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Latest Episode: 12/17/2023
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Produced by FremantleMedia and Purveyors of Pop, Married to Medicine is an American reality television series that follows the lives of socialite women of Atlanta, who either work as doctors or are married to doctors.

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Reunion Part 3 Nov 6, 2022

Kiran and Eugene try to settle the score. Scott surprises everyone, revealing a shocking career move. The women join the stage and Contessa confronts Damon. Eugene tells Quad how he really feels about her innuendos. The ladies get down and dirty as a surprise reprise from Vegas has everyone hot and bothered.

Reunion Part 2 Oct 30, 2022

Toya reveals what was really going on with her this season. Quad and Anila point the finger at each other when it comes to who started the rumors about Toya's affair. The ladies finally confront Heavenly on her behavior, but will she listen? The men arrive to the stage and things get heated when Kiran and Eugene open old wounds.

Reunion Part 1 Oct 23, 2022

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the season's biggest moments as the ladies of medicine come together in part one of the explosive three-part "Married to Medicine" reunion. The fireworks start early as Contessa confronts Heavenly before the cameras are even ready. Quad goes to extreme lengths to combat allegations made against her. Heavenly shows a different side of herself, but is it enough for her friends? Things come to a head when Anila and Toya confront one another over rumors about a robbery.

Divine Intervention Oct 16, 2022

Jackie's surprise open marriage discussion has some couples tongue-tied, but others lean in. Later that night, old tensions rise up as Heavenly and Contessa finally say what's on their minds. Toya confronts Quad about the cheating allegations, setting off a firestorm. Jackie and Simone try to bring the group back together for a Sunday sermon. Will the ladies hear the Word, or are some friendships past forgiveness?

Mountain Revival Oct 9, 2022

The trip to Blue Ridge continues. Toya makes strides in her relationship with Audra. Cecil loses a big bet. Anila and Toya come to an understanding, as Anila passes the blame on rumors to Quad. The ladies enjoy massages, and Contessa gets special treatment from Jackie. Later, the couples all enjoy dinner and reveal too much about their sex lives. Jackie surprises the couples with a late-night event.

Going Back, Back to Blue Ridge Oct 2, 2022

Quad shocks Anila when she spills the tea on what the ladies really think about her break-in. Contessa's day of reckoning arrives as she competes in her first fitness competition. Anila finally gets some good news for her family. Simone and Jackie bring the group together, planning a throwback couples trip to revive the friendships. Audra and Martin welcome a happy surprise, but the trip to Blue Ridge starts off rocky, as tensions flare between the ladies and all the rumors threaten to boil over.

The Streets Are Talking Sep 25, 2022

Simone and Cecil get some unexpected news on their book from Omarosa. Toya and Eugene take time to celebrate their son's birthday. Jackie does something at work she's never done before. Heavenly deals with the passing of her mother. Anila and Kiran continue to process their robbery. Later, at a BBQ at Jackie's house, talk of a "hit" leads the ladies to speculate on what really happened with the robbery and who could be responsible.

Rumor Mill Sep 18, 2022

Quad's rumor-filled holiday party ends when instead of decking the halls, Audra tries to deck Toya in the face. Contessa meets with a new kind of coach to prepare for her fitness competition. Anila's mom continues to cause her stress, pushing her to the edge. Quad celebrates her brother's life with her family. Jackie makes a move at work, opening the door to a surprising future. Later, the ladies discuss what went down at the Christmas party, and Simone reveals a stunning secret about Quad.

Holi-Slay Sep 11, 2022

Simone and Cecil go for round two, inviting a new set of couples over to help with their book, but when Toya lets Audra know her wardrobe isn't good enough, it threatens to spoil the dinner. Eager to show off her new home, Quad throws a Christmas party for the ladies. The holiday shindig goes off the rails, however, when a salty Audra uses her real estate attorney skills to put Toya's business in the streets. Then, things go from bad to worse when Toya finds out Anila is accusing her of cheating on Eugene.

The Breaking Point Sep 4, 2022

Heavenly admits to Damon that her mother's illness is affecting her and offers a rare apology. Contessa feels for Heavenly and agrees to put their differences aside. Anila's plans move forward with her hair store, but her mom throws a wrench in things. Kiran hosts a gentlemen's affair for the guys at his clinic. Facing a breaking point, Toya and Eugene turn to friends to get advice on their ongoing issues.

The Oh! Shot Aug 28, 2022

As tensions in Toya and Eugene's marriage continue to grow, Heavenly confides in Jackie about the decline of her mother's health. Anila's parents arrive and immediately cause problems within the home. Contessa and Heavenly rip open old wounds at Simone and Cecil's couples dinner party. Jackie hosts an Oh! Shot party for the ladies to give everyone a boost to their sex lives.

Secrets & Sinners Aug 21, 2022

The women continue their Vegas trip with a decadent dinner full of vintage wines, juicy conversation and some eye candy for dessert. Back in Atlanta, the men go boxing and old tensions between Kiran and Eugene resurface. A final brunch in Sin City turns into a second intervention attempt with Heavenly.

Viva Las Vegas! Aug 14, 2022

As the fun continues in Vegas, the ladies play a game where Toya reveals a secret she hopes doesn't make it back to the ATL. Audra calls out Toya for questioning her skills as an attorney. The Vegas girls' bonding trip is turned on its head yet again when the brewing dispute between Contessa and Heavenly rears its ugly head. Toya faces her greatest fears head on.

An Axe to Grind Aug 7, 2022

Still upset by Anila and Kiran's Halloween costumes, Eugene confronts Kiran. Jackie and Simone plan a trip to Las Vegas in an attempt to bring the ladies together. Ms. Gomez's absence forces Anila to resort to drastic measures. Contessa worries preparing for her bikini fitness competition could prove challenging in Vegas. The ladies look to let loose in Vegas and a game of Never Have I Ever sets the stage for some shocking revelations and a raucously good time.

Party Foul Jul 31, 2022

In the aftermath of Heavenly's intervention, she grapples with changing her ways. Contessa must decide whether to let go of one of her closest friendships. Anila tries to juggle work and her kids. A stunt by Anila and Kiran at the Halloween party goes awry, putting the husbands at odds with each other for the first time.

Heavenly Intervention Jul 24, 2022

Simone and Cecil ask for advice about their book from an old friend. Dr. Jackie gives a patient very important advice. Anila says her final goodbye to Ms. Gomez and wonders what is next for her. Contessa and Toya decide that enough is enough with Heavenly and stage an intervention on her shady ways. When things don't go as planned, friendships are pushed to the limit.

The Beauty Shop Jul 17, 2022

Contessa reveals to Toya the reasons for her fractured friendship with Heavenly. Anila and Kiran receive some life-altering news. Heavenly opens a new business, partnering with the great beyond. Dr. Simone and Cecil start a new adventure together. Quad and Mason navigate their new life together. All the ladies come together for Heavenly's grand opening for her new beauty supply store. Will everyone play nice or is someone's weave about to be snatched?

Bless This Mess Jul 10, 2022

The ladies of medicine are back! Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone share quality time together. Toya reveals a surprising life change. Quad finds a new man in her life. Dr. Contessa puts her body to work. Dr. Heavenly tries to figure out where she went wrong with Contessa, who hasn't spoken to her in months. Anila throws a housewarming party to show off her new $3 million dream home. Will her party derail when Heavenly and Contessa come face to face for the first time?

Reunion Part 3 Jul 18, 2021

The women join the stage and share how difficult this past year has been for all of their marriages. Dr. Eugene breaks down sharing the reality of life in the ER. The ladies joke about the shade they've thrown, but Quad takes it to the next level when she confronts Toya about the comments she's made about her home.

Reunion Part 2 Jul 11, 2021

Scott crashes the stage when he hears Contessa's reveal their relationship status. The women question Scott's fidelity, and Contessa has a breakdown backstage. Simone and Jackie's friendship is questioned, while Simone is brought to tears over her hostile relationship with Heavenly. The men arrive to the stage and Scott is caught in a web of lies.

Reunion Part 1 Jun 27, 2021

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the season's biggest moments as the ladies of medicine come together in part one of the three-part Married to Medicine Reunion. After sharing how Covid flipped their world upside down, Quad graces the stage and shakes things up with Toya when she brings up the heated Instagram live debate. Anila and Toya's friendship is tested, while Heavenly and Toya share a special kiss. Contessa reveals shocking information about her marriage to Scott.

Jekyll Island, Part 2 Jun 20, 2021

In the season finale of Married to Medicine, the ladies enjoy a day of sightseeing that leads to some close encounters. Anila finds a creative way to get her money from Lisa. Later, the men join the ladies for the last night on the island. The truth about Scott and Contessa finally comes out, but will it create more questions than answers?

Jekyll Island, Part 1 Jun 13, 2021

The ladies finally arrive to Jekyll Island. Heavenly and Toya come together in hopes of starting anew, while Contessa confides to Jackie and Quad about her suspicions of Scott. The ladies relax at dinner, but their peaceful night is soon disturbed when Anila stirs the pot over a bad deal with Lisa Nicole.

Scott's Secret Jun 6, 2021

The Town Hall Event is threatened when Simone learns some disturbing info about Lisa Nicole on the local news. Anila goes to Jackie for advice on her fractured friendship with Toya. Scott reveals a bombshell to Contessa that could undermine their entire marriage.

Chanel Charade May 30, 2021

Cecil and Eugene hang with Scott, who shares some interesting pics on his phone. Anila checks in on her house build and learns some upsetting news about her daughter. Heavenly and Zach put the final touches on their new rental property. Contessa uncovers some truths about herself. Simone plans a political town hall event, but things go off the rails when she discovers Lisa Nicole has been trying to push her aside.

Holi Mess May 23, 2021

Anila and Quad bond over their shared issues with Toya. Simone and Contessa try to get to the bottom of Toya's problems with the group. Simone and Cecil host a couple's dinner, and are shocked to learn just how fragile Scott and Contessa's marriage is. Anila hosts a Holi event in hopes to heal some of the friendships within the group but things go Holi wrong when old feuds flare up.

Club Q-uarantine May 16, 2021

Toya finds calm at home even as her friendships remain rocky. Simone gives her son Miles an ultimatum. Anila finds a new job in an unlikely place. Contessa opens her new practice, but it's the same old issues with Scott. Quad throws a game night party at her home, but the fun turns to drama, as Toya is forced own up to her past words about Quad's house.

Ain't No Party Like a Self-Love Party May 9, 2021

Everyone's lives come to a halt when they have to isolate for 14 days. Toya discovers that Quad and Heavenly can't stop talking about her. Heavenly questions her son's investment decisions. Simone thinks about adding to the family. Jackie surprises the ladies with a porn star, but Toya gets the real surprise when Anila confronts her about the rumors Toya's been spreading.

Let The Emojis Fly May 2, 2021

After a successful medical mission in DC, the group heads home to Atlanta, reinvigorated. While Simone sees a patient with fibroids, Damon and Heavenly discuss the significance of the March on Washington with their kids during a family dinner. Toya confronts Anila about her finances. Contessa has a business consultation with a specialist before the grand opening of her new practice. Jackie plays peacemaker, hosting a dinner at her house, where Quad and Heavenly come head to head over an emoji incident.

Know Your Status DC Apr 25, 2021

Everyone gathers to relax by the pool prior to the March on Washington but can't drown out the drama when Toya makes a splash and confronts Heavenly and Contessa. The doctors take a stand against the pandemic and systemic racism when they perform covid testing at the March on Washington. Later, after a day of unity, the ladies head to dinner but ditch two of their own.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Apr 18, 2021

The Doctors and Wives head to Washington DC for their most important medical mission yet as Ambassadors to the March on Washington. Reverend Al Sharpton and Ben Crump come by for dinner to discuss race relations in America. And tensions brew between the doctor's and the wives as Kari reveals to Toya and Anila that Heavenly and Contessa have been questioning their intelligence.

The Power of Crystals Apr 11, 2021

As the tension between former best friends Jackie and Simone reaches new heights, their husbands try and talk sense into them. Heavenly gets an unexpected call for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help a young protester. Contessa enlists her niece Paris to throw a healing crystal event for the group. However, Toya brings along some blasts from the past to crash the party.

Friendship Foes & Marital Woes Apr 4, 2021

Toya distances herself from the group and hosts her own pool party, with surprise guests. Contessa and Scott vent to others about their marital woes. Heavenly encourages Jackie to mend fences with Simone. Anila and Kiran find their dream house turning into a nightmare. Simone and family send Michael off to college with a tearful goodbye.

Home Court Advantage Mar 28, 2021

Simone prepares to send Michael off to college with one last Kids v. Adults basketball game. Anila wants to impress her parents with her new home, but momma isn't impressed. Eugene calls Toya out for her recent cranky behavior. After an epic basketball showdown, Heavenly and Toya go into overtime, exchanging heated words.

New Year, Old Feuds Mar 21, 2021

Simone and the doctors continue the fight against Covid-19 on the front lines. Contessa vents to Jackie about her and Scott's marital problems. Toya's frustration over homeschooling kids continues. Heavenly shares some shady gossip with Quad. During Anila's traditional Rahki party for her friends and family, Toya and Contessa's old feud reignites.

Graduation Snub Mar 14, 2021

Damon's birthday comes crashing down as Simone and Heavenly's feud breaks up the party. Toya discusses racism and diversity with her boys, Contessa builds out a new medical practice without Scott's blessing. Heavenly helps a gossip blogger, Funky Dineva, put his money where his mouth is. Meanwhile, Anila confronts financial woes due to the pandemic. Heavenly and Simone come face to face to address their longstanding issues. Simone throws a graduation party for her son Michael, but is she acting like a high schooler when she doesn't invite Jackie?

Breaking Out of the Bubble Mar 7, 2021

The ladies are back and life in the A has changed. With Covid and a racial reckoning happening all around the ladies continue to push forward. Toya, fully moved into her dream home struggles with Dr. Eugene working long hours at the hospital, while she's stuck at home with the kids. Contessa and Scott bicker over working together in their new private practice office, while Jackie and Simone, struggle to understand their fractured friendship. Heavenly throws a 50th birthday party for Damon, but tensions flare when the group comes together for the first time in months.

Reunion Part 3 Jan 5, 2020

The reunion concludes as Andy is joined by all the couples. Damon comes face to face with his actions in Cabo. Aydin and Mariah defend themselves. Toya opens up about her past love, upsetting Eugene. Contessa speaks her truth. After hashing out old and new issues, will the ladies be able to come together as a group again?

Reunion Part 2 Dec 29, 2019

Part two of the reunion continues as Andy welcomes the husbands to tell their side of the story. The ladies talk about their favorite shady moments from the season. Mariah discusses the allegations brought up against her. Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie shock everyone when they reveal a rift in their friendship.

Reunion Part 1 Dec 29, 2019

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the seasons biggest moments as the ladies of medicine come together in part one of the explosive "Married to Medicine" Reunion. Quad discusses her current relationship status, while Simone surprises everyone with new information about Dr. G. Buffie confronts Dr. Jackie causing Heavenly to leap to her defense.

Arabian Nights Dec 22, 2019

As Jackie and Curtis begin renovations on their new home, Toya plans the ultimate housewarming party. Contessa and Scott finally come together on her decision to return to school in Nashville, while Heavenly battles with her decision to trust Alaura. Toya's Arabian Nights Housewarming party hits a snag when Buffie breaks down, Jackie steps away from the ladies, and Contessa and Mariah break the peace of Toya's two-story closet in an epic showdown.

Trouble in Spa-radise Dec 15, 2019

Back from Cabo, Quad celebrates her new found singledom with pal Cynthia Bailey, Toya starts planning her big housewarming for her new forever home, and Scott and Contessa have a major breakthrough in therapy. When Buffie throws a spa day to recharge the friendships, the last thing on the agenda is rest and relaxation.

Swap Till You Drop Dec 8, 2019

In Cabo San Lucas, the group participates in a good old fashioned wife swap - with games on the beach! Heavenly's anger at Damon going to the strip club boils over. Contessa and Scott put on a brave face for the group, but their marriage issues are bubbling under the surface. Back in Atlanta, Quad's divorce proceedings inch closer to the finish line.

Revenge of the Sip and Paint Dec 1, 2019

The couples' trip to Cabo continues. Contessa and Scott continue to clash, putting their relationship on the brink. Jackie apologizes to Buffie for their fight the night before, but Buffie's far from over it. When the guys and the ladies have separate nights out, Quad gets a special girls night and Damon winds up in the doghouse with Heavenly.

Bus-ted Cabo Nov 24, 2019

Buffie breaks her silence with Jackie for talking about her infertility, but Jackie hits back hard. Toya has a meltdown when the mini bus breaks down, forcing Simone and Cecil scramble to come up with a new couple's activity. Can they save the trip or will everything go loco, Mexican Messy Boots style?

Battle Down South Nov 17, 2019

Toya and Eugene invite Simone and Cecil over to tour their new forever home. Contessa and Scott face hard truths about their relationship in their first therapy session. Jackie hosts a party to launch her book "The Queen V" and outs some very personal information about Buffie. Later, everyone heads to Cabo for their couple's trip and have a boogie-down battle for the chance to win a penthouse suite.

Contessa's Carnival Nov 3, 2019

Quad loses her mind when she allows Heavenly to set her up on a blind date. Dr. Jackie piles on her to-do list by renovating a new office. An overwhelmed Contessa throws a huge carnival birthday for her kids, hoping to make up for her mommy guilt. Buffie comes to Simone for help when she discovers a lump in her breast. 

Food for Thought Oct 27, 2019

Jackie butts heads with Curtis over the rising costs of their home renovations. Contessa gives her dad a new smile courtesy of Dr. Heavenly. Simone and Cecil give Miles a wake-up call about his future. Quad celebrates her birthday and the launch of her new cookbook, but since she's not on the guest list, Mariah celebrates Ramadan with her family. But when Quad shades her friends in her thank-you speech, will the festivities flat line?

Showdown in Savannah Oct 20, 2019

Any progress made during Revival Weekend in Savannah comes to a screeching halt after Mariah's meltdown on the bus. Dr. Jackie reaches her breaking point when she realizes that there are some problems she just can't fix. Contessa ponders Jackie's advice to pursue couples' counseling for herself and Scott. Mariah brings the receipts and the drug test results to prove Quad wrong, but do the rest of the ladies even want to know the truth?

Girl Code, Interrupted Oct 13, 2019

Hoping to get the ladies' friendships back on track, Jackie invites the group to Savannah for a good old-fashioned girls' trip. Feeling called out by Damon, Heavenly takes it out on Toya. Mariah goes after the whole group for perpetuating lies against her. By the end of a disastrous dinner, Jackie's "friendship revival" is clearly on life support. Can she save this trip before it flat lines?

Naked and Not Afraid Oct 6, 2019

Toya shocks the ladies with her idea of an art class. Heavenly decides not to tell Damon about Toya's explicit birthday party. While Simone and Cecil give the boys a safe sex talk, Jackie does some sexual research for an exciting new project. As Toya and Eugene move into their new house, Contessa surprises Scott with some big moves of her own.

Ballin' on a Budget Sep 29, 2019

Jackie and Curtis have big plans to tear down and rebuild their home but will the budget fit their dreams? Contessa realizes that that being away in Nashville is making her a distant memory to her family. Simone's friend Buffie throws a Fab and Frugal party where things get ugly when Toya is put on the spot about past money woes. Later, Toya throws a paint and sip for her birthday with a surprise twist that shocks her friends.

Resuscitated Friendships Sep 22, 2019

Simone and Quad struggle to repair their friendship, but a breaking point may be near. Toya and her family struggle to heal from her miscarriage. Dr. Heavenly vents to Damon that Alaura is growing up too fast, but Simone wants her boys to grow up and clean up. Jackie and Simone hatch a surprise dinner with Heavenly and Mariah to work out their issues, but will Heavenly and Mariah run for the door when they discover the ambush?

Stirring the Teapot Sep 15, 2019

Contessa's pursuit of higher education continues to drive a wedge between her and Scott. Toya tries to put on a brave face and be there for her family after a devastating loss. Quad updates the ladies on her divorce. As the Twitter war between Simone and Heavenly comes to a fever pitch, Jackie throws an "Emergen-Tea" party to set everything right. Will the tea be served or spilled?

Open and Honest Sep 8, 2019

The ladies of medicine are back and the lines in the sand have been drawn. Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie shake up the group with their Open and Honest podcast. Toya and Eugene struggle to finish construction on their dream home. Dr. Contessa's traveling back and forth causes Scott to put on his single dad hat. Dr. Simone is happy to have her whole family back under one roof. The ladies try to come together at Heavenly's Hollywood Glam party, but the night quickly turns into chaos.

Reunion Part 3 Jan 13, 2019

The reunion concludes in part three, as Quad and Greg face off, revealing the shocking truth about their marriage. Then, as the group deals with the fallout from Quad and Greg's confrontation, divisions are drawn. Later, Toya and Contessa's friendship comes to head.

Reunion Part 2 Jan 6, 2019

Part two of the reunion continues as Andy tries to get to the bottom of Quad's scandalous accusations against Mariah. Then, the husbands tell their side of the story. Damon defends himself against cheating allegations, while Aydin sticks up for his wife. Later, Greg and Quad come face to face for one last confrontation.

Reunion Part 1 Dec 21, 2018

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the seasons biggest moments as the ladies of medicine come together in Part 1 of the explosive three-part Married to Medicine Reunion. Simone reveals what her home life is really like; Contessa finds herself cornered, defending her surgery from attacks. Heavenly and Mariah try to settle an argument, leading to a dramatic confrontation. Quad lays out a shocking accusation.

Docs on the Dock 2.0 Dec 14, 2018

Simone and Cecil try to recover from their date night, which took a left turn. Before the walls are put up in their new house Toya and her family write scriptures on the foundation. Meanwhile, Jackie follows Toya's lead and decides to build her dream house to create a fresh start with Curtis. In celebration of Aydin's recovery, Mariah hosts a party at her home, Doctors on the Docks 2.0. The group reflect on the year and if they rebuild broken marriages and friendships.

Bottled Up Emotions Dec 7, 2018

Realizing her baby is growing up, Mariah surprises Lauren with a wardrobe makeover. Simone and Cecil's romantic dinner date is ruined when issues from the past push Simone over the edge. Meanwhile, Jackie and Curtis struggle to compromise on a new home and a fresh start. Toya plans a wine tasting trip for the ladies that turns sour when lingering issues with Contessa come to a head and Mariah gets some scary news about Aydin's health.

Sleep Number's Gone! Dec 1, 2018

Simone and Cecil share some surprising news at their Mi Casa Es Su Casa Party. Determined to keep the romance going, Jackie enlists Simone and Heavenly to help her cook a meal for Curtis. Toya and Eugene visit the construction site of their new home where she discovers some unsettling news. The guys invite Greg to a men's only outing, getting all the tea about what really went down when Quad moved out.

Heavenly's Second Chance Nov 17, 2018

Smooth sailing turns to rocky waters when Simone and Contessa's argument turns ugly in Antigua. Facing increased pressure, Mariah apologizes to Damon for the infidelity rumors she's spread. In order to right last year's wrongs from Couples' Therapy, Heavenly sits on the hot seat. Determined to give back, Jackie volunteers the group for a meaningful Medical Mission as Quad hurls the hurt over Dr. Greg's infidelities out to sea.

BBQs, Biscuits and Birth Control Nov 10, 2018

On Part 2 of the couple's trip in Antigua, tensions continue to rise in the group. While Toya confronts Contessa for hitting her on purpose, Mariah can't let go of Heavenly insulting her mom. Jackie attempts to lead a reconciliation between all the ladies but the second night dinner proves to be just as explosive as the first. Tears are shed, and everyone has reached their boiling point.

Trouble in Paradise Nov 4, 2018

Everyone heads to Antigua for the annual couples trip. Trying to cope with divorce Quad breaks down revealing she saw Greg the night before with another woman. Contessa tries to enjoy the island sun as she recovers from breast surgery, but a surprise encounter with Toya may get in the way of that. Later things heat up when a tiff over Quad sends Heavenly and Mariah into an all out island brawl.

Black Love Oct 28, 2018

Toya and Eugene contemplate celebrating their 10-year anniversary with their friends overseas. Meanwhile Jackie and Curtis celebrate, coming back from the brink of divorce and making it 17-years. Mariah plans a Black Love party but when some of the invitees fail to show, they put a damper on the festivities.

Pajama Drama Oct 21, 2018

While Mariah receives some bad news from her husband, Simone finally has some good news to share about Cecil. Heavenly reflects on her Miami trip with her therapist and makes some new personal discoveries. While Quad is quietly adjusting to her newly single life, the other women are shocked to find out through social media of Quad's divorce. In an attempt to reunite the women and bring Black Girl Magic back to the group, Jackie throws a slumber party.

Out Of Commission Oct 14, 2018

Heavenly, Jackie, and Simone settle back into daily life after their trip to Miami. Simone welcomes her son home from college but isn't so welcoming to the idea of Cecil moving back in. Contessa is recuperating from her prophylactic mastectomy and receives a house call from her good friends, Mariah and Dr. Jarret. Quad lunches with her mom and aunt and reveals that her life has been turned upside down. Jarret invites all the ladies to her newly constructed home for a housewarming party and Quad debates revealing her big news to the ladies.

A Room Without a View Oct 7, 2018

Heavenly continues her spiritual journey in Miami with the aid of Jackie and Simone. Back in Atlanta, Contessa goes through with her double mastectomy. Quad turns to old friends for comfort in her crumbling marriage. Toya and Eugene are in awe of the progress of their dream home. Mariah and Aydin take Lauren out for a dinner to explain the birds and the bees.

Heavenly Homecoming Sep 30, 2018

Quad has a heart-to-heart with Jackie over her marital issues while the guys have a much-needed night to themselves where Greg tells his side of the story. Contessa takes the first step towards a new life. With Simone and Jackie in tow, Heavenly travels to her childhood home in Miami to seek out the root of her anger.

Emotional Workout Sep 23, 2018

Things continue to heat up at the crab boil when Heavenly and Mariah's long-standing feud reaches a fever pitch. Quad opens up to the group, but will her words be enough? Contessa has a candid conversation with her father about a life-altering decision. Meanwhile, Dr. K encourages Heavenly to dig further into her past. Later, Jackie's plan to reconnect her friends forces them to get up and get moving, with surprising results.

Crabby Ladies Sep 16, 2018

When her ailing father visits, Contessa discovers his health is even worse than she thought. While Mariah has a real talk with Lauren about growing up and getting ready for high school, Simone faces a hard talk with her son, Michael about the current state of her marriage. Heavenly attempts to bring Quad back into the circle of friends for a crab boil, but everything comes to a boiling point with the women as friendships and loyalties are questioned.

I Don't Talk to Dentists Sep 9, 2018

After Mariah accuses Damon of infidelity, Heavenly channels her rage by seeking help from an anger management therapist. Contessa worries about her father's failing health, and tells Scott she wants him to visit. Isolated from the entire group, Quad hangs with her new besties from her talk show and vents about her marital woes. Simone and Cecil continue to struggle to fix their broken marriage, while Toya throws a surprise party for Eugene, but ends up making the party all about an absentee Contessa.

Get Your Sexy Back Sep 2, 2018

Quad's marriage problems are plastered all over social media and the blogs, and instead of leaning on the ladies for support, she gives them the cold shoulder. Toya tries to encourage Eugene to live a healthy lifestyle, Contessa struggles with being a stay at home Mom. Simone throws a leather and lace party to reclaim her sexy, but tensions flare between Heavenly and Mariah when Mariah claims to have receipts on "Daddy."

Reunion Part 3 Mar 23, 2018

The reunion concludes in part three, as the group deals with the fallout from Greg's scandalous revelation. Seeing another marriage falling apart, the group rallies around Simone and Cecil, imploring them to work it out. Will their pleas be heard or will they fall on deaf ears?

Reunion Part 2 Mar 16, 2018

Part two of the reunion continues as Andy welcomes the husbands to tell their side of the story. Cecil explains himself and makes surprising claims about another woman; Eugene defends himself against Toya's sex rating; Curtis answers for his misdeeds, but has harsh words for Eugene. Later, Quad and Greg try to work through their issues, but a startling new revelation from Greg threatens to tear their marriage further apart.

Reunion Part 1 Mar 9, 2018

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the seasons biggest moments as the ladies of medicine come together in part one of the explosive three-part Married to Medicine Reunion. Toya is put on the hot seat about her sex life; Contessa defends her nanny against an onslaught of attacks; Mariah dishes her grievances with Heavenly, telling her what she really thinks of her, leading to a dramatic confrontation; Simone reveals shocking new information about her marriage.

In the Black Mar 2, 2018

Toya and Eugene celebrate paying off their tax debt by throwing an In the Black Party. Simone and Cecil send their eldest son Miles off to college. Jackie and Curtis go through some growing pains. Contessa has some unfinished business with Eugene. Things go from bad to worse for Quad and Greg in their crumbling marriage.

D. N. A. D-Day Feb 23, 2018

Home from Barbados, Heavenly decides to throw a DNA reveal party to make up for her failed couple's therapy. Jackie lets Curtis move back into the house, but with a surprise stipulation. Quad and Greg meet with their marital focus group to, but wind up in worse shape than before. Contessa makes an emotional and life-changing decision. Later, at the DNA party, Quad and Toya fight, causing Eugene to use a hot-button word that sends everyone into a tailspin.

Circle Of Truth Feb 16, 2018

After a turbulent yacht expedition, Heavenly puts all her energy into leading Couples Therapy. But when she refuses to share any of her own problems and asks questions that push everyone's buttons, a revolt erupts on the beach! Jackie finally breaks down emotionally and allows herself to be vulnerable with Curtis; Simone and Cecil's tensions boil over, while the drama between Quad and Greg reaches a new level. Mariah shares a shocking revelation about her own marriage.

Island Fever Feb 2, 2018

Heavenly takes Damon on an emotional journey, leading to revelations from his past. All the couples get an eye-opening group sex therapy session, where Jackie must come face to face with the state of her marriage. During a medical mission to help island locals, Eugene gets a major health scare. Later, there's trouble on the high seas as a luxury yacht ride heads into stormy waters. Mariah and Simone confront Quad on her selfish behavior. Can the group survive or will it be woman overboard?

The Heavenlywed Game Jan 26, 2018

Still reeling from drama at the app party, Mariah must decide if she wants to accept an offer from Heavenly. Jackie is stunned when Curtis ambushes her on the way to Barbados, and his arrival sends shockwaves through the group, leading to an awkward encounter with Toya. Later, tensions rise during a first night Newlywed game, as Quad and Greg find all of their problems reaching a boiling point.

Invitations and Revelations Jan 19, 2018

Jackie meets Curtis for the first time in public, and he gives her a surprise invitation. Maintaining a good work/life balance becomes too much for Contessa as she and Scott try to adjust. Just as they're getting closer to paying off their IRS debt, Toya and Eugene are hit with a new financial shock. Quad gets a spot on local TV to demo her new cookbook, but Greg isn't there to support her. Simone helps Cecil launch his new app with a big party, but escalating tension between Mariah and Heavenly threatens to turn the big event into a big fiasco.

Breakdown or Breakthrough Jan 12, 2018

The 90s pool continues with a bang. Contessa struggles balancing work life and family after Ms. Reneé sudden departure. Jackie and Curtis continue their courting with a 2nd date. Heavenly takes Alaura to see a vocal coach to the stars. Simone is blindsided by Cecil's investment in a business venture. Toya tries to seduce Eugene and bring the sexy back into their life. Quad and Greg attempt to solve their problems with a marital focus group, but facing the hard truths leaves them both struggling to move forward.

Fly Girls & Low Riders Jan 5, 2018

Jackie comes face to face with Curtis for the first time since his infidelity. Simone sees a patient with unique circumstances. In an effort to make up for Ms. Renee's behavior at Mariah's party, Contessa turns back the clock and hosts a 90s pool party. But tensions rise, as Simone and Heavenly battle with Mariah, leaving Toya trying to keep the peace.

Mama Drama Dec 22, 2017

Quad, still reeling from her fight with Dr. G, faces some hard choices about the future of her marriage. Toya's mother comes to town and gives her daughter perspective on maintaining a happy marriage. Simone leans on her sister for emotional support. Meanwhile, Jackie asks Cecil's advice on what to do about Curtis. Heavenly continues to try to be a better person but stumbles when she gets into conflict with Mariah. Mariah hosts a Mother's Day brunch for all the ladies, but when Contessa brings her outspoken nanny, Ms. Reneé, the celebration takes a turn for the worse.

That Voodoo That You Do So Well Dec 15, 2017

On their last day in New Orleans, the ladies try to salvage the Black Girl Magic experience despite Mariah's return. Simone plans a cultural surprise for the ladies but it hits a snag when Heavenly smells a devil. Led by Jackie, the ladies hold a forgiveness ceremony to take a stab at moving forward. Back in Atlanta, Quad faces a tough homecoming, when forced to confront her marital issues with Dr. G.

Guess Who's Coming to NOLA? Dec 8, 2017

The ladies continue their Black Girl Magic trip in the Big Easy. On a swamp tour, Contessa is more concerned with Heavenly snapping back at her than any ‘gator. Back in Atlanta the men enjoy some guy time and cigars. Both Dr. Gregory and Quad are feeling the stress of marriage and seek advice from their friends. Toya promises Jackie and Simone to be nice "all day" but then shocks the group with a surprise guest.

Black Girl Magic or Black Girl Tragic? Dec 1, 2017

To mend their ailing relationship, Quad plans a night of ‘Romance On The Table' but Dr. G. kills the vibe when he says the wrong thing. Simone confronts Cecil about being a two-faced politician. Meanwhile, Jackie faces the agony of public scrutiny when a patient chimes in on the affair and Toya's fears about cheating creep into her relationship with Eugene. With things going awry in Atlanta, Simone plans a girl's getaway to New Orleans, but Simone quickly learns, with this group, "The Big Easy" ain't so easy.

Let's All Throw a Fit-ni Nov 17, 2017

Needing distraction from scandal, Jackie throws a FITNI field day event. New to the group, Dr. Contessa struggles to find the balance between work and family. All of the ladies show up to support Jackie and compete in her event, but the real games begin when Heavenly and Toya disrupt the festivities. Meanwhile, Simone & Cecil seek out professional help as their rocky marriage starts to take its toll on their kids.

Hot Off the Press Nov 10, 2017

Jackie tries to quietly process Curtis' infidelity, and scandal hits again when an article exposes more details of the affair. Quad focuses on launching a new career, while Heavenly focuses on helping her daughter's music career. Meanwhile, Toya throws a competitive "Cook Off" for her birthday, tensions ignite as Heavenly can't control her temper and Simone's struggling marriage reaches a boiling point.

Waiting to Exhale Nov 5, 2017

The news of Curtis's infidelity sends shockwaves through the group, forcing the husbands and the wives to choose sides. Eugene takes on extra shifts to pay back the IRS, leaving Toya lonely and in need of romance. Quad celebrates the grand opening of Dr. G's new practice, while Simone struggles to split time between her two houses. Heavenly adjusts to her oldest son away at college, and plans a special night for Jackie and the ladies.

Reunion Part 2 Feb 24, 2017

Part two of the reunion continues as Andy welcomes the husbands to tell their side of the story. Jackie shocks everyone, dropping a bomb about her relationship with Curtis; Darren confronts the women on the vicious rumors he can't escape, but Lisa ends up being his sharpest critic; Simone relives her darkest moments from the heart wrenching search for her father. After hashing out old and new issues, will the ladies be able to come together as a group again?

Reunion Part 1 Feb 17, 2017

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the seasons biggest moments as the ladies of medicine come together in part one of the explosive Married to Medicine Reunion. Toya comes face to face with her tax problems; Lisa Nicole standing up against the blitz of confrontations from the other ladies about her marriage and underhanded business decisions.; Mariah dishes her grievances with Heavenly, telling her what she really thinks of her, leading to a dramatic confrontation.

Breast Friends Feb 10, 2017

In the season finale, at Toya's housewarming barbecue the ladies continue to fight and when Mariah tries to intervene things turn ugly fast. Heavenly looks to her spiritual advisor when she faces a crisis of conscience while Lisa Nicole and Darren try to pick up the pieces. Dr. Jackie's look book is almost ready and she's hoping the upcoming sneak peek will provide a backdrop for friendships to heal and mend.

The Devil is Busy Feb 3, 2017

Toya and Eugene may have downsized their home, but their new CPA now wants them to downsize their budget. Jackie springs a romantic surprise on Curtis, but is it enough to mend their fractured relationship? The fallout continues between Lisa Nicole and Heavenly as the two women put on dueling conferences... whose conference will the other ladies support? Later, tempers flare at Toya's housewarming party as Lisa and Heavenly finally come face to face for the ultimate showdown.

Brazilian Bombshells Jan 27, 2017

With only a week until their relationship conference, Heavenly and Lisa Nicole must work together to get everything in place. But once Heavenly hears that Lisa hasn't been entirely honest about their collaboration, the whole group finds itself having to pick sides once again. After spending months taking care of her family, Quad needs to celebrate herself, and she bares it all at her 35th birthday party! Toya and Eugene make the final leap in their financial journey as they move into a more affordable house.

Coconut Bras and Brawls Jan 20, 2017

On their last day in Hawaii, Simone has one more surprise for the ladies, but will the men be on board once they find out what's in store? Quad organizes a make-up photo shoot for Jackie and her Look Book, but a new fight over old wounds with Mariah threatens to ruin everything. Back in Atlanta, Mariah spills the tea on what she really thinks of Quad and her past. Later, Jackie tries to cure what's ailing in her marriage, but Curtis refuses to just roll over.

Hawaii Five-Uh Oh Jan 13, 2017

It's day two of their Hawaiian adventure! Jackie is still reeling from her solo trip to the Big Island and Dr. Darren is still nowhere to be found leaving Lisa Nicole all alone. The group bares it all, in couples therapy, but the exchange between Lisa and Heavenly is anything but therapeutic! A traditional Hawaiian luau may be what the group needs to dance away their troubles, when Toya tries to rally around Lisa and her marital woes.

Hawaii Five Solo Jan 6, 2017

Dr. Simone and Cecil head off to Hawaii to celebrate their 20th Anniversary with most of the couples in tow. However, Lisa is flying solo as Dr. Darren is missing in action. Dr. Jackie arrives with some baggage of her own, while Mariah starts the trip off on the wrong foot... can the ladies recover?

Brutally Honest Makeover Dec 30, 2016

Toya and Eugene struggle with the big issue of moving into a smaller house. Jackie and Curtis near a code red as their marriage continues to take a backseat to Jackie's career. Mariah and Simone meet to get their friendship back on track, but a surprise revelation gives Mariah pause. Later, Toya treats the ladies to a spa day to get ready for Hawaii, but tempers erupt when Lisa decides she isn't laying down for Toya anymore.

Is There Life After Prom? Dec 23, 2016

After their huge argument at Toya's Prom Party, Mariah and Quad's friendship is on shaky ground. Quad is planning a birthday bash for Dr. G and doesn't want Mariah to bring her drama to the party, so she takes "extra" precautions. Toya faces the hard truth she can no longer afford the lifestyle she wants but when it's time to make changes she gets cold feet. Lisa's antics put Heavenly's patience to the test as they plan for their upcoming conference.

It's My Prom and I'll Throw Down If I Want to! Dec 16, 2016

Hot off the heels of the look book photo shoot, the girls still can't believe Jackie actually kicked them to the curb. Things heat up for Darren when he has to face the music after flaking on Lisa's baby making plans. As the girls prepare to celebrate Toya's 40th birthday, Simone finds out long awaited news about her father. Later, things hit a fever pitch with Mariah and Quad when they finally go head to head at Toya's birthday party.

The Breast-est of Friends Dec 11, 2016

Heavenly and Lisa Nicole embark on a new business venture, but their collaboration quickly turns ugly, when Heavenly shares her true feelings about Lisa Nicole's marriage. Simone is back at work after her emotional trip to Nashville with a transgender patient who wants gender reassignment surgery. Meanwhile, Jackie's topless charity photo shoot gets out of control causing her to expose a very different side of her personality.

The Father, Son, and Heavenly's Spirit Nov 27, 2016

Simone, Quad, and Jackie head to Nashville to search for Simone's missing father. Heavenly does some soul-searching with her spiritual guide, Jewel Tankard; while Lisa Nicole and Darren also seek help from a professional, about their relationship. Meanwhile, Toya and Eugene have to deal with Avery's discipline problems at school after a ‘peeing' incident.

Her Father's Daughter Nov 20, 2016

Mariah's new beginnings party ends in a new beef between Genise and Heavenly, and the beginning of the end for Toya and Lisa Nicole's friendship. Simone reaches out to family to find her missing father, while Jackie tries to convince Curtis to give up the suburbs for the city. Meanwhile, Heavenly gets advice from Alaura about being a grownup, and later, three years of bad blood meet face to face as Toya and Mariah see if they can bury the hatchet.

Forecast: Clouds with 100% Chance of Shade Nov 13, 2016

Everyone processes the aftermath from Lisa Nicole's party. Dr. Simone reaches out to Quad to make sure she understands why she came down on her so hard about having a baby. Genise reveals to Toya that she doesn't find Heavenly so heavenly. Lisa Nicole takes her complaints about Toya's behavior to her new best friend, Mariah who has decided to throw a new beginnings party and invite all the ladies. Is this really a new beginning or a to be continued?

New Beginnings Nov 6, 2016

The Atlanta ladies are back! Quad has a new baby in her house, and Lisa Nicole's got a baby on her brain. Dr. Jackie is moving on up while Dr. Simone and Cecil are adjusting to life apart. Toya is in big trouble with the IRS while Heavenly just stirs it up. Lisa Nicole throws a bash to bring the group together, but are the ladies ready to move past it all and have a new beginning?

Secrets Revealed Oct 11, 2015

The ladies gather to dish on the dramas of Season 3. Andy Cohen hosts.

Reunion Part 2 Oct 4, 2015

Part two of the Married to Medicine reunion sets off the alarm when Mariah quickly realizes she's the one in the hot seat. It's not all about the ladies this time though as the husbands join the mix and add fuel to the fire. Relationships are put to the test when the conversation turns to Toya and Eugene's inability to communicate. While Lisa's issue with strippers is discussed, it's revealed that Darren isn't the only husband who likes to indulge in the stripper pond. Plus, the quest begins to see if these ladies can come together again, meanwhile Quad defends her throne to stay in the group. 

Reunion Part 1 Sep 27, 2015

The two-part Married to Medicine reunion kicks off with Simone and Toya as they look back at their confrontation from Season 2 and reveal some deep-rooted issues about their childhood. As Quad and Lisa go toe-to-toe over their accusations and legal matters, Heavenly continues to push the women to confess who was to blame over this year's drama. Given light of Jill's recent accusations and arrest, the ladies question whether they treated her fairly. And, bringing her usual spiciness, the Queen Bee Mariah re-enters the Hive for one last showdown.

Mariah-Mania Sep 20, 2015

Couples therapy turns into group therapy as unresolved issues arise between Mariah and some of the ladies. Back in Atlanta, Quad hosts the "Heroes in Healthcare" event bringing most of the women together, however, with tensions still running high from the Bahamas, Dr. Heavenly decides not to attend. At the event, Toya and Mariah exchange words, revealing the real reason why Mariah still holds a grudge against Toya and leading the group to question once and for all whether Mariah belongs in this circle of friends.

Baha-Mania Sep 13, 2015

Although the trip was intended to bring relaxation and reconciliation, the voyage is off to a rocky start with all the ladies reflecting about their relationships with one another. Meanwhile, Dr. Simone tries to get everyone back on track and arranges a medical mission for the less fortunate in order to regroup and focus their attention on helping others.

Bahama Mamas Sep 6, 2015

With the upcoming trip to the Bahamas, the ladies have a number of things to settle at home before departing for an island in the sun. The trip starts out on a festive note as the couples are met at the hotel by a band but by dinner, Jill and Dr. Heavenly go head to head for round two of their disagreement.

Mariah the Party Crasher Aug 30, 2015

After months of hard work, Dr. Heavenly is finally ready to launch her dating app, Piq. During her release party, everyone in town stops by, including Atlanta socialite Claudia Jordan. However, Dr. Heavenly's husband doesn't love the fact that her new venture will keep his wife busier than ever. Meanwhile, Jill throws a wild Prohibition Party but things get out of control when her husband is accused of disrespecting Dr. Heavenly, and Mariah decides to show up fashionably late to reclaim her seat at the throne. With all the drama surrounding the group, Dr. Simone decides a couples' trip to the Bahamas will be the best way to put the fractured crew back together.

Boys on the Side? Aug 23, 2015

As Toya looks for locations for her husband's medical concierge business, she is at odds with him on where to break ground. Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly's daughter interns for Lisa Nicole and designs a dress for her mother's upcoming app release party. At Dr. Jackie's fitness event, staying in shape is far from everyone's mind when Lisa Nicole accuses Quad of publicly questioning her husband's sexuality.

Full Court Stress Aug 16, 2015

Determined to show that she's more than a housewife, Toya follows through with her plan to market her husband's business. With her eyes set on bigger and better things, Quad has her first pop-up shop to bring Picture Perfect Pup front and center. Meanwhile, Toya reveals a rumor she heard which leaves Simone in tears.

Invites and Dis-invites Aug 9, 2015

Refreshed from her trip to La-La land, Quad refocuses her energy on marketing her doggy fashion line. Meanwhile, Heavenly and her husband are at an impasse when he insists she's spending too much time away from home. Simone makes it clear that it's her party and can do what she wants to when she disinvites Lisa Nicole.

California Dreamin' Aug 2, 2015

Quad leaves the messy drama of Atlanta behind and jets off to sunny California with Simone and Jill. Meanwhile, Jackie struggles to deal with her ailing father both as a daughter and a doctor. Lisa Nicole celebrates her son's birthday with a fabulous cooking party but while the bash is in full swing, she drops a bomb that leaves Heavenly and Toya in shock.

Love and Races Jul 26, 2015

Jackie comes up with a creative strategy to whip the girls into shape in the second phase of Fit Is The New It. Meanwhile, an anxious Simone is happy when her sister comes to town to hold her hand through her son's first date. Wanting to settle the score once and for all, Lisa Nicole meets with her attorney to discuss legal options against Quad, while Quad brings in high-powered attorney Phaedra Parks to weigh in on the matter.

Queen Bee Returns to the Hive Jul 19, 2015

Still reeling from her visit to the strip club, Lisa confronts her husband in order to discover the truth. In hopes of being a supportive wife, Toya tries to get involved with her husband's new business venture. Always the ones to inform and enlighten, Simone and Jackie demonstrate safe-sex techniques that embarrass some of the ladies and perks the interest of others. Meanwhile, through laughter and tears, Mariah and Quad try their best to mend their relationship but aren't sure if they can dive back into their friendship.

The Naked Truth Jul 12, 2015

In order to regroup, Quad decides that taking some time away from the ladies is her best option. With fitness her top priority, Jackie goes into drill sergeant mode to snap Simone out of her bad junk food habits. Meanwhile, some of the ladies decide to spend some quality time at a strip club but it's not all fun and games when Lisa Nicole learns that the establishment is one of her husband's habitual stomping grounds.

Friends Don't Do Background Checks on Friends Jul 5, 2015

Hoping to move past the background check, Quad calls Lisa Nicole for an in-person meeting in hopes of teaching her a lesson in the art of friendship. Things take an unexpected turn when Quad makes a startling accusation which leaves Lisa Nicole reeling. Meanwhile, Heavenly prepares for a date with her hubby and enlists her daughter, Alaura's help for some serious fashion guidance. Jackie hits the ground running and kicks off her new fitness program, "Fit Is the New It." However, it is hard to concentrate on getting fit as word reaches the circle of friends about Quad and Lisa's unexpected encounter.

Inspector Squad Jun 21, 2015

Trying to find the root of her anger, Jackie helps Simone understand how her dad's past transgressions are still affecting her life. As the ladies gather to celebrate Lisa Nicole and Heavenly's magazine cover, Simone comes face to face with Toya for the first time since their disagreement. Meanwhile, following a successful meeting with the private investigator, Quad receives all the information she needs to finally give Lisa Nicole a taste of her own medicine.

Putt Up or Shut Up Jun 14, 2015

Dr. Simone and Toya are at odds but unlike their wives, husbands Cecil and Eugene are determined to save their friendship by forcing an olive branch into Simone and Toya's strained relationship. Still reeling over Lisa's surprise background check, Quad flips the script and hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on Lisa Nicole and her husband Darren. Later, Jackie and her trainer Al ambush the girls with a surprise invite to join her latest fitness venture.

Background Check Yourself Jun 7, 2015

The first ladies of medicine are back and busier than ever. Simone and Toya's friendship is on the fence, but when Toya decides to throw a Halloween party to show off her new house, her husband Eugene insists she invites Simone to bury the hatchet. Quad is full speed ahead with her puppy couture line but when Quad learns Lisa Nicole ran a background check on her for "business" reasons, the two have a fall out. Meanwhile, Dr. Jackie's latest endeavor is to test out a lifestyle fitness program on the girls and hopefully everyone is willing to jump on board.

Secrets Revealed Jul 24, 2014

This special looks back at lost footage and never-before-seen cast interviews from Season 2.

Reunion Part 2 Jul 17, 2014

Hour two of the Married to Medicine Reunion continues as host Andy Cohen gets to the bottom of what happened backstage between Simone and Toya. The husbands join to shed their perspective on kids, sex and cheating. Later, Lisa Nicole dishes her grievances with Mariah. After hashing out new and old issues, can the ladies come together as a group again?

Reunion Part 1 Jul 13, 2014

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the season's most talked about moments, as the MDs and Mrs. MDs come together in part one of the explosive Married to Medicine reunion. Mariah and Quad finally come face to face to reveal the truth about what really went down between them; Heavenly hears from the ladies on what they really think of her; Simone and Toya's disagreement on stage spills over to backstage, putting the rest of the Reunion in jeopardy.

The Queen Bee Gets Stung Jul 6, 2014

Toya shows off her new extravagant home to Dr. Heavenly who has a lot to say. Meanwhile, Quad is finally ready to launch her puppy couture line with a fabulous fashion show. Everyone, except Mariah, shows up to support Quad. Will Quad succeed at getting the investors she needs to help her company take off?

From Courtroom to Catwalk Jun 29, 2014

Quad and Toya face off with Mariah in the courtroom, lending their support to Reco Chappelle, as he disputes Mariah's restraining order. Meanwhile, Jackie is visited by her stepdaughter Kursten, who reveals something surprising. Later, Mariah decides to extend a peace offering to all the ladies by inviting them to the launch of her new business venture. Then, after all her hard work, Lisa Nicole unveils her design collection to Atlanta and the world.

The Flight of the Uterus Jun 22, 2014

The ladies' mission to have a peaceful trip proves to be impossible when their drama follows them to Blue Ridge. Tempers flare once Quad learns that Simone secretly invited Mariah along. Mariah decides to embrace the outdoors and leaves her mark on the wilderness. Later an intense relationship exercise stirs up emotions for many of the couples, leaving Jackie in tears and bringing Quad and Greg's marital issues to a head.

Couples Retreat Jun 15, 2014

As the group's long awaited couples retreat approaches, Simone encourages Mariah to make a surprise visit. The couples arrive in the Blue Ridge Mountains, eager for a break from the constant drama of Atlanta's medical circle. Greg makes a controversial statement that upsets several of the wives, and a conversation about adultery leads to a shocking revelation about Darren and Lisa's relationship.

Blind Date Jun 8, 2014

Simone enlists Jackie's help in a scheme to resuscitate her flatlining love life. While Simone springs a romantic surprise on Cecil, Jackie's babysitting skills are pushed to the limit when Simone's kids wreak havoc on the house . Meanwhile, Quad's business venture leads to a heated argument with her husband that threatens their relationship. Toya and Eugene encounter an unexpected financial problem.

Queen of Shade Jun 1, 2014

Quad and Reco scramble to finish their puppy couture samples before their investor meeting, but Mariah files a restraining order against Reco that threatens their progress. Lisa Nicole throws a fantastical princess party for her daughter, but tempers flare as Simone disinvites Mariah from the couple's trip

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner? May 25, 2014

When Heavenly invites the ladies over for a dinner party, long-standing alliances are shattered as the ladies deal with the aftermath of Mariah and Quad's catwalk cat fight and are forced to choose sides.

A Fashion Faux-pas May 18, 2014

Dr. Simone finally reveals her financial issues to a shocked and speechless Dr. Jackie. Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly hears some startling information about Mariah. An explosion erupts at the Women of Atlanta fashion show when Reco Chapple and Mariah finally come face to face.

Textual Healing May 11, 2014

The drama of the WEN Conference continues with more tears and accusations thrown out by Mariah and Quad. It's the big day for Lisa as she finally finds out whether or not she's cancer free. In a last ditch effort to save their friendship, Quad invites Mariah to an upcoming fashion show.

Chariot of Fiyah! May 4, 2014

Quad hires a new designer to help launch her puppy clothing line. Tensions flare at Lisa Nicole's speaking event when Toya confronts Dr. Simone on her bad behavior. The fighting continues to spiral out of control as Quad and Mariah come face to face in an explosive showdown.

A Week of Impact Apr 27, 2014

As Mariah continues to deal with the fallout from her fight with Quad, Quad turns her focus to developing her puppy fashion line. Dr. Simone and Cecil's financial problems start to weigh heavily on their marriage. With Cecil away, Dr. Simone hosts a fun filled slumber party where she learns how to get her sexy back. Meanwhile, Lisa Nicole receives some devastating news that could turn her world upside down.

A Steakhouse Beef Apr 20, 2014

A peace summit between Quad and Mariah turns into explosive confrontation that quickly spreads across the medical community. Dr. Jackie meets with Dr. Heavenly to hash out their issues, but realizes it's not exactly the resolution she was hoping for. Meanwhile, Toya hosts a birthday party for her son; its all fun and games until Quad and Mariah's feud becomes the talk of the party

Love and Basketball Apr 13, 2014

Jackie's date night with Curtis takes a surprising turn when she tells him about her plan to have a child. Meanwhile, Mariah talks her balding hubby into getting hair transplant surgery. After the showdown at Dr. Heavenly's, Toya and Dr. Simonemeet to hash out their issues, but end up embroiled in even bigger conflict.

Far from Heavenly Apr 6, 2014

The Queen Bees of medicine are back with a vengeance. Friendships have been broken as Quad discovers long-time BFF Mariah has been talking behind her back. Meanwhile, Dr. Jackie shocks Dr. Simone with news that she wants a baby. Later, at Dr. Heavenly's cocktail party, sparks fly as Toya accuses Dr. Simone of inappropriate behavior with Toya's husband.

Secrets Revealed Jun 4, 2013

Andy Cohen opens the Bravo vaults to reveal never-before-seen footage from the season.

Reunion Part 2 May 28, 2013

Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, the women gather in part two of the reunion to settle scores and clear the air.

Reunion Part 1 May 26, 2013

Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, the reunion brings together Jacqueline Walters, Kari Wells, Mariah Huq, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Simone Whitmore and Toya Bush-Harris to discuss the season's drama.

The Last Supper May 21, 2013

Quad and Toya have a showdown as accusations fly. Also, Mariah prepares a traditional dinner, and a bombshell about Quad's past emerges.

Finale May 19, 2013

Although the Georgia wine tour ended on a sweet note, there are still some sour feelings among the ladies. While Jackie prepares for her spa grand opening, Toya shows off her husband's new business venture to the Atlanta elite. Kari ignites a new flame when she "accidentally" mentions that Mariah and Quad have not made it on Toya's guest list.

Sip Happens May 12, 2013

When Dr. Jackie's Lemon Squeeze fails to get the ladies back on track, they give it one more try on a Georgia Wine trip together. With the serenity of the Georgia vineyards surrounding her, Dr. Simone musters up enough courage to talk to long-time friend Mariah for the first time since the fight. Mariah finally confronts Toya, face-to-face and things quickly escalate and get a little too close for comfort!

The Sour Squeeze May 5, 2013

The ladies are more divided than ever, so Jackie decides enough is enough and calls for a group intervention, which she calls a Lemon Squeeze, in an attempt to patch things up between Mariah and Toya. However, things quickly go sour when Kari puts Mariah in the hot seat and the real reason behind the fight with Toya is revealed.

Blood is Thicker Than Dog Water Apr 28, 2013

The fallout from the big brawl continues when Toya disinvites Mariah's family from her upcoming Spookey Ookey party. Simone tries to counsel a patient who wants to conceive in an unusual way and Quad has her paws full when she invites both Mariah and Toya to her Puppies in Paris soiree.

Resuscitating Reputations Apr 21, 2013

This prestigious circle of doctor's wives is shattered after Mariah and Toya's showdown at Duncan and Aydin's birthday party. As news of the fight spreads across the medical community, loyalties are in question and friendships are flat-lining as the women deal with the shocking aftermath. Will Toya and Mariah's reputations be salvaged, or did their behavior cause irreversible consequences to themselves and their husbands?

A Black Eye Event Apr 14, 2013

Toya reveals a secret from Mariah's past that infuriates her right in time for her husband's big birthday bash. Meanwhile tensions flair as Kari is setting up for the festivities and Mariah is nowhere to be found. When the queen bee herself show up two hours late the themed "Hollywood Glam" party turns into a "Hollywood Bash" that leaves guests in shock and a purse in the pool.

Queen Bee Sting Apr 7, 2013

Tensions are high at a heated wine tasting when Mariah confronts Kari about Quad's disinvite to their joint party. Later when Kari and Quad agree to meet to sort out their problematic past, the road to resolution is anything but smooth. Meanwhile, Doctor Simone's sister brings out Simone's competitive nature during a visit and Doctor Jackie reveals a shocking secret that takes Quad by surprise.

Mistress of Medicine Mar 31, 2013

After her disastrous birthday party, Mariah tries to make things right with the ladies. But sparks fly when Quad goes on the attack. When Kari fights back by disinviting Quad to an upcoming event her and Mariah are throwing, she not only ruffles Quad's feather she stings the queen bee herself. Meanwhile, Simone's patient deals with some potentially devastating news.

A Taste of Your Own Medicine Mar 24, 2013

Meet the strong, fierce, and funny women that make up Atlanta's medical world. Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone have to navigate through obstacles they face as a wife, mother, friend, and successful OB-GYN while Mariah, Quad, Toya, and Kari show us that you pay a steep price for a life of privilege when you're married to medicine.

How They Got Here 2021 Feb 28, 2021

The spicy ladies of Atlanta are back in this half-hour special featuring highlights from the past 7 seasons chronicling the highs and lows of holy matrimony when you're married to medicine.

How They Got Here 2019 Sep 1, 2019

The spicy ladies of Atlanta are back in this half-hour special featuring highlights from the past six seasons chronicling the highs and lows of holy matrimony when you're married to medicine.

Passport Edition 610 Feb 24, 2019

Catch a special episode of "Married to Medicine" featuring additional content, exclusive fun facts and behind-the-scenes insight about the cast vacation.

How They Got Here Aug 26, 2018

The spicy ladies of Atlanta are back in this half-hour special featuring highlights from the past five seasons chronicling the highs and lows of holy matrimony when you're married to medicine.

When will be Married To Medicine next episode air date?

Married To Medicine Season 10 is yet to be announced by Bravo.

Is The Married To Medicine renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/17/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Married To Medicine is to be Premiered on Bravo

Where to countdown Married To Medicine air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 10 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Married To Medicine, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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