Make it at Market Season 2 is yet to be announced Dec 15, 2023 on BBC One

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/14/2023
Next Episode: 12/15/2023
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The Repair Shop’s Dom Chinea works with a team of business and craft experts to help a group of budding entrepreneurs make a living from their crafting hobby.

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Episode 15 Jan 20, 2023

Dom welcomes woodturner Shannon from Northumberland and upcycler Ryan from south Wales into his Maker's Marquee.

Recently diagnosed with autism and dyslexia, Shannon has only ever given the hand-turned bowls she makes on her incredible foot-powered pole lathe as gifts. Dom and mentor Alice love her work and the way she produces it, and want to convince Shannon that she and the bowls she creates are much more marketable than she thinks. Alice sets Shannon a challenge to make her bowls recognisably hers, but does she believe that what she does has real value?

Successful musician Ryan wants to quit touring to spend more time at home with his young family and hopes an upcycling business will make that possible. Mentor Zoe can see that his work is high quality, but she is worried that his style doesn't stand out from the crowd. Ryan also produces unique digital art, so can Zoe convince him to be bold and use it on his upcycled furniture?

Both makers are given two months to build up stock and get selling. Will either of them make enough money to turn their budding businesses into money-spinners?

Episode 14 Jan 19, 2023

Today's talented makers stepping into Dom's marquee are textile weaver Jessica from Kent and jeweller Nyanda from London.

Jessica has so far struggled to break into the textiles market, and mentor Piyush thinks he knows why. Jessica loves colour but doesn't have a plan for how many she uses in her pieces. Piyush sets her a challenge of using no more than four colours in each of four seasonal collections. It's a big change for Jessica, so will she be able to stick to the plan and find a way of breaking into the textiles market?

Nyanda is a passionate and talented jeweller with a strong design eye, but is her focus on creating incredible one-off pieces holding her back? Mentor Rachel wants her to make simpler pieces she can produce more quickly and sell for more affordable prices. Will it pay off when Nyanda takes her pieces to a high-end craft fair?

With just eight weeks to put all of the tips, tricks and advice from their mentors into practice, will Jessica and Nyanda be able to prove they've got what it takes to turn their hobbies into businesses?

Episode 13 Jan 18, 2023

Artist Jack from Dorset and potter Jeanet from Durham step into Dom's unique makers' training camp, hoping to fulfil their dreams of making a living from their passions.

Jack wants to swap teaching for creating before it's too late. Dom and mentor Sharon are blown away by his multimedia artwork, but can Jack branch out from using just family as his subjects and broaden his portfolio enough to turn his hobby into a full-time job?

University lecturer Jeanet is struggling to find the time to turn her passion for pottery into a profession. Mentor Florian believes speeding up and adding a finishing touch to her work are the keys to bolstering Jeanet's profits, but will it pay off when she sets up her stall at a local craft fair?

With just two months to prove themselves, can they make enough cash to quit their day jobs for good?

Episode 12 Jan 17, 2023

Stepping into the Makers' Marquee today are glass-blower Mark from north Wales and potter Victor from London.

Mark's love of glass-blowing started when he was a boy, but exposure to lead poisoning made him give up the craft he loved. After 35 years working in the voluntary sector, Mark was made redundant and has now sunk his savings into setting up his own studio and getting back to glass-blowing. But with his money running out, the pressure is on Dom and mentor Allister to help him to start turning a profit, fast.

Victor was introduced to pottery by an art therapist who was treating him for anxiety. His clay sculptures have real artistic flair, and mentor Derek thinks he has potential to sell at high-end galleries. But when he adds his sculptural flourishes to his tableware, it takes too long to make them profitable. Derek has some tips and tricks to help Victor speed things up, but will he be up to the challenge?

With just two months to prove to Dom and their mentors they have the ambition and skill to make it at market, the pressure is on for Mark and Victor.

Episode 11 Jan 16, 2023

Lecturer David from West Yorkshire and graphic designer Rachael from Berkshire are hoping Dom and his elite team of mentors can help them turn their making passions into pound coins. David may be highly skilled at making high-end bespoke textiles using digital embroidery, but he doesn't know how or where to sell his pieces. Can Dom and mentor Piyush point the way to a new life?

Rachael is a complete beginner at woodwork, and her focus is on carving spoons. Her pieces are beautiful, but a lack of speed makes them unprofitable. Dom and mentors Barnaby and Dru can see plenty of potential and hope to introduce Rachael to another woodworking skill that will speed up her work and expand the types of pieces she can make.

Can David and Rachael prove they have what it takes to create new lives for themselves in just two months?

Episode 10 Jan 13, 2023

Dom welcomes digital artist and painter Tasia and stone carver Alex into his one-of-a-kind Makers' Marquee.

Tasia wants to give up her part-time job in retail to focus on her art full-time. Mentor Sharon is impressed by her digital art and the speed at which she produces it, but wants her to use more colour. She also sees potential in her painting but wants her to produce a themed collection to help attract more buyers. Will Tasia be able to meet her challenges?

Alex has a confidence problem. He finds it difficult to talk about his work and worries about appearing arrogant or boring. Mentor Louis is impressed with his skill levels and packs him off to a market to help improve his selling skills. Will Alex sink or swim?

With just two months to prove to Dom and their mentors that they've got the ambition and dedication to succeed, will Tasia and Alex be able to make it as professional makers?

Episode 9 Jan 12, 2023

Glassblower Alison from Buckinghamshire and upcycling couple Fernando and Saurabh from Berkshire step into Dom's Makers' Marquee with life-changing dreams.

Alison aspires to sell her pieces in high-end galleries, but mentor Allister knows standards are high and getting her work into them won't be easy. He focuses on the details of Alison's pieces and pushes her hard to improve them. Can she get her mentor's seal of approval and reach the standard needed to make her glass art dream come true?

Fernando and Saurabh want to give up their day jobs and turn their upcycling hobby into a full-time business they can run together. Their pieces have real flair but are sometimes let down by the details and marketing. Mentor Joel gives them tough feedback about concentrating on every aspect of their work and the importance of a good website.

With just eight weeks to prove to Dom and their mentors that they have the drive and determination to succeed as professional makers, will Alison, Fernando and Saurabh be able to make it at market?

Episode 8 Jan 11, 2023

Today's amateur artisans are jeweller Annelies from Glasgow and woodturner Lucinda from Wiltshire, both heading for Dom's marquee with high hopes of turning their hobbies into their livelihoods.

After investing £7k to set up her jewellery business, Annelies needs to see a return on her money. Mentor Rachel loves Annelies's energy and skill but thinks she now needs to concentrate on higher end and more expensive pieces to boost her profits. Will Annelies listen?

Mum of two Lucinda spends what little free time she has in her garage turning wood into stunning make-up brushes. Mentors Barnaby and Dru can see huge potential, but will her first ever market deliver the sales Lucinda needs?

With just eight weeks to knuckle down and use the advice they've been given, can Annelies and Lucinda show that they have what it takes to become professional makers?

Episode 7 Jan 10, 2023

Today's aspiring amateur makers hoping to change their lives are blacksmith Alex from Northumberland and furniture maker Cora from Hampshire.

Alex is incredibly passionate about his craft but suffers from imposter syndrome and always sees the flaws in his work. He was introduced to blacksmithing on an experience day for his 16th birthday with a local professional, Adrian Wood. Adrian is the blacksmith lined up as his mentor, but after helping Alex fall in love with the craft, can he now inspire him to make a full-time living from it?

Cora is determined to follow her furniture-making dreams and gave up a city job in London to try to make it all come true. She's got plenty of potential but doesn't really enjoy the details and often jumps forward to the next job before she has finished the one she's doing. Mentor Alice thinks she has a great eye for design and wants to persuade Cora to focus on designing rather than making every piece herself. It's tough advice to hear, but will Cora take it on board?

Episode 6 Jan 9, 2023

Two makers from opposite ends of the country arrive at Dom Chinea's Maker's Marquee, hoping he and his team can help to change their lives.

Emmy from Devon is a talented glassmaker returning to her craft after an eight-year break, and Zita is an ambitious textile designer from Fife hoping to swap her day job for her own business. Zita's mentor Piyush loves her eye for colour and design but isn't keen on the tools and techniques she's using. Zita loves working with a sackcloth jute fabric, but Piyush is concerned it doesn't feel high-end enough. Will sustainability champion Zita stick to her guns or take on Piyush's advice to embrace alternatives to jute to widen her market and improve the quality of her textiles?

Meanwhile, mentor Allister is so impressed with Emmy's glassmaking skills that he has grand plans for her pieces, but can she live up to his high expectations? With only two months to turn their skills and love of making into moneymaking businesses, can they make it at market?

Episode 5 Jan 6, 2023

Dom welcomes willow weaver Dea and artist Gemma into the marquee. With chronic fatigue syndrome along with autism and ADHD, Dea dreams of being able to build a home business that suits her life. Mentor Eddie can see she has the skill to succeed, but can Dea make her pieces fast enough and market them with the confidence needed to turn her hobby into a full-time job? After being told art doesn't pay by a careers advisor at school, Gemma gave up on her artistic dreams and became a teacher. She continued to create art as a hobby and after some recent success selling her art at a market she's hoping mentor Sharon can help her finally become a full-time artist. With just eight weeks to show they can make their dreams a reality, Dea and Gemma must work around the clock to build new lives for themselves.

Episode 4 Jan 5, 2023

Ceramicist Izzy from London and stone carver Luke from the Scottish Borders step into the marquee hoping to turn their passions and skills into successful businesses. It's high stakes for Izzy as she's already given up her job in advertising to try and make it as a full time potter, but with lots still to learn when it comes to marketing, mentor Florian Gadsby, one of the UK's most celebrated ceramicists, has the challenge of helping her make her pottery dreams come true. For Luke, dyslexia, and years of being bullied at school have knocked his confidence, preventing him from putting himself and his pieces out there, but Dom and mentor Louis can see just how talented he is. With just two months to put their mentors' advice into practice, can Izzy and Luke prove they've got what it takes to build successful businesses?

Episode 3 Jan 4, 2023

Mike and Sarah are looking to change their lives in the marquee. Labourer Mike has a passion for turning wooden bowls, but is held back by his struggle for perfection. Mentor Alice hopes helping him see the beauty in the imperfections in his work will be the key to unlocking a profitable business. Sarah's life changed during the pandemic when she quit her job and took up pottery. One year on and she needs to start making money from her craft, but mentor Derek worries she's pricing herself out of the market with her hand-crafted ceramic animals. Both makers are given two months to put their mentors' advice into practice. But can they make enough money to give up the day jobs for good?

Episode 2 Jan 3, 2023

Glassblower Belinda from Northamptonshire and upcyclers Becky and Paul from Oxfordshire are hoping Dom and his team can help them turn their passions into profits. Belinda has only been glass-blowing for three years and has recently graduated from university. After originally worrying that her autism might prevent her from developing her skills, she's become a talented glassblower with huge potential. Becky and husband Paul met and married after their partners both passed away. Now they want to establish a business that will support the two of them so that Paul can give up his painting and decorating job, and they can work together. Can Dom and his team help them both to build successful businesses and live the creative lives they dream of?

Episode 1 Jan 2, 2023

Cath from Cheshire and Morgan from Oxfordshire, both hoping to turn their talent into profitable businesses, step into the marquee. Cleaner Cath wants to swap the day job for a willow weaving business and is hoping Dom and his team can help. But mentor Eddie is worried that Cath's giant life-sized fantastical beasts and fairies are not saleable and urges Cath to rethink her business model. For furniture maker Morgan, it's all about having confidence in his skills, as mentor Alice tries to convince him to believe in himself and his work. Both makers are given eight weeks to put their mentors' advice into practice. But can they make enough money to follow their dreams?

When will be Make it at Market next episode air date?

Make it at Market Season 2 is yet to be announced by BBC One.

Is The Make it at Market renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/14/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Make it at Market is to be Premiered on BBC One

Where to countdown Make it at Market air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 2 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Make it at Market, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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