My Floating Home Season 3 is to Premiere on FYI

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 5/9/2019
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Floating Summer House Sep 13, 2018

Arizonian action duo, Jan and Don, decide to design and build the ultimate floating summer house on the Willamette River in Oregon, complete with vast outdoor decking, a custom built staircase, wood burning stove and an open plan living space. However, building this supersized summer house will not be easy. The build team faces delays as the harsh Oregon winter takes hold and a weight imbalance threatens to capsize the floating foundation.


Floating Tiny Home Sep 6, 2018

Laurence's dream is to move into an upgraded floating pad that's big enough for his grandson to visit but small enough to fit in his own marina.

Floating Micro Home Aug 30, 2018

Ben and his wife Michelle have always been caravan fanatics. When they found an antique caravan on an auction website, they immediately decided to buy and bring this Caraboat back to life, into a fun and functional holiday getaway home.

Million Dollar Mansion Aug 23, 2018

Now that their six children have finally all fled the nest, Allen and Jill want to create a new home--and one that floats on the Annacis Channel, just south of Vancouver, Canada. Their million dollar mansion will be the perfect place to entertain with its enormous open plan living area, three outside decks, luxury master bedroom with their own steam room and a huge hot tub on the top terrace with amazing views across to Annacis Island.

Handbuilt First Home Aug 16, 2018

Adventurous young professionals, Ani and Charles are taking on the project of a lifetime — they've bought a busted old oil barge that they want to turn into their rustic first home. Based on the Thames in Hampton, south west London, the couple have a tight budget which leaves no option but to do nearly all the work themselves. With no experience, are they biting off more than they can chew?

Luxury Water Homes Aug 16, 2018

Joan is a floating home veteran but she's taking the plunge and sinking her savings into a pair of brand new monster mansions worth a million dollars each. She's not holding back on the high end finishes, luxury open plan lounges and kitchens, a sun deck on each of the three stories and a custom lighting plan. The pair of million dollar mansions squeezes through the locks and canals of Seattle at night before a team of tugs ease them into their moorings. Finally, we see the luxury interiors come together as the dream becomes reality for Joan.

Futuristic Floating Home Dec 28, 2017

After 30 years living on River Itchen in Southampton, Gerald sets out to design and build an extraordinary new home--a futuristic fiberglass house, made on his "doorstep" at Shamrock Quay Marina, designed and built by his 27 year old son, Aidan. The home is made from scratch by carefully building up layers of fiberglass to create two hollow hull sections. Gerald visits the job site often, adding details to the design and keeping the pressure on his son. From underfloor heating to music speakers in his shower, Gerald wants his new home to be full of luxurious fixtures, causing delays to the build schedule. By winter, Gerald ends up the proud owner of a unique modern home, with stunning interiors and space to entertain, and a very proud father, acknowledging what his son Aidan has achieved.

Idyllic River Home Dec 21, 2017

Fed up with her cramped city apartment, sportswear manager Marsha sets out to build a spacious two story floating home on the idyllic Multnomah Channel near Portland, Oregon with an open living space and unobscured views of the river. Father and daughter build team, Ryan and Aime have never built a floating house before, and are doubly challenged when they're hit by an onslaught of snow, ice and epic flooding. Despite severe delays due to the weather and last minute changes, the dramatic ten month long build is worth the effort--Marsha ends up the proud owner of a stunning home with spacious interiors and fantastic views.

Family River House Dec 14, 2017

Karen and her boyfriend Tom have decided to build a houseboat on England's Grand Union Canal in the tranquil ambience of the stunning Colne Valley. When space becomes an issue for the build team, they may have to compromise on the design.

City Water Living Dec 7, 2017

Valentin and Daria's dream is to escape their cramped city apartment with their young son, and live on the Thames in their own floating home, right under the iconic Tower Bridge. They create their own design converting an old barge into a three tiered contemporary floating apartment, but are met with the challenge of moving their new finished home back to London. After a hair raising journey, they finally make it to England and their eye catching floating apartment becomes a new attraction next to Tower Bridge.

High-Tech River House Dec 7, 2017

Lee and Justine want to transform an old steel hull boat into a 2 story floating house on the River Medway near Rochester, England. With only 16 weeks to build, the crew must battle bad weather and the enormous daily tide that lifts and drops the boat, twice a day. To make matters worse, when Justine's huge diesel powered oven needs to be lifted on board, the weight of the oven causes the house to tilt, threatening it to collapse. The result is an amazing house with sleek modern interiors and upper decks that provide the perfect platform to soak in spectacular views of the river.

Wild View Cottage Nov 30, 2017

Linda's dream is to build a floating home and moor it at Maple Bay Marina on Vancouver Island, positioned so it overlooks her favorite nature reserve–Chisolm Island. When the extra weight of the glass requires complex engineering to stop the walls from collapsing, the building process proves to be more complicated that she had originally expected. In the end, her spectacular floating home nests on the emerald waters of the bay, offering 360 degree views of the surrounding nature.

Waterside Family Home Nov 30, 2017

In the Season 2 premiere, the Baris family live in the Netherlands, in the heart of canal country with dreams of building a floating home on the local waterways. Their ambitious design includes floor to ceiling windows along the length of the first level, and a fun underwater space on the ground level with a den and bedrooms for the kids. Narrow locks, shallow water and low bridges threaten the new build every step of the way, but the home finally makes it to its' new mooring site and the family begin a new idyllic life on the water.

Modern Marina Marvel Sep 3, 2016

Mark and Holly have wanted to live on a floating home all of their life. When a mooring becomes free in Chichester Marina, UK, they decide to take the plunge and build a floating home from scratch. They hire an award-winning architect to come up with a modern single story design with a roof terrace and floor to ceiling windows. After some major design issues, their minimalist, ultra-modern floating home is finally complete and it's the perfect relaxing retreat they've always dreamed of.

Island Dream Home Aug 27, 2016

Nature lovers, Harry and Tina live on Canada's Vancouver Island and would like to move onto the water full-time and find the perfect mooring at Maple Bay Marina on the island's east coast. They build a massive three story wilderness retreat with a second floor glass wall leading onto a patio deck, complete with a huge roof terrace. While trying to move it to the mooring site, the wind immediately grabs hold of it, pushing it straight into another house. Finally, they win the battle against the elements and tie the new home onto its mooring overlooking the bay.

Floating Log Home Aug 20, 2016

A couple swaps their Oregon apartment for a wooden floating home using timber that will last nearly 100 years in the water. The end result is a beautiful and unique pioneer style river home with views across Mount Hood in Portland.

Mega House Boat Jul 30, 2016

A couple that has never lived on the water before builds an oversized houseboat so that they can take their home with them anywhere on the vast network of canals that crisscross the United Kingdom. The final result is a stunning houseboat, complete with a luxurious master bedroom and a spacious kitchen with a six-seat breakfast bar. The best part of all? Their beautiful floating home is completely mobile.

Giant Ship House Jul 23, 2016

An adventurous couple builds a nautical themed floating home in a marina with stunning sea and mountain views on Vancouver's north shore. Their spectacular maritime themed home includes port-hole windows, arched doorways, a high barrel ceiling and an outdoor deck. As launch day approaches everyone is excited; but the tow across Vancouver's harbor to its mooring site does not run smooth. Windy weather makes for a precarious journey and there are near on collisions as the home is docked.

Sky View House Jul 16, 2016

A water loving couple builds a floating home on a canal, south of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The biggest challenge is getting the floating home to fit through the Netherland's network of narrow and shallow canals, but somehow the home makes its way through the waterways. Their spectacular home includes a raised roof with a 360 sky view, a modern open plan living space and a wraparound deck to enjoy the surrounding countryside.

Glass Water Palace, Vancouver, Canada Jul 9, 2016

A water loving couple builds a massive dream floating home with stunning windows and wrap around glass walkways to join a community of 600 floating homes on the Fraser River. The finished product is a luxury ranch style home, with a bar area and pool table, and sun decks with amazing views of the river banks.

Tiny Shanty House Jun 25, 2016

Steve and his friend Rick meet in Maine every year to restore old boats. Now, Steve wants to build an innovative tiny floating home to live in full-time. Using recycled materials, they build a shanty-style houseboat on a catamaran hull. Making up the design as they go along, the two friends visit a marine salvage yard and find windows left by the roadside to put the finishing touches on the houseboat. Completed in just two months, they then must jack it up onto a trailer and take it to the water's edge to see whether it will sink or float. The home floats but now the real challenge is to navigate it out into open ocean on a maiden voyage to Maine.

City Boat House Jun 18, 2016

A young Dutch couple builds a dream floating apartment with an old ship as the frame for their first "starter home" in Amsterdam. The ultra-modern layout reflects the shape of the ship and has stunning views of the capital and surrounding waters.

Ultra Modern Glass House Jun 11, 2016

A water sport loving homeowner is determined to make her dream come true and build a stunning floating home on Seattle's Lake Union. Using the latest in contemporary design, the ingenious design space allows her to enjoy views in privacy but also to merge the deck into the living space for entertaining on a modern and grand scale.

River View Mansion Jun 4, 2016

A couple who often sails on their yacht past the famous float homes of Ladner, now wants to live in one themselves. They build a colossal three story floating home with spectacular views of the wilderness and a mooring for their boat so that they can hop onto their yacht whenever they would like.

Big City Living May 21, 2016

A young couple builds a dream floating "starter home" in a marina with stunning views of the Vancouver Mountains on one side, and the Vancouver Skyline on the other. The home is complete with an office to work from, and an exterior fireplace to save space within the open concept living plan.

Giant Eco Home May 14, 2016

Michelle and Bill, an outdoor loving couple, build an eco-friendly floating home packed with innovative features. The couple hires an architect to design a curved roof covered in grass and solar panels and an underwater basement with a window where they can view fish in the lake. With the environment in mind, they re-use 100 year old cedar logs for their interior cladding and wardrobes.

Floating Super Home May 9, 2019

Kurt and Roberta want to escape their busy city lives in Seattle and build a three-story floating house in Maple Bay, the perfect mooring site with idyllic surroundings and stunning sea views.

When will be My Floating Home next episode air date?

My Floating Home Season 3 is yet to be announced by FYI.

Is The My Floating Home renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 5/9/2019 and now is not renewed yet. My Floating Home is to be Premiered on FYI

Where to countdown My Floating Home air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 3 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode My Floating Home, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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