Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 7 is yet to be announced Dec 30, 2023 on OWN

Status: 2024
Latest Episode: 12/23/2023
Next Episode: 12/30/2023
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Station: OWN

Love & Marriage: Huntsville centers around the lives of three high-powered African-American couples who come together to help the thriving city of Huntsville, Alabama, continue to grow through their joint real estate venture, the Comeback Group.

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Name Air Dates
Episode 16Sep 16, 2023
Give Blaque to the CommunityJul 15, 2023
Kiuwhaaaaat?Jul 8, 2023
Holt-ing CourtJul 1, 2023
We Scott a Monster IssueJun 24, 2023
Bettie BluesJun 17, 2023
Unpaid in FullJun 10, 2023

Tiffany's baby shower ends when she is rushed to the hospital. The Scholt team breaks ground on a new project. Martell explores a business venture in the world of fashion. The Core Six continue to bump heads during a planning meeting for the Blaque Expo.

Ready to Pop (Off)Jun 3, 2023

Marsau and Tisha prep for a move. Tiffany downloads Louis on her standoff with Martell and Marsau. Kimmi and Maurice navigate a tough side effect from her cancer treatment. Louis confronts the guys at the Whitlows' baby shower. Tiffany has a health scare.

Selec-Tiff MemoryMay 27, 2023
My Shereé AmourMay 20, 2023
Being Lay-Tea-LikeMay 13, 2023
Speak Now, or Forever Holt Your PeaceMay 6, 2023
Blaque-xploitation Apr 29, 2023

Melody bails when the ladies exchange loaded words at spa night. Martell enjoys a day out with the Scott brothers. Marsau's new business partner provides words of wisdom. Kimmi offers LaTisha a workspace. LaTisha pitches an initiative to the Core Six.

Hasta La Tisha, Baby! Apr 22, 2023

Tisha questions if there's a future in her relationship with Keke. Marsau's business move and communication misstep cause marital discord. Papa Scott comes to town. Tisha hosts a girls' spa night where Keke is called on the carpet for her past actions.



You've Scotts to Chill Apr 15, 2023

Stormi confronts Melody at Kimmi's party. LaTisha presents her cousin with a business offer. Kimmi prepares for surgery. Martell and Melody address questions about their dating lives and custody case. Keke and LaTisha meet one-on-one and box it out.

A Holt and a Prayer Apr 8, 2023

In the premiere episode, "A Holt and a Prayer," Melody comes out of seclusion to help Kimmi celebrate a milestone in her cancer journey. Stormi and her husband, Courtney, have an emotional disagreement. Martell reveals a new love interest but still wants Melody to pray about their relationship.

Reunion, Part 3 Jan 14, 2023

Emotions run high and tears flow as Melody and Destiny debate the demise of their friendship, Melody and Martell discuss regrets, a shocking pregnancy is revealed, and Kimmi shares updates on her cancer journey.

Reunion, Part 2 Jan 7, 2023

The Scotts talk cheating allegations. Keke discusses addiction, Melody's Christmas party and Tisha. The group weighs in on Wanda and Melody's feud. Destiny and Stormi address their relationship and fan criticism. Destiny and Kimmi have a tense moment.

Reunion, Part 1 Dec 31, 2022

The cast gathers for their third reunion, with everyone on guard and a few ready to throw shade. No one is spared from the hot seat, but the spotlight shines bright on Marsau and LaTisha as they navigate questions about infidelity in their marriage.

The Cold and the Beautiful! Dec 17, 2022

After Melody confides in Stormi, Martell's love life becomes the hot topic as he hosts his Inest Wine event in Huntsville. Kimmi stuns her friends as she reveals her cancer diagnosis. Melody attempts to set boundaries with an irate Martell.

Sau Much Disrespect Dec 10, 2022

Marsau's meeting with Melody backfires. Martell scouts a location for his Huntsville Inest Wine event with Chris Fletcher. Chris reveals details about the Atlanta trip with Marsau. The Comeback Group gathers, and Kimmi reveals her cancer diagnosis.

To Be or Yacht to Be Dec 3, 2022

In Florida, a rain delay might ruin more than Melody's planned family fun on the water. Melody triggers Martell, and he reciprocates by testing her boundaries, while Mama Holt gives insight into Martell's upbringing. Back home, Maurice confides in Marsau.

99 Problems, a Beach Ain't One Nov 26, 2022

The Holts enjoy a fun day on the beach in Destin. Melody is surprised when Martell invites the Scotts to join them. Martell opens up to Marsau about his regrets. Melody and Tisha discuss healing. Kimmi's diagnosis forces her to make a difficult decision.

DESTINed for Better Nov 19, 2022

Melody sets boundaries with Destiny and Martell. Kimmi discusses her prognosis with her family. Melody and Martell take a family trip to Destin, FL, with the kids and struggle to stay on the same page when it comes to expectations.

Preaching to the Liar Nov 12, 2022

Melody and Destiny hash it out for better or worse. Marsau surprises Tisha with a romantic gesture and lays out his criteria for a new therapist. Tisha throws a Period Party for their daughters. Kimmi and Maurice stop by to reveal Kimmi's health issue.

To Be or Not to Peace Nov 5, 2022

The guys bury the hatchet over basketball. Stormi wants to host a "Peace Party," but Melody is apprehensive. Marsau talks to Courtney about commercial real estate. Kimmi makes a shocking health discovery. Destiny feels targeted at Stormi's event.

We Wanda Mark the Boundaries Oct 29, 2022

Scotts 2.0 discuss what to do about Mark and Wanda. Keke opens up about her past to Melody. Marsau and Maurice attempt to talk sense into Mark. Destiny talks to Tisha about her love life and Madonni fallout. Wanda faces the heat.

Don't Call It a Comeback Oct 22, 2022

The Comeback Group discusses Wanda and moving forward without drama.

We Need a Resolution Oct 15, 2022

Tisha and Marsau are at odds after the melee at Madonni, as they disagree about how to handle Wanda and Martell. Stormi and Destiny attempt to squash their beef. Martell meets with Mel about getting the Comeback Group back together. Funky Dineva visits.

Holt 'Em Back! Oct 8, 2022

Stormi and Melody are unwelcome as they make a grand entrance at Destiny's relaunch event. Tisha tries to break things up as Melody confronts Wanda about her behavior. Martell and Marsau have a heated exchange.

A Lowdown Dirty Shade Oct 1, 2022

Tisha meets with a supposedly "changed" Martell about working for her at Scholt. Vanessa questions Martell's motives in defending the Scotts. Melneka is shocked by rumors of an affair. Destiny's store relaunches with an unwelcome guest in attendance.

Wanda Be Startin' Something Sep 24, 2022

The Whitlows flee the couples' retreat before it ends. Back in Huntsville, the guys blow off steam at the pool hall. Later, Destiny's secret boyfriend pops up, and she tells Martell the rumors about him and Melneka. Melody is fed up with Ms. Wanda.

"Mar" Say It Ain't "Sau" Sep 17, 2022

Dr. Francis dives deep into the issues the individual couples have in their marriages, and the Whitlows are unhappy with his analysis of their marriage. Melody confronts Martell's mom about past remarks. Louis and Tisha open up about recent losses.

Whit-low Priorities Sep 10, 2022

Martell and Melody reconnect. She admits to Stormi that she is cautiously moving forward with him, while Martell discusses things with his mom. Scotts 1.0, 2.0 and the Whitlows go on a couples' retreat where the Whitlows are called out by Dr. Francis.

Trick or Re-Treat Jul 2, 2022

Tisha invites Kimmi and Tiffany on a couples' retreat. While Maurice becomes upset about the idea, Louis hopes Dr. Francis will help with their issues, and Tisha tricks Marsau into going. Martell and Melody are face to face for the first time in months.

Old Atlanta, New Tricks Jun 25, 2022

Martell's wine launch ends in a family fight. Kimmi, LaTisha and Tiffany react to what happened on the guys' trip to Atlanta. Tisha has a session with Dr. Francis. Marlene doesn't choose Martell's side, and Kimmi fills Melody in on all things Martell.

Wine and Grind Jun 18, 2022

Martell brings the guys to Atlanta for his wine event, and they hit the strip club. Back home, Tisha and Kimmi question his intentions, and Tiffany complains to Melody that Louis is needy. The guys go to a rage room where Louis admits sexual frustrations.

What You Wanda Do About It? Jun 11, 2022

At Wanda's food tasting, LaTisha and KeKe get into it about Marsau's cheating rumors. Kimmi tries to get to the bottom of Destiny and Melody's issue. Tiffany tells Louis about what happened in Eutaw. The fellas head to Atlanta for a Guys' Trip 2.0.

Mission Impossible - Road to Eutaw Jun 4, 2022

Tiffany wants to find her biological dad and heads to Eutaw, AL, with Melody looking for answers. Marsau and Tisha head to Bessemer to check out Wanda's food truck and menu. Wanda's family grills Marsau about the latest infidelity rumors.

Destined for a Storm May 28, 2022

Wanda's behavior at Jaylin's housewarming has Maurice questioning Marsau. Melody hosts an event for her new skincare line where KeKe pulls Kimmi aside to hash things out. The Scott couples go on a double date and discuss the issues with Wanda and KeKe.

Housewarming, Cold Shoulder May 21, 2022

The Galentine's day melee continues. Martell is upset he is not invited to Jaylin's housewarming. Wanda asks Marsau about new social media rumors and then reports to Tisha. Martell invites Louis to a guys' trip to Atlanta. Tisha confronts Marsau.

You Reap What You (Mar)Sau May 14, 2022

The Galentine's day melee continues. Martell is upset he is not invited to Jaylin's housewarming. Wanda asks Marsau about new social media rumors and then reports to Tisha. Martell invites Louis to a guys' trip to Atlanta. Tisha confronts Marsau.

My Bloody Galentine's May 7, 2022

Kimmi gets Destiny's side of the story after learning that Tisha is Melody's "frenemy." Marsau tells Maurice that Martell wants back into Scholt. Kimmi feels how fractured the group is and puts together a Galentine's event, and it goes left.

I Wanda Have a KeKe Apr 23, 2022

Destiny visits Martell's bachelor pad and tells him about her sit-down with Melody, while Melody downloads Kimmi and Stormi over lunch. Tisha lets Wanda know that KeKe talked behind her back, which causes Wanda to take matters into her own hands.

Coins2Make, Not Friends2Fake Apr 16, 2022

LaTisha and KeKe leave things unresolved. Martell asks Marsau to go back into business. Destiny discloses her financial situation to Maurice. Tisha tells Wanda about what happened with KeKe. Melody and Destiny meet to hash out their issues.

KeKe, Do You Love Me? Apr 9, 2022

The fallout from Marsau's post, Melody's party and the reunion have many in the group hoping to clear the air. Martell samples his new wine and hosts a book signing, where he navigates a disappointing setback. Tisha, Marsau and Mel bond with their kids.

Read It and Weep Apr 2, 2022

The fallout from Marsau's post, Melody's party and the reunion have many in the group hoping to clear the air. Martell samples his new wine and hosts a book signing, where he navigates a disappointing setback. Tisha, Marsau and Mel bond with their kids.

You Scotts to Be Lying Mar 26, 2022

People are continuing to talk about Marsau's messy social media post. Melody hosts her pajama party where Tisha's cousin, KeKe, offers surprising information. Tiffany and Stormi clash.

Mar-so Messy Mar 19, 2022

Marsau's social media post has everyone talking, putting Maurice on the defensive as Kimmi confronts the cheating rumors. Melody confides in Kimmi about issues with Destiny and LaTisha. The Scotts gather for a family dinner to discuss Marsau's actions.

Reunion: The Director's Cut Mar 12, 2022

Executive producer Carlos King gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the making of the Love and Marriage Reunion. Carlos brings insight to the most explosive moments that happened at the reunion while revealing never-before-seen footage to fans.

Social Mania, Part 2 Mar 5, 2022

Top experts reveal who's flooding their inboxes with the latest rumors and what they know about all the infidelity allegations, as we continue to break down how the cast uses the internet to make the series one of the most unique in reality television.

Social Mania, Part 1 Feb 26, 2022

From shocking secrets revealed to clapping back, we're exposing the biggest relationship breakdowns and fractured friendships that this unfiltered cast has put online for the world to see, as top experts explore how social media shapes the show.

Reunion: Part 3 Dec 18, 2021

The ladies take center stage with Destiny and Melody addressing their fractured relationship. Kimmi and Tisha accuse each other of misgivings, putting their friendship in jeopardy. Vanessa and Wanda get into a heated exchange over sex tape allegations.

Reunion: Part 2 Dec 11, 2021

Martell is questioned about whether he would have chosen Melody or the other woman. Destiny talks divorce. Kimmi and Maurice disagree about a friend's role in infidelity. The Whitlows face the firing squad, and Marsau challenges their marriage expertise.

Reunion: Part 1 Dec 4, 2021

The cast reunites and is nervous to learn who's hosting since he "knows where the bodies are buried." His shovel comes out quickly, but the silence is deafening as Melody is questioned about her past and Martell fesses up when asked about the other woman.

Lo-And-Be-Holt! Nov 27, 2021

At Melody's video premiere party, the ladies discuss their frustrations on how transparent Tiffany actually is, while Vanessa tries to avoid Wanda. Destiny pulls Melody aside for an unwelcome conversation, and Martell shows up uninvited and determined.

Pot Calling the Kettle Blaque Nov 20, 2021

Melody and Martell continue to argue over boundaries. Kimmi meets an old friend to address rumors she was a "side chick." Marsau surprises Tisha with two strangers in their living room. Destiny and Maurice both surprise Kimmi with an indecent proposal.

Melody and Martell of It All Nov 13, 2021

Gear up for the rest of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 with this mid-season special, featuring Melody and Martell Holt. Now fully divorced, catch up on the Holts' latest heated arguments, touching family discussions, and solo business prospects.

No Holting Back Nov 6, 2021

Wanda and Vanessa continue their beef. The Comeback Group attempts to reconcile their differences but hits some turbulence when the Holts lose their cool. Marsau questions working with Martell. Melody confronts Martell about crashing her date.

Wrecking Ball Wanda Oct 30, 2021

Martell takes his kids to visit his mom and doesn't like what she has to say. Maurice and Martell see Dr. Francis to discuss the stresses of work-life balance. LaTisha and Marsau host a charity race, and Wanda and Vanessa get into a verbal smackdown.

Softball Hard Shade Oct 23, 2021

Melody and Martell tackle co-parenting homework with the kids, then get derailed over an argument about who wanted the divorce. Tiffany and Louis celebrate their anniversary at the ballpark where they got married. Kimmi and Tisha squabble over a text.

A Date With Destiny Oct 16, 2021

Martell and Marsau want to build on the 47 acres, causing Melody's ire to rise when she finds out that she's not the only Holt vying to build on the property. Destiny and Tiffany attempt to settle their differences. Tisha seeks more help from Dr. Francis.

BDE -- Big Depression Energy Oct 9, 2021

Martell and Maurice wonder if they're depressed. Tisha and Kimmi agree to leave their beef behind in Vegas. Martell tells Louis he should get full custody of the kids since Melody is so busy. Marsau doesn't want to address his depression, worrying Tisha.

I Now Pronounce You Depressed Oct 2, 2021

Melody and Martell continue to fight. Marsau tells the guys that LaTisha has lost her confidence. The Whitlows host a salacious drinking game. The ladies spend a night away from the guys, but the fun comes to a halt when Tiffany pushes Destiny's buttons.

The Transparent Trap Sep 25, 2021

Melody and Martell continue to fight. Marsau tells the guys that LaTisha has lost her confidence. The Whitlows host a salacious drinking game. The ladies spend a night away from the guys, but the fun comes to a halt when Tiffany pushes Destiny's buttons.

Trouble in Paradise Sep 18, 2021

Melody and Martell are surprised to see each other in Vegas. Tiffany and Louis argue about their kids. Destiny arrives for adventure. Tisha confides in Maurice about the fallout from her surprise therapy session. Mel and Martell have it out in the desert.

Sin City Showdown Sep 11, 2021

Melody shoots a music video for her song "Tell Tale Signs." Tisha suggests they go to Las Vegas for their anniversary, and Maurice invites Louis and Tiffany to join them. In Vegas, tensions rise with Kimmi and Tisha over what Kimmi said to Wanda.

W.A.P. - Wanda Ain't Playing Sep 4, 2021

Chaos continues at Blaque, as Wanda has it out with Melody and Kimmi. Mel tells Destiny that her aggressive behavior is becoming a problem. Martell holds out hope on a property deal. Wanda presents a rumor that puts a wedge between Marsau and LaTisha.

Mar-Tale Signs Aug 21, 2021

Tension continues at Taco Tuesday between Melody and Destiny. Tisha wants to continue therapy, but Marsau refuses. Tiffany tries to apologize about bringing up Monster vaping, but no one will let it go. Wanda tries to get Melody and Martell back together.

Tacos with Beef Aug 14, 2021

Kimmi meets with Kiuwha and her husband to discuss co-parenting Monster. Destiny downloads Tisha on Tiffany being messy. Tisha surprises Marsau with couples counseling. Melody hosts a ladies' night where tensions rise between Destiny and Tiffany.

Kimpossible Endeavor Aug 7, 2021

Tiffany tells Destiny she saw her ex out with another woman. Kimmi confronts Maurice about a rumor. Jaylin vents to Kimmi about his new career. Marsau and Tisha promote their new champagne in Houston, and Melody juggles a major business decision.

Here Comes the Tea-Fanny Jul 31, 2021

Tisha and Marsau head for Cigar Week in Texas, leaving behind a frustrated Jaylin to run Blaque alone. Martell meets up with Melody's mom to talk about their issues. Melody brings Tiffany, who puts everyone in their feelings at Destiny's birthday party.

47 Problems But This Land Ain't One Jul 24, 2021

Melody and Martell meet with a specialist to help with co-parenting. Maurice and Kimmi agree to try sitting down with Kiuwha again. LaTisha warns Marsau that if the baby rumors are true, their marriage is over. Martell and Vanessa have a tense exchange.

Sisters-in-Brawl Jul 17, 2021

Marsau throws a surprise party for LaTisha's graduation, where both Kimmi and Marsau are confronted by Tisha's family. Destiny reveals a big secret she's been hiding from Melody and clashes with a button-pushing Martell. Melody gets an unexpected offer.

Behind the Scenes Apr 3, 2021

Go behind-the-scenes of Love & Marriage: Huntsville with never-before-seen footage, as the cast and producers reveal the juicy details behind some of the most legendary cast conflicts and expose the untold story of how the series began.

Blaque in Business! Mar 27, 2021

After Martell gets help from Dr. Francis, Marsau and LaTisha hold the soft opening of their cigar lounge, Blaque. Personalities collide, for better or worse, when Martell takes issue with Marcus' sexuality, leading to a volatile confrontation with Melody.

Checked Out Mar 20, 2021

While Marsau forces LaTisha to take a hard look at herself when it comes to her friendship with Melody, Martell seeks advice from Maurice on saving his failing marriage. Later, Melody is tricked into a surprise intervention with Martell.

Iama: Fix My Life Mar 13, 2021

While Marlene stirs up Melody's emotions by revealing the sex of Martell's child, Maurice and Kimmi confront Jaylin about career ambitions, and LaTisha surprises Marsau with a bit of romance. Later, Mel, Kimmi and LaTisha join Destiny on a girls' retreat.

Something's Scott to Give Mar 6, 2021

LaTisha throws an event aimed at empowering young Black girls, and Destiny sets up a retreat for the women. Wanda brings the drama when she questions Marsau about his accident, and Martell loses a business deal and feels like he's hitting rock bottom.

To Martell the Truth Feb 27, 2021

Marsau lets Wanda know that her recent behavior has been unacceptable. Melody turns her heartbreak into song and brings someone in to talk to the kids about the divorce. The guys go camping, and after an accident, Martell reveals a shocking secret.

Sanctioned! Feb 20, 2021

Marsau tells Tisha that Kimmi has sanctioned Wanda from future events. Melody is over all the drama and Martell's bad behavior. Tisha confronts Kimmi over banning her mom. Things get heated between Martell and Marcus over things the kids have said.

A Not-So Wanda-ful Surprise Feb 13, 2021

Marsau is approached to be the general contractor of the 47 acres, but LaTisha is cautious. The Holts have another confrontation, but this one is about business. Kimmi throws Jaylin a graduation dinner only to have it ruined by an unexpected guest.

Martelling It Like It Is Feb 6, 2021

Kimmi's refusal to move to Scott Manor leaves LaTisha and Maurice equally frustrated. The Holts' divorce gains steam as Melody packs up her things and moves into a new house, but their public separation may have scared off business for Martell.

A Holt Lot of Drama Jan 30, 2021

Maurice holds a Black Business Town Hall in hopes of enacting change in Huntsville. Martell goes on an apology tour with his final stop to see a shocked Marsau and Tisha. After filing for divorce, Melody returns home, and things get heated with Martell.

Whats Love Scott to Do with It? Sep 12, 2020

Kimmi throws Maurice a surprise party, but the real surprise is the shade that gets thrown between the Scotts and Melody. Meanwhile, Melody accuses Martell of being too friendly with a certain female, and Marsau makes a comment to Tisha that hits a new low.

Boss Chick vs Wife Chick Sep 5, 2020

Kimmi gets the group together to get out the vote, but someone is a no-show. Melody visits Dr. Francis to talk about how Martell thinks she's putting career before their children. And, while Marsau is out of town, Tisha worries her marriage is in trouble.

Mama Gonna Cuss You Out Aug 29, 2020

Melody juggles her passion projects while Martell juggles the kids. Fractured friendships find an opportunity to mend, while Wanda seeks to keep those wounds wide open. LaTisha's live podcast event brings (almost) everyone together for a panel discussion

Soft Open Hard Shade Aug 22, 2020

Marsau receives an offer he may refuse as Melody's ambitions frustrate an overworked Martell. Meanwhile, Maurice consults Kiuwha about a decision that could affect his marriage to Kimmi, and, at Destiny's soft opening, the attitudes rival the attire.

It's My Party and You'll Cry if I Make You Aug 15, 2020

Melody embarks on a new business venture that puts her marriage on the front lines. Meanwhile, Kimmi's loyalty is questioned. Later, Tisha finally confronts Melody at her kids' birthday party about being escorted out of her launch party by security.

Kimmi in the Middle Aug 8, 2020

Melody confronts Marsau about spreading rumors. Then, even though tensions are still high with the Holts and the Scotts, Melody invites Tisha's daughter to a birthday party. Martell finally meets up with his father while Wanda questions Kimmi's loyalty.

Threats, Lies and Videotape Aug 1, 2020

The feud between the Holts and the Scotts heats up, as Martell and Marsau have a face-to-face confrontation. Kiuwha wants to get together with Maurice and Kimmi, and during Tisha's speech at a women's empowerment event a surprise guest pops up.

The Gift of Escortion Jul 25, 2020

The couples start to have their own issues: Melody defends her name, marriage and brand. Tisha puts herself as a priority, much to Marsau's dismay. And, as Kimmi settles into married life, Maurice begins to campaign for her to make a big change.

Melody's Special Delivery - Part 2 Jul 18, 2020

Martell tries to make amends with Melody's brother but still holds a grudge about the infidelity; the whole family rushes to the ER when Melody's doctor decides to induce labor; Tisha crashes Melody's launch party with shocking results.

Melody's Special Delivery - Part 1 Jul 11, 2020

Days away from giving birth, Melody throws a baby shower that doesn't include LaTisha or Marsau, but does include a horse drawn carriage and plenty of shade thrown at Kimmi. Plus, Martell's therapist tries to reconnect him with someone from his past.

Reunion Part 2 Nov 30, 2019

The Holts and the Scotts go toe-to-toe about the jaw-dropping season; as Martell's mom, Melody's mom and Tisha's mom hit the stage, viewers find out if the Holts will throw their marriage away or renew their love with a new baby in tow.

Reunion Part 1 Nov 23, 2019

The Holts and the Scotts face each other for the first time since the cameras stopped rolling; Egypt Sherrod gets to the heart of some of their juiciest secrets.

Melody Bolts Nov 16, 2019

Despite their marriage being on the rocks, the Holts hold a party to reveal the baby's gender. Marsau is shocked to learn that LaTisha has a secret bank account. Kimmi continues to be annoyed with Maurice for leaving her out of important decisions.

Mixed Messages & Social Media Nov 9, 2019

Martell makes a social media post that pushes Melody to file for divorce. Marsau, Maurice and Ceddaric get vasectomies. Post-surgery, Kimmi surprises Maurice with a sexy nurse's uniform. Tisha complains to Marsau that she feels abandoned.

Marsau and Ms. Wanda Have It Out Nov 2, 2019

While Melody tries to reinvent her look, Martell reconnects with his father. Marsau and his mother-in-law, Wanda, lock horns. And Kimmi hosts a charity event without the Comeback Group, which is becoming derailed by Martell and Melody's marital problems.

Thera-Pissed Oct 26, 2019

With a new baby on the way, Mel and Martell attend couples' therapy. Kimmi, frustrated with the Comeback Group's lack of activity, decides to set up her own charity event. As the Holts host a game night, Tisha finds her friendship with Kimmi tested.

Babies, Birthdays and Unfinished Business Oct 19, 2019

Maurice continues his plans to move Kiuwha and Monster to Huntsville despite Kimmi's concerns. Melody contemplates divorce amidst her pregnancy. Latisha struggles to juggle her family dynamics with her mother and husband.

Rage Cation Oct 12, 2019

Melody reveals to Martell that she is pregnant. Latisha fights with Melody over perpetuating the rumor that Marsau cheats. Maurice tries to appease Kimmi, but is determined to get his son to Huntsville.

Cabin Fever Oct 5, 2019

During their annual cabin trip, tension escalates with a game gone wrong. Marsau and Martell lay their issues on the table. Maurice shocks Kimmi when he tells her he invited his ex-wife to move to Huntsville. Melody blames the men for Martell's cheating.

Don't Mess With Exes Sep 28, 2019

The Comeback Group prepares to take a cabin trip to mend their broken friendship. Unbeknownst to Kimmi, Maurice invites his ex-wife and her husband to move to Huntsville. Tisha buys sex toys and Melody seeks more advice about divorce.

Don't Call It a Comeback Sep 21, 2019

The Holts and the Scotts are at odds with the future of the Comeback Group as Melody wishes to dissolve it. Latisha tells her mom that Martell is spreading a rumor that Marsau has 20 girlfriends. Tensions escalate as Latisha tries to defend her husband.

Martell It Like It Is Sep 14, 2019

Martell moves upstairs in an effort to save his marriage. Melody keeps up appearances at a photo shoot. Maurice makes plans to move his son to Huntsville. And Marsau tells Latisha about the rumor Martell is spreading about him having 20 girlfriends.

Old Dog, Old Tricks Sep 7, 2019

Melody decides to meet with a divorce attorney. Martell seeks counseling to figure out why he's been unfaithful. Kimmi and Maurice try to reunite the Comeback Group. And Latisha bristles over comments the Holts have been making about her family.

Melody's Last Stand Mar 2, 2019

Before Martell heads into surgery, Melody drops the bomb that things will be changing once he is fully recovered; the Comeback Group is on the brink of collapse; Tisha's quest to become a working mother may finally upend her marriage.

Going for Broker Feb 23, 2019

The Comeback Group is reunited and ready to move forward, but a problem with the loan threatens to derail everything, including friendships; when Martell suffers a serious injury, Melody is forced to pick up the slack for her unfaithful husband.

The Love Boat Feb 16, 2019

It's Kimmi and Maurice's wedding day; while the guys spin their stories following their reckless bachelor party, Tisha's mother calls out Marsau for not wearing his wedding ring; Melody grills Martell about his infidelity during the reception.

Miami Vices Feb 9, 2019

It's Maurice and Kimmi's wedding weekend in Miami, which opens old wounds for Melody and Martell; while the women attend Kimmi's bachelorette party, the guys toast Maurice at a strip club, where Martell seems forget whose bachelor party it is.

10th Anniversary or Bust Feb 2, 2019

The Comeback Group holds a meeting to draw a line in the sand, and Kimmi prepares for her wedding day at the sex shop. The Scotts surprise the Holts with a 10th anniversary dinner, but things get awkward when Martell's infidelity is brought up yet again.

Bougie and the Beast Jan 26, 2019

The Comeback Group meets to discuss details, but things go awry when Kimmi calls out Melody's no-show to her bridal shower. Marsau gets stuck babysitting while Tisha begins networking. The girls get into it when Melody's accused of being "bougie."

Respectful Cheating? Jan 19, 2019

Following their awkward dinner, the group questions whether or not Martell cheated on Melody. Kimmi celebrates her bridal shower but is upset when Melody is a no-show. Maurice and Marsau wonder if doing business with the Holts is a smart idea.

Rocket City Revival Jan 12, 2019

Melody and Martell reach out to fellow power-couples LaTisha, Marsau, Kimmi and Maurice to reunite the Comeback Group in hopes of revitalizing Huntsville, Alabama. At dinner, things get uncomfortable when Melody brings up the topic of respectful cheating.

100th EpisodeApr 1, 2023
The LaTisha & Marsau of It AllApr 30, 2022
LaTisha and Marsau Scott Jul 4, 2020

Join LaTisha and Marsau as they look back at their most unforgettable moments from Season 1. They'll give exclusive commentary on what really went down surrounding Marsau's vasectomy and Ms. Wanda's visit, plus give viewers a sneak peek of Season 2.

Kimmi and Maurice Scott Jun 27, 2020

Kimmi and Maurice sit down for the first time since the reunion to dish on the highs and lows from Season 1. They'll reveal exclusive details surrounding their wedding day and Monster's big move, plus preview what's in store for Season 2.

Melody and Martell Holt Jun 20, 2020

In all-new interviews, Melody and Martell give the inside scoop of what really happened behind the scenes of Season 1. They reveal new intel about their pregnancy, his surgery and the infamous fight on the yacht. Plus, a sneak peek of Season 2.

When will be Love & Marriage: Huntsville next episode air date?

Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 7 is yet to be announced 2024 and to Premiere on OWN.

Is The Love & Marriage: Huntsville renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 6. Next Episode Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 7 is renewed

Where to countdown Love & Marriage: Huntsville air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 7 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Love & Marriage: Huntsville, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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