Loaded In Paradise Season 1: to Be Released in Early 2024 on ITVX

Status: Early 2024
Latest Episode: 12/28/2022
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Official site: www.itv.com
Station: ITVX
Genres: Travel

Loaded in Paradise is an action packed, adrenalised reality game show where party-loving pairs island hop Greece’s Aegean Islands in a race to take control of – and spend – 50,000 euros.

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"Loaded In Paradise": An Exciting Escape into Paradise

Are you tired of the same old mundane daily routine? Yearning for a thrilling escape? Look no further than the enticing new TV series, "Loaded In Paradise"! This delightful show will transport you to idyllic locations, filled with adventure, laughter, and heartwarming moments. With its unique blend of captivating storytelling and stunning visuals, "Loaded In Paradise" promises to be your ultimate ticket to an unforgettable journey.

Paradise Awaits: A Glimpse into the Series

"Loaded In Paradise" takes you on a thrilling ride alongside a group of friends who stumble upon a hidden treasure map while on vacation. As they embark on a quest to find the untold riches in exotic locations, hilarity ensues, and their bond is put to the test. With each episode, audiences are taken on a breath-taking journey through stunning landscapes, from lush tropical beaches to ancient ruins, all while accompanied by a heartwarming story of friendship and self-discovery.

Dynamic Characters: The Heart and Soul of the Series

The success of "Loaded In Paradise" is undoubtedly attributed to its charismatic and endearing ensemble cast. Each character brings their unique quirks and personalities, creating a dynamic and highly entertaining group. From the charming and quick-witted protagonist, Jack, to the adventurous and daring Emily, the chemistry between the characters is palpable on-screen. Audiences will find themselves becoming emotionally invested in their journeys, sharing their joys and sorrows as they uncover the secrets of the treasure map.

In a world where we often seek an escape from our everyday lives, "Loaded In Paradise" offers the perfect respite. This immersive series not only transports us to breathtaking locations but also reminds us of the importance of friendship, adventure, and embracing the unknown. So, grab your popcorn, kick back, and get ready to be swept away on an exhilarating journey with "Loaded In Paradise" – your passport to pure entertainment!


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  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
The Big, Fat, Greek Finale Dec 28, 2022

It's the Loaded in Paradise finale. Plutus sets the four remaining pairs face an epic final test to find his Gold Card and win the life-changing €30,000 prize fund.

Plutus, Pandora's Box and a Place in the Final Dec 28, 2022

The five pairs gather at Plutus' final Safehouse and come face to face with the mysterious Pandora's Box. One pair leaves the competition for good.

The Gold Card Yoho Dec 28, 2022

Racing around Rhodes, the Gold Card changes hands a record number of times. But who will end up living in luxury at the end of the night?

The Prize Fund Fight Dec 28, 2022

Plutus gives Millie and Amelia a difficult decision. They can take €10,000 from the prize fund to keep for themselves, but to get the money they must first give up the Gold Card.

Flirty Fun on the Run Dec 28, 2022

Millie joins forces with another pair to form a ‘Spender Trio'. But can they evade newbies Paige and Rianna, who have a powerful secret weapon given by Plutus?

Big Money, Big Spends and Even Bigger Power Dec 28, 2022

A shock double elimination sees two pairs leave the competition, and two sets of new arrivals take their place. The plot thickens as Plutus gives the Spenders a tough decision.

Chasing, Camping and Kissing Dec 28, 2022

It's Millie and Amelia's last chance to swipe the Gold Card to avoid elimination, and a night of camping sees some of the pairs getting up close and personal under the stars.

A Showdown on the Sand Dec 28, 2022

New couple Tommy and Ellie make a big impact on their first Chase, while Millie and Amelia fight to find the Gold Card and avoid possible elimination.

Exits, Arrivals and a Greek Tragedy Dec 28, 2022

One pair leaves the competition for good and a new duo rock up to wreak havoc at the Ios Safehouse. Plutus sets a secret mission that has dire consequences for some.

Survival of the Quickest Dec 28, 2022

Spenders Leuan and Kane try to keep a low profile, and Plutus opens his second Safehouse. But with the last two pairs to find it facing elimination from the game, the race is on.

Four Chasers, One Chopper and No Idea Dec 28, 2022

The Chase heats up on the party island of Ios, where two pairs of Chasers have a secret weapon; they can reveal the exact location of Spenders Jamie and Guy at any time.

Two Truths, One Lie and a Whole Lotta Drama Dec 28, 2022

Plutus challenges the pairs to play a game that reveals surprising truths about each other. When the Chase resumes, can Spenders Karra and Jasmine keep hold of the Gold Card?

The Heli Heist Dec 28, 2022

After a dramatic heist at the helipad, the Spenders take the Chase to the island of Mykonos. The pairs gather at Plutus' first Safehouse where the feuding erupts.

The Sneaky Spenders Dec 28, 2022

The Chase continues along the Greek coast, where all the pairs want to grab the €50,000 Gold Card and live like VIPs. But can anyone steal it from Spenders Millie and Amelia?

Plutus, Pints and a Pink Flamingo Dec 28, 2022

Five pairs race for a €50,000 Gold Card hidden on a rooftop in sun drenched Athens. The first to find it get to live their best lives, but how long can they keep it for?