Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 5 is to Premiere on VH1

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 10/30/2023
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Station: VH1

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is the fourth installment of the Love & Hip Hop reality television franchise. It premiered on January 1, 2018 on VH1.

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Name Air Dates
Reunion Oct 24, 2022

Host Tamar Braxton mediates Florence and Gaelle's feud, Trina calls out Trick's sexist behavior, Shay reflects on single parenthood, and an on-and-off couple discusses reconciliation.

Beyond Repair Oct 17, 2022

Shay and her mom seek professional advice, Florence takes drastic action against Gaelle, Ray J is not ready to let Princess go, and Suki and Bill's engagement party ends in disaster.

Deep Cuts Oct 10, 2022

Suki's surgery brings her closer to Bill, Florence and Marlon's marriage seems beyond repair, Ray J directs a sexy music video, and Amara sits down with estranged ex-manager Jullian.

Bad Connection Oct 3, 2022

Allan and his brother confront Emjay about his treatment of Amara, Bobby makes amends with his family just in time for Trina Day, Trick mentors Kill Bill, and Shay welcomes her daughter.

Return of the Hat Sep 26, 2022

Trina's caught in the middle of Trick and Joy's feud, Shay wants to break a "generational curse," Amara launches her pop-up shop, and Florence hears yet another shocking rumor about Marlon.

Nothing's Sacred Sep 19, 2022

Trick Daddy promotes his anniversary concert on The Breakfast Club, Amara gives birth prematurely to her twins, and Emjay turns Shay's baby shower into a drama-filled affair.

A Thin Line Between Love and Haiti Sep 12, 2022

Amara urges Allan to be by her side when she goes into labor, Sukihana works with celebrity choreographer Richy Jackson, and Shay regrets opening up to her mom about an abusive relationship.

Secret Sauce Sep 5, 2022

Joy is overwhelmed by the divorce process, Ray J is determined to set the record straight about the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape, and Gaelle's bombshell ruins Florence's big victory.

Throw That Thang Aug 29, 2022

Ray J spirals after Kanye West claims a second sex tape with Kim Kardashian exists, Sukihana gets hype for her first stadium show, and Florence meets with a new manager.

Stomping Grounds Aug 22, 2022

Ray J and Princess go their separate ways as their divorce finalizes, N.O.R.E. meets up with old friends from the hip-hop scene, and Florence has a tense sit-down with her nemesis.

Grab the Mic Aug 22, 2022

Noreaga interviews Trina for his "Drink Champs" podcast, Bobby Lytes and Raymond sit down for a heated discussion, and Amara flies to Arizona for an event against her doctor's orders.

Blessings and Curses Aug 15, 2022

Sukihana clashes with Isaiah and Kill Bill, Florence and Marlon seek otherworldly support for their Caribbean festival performance, and Shay stuns her friends and family with exciting news.

Make Some Noise Aug 8, 2022

Trina performs at the Legendz of the Streetz Tour, Sukihana is furious at her cousin Isaiah over his mismanagement of the Good Cat Boutique, and Amara loses her cool at her baby shower.

Bottoms Up Nov 8, 2021

Amara confronts Allan for not being there during her miscarriage, Bobby Lytes reconnects with his father, and devastating news from Haiti brings Florence and Marlon closer together.

Indecent Proposal Nov 1, 2021

Florence makes peace with her sisters after they accuse Marlon of cheating, Kill Bill contemplates his future with Sukihana, and Amara opens up about miscarrying to Princess and Neri.

Line In the Sand Oct 25, 2021

Amara shares sad news with her parents, Ace showcases his new music, Bobby and Joy's relaxing getaway for Trina goes left, and Shelah's Black women retreat has Neri feeling left out.

Show Up and Show Out Oct 18, 2021

Princess walks the runway, Trina forgets to invite Trick Daddy to her VERZUZ battle, Marlon comes clean to Florence, and Amara tells her mom she's pregnant.

The Harder They Fall Oct 11, 2021

Trina gets a wellness wake-up call after following a busy schedule, Trick performs at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and Suki and Bill see a pastor for premarital counseling.

Wrong Way Oct 4, 2021

Shelah takes an impromptu trip without Ace, Amara gets tough about her mom's health, Trina Day plans go off the rails, and business matters interfere with Sukihana's relationship.

Tiger Queen Sep 27, 2021

Trina reconsiders her management team after a bungled photo shoot, Shelah Marie gets advice on how to communicate with her mother-in-law, and Miami Tip steps in to protect Suki from J Kelly.

Banned in the M.I.A. Sep 20, 2021

Suki's Instagram ban creates trouble with her grand opening, Florence confronts Marlon over his cheating, and babysitting gets Trina thinking about motherhood.

Keep It Nasty Sep 13, 2021

Suki deals with her arrest, Ray J gets a much-needed cooking lesson, Amara reconnects with her dad and learns an upsetting secret, and Florence channels her anger at Marlon into her music.

Thicker Than Water Sep 6, 2021

Amara is conflicted about staying in the D.R. with Allan, Ray J and Princess come to Miami in search of married friends, and Florence focuses on work while her husband acts suspiciously.

Island Time Aug 30, 2021

Amara considers a new life in the Dominican Republic, emotions run high for Trina on the anniversary of her brother's death, and Shelah Marie and Ace host an awkward Mother's Day brunch.

Miami Is the Moment Aug 23, 2021

Neri asks N.O.R.E. to step up at home, Trina celebrates the 20th anniversary of her debut album, and Sukihana clashes with her "momager," Lori, over the rapper's desire to have more kids.

Reunion Part 2 Apr 6, 2020

On the conclusion of the Love and Hip Hop Miami Reunion, Brisco and Chello's relationship is put to the ultimate test, Trick Daddy and Joy rekindle a flame, and we take a look back at some of the best moments of this season.

Reunion Part 1 Mar 30, 2020

The cast joins host, Claudia Jordan, to dish on a season full of drama. We get to the bottom of Amara and Emjay's relationship woes, Miami Tip and Santana come face to face, and Nikki Natural tests Trina for the last time!

Full Circle Mar 23, 2020

Trick and Joy consider rekindling their romantic relationship. Suki's children visit from Atlanta. Trick and Trina throw a party to celebrate the launch of their radio show, but tensions between Amara and Premadonna threaten to wreck the event.

Pressing Forward Mar 16, 2020

Sukihana holds a brunch to discuss the issue of colorism, but tensions between Amara and Premadonna serve as a distraction. Trick, Joy, and Bobby join Trina in the Bahamas as they all celebrate Trina's mother. Trick and Joy revisit their relationship

Homecoming Mar 9, 2020

Trina heads back to her hometown of the Bahamas to celebrate her late mother's birthday. A relaxing spa date for Amara ends in drama as she and Shay reach a boiling point over Emjay. Hood Brat uncovers some disturbing information about her boyfriend.

Take a Bow Mar 2, 2020

Amara learns some troubling information about Emjay. Trina and Joy plan a family trip to honor Trina's late mother. The girls head out for their first spot date on the forthcoming BAPs tour.

The Ugly Truth Feb 24, 2020

The newly minted BAPS tour searches for a road manager. Trina and Joy convince Trick to sweat it out. An argument between Miami Tip and Saucy Santana puts Sukihana in the middle. Premadonna gets some information about Amara's man from an old friend.

One Call Away Feb 17, 2020

Trina and Joy plan an intervention for Trick in the aftermath of his arrest. Amara gets ready for her first major concert without management from Jullian. Sukihana, Hoodbrat and crew decide to go on tour without Trina.

Apology Tour Feb 10, 2020

Trina's bootcamp ends in chaos. PreMadonna decides to take the high road in getting revenge on Joseline. Amara reaches out to old friends. Brisco attempts to make up for lost time. A night out ends behind bars for Trick Daddy.

Overstepping Boundaries Feb 3, 2020

Amara makes a drastic choice about her relationship with Jullian. Joy sets Trick up on a blind date. Trina organizes a bootcamp for the girls tour but everything goes left when Nikki Natural arrives.

Blurred Lines Jan 27, 2020

Amara makes a shocking decision about her manager, Jullian. Miami Tip tries to calm the escalating drama between Sukihana and Nikki Natural. Joseline decides she can't let Premadonna back into Miami without a welcome home gift.

Trick or Treat Jan 20, 2020

Trina confronts her ex business partner Jullian about her album situation. Emjay pushes Amara to have kids. Joseline tries to stay out of the Miami drama and focus on music. A welcome home party for Brisco goes left.

On the Record Jan 13, 2020

Amara confronts the allegations that her manager, Jullian, stole money from Trina head on. Trina decides to pursue an all girls tour. Trick asks Trina to consider his woman for the tour. Joseline Hernandez lands in Miami.

There's No Way Jan 6, 2020

Miami mourns alongside Trina as she says goodbye to her mother. Amara unveils her new single and her new relationship. Trick Daddy finds new love. Amara's career plans begins to unravel. Joseline Hernandez heads back to town.

Reunion Part 2 Mar 25, 2019

On the conclusion of the Love and Hip Hop Miami Reunion, JoJo fends off her haters while Khaotic keeps it 100 with Prince about his attraction to Liz. Bobby and Prince finally reveal the truth about their relationship.

Reunion Part 1 Mar 18, 2019

On part one of the Love and Hip Hop Miami Reunion, Pretty Ricky tries to put their differences behind them. Joy serves a dish of papers that Trick has no interest in cooking. TNT explodes when Trick and Trina speak their minds.

Ready, Set, Release Mar 18, 2019

Pleasure returns from Australia and goes on a solo, press tour which presses Pretty Ricky to the limit. All gather for Spectacular's bachelor party. Khaotic and Prince go head to head over salacious comments. Trina hits the stage solo.

Rockstarrs and Reflections Mar 11, 2019

The cast reacts to Bobby Lytes's request to Trina, Amara La Negra's misunderstanding with Trick Daddy, and Khaotic, Young Hollywood and Joy's discussion about gun violence.

Performance Anxiety Mar 4, 2019

Prince performs for the first time. Trick crushes on Amara. Khaotic has a face to face with his estranged father.

Petty Hurts Feb 25, 2019

Social media gets the best of the frenemy camps. Trick challenges Khaotic to a cook-off.

To Serve and Protect Feb 18, 2019

Khaotic finds himself in trouble with the law. Pleasure hits the group with news that will affect their reunion. Bobby seeks forgiveness from his "real" friends.

Me Too Feb 11, 2019

Jessie shares a haunting secret about her past. Trina lends a hand to help her find a voice. Tarana Burke guest appears, championing victims of abuse. Joy struggles to gain financial freedom due to her ties to Trick.

Family Treason Feb 4, 2019

Prince and Bobby's friendship implodes, as Bobby also deals with the ramifications of signing behind Trina's back. Baby Blue and Spec discuss issues plaguing the family.

Girl Talk Jan 30, 2019

Amara and Jessie come face to face again. Trick and Veronica clear the air about the "word". Bobby's mom pays him a visit as he decides what to do about his music. Baby Blue ropes his dad in to help get the band backtogether.

Nada, Nada Empanada Jan 23, 2019

Amara's blossoming friendship with Shay poses a problem for her bestie Jojo. Jessie struggles with her music. Bobby seeks a deal from Trina who is clearing house.

Familiar Feuds Jan 16, 2019

Romance blooms amongst an unlikely pair. Shay attempts to get the keys to Miami back from the Diamond Princess. Veronica Vega gets a wake-up call about her career.

Family Matters Jan 9, 2019

Spectacular returns to Miami on a mission to make things right with his family and Pretty Ricky. Trina gets real with Trick about TNT. Jessie gets welcomed on the scene with an icy reality check.

Take It to the House Jan 2, 2019

Trina and Trick take the stage as TNT to perform a classic. Amara deals with struggles at home and the price of fame. Gunplay and Keyara hit a crossroads in their relationship. Newcomer Jessie Woo arrives on the scene.

Reunion Part 2 Mar 19, 2018

Love & Hip Hop Miami The Reunion continues as host, Nina Parker, gets to the bottom of Young Hollywood's claims. Will the feud between Veronica, Steph, Jojo and Amara end? Prince has problems to deal with when a deleted scene surfaces.

Reunion Part 1 Mar 12, 2018

The cast of Love & Hip Hop Miami come together for their first reunion. Trina finds herself in the middle of Bobby and Alvin's drama, and Malik delivers jaw dropping news. Young Hollywood reveals some info about Amara La Negra.

TNT Mar 5, 2018

Trick and Trina throw a backyard barbeque. Keyara leaves Gunplay with an ultimatum. A final face off between Amara and Veronica leaves Young Hollywood and Steph Lecor choosing sides. Shay seeks answers from Joy. Malik and Bobby have a long exchange.

Crossroads Feb 26, 2018

Bobby's comments cause a rift in his relationship with Trina. Scrappy and Shay question each other's loyalty. Prince crashes Michelle Pooch's event. Malik and Jeffrey come to a crossroads in their relationship.

Real Talk Feb 19, 2018

Keyara struggles to cope, while Gunplay grapples with his recent life choices. Trina and Joy double date. Jojo's family drama reaches a fever pitch. Baby Blue finds himself in the middle of more drama. Veronica and Amara's friendship ends in flames.

I'm Done Feb 12, 2018

Amara receives career help from an unlikely source. Shay discovers Scrappy's extracurricular activities. Gunplay struggles to overcome his demons. Trick Daddy celebrates a marriage that isn't over, while Joy takes her divorce into her own hands.

Saints & Sinners Feb 5, 2018

Bobby and Malik vie for Jeffrey's love. Veronica airs out her grievances with Jojo. Trina gets in the middle of Joy and Trick Daddy's divorce, and a sudden loss leads Gunplay into a downward spiral.

Good Hair Jan 29, 2018

Amara claps back at her haters. Prince seeks revenge. Pleasure P faces the music with Gabby and Shay. Malik takes the next step in his relationship with Jeffrey, but an unexpected pop-up derails his plans.

Fashion Victims Jan 22, 2018

Jeffrey and Malik take their affair to the next level. Amara confronts Veronica Vega over her association with Young Hollywood. Jojo switches teams. Keyara gets payback on Gunplay. Liz and Prince fall out, and Shay faces off with Gabby.

Hey Stranger Jan 15, 2018

Veronica brings a surprise guest to meet with Amara. Prince's nightlife takeover hits a snag. Jojo deals with family turmoil. Bobby and Jeffrey work on their relationship. An old friend pops up on Pleasure P.

Forbidden Fruit Jan 8, 2018

Pleasure P and Shay try to pick up the pieces of their relationship. Trick's estranged wife, Joy, comes looking for closure. Veronica Vega and Steph Lecor seek out Young Hollywood to apologize to Amara.

Welcome to Miami Jan 1, 2018

Trick Daddy and Trina reunite for a long-awaited album. Amara La Negra has big dreams of crossing over into the American music market. Gunplay is back in Miami, ready to face the demons from his past. Boy band sensation, Pretty Ricky, has reunited.

When will be Love & Hip Hop Miami next episode air date?

Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 5 is yet to be announced by VH1.

Is The Love & Hip Hop Miami renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 10/30/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Love & Hip Hop Miami is to be Premiered on VH1

Where to countdown Love & Hip Hop Miami air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 5 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Love & Hip Hop Miami, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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