home known for its Ginkgo tree in the front yard.

The Mullet House Dec 18, 2022

A newly engaged couple looks to put down roots in Laurel and has an opportunity to buy her grandmother's house, but the property comes with an unusual set of rules. All about options, Ben and Erin also show them a place they can truly make their own.

The Family Tree Dec 11, 2022

After a family tragedy strikes, a native of Laurel reevaluates his priorities and moves back to be closer to loved ones. Ben and Erin find him a fixer-upper, but serious demo problems become a tough decision of saving the house or bulldozing it down.

The Country House Dec 4, 2022

Inspired by their childhoods, the Napiers buy a country retreat where they can slow down and watch their daughters run free. Ben and Erin roll up their sleeves to transform their new place into a classic English country house with a kid-friendly design.

A House for Mom and Dad Apr 3, 2022

A couple is looking to set her parents and grandmother up in style with a renovated home in Laurel; Ben and Erin will have to find a property where they can design a perfect porch for Dad, a nice bathroom for Mom and a private suite for Grandma.

Architect's Linear Loft Mar 27, 2022

An architect is looking to expand his business, so he's headed downtown to find the perfect combination of work and living space; Ben and Erin show him two buildings with plenty of room and opportunity for both a growing business and his Great Dane.

Wraparound Porch Mar 13, 2022

In preparation for future grandchildren, a couple looks for a big, historic home with a wraparound porch and shower room; Ben and Erin face annoying plumbing reroutes and termite damage to turn a problem-filled property into their dream home.

Sweet Tea Dreams Mar 6, 2022

A couple of tea farmers want to turn their historic, sixth-generation farmhouse into an event space; Ben and Erin take on the challenge of renovating this century-old residence into a party venue that will welcome people from all over.

Campy Cabin Vibes Feb 27, 2022

After being a travel nurse, Luke wants his home base to be in his hometown; Ben and Erin transform his starter house into a comfortable home featuring a cozy cabin design that includes his grandma's mementos.

The Zen Room Feb 6, 2022

A couple who want to settle in Laurel and never move again are looking for a home with a Zen-style room for relaxation and a porch for entertaining; Ben and Erin set out to create a Mexican-inspired home that will check everything off their list.

Grand Millennial Jan 30, 2022

Rebekah comes from one of the biggest families in Laurel, and she wishes to return from the big city of Jackson to regrow her roots using Ben and Erin's expertise; whatever Rebekah's choice, Erin hopes to flex her new "Grand Millennial" design.

One Space at a Time Jan 16, 2022

The city inspector who works with Ben and Erin has a $60,000 reno budget but is in need of some design help. The Napiers pitch two different plans, leaving her to decide if she wants to overhaul the kitchen and living room or create a private main suite.

Pumped About Laurel Jan 9, 2022

A couple loves Laurel so much, they've decided to buy a vacation home there. Now, Ben and Erin are set to find a place big enough for their family of six (and counting) that shows off their traditional style and has plenty of space for hanging out.

Bones and Bugs Jan 2, 2022

A couple is trading in their small apartment in a big city for a big house in a small town. Ben and Erin work to find them a home that blends a love of eclectic color with a need for simplicity and has a space to showcase an unusual collection!

First Time's the Charm Dec 26, 2021

One of the kids that Ben advised as a youth minister is all grown up and working as a mentor for the next generation. Now, this athlete is ready to buy his first home, and Ben and Erin have $150,000 to find one that fits into his industrial/modern style.

Grand Style Apr 25, 2021

A woman moving back to Laurel wants a place big enough to accommodate her parents, kids and grandkids if they visit all at once; Erin can't wait to deliver on her ideal design plan: blue and white in the French provincial style.

Country House, City House Apr 18, 2021

A Georgia couple who love the outdoors are in need of a home with a big kitchen and lots of yard space for entertaining; Ben and Erin are determined to bring this couple's outdoorsy ways into the design of their home.

Family Values Apr 11, 2021

Ben's baby brother Jesse and his wife Lauren are buying their first house, and the Napiers are there to guide them every step of the way. Using their love of eclectic style and bold colors, Ben and Erin create a fun-filled home ready for new memories.

Thanks for the Memories Apr 4, 2021

With their daughters leaving the nest, a couple must decide between renovating their high-maintenance home or moving into a clean slate. Ben and Erin aim to mark everything off their wish list and save Laurel's first family of hospitality's reputation.

Design for Living Mar 28, 2021

An interior designer wants to buy a starter home in Laurel, and Ben and Erin are up for the challenge. Whether she picks the quaint cottage or the former rental, Erin is excited to flex her design muscles with a boho/mid-modern style her colleague loves.

Retreat Yourself Mar 21, 2021

Angie took a huge leap of faith when she quit her New York job to work as a producer on Home Town. After falling in love with Laurel, Mississippi, she's ready to make it her permanent address, and Ben and Erin help their boss find her dream home.

Woodland Wonderland Mar 7, 2021

A couple trading in Oregon's cold weather for Laurel's humid climate is looking for a house with nature-inspired whimsy and historic Southern charm. Ben and Erin rise to the challenge of creating a storybook-style home that's truly one of a kind.

Clean Lines, Open Spaces Feb 28, 2021

After living in temporary situations after a tornado destroyed his house, a man is ready to find a home with clean lines and open spaces. Ben and Erin give his new place a complete facelift, creating an awesome midcentury modern home with a cozy study.

Closer to Mom Feb 21, 2021

A New Orleans couple is looking for a vacation home in Laurel to be closer to her mom, and their ideal house needs space for hosting crawfish boils. Ben and Erin transform a dated home into a modern oasis complete with two kitchens and a spectacular pool.

All in the Family Feb 14, 2021

Erin's uncle, Danny, likes to go big when it comes to restoring old houses, and he's not concerned about the budget. Together with his son, Jim, Ben and Erin try to convince him that bigger isn't always better in a historical home renovation.

A Laurel Hug Jan 31, 2021

A woman is moving back to Laurel to be close to family after the sudden passing of her husband. Ben and Erin thoughtfully bring their design to life and create a gorgeous, sun-filled home as a soft landing to help get her through this difficult time.

From the Big Apple to the Little Catfish Jan 24, 2021

A surgeon and his wife are moving to Laurel from New York City, and their all-in budget goes a long way in the Mississippi town. Ben and Erin pay homage to the historic property's original elements and peculiar charm to design an amazing family home.

A Musician's Retreat Jan 17, 2021

A recording producer is back in Laurel looking for an artist's retreat. He received a dilapidated cabin from his late father, and while Ben and Erin are up for the risky restoration challenge, they think he'll get a better return with a bungalow in town.

Color Psychology Jan 10, 2021

A couple who runs a non-profit is investing in a property that provides transitional housing for women recovering from difficulties. Ben and Erin get scrappy and turn a neglected building into an uplifting oasis where new beginnings can flourish.

A New Beginning Jan 3, 2021

A photographer and close friend of the Napier's is looking for a traditional home with a touch of modern style. After deciding on a classic mansion in need of a complete makeover, Ben and Erin transform the tired house into a show-stopping home.

The Cafe House Jun 1, 2020

Young restaurateur brothers want to open a cafe near downtown with an apartment on the property. Ben and Erin give their choice a functioning cafe kitchen, beautiful cafe dining rooms and an incredibly efficient home.

Fire and Water Apr 13, 2020

A couple is looking for a house where they can entertain friends in a walkable neighborhood. Ben and Erin give their pick a complete facelift by adding a coastal color scheme, built-in banquet and a back patio that's perfect for entertaining.

A Southern Dream Apr 6, 2020

A woman inherits her mom's house, but it's far too small for her growing family; Ben and Erin come up with an ambitious plan to double the size of the house, adding a master suite and two additional bedrooms upstairs.

Termite Terror Mar 30, 2020

A school teacher misses small town life and looks to make a fresh start in a historic home. Ben and Erin come up with big plans to update her home, but they encounter an unexpected problem that could derail the entire renovation.

A House with History Mar 23, 2020

Jay and Rhonda are professors interested in historic preservation, and now they're looking for an old home of their own. Erin and Ben revive a 1920s craftsman cottage that stays true to its character, including original woodwork.

There's Just Something About a Porch Mar 16, 2020

A couple is looking for a historic home in the country with a porch and plenty of green space. Ben and Erin transform their new home into a classic, dogtrot-style house full of historic charm and Southern touches.

Bachelor's Paradise Mar 9, 2020

After years of traveling, a bachelor is ready to buy a home where his family has lived for five generations. Ben and Erin find a cottage with good resale potential, and their design includes a stunning master bedroom and a quaint front porch.

Home Away from Home Mar 2, 2020

A couple wants a vacation home that's big enough to entertain but manageable to maintain. After showing them a 1920s cottage and a 1912 Craftsman, Ben and Erin create the perfect getaway for them with a large chef's kitchen.

Restoring a Craftsman Feb 17, 2020

A couple from Alabama is excited to settle down in a small town for the next phase of their lives. Ben and Erin help them choose a forever home and give it a historic renovation complete with a gorgeous master suite, custom kitchen and screened-in porch.

The Sky's the Limit Feb 16, 2020

A man who has always moved around and loves to travel and meet new people is looking for a large home. Ben and Erin can't believe their luck when he gives them a limitless budget to design a gorgeous retreat with a Spanish-style kitchen and master suite.

Inspired by the Sea Feb 10, 2020

A woman who has been renting for years is ready to buy a home, and her wish list includes a master bathroom with a big bathtub. Ben and Erin capitalize on the charm of the house and design a Nantucket-inspired kitchen and a stunning master suite.

Can This House Be Saved? Feb 9, 2020

When she turned 18, a young woman inherited her family home that had been sitting abandoned for years. Now 21, she comes to Ben and Erin to see if the house can be saved with her $120,000 budget or if her money is better spent on another property.

The Church House Feb 3, 2020

A minister and his wife are offered a clergy house, but the home is cramped with their family of seven. Ben and Erin share their vision for updating the space and show the couple The Collins House to give them a second, larger option.

The Littlest House Jan 27, 2020

A business owner that's been living with her mom is ready to find a place she can call her own. With an all-in budget of $100,000, she's looking for a small home with a porch. Ben and Erin transform the house using breathtaking Americana charm.

From Los Angeles to Laurel Jan 20, 2020

Actor Richard T. Jones and his wife, Nancy, fell in love with Mississippi and want to invest in the community. Their wish list includes a historical home with good bones, so Ben and Erin give it a classic Craftsman front porch and a colorful makeover.

Moving to Main Street Apr 8, 2019

A woman wants to downsize and move into town to be closer to friends and work. With her all-in budget of $125,000, she hopes to find a small home with a maintenance-free yard, a master bathroom, and space for her son. Ben and Erin give her house a colorful makeover that includes a whimsical kitchen, stunning master bathroom and dedicated music room.

Putting Down Roots Apr 1, 2019

After falling in love with the small-town energy and hospitality, a couple that was recently recruited by the local hospital looks for a place to live as they start their new jobs as doctors. They have an all-in budget of $200,000 and a wish list that includes a historic home and a place to entertain as they make new friends. Ben and Erin's dazzling makeover includes a new kitchen and a stunning open-concept entertainment space.

Southern Coastal Style Mar 25, 2019

A couple is ready to move back home to Mississippi and put down roots after years of moving for work. They need help finding a home with charm and character in a small town. With an all-in budget of $300,000, Ben and Erin infuse their new home with coastal charm and create a gorgeous kitchen and breathtaking outdoor entertaining space using reclaimed cedar from the home.

Small Budget, Big Style Mar 18, 2019

A local business owner is looking to buy a starter home within walking distance to town with character, has plenty of space for her dog and fits her thrifty all-in budget. Ben and Erin Napier narrow her search down to two homes -- one is on the historical Bush dairy farm with a sizable yard and lake view, the other is a well-kept cottage with great bones and a small yard. Once a decision is made, the duo creates a jaw-dropping transformation complete with a covet-worthy kitchen and a dreamy outdoor patio.

An Old Familiar Place Mar 11, 2019

After being away for 30 years, a woman dreams of retiring in the small town where she has fond memories of her childhood. With her all-in budget of $120,000, Erin designs an elegant, airy home while Ben creates some unique builds including a laundry chute and a custom screen door.

Sweet Home Laurel Mar 4, 2019

A Laurel, MS, native is ready to plant roots in the place her family has called home for generations. With her all-in budget of $100,000, Erin and Ben create a beautiful transformation that includes a quaint home office and a master bedroom and bathroom fit for a queen.

Home Is Where the Art Is Feb 25, 2019

An artist wants to raise her teenage son in the small town near their friends and family. With a budget of up to $200,000, her wish list includes plenty of room to welcome visitors and a dedicated art studio. Erin embraces the opportunity to design for a fellow artist by designing a home with bold patterns balanced with a calm color palette. They dedicate an entire room to an art studio customized with thoughtful furniture built by Ben and dip-dyed drop cloth curtains created by Erin.

A Modern Millennial Makeover Feb 18, 2019

An engaged couple is ready to buy a home of their own so they can start the next chapter in their lives together. With the help of their families, they have an all-in budget and a wish list that includes a master bathroom with a soaking tub and a place where they can read and study. After helping the couple find the perfect home, Ben and Erin give the home a colorful millennial makeover that includes a charming book nook and stunning master suite.

A Doctor in the House Feb 11, 2019

Ben and Erin are eager to welcome a new pediatrician that hopes to settle down with his wife and work in the beautiful community. The couple wants a historical charmer with room to grow and a spacious outdoor area for entertaining. Along with a complete interior transformation, Erin creates a beautiful outdoor living room while Ben builds a custom grilling station for the ultimate barbecue experience.

Leaving the Nest Feb 4, 2019

Newlyweds are ready to move out of a parents' garage apartment and into their first home together. With an all-in budget, these two local artists hope to find a house with a master suite, large open kitchen and plenty of room for entertaining. Ben and Erin show them three unique homes with a variety of amenities hoping to help them make their decision. Once a home has been chosen, Ben and Erin design a luxury open-concept kitchen and deluxe master suite for it that leaves the happy couple speechless.

Small Town Life Awaits Jan 28, 2019

A Canadian couple looks to purchase a vacation home that will one day become their retirement home. With an all-in budget of $140,000, Ben and Erin show them two Craftsman cottages. Fans of Craftsman design, Ben and Erin restore the classic architectural features and charm to give these out-of-towners a true Southern experience.

Everybody Wants a Porch Jan 21, 2019

A couple moves from Arizona to Mississippi in search of a slower pace of life and their forever home. They have an all-in budget of $250,000 and a wish list that includes a home with historic Southern architecture and a spacious kitchen. Ben and Erin inject their new home with a deluxe kitchen, a classic Southern Mississippi porch and find unique ways to highlight the original architecture.

A Vacation Every Day Jan 14, 2019

Toy and Cory are moving their family of five inland from the Mississippi coast for Toy's new job as school district superintendent. They call on Erin and Ben to help them find a large home with architectural details and plenty of space for their three kids. Their budget goes a long way as they consider a 5,000-square-foot brick beauty and a 3,600-square-foot home with a pond and gazebo. Along with a new kitchen and living room, a spa-like bathroom is high priority for these professionals to relax in after a busy day.

Small Town Sophistication Mar 12, 2018

A couple that's moving back to Mississippi is looking for a spacious home for under $260,000 where they can host friends and throw parties. They have their heart set on one of the options, but it's out of their range, leaving them to either negotiate or settle on the home they can afford. In the end, Ben and Erin create the ultimate gathering place complete with a custom table for outdoor dining and a pergola party area.

Room to Grow Mar 5, 2018

A couple with two kids are in desperate need of more space and hope to find a home with a big yard and studio for his work with an all-in budget of $200,000. After showing them two great options, Ben and Erin transform their choice into a modern, spacious farmhouse that includes a chicken coop made from a dilapidated children's playhouse.

A Little Bit Rough, A Little Bit Refined Feb 26, 2018

Caroline and her husband, Corey, are moving home to follow her dream of opening a men's store. With a budget of $150,000, they're hoping to find a house that matches their authentic, early-century style and has an office worthy of their new business. Ben and Erin Napier show them two houses, and after the couple makes a choice, they use some unique solutions to open up the space and embrace its authentic style. The stunning transformation includes an office reminiscent of an old English library, a hand-cut brick backsplash and a piece of art from the home's history.

Colorful Custom Cottage Feb 19, 2018

A local restaurant owner and grandmother chooses a cottage that Ben and Erin inject with her shining personality, adding unique touches like a custom-built rolling island in the kitchen and a handmade raised garden bed.

Move It or Lose It? Feb 12, 2018

Robyn and Cassidy want to move Robyn's great-grandmother's house to a new plot of land, but Ben and Erin are skeptical that the home could survive the move. With a budget of $100,000, Ben and Erin transform a cozy cottage in town into a dream home to present the couple with a safer option.

A Quiet Place to Call Home Feb 5, 2018

After renting his whole life, a local pastor is ready to settle down in a house that will give him enough space for his cooking and gardening hobbies. Ben and Erin show him two options -- The Lindsey House shows a lot of potential with its charming, brick exterior and spacious kitchen, but the low-priced McRae House gives them a lot of room for imagination. Ben and Erin give the house a Creole cottage makeover, adding bright colors and a cozy study as well as a spectacular chef's kitchen and a custom-built gardening bench.

Southern Italianate Charm Jan 29, 2018

Ben and Erin Napier get the opportunity to find and restore a home for some longtime friends. They're hoping to find a historical house with a porch and cozy charm. Ben and Erin show them two houses: The Thompson House where the Italian style potential is masked by bad design and The Carmichael House whose mix of 1920s and 1990s styles will be expensive to redo. Ben and Erin then use creative solutions to convert mismatched design elements into a beautiful historical house complete with a custom-built ottoman and a unique outdoor entryway cabinet.

Countryside in the City Jan 22, 2018

A couple is ready for a different pace after living in the country for years. Erin and Ben create a haven in the city for them complete with handmade print wallpaper made by a local artist and a set of dining room buffets created entirely from one of the house's demolished rooms.

An Island for All Jan 15, 2018

A long-time local teacher looks for a house where she can entertain her large family. She has an all-in budget and a wish list that includes a large kitchen and family living area to host her big family get-togethers. Once Ben and Erin have shown her two possible homes that need a little love, the work begins transforming one of them into a stylish, welcoming oasis where the whole family will be comfortable. Even better, they're able to use beams and cabinets from the original house to build a stunning custom table and kitchen island.

Banquette Dreams Jan 8, 2018

Virginia newlyweds look for a new place to call home in Mississippi. They have an all-in budget and a wish list that includes a banquette, a master bedroom and a spacious front porch. After showing the couple two houses, Ben and Erin begin work creating a warm, welcoming cottage with never-before-seen porch swings and a beautiful kitchen banquette that reminds the happy couple of home.

Country Singer Moves from the Big City to a Small Town May 23, 2017

After living in Nashville for the last 15 years, this country music singer is looking to put down roots in small town Mississippi. She has set her budget and has provided Ben and Erin with a wish list that includes a historic home with a space for entertaining and a spa-like master bath. She's presented with two homes: a classic Craftsman bungalow with a large but rough backyard and a large, dated house with no kitchen. Ben and Erin deliver a stunning home that includes a manicured outdoor entertainment space and a luxury spa master bath.

So Long Loft, Hello Home May 16, 2017

A family of four has outgrown their loft and is ready to use their all-in budget of $200,000 to move into an family home with a yard. Ben and Erin show the parents two family-friendly houses -- a dated, boxy home with 14 acres of property and a split-level ranch with a problem layout. Ben and Erin then transform the family's pick into the ultimate home with an open concept and outdoor space complete with an arbor.

Small Town Life for a Growing Family May 9, 2017

A Chicago woman moves her family from the big city to a small town in Mississippi. She's looking for a family-friendly house for her kids and future grandchild with room to entertain and a private oasis for herself. With a comfortable budget, Ben and Erin show her two homes: one with an unwelcoming exterior and an interior that's a bit dated, and another home that's smaller with very little character. Despite the limitations, Ben and Erin overcome their obstacles and wow the family with the home of their dreams.

Military Family Finds Small Town Charm in Mississippi May 2, 2017

A well-traveled serviceman and his wife settle down after finding a job in small town Mississippi. Ben and Erin have been given an all-in budget and are tasked with satisfying the couple's wish list that includes a historic home with a chef's kitchen. They come back with two choices: a cozy Cape Cod-style house with a small kitchen and a charmless exterior or a slightly larger home with interesting architectural details and a welcoming front porch. Ben and Erin make the couple's dreams come true by creating a home dripping in charm that includes a French provincial chef's kitchen and a handcrafted work table.

Porch Dreams Apr 25, 2017

Amanda is returning to Mississippi after seven years of living in San Antonio, Texas, and she's looking for a historic home with a front porch and room for entertaining for $150,000. Ben and Erin show her two homes and after Amanda makes her pick, they create a dream space dripping with Southern charm and a to-die-for kitchen.

Cottage Charm Apr 18, 2017

Coy and Kenya are moving to town to be close to their children and grandchildren. As empty nesters, they want to downsize into a historic cottage with an all-in budget of $125,000. Ben and Erin show the couple two cottages: a small, dated house with exterior charm, and a cottage that makes up for its lack of character with an attractive asking price.

A House with History Apr 11, 2017

Will, Courtney and their boys have outgrown their starter home, so they enlist Ben and Erin to help them find their forever house. On their wish list is a sizeable, historic house that's rich in character and small town charm. Ben and Erin show the couple two homes: a large house that is short on personality, and a smaller house with loads of character but a long list of necessary repairs. With an all-in budget of $200,000, Will and Courtney have to weigh out what matters most.

History in the Making Apr 4, 2017

After moving to New York City to pursue his architect career, Bill is ready to settle down with his fiance Jody in the small town he's loved since childhood. Ben and Erin show the couple two very different homes -- a dilapidated historic house with character that requires a ton of work, and a Craftsman that needs updates and a personality. With an all-in budget of $200,000, Ben and Erin transform the couple's pick into a dream home with a gorgeous kitchen and custom millwork.

Homecoming Mar 28, 2017

Kyle and Brooke want their "someday children" to grow up in a small town like they did, so they're leaving Nashville and heading back to their childhood hometown in Mississippi. They want a house with history and room to grow. Ben and Erin show the couple two Craftsman homes: a character-rich cottage in need of an update, and a quirky but roomy home with a cramped kitchen. Both houses come at a similar price, leaving Kyle and Brooke to decide where their all-in, $200,000 budget will go the furthest.

A Town to Call Home Mar 21, 2017

A military couple looks to settle down and have a place their children can call home. Ben and Erin get to work on creating the ultimate family home and include a study area, play space and a stunning new kitchen.

Christmas in Laurel Nov 27, 2022

Ben and Erin open their home for a Christmas celebration in Laurel! They're decorating the tree, cooking up favorite Southern holiday traditions and looking back at some of the most memorable projects they've completed with family.

Stay Awhile -- Private Retreats Jul 6, 2020

Ben and Erin talk up the private retreats they've created for homeowners. Respite from the go-go-go of living, these are spaces homeowners can go to unwind and take sanctuary from outside intrusions, including art studios, secret gardens and more.

Small Town Salute Jul 2, 2020

Ben and Erin celebrate the transformation of Laurel, MS, with stories of those who bought homes and started small businesses to revitalize the town. Then, the couple delivers the anticipated announcement of which location is chosen for Home Town Takeover.

Stay Awhile -- Everything But the Kitchen Sink Jun 29, 2020

Ben and Erin whip up wonderful and even wacky memories featuring their most memorable kitchens, including best budget-friendly tips and DIY hacks.

Stay Awhile -- You Had Me at Sweet Tea Jun 22, 2020

Ben and Erin love porches so much they've become a part of their trademark! Porch-sitting is more than a pastime, it's a way of life for Ben and Erin as they recall some of their most unforgettable porch facelifts and backyard retreats.

Watch Party with Ben and Erin: Small Town Sophistication Jun 21, 2020

Watch along with Ben and Erin as they go down memory lane with fun commentary and insight from their favorite episodes. The duo works to transform a couple's home to create the ultimate gathering place where they can host parties.

Upcycled Jun 15, 2020

Ben and Erin often use their woodworking know-how and artistic eye to turn one man's trash into a new homeowner's treasure. From reclaimed bowling alley wood to an old piano, the duo looks back on their favorite upcycled pieces.

A Second Chance: Extended Scenes Jun 8, 2020

Including bonus footage, Ben and Erin restore the home they renovated for actor Richard T. Jones and his wife, Nancy, after a tornado hits. The couple plans to lease it to a local resident, so Ben and Erin re-imagine the home with his tastes in mind.

Watch Party with Ben and Erin: Everybody Wants a Porch May 25, 2020

Watch along with Ben and Erin as they go down memory lane with fun commentary and insight from their favorite episodes. A couple moves from Arizona to Mississippi, and Ben and Erin find ways to highlight the original architecture of their chosen home.

Town or Country: Extended Scenes May 25, 2020

Including bonus footage, a couple that owns rental properties calls on Ben and Erin to help them choose which best meets their needs. Ben and Erin also juggle the renovation of an airstream gifted to them by Chris and Morgane Stapleton.

Watch Party with Ben and Erin: The Littlest House May 18, 2020

Watch along with Ben and Erin as they go down memory lane with fun commentary and insight from their favorite episodes. A woman that's been living with her mom wants to find a place of her own, so Ben and Erin transform her new home using Americana charm.

Watch Party with Ben and Erin: House with History May 11, 2020

Watch along with Ben and Erin as they go down memory lane with fun commentary and insight from their favorite episodes. In this episode, a couple and their kids enlist the duo to find a big historic house that's rich in character and small-town charm.

Sit a Spell Feb 24, 2020

Southern living can often be encapsulated with one word -- porch -- a space Ben and Erin believe is just as important as the living room. The duo takes a look back at some of their favorite porch renovations.

Home Town Holiday Special Jan 1, 2018

Ben and Erin ring in the New Year with a look back at some of their favorite memories and stunning transformations from the past season that changed the face of their community. Join Ben and Erin as they share their approach to design work and some behind-the-scenes fun, as well as exciting new changes for their family.

Big Renovation in a Small Town Jan 24, 2016

Ben and Erin Napier love their small town of Laurel, Mississippi. They're passionate about making their town flourish like it did years ago. The best way they know how is to make Laurel a friendly and welcoming place to live. Ben and Erin help new people moving to town find a house and renovate it into their dream home complete with southern charm.

When will be Home Town next episode air date?

Home Town Season 8 is yet to be announced January 7, 2024 and to Premiere on HGTV.

Is The Home Town renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 7. Next Episode Home Town Season 8 is renewed

Where to countdown Home Town air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 8 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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