Married at First Sight UK Season 8 is to Premiere on E4

Latest Episode: 11/16/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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Station: E4
Genres: Romance

Married at First Sight is a Channel 4 television series based on the Danish series of the same name, produced by CPL Productions and first broadcast in 2015.

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Name Air Dates
Episode 30 Oct 18, 2022
In the final episode of the series, all of the couples meet as a group to face the experts one last time, and everyone settles down to watch their wedding day videos.
Episode 29 Oct 17, 2022
All 20 participants of the experiment reunite for the final-ever dinner party, but weeks after the Vow Renewals have taken place, which couples will have survived the test?
Episode 28 Oct 13, 2022
It is time for the vow renewals for the last of the newlyweds, but as one couple commits to spending their future together, the fate of two others hangs in the balance.
Episode 27 Oct 12, 2022
With final vows fast approaching, some of the couples take time to visit their loved ones and interrogate their relationships. As three couples head to the ceremony, tensions rise as the most important decision of the experiment is about to be made - will they commit to a future together or walk away from their marriage for good?
Episode 26 Oct 11, 2022
The honesty box game unveils some uncomfortable truths, and Thomas and Adrian make a shock announcement that rocks the foundations of the group.
Episode 25 Oct 10, 2022
The couples set out on their final dates and their stakes in the game are higher than ever. Will they use the time to reflect on their relationships and plan for a future together?
Episode 24 Oct 6, 2022

It is the last Commitment Ceremony of the experiment and the final opportunity for the couples to take feedback from the experts.

Episode 23 Oct 5, 2022

It's the turn of Whitney, Kasia and April to take their partners home to meet their loved ones, but Kwame's in for a shock when he comes face-to-face with Kasia's loyal sisters.

Episode 22 Oct 4, 2022

It's time for Thomas' and the bride's homestays, a part of the experiment that allows friends and family to meet up with the couples for the first time since their wedding day.

Episode 21 Oct 3, 2022

Celebrations at the dinner party are cut short as the anonymous letters assignment brings to light some uncomfortable observations for the couples.

Episode 20 Sep 29, 2022

It is the all-important homestays and a chance for half of the couples to take their loved ones back home, and get a glimpse of the future of their marriages in the outside world.

Episode 19 Sep 28, 2022

It is the penultimate Commitment Ceremony and an opportunity for the experts to assess the fallout from the Couples Retreat.

Episode 18 Sep 27, 2022

Two marriages appear to be on the rocks and one bride's worst fears are realised as a bombshell is dropped at the dinner party, which threatens to tear the group apart.

Episode 17 Sep 26, 2022

The couples go on retreat and it is a chance for everyone to escape the routine of life in the apartments and embark on a weekend in the countryside together.

Episode 16 Sep 22, 2022
It is Love/Hate week for the couples, as the experts set them exercises to improve their honesty and communication, and tensions run high at the apartments.
Episode 15 Sep 21, 2022
t's the half-way point of the series and a pivotal time in the process, as the experts deliver some hard-hitting truths to help the couples progress on their journey.
Episode 14 Sep 20, 2022
The third dinner party takes place, but little do the couples know that newcomers Gemma and Matt and Sophie and Johnathan are about to crash the party.
Episode 13 Sep 19, 2022
The final two couples in the experiment set off on their honeymoons, but while one pair forges a deeper connection, the other's dramatic trip away ends in near disaster.
Episode 12 Sep 15, 2022
Wedding bells chime once more, as two new surprise couples meet for the first time. But while one couple discovers they have a connection, one groom has last-minute second thoughts.
Episode 11 Sep 14, 2022
Another Commitment Ceremony takes place, with the couples getting the opportunity to discuss the week with Mel, Paul and Charlene. But important decisions lie ahead.
Episode 10 Sep 13, 2022
It is the second dinner party of the experiment, but while most eagerly anticipate the evening ahead, two grooms arrive alone. The Honesty Box challenge turns up the heat.
Episode 9 Sep 12, 2022
The experts set the couples an exercise to explore power play in their marriages as they move in and start living together for the very first time.
Episode 8 Sep 8, 2022

The couples have reached the first Commitment Ceremony, where they meet to discuss their marriages with the experts and also make a critical decision.

Episode 7 Sep 7, 2022

A brand-new chapter of the experiment begins for all of the couples, as they gather together for their first dinner party under the watchful eye of experts Mel, Paul and Charlene.

Episode 6 Sep 6, 2022

The next group of newlyweds fly off to tropical climes, but while fun in the sun is on the cards for some, others find their first break away together far from blissful.

Episode 5 Sep 5, 2022

Four more singles agree to marry a perfect stranger, but while one bride-to-be hopes to meet the woman of her dreams, another's high expectations could be a recipe for disaster.

Episode 4 Sep 1, 2022

One groom's surprise announcement might leave him stranded by a runaway bride, and a twice-married single mum hopes to find love that will last.

Episode 3 Aug 31, 2022

The next phase of the experiment begins, as the first four couples embark on luxury honeymoons in the sun.

Episode 2 Aug 30, 2022

Another four strangers take the ultimate gamble on love and tie the knot with a total stranger. While one bride gets more than she bargained for, an overprotective friend threatens to spoil the big day for a groom and his new husband.

Married at First Sight UK: Christmas Reunion Dec 11, 2022

Former participants Alexis, Amy, Nikita, Zoe, Jenna, Chanita, Jordan, Pjay, Duka, Adrian, Thomas and Jonathan head off to a country hideaway for a festive dinner party.

Married at First Sight UK: One Year On Aug 29, 2022

Catching up with participants from 2021, finding out the impact of the show and how they have navigated life since the experiment finished.

Episode 1 Aug 29, 2022

The return of the experiment to see whether science can help people fall in love, with experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas ready to help 16 hopeful singles find their perfect match. Before these strangers walk down the aisle, they get to celebrate their final night of freedom together at the ultimate stag and hen parties - where a surprise is in store.

Episode 21 Reunion Oct 4, 2021

The UK's boldest social experiment concludes, as experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas welcome back all the 16 participants for a final review.

Episode 20 Oct 1, 2021

It is vow renewal time for the last of the newly-weds. As one couple reveal their decision, the other two face the toughest choice of their lives.

Episode 19 Sep 29, 2021

With the final vow renewals approaching, three of the couples spend time apart to reflect on their future.

Episode 18 Sep 28, 2021

The remaining couples come together for one last time at the final dinner party, but celebrations are quickly cut short when the honesty box delivers uncomfortable questions.

Episode 17 Sep 27, 2021

The couples embark on their final dates, giving them a last chance to experience some time away from the group to consider their futures.

Episode 16 Sep 23, 2021

The homestays continue, but as friends and family voice their doubts, one couple are pushed to crisis point. And Partner Swap leaves some questioning their relationships.

Episode 15 Sep 22, 2021

The couples get a taste of the future as they embark on their homestays, but immersing themselves in each other's worlds raises big questions for some.

Episode 14 Sep 21, 2021

Feelings deepen and the stakes are raised at the third and final Commitment Ceremony, and some couples have to decide whether to call time on their marriages.

Episode 13 Sep 20, 2021

Tensions run high at the third dinner party as the repercussions of Girls' Day are felt and tempers fray between couples, while anonymous letters lead to tempers fraying.

Episode 12 Sep 16, 2021

The couples spend time apart at group girls' and boys' days out. While Bob gets a few home truths from the lads, Megan and Alexis lock horns again.

Episode 11 Sep 15, 2021

Marriages are put under the spotlight once more at the second Commitment Ceremony, as the experts deliver some hard-hitting truths to help the couples progress.

Episode 10 Sep 14, 2021

The second dinner party brings surprise guests, which sends shockwaves through the group. A dream couple hit their first bump in the road and Amy questions her future with Josh.

Episode 9 Sep 13, 2021

Yes Week brings some of the couples closer together, but pushes others to breaking point, while an ultimatum from Luke prompts Morag to turn up the heat on their relationship.

Episode 8 Sep 9, 2021

In the first Commitment Ceremony, marriages are put under the spotlight by Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas, but events take a shocking turn.

Episode 7 Sep 8, 2021

With weddings and honeymoons over, the newly-weds embark on the next stage of the experiment - moving in together. Later, all eight couples meet for the very first time.

Episode 6 Sep 7, 2021

Four more couples head off on their honeymoon. Some couples struggle to find their spark, and another couple quickly hit rough waters.

Episode 5 Sep 6, 2021

The final four plunge into marriage with a complete stranger, with one couple struggling to connect, while a bride goes against the advice of her family to find love.

Episode 4 Sep 2, 2021

The experts match another two couples, but when the big day arrives, one bride and groom discover their differences may be an issue, while the other couple have big surprises.

Episode 3 Sep 1, 2021

The first four couples head off on their honeymoons. While some relationships blossom, others begin to question their compatibility.

Episode 2 Aug 31, 2021

Another four strangers take the ultimate gamble on love, and later, the programme celebrates its first ever same sex wedding.

Episode 1 Aug 30, 2021

experiment where single people, matched by experts, marry total strangers, who they meet for the very first time on their wedding day

Before our 16 strangers walk down the aisle, they celebrate their last night of freedom, at the ultimate stag and hen parties, where a surprise is in store. And the first two couples get married.

Episode 4 Oct 27, 2020

The couples are brought together for a special retreat as they wrestle with the big decision - whether they should give their new marriages a chance or get divorced. Owen and Michelle have a make-or-break decision over how to deal with the dilemma of living 250 miles apart, while David and Shareen grapple with finding common ground.

Episode 3 Oct 20, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic sets in just as the couples prepare to move in together, putting an unprecedented additional strain on their fledgling relationships. As measures ease, Owen and Michelle face a heartbreaking dilemma, while David and Shareen come together to enjoy a romantic glamping getaway.

Episode 2 Oct 13, 2020

The morning after their big day, primary school teacher Michelle and her new husband Owen have an awkward start to married life that leaves them questioning their fledgling romance. And following a fairy-tale ceremony, newlyweds David and Shareen hit a bump in the road on their honeymoon when David presents his new bride with an unexpected gift.

Episode 1 Oct 6, 2020

The four applicants meet their match, chosen by a panel of experts. However, primary school teacher Michelle finds that her mother does not approve of her plans to marry IT sales manager Owen immediately. Elsewhere, divorced parents Shareen and David hope to find love second time around and create a blended family for the five children they have between them.

Episode 4 Apr 10, 2019

The two married couples are in the final weeks of the experiment. Do their 'instant marriages' have a long-term future? Will they even make it as far as Decision Day?

Episode 3 Apr 3, 2019

Steph and Jonathan are now living together, learning that true love doesn't always run smoothly, as Verity and Jack get to know each other on honeymoon.

Episode 2 Mar 27, 2019

While Verity and Jack exchange wedding vows seconds after their first meeting, newlyweds Jonathan and Stephanie start getting to know each other on their honeymoon in Seville.

Episode 1 Mar 20, 2019

The first two couples heading down the aisle are nurse Steph and property manager Jonathan, and office manager Verity and IT consultant Jack.

Decision Day Mar 8, 2018

The two couples who married at first sight enter the final weeks of the experiment. Do they have a long-term future. Will they stay together or seek a divorce?

Stephanie & Benjamin and Harriet & Richard Mar 1, 2018

Police officer Stephanie and quantity surveyor Benjamin were the first couple to marry this series and are now living together and learning that the path to true love does not always run smoothly. The second married pair, finance director Harriet and police sergeant Richard, are on honeymoon in Lisbon and waiting to see if the initial spark they both felt will develop - or not?

Richard & Harriet and Benjamin & Stephanie Feb 22, 2018

In this episode, police sergeant Richard and finance director Harriet are about to exchange their wedding vows, while Benjamin and Stephanie are on honeymoon in Mallorca and start to get a little closer. The couples have eight weeks to see if they have a future together - but no one said marrying a stranger would be easy.

Stephanie & Benjamin and Carrie & Wayne Feb 15, 2018

This episode features police officer Stephanie and quantity surveyor Benjamin; and estate agent Carrie and insurance broker Wayne. Before they can get married, the newly engaged singles need to persuade their friends and family that marrying a stranger isn't a completely crazy idea. And then comes the ultimate test - how will they react when they first set eyes on one another - on their wedding day?

Episode 5 Nov 15, 2016

Four couples who only met for the first time on their wedding day, are now living together as husband and wife. It's not just their personal chemistry that's on trial as they integrate into each other's lives, how do their friends, in-laws and workmates react to these brand new husbands and wives? And what of the substance of living together, the highs of great nights out discovering the music you both love, the lows of discovering toilet seat habits are universal. This 90 minute special reveals the fate of all four couples. Will Melissa and Clarke, Caroline and Adam, Lucie and Steve, and Sara and Adam make the decision to stay together, for better or worse?

Episode 4Nov 8, 2016
Episode 3 Nov 1, 2016

Two more couples put their trust in science. But will they make it down the aisle and marry at first sight?

Caroline and Adam Oct 25, 2016

Would you marry a complete stranger you first meet on your wedding day? A panel of experts match up a couple. Will true love flourish for these two singletons looking for The One?

Melissa and Clark Oct 18, 2016

Student nurse Melissa gets hitched to Clark. Will the newlyweds grow to be a real couple over the next five weeks? Or will a quickie divorce be required?

Episode 3 Jul 23, 2015

The couples finally get some time alone and spend their first night as husband and wife before setting off on honeymoon. Five weeks later, will they decide to stay married?

Episode 2 Jul 16, 2015

It's wedding day. After months of testing, two couples, matched by experts, meet for the very first time at the altar to get legally married. Will they even fancy each other?

Episode 1 Jul 9, 2015

In this first episode, after a year of rigorous testing and measuring, the panel of experts decide who will marry who

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