Midsomer Murders Season 23: to Be Released in Early 2024 on Acorn TV

Status: Early 2024
Latest Episode: 12/25/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Created by: Caroline Graham
Official site: acorn.tv
Station: Acorn TV
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Detectives John Nettles and John Hopkins return to tackle more murder, mayhem and mystery in the beautiful English countryside.

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Name Air Dates
Dressed to Kill Jan 2, 2023

Each year, the more traditional residents of Elverton-Cum-Latterly do battle in a dominoes competition that pits village teams against each other and dates back decades. But when the event occurs the same night as a drag queen fundraiser for a terminally ill teenager, the resulting clash of cultures is epic--and deadly.

A Grain of Truth Dec 26, 2022

The beautiful, historic watermill in Lower Blissingham is home to award-winning artisan baker Tom Larkton and his wife, pastry chef Chrissie. The mill has been in Chrissie"s family for centuries, and the couple have restored it and turned it into a thriving business with an online following. But their popularity has overshadowed Lower Blissingham, and many of the villagers are not happy about it….

The Debt of Lies Dec 19, 2022

Challis Court seems to be a tight-knit community for retired police officers, but hierarchies from the force have remained--and resentments. When a new arrival is found dead, the other residents regard a murder on their doorstep as an affront and a challenge. Since Challis is a gated estate, Barnaby realizes that the killer is likely a resident… and therefore an ex-police officer.

The Blacktrees Prophecy Dec 12, 2022

Deep in Blacktrees Forest is a bombproof shelter built by a man named Warren Kaine. His extreme paranoia has drawn other survivalists to the village, and now a doomsday prepper group meets weekly. But after the controversial ousting of a member, Warren has a target on his back. Preaching survival at any cost comes back to haunt him as the Blacktrees Prophecy claims its first--but not last--victim.

The Witches of Angel's Rise Oct 18, 2021

Each year, the village of Angel's Rise hosts the Psychic Fayre. Founded by the Saint-Stephens family in memory of their late daughter, the event attracts mediums, psychics, and followers of the occult. When a body is found surrounded by ritual symbols on the eve of the festival, Barnaby must step into the spiritual world to find the killer.

For Death Prepare Oct 11, 2021

The Midsomer Mummers, a company for amateur opera, is in the middle of rehearsals for a charity concert when a dead body is found at the theatre. The aim of the inquiry is to find out which person wants to be at the centre of attention.


Scarecrow Murders Oct 4, 2021

The annual Midsomer Scarecrow Festival takes a grisly turn as bodies begin appearing on poles displayed alongside their straw creations. The investigation reveals rivalries that run deep and shows people will do just about anything to win.

Happy Families Sep 27, 2021

Victor Karras, a manufacturer of exclusive board games, dies after falling down the stairs. It turns out he was poisoned, and his death is the start of a murder mystery weekend. When another person is found murdered, Barnaby and Winter have to find out if the victims knew something about the murderer, that would have revealed the person's true identity.

The Stitcher Society Apr 19, 2021

A local outcast, who was controversially acquitted of murder years previously, is the latest inductee into a post-operative heart rehab club. Following his arrival, members dreams of a second chance at life begin being cut short.

The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy Apr 19, 2021

After a local photographer wins an urban myth competition with his creation of The Wolf Hunter, it unexpectedly gains a cult following. However, when a man is killed, Barnaby and Winter must investigate if this myth has become murderous reality

With Baited Breath Dec 22, 2019

There is a murder at a Midsomer mud run. Marathon participant Winter is paired up with a local officer, as they help Barnaby uncover who the murderer is!

The Sting of Death Dec 15, 2019

There is a murderer on the loose at an aristocratic family's medicinal beekeeping business. Barnaby attempts yoga again, and stretching his mind to solve this case.

The Miniature Murders Dec 8, 2019

A shady real estate agent is shockingly murdered at the unveiling of a house collection, in front of a crowd of witnesses! The victim has a long list of people who would like nothing more than to see them dead. Add to it, Fleur is closely connected to a couple of the suspects.

The Point of Balance Dec 1, 2019

The setting is the annual Paramount Dance Extravaganza. Barnaby and Winter are trying to remain balanced, as they follow some shocking red herrings, and a fractured family until they solve the case.

The Lions of Causton Aug 26, 2019

DCI Barnaby gets to relive his former days of sporting glory when a death at the local Rugby Club sends Barnaby and DS Winter into a muddle of rucks, old grudges, romance… and artisanal chocolates?

Drawing Dead May 19, 2019

Carver Valley's comic festival is in full swing when the village is shocked by the murder of a former supermodel. With a scathing comic shaming several villagers as the only lead, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter are left trying to separate fact from fiction.

Death of the Small Coppers Mar 17, 2019

When Mahesh Sidana - butterfly collector and founding member of an elite IQ society - is found murdered, pinned to a wall in a manner akin to his treasured butterfly specimens, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter are thrust into a crime that impacts not only on their community, but internationally. With the help of an old friend, can they catch the culprit before another victim is found?

The Ghost of Causton Abbey Mar 10, 2019

Causton is buzzing at the opening of a new brewery on the site of a famously cursed abbey. But excitement turns to fear when a man is found boiled to death in one of the vats. DCI Barnaby and DS Winter are puzzled, could this really be about beer?

The Curse of the Ninth May 20, 2018

DCI Barnaby and DS Winter uncover multiple motives when the winner of a fought-after music award is found strangled with a violin string moments before a performance, including rivalry over the prize, disagreements about the music festival business, and a missing Stradivarius violin.

Death by Persuasion May 13, 2018

When a young girl slips away from a Jane Austen weekend dressed in period attire, and is found stabbed in the woods, apparently with a Goose feather quill, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter need to look back in time to find the killer.

Red in Tooth & Claw Jan 18, 2017

When DCI Barnaby and DS Winter discover a dead body covered in live rabbits it reveals a sinister side to the annual summer pet show at Bellville Hall. Is this a rivalry taken too far or is the killer driven by something darker?

Last Man Out Jan 11, 2017

Tensions run high in Lower Pampling as a new type of cricket threatens a century of tradition. When a star cricketer dies during a tournament, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter's investigation draws them into a dangerous game with a surprise visitor from Barnaby's past.

Crime and Punishment Jan 4, 2017

The Bleakridge Watch patrols the streets of their remote village, exposing anyone who steps outside the law. When one of their members dies, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter uncover just how far some people will go for power.

The Village That Rose from the Dead Dec 18, 2016

The village of Little Auburn has stood abandoned since World War Two but plans are afoot to restore it to its former glory. However, the grand reopening takes a grisly turn when a man is murdered. DCI Barnaby and his new partner, DS Jamie Winter, are soon on the case, and must unravel a web of lies connecting past and present to bring the killer to justice.

Harvest of Souls Feb 17, 2016

The annual harvest fair and the daredevil riders of the Wall of Death come to Midsomer village Whitcombe Mallet. When the owner of an equestrian centre is trampled by his horse DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson have to unravel a complex feud from the past, where nothing is what it seems.

Saints and Sinners Feb 10, 2016

The discovery of a Saint's bones at an archaeological dig causes a stir in the village of Midsomer Cicely. But when the leader of the dig is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson soon realise that it's not only skeletons that have been long buried in the hallowed ground.

A Dying Art Feb 3, 2016

Art comes to the picturesque Midsomer village of Angel's Rise with the opening of a new Sculpture Park. But when its launch is marred by murder, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson have to get creative to crack a case where art imitates death, and everything has a deeper meaning.

Breaking the Chain Jan 27, 2016

An international cycling competition goes through the village of Burwood Mantle and after the race leader is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson find themselves involved in a competitive world of blackmail, bribery, and bloodshed where winning matters at any cost.

The Incident at Cooper Hill Jan 13, 2016

After mysterious lights appear over UFO hot-spot Cooper Hill, forest ranger Felicity Ford is found dead and wrapped in black ooze. DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson unearth suspicions, betrayals, and secrets in the search for what's really happened.

Habeas Corpus Jan 6, 2016

When wealthy landowner Gregory Lancaster's body goes missing on the night of his death, an intricate web of secrets and lies is exposed in the village of Little Malton. DCI Barnaby, DS Nelson, and new Forensic Pathologist Dr. Kam Karimore are drawn into a macabre world of body-snatching as they seek to identify the villain.

A Vintage Murder Feb 18, 2015

The fizz goes out of a sparkling wine launch when the glasses are laced with slug poison. Who is targeting the Midsomer Vinae Winery and what does the attack have to do with the death of a child in a hit-and-run accident?

The Ballad of Midsomer County Feb 11, 2015

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate when organiser Toby Winning is found dead on the day of the Little Crosby Folk Festival, drowned in a bowl of eggs and live eels. Could a ballad made famous by late, lamented folk singer Johnny Carver be an inspiration for murder? Did someone want to kill Toby for threatening to take the festival away from Midsomer – or is the true motive something hidden for 20 years?

Murder by Magic Feb 4, 2015

When a pub landlady is killed whilst assisting illusionist Gideon Latimer at a charity show in Midsomer Oaks, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson uncover conflict between the village church and ancient pagan traditions.

The Dagger Club Jan 28, 2015

The unveiling of a newly-discovered novel by deceased Midsomer crime-writer George Summersbee at the Luxton Deeping Crime Festival is jeopardised when the manuscript is stolen and a woman is fatally electrocuted by a booby-trapped roulette wheel.Can new dad DCI Barnaby untangle a web of jealousy and obsession to find the killer?

The Killings of Copenhagen Feb 12, 2014

DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson join forces with two female Danish police detectives when the boss of Calder's Biscuit Company is poisoned in Copenhagen after opening an empty tin of his company's famous Golden Clusters.

The Flying Club Feb 5, 2014

When the owner of Finchmere Airfield is dropped from a plane to meet a gruesome death, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson find the exciting world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets.

Wild Harvest Jan 29, 2014

When Martin Strickland, a local farmer is found dead in his own woods; covered by truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads DCI Barnaby to Wyvern House, a posh picturesque country house restaurant run by a tyrannical celebrity chef, Ruth Cameron. But soon, another murder occurs and this time, the poison spreads further than the intended target.

Let Us Prey Jan 8, 2014

A series of murders in Midsomer St. Claire seem to be inspired by macabre images on a medieval fresco recently discovered in the church crypt. As the village prepares for storms and flooding it appears that someone is using ancient torture methods to punish modern-day sinners. But who is responsible and why?

The Christmas Haunting Dec 24, 2013

DCI Barnaby and the newly arrived DS Charlie Nelson investigate the fatal stabbing of a man with an antique sword during a ghost-hunting party at a manor house in Morton Shallows. Is the ghost of young Rose Wilton seeking revenge from the beyond the grave, or can Barnaby and Nelson find a more earthly motive behind the murder and trap the killer?

Schooled in Murder Jan 30, 2013

When Debbie Moffett is crushed to death with a giant round of cheese at the home of the world-famous Midsomer Blue, secret and controversial plans to modernise the dairy are revealed while rumours about private lives of the parents cause a row at the prestigious Midsomer Pastures Prep School. As other people linked to the dairy meet agonising deaths, long-held secrets start to emerge.

The Sicilian Defence Jan 9, 2013

Harriet Farmer wakes up after having been in a coma since the night she tried to elope, and her boyfriend Finn Robson has been missing since the couple tried to run away together a year before. But when a killer starts targeting members of a chess club shortly after Harriet wakes up, DCI Barnaby begins to wonder if the two cases are connected.

Death and the Divas Jan 2, 2013

The murder of a journalist has chilling echoes of a 1960s horror film starring Midsomer's own Stella Harris. When Stella's more famous sister returns after a 40-year family rift, the killings escalate, each reminiscent of a movie plot.

Written in the Stars Sep 25, 2012

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the murder of amateur astronomer Jeremy Harper, who was struck on the head with a piece of meteorite on an outing on Moonstone Ridge with the Midsomer Stanton Astronomical Society to observe a total eclipse of the sun.

Murder of Innocence Mar 21, 2012

When a barrister is killed in Midsomer, suspicion falls on convicted murderer Grady Felton who was just released from prison. But Grady has a solid alibi. DCI Barnaby suspects he may be working with an accomplice - until Grady himself is targeted in an arson attack.

The Dark Rider Feb 1, 2012

When Bentham DeQuetteville falls to his death from the roof of Quitewell Hall after seeing a headless horseman, his aristocratic family seem more concerned about their forthcoming Civil War re-enactment than the incident. As DCI Barnaby and DS Jones try to find out the truth behind the ghostly figure, their investigation uncovers shocking secrets about the DeQuettevilles.

A Rare Bird Jan 11, 2012

A row between keen birdwatchers in Midsomer-in-the-Marsh turns nasty when their president is killed. Patrick Morgan met his death while hoping to sight a rare bird, but is his obsession with ornithology to blame – or something more sinister?

A Sacred Trust Oct 26, 2011

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the cloistered world of Midsomer Priory when a nun is strangled to death. The detectives uncover a complex mystery involving holy orders, teenage romantic liaisons, African art, and missing antique silver as the community is forced to open its doors to 21st-century policing.

The Night of the Stag Oct 12, 2011

When a missing VAT inspector turns up dead in a vat of cider, DCI Barnaby and DS Jones must hunt for a 'giant' killer within a Midsomer village steeped in bizarre local traditions.

The Sleeper Under the Hill Sep 21, 2011

After the gruesome discovery of a farmer's eviscerated body in an ancient stone circle in Midsomer Mow just days before the spring equinox, it's not long before suspicion falls upon the local Druids, even though there's no direct evidence linking them to any crimes.

The Oblong Murders May 25, 2011

DS Jones goes undercover at the Oblong Foundation after one of the cult's young female members disappears suddenly. But he and DCI Barnaby soon start digging into an old case involving the death of a couple in a boat explosion.

Echoes of the Dead Apr 20, 2011

When a young woman is dressed like a bride and drowned in a bath, it triggers a spate of ghoulish wedding-themed murders in Great Worthy. The case takes DCI Barnaby and DS Jones to a donkey sanctuary, a heritage steam railway, and a pub run by an ex-copper and a former brothel madam. With a serial killer still at large, could history be repeating itself?

Dark Secrets Mar 30, 2011

The reclusive lives of elderly eccentrics William and Mary Bingham comes under police scrutiny when a social services investigator is murdered. DCI Barnaby and DS Jones must unearth generations of family secrets and decipher astronomical charts to find the killer. Meanwhile, Barnaby's wife Sarah arrives in Midsomer.

Death in the Slow Lane Mar 23, 2011

DCI John Barnaby arrives in Midsomer and is bemused by the quaint villages and their quirky residents. But when a local DJ is killed by the hand crank of a vintage automobile at a traditional girls' boarding school, he soon discovers that murder and deception are never far away.

Fit for Murder Feb 2, 2011

DCI Tom Barnaby reluctantly accompanies Joyce on a spa weekend to upmarket Swavely Manor, a country house offering treatments to soothe the body and spirit. But as he attempts to de-stress, a woman is found dead in the flotation chamber.

Not in My Back Yard Jan 12, 2011

A planning dispute turns to murder after a leading light in the Midsomer Conservation Society suspects her neighbours are involved in a money-making development scam. Political wrangling, burglaries, and sexual liaisons abound in picturesque Great Pelfe - but why has someone been driven to start killing?

The Noble Art Oct 13, 2010

When Midsomer Morchard's very own boxer John Kinsella becomes the light-heavyweight boxing champion of the world in New York, the success stirs up hidden passions among the villagers. Betrayal, infidelity, and blackmail all fester as plans to re-enact a Victorian prize-fight turn nasty and bodies start piling up.

Master Class Oct 6, 2010

When gifted piano student Zoe Stock witnesses a woman jump from a bridge and disappear underwater in the grounds of her prestigious music school, DCI Barnaby and DS Jones start investigating. As they discover unsavoury connections to the past that could still prove lethal, Barnaby is struck by the similarities to an almost identical case at the same spot years earlier.

The Silent Land Sep 22, 2010

On a dark night in the village of March Magna, Joyce Barnaby narrowly misses hitting a shadowy figure in the road with her car. But the next day a body is found in the old cemetery. Did Joyce hit someone after all or was the victim, who seems to have plenty of enemies, killed by one of the villagers? DCI Barnaby and DS Jones have their work cut out as all the villagers seem to be hiding something – but is it murder?

Blood on the Saddle Sep 8, 2010

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate when a Wild West show in the village of Ford Florey leads to murder and mayhem.

The Made-to-Measure Murders May 12, 2010

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the murder of Sonia Woodley, owner of a local bespoke tailoring business, who is found dead in the churchyard at Milton Cross. Sonia's unusual wounds perplex Dr. Bullard and Barnaby finds himself investigating a village living under a cloud of fear, grief, and guilt.

The Sword of Guillaume Feb 10, 2010

During a visit to Brighton, a hated property developer is beheaded at a funfair and historical swords go missing. With the help of his cousin DCI John Barnaby, can DCI Tom Barnaby unearth the truth?

The Great and the Good Oct 4, 2009

The village schoolteacher insists there is an intruder visiting her house at night, but why can no intruder ever be found? And why have two dead bodies been found in her garden?

The Creeper Sep 27, 2009

Local aristocrats Sir William and Lady Isobel Chettham have a secret to hide, which proves difficult when their alcoholic friend threatens to write a "tell-all" book about them and then turns up dead. Meanwhile, a daring cat burglar is on the loose and is breaking into the wealthy estates of Midsomer.

Small Mercies Sep 20, 2009

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate when the body of a local troublemaker is found in Little Worthing's model village tied to the ground like Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels.

The Glitch Jul 21, 2009

An outspoken scientific genius and inventor stirs up resentment at the local university with murderous consequences.

Secrets and Spies Jul 7, 2009

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones come face to face with MI6 when a number of murders near a government safe house in Midsomer Parva appear to be connected to a group of British spies stationed in East Berlin during the Cold War.

The Black Book Mar 26, 2009

The sale of a previously unknown painting by an esteemed Midsomer painter from the 18th century sends DCI Barnaby into an investigation of murder, art forgery, and theft.

The Dogleg Murders Mar 19, 2009

A prestigious golf club is the setting for murder when a player is bludgeoned to death on the 13th hole. Barnaby and Jones discover gambling, illegal money-lending, and assault are rife among the snobbish members, who are also dismissive of the local villagers and only allow them on the course for a few hours a week. Before long, another body turns up, making the detectives doubly determined to catch this terror of the fairways.

Talking to the Dead May 5, 2010

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate when two couples mysteriously vanish from the village of Monks Barton amid rumours of witchcraft and haunted woods. As the body count rises, flamboyant psychic Cyrus LeVanu clashes with the pompous cleric, Reverend Wallace Stone, while other villagers seem to be caught up in a stolen antiques racket.

Days of Misrule Dec 24, 2008

During the Christmas holidays DCI Barnaby and DS Jones have to solve an explosion as well as a number of murders near a freight company, while trying to cope with the new Acting Chief Superintendent, John Cotton, who has very strong beliefs about teamwork and how things should be done.

The Magician's Nephew Jun 14, 2008

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the traditions of a local pagan cult in Midsomer, the Temple of Thoth, when a magician's assistant dies on stage during a children's magic show.

Midsomer Life May 31, 2008

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the death of Charlie Finleyson, who is found dead in the wood after being missing for two weeks. As the investigation progresses, Barnaby discovers connections between Finleyson and Guy Sandys, the publisher of the Midsomer Life magazine known for his scathing reviews of local hotels and restaurants.

Left for Dead May 24, 2008

DS Ben Jones returns home to the village of Dunstan when an elderly couple are found dead in their home. Although initial signs point to a botched burglary, DCI Barnaby begins to suspect that the deaths may be connected to Ben's group of childhood friends, and a mysterious disappearance that occurred years earlier.

Blood Wedding May 10, 2008

DCI Barnaby becomes an unwelcome guest at a society wedding after the maid of honour is found skewered to a wardrobe in one of the hotel bedrooms. However, with his own daughter Cully about to get married, will Barnaby be able to solve the grisly murder in time to walk her down the aisle?

Shot at Dawn Jan 1, 2008

An old feud between the Hammond and Hicks families appears to have escalated to murder when the grandfather of the Hammonds is executed in Midsomer Parva.

Death in a Chocolate Box Oct 14, 2007

DCI Barnaby's former colleague Jack Colby left the force under a cloud following a sex scandal involving villagers and officers at Causton police station. Now retrained as a probation officer, Jack is working at a halfway house for reformed criminals run by Lord Holm, an aristocrat who once served a prison sentence for killing his wife. However, when Jack is bludgeoned to death, Barnaby sets out to discover who murdered the man he once considered a friend.

They Seek Him Here Oct 7, 2007

When director Nick Cheyney is found beheaded by a guillotine on the set of his latest film, a low-budget production of The Scarlett Pimpernel being filmed at Magna Manor, DCI Barnaby and DS Jones are left with no shortage of suspects. Unfortunately for our detectives, Cheyney was on poor terms with just about everybody, including the mother of his child, an actor who blamed him for ruining his career, and the tight-fisted producer determined to see the film finished at all costs.

Picture of Innocence Jun 3, 2007

A photographer is murdered shortly after exhibiting a compromising picture of Barnaby - who becomes a suspect in the ensuing investigation. Joyce concludes that someone is trying to frame him, and is stunned when he admits to a previous relationship with the murdered man's wife. Jones is forced to work with the irritating DI Martin Spellman to solve the case.

Death and Dust May 8, 2007

When prominent Midsomer Market doctor, Alan Delaney, is killed by a hit-and-run driver while in charge of his business partner's new car, DCI Barnaby and DS Jones soon begin to wonder if Dr. Delaney was the real target or if a more sinister plot is afoot.

The Axeman Cometh Feb 2, 2007

Barnaby is delighted that his heroes, Hired Gun, are reuniting to play at the Midsomer Rocks festival - minus their drummer, who disappeared 30 years ago after driving his car into a quarry. However, a string of bizarre warnings convinces the paranoid lead singer that someone is trying to stop the reunion, and his fears are confirmed when the backing singer drops dead on stage.

King's Crystal Jan 26, 2007

When a family glassware business collapses following the death of one of its partners, DCI Barnaby investigates allegations of financial irregularities, love triangles, and a string of murders. Lapsed Freemason DS Jones uses his inside knowledge to explore the ceremonial aspects of two killings, but it is Cully's production of Hamlet that gives Tom the key to the mystery.

The Animal Within Jan 19, 2007

Mischievous trickster, Rex Masters, finally gets his comeuppance when his body is found floating below the weir in Midsomer Deverell. As DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate, the extent of Rex's double life starts to emerge when three family friends and a long-lost niece each produce wills claiming his fortune. Does Rex's collection of erotic photographs from the 1960s hold the key to the tangled relationships and feuds blighting the Masters family?

Dance with the Dead Nov 12, 2006

DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate when the body of Simon Bright is found inside a disused World War II hanger at Cooper's Cross Airfield and begin a search for his missing girlfriend, Laura Sharp. Barnaby is convinced that one of Laura's ex-lovers is responsible but given her rather active life, the question becomes, which one?

Four Funerals and a Wedding Sep 24, 2006

DCI Barnaby and DC Jones investigate when a battle of the sexes, which has raged in the village of Broughton since World War I, comes to a head when aging feminist Mildred Danvers is found dead after returning to her childhood home.

Last Year's Model Sep 17, 2006

Despite being the original arresting officer, DCI Barnaby begins to question the presumed guilt of a Midsomer Malham woman who is currently standing trial for the murder of her best friend.

Country Matters Sep 10, 2006

Controversial plans to build a supermarket in Elverton-cum-Latterly lead to murder when a man is stabbed to death.

Death in Chorus Sep 3, 2006

When Connor Simpson, a member of the Midsomer Worthy choir is mysteriously murdered during the run-up to a heated singing competition, the rest of the choir members, including Joyce Barnaby are terrified for their lives.

Down Among the Dead Men Mar 12, 2006

When council clerk Martin Barrett is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Jones soon discover that their victim was a notorious blackmailer. With no shortage of suspects, but no real evidence either, Barnaby finds himself investigating beyond the borders of Midsomer for answers.

Vixen's Run Mar 5, 2006

DCI Barnaby and DC Jones unravel some unsavoury truths, sinister secrets, and hidden treasures among the extended family of eccentric aristocrat Sir Freddy Butler who unexpectedly dies during a special dinner presentation.

Dead Letters Feb 26, 2006

When Marion Slade is found dead on the first day of Midsomer Barton's Oak Apple Week, DCI Barnaby and DC Jones investigate, but was it suicide or murder? As the investigation progresses, Barnaby is shaken by the appearance of two villagers who look just like murder victims from his past.

The House in the Woods Oct 9, 2005

With the help of PC Ben Jones, DCI Barnaby investigates the garrotting of a husband and wife outside a reportedly haunted cottage near Midsomer Newton. Barnaby and Jones must separate truth from fiction as they navigate overenthusiastic villagers, shady property developers, and fanatical conservationists alike as they attempt catch the killer.

Midsomer Rhapsody Oct 2, 2005

When retired music teacher Arthur Leggott is battered to death with a torch in his home, DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott investigate a tangled web of family feuds and long lost love affairs to discover the truth.

Sauce for the Goose Apr 3, 2005

When the naked body of Dexter Lockwood, a rival executive at Fieldway Foods, is found in the Plummer & Son factory bottle steriliser, DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott's investigation uncovers a multitude of secrets and lies among the entire Plummer family.

Hidden Depths Mar 14, 2005

When troubled local solicitor Nick Turner falls to his death from the roof of his house in Midsomer Magna, DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott must discover if it is suicide or murder.

Second Sight Jan 23, 2005

DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott investigate when John Ransom is found murdered with suspicious burn marks to his head. The investigation leads to two feuding families of Midsomer Mere, one with the ability of second sight, and the battle between faith and science.

Bantling Boy Jan 16, 2005

DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott enter the world of horse racing when the trainer of a thoroughbred racehorse is brutally murdered. Investigating the four member syndicate that owns the racehorse in question, the detectives must unravel hidden secrets at the aristocratic Bantling Hall to uncover the killer.

Orchis Fatalis Jan 9, 2005

When one of the world's rarest orchids is smuggled illegally into Midsomer Malham it releases the heady scents of passion, jealousy, and death. Barnaby and Scott must root out who is prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds, and commit murder, just to get their hands on it.

Dead in the Water Oct 17, 2004

The Barnaby's peaceful day at the Midsomer Regatta is interrupted by the discovery of the body of the Midsomer Rowing club chariman in the river. As Barnaby and Scott dig into the luxury lifestyles of the regatta set, they discover hidden money problems and sexual jealousy are rife.

Things That Go Bump in the Night Oct 10, 2004

After the murder of the Fletcher's Cross undertaker, Patrick Pennyman, DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott investigate the local spiritualist church which has divided the opinion of local residents.

The Straw Woman Feb 29, 2004

When the community of Midsomer Parva revives the Straw Woman bonfire festival, tragedy strikes when the local curate Alex Dakin, trapped in a giant straw effigy, is burnt alive.

The Maid in Splendour Jan 25, 2004

When one of the bartenders from local village pub, The Maid in Splendour, is found dead in the woods, Barnaby and Scott's investigation uncovers a myriad of secret business dealings, culture clashes, and passionate love affairs.

Sins of Commission Jan 18, 2004

Midsomer's highbrow literary community is turned upside down when one of their prize-winning young authors, Richard Rackham, is mysteriously murdered on the eve of the 12th Annual Midsomer St. Michael Literary Festival.

The Fisher King Jan 11, 2004

DCI Barnaby and Sgt Scott find themselves investigating the bizarre murder of a young, wealthy landowner, Gareth Heldman, whose body turns up with an unusual stab wound to the thigh.

Bad Tidings Jan 4, 2004

DCI Barnaby's new partner, Sgt. Dan Scott, arrives in Midsomer and is thrown straight into the mysterious murders of two members of the Midsomer Mallow Residents Association. But when the death toll unexpectedly rises, Barnaby becomes concerned for Cully, who is in the midst of organising a 10-year reunion with her old school friends.

The Green Man Nov 2, 2003

When the Midsomer canal tunnel collapses during a restoration project, DCI Barnaby is tasked with identifying the skeletal remains that may have been bricked up inside a wall for decades. Meanwhile, Sergeant Troy is promoted to Inspector, but his celebrations are short lived when he's called out to Midsomer Worthy where a local homeless man has been attacked by a gang of youths.

Birds of Prey Jan 31, 2003

While Sgt. Troy assists an attractive wildlife liaison officer with an investigation into the illegal sale of protected bird eggs, DCI Barnaby travels to Midsomer Magna to investigate a sudden death that could be either suicide or murder. However, it isn't long before the two detectives realise their investigations all lead back to the same source.

A Tale of Two Hamlets Jan 24, 2003

A long and vicious feud between two Midsomer villages, Upper and Lower Warden, erupts when three murders take place in a prominent family.

Painted in Blood Jan 17, 2003

Mysteries abound when Joyce Barnaby discovers the body of a middle-aged watercolour artist in Midsomer Florey, and DCI Barnaby is forced to back away from the case when the National Intelligence Squad arrive in Midsomer. However, when something doesn't sit right, Barnaby and Troy start investigating on their own.

Death and Dreams Jan 10, 2003

The apparent suicide of a local ne'er-do-well arouses suspicions due to the complexity of his death. As DCI Barnaby investigates, he is reunited with an old friend, Dr. Jane Moore, who insists the man wouldn't have committed suicide even though he had a history of depression.

A Talent for Life Jan 3, 2003

The murder of a glamorous and feisty former socialite with a young lover uncovers a series of illicit affairs between prominent Malham Bridge residents.

Murder on St. Malley's Day Sep 22, 2002

The village of Midsomer Parva is dominated by the imposing and exclusive Devington School. So when the college's Pudding Club sets off a murderous chain of events, ranks begin to close against Barnaby and Troy. Without access to inside information, catching a killer who is obsessed by loyalty, finding the school's hidden secrets puts the two detectives to the test.

Ring Out Your Dead Sep 15, 2002

The church bell ringers at Midsomer Wellow are being picked off one by one by a gun-toting assassin the week before a big bell-ringing competition. Before he can crack the case, DCI Barnaby has to unravel the significance of a killing in 1840, when the Midsomer Wellow Vicar of the day was murdered and thrown down a well.

A Worm in the Bud Jun 23, 2002

The ancient Setwale Wood has provided remedies for the people of Midsomer Abbey for many decades, now it is the subject of court action by villagers to prevent the impecunious owner of Abbey Farm, James Harrington, from cutting it down. However, when the body of Susan Bartlett is food in the woods, Barnaby and Troy are sent to investigate what at first appears to be suicide, but smells suspiciously like murder.

Market for Murder Jun 16, 2002

When the founder of the women's reading club is found murdered with her own walking stick, it soon becomes clear to Barnaby and Troy that the wealthy village of Midsomer Market is not the genteel and cultural seat it appears.

Tainted Fruit Sep 23, 2001

When Barnaby and Troy discover the dead body of arrogant,beautiful, and spoilt daughter of the manor, Melissa Townsend, by a swimming pool at her house in Midsomer Malham, their investigation uncovers a seedy world of adultery and deceit within the affluent rural community.

Dark Autumn Sep 16, 2001

The brutal murder of a village postman leads Barnaby to a hotbed of adultery within the remote hamlet of Goodman's Land. As more murders rock the tiny hamlet, can community WPC Jay Nash help untangle the web of sexual liaisons to find the killer?

Who Killed Cock Robin? Sep 9, 2001

The disappearance of a horse whisperer in Newton Magna brings Barnaby face to face with old adversary Melvyn Stockard, now reinvented as the village squire. But when a villager's body is pulled out of the well, Barnaby becomes convinced Stockard is somehow involved.

The Electric Vendetta Sep 2, 2001

When a man's naked body is discovered in the centre of a crop circle in Midsomer Parva, DCI Tom Barnaby laughs off tales of alien abduction. But as more corpses are discovered - each bearing peculiar injuries - it's up to him to uncover who is responsible, or if extra-terrestrial powers are truly at work in Midsomer.

Destroying Angel Aug 26, 2001

When the owner of Midsomer's Easterly Grange hotel dies, he leaves his property to be divided equally between several of the hotel's employees. However, when a series of murders also appear to have also been triggered by his death, Barnaby and Troy are called to investigate.

Garden of Death Sep 10, 2000

When the arrogant aristocratic family of Inkpen Manor decide to develop a memorial garden into a commercial tea shop, the Midsomer Deverell villagers are up in arms. However, when two members of the Inkpen family are then murdered, Troy and Barnaby must weed through the townspeople's sordid lives to uncover the culprit.

Beyond the Grave Feb 5, 2000

The slashing of a 17th century painting in the Aspen Tallow museum appears to herald the beginning of a series of ghostly goings-on. Is someone attempting to communicate beyond the grave or is something more sinister afoot?

Judgement Day Jan 29, 2000

The residents of Midsomer Mallow fear for their chances in The Perfect Village competition when Peter Drinkwater, a local thief and womaniser, is brutally killed with a pitchfork.

Blue Herrings Jan 22, 2000

A visit to his convalescent aunt prompts Barnaby to investigate a series of suspicious deaths at the nursing home where she is staying.

Death of a Stranger Dec 31, 1999

When a tramp is found murdered in the woods near the village of Marshwood, Superintendent Ronald Pringle quickly arrests a local poacher for the crime and retires in a blaze of glory. However, Barnaby suspects an innocent man has been arrested, and when a second body is found under suspicious circumstances, it starts to look like Superintendent Pringle has rushed to judgement.

Blood Will Out Sep 19, 1999

When Orville Tudway arrives in the village of Martyr Warren and is swiftly joined by his old arch enemy the Smith clan, the two groups of travellers quickly threaten to shatter the serene peace of the village. Although Barnaby and Troy are initially called to the local manor house to investigate the disappearance of a goose, events take a more macabre turn when the local magistrate owner and antagoniser of the travellers is found dead at his opulent home.

Dead Man's Eleven Feb 10, 1999

Fletcher's Cross is preparing itself for the annual cricket match against neighbouring village Midsomer Worthy, when tragedy strikes and Tara Cavendish the wife of a wealthy local landowner is found bludgeoned to death with a cricket bat. Barnaby and Troy are soon enmeshed in a succession of calculating murders, and nobody is above suspicion.

Strangler's Wood Feb 3, 1999

Spurred into action by the discovery of a woman's body in Midsomer Worthy's Raven's Wood, Barnaby and Troy re-examine three similar unsolved murders in the same village, hoping to get a lead before the killer strikes again. As they dig deeper into the clandestine world of the community, they find themselves embroiled in a sinister web of deceit, violence, and mystery.

Death's Shadow Jan 20, 1999

Plans by Barnaby to renew his wedding vows in Badger's Drift, are quickly put on hold when the body of a local property developer is found decapitated in his own home. The detective is left mystified as to why anyone would kill a man who only had weeks to live, after being recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. As he and Troy attempt to find out, they soon encounter a hotbed of local corruption and property feuding within the village as the body count rises and the mystery deepens.

Death in Disguise May 6, 1998

When May Cuttle, from the Lodge of the Golden Windhorse interrupts DCI Barnaby during preparations for Sunday lunch, little does he realise the intrigue that is to follow. The home for 'travellers' at the Lodge becomes the scene of Barney and Troy's investigations when the founder of the new-age commune, accidentally falls down the stairs to his death. But when the other founder is murdered in front of a roomful of people, the first death starts to look as if it may have not been an accident at all.

Faithful Unto Death Apr 22, 1998

Community spirit is running high in the village of Morton Fendle as many villagers have invested in the local craft centre, Morton Mill, owned by Alan Hollingsworth. However, the project is in financial ruin and DCI Barnaby is brought in to investigate, in what turns out to be a much more sinister case; Hollingsworth's wife has disappeared, a neighbour is murdered, and the vigilantes in the village want their money back.

Death of a Hollow Man Mar 29, 1998

In the quiet rural village of Ferne Basset, an elderly resident is inexplicably found drowned after a violet attack and Barnaby and Troy are sent to investigate. Meanwhile, a local amateur dramatic production of Amadeus reveals a hitherto hidden backstage world of intrigue, passion and gossip, and a whole new meaning to corpsing.

Written in Blood Mar 22, 1998

The secretary of the Midsomer Worthy's writers' circle is found brutally murdered after objecting to a visit from a best-selling novelist.

Midsomer Murders - 25 Years of Mayhem May 29, 2022

Midsomer Murders - 25 Years of Mayhem will shine a light on the fictional English county of Midsomer, looking at the numerous mysterious crimes and murders to befall it, as well as paying tribute to the exceptional on and off screen talent who have played pivotal roles in keeping millions of viewers glued to their screens since 1997. 

The documentary will take viewers behind the scenes of the filming of Series 23, as well as taking a trip  down memory lane with a Midsomer coach tour looking back at some of the show's iconic locations, paying homage to the beautiful but equally deadly English countryside which has played such a huge part in the success of the series.

20th Anniversary Special Dec 15, 2019

Bringing together former and current actors on the show as well as producers and others working behind the scene to discuss memorable moments from the past 20 years and the peculiar quirks that have made the show a success.

Ghosts of Christmas Past Dec 25, 2004

Nine years after the apparent suicide of Ferdy Villiers, the entire Villiers family reunites for Christmas. However, not everyone is imbued with the Christmas spirit, and the already tense atmosphere disintegrates quickly when it becomes clear that someone in the household is all too aware that certain family members have dark secrets to hide. Meanwhile, as Barnaby prepares to host his in-laws for the festive season, he's almost relieved to be called out to an incident at the Villiers estate.

The Killings at Badger's Drift Mar 23, 1997

After witnessing something unsettling in the woods Emily Simpson is found dead in her cottage. Her old friend, Lucy Bellringer, isn't convinced that Emily's death is natural and consults DCI Tom Barnaby about her fears. All is not what it seems amongst the residents of Badgers Drift!

When will be Midsomer Murders next episode air date?

Midsomer Murders Season 24 is yet to be announced Early 2024 and to Premiere on Acorn TV.

Is The Midsomer Murders renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 23. Next Episode Midsomer Murders Season 24 is renewed

Where to countdown Midsomer Murders air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 24 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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