Interrogation Raw Season 2 is yet to be announced Dec 21, 2023 on A&E

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/7/2023
Next Episode: 12/21/2023
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Station: A&E
Genres: Crime

Interrogation Raw tells the stories of dramatic murders and other serious crimes through the prism of the gripping interrogations of the accused.

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"Interrogation Raw: Unveiling the Truth in a Captivating and Intense TV Series"

Get ready to be on the edge of your seat with "Interrogation Raw," a thrilling TV series that will keep you guessing until the very end! This captivating show takes viewers into the intense world of criminal investigations, providing an authentic and unfiltered look into the process of extracting the truth from suspects. With its unique storytelling format and gripping performances, "Interrogation Raw" provides an exhilarating viewing experience like no other.

"Inside the Interrogation Room: Unmasking the Secrets"

Step into the interrogation room and prepare to be immersed in a world of secrets, lies, and untold truths. "Interrogation Raw" shines a spotlight on the art of interrogation, taking viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as detectives tirelessly work to solve complex cases. The series showcases the relentless pursuit of justice and the lengths investigators go to uncover the truth, leaving audiences captivated and eager for more.

Through a combination of intense dialogue, powerful performances, and clever twists, "Interrogation Raw" brilliantly captures the tension and psychological battles that occur during interrogations. Each episode presents a new case, providing viewers with a fresh mystery to unravel. With every revelation, the intricate web of clues grows, inviting viewers to become amateur detectives themselves, as they try to piece together the puzzle and predict the outcome.

"Raw and Convincing Performances: A Stellar Cast that Brings the Drama to Life"

"Interrogation Raw" boasts a talented ensemble cast who bring their A-game to every episode. From the seasoned detectives to the suspects themselves, the performances are raw, convincing, and completely enthralling. The actors skillfully portray a range of emotions, capturing the vulnerability and defiance of those being interrogated, as well as the determination and expertise of the investigators.

With its excellent writing and character development, "Interrogation Raw" delves deep into the psyche of both the interrogator and the suspect. This intimate exploration allows the audience to form a connection with the characters, evoking empathy, suspicion, and intrigue. The talented cast effortlessly draws viewers into their world, making us question our own assumptions and challenging our perceptions of guilt and innocence.

"Interrogation Raw: A Must-Watch for Thriller Enthusiasts"

If you're a fan of gripping crime dramas and love the thrill of solving mysteries, "Interrogation Raw" is the perfect TV series for you. With its captivating storytelling, intense interrogation scenes, and exceptional performances, this show will keep you hooked from the very first episode. So grab your popcorn, turn off the lights, and prepare to be captivated by the dark and intriguing world of "Interrogation Raw!"


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  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
The Demon Inside Jan 5, 2023

A prolific serial killer's confession in the murder of a young woman turns out to be a hoax but decades later a more likely suspect is ready to talk, under one condition.

Victim or Accomplice? Dec 29, 2022

A woman who traveled with a serial killer sits down with the authorities who want to determine whether she was a victim or an accomplice to the killer's crimes; a man makes a startling confession about killing a college student.

A Family Tragedy Dec 22, 2022

A neighbor answers tough questions in the interrogation room after an intruder kills three members of a family in Minnesota and leaves only one survivor.

The Cigarette Break Dec 15, 2022

A young man is accused of killing a beloved 52-year-old woman, but the accused changes his story after a cigarette break; homicide detectives solve a murder mystery from decades past thanks to advances in DNA technology.

Left for Dead in the Cold Dec 8, 2022

When four acquaintances are interrogated about the fatal beating of a young father left on the side of the road, they begin to blame each other for the crime.



Neighbor from Hell Dec 1, 2022

A man's body is found in a wooded area and the victim's neighbor is brought into the interrogation room, where evidence mounts even as he's being interviewed.

Stone Cold Murder Nov 17, 2022

The authorities interrogate two individuals to determine which one of them pulled the trigger and shot a man outside a local shop; the authorities interrogate a woman who is accused of hitting two children with her vehicle.

Deadly Dad Nov 10, 2022

After a 20-year-old man is crushed by a truck that fell off its jack, the victim's father is brought in to face questions over whether it was really an accident…or murder.

Something in the Water Nov 3, 2022

A young woman's body parts are found in a suspect's plumbing and freezer and when he's brought into the interrogation room, his bizarre behavior stuns even the most seasoned detectives.

Murder by Scissors Jul 28, 2022

A boyfriend becomes the main murder suspect after he finds his partner stabbed with a pair of scissors.

Serial Killer at the VA Hospital Jul 21, 2022

Investigators wonder if a nurse's aide may be a serial killer after several mysterious deaths occur at a VA hospital located in West Virginia.

Who Murdered the Postman? Jul 14, 2022

Detectives put pressure on their prime suspect as they investigate the shooting death of a U.S. postal employee to determine if the killing was intentional or if the postal worker's death was actually an accident, as the suspect claims.

Conduct Unbecoming Jul 7, 2022

After a woman goes missing, a married Navy police officer contends with tough questions about his romantic relationship with the victim; after a decade on the run, officers interrogate the wife accused of murdering her husband.

Unrequited Love Jun 23, 2022

A woman is murdered by the foster daughter she took in. But an open-and-shut case becomes more complicated as evidence emerges that the foster daughter may not have acted alone.

Murderous Friendship Jun 16, 2022

A woman goes missing and interrogators have tough questions for the friend she was last seen with.

Bride-to-Be Murder Mystery Jun 9, 2022

After a woman is brutally murdered just a week before her wedding, detectives interrogate three possible suspects, including her fiancé.

A Betrayal of Trust Jun 2, 2022

Detectives rush to find a missing girl who was staying with a murder victim, and as they investigate the dramatic situation, a familiar name becomes a prime suspect, so they interrogate him in the hopes of finding the girl alive.

Tangled Affairs May 26, 2022

Authorities investigate when an art teacher is killed in her own home, and they bring her husband and a growing list of suspects into the interrogation room to face hard-hitting questions in the hopes of learning why the teacher was murdered.

Lost in the Leaves May 19, 2022

A small town is shaken when a mother, her two children and her best friend mysteriously vanish. Investigators find the family's home covered in blood but very few clues. A minute detail helps authorities track down a suspect, but they need answers from him before time runs out.