Ink Master Season 15 is to Premiere on Paramount+

Latest Episode: 12/20/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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Station: Paramount+

Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez from “Miami Ink” and Oliver Peck will comprise the judging panel

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Name Air Dates
Finale, Part 2 Nov 2, 2022

The top 4 Artists take on the most intense final tattoo in the history of the competition. Mind-blowing tattoos lead to a heated debate. One Artist wins $250,000 and the title of Ink Master.

Finale, Part 1 Oct 26, 2022

The final 6 Artists must take on 2 epic tattoo challenges to secure their place in the Top 4. Blind Judging shakes up the competition, and an emotional Elimination leaves the Artists feeling rattled.

Let the Sparks Fly Oct 19, 2022

Sparks fly in a heavy metal Flash Challenge, and shots land in an intense skull pick. Things heat up in the race for the title when the Artists take on color portraits in the Elimination Tattoo.

Panes of Pressure Oct 12, 2022

A layered Flash Challenge has the Artists testing their composure. The pressure is on as Japanese tattoos give the Artists a run for their money and a special Guest Judge stops by.

Up in Flames Oct 5, 2022

An explosive Flash Challenge has the original Artists targeting a common enemy. Difficult throat tattoos have the artists bugging out.

Master Mash Ups Sep 28, 2022

A game-changing turn of events elevates the competition. Insane Mash Up tattoos puts the Artists artistry skills to the test and a skull pick backfires.

Match a Master Sep 21, 2022

In an unexpected twist, 4 Ink Masters show up to keep the Artists on their toes. The Master of Chaos stops by and flips the competition on its head.

Devil's in the Details Sep 14, 2022

The Artists must make impressive illusions in an ultraviolet Flash Challenge, and every detail counts in an epic twist on Pin Up tattoos.

A Work of Art Sep 7, 2022

Alliances start to form as the first Flash Challenge pushes the Artists' creativity to the limit. Then, a Fine Art Elimination Tattoo has the artists creating museum worthy pieces.

Legends Return Sep 7, 2022

10 legends return to the Ink Master Shop and must immediately battle it out in an epic three round tattoo gauntlet for survival. The battle begins for $250,000 and the title of Ink Master.

Race to the Finish Apr 14, 2020

Five artists must tattoo a subject and style chosen by their competitors in an elimination challenge, followed by a 13-hour tattooing marathon to send a second artist home.

Compose Yourself Apr 7, 2020

The artists create one-of-a-kind designs on protective headgear in the Flash Challenge, and composition is key for a daunting elimination tattoo featuring Japanese cranes.

There Can Only Be One Mar 31, 2020

Working solo to test their precision, the artists must create mural designs using only staples, then tattoo portraits of senior citizens.

Last Draw Mar 24, 2020

The artists must show their versatility and tattoo line drawings created by another contestant, but an unexpected twist shakes up an alliance's strategy.

From Toast to Toast Mar 17, 2020

Jerrel is chafed by his team while creating a mural out of toasted bread, then the artists are tasked with tattooing realistic U.S. landmarks.

Every Artist for Themselves Mar 10, 2020

The 10 remaining artists must set themselves apart from their regional teams and face off in head-to-head individual battles, and two competitors are sent home.

Artistry on the Line Mar 3, 2020

Competitors must win a suspended-art flash challenge for the right to assign canvases in the notoriously difficult pinup tattoo elimination.

Sugar Rush Feb 25, 2020

The teams put their knowledge of color theory to the test while concocting candy creations, and new school food is on the menu for the elimination tattoo challenge.

Head Spin Feb 18, 2020

The teams must prove their adaptability while they each work on multiple tattoos and canvasses at the same time, and the Face Off Tattoo comes with a surprise.

Off the Chain Feb 11, 2020

After the teams create colorful murals by inserting cups into chain-linked fences, the artists are tasked with tattooing neon-light pieces.

Out of Your Element Feb 4, 2020

To test their consistency, each team must work on a single canvas at the same time to create a tattoo series representing either earth, wind, water or fire.

Battle Lines Jan 28, 2020

To test legibility, the teams spin intricate designs with yarn on outdoor canvases, then get technical with schematic tattoos.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Jan 21, 2020

Teams must unify or die in a two-day tattoo marathon that's all about collaboration, then the losers fight for survival with full-bodied American traditional fairy tattoos.

Clash of the Collages Jan 14, 2020

The South aims to unify and rebound when the teams are tasked with a postcard mural on the side of a bus, and a compass rose elimination tattoo includes a game-changing twist.

Rep Your Region Jan 7, 2020

The artists tattoo their home states and face blind critiques by the judges, a competitor makes a drastic choice, and patriotic tattoos decide someone's fate in the Face Off.

Battle of the Sexes Finale Sep 24, 2019

Seven veteran artists battle it out in the "Clash of the Coaches Face Off"; the battle of the sexes comes to an end as the three finalists reveal their 35-hour Master Canvas tattoos and one artist wins the title of Ink Master.

Step Up Or Shut Up Sep 17, 2019

The last four artists remaining battle it out in a tattoo marathon to secure their spot in the season final.

Unfriendly Fire Sep 10, 2019

The final five artists are tasked with creating murals using paintball guns, then must work across disciplines in a traditional illustrative portrait elimination challenge.

Moving Pictures Sep 3, 2019

The artists are on their own in a test of finesse as the six remaining competitors fight for the cash prize and the title of Ink Master.

Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth Is Aug 27, 2019

The competition tests the artists' ability to market themselves when the power is in the hands of the canvases.

Roll Of The Dice Aug 20, 2019

The Artists find themselves in a dicey situation with confrontational coaches Josh Payne and Nikki Simpson.

By Accident Or By Design Aug 13, 2019

The battle continues as the judges test the artist's adaptability.

Drawing Alliances Aug 6, 2019

The teams are out of balance as the artists cross enemy battle lines to pick secret alliances; a freehand drawing challenge tests the competitors' artistic ability.

Pins & No Needles Jul 30, 2019

The judges test the artists' understanding of color theory; two coaches take the artists to school; the battle intensifies.

Sabotage Jul 23, 2019

The Artists must prove their strength by facing off against each other with head-to-head tattoos. The battle continues for $100K and the title of Ink Master.

Art of War Jul 16, 2019

In a test of consistency, the teams must engrave full suits of armor, then a cross-stitch style elimination tattoo throws all the artists for a loop.

The Art Stands Alone Jul 9, 2019

It's every man or woman for themselves when the artists are subject to a blind critique.

The Hunter & The Hunted Jul 2, 2019

The judges are looking for color contrast and the artists are out for blood with full color neo-traditional animal tattoos.

Down to the Wire Jun 25, 2019

Two-time veterans Bubba Irwin and Sarah Miller return to coach the men's and women's teams, and the artists showcase their knack for legibility by inking surrealistic tattoos.

A Storm Is Brewin' Jun 18, 2019

The judges unveil a new twist and bring in heavy-hitting veterans Joey Hamilton and Ryan Ashley to coach the teams, whose black-and-gray shading skills are put to the test.

The Ink Will Speak For Itself Jun 11, 2019

Nine men and nine women kick off an epic battle of the sexes by going head to head in a team collaboration tattoo to prove they have what it takes to be the next Ink Master.

Grudge Match Finale Dec 18, 2018

Christian Buckingham and Cleen Rock One return to settle the grudge match once and for all; the battle concludes as the top three artists reveal their 35-hour master canvas tattoos and one artist wins the title of Ink Master.

Prelude to a Bloodbath Dec 11, 2018

Four artists remain but only three earn a spot in the finale; Cleen and Christian are one step closer to settling the score in the ultimate grudge match.

What Are You Crayon About? Dec 4, 2018

There's nowhere to hide when the artists are tested in precision portraiture; one artist misses the mark and is sent packing.

Who's Got The Power? Nov 27, 2018

With only six artists remaining, the power to control the game is everything; the battle for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master is more intense than ever before when the artists must collaborate to create powerful tattoos.

Too Hot to Handle Nov 20, 2018

The tools are hot but the competition is on fire as the artists battle for control in the flash challenge.

In Deep Waters Nov 13, 2018

The artists must compose an incredible work of art that's completely invisible in the flash challenge; one artist gets caught in the splash zone and is sent packing.

Put Up Or Shut Up Oct 30, 2018

Pitting the artists against the opposing coach, the competition puts the artists' finesse to the test.

Tipping the Scales Oct 23, 2018

The coaches face off to save their artists from elimination; mermaid tattoos take the grudge match to the sea; the battles continues for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master.

Chalk This Way Oct 16, 2018

The artists must scour the depths of their imagination to create mind-bending masterpieces with sidewalk chalk.

No Wasted Space Oct 9, 2018

The artists step aside and put faith in their coaches as Cleen and Christian each tattoo four canvases in a head-to-head marathon; the artists must then tattoo galaxies and one is sent to outer space.

Fight Your Own Battles Oct 2, 2018

It's survival of the fittest when Teams Christian and Cleen must tattoo epic battle scenes head-to-head; the grudge match continues for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master.

That's Gonna Leave A Mark Sep 25, 2018

There's no place to hide in the Elimination Tattoo when the artists must tattoo their canvases in difficult spots.

No Wrist, No Reward Sep 18, 2018

Cleen and Christian battle it out in their first grudge match to see whose team will have to compete in a wristband elimination tattoo challenge.

Right On Target Sep 11, 2018

The teams fall apart and one artist falls down for good as the grudge match continues for $100K and the title of Ink Master.

Not On My Watch Sep 4, 2018

Team Cleen and Team Christian go head to head in a flash challenge that tests their fundamentals, and time flies when the artists tackle a difficult elimination tattoo.

Opening Shots Aug 28, 2018

Cleen Rock One and Christian Buckingham, two of Ink Master's most legendary rivals, return to the ring, and 22 new artists compete for spots on their teams.

Return of the Masters Finale Apr 24, 2018

The top 3 Artists reveal their 24-hour battle royale chest tattoos. The battle moves off the chest and onto the stage as the eliminated Artists return to confront each other for the first time since the Competition. One Artist and one Master each win $100K.

Final Exam Apr 17, 2018

With a spot in the final three on the line, the Artists push themselves to the limit in a grueling tattoo Challenge.

No Stain, No Gain Apr 10, 2018

One team shines during a wood staining Flash Challenge, and 1 artist packs their machine and leaves the competition for good.

Monkey See, Monkey Do Apr 3, 2018

The stakes are higher than ever when the Artists must match the designs of their Coaches. In a freehand Face Off, one Artist falls out of the Competition for good. The battle wages on for $100K and the title of Ink Master.

Total Meltdown Mar 27, 2018

The heat of the competition is higher than ever when the artists test composition using melted wax.

Quit Buggin' Me Mar 20, 2018

The smaller the tattoo, the harder the coaches may fall in a micro Masters Face Off; in the Elimination Tattoo, one artist takes a blow to the chest and is sent packing.

Some Assembly Required Mar 13, 2018

Teamwork is the name of the game in a series of Tag Team Tattoo challenges; a massive twist forces one team's artists to turn on their own.

Ink Raider Mar 6, 2018

The devil is in the details when the Artists must tattoo intricate technicolor hot air balloons; the battle is heating up for $100K and the title of Ink Master.

Pane in the Glass Feb 27, 2018

Teamwork is essential in a glass painting Flash Challenge testing dimension; Artists create stone tattoos in the Elimination Tattoo and one cracks under the pressure; the rest keep fighting for 100K and the title of Ink Master.

Eye of the Tiger Feb 20, 2018

Team dynamics are put to the test when a tag team challenge shakes the competition to its core; the Coaches must make a difficult decision as the battle continues for 100K and the title of Ink Master.

Chin Up Feb 13, 2018

The coaches must lead by example when they're forced to tattoo the under chin in a Master's face off; the artists' adaptability is tested with undead tattoos.

Ink on the Dotted Line Feb 6, 2018

Precision skills are put to the test when the artists must create masterpieces with hole punches; one of the coaches may put his own skin on the line.

Step It Up Jan 30, 2018

The coaches step in during a team flash challenge; the artists' ingenuity is tested with mash-up tattoos.

Divine Proportion Jan 23, 2018

The Masters face off to ensure the survival of their team; proportion skills are put to the tes when the artists tattoo Greek deities.

Fill'er Up Jan 16, 2018

The competition is fierce and the Masters coach their team in the season's first flash challenge, which tests fundamentals; some artists find their way in the elimination tattoo, but one hits a dead end and is sent packing.

Pick Your Side Jan 9, 2018

Three of the most skilled Ink Masters return for a new challenge, but instead of battling alone, they'll coach teams of the nation's top tattoo artists.

Shop Wars Finale Sep 26, 2017

The final three shops battle it out for the first Master Shop title.

Marathon to the Finale Sep 19, 2017

The top four shops battle it out in a tattoo marathon for the three spots in the live finale.

Casting the First Stone Sep 12, 2017

With the field down to only five shops, the fight for the first title of Master Shop intensifies; in a deity elimination, some shops aim for a high bar while one shop gets sent packing.

Sell Out Sep 5, 2017

The artists put the saying, ``the customer is always right,'' to the test when they must sell themselves to their canvases for the chance to tattoo.

Pit Fall Aug 29, 2017

A painful elimination tattoo has the artists in the pits, and a massive twist sends them reeling.

Grim Inker Aug 22, 2017

With no flash challenge, the artists think they've got it all figured out until a massive twist sends them reeling; Four Horsemen tattoos bring on the end of days for one pair of artists.

Drill Baby, Drill Aug 15, 2017

The final Veteran shop returns to fight for the first ever title of Master Shop. Skull picks are key to the precision strike leveled at the opposing alliance as the battle for 200K continues.

Pin-Up Panic Attack Aug 8, 2017

The Artists can't find any relief in a sculptural Flash Challenge. Things only get hairier during the Elimination Tattoo when the Artists are faced with the infamous Pin-Up challenge.

Masterpiece Mayhem Aug 1, 2017

An emotional Flash Challenge brings the Artists to tears, and the Alliance becomes a target when a bullet-proof pair of Veterans return to battle it out for the title.

On the Bubble Jul 25, 2017

One of the competition's most infamous veterans returns to shake up the game.

Get the Flock Outta Here Jul 18, 2017

Shops crumble as the tension between teammates intensifies.

War and Ink Jul 11, 2017

Some shops lose their composure as they butt heads during a grueling elimination tattoo.

Lend Me Your Ear Jun 27, 2017

The competition gets even tougher when the artists are tested on technical application with individual tattoos; two veteran artists return.

Unnatural Disasters Jun 20, 2017

A fiery veteran artist returns, taking the competition by storm; a difficult Flash Challenge exposes weaknesses in the shops.

Crossing the Line Jun 13, 2017

A massive twist shakes up the competition and a painstaking Flash Challenge puts relationships to the test.

Fire & Ice Jun 6, 2017

Tattooing is a team sport as artists from nine of America's best shops arrive ready to battle it out for a $200,000 prize and the first ever title of Master Shop.

Peck vs. Nunez (LIVE) Dec 6, 2016

The final three artists tattoo for America's vote, and the eliminated artists return for a fiery confrontation; a 24-hour chest tattoo determines the winner.

No One is Safe Nov 29, 2016

The top four artists must endure a grueling tattoo marathon.

Bio-Mechanical Failure Nov 22, 2016

Stakes are high when the artists work in teams to transform canvases into cyborgs.

Heavy Lifting Nov 15, 2016

The artists must carry their own weight in a team Flash Challenge; head-to-head portraits in the Elimination Tattoo adds to the fire.

Road to the Finale Nov 8, 2016

Dave digs deeper into the lives and strategies of the final six artists in the Peck vs. Nunez competition; with new footage a a deeper look at the season's most talked about moments

Duck and Cover Up Nov 1, 2016

One artist cracks under pressure after one of the most difficult Flash Challenges ever; artists must tastefully cover up lower back tattoos.

Like Sand Through the Hour Glass Oct 25, 2016

It's all in the details when the artists create powerful designs for Dodge Chargers; the clock is ticking in the Elimination Tattoo.

Head Games Oct 18, 2016

The artists quickly adapt before tattooing an excruciatingly painful spot on the head.

Bent Out of Shape Oct 11, 2016

The artists must manipulate metal in the Flash Challenge; the remaining Team Peck artists fight for the final spot in their team's top five.

New School, Old Scars Oct 4, 2016

The artists tattoo former smokers who have been scarred for life in the Flash Challenge; the six artists on Team Nuñez battle for a spot in the team's top five.

Sticky Situation Sep 27, 2016

A conflicted Team Peck fights for control in a Flash Challenge that tests contrast; one artist turns the tables on the girls' alliance.

Sparks Fly Sep 20, 2016

Team Nunez has their legibility tested in an electrifying Flash Challenge; a gendered alliance has the women out for blood.

Put on Your Armor Sep 13, 2016

No artist is safe when both teams must transform canvases into warriors.

Ruffled Feathers Sep 6, 2016

Team Nunez is out for revenge in the Flash Challenge; an artist betrays Team Peck in the elimination.

The Game Begins Aug 30, 2016

In the first Flash Challenge this season, Team Peck & Team Nunez must work together in one of the most intense tattoo challenges the competition has seen. The losing team must battle each other in the Elimination Tattoo.

Weeding Out the Weak Aug 23, 2016

The judges show no mercy as 30 artists fight to earn one of the 18 spots on teams Peck and Nunez.

Revenge Live May 24, 2016

The final three Artists reveal two 24-hour master canvases. Eliminated Artists return to confront each other live for the first time since the competition. America helps crown the winner of $100k and the title of Ink Master.

Turning the Tables May 17, 2016

The tables are turned on the veterans when the new artists call the shots in the Elimination Tattoo and finally get their revenge; the battle for a spot in the live finale is more intense than ever before

Head in the Game May 10, 2016

The stakes are high when the artists must ink the ultimate in-your-face tattoo; rival alliances vie for control of the game.

Shipwrecked May 3, 2016

Alliances are tested for the remaining six artists when they have to complete tattoos in teams of three.

Sink or Soar Apr 26, 2016

The remaining artists work in pairs to execute large-scale back tattoos, testing texture and each other's nerves.

Breathing Fire Apr 19, 2016

The artists are pushed to their limits in the Flash Challenge; the final veteran artist returns to the competition for a challenge in legibility.

Knuckle Sandwich Apr 12, 2016

Alliances are broken during an intense Flash Challenge; a veteran artist returns to prove his merit through the ultimate precision test.

Under Pressure Apr 5, 2016

Bonds are tested and new alliances are formed during an intense Flash Challenge; a veteran joins the New Artist Alliance to take down a common enemy.

New School, Old Artist Mar 29, 2016

The artists use plenty of color during a contortionist body painting Flash Challenge; a veteran artist returns and adds a new-school twist to an old subject.

The Devil's in the Details Mar 22, 2016

The artists face the most extreme test of detail ever attempted; a veteran artist returns and sparks old rivalries.

Salt in the Wound Mar 15, 2016

Some of the artists have a tough time working in teams of two for the Flash Challenge; a veteran artist schemes to take back control.

One Man's Trash Mar 8, 2016

Egos collide when the artists get their hands dirty in a team Flash Challenge; another veteran returns.

Initiation Mar 1, 2016

The battle for $100,000 begins as new artists compete in the most intense Flash Challenge to date; the competition heats up when the first veteran artist returns seeking revenge.

Master vs. Apprentice Finale Oct 13, 2015

For the first time ever, the final three artists tattoo live for $100K. Eliminated artists return to confront each other and fierce former artists return for a huge announcement.

Go Big or Go Home Oct 6, 2015

The last four artists standing fight for a spot in the live finale, but first must survive a tattoo marathon. A huge twist is announced that lets America call the shots in the finale.

Active Duty Sep 29, 2015

Artists fight for a spot in the top four and must tattoo portraits of active military and their loved ones before they are separated for deployment.

Player's Choice Sep 22, 2015

Professional football players call the shots in the elimination tattoo, knocking the artists off their game. The loft lights up when Tyler is warned about Chris' dirty strategy.

Slitting Throats Sep 15, 2015

The artists join forces with inspiring guests in a high stakes challenge and Chris forces an artist to prove loyalty. Painful throat tattoos throw artists off their game.

Hail Mani Sep 8, 2015

The artists give religious tattoo virgins their first fingernail tattoos. Enemies go head to head tattooing works of art and the smallest errors turn masterpieces into failures.

Hell on Wheels Sep 1, 2015

The stakes soar when the artists paint their most valuable canvas yet and one artist's lies raise suspicions. Judges lay the smackdown when drawing skills are put to the test.

Like a Moth to the Flame Aug 25, 2015

The flash challenge gets explosive when the artists paint with fire. As the competition tightens, strategy kicks into high gear and the pressure causes major mishaps.

Composed and Exposed Aug 18, 2015

An insane new tattoo style pushes the Artists' limits, resulting in mind-blowing masterpieces and mind-boggling mistakes. Tension soars between two top dogs as allies and enemies are made.

Predator/Prey Aug 11, 2015

In the most insane challenge yet, Artists must tattoo 4 on 1 to transform Canvases into wild animals. An unexpected twist surprises the judges and results in a shocking elimination.

Firing Lines Aug 4, 2015

Heads roll when artists must take on a legend in the elimination challenge. A Skull pick heats up the competition, forcing an artist to face an insanely demanding canvas.

Problem Parts Jul 28, 2015

Naked models are used to create mind-blowing illusions, and a cutthroat artist gets a chance at vengeance. Tattoos on challenging body parts causes panic amongst the competition.

Tut for Tat Jul 14, 2015

Teams get cutthroat adorning sarcophaguses and one artist's vicious skull picks for Egyptian tattoos infuriates the competition. TUT star, Avan Jogia, guest judges.

Sink or Swim Jul 7, 2015

It's sink or swim when the artists team up to ink underwater ocean scenes on the back of canvas' hands. Then, an outrageous head-to-head style sparks an explosive elimination.

Fight or Flight Jun 30, 2015

Oliver Peck's mentor guest judges, delivering a smack down when the artists take on his specialty. A massive twist puts the power in the hands of the Artists and tests loyalties.

Meet Your Maker Jun 23, 2015

In the season premiere, apprentices battle their masters to prove they are the best – and for the first tattoo, the playing field is level as the Judges will critique blind.

Ink Live Dec 16, 2014

The final 3 artists reveal their 35 hour back pieces and the sparks fly when all 18 rival artists return to give the lowdown on whose rivalries still burn.

Fight to the Finale Dec 9, 2014

Emotional outbursts, explosive fights, incredible tattoos and epic fails. It's the end of the line and the sparks fly as the last 4 Artists standing battle it out for a spot in the Live Finale and a shot at 100K.

Firing Squad Dec 2, 2014

It's down to the wire as the artists battle for a top 4 spot - to survive they must impress 3 tattoo heavyweights criticizing their every move.

Painstaking Portraits Nov 25, 2014

Artists go head to head tattooing the same portrait on two family members. Some family members are left with jacked tattoos as the portrait subject overlooks.

Heads Will Roll Nov 18, 2014

The artists fight for an opportunity to ink NFL star DeAngelo Williams as he honors his mother who died of breast cancer. Head tattoos send one human canvas over the edge.

Up in Smoke Nov 11, 2014

Josh causes a controversy that could get him kicked out of the competition for good. The artists tattoo amputees where their limbs once were.

Cold Blooded Nov 4, 2014

In the flash challenge, the artists use a different kind of ink to make art...blood. Then, they go head-to-head against guest judge Tommy Montoya while Emily goes over the edge.

Virgin Blood Oct 28, 2014

Picky virgin canvases get inked and Jason's anxiety threatens to take him out. The artists battle head to head and Josh plays dirty, putting his opponent on the chopping block.

Ink My Oosik Oct 21, 2014

The artists are taken out of their comfort zone when they must scrimshaw walrus penises. One artist totally loses their cool while another artist loses their shot at $100K.

Three's a Crowd Oct 14, 2014

The pressure is on when the artists take on Oliver's specialty - and it's tripled when they have to work in teams.

Cheek to Cheek Oct 7, 2014

In one of the craziest challenges ever, the artists must ink 12 hour gluteus maximus tattoos. A medical emergency may cost one artist the competition.

Glass on Blast Sep 30, 2014

The artists must make incredible art by sand blasting glass while trying to survive working in teams. Rivalries explode when they tattoo head to head.

Geishas Gone Wrong Sep 23, 2014

Vendettas have the artists at each others' throats. The skull pick gets personal and the pressure is on when the artists tattoo Nunez's specialty.

Head to Headache Sep 16, 2014

Josh ignites rivalries while two artists receive an advantage no one in the competition has ever had and their cutthroat strategy has tension soaring.

Pin Up Pittfalls Sep 9, 2014

Semi-nude models bring the heat and a game changing twist is revealed. Jacked pin ups make the critique a bloodbath & rivalries flare.

Inking with the Enemy Sep 2, 2014

18 Rival Artists enter for $100k and the Ink Master title. It's their worst nightmare as they're forced to ink with their enemy.

Ink Master Live May 20, 2014

Artists and judges reflect on their experiences during the season, and America's votes are tallied. As a new Ink Master is crowned, the season three winner inks a canvas.

Fight to the Finish May 13, 2014

The artists help breast cancer survivors with tattoos that help the women reclaim their bodies; the season comes full circle in a convention tattoo cover-up challenge.

Karma's a Bitch May 6, 2014

A boat trip is no cruise when the artists are tasked with a life study of the Statue of Liberty. Japanese tattooing expert Taki helps to judge snake-themed Elimination Tattoos.

Tag Team Tatt Apr 29, 2014

Relationships between competing artists are tested with a collaboration challenge. Traditional tattoo expert Luke Wessman is on hand to send the next artist packing.

Fighting Dirty Apr 22, 2014

Champion boxer Brandon Rios tasks the artists with designing him new mouth grills; words between an artist and canvas ends badly. An artist is accused of plagiarizing images.

Ink Master Explosion Apr 15, 2014

An artist reaches his breaking point; the Flash Challenge explodes when the artists use gunpowder to make art. Rob Zombie judges gory and horror Elimination Tattoos.

Artist Slaughter Apr 8, 2014

The artists' ability to adapt is tested when they must cover-up images that remind canvases of their exes. Guest judge Freddy Corbin helps eliminate two more competitors.

2 on 1 Tat-Astrophe Apr 1, 2014

Artists are forced to work together in teams of two in the elimination challenge, and things get tense when a canvas passes out. Guest judge: Greg Christian.

X Men's Hugh Jackman Mar 25, 2014

"X-Men" superfans are tough customers when the artists must tattoo mutant superpowers in the Flash Challenge. Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, helps judge Elimination Tattoos.

Nude & Tattooed Mar 18, 2014

Canvases bare all in a highly revealing Flash Challenge. New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia judges artists' tattoo placement in the Elimination Challenge.

Tatt Ganged Mar 11, 2014

A trip to Coney Island tests the artists' consistency in a team-based Flash Challenge on a single pair of twin canvasses; an injury sends a competitor to the emergency room.

Bug Out Mar 4, 2014

Live poisonous scorpions and tarantulas are muses in a dimension Flash Challenge, and one artist is eyeing the exit. Black and White expert Tommy Montoya serves as guest judge.

Earn It! Feb 25, 2014

The artists learn they must earn their spot in the "Ink Master" competition in a convention-style challenge, but that is only the beginning of their fight for the house.

The Epic Finale Oct 8, 2013

America's vote brings two artists back for a live tattoo face-off; a new "Ink Master" is crowned.

Enduring the Pain Oct 1, 2013

The last four artists face a simultaneous tattoo challenge in their quest for the title of "Ink Master."

Heroes and Heads Sep 24, 2013

Veterans are honored in the Flash Challenge. Guest judge Twig Sparks evaluates the Elimination Tattoos.

Eyes of the Beholder Sep 17, 2013

Eyelid tattoos have the artists in tears. Veteran artist Corey Miller judges a portrait challenge.

Skulls and Villains Sep 10, 2013

The artists etch designs into human skulls; Marvel Comics artist Greg Capullo serves as guest judge.

Baby Don't Go Sep 3, 2013

Things get personal when the artists tattoo each other. Special guest judge: NFL star NaVorro Bowman.

Monumental Mistakes Aug 27, 2013

Dave Navarro offers himself as a human canvas. Nikko Hurtado is a guest judge in the elimination round.

Animal Instinct Aug 20, 2013

Hot models meet jungle animals in the Flash Challenge; Troy Denning serves as a special guest judge.

Baby Beat-Down Aug 13, 2013

Artists cover scars; a Day of the Dead challenge leaves everyone spooked. Guest judge: Chuey Quintanar.

Elysium Challenge Aug 6, 2013

Artists must assemble their own tattoo machines. Machine builder Seth Ciferri serves as guest judge.

Fire and Lace Jul 30, 2013

Lingerie-clad ladies are canvasses in a Flash Challenge; a tough canvas leads to a shocking elimination.

Thrills for Grills Jul 23, 2013

Artists tackle anatomical tattoos. Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson serves as guest judge.

Baby Got Back Jul 16, 2013

Artists ink inmates prison-style; cover-up tattoos welcome competitors to the house.

Ink Master Live Dec 18, 2012

A live finale event. Master canvases are revealed, and America's votes help crown the next "Ink Master."

The Bigger They Are Dec 18, 2012

NFL and MMA stars pick their tattoo artists, and finalists advance to the last, epic challenge.

Better Than Words? Dec 11, 2012

A portrait Elimination Tattoo featuring guest judge Bob Tyrrell ups the ante on the remaining artists.

The artists are pitted against Oliver; Some human canvases are given unrecognizable family portrait tattoos.

Blowing Chunks Dec 4, 2012

The artists customize Dave Navarro's guitars; animal-style tattoo expert Forrest Cavacco guest judges.

Buck Off Nov 27, 2012

The artists burn designs into cowgirl's chaps. Japanese-style legend Mike Rubendall is the guest judge.

Holy Ink Nov 20, 2012

The artists pair up for team-based challenges. Featuring tattooing legend Freddy Negrete as guest judge.

Star Wars Forever Nov 13, 2012

The artists use The Force to ink super-fans with "Star Wars" tattoos. George Lucas awards a special prize.

Half Naked and Fully Loaded Nov 6, 2012

The artists carve designs into guns; pin-up girls prove to be disastrous for some in the elimination round.

Trick or Freak Oct 30, 2012

Human canvases get tattoos inside their mouths; an artist's medical emergency results in a hospital stay.

Tattoo Her What? Oct 23, 2012

A canvas demands a tattoo on her private parts. The NBA's Matt Barnes guest judges.

The 80 Year Old Virgin Oct 16, 2012

The artists tattoo American Classic tats on veterans, Tattoo legend Richard Stell guest judges.

Naked 911 Oct 9, 2012

The artists camouflage bikini-clad women. NFL star Terrell Suggs serves as guest judge.

Tattooing the Dead Oct 9, 2012

Tattoo artists take a trip to the morgue, and tattoo virgins experience their first taste of ink.

Ink Master Revealed Mar 6, 2012

The finalists prove their grit and determination on master canvasses. An "Ink Master" is chosen.

Picture Imperfect Feb 28, 2012

Some artists mess up their portrait tattoos and screw up important features, leaving permanent bad art on their human canvases; four artists remain. The remaining four artists take on portrait tattoos and realize they have no room for error.

Permanent Mistakes Feb 21, 2012

Artists get the chance to work on Dave Navarro and an unlikely artist wins the flash challenge; The artists tattoo pin-up girls on their canvasses. Featuring NBA star Chris Andersen as guest judge.

Game On Feb 14, 2012

Josh calls out Shane on only doing black and grey tattoos and Shane fights to prove his skills to his competition and impress the judges in color tattoo challenges.

Ink Disaster Piece Feb 7, 2012

Photo realism tattoos turn disastrous when Bili has difficulty with muscle structure and Heather's art goes up in flames. Todd Weinberger of "Inked Magazine" serves as guest judge.

Pasties and a Cameltoe Jan 31, 2012

Artists are tested on their shading skills, and ink naked female canvases in the flash challenge. Words get tense between Al and Bili.

Botched Head Tattoo Jan 24, 2012

A head tattoo becomes a medical emergency, and tempers explode when Heather challenges the judges. Ton Jones serves as guest judge, and helps eliminate the second contestant.

Fresh Meat Jan 17, 2012

Ten of the best tattoo artists on the planet tattoo tackle extreme challenges on human canvases with the hopes of earning a $100,000 prize and the title of "Ink Master."

The Decision Aug 23, 2016

In one of the most controversial finales to date, the crowning of Anthony Michaels as Ink Master has fans divided; judges, finalists and eliminated artists return to discuss the decision.

Sirens of Ink Mar 1, 2016

Four of the best female artists return for an epic battle of the babes. Lea Vendetta, Sarah Miller, Jackie Jennings, and Emily Elegado bring the heat as they fight for $10,000.

Cupid's Ink Feb 9, 2016

Nick D'Angelo, Mystical Mike, Ashley Bennett, and Julia Carlson battle it out for $10,000 by inking symbols of Valentine's Day on love-obsessed canvases.

Hallowink Oct 27, 2015

Bili Vegas, Clint Cummings, Cleen Rock One, and St. Marq return to make some trouble as they battle it out for $10,000, inking gruesome tattoos on Halloween-obsessed canvases.

Master vs. Master Jun 23, 2015

In an elite battle of heavyweights, four Ink Master winners collide to prove they are the best of the best.

Most Infamous Jan 6, 2015

The most loved, hated, and talked about artists and canvases from past seasons of Ink Master return to reveal details about scandals surrounding their time in the competition.

New Year's Ink Dec 30, 2014

It's a clash of big egos when Josh Hibbard, Gentle Jay, Al Fliction, and Cee Jay return to battle for redemption and $10k.

Merry Ink Dec 23, 2014

Tatu Baby, Sausage, Jime Litwalk and James Vaughn vie for redemption and a shot at $10k as they tattoo Christmas-obsessed canvases with holiday tattoos.

You Choose Live Sep 2, 2014

Relive the craziest Ink Master moments: wild fights, bad tattoos and epic eliminations.

When will be Ink Master next episode air date?

Ink Master Season 15 is officially renewed and Scheduled to Premiere on Paramount+.

Is The Ink Master renewed or cancelled?

Next Episode Ink Master Season 15 is officially renewed and yet to be announced on Paramount+

Where to countdown Ink Master air dates?

Follow us and you find out it when series officially to be announced. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Ink Master, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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