Homicide for the Holidays Season 6 is to Premiere on Oxygen

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/15/2023
Official site: www.oxygen.com
Station: Oxygen
Genres: Crime, Drama

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is usually a hectic time of celebration, full of cheer and presents and eggnog, but it doesn’t stop there.

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Name Air Dates
Deadly FourthJun 24, 2023

An abandoned car filled with blood leads investigators on the trail of a missing woman and her teenage daughter, who never showed up to the family's July 4th party; when their remains are found in a pond, everyone in their small town is a suspect.

Red, White and BloodJun 17, 2023

When a young woman goes missing after a July 4th beach party, investigators have few clues to go on until a twist in the case reveals she might be the latest victim of a predator terrorizing the area.

Silent Night Murders Nov 25, 2022

When a young man and woman are found shot execution style in a mall parking lot in the early hours of Christmas Eve, investigators believe a love triangle might have led to these brutal murders. A weeks-long search for the prime suspect uncovers another murder and a devious killer.

Cold Turkey Nov 18, 2022

A prominent couple are found brutally murdered in their Montgomery, Ala., home on Thanksgiving night, leading detectives on a cat-and-mouse chase spanning thousands of miles across multiple states.

All Hallow's Evil Oct 14, 2022

After a single young mother fails to show up for work on Halloween, her family and friends suspect murder. As the heartbreaking investigation plays out, everyone's worst fears are realized when detectives focus on an unlikely person of interest hiding in plain sight.

Halloween Horror Oct 7, 2022

A teenage boy discovers a real-life horror scene in his home on Halloween morning and soon realizes it's not a holiday prank. Investigators must determine if the horrifying triple homicide was a random act of evil or a premeditated slaughter by someone close to the family.

Murder Under the Mistletoe Dec 9, 2021

When a young mother is brutally murdered during the Christmas holiday, investigators uncover a love triangle that shocks her tightknit family and forever robs them of their holiday cheer.

Killing of the Christmas Tree Farmers Dec 8, 2021

When beloved Christmas Tree farmers, Ed and Minnie Maurin, are executed in the front seat of their car, a manhunt for their killer is launched that keeps investigators on the case for over three decades before justice is served.

Six Slays of Christmas Dec 7, 2021

Dayton, Ohio is terrorized over the Christmas Holiday as a string of brutal shootings have the residents wondering if they could be next.

The Last Thanksgiving Dec 6, 2021

A Thanksgiving feast turns into one family's last when a cold-blooded killer brutally stabs and dismembers a couple the day after their holiday celebration.

Death in Santa Claus Dec 28, 2019

After a family is found massacred inside their Santa Claus, Georgia home, the hunt for their killer hinges on the eyewitness testimony of the three young surviving daughters.

Christmas Heartbreak Dec 21, 2019

A beloved couple is found murdered inside their home on Christmas morning. All that's left behind is a single palm print. Investigators work tirelessly to match the print to a suspect, until a letter from prison takes the case on an unexpected course.

Last Christmas Dec 14, 2019

Just after Christmas, a young couple is found murdered inside their Florida home. Neighbors can't imagine the couple had been in the area long enough to make a mortal enemy. Police uncover deeply personal details, and soon expose a deadly secret.

Thanksgiving Terror Dec 7, 2019

A mother is brutally shot to death while driving her sons home from a Thanksgiving celebration. When the hunt for her killer leads to an unlikely suspect, investigators soon realize her murder is not as random as it once seemed.

Bloody New Years Dec 23, 2018

Just before New Years, a hockey mom is gunned down at her front door. Later that night, seven more bodies are found in another suburban home. Police discover a shocking connection between the two crimes as they track down the killer.

Silent Night, Lethal Night Dec 16, 2018

When a mother and her two daughters fail to show up for Christmas dinner, officers enter their home and discover all three have been shot to death. The search for their killer reveals an unthinkable family nightmare.

Christmas Rager Dec 9, 2018

Just before Christmas, the body of a young mother is found strangled inside a burning car in a quiet Minneapolis suburb. As detectives hunt for her killer, they become convinced she was killed by someone very close to her.

Christmas Rampage Dec 23, 2017

Two days after Christmas a mass shooting terrorises a small town, killing two people and wounding many more before the gunman is taken into custody. When police search for answers they uncover the worst family massacre in US history.

New Year's Evil Dec 16, 2017

On New Year's in a tiny town, Joanna and Carl Dutcher ring in the year with their grandson. Days later, they are found violently killed. The hunt for the killer leads police to a sinister group that threatens the entire community.

Christmas Mourning Dec 9, 2017

On Christmas Eve in a quiet town, elderly couple Bob and Idella Young are brutally slain at home. A bloody glove found at the crime scene has the killer's DNA, but no one matches the sample.

Holiday Terror Dec 2, 2017

Firefighters respond to a house fire and discover three gunshot victims inside. Also, authorities pursue a heavily armed murderer through Christmas.

Thanks-Killing Nov 25, 2017

Earl and Terry Robertson are found brutally murdered in their home just before Thanksgiving. It it investigated whether this is a holiday robbery gone terribly wrong, or a crime committed by someone the couple knew and trusted.

A Christmas Morning Murder Dec 17, 2016

A holiday is ruined when a couple is gunned down in their bed during what looks like a brutal home invasion, but police soon discover the true motive for the double homicide is a shocking tale of deception and betrayal.

A Christmas Massacre Dec 10, 2016

The Ortega family's annual Christmas Eve party is destroyed when a man dressed as Santa, wielding handguns and a homemade flame-thrower opens fire; detectives are led down a terrifying path that leads them to a sociopath.

Christmas Carnage in Carnation Dec 3, 2016

The holiday season screeches to a halt when six members of the Anderson family are discovered to have been gunned down in their home; detectives work closely with family friends to track down the shocking murderer.

A Deadly Thanksgiving Dec 3, 2016

A deranged shooter attacks a family Thanksgiving dinner, leaving four dead and even more wounded, setting off a massive holiday-season manhunt to catch the killer - before they can strike again.

When will be Homicide for the Holidays next episode air date?

Homicide for the Holidays Season 6 is yet to be announced by Oxygen.

Is The Homicide for the Holidays renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/15/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Homicide for the Holidays is to be Premiered on Oxygen

Where to countdown Homicide for the Holidays air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 6 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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