Hope Street Season 2: to Be Released in December 2023 on BBC One

Status: December 2023
Latest Episode: 10/30/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Official site: www.bbc.co.uk
Station: BBC One
Genres: Crime, Drama

Lovestruck Callum is jealous of Leila’s handsome ‘friend’. Finn has more serious concerns, convinced the visitor is here to do Leila serious harm – and she’s gone missing.

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Episode 10 Nov 7, 2022

Detective Constable Al Quinn is in trouble. Callum has told Finn that Al is a corrupt cop. Al manages to convince Finn that Callum is mistaken, but things go from bad to worse when Jake McGrade assaults a security guard and steals a million pounds worth of whiskey from the Port Devine distillery.

Episode 9 Nov 7, 2022

Finn is away receiving treatment for his PTSD, so Concepta takes his place on a fishing trip with Shay and Barry. Their pleasure cruise goes horribly wrong, however, when the boat's engine explodes – and crew member Brendan is seriously injured.

Episode 8 Nov 7, 2022

Still reeling from the state she found her dad in last night, Niamh suggests he might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following his car crash. A furious Finn flies off the handle – Niamh doesn't know what she's talking about.

Episode 7 Nov 7, 2022

Marlene is faced with a problem when some prize-winning racing pigeons are stolen – she's allergic to birds. As a result, Al and Callum investigate the theft. They soon discover that the owner, Hugh McCoy, has been diagnosed with ‘Pigeon Lung' – a rare condition that could kill him. His long-suffering wife Susan reckons that the person who stole the birds has done Hugh a favour.

Episode 6 Nov 7, 2022

Sparks fly when Marlene meets an outspoken farmer who hates the police. Meanwhile, a stressed-out Finn is pushed to breaking point.

Episode 5 Nov 7, 2022

As the police officers fight to secure a grieving daughter's birthright, Al does something truly terrible to save his daughter's skin.

Episode 4 Nov 7, 2022

When a car is pulled from Port Devine harbour, the whole town searches for a missing mother. Meanwhile, Al kisses someone he shouldn't.

Episode 3 Nov 7, 2022

When an ATM machine is stolen, new detective Al crosses a line to save someone he loves. Meanwhile, Finn struggles to cope – and has a difficult conversation with Siobhan.

Episode 2 Nov 7, 2022

Inspector Finn and new detective Al attend the scene of a shooting – an event unheard of in sleepy Port Devine. Someone has fired a bullet through retired headmaster Eugene McManners' front door. Meanwhile Marlene goes the extra mile for her best friend Nicole, alienating stepdad Barry in the process.

Episode 1 Nov 7, 2022

Niamh and Shay are partying on the beach when a hooded figure rugby-tackles a lad to the ground. The figure reveals himself as Niamh and Shay's dad, Inspector Finn O'Hare; he saw the lad trying to sell drugs to the kids. As Marlene sabotages an undercover investigation, Nicole is desperate to be a mum.

Episode 10 Feb 2, 2022

Callum discovers that his girlfriend has been telling him a pack of lies. Meanwhile, Finn faces the most difficult decision of his life.

Episode 9 Jan 26, 2022

When Pastor Gray reports his farmhand Donal missing, Marlene and Callum make a gruesome discovery in a slurry pit. Forensic evidence suggests that Donal's death was no accident, so the police officers ask his sister if she can think of anyone who might have wanted to harm her brother. She points the finger straight at Pastor Gray; her dead brother was gay and Pastor Gray is violently homophobic.

Episode 8 Jan 19, 2022

Ex-lovers Finn and Leila are thrown together again when his daughter Niamh goes missing. Finn is taken aback when Siobhan reveals that Niamh had an older boyfriend back in Belfast – has she gone to see him? The stakes are raised when Callum finds CCTV of Niamh being taken away in a van on the way home from her friend Joanne's house.

Episode 7 Jan 12, 2022

When his wife's former lover is arrested for assault, Finn can't hide his jealous feelings – which makes Leila wonder if she's made a terrible mistake.

Episode 6 Jan 5, 2022

Former Judge Ginette Prince sent a lot of dangerous people to prison in her time so, when someone sets fire to her home, the police officers wonder if the motive is revenge. However, Ginette's been retired for years and the criminals she put away are no longer a threat, so vengeance seems unlikely.

Episode 5 Dec 22, 2021

It's Clint and Nicole's wedding day, but best man Finn and bridesmaid Leila are busy investigating the theft of some much loved ‘therapy sheep'. Finn's 15-year-old daughter Niamh is back for the wedding. Now that she lives in Belfast with her mum, Niamh dismisses Port Devine as boring – until she breaks down and admits to Leila that she really wants to come home.

Episode 4 Dec 15, 2021

Leila is horrified that her ‘old friend' Rafid has turned up in Port Devine, but she paints on a smile and greets him with open arms. Like everyone else, a jealous Callum assumes Rafid is Leila's ex-boyfriend from England. Rafid's all smiles with the locals, but he's edgy and bitter with Leila. Has he come to Port Devine for some sort of revenge? Finn is worried that Marlene's snooping into Leila's past may have blown her cover, so he's alarmed when he discovers that mysterious Rafid has turned up.

Episode 3 Dec 8, 2021

As Leila waits to hear if Callum has blown her cover, taxi-driver Barry drives into a young woman who flees the scene of the accident. Barry's bad day gets worse when Concepta spreads rumours about his ‘dangerous driving'.

Episode 2 Dec 1, 2021

When a burglar claims he saw a dead woman in a farmhouse, Leila and Finn call on elderly couple Gerard and Brenda Smith. Gerard claims Brenda is abroad, but Leila smells a rat. Finn warns Leila to tread carefully; being heavy handed with a well-loved neighbour could alienate the locals.

Episode 1 Nov 24, 2021

The sudden arrival of new Detective Constable Leila Hussain sets local tongues wagging – what brings this big city girl to the sleepy seaside town of Port Devine? It's clear that handsome duty inspector Finn O'Hare knows – and that Leila is fleeing serious danger in England. It's also clear that Finn and Leila will struggle to hide the truth from Finn's nosey but well-meaning mother Concepta and seasoned Sergeant Marlene.

When will be Hope Street next episode air date?

Hope Street Season 3 is yet to be announced December 2023 and to Premiere on BBC One.

Is The Hope Street renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 2. Next Episode Hope Street Season 3 is renewed

Where to countdown Hope Street air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 3 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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