I Kissed a Boy Season 2 is to Premiere on BBC Three

Latest Episode: 6/11/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Official site: www.bbc.co.uk
Station: BBC Three
Genres: Romance

I Kissed a Boy follows ten single men as they head to Europe to find their Mr Right, and it all starts with a kiss. Before they arrive, the guys will be paired up with their strongest match and as soon as they meet, they kiss.

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Episode 6 May 28, 2023

There's a chill in the air as the dinner party drama continues. An explosive argument has left everyone in shock, so it's a huge relief when Dannii swoops in to pay a surprise visit. After the disaster dinner, Dannii has the perfect dessert to lighten the mood: she introduces two sizzling new boys to the Masseria.

To help the new boys settle in, Dannii asks them each to choose one boy to go on a date with. As the frost thaws on that icy dinner party, sparks start to fly between one of the new boys and his date.

As the boys try their best to give the new boys a warm welcome, for some the impact of the dinner party argument is hard to get over. It even looks like it might have rocked one couple who have been going strong until now…

The next evening the boys manage to set aside their differences to enjoy a fashion show and a wild game of spin the bottle, where hormones are on full parade.

As the boys head to the third Kiss-Off, everyone has a big decision to make. There's no room for fake love at this stage - but there's definitely room for some jaw-dropping drama…

Episode 5 May 28, 2023

You could cut the tension in the Masseria with a knife. Dannii makes a show-stopping entrance as the boys gather for a dramatic second Kiss-Off, and a series of cold shoulders leaves a number of boys left unkissed.

With some new partnerships formed, the boys head back to the pool. The chemistry is building for some couples, but question marks appear for two of the boys - are they really on the same page?

Dannii gathers the boys for their second Chemistry Test - the Big Gay Olive Tree of Truth. Who will be honest when probing questions are asked? And when tensions reach boiling point for one pair, both boys seek the support of their closest friends, which leads to a divide in the Masseria.

Everything comes to a head when the boys have a dinner party under the stars - strap in, this dinner is giving Real Housewives. What's on the menu? Awkwardness and drama!

Episode 4 May 21, 2023

Some couples are going strong in the masseria, but others have drifted apart (no more breakups in the masseria, please!).

And with the second Kiss Off around the corner, Dannii Minogue tells the boys she's looking for true romance only. Luckily, she has a plan – she's invited three new single boys into the masseria, ready to meet their Mr. Right. With more romance possibilities than ever, Dannii throws the boys a festival of love: it's party time, baby!

New boy Vitor has eyes for Ben, Dan fancies Ollie and Mikey, Ceejay considers Ross, and all the boys are on their toes. As the new boys settle in, Ollie tries to figure out where he knows Dan from (one thing's for certain, Dan doesn't work the door at Fire, babe).

While the boys throw some serious moves at the party, Josh takes a break from the mainstage to reveal something important to Mikey. Ross and Ceejay cosy up by the pool, and Dan takes Mikey for a little tete-a-tete on the terrazza. The atmosphere is electric as the boys weigh up their options for the second Kiss Off.

Gareth opens up to the boys about his past, and a game of prosecco pong raises the sexual tension even more. With so many single guys, there's a buzz in the masseria as the boys come before Dannii for The Kiss Off. Anything could happen. Who will pair up? And who will be left unkissed?

Episode 3 May 21, 2023

Four couples have made their decision at a dramatic Kiss Off.

Now, Mikey must make his. Bobski & Josh have saved their kisses for him, but who will he choose? And who will be sent home?

The decision sends shockwaves through the masseria, leading some boys to question the seriousness of people's matches. Is everyone here really looking for love? Or are some people treating the masseria like a candy store?

To find out, Dannii Minogue gathers the boys for their first Chemistry Test – Yaas or Pass. Here, the couples discover what brings them together and what moves them apart, resulting in some uncomfortable revelations. In the aftermath, Ross feels his relationship has been unfairly judged and confronts Ben – a confrontation that spills over into Ben's own relationship.

Mikey opens up to Gareth and Kailum about something from his past that completely changed his perspective on life, while Ross and Ben's argument reaches boiling point (the gays don't rest – ever). Ross, Ben and Mikey struggle to keep the chemistry going in their relationships, and a number of couples drift apart. Luckily, Dannii swoops in like the Fairy Godmother. Let's hope she has a plan…

Episode 2 May 13, 2023

It's the morning after the Pride before and the boys are reeling from the fallout of ‘Hurricane Mikey' – the single Scouse who's already turning heads. In the eye of the storm are Ben and Josh, who both feel there could be something there…

Josh thinks about his next move after he and Bobski fail to launch, while Ben tries to get to know the real Ollie – the man behind the tash. Having been ‘ditched' on day one, Bobski decides to up his game and explore his chemistry with another boy.

Dannii Minogue glides into the masseria to tell the boys that the first Kiss-Off is around the corner. The boys must choose whether they want to stay with their match, or if they want to save their kiss for someone else. Anyone left unkissed at the Kiss-Off will be sent home. The boys all have a big decision to make, and Ross wonders whether he may have more chemistry with someone else…

As Mikey isn't in a match, Dannii Minogue sends the handsome Italian housekeeper, Matteo, to tell Mikey he can choose two boys to go on dates with. But, as everyone in the masseria is a possibility, sparks can fly when you're least expecting it, and the masseria sees its first love triangle. When the dust settles, Dannii gathers the boys for the Kiss-Off – it's time for everyone to put their cards, and their hearts, on the table.

Episode 1 May 13, 2023

The wait is over. In the spotlight, just boys who like boys. Fly in pop icon Dannii Minogue to play cupid, and it's the party you don't want to miss.

Ten single guys are matched up, and meet for the first time… with a kiss. No small talk. No messages. Just one kiss to test out their chemistry straight away. Will it be a polite peck? Or a passionate snog? And ultimately, will that first kiss lead to love?

Dannii Minogue has welcomed ten single guys to Italy to stay in a beautiful country house called the Masseria. Before the summer of love starts, the boys are matched up based on what they're looking for in a partner. After meeting their match for the first time with a kiss, the boys are encouraged to get to know them and give their new relationship a good shot.

But ultimately, they have to do what's right for them. Because in this show, EVERYONE is a possibility. And as the new couples settle into the masseria, they'll discover there's always room for one more at this party…

Get ready for the UK's first ever gay dating show, where the path to love is never straight. It's loud, it's proud…and it all starts with a kiss.

When will be I Kissed a Boy next episode air date?

I Kissed a Boy Season 2 is officially renewed and Scheduled to Premiere on BBC Three.

Is The I Kissed a Boy renewed or cancelled?

Next Episode I Kissed a Boy Season 2 is officially renewed and yet to be announced on BBC Three

Where to countdown I Kissed a Boy air dates?

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