Mysteries At The Museum Season 11 is to Premiere on Travel Channel

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 4/17/2019
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Station: Travel Channel

Mysteries at the Museum is an hour-long television program on the Travel Channel which features museum artifacts of unusual or mysterious origins.

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Name Air Dates
The Witch Is Back, Edison's Little Monsters And I Love ToothyApr 17, 2019
The Headless Horseman, Tug Of Love And Space AngelsApr 10, 2019
Mansfield Mystery Crash, Deep Space Object And Lonely Hearts KillerApr 3, 2019
Oakland Poltergeist, King Tut's Alien Jewel And Cursed CastleMar 27, 2019
Hurricane Ghost, Deadly Christmas Gift and Roswell Alien Mar 6, 2019

Don Wildman examines a map of a island that is under the protection of a ghost; A mishap at San Quentin prison; A piece of airplane debris; medium who claims to make contact with deceased people.

Serial Mourner, Glacier Inferno And Desert GiantsMar 20, 2019
Spaceship On A Beach, Boogie Bomb And Wyatt Earp's Great Escape Mar 13, 2019

A strange item that washes up on a beach; A potentially deadly object uncovered in New York City; A western legend imprisoned; A help to runners that originated in a coaches wifes kitchen; a locomotive that plays a role in saving a union general and his wounded troops.

Scared To Death, Texas School Blast Mystery And The Gentleman Bandit Feb 27, 2019

Don Wildman investigates the death of a man who may have crossed paths with a witch; a deadly explosion in a small texas town during the depression.

Gangster Frankenstein, Unlikely Allies And Iron MaidenFeb 20, 2019
Ghost In The Closet, Hudson Valley Ufo And Leaning Tower Of Washington Feb 6, 2019

Don Wildman investigates a Civil War ghost who is terrorizing a family; A terrifying security breach, strange lines in an Oregon desert; a possible location of an entrance to hell.

Buried Alive In Pompeii Jan 30, 2019

Don Wildman travels outside Naples, Italy, to uncover the mysteries surrounding Pompeii and the volcanic eruption that wiped out the ancient city.

Dark Lighthouse, Possessed By Murder And Loveland Frogman Jan 30, 2019

A lighthouse island that is rumored to be haunted; A strange case from beyond the grave in Cook County Illinois; A strange frogman attack in Ohio; A convict who comes back from the dead; An artifact in the Library of Congress that is related to a bizarre crime; The mystery of who killed a famous WWI fighter ace;

Jolly Jane, Challenger Disaster and Attack of the Bunnyman Jan 23, 2019

Don Wildman investigates a deranged nurse who became one of history's most prolific serial killers, a tragic explosion that forever changed the NASA space program and a bizarre bunny that terrorized a rural community.

The Mysterious Mothman, Sinatra Kidnapping and Florida Zombies Jan 16, 2019

Don Wildman investigates a legendary beast lurking in the forests of West Virginia, a ruthless kidnapping plot that targeted Frank Sinatra's son and a string of violent attacks by the walking dead.

Resurrection Mary, Nightclub Blaze Whodunit and Wedding Sting Jan 9, 2019

Don Wildman investigates a ghostly siren who once haunted the dance halls of Chicago, a horrifying nightclub inferno which claimed the lives of almost 500 people and a pair of undercover detectives who staged a wedding for a massive drug bust.

Borrego Sandman, Axeman of New Orleans and Arctic Ghost Ship Jan 2, 2019

Don Wildman examines a terrifying ape-like beast that roams the desert, a jazz-loving serial killer's reign of terror and a doomed ghost ship found floating in the Arctic Ocean.

Demon Cat, Murderer On Board and Nevada Giant Dec 26, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a ferocious feline who stalks the halls of the US Capitol building before national tragedies, a gruesome triple murder committed on the high seas and a mammoth mystery that sprung on the desert floor.

Presidential Premonition, Lost Treasure of Jean Lafitte and Immortal Worms Dec 19, 2018

Don Wildman investigates an eerie premonition about a presidential assassination, a superstorm that churned up the long-hidden plunder of an infamous pirate and the miraculous resurrection of 40,000-year-old worms.

Lincoln's Curse, The Fatberg and Red Meat Riddle Dec 19, 2018

Don Wildman examines the harrowing haunting of a family who witnessed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, a hideous monster lurking in the sewers below the city of London and a terrifying plague that swept America.

Woolly Mystery, Snow Spirit and Killer Cola Dec 12, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a mysterious plague that killed thousands of sheep, an unexplained encounter from beyond the grave and a deadly substance used in a bizarre murder plot.

Valentino's Cursed Ring, Floating Felon and Ghost Girls Dec 12, 2018

A doomed movie star is investigated; a sea monster; strange illnesses; a sinister stretch of cursed road.

Saving Private Lynch, Gulf Breeze Ufo And I Would Walk 5,000 Miles Dec 5, 2018

Don Wildman showcases the death-defying tale of a brave American soldier, the real story behind a mysterious UFO sighting and a young man's epic quest to win his true love's hand in marriage.

Spacecraft Heist, A Brush With Anthrax And Lift Like An Egyptian Dec 5, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a CIA mission to steal a Soviet spacecraft, a battle in the trenches with a deadly microbe and the amazing solution to an ancient Egyptian riddle.

Buffalo Bill Burial Riddle, First Dino Egg And Arctic Murder Mystery Nov 28, 2018

A mystery after the death of Buffalo Bill; A strange fossil that is discovered in Mongolia; A strange maple mystery in Canada..

Ancient Alien, Killer's Curse And Ground Zero Ship Nov 21, 2018

An ancient carving with possible alien connections is examined; the curse of the first American serial killer; nazi mystery; a strange find at ground zero of the world trade center.

Mysteries At The Museum Special: Jfk Assassination Nov 21, 2018

Don Wildman travels to Dallas to question eye witnesses, examine both 50 year old evidence and brand new evidence relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Ball Of Mystery, Dark Side Of The Moon And Fakespeare Nov 14, 2018

Don Wildman investigates an ominous orb that mystified the nation, an interstellar sound from the dark side of the moon and the true identity of the world's most celebrated writer.

Knocking Ghost, Superman Saves The Day And Sleeping Dragon Nov 14, 2018

A haunted home with a knocking ghost is investigated; Superman's rescue of a real family; A strange Roman dodecahedron with knobs.

Doppelgangers, Salem's Curse, White House Attack Nov 7, 2018

A prison warden who sees double; Egyptian mummy at sideshow; Ducks dropping out of the air.

Geostorm Inferno, The Typo That Won The War And The Death Of Princess Di Oct 17, 2018

Don Wildman examines one of the eeriest atmospheric events of all time, the fortuitous error that turned the tides of war and the shocking secret behind the death of an international icon.

Smoking Guns Oct 10, 2018

Don Wildman cracks open the case files from some of America's most notorious crimes to investigate the key pieces of evidence that brought the perpetrators to justice.

The Ghost of Katie King, Lake Erie Monster and Secret Stowaway Sep 26, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a mysterious medium who conjured a ghost, a terrifying sea monster lurking in one of America's Great Lakes and the strange tale of an audacious stowaway.

Titanic Baker, Psychic Scammer And Cuban Swimmer Crisis Sep 19, 2018

Don Wildman showcases the death-defying tale of a brave baker, reveals the shocking secret behind a sinister psychic and investigates the world's most dangerous swim.

Frightening Foo Fighters, Bird's Eye Spy And Coral Castle Mystery Sep 12, 2018

Don Wildman examines eerie orbs of light that terrified fighter pilots in World War II, reveals the unexpected origin of high-flying spies in the sky and investigates a mysterious castle rumored to be built by magic.

Lord Lucan, World's Greatest Drag Racer And Lighthouse Lifesaver Sep 5, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a high society crime, a racecar driver who made an epic comeback and a rowing rescuer who overcame stormy seas.

Terror Ship, Wicked Stepmother and Message in a Bottle Aug 29, 2018

Don Wildman examines the truth behind a legendary ghost ship and its fateful SOS, the devious crime spree of a truly evil stepmother and the unlikely discovery of a message in a bottle sent more than a century ago.

Missing Toe Murderer, Air Locked Out and Trenches Terror Aug 22, 2018

Don Wildman examines the unusual case of a murderer with a missing digit, a harrowing near-death experience on the edge of space and the wartime exploits of a courageous canine.

Terror on the Tracks, the Ape and the Child and Body in the Bog Aug 22, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a bomber who threatened railroads in the northwest, a chimp raised to be human and a mysterious body in Denmark that's much older than it appears.

Ghost Ship, Bobsledding and Handel's Heartstopper Aug 15, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the mystery behind an Alaskan ghost ship, how a popular winter sport was inspired by boisterous tourists and a daring duel between musical maestros.

Roosevelt's War on Words, Dragon Slayer and Cheese Puffs Aug 15, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a president's solution to his problem with the English language, examines the story of a crafty engineer and a fearsome dragon and finds out how a favorite snack food was born out of a happy accident.

Lost City Of The Monkey God, Christmas Tree for Teddy and Bell Island Boom Aug 8, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a lost city in Honduras protected by a deadly curse, the first family that changed Christmas forever and a devastating bang that wreaked havoc on a small Canadian town.

Columbus and the Mermaid, Skyscraper Snafu and Stealing the Show Aug 8, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a famous explorer's encounter with a fabled sea creature, a death-defying mission atop the nation's tallest building and the abduction of a jazz musician by a notorious gangster.

Titanic Hustle, Sherlock to the Rescue and America's Greatest Athlete Aug 1, 2018

Don Wildman explores a clever con onboard the RMS Titanic, investigates a murder mystery solved by the real-life Sherlock Holmes and examines the reinvention of an iconic Olympian.

China Clipper, Phantom Island and Dueling Dandy Aug 1, 2018

Don Wildman examines letters that crossed an ocean on a treacherous plane ride, a map of an island shrouded in mystery and a French sword similar to one that inspired a literary masterpiece.

Sandwich in Space, Watergate Crash and Blenda's Banquet Jul 26, 2018

Don Wildman investigates an epicurean escapade in space, a White House conspiracy and the brave woman who cooked up a stunning military victory.

Cat's Best Friend, Sunken Treasure and Raining Frogs Jul 19, 2018

Don Wildman investigates one of New York's bravest firefighters, and a shipwreck rumoired too contain millions of dollars worth of gold and a storm of biblical proportions.

Dickens to the Rescue, Check Off to Take Off and Waterlogged Whiskers May 24, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a beloved British author's heroics in the face of a real-life cliffhanger, a plane crash that forever changed aviation safety and the clever cup that saved a popular ...

Jack and the Goat, Operation Hydra and Hell on St. Helens May 17, 2018

Don Wildman investigates JFK's four-legged running mate, a daring plan to destroy a Nazi superweapon and the photographer who survived a volcanic eruption.

Betty Lou Had a Great Fall, Gurdon Ghost Light and Twitch and Shout May 10, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a perilous plunge inside the nation's tallest building, a mysterious light from beyond the grave and a curious contagion plaguing a small town high school.

Lucky Lucca, Flathead Lake Monster and Bumbling to Berlin May 3, 2018

Don Wildman investigates an explosive tale of a four-legged hero, a fearsome creature found in a Montana lake and a pilot's attempt to push the boundaries of aviation.

Jakarta Incident, Toe-to-Toe in Toledo and Assassinating FDR Apr 26, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a pilot forced to fly a jumbo jet with no engines, the scandal behind the biggest boxing upset in history and an assassination attempt on a president-elect.

Operation Paul Bunyan, the Nose Knows and the Night America Burned Apr 19, 2018

Don Wildman highlights a tree-cutting mission that provoked a military standoff with North Korea, a subway stench with a surprising source and one scientist's out-of-this-world explanation ...

Vikings in America, Voyager Emergency and Luckiest Lucky Cat Apr 12, 2018

Don Wildman examines a clothing pin linked to a long-lost Viking settlement in North America, a rocket that unlocked the mysteries of our solar system and a Japanese cat who saved a train station.

Great Panjandrum, Jesse James to the Rescue and Willig's Wager Apr 5, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a rocket-powered wheel that took on the Nazis, an infamous outlaw with a heart of gold and an intrepid climber who scaled a skyscraper.

Italian Sherlock Holmes, King of the Airwaves and Texan Takes Moscow Apr 5, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the origins of the mob, the dramatic story behind a reluctant ruler and the piano prodigy who helped thaw the Cold War.

Titanic Orphans, Plot to Kill the Pope and Magical Unicorn Mar 29, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a mystery surrounding two young survivors of the RMS Titanic, a diabolical plot to assassinate one of the world's most important people and a enigmatic relic once thought to grant its owner power beyond measure.

Leonardo's Parachute, School Children's Blizzard and Muddy Discovery Mar 29, 2018

Don Wildman examines the model of a parachute invented by a world-famous renaissance man, an unexpected blizzard that threatened the lives of 13 young students and a weather-beaten cabin once home to a man who changed music history.

Etch-a-Sketch, Cowboy Bob and Pilates Mar 22, 2018

A French electrician invented one of the best selling toys of all time, how a craftsman's talent landed him in hot water and how one man's vision saved everyday Americans from nuclear war.

Jack The Ripper, Wooden Money and Deadly Décor Jul 12, 2018

Don Wildman examines a new clue that could identify history's most notorious killer, a peculiar piece of wood that saved a small town and the surprising cause of a deadly illness.

Space Race Jul 12, 2018

Don Wildman explores the race to the Moon between the United States and the Soviet Union; he straps into a human centrifuge, meets an astronaut who actually went to the Moon and learns just how close the United States came to losing the space race.

Hollywood Dog, Legend of Zorro and Up in Arms Jul 5, 2018

Don Wildman examines the rise of Hollywood's most famous four-legged star, the origins of the greatest folk hero in the Wild Wild West and an extraordinary battle of the biceps.

Presidential Cheese, Spying Space Shuttle and Liberty in the Lake Jun 21, 2018

A bad stench that almost overpowers the white house, spying on the space shuttle, a unusual game of scrabble, A artifact in the Seattle Museum of Flight that leads to the Nevada Triangle and a missing pilot, a college prank to move the Statue of Liberty to another state.

Lunar Fender Bender, Opera Angels and Billiard Balls Jun 7, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a roadside repair on the surface of the moon, a pair of opera-loving sisters who took on the Nazis and the surprising story behind one of the world's most popular sports.

Battle of the Sexes, Circus Riot and Last Train to Freedom Mar 22, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the story behind an epic showdown on the tennis court, a bizarre brawl between traveling clowns and one man's life-threatening attempt to cross the Berlin Wall.

Ping Pong Diplomacy, Blazing Steamship Rescue and Death Ray Mar 15, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a hippie teenager turned diplomat, a daring rescue on the high seas and the story behind a superweapon used to beat the Nazis.

Million Dollar Dinner, Thing in the Woods and Cornstalk Colonel Mar 15, 2018

Don Wildman examines an ancient queen who drank a very expensive cocktail, an unusual box discovered by a farmer in the woods and an American colonel who routed the British with corn.

Real Life Lassie, Spy Who Went Cold and Sinking of the Andrea Doria Mar 8, 2018

Don Wildman examines a heroic hound, a Soviet agent hiding in plain sight and the disastrous voyage of a luxury liner.

Invention of the Doughnut, Cleopatra in a Carpet and Flight of Fancy Mar 8, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the high seas drama behind the invention of one of the country's favorite treats, a plot unrolled by Egypt's most iconic queen and the world's most dangerous balloon race.

Dippy the Dinosaur, Golden Record and Hooverball Mar 1, 2018

Don Wildman examines a dinosaur that was one the largest complete skeletons of its time, the golden cover of a record that contained the sounds of Earth and a medicine ball used by a president to save his life.

Dishwasher, Golden Lake and Bridge Buster Mar 1, 2018

Don Wildman examines an antique dishwasher, a golden breastplate from an ancient civilization and a uniform worn by one brave man facing down an entire army.

Benny's Banner, Lost for Words and Raising Chicago Feb 22, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the unexpected story behind the creation of the Alaskan flag, a madman who contributed to one of the most important books in the English language and how the whole of Chicago was raised into the air.

Alaska Highway, Tale of Beatrix Potter and Cleopatra's Needle Feb 22, 2018

Don Wildman explores the story of how one man blazed a trail that changed the course of history, the little-known story behind a classic piece of children's literature and a bizarre discovery floating in the middle of the ocean.

Jefferson's Wine, First High Flyer and Stefania's Thirteen Feb 15, 2018

Don Wildman examines an advertisement for an actress turned spy, the helmet of a brave pilot who paved the way for space exploration and the story behind a young girl who stood up to the Nazis.

Nuclear Nightmare, Teddy Roosevelt's Badlands Bandits and the Movie Star and the Dead Man Feb 15, 2018

Don Wildman examines a dinosaur that was one the largest complete skeletons of its time, the golden cover of a record that contained the sounds of Earth and a medicine ball used by a president to save his life.

Terra Australis, Operation Underworld and Heroine Hostess Feb 8, 2018

Don Wildman examines an unlikely alliance between the military and a mob boss, a death-defying voyage on the high seas and a high-flying heroine who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Ground Zero Flag, Space Suit and Pacific Codebreaker Feb 8, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the story behind an iconic September 11th photo, a NASA experiment that turned deadly and a Naval codebreaker determined to outsmart the enemy.

Battle on Ice, Lost Andree Expedition and Alaskan Sea Monster Feb 1, 2018

Don Wildman explores the slippery strategy of a medieval general, searches for the fate of a lost expedition and investigates a bizarre creature from the deep.

Winter War, Terror in Antarctica and First Snow Globe Jan 25, 2018

Don Wildman investigates an ingenious trick that won a war, a terrifying trek through Antarctica and an invention that the world fell in love with. A mysterious object in a Finish war museum; A vanished aircraft that mystified the world;

Sergeant Bill Goat Hero, Gilded Grudge and Osage Investigation Jan 18, 2018

The story of Private Bill in 1915; A high society showdown in New York; A murderous plot to collect on life insurance take out on Osage Indians; A search for artwork stolen by the nazi's during World War II; Rats and mans dislike and attempts to contain them; Buried gold that vanishes;

Operation Toothpaste, Case of the Kates and White River Monster Jan 11, 2018

A artifact that dates back to the earliest days of the atomic age; a scandalous showdown in Canada; a search for a strange creature in a Arkansas river; A duel that could have had presidential consequences; A mysterious death of a DJ's wife; Constantine's city is saved from an unexpected source.

Green Goddess, Terror on Tuesday and the Real Great Escape Jan 4, 2018

A document that is linked to one of America's most famous landmarks; A bomb that was planned to be set off in a cathedral; A World War 2 prison camp that was impossible to escape from; A haunted pioneer house; The writer Virgil has to come up with a way to save his home from Roman confiscation; A young Russian immigrant makes an incredible journey to return home;

Madame X, the Ultimate Chess Game and a Monster in the Valley Dec 28, 2017

A scandalous painting that may cause a artists ruin; A chess game that may possibly saves a man's life; a museum in the state of Washington with a strange artifact; A risky escape; A dangerous mine and the search for the cause; A sailing ships new figure head meets a mishap;

Jackie O. Saves Grand Central, Bouncing Bombs and Row Row Row Your Boat Dec 21, 2017

A famous historic New York City landmark that was almost lost; How a game of marbles helped with World War II; a case of human endurance to set a record; a unsettling case of murder in the early 1800's. How one of the final battles of the Revolutionary war was saved by one man.

Fleeing Fidel, Murder by Shark and Inflated Feud Dec 14, 2017

A desperate escape; a frightening discovery in a Australian aquarium; A artifact linked to a fatal feud in 1808; A special watch that commemorates a selfless act;

How to Sell the Eiffel Tower, Killer Lake and Cinderella Girl Dec 7, 2017

A scam artist who finally goes to far; a dangerous African lake; A girl who gets a special invitation; A dog who goes on trial.

Dorothy of Dakota, Crop Circles of the Deep and Tunnel of Love Nov 30, 2017

A girl who went over the rainbow; a deep-sea design with mysterious origins; A couple in love go to extreme measures to get back together; Naval shipyard explosion caused by improper training.

Hitler Diaries, Hobby Horse and Parting the Red Sea Nov 16, 2017

Don Wildman examines purported diaries of Adolf Hitler that surfaced; A woman who ran for president on the independent ticket in the 1960's; why the bicycle was invented.

Antis the Radar Dog, Bringing Up the Baby and the Art of Murder Nov 9, 2017

A dog with a sixth sense; a harrowing tale of a drill rescue;

Undercover Informant, the Black Beetle and Unexpected Artist Oct 26, 2017

The insider who helped to take down Al Capone; A daring railroad experiment that involved a jet engine; a possible secret Russian first man in space launch.

Coast Guard Courage, Pizza Margherita and Jump Jet Oct 26, 2017

Don examines a life vest worn during a tough ocean rescue, a oven used to cook a large pizza; a strange flying object in 1918 outside Dayton Ohio; A 1915 upstate New York crime investigation; a invention is stolen and the thief taken to court.

Stagecoach mary, Alaska Firestarter, Mummy Mystery Oct 19, 2017

Don Wildman examines a daring Wild West escape by stagecoach; A Alaskan town with a fire problem; A man wants to create a ocean research facility on his own island.

Channel Champion, the Forger and Harper Method Oct 12, 2017

A record breaking long distance swimmer; A teenage war hero in occupied France during WWII; Ghostly sighting on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles.

Vampires: Mysteries at the Museum Oct 5, 2017

Wildman travels to Romania to explore the rich history an mystical folklore of the vampire legend. First stop on the trip is a visit with a descendant of the author Bram Stoker to discover how he came up with the vampire story idea. Don Wildman later visits the castle where Vlad Tepes lived and ruled from in Wallachia.

Rikers Island Rescue, She Sells Sea Shells and Weathering the War Sep 28, 2017

Don Wildman examines a well-worn fire hose connected to an astonishing tale of unlikely heroes, fossilized remains found by a young paleontologist who inspired an iconic tongue twister and an unusual vehicle used in the D-Day invasion.

Winnie the Bear, Frozen Miracle and Whiskey Galore Sep 21, 2017

Don Wildman examines a stuffed bear that has inspired one of the greatest children's books of all time; A drowned child saved by a miracle; a interim president who does the unexpected; The disappearance of a ships cargo.

Dewey Defeats Truman, the Real Jekyll and Hyde and Sunken Steamship Treasure Sep 14, 2017

Don Wildman examines how an iconic headline came to be, the real-life inspiration for a literary villain and the search for millions of dollars of sunken treasure.

Eisenhower's Crazy Convoy, Criminal Measures and Canyon Adventure Sep 7, 2017

Don Wildman investigates a president's cross-country road trip, a detective's plan to cut down on crime and an explorers dangerous quest to be the first to uncover the secrets of the Grand Canyon.

Mystery of Silence, Fearless Flyer and Fifty Stars Aug 31, 2017

A printing press that belonged to James Franklin at Marble House in Newport is discussed involving a mysterious writer named Silence Dogood; A display involving a pioneering heroine at the Denver & Silverton narrow gauge rail road museum; A teacher asks her students to create something that is demonstrative of US History; A strange sighting in a southern swamp.

Project Vortex, Diamond Heist and Tinseltown, NJ Aug 24, 2017

An attempt to record the life cycle of a tornado, a record breaking $ 100 million heist, a bitter war between two famous movie producers, building a bridge to Canada.

Miss Unsinkable, Crop Circles and Detective Goodwin Aug 17, 2017

Don Wildman investigates a Titanic survivor plagued by disaster, the cause of mysterious crop circles in England and the case that created the first NYPD female detective.

Transatlantic Zeppelin, Potato Pool and the Lost Inca City Aug 10, 2017

Don Wildman examines an engineer's daring mission to save a high-flying zeppelin, a pint-sized prodigy's plan to play pool and an explorers life-long quest to uncover an ancient lost Inca City.

Alone in the Arctic, Space Shuttle MacGyver and Angelic Organ Aug 3, 2017

Don Wildman examines a pocket calendar that belonged to a woman stranded in the Arctic, a space shuttle that was at the center of a harrowing ordeal more than 200 miles above Earth and a musical instrument which produced heavenly sounds.

Miracle Bubble, Skeletons in the Closet and Curious George Jul 27, 2017

Don Wildman spotlights a miraculous air bubble on the ocean floor, a series of mysterious skeletons discovered in closets and a daring escape of a beloved children's character from the Nazis.

Flatwoods Monster, Vanishing Bus and Hacking Death's Calculator Jul 20, 2017

Don Wildman examines a ceramic figure connected to a bizarre sighting in West Virginia, a bus model at the center of a mysterious disappearance and a tabulating machine that serves as a reminder of how a bookkeeper saved more than 100,000 lives.

The Kennedy Wedding Disaster, the Weeping Icon and the Red Herring Jul 13, 2017

The little-known tale behind an iconic wedding dress; a miraculous painting, creation of dinosaur statues that were never seen.

Terrible Tommy, Airplane Abduction and the Great Blondin Jul 6, 2017

Don Wildman showcases a pocket watch used by a ruthless gangster in 1920s Chicago, an aircraft that disappeared over Australia after encountering a UFO and the first daredevil to brave Niagara Falls.

Fire in the Hull, The Gipper's Bombshell and Electric Tricycle Jun 29, 2017

Another possible cause of the Titanic sinking, The Grippers bombshell, electronic tricycle invention, what may have led to J.R.R. Tolkien's writing the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Shark Chaser, Haunted Harmony and 1,700-Foot Wave Jun 22, 2017

Don Wildman showcases a piece of top-secret military equipment developed by the first celebrity chef, a ghost that terrorized a popular music venue and a father-son duo who rode the tallest wave in the world.

Presidential Pet, Dairy Disaster and Covert Catalog Jun 15, 2017

Don Wildman examines a letter written by a First Lady recalling a bizarre gift sent to the White House, a chef who saved the cheese industry from crumbling after an earthquake rocked Italy and a spy who went shopping for secret intelligence.

Tennis Titan, Brooklyn Brownstone Murder and Nuclear Moon Jun 8, 2017

Don Wildman examines a life jacket worn by a tennis star who survived the Titanic, a pamphlet that details the murder of a real estate developer with a complicated love life and a giant missile that was nearly used to bomb the moon. Also in this episode-how the "Boom Mic" came about, how Catherine the Great became ruler. and how "Silly String helpe soldier in the Irag War.

Battle of Palmdale, Rain Man and the Man Who Walked Around the World Jun 1, 2017

Don Wildman examines an aircraft connected to an aerial attack on a California town, a Bible used in a bizarre exorcism and a pair of hiking boots worn in a record-breaking solo journey around the world.

Long Haul Leroy, Pardo's Push and the Invention of the Cable Car May 25, 2017

Don Wildman examines a racing number from a mule that won the Great American Horse Race, a fighter plane that pushed through skies of North Vietnam and an iconic street car that transformed a city and the nation.

Sword of Scotland, Operation Haylift and Swimmin's Lib May 18, 2017

Don Wildman examines the theft of an iconic Scottish sword wielded by William Wallace, an unprecedented mission to save America's livestock and a female swimmer who broke the mold.

Legally Haunted, Demise of the Dodo and Jersey Kaboom May 11, 2017

A house for sale comes with three ghosts; the maligned reputation of an extinct bird; during World War I, a mysterious explosion takes places at a munitions factory.

Godspeed John Glenn, Canine Convict and Brace for Landing May 4, 2017

Examining a dangerous mission into outer space; a dog accused of murder; a pilot has a heroic plan during an emergency over the Pacific.

The Girl Who Fell to Earth, the Real Ghostbusters and Eclipsed by Columbus Apr 27, 2017

Don Wildman explores the story of a young girl who survived a fall from a damaged aircraft, a battle between the great Harry Houdini and spiritualists, and a lunar event that saved Christopher Columbus.

Hughes Hoax, Rat Bomb and Friday Night Liars Apr 20, 2017

Don Wildman investigates a twisted tell-all about the world's most elusive billionaire; an explosive rodent infestation that helped America beat the Nazis; a conman's bogus ball game that was brought down by his own teammates.

Saving the Eiffel Tower, Velvet Outlaw and Space Capsule Crisis Apr 13, 2017

Don Wildman examines a commemorative coin from the opening of the Eiffel Tower, a saddle used by a retired outlaw who died under mysterious circumstances and a training capsule used by the Mercury astronauts during the early days of space travel.

Making Michigan, Log Jammin and the Race That Changed the World Apr 6, 2017

Don Wildman investigates the contested birth of a mighty state, an epic battle between mankind and Mother Nature and a race that changed the world.

Riding Thunder, Warm Springs and Catcher Spy Mar 30, 2017

Don Wildman examines a F8 Crusader jet that was at the center of a death-defying plummet to Earth, a specially outfitted convertible designed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a commemorative coin linked to a baseball player turned spy.

Wallenda Walks, Crazy Taxi and Rest in Peat Mar 30, 2017

Don Wildman examines a piece of cable used by a legendary aerialist during a high-wire walk, a French taxi that helped defeat the Germans during World War I and a piece of bone from a mysterious mass burial discovered in a Florida bog.

Pony Express, Churchill's Misadventure and First Ambulance Corps Mar 23, 2017

Don Wildman examines a leather saddle cover that changed the way America communicated across the Wild West, a newspaper article that saved a famous politician from financial ruin and a horse cart that saved countless lives during the Civil War.

Demon Potato, Boozy Ballot and Ouija Believe It Mar 23, 2017

Don Wildman inspects a seemingly possessed potato, examines an old chair connected to an intoxicating chapter in the life of George Washington and investigates the surprising origins of the world's most famous paranormal communication device.

Fake Breaking News, Rescue Napoleon and Ernest Bravery Mar 16, 2017

Don Wildman examines a patriotic pigeon that saved hundreds of lives during World War II, a clever conman who took advantage of a governmental gaffe and the uncle who inspired one of America's most iconic figures.

Smokey's on Fire, Hot Hunk Lands in Small Town and Napoleon's Sick Day Mar 16, 2017

Don Wildman tells the story of a harness worn by a real-life Smokey the Bear, investigates the remnants of a space mass that landed in Wisconsin and uncovers the shocking truth behind Napoleon's downfall with an ornate saddle.

Evil Spirit, Dawn of the Diaper and Cliff Palace Mar 9, 2017

Don Wildman examines a hot-air balloon used in the first Atlantic crossind by balloon, a ceramic jar used to hold a creepy medical cure and a mission patch tied to a space travel first.

Zip-Lining to Freedom, Maid Turned Spy and Jimmy Carter's UFO Mar 9, 2017

Don investigates an outrageous escape over an iconic wall, an usung Civil War hero, and a president caught up in a mysterious close encounter

Reckless, Thousand Island Dressing and the Tornado Mar 2, 2017

Don Wildman examines a hero horse who risked her life, a culinary mystery about a popular salad dressing and an Olympic runner's battle with polio.

The Goliath Bone, Money to Burn and Self-Serve Superstore Mar 2, 2017

Don Wildman inspects a mysterious prehistoric bone, investigates an incendiary war plot to help defend America and unearths the origins of a strategy that revolutionized the shopping industry.

Operation Mincemeat, Texas Prison Rodeo and Tully Monster Feb 23, 2017

Don Wildman examines an enigmatic oar used in an unreal World War II deception, a gold nugget that helped set off the gold rush and a fossil belonging to one of history's strangest creatures.

Indestructible Jack, Volcano Rescue and Butter Sculptor Feb 23, 2017

Don examines an enigmatic oar used in an unreal World War II deception, a gold nugget that helped set off the gold rush and a fossil belonging to one of history's strangest creatures.

Judy the POW Dog, Presidential Suite and Sticky Business Feb 16, 2017

Don Wildman examines a dog collar belonging to the only canine POW from World War II, a pen and inkwell connected to a poisonous political plot and an innovative solution to an accidental discovery.

Mutually Assured Missteps, First Train Robbery and Declaration Discovered Feb 16, 2017

Don Wildman inspects a fighter jet from the cold war, examines an 1860s replica steam locomotive and investigates a rare print of the Declaration of Independence.

Amityville Haunting, Ghost Army and Fugitive Golfer Feb 9, 2017

Don Wildman examines a piece of a controversial haunted house, a ghost army that saved World War II and a golfer with a mysterious past.

Terra Cotta Warriors, The Queen of Parachuting and Polish Soldier Bear Feb 9, 2017

Don Wildman investigates the origins of China's famous terra cotta warriors, examines the incredible heights one mother will go to for her child, and uncovers the little-known story of a bear who helped defeat the Nazis.

Jap Herron, Hidden Rockwell and Ticket to Fly Feb 2, 2017

Don Wildman examines a novel supposedly written by the ghost of a legendary author, a painting that isn't quite what it seems and a replica of the plane that flew in the first commercial airline flight.

Clever Hans, Bertha Benz and Civil War Counterfeiter Feb 2, 2017

Don Wildman inspects a book about a four-legged mathematician, examines the birth of the automobile and investigates a mysterious underground corkscrew.

King Neptune, Friday Night Bank Robber and Karluk's Last Voyage Jan 26, 2017

Don Wildman examines a patriotic pig that helped fund World War II, a man's trek to rescue his crew during a brutal Arctic expedition, and two activists who risked their lives to take down a superpower and save the whales.

The First Super Computer, Flying Under Fire and Dighton Rock Jan 19, 2017

Don Wildman examines a boulder covered in strange carvings, which could turn American history on its head; a sword belonging to an explorer accused of treason; and the marble bust of a great leader who tried to untangle an ancient puzzle. Also in this episode is the story of an heroic Marine helicopter pilot who rescued 8 other Marines who were under fire by the Viet Cong, and Babbage's "Difference Machine".

Cupid's Bullet, the Man Who Fooled Houdini and Snail Telegraph Jan 12, 2017

A war time surgery that is a matter of life or death; The great Houdini is challenged by a card trick; Marconi museum; stranded fisherman;

Swamp People, Walkie-Talkie Heist and Grant's Writing Water Jan 5, 2017

Don Wildman examines an enigmatic canoe that unlocked the origins of a lost civilization, a miracle drug used by a Civil War hero in his last battle, and a bust involved in a supernatural game of chess.

North Pole Expedition, Iceberg Fleet and the Minnesota Iceman Dec 30, 2016

Icy stories behind an eccentric expedition to the North Pole, a frozen feat of nautical engineering and the cosmic conundrum surrounding an incredible icicle.

One Small Keystroke, Daring Dr. Dan and the Real Batman Dec 22, 2016

Don Wildman investigates a near disaster in outer space; a man who soars through the sky; a doctor who changed the world.

Titanic Violin, Wicked Fungus and the Greatest Bar Bet Dec 15, 2016

An aged instrument's epic history; uncovering the roots of the Salem Witch Trials; examining a plane linked to a man who would stop at nothing to win a bet.

Michelangelo the Forger, Finders Keepers and Brownie Wise and the Wonderbowl Dec 15, 2016

A statue created by the world's best-known art forger; a mysterious cache of buried gold coins; a woman whose sales techniques made Tupperware a household name.

Chain of Fools, Rocket Boys and the Cowboys That Saved Britain Dec 8, 2016

An iron link from the American Revolution in a formidable fraud; a small plane that launches into space; a green oil pump.

Metal Winners, the Big Con and Operation Babylift Dec 8, 2016

A Noel Prize winner's risky experiment in the face of Nazis; a creative sting operation; a lifesaving airlift out of Vietnam.

The Man Who Sold a Million Rocks, a Party That Started a War and the Umbrella Man Dec 1, 2016

A story about a man who turned rocks into a gold mine; a royal suit of armor; the truth behind one of the most enduring mysteries in American history.

Great Snake Hunt, Minneapolis Svengali and Swimming With Sharks Dec 1, 2016

A species of Asian cobra invade a small town in Missouri; a carriage that was the site of a bizarre murder; a wealthy daredevil swims with sharks to prove that they are harmless.

Lancelot the Unicorn, Prohibition Man, Dragon Island and Blood Rain Nov 17, 2016

The origins of a mythical unicorn at a popular circus; the case of a missing U.S. politician; an attack by one of themost deadly creatures on the planet

Buried Alive, Who Really Invented the Telephone and Hoover Saves Belgium Nov 17, 2016

One of the greatest mysteries of ancient history; the truth behind the invention of the telephone; the determination of a former president to save millions from starvation.

Blowing Up the House, Beast of Bray Road and Invention of Penicillin Nov 11, 2016

Don Wildman researches one of the most challenging bomb cases in FBI history, a mysterious encounter with a legendary beast and an artful scientist that accidentally uncovered a revolutionary medicine.

Limbo for Love, Vampire's Grave and the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican Nov 10, 2016

Don Wildman investigates a risky ride fueled by love, explores a town plagued by the undead and uncovers one of the biggest rescue operations of WWII.

Fish Rain, Oil Heir Snare and Cousteau and the Aqua-Lung Nov 4, 2016

Don Wildman examines a fish species that was part of an unusual storm, the kidnapping of an oil baron's grandson and an underwater oxygen tank that was the early version of SCUBA.

When Twain Met Sawyer, the Guardian Angels and Army of the Dead Nov 3, 2016

Don Wildman investigates the unknown story behind a literary legend, the inspiring tale behind a group of rookie heroes and an army of Roman ghosts.

Tonya vs. Nancy, Shrimpy Sonar and Dumbarton Dogs Oct 28, 2016

Don Wildman examines a scorecard connected to a legendary figure skating rivalry, an underwater microphone which detected an unlikely World War II enemy and the skull of a tiny animal behind a decades-old canine curse.

White House Water, Queen of the Mist and the Real Holy Grail Oct 27, 2016

Don Wildman examines a string of mysterious deaths in the White House, a woman who took a pioneering plunge and an ancient chalice that could be the elusive Holy Grail.

Big Eyes, Magnetic Girl and the Half-Safe Oct 21, 2016

Don Wildman examines a painting at the center of an art world scandal, a 19th century medallion connected to the case of a young girl with seemingly magnetic powers and a blunderbuss that recalls an infamous pirate who terrorized the high seas.

Mystery Meat, the Invention of TP and Antony and Cleopatra Oct 20, 2016

Don Wildman digs into a culinary caper that stunned the world; and gets the skinny on a taboo-busting invention while inspecting a certain ceramic toilet. Also: A sculpture leads the host to investigate the true story of Antony and Cleopatra.

Hedy Lamarr's Escape, The Kray Twins and Maco Light Oct 14, 2016

Don Wildman examines a controversial film reel which sparked a powerful businessman's jealousy and his wife's cunning escape, a set of brass knuckles which recall the downfall of England's most notorious twins and a 19th century lantern connected to a mysterious tale that has spooked a North Carolina town for decades.

Man on Wire, Bigger is Better and Filipino Follies Oct 13, 2016

Don Wildman examines the greatest high-wire stunt in history, investigates the incredible lengths Thomas Jefferson took to preserve America's reputation and unravels one of the most bizarre hoaxes the world has ever seen.

Death of the Ice Cream Blonde, Finding Nessie, World's Worst Opera Singer Oct 7, 2016

Death of the Ice Cream Blonde, Finding Nessie and World's Worst Opera SingerDon Wildman examines the mysterious death of one of Hollywood's most beloved stars, the amazing discovery made during the search for Scotland's elusive Loch Ness Monster and a tone-deaf diva who improbably took center stage at Carnegie Hall.

Boston Marathon Cheat, Beast of Bodmin and the Naked President Oct 6, 2016

Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind one of the most audacious hoaxes in sports history, investigates the preserved remains of a terrifying beast and inspects a watch linked to a presidential scandal.

Kensington Runestone, Smile! You're Being Hijacked and Harriet the Spy Sep 30, 2016

Don Wildman examines a strange stone tablet that may hold the key to America's beginnings; a model plane connected to a hijacking mistaken for a hoax; and a revolver that once belonged to the first American woman to lead an armed expedition into war.

The Spy That Saved Washington, The Monster in the Egg and Hatfields and McCoys Sep 29, 2016

A British plot to assassinate George Washington; the bizarre trial of a rooster that hatched an egg; a musical invention.

Kidnapped Filmmaker; Pinky's Freedom Ring; and the Checkered Game of Life Sep 23, 2016

Host Don Wildman examines an action figure connected to a North Korean kidnapping, a gold ring that became the symbol of one slave's freedom, and a 19th century board game which was the first of its kind.

Miracle On The Hudson, For The Love Of Lady Liberty And Dawn Of The Synth Sep 16, 2016

An action figure connected to a North Korean kidnapping; a gold ring as a symbol of freedom; a 19th-century board game.

Flight of the Bell, Arsenic Soup Plot and Spring-Heeled Jack Sep 9, 2016

A replica of America's most famous bell; a suspicious photograph of a chef; an illustrated book depicting a devilish friend.

Hank Williams, Glowing Soldiers and Iceman Cometh Sep 8, 2016

Don Wildman investigates the death of a country music legend, examines surgical tools linked to a baffling medical mystery and uncovers the truth behind the oldest cold case in human history.

Millennium Heist, New Jersey Man Eater and Elivs Meets Nixon Sep 2, 2016

A brazen plot to steal a priceless diamond; a bloodthirsty shark that inspired a horror movie; a famous encounter between a president and a "King."

Ben Franklin's Bones, Heroine of Flight 847 and Doctor Zhivago Pilot Aug 26, 2016

A set of mysterious bones found beneath Ben Franklin's home; a woman saves a hijacked plane; an author's quest to get his work published.

Swimming the Channel, Bricking the Bank and Canyon Survivor Aug 25, 2016

A woman's quest for athletic glory; A bizarre use of the US Postal service; One man's will to survive against all odds; John Paul Jones's attack mission problem.

Death of Michael Rockefeller, The 68 Salute, Andes Rugby Crash Aug 19, 2016

The disappearance of one of New York's elite; an Olympic jersey tied to a civil rights moment; a plastic knife in a survival story.

Muhammad Ali Saves the Day, Beast of Gevaudan, Before Hillary Aug 12, 2016

A medal presented to the greatest boxer of all time; the statue of a monstrous beast; a newspaper that exposed a scandal.

World's Greatest Slot Cheat, Urine Luck and The White Moose Aug 5, 2016

Don Wildman investigates a gambling geek, a golden experiment and a fearless heroine.

Father of the American Cavalry, Rosa Parks of NY, Black Knight UFO Jul 29, 2016

Don Wildman looks at a brave hero, a civil rights pioneer and a bizarre UFO sighting.

Arrow Stork, Terror in the Sky, Feuding Astors Jul 22, 2016

Don Wildman investigates a bizarre bird, an outer space disaster and an epic family feud.

Yellow Fever Fiend, Angel in Bordeaux, Invention of Jaywalking Jul 15, 2016

Don Wildman investigates a bold mission, an urban revolution and a devilish scheme.

Man Who Saved the World, Man in a Box, From the Depths of Hell Jul 8, 2016

Don Wildman investigates a nuclear malfunction, an out-of-the-box plan and an amazing rescue.

Dancing Plague, Tracking Santa, Annie Londonderry Jul 1, 2016

Don Wildman investigates a plague, a famously jolly aviator and a trailblazing woman.

Bobbed Hair Bandit, A Deadly Substitution, Escape from the Jungle Jun 24, 2016

Don Wildman examines an elegant dress linked to a fashionable felon, a jar filled with a poisonous powder that recalls a bittersweet event and a giant plane that speaks to an incredible survival tale.

Pigeon Bra, Alpine Air Rescue, Her Promised Land Jun 17, 2016

Don Wildman examines a hat that inspired a shocking act of deception, a medal belonging to a woman who was behind the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and an ingenious contraption that saved pigeons and helped win World War II.

Who Killed Superman, Silver Lake Sea Serpant, Wooden Horse Escape Jun 10, 2016

Don Wildman inspects a pair of glasses linked to a mysterious death, uncovers the truth behind a deep sea monster and unravels the story behind one of history's greatest escapes.

Mystery of the Spinning Statue, The Unwanted Elephant, Pirates of the Mediterranean Jun 3, 2016

Host Don Wildman investigates a statue that seemed to have taken a life of its own, a strange skull from a beast that once was the star of the big top and a small carving of an infamous dictator.

Great Baby Race, Citizen Hearst, Bobbie the Wonder Dog May 27, 2016

Host Don Wildman examines tunnel tiles that helped to finance one of North America's wackiest competitions, inspects a medal linked to one of history's greatest swindles and a doghouse connected to an incredible journey.

A Father's Mission, Hilary's Yeti, Swedish Titanic May 20, 2016

Don Wildman examines a death-defying escape, a legendary beast and a bizarre recording.

The Mysterious Death of Van Gogh, Marathon Woman, Montana Burning May 19, 2016

Host Don Wildman examines a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, a dress worn by a groundbreaking athlete and a massive airplane used to combat a deadly inferno.

The Legend of William Tell, The President's Daughter, The Chomp-Chomp Game May 12, 2016

Host Don Wildman examines a crossbow linked to a legendary marksman, inspects a tell-all memoir that created a national scandal and investigates a quirky arcade game that became an astounding hit.

Bizarre Bread, Worst Train Robbery, Legend of the Jackalope May 5, 2016

Don Wildman examines a specimen linked to a case of mass hysteria, marvels at a massive locomotive connected to the worst train robbery ever and studies the West's most legendary creature – the jackalope.

Nation of Sealand, Nantucket Sea Monster, Bandit Queen Apr 28, 2016

Don Wildman examines postage stamps made by a group of pirate radio rebels, inspects a photo linked to a terrifying sea monster and observes a gun owned by one of the most popular outlaws in Wild West history.

Italian UFO, Doomsday Survivor, Birth of Geocaching Apr 21, 2016

Strange UFOs; A oil tycoon kidnapping, Doomsday survivor; Inspecting a bizarre spider; A circus attraction and a can of beans.

Carnival of Naked Animals, Melon Heads, Worst Video Game Apr 14, 2016

Don Wildman examines a velvet painting of a unicorn wearing shorts, a distorted skull that shows symptoms of a rare condition and a cartridge containing what some charge is the worst video game ever made.

Indestructible Mike, Bubble Trouble, The Penny Man Apr 7, 2016

An electric chair related to a bizarre crime; a marble table from a scientific experiment gone wrong; Famous stolen painting.

Revolutionary Suffragette, Tokyo Rose, Billion Dollar Will Jan 1, 2016

Inspecting a police notebook, an old microphone and an iconic sign.

Antiseptic Doctor, Wild West Rumble, Sweet Smell of Success Dec 25, 2015

Don Wildman examines a porcelain washbasin used to fight a deadly disease, studies a Colt .45 that once belonged to Wyatt Earp and learns how a small circular artifact changed personal hygiene practices across America.

Dolley Madison, Christmas Truce, Exploding Whale Dec 18, 2015

Host Don Wildman uncovers the heroics of a First Lady who fought to preserve Washington's treasures, travels to England to examine a soccer ball linked to a WWI game of peace, and studies an explosive tale of a whale in Oregon.

JFK Boat Rescue, Scheming Queen, Tiger Cage Dec 11, 2015

Inspecting a presidential paperweight, jewelry and a wartime cage.

To Catch a Fake, Tiny Coffins of Edinburg, Tjipetir Mystery Dec 4, 2015

A forged European painting; eight tiny boxes that looked like coffins; a mysterious rubber block washed up on the beach.

Aaron Burr Conspiracy, How Gatsby Became Great, Lady with the Lamp Nov 27, 2015

Don Wildman examines a coded letter, a classic novel, and a legendary lamp.

First Female Aviator, Mysterious Metronome, Army of Two Nov 20, 2015

Examining a plane; Beethoven's metronome; a musical instrument.

Operation Migration, Sausage Duel, Around the World Nov 13, 2015

Don Wildman explores a rare food fight, a race around the globe, a bird uniform.

Alcoholic Antidote, Reno Haven, Strange Death of President Taylor Nov 6, 2015

A precious metal that cured alcoholism; disgruntled spouses in Reno; the mystery around a president's untimely death.

Forgotten Lindbergh, Fordlandia, Forest Owlet Fraud Oct 23, 2015

Among the many artifacts in the the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, Illinois is a multi-chambered glass device invented by famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, who hoped to cure a relative of a grave heart condition. At the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, is a historic collection of automobiles and other national treasures. But among this Americana is a set of items that were involved in one of the famed industrialist's most audacious gambles -- a venture in the Brazilian rainforest that ended in destruction and financial loss. And the Harvard University campus boasts a natural history collection with 21 million animal specimens: the Museum of Comparative Zoology. Hidden in its storage area is a rare creature: the preserved body of an Indian forest owlet. Once thought to be extinct, this bird served as evidence in a bizarre case of deception that rewrote 20th century ornithology - not once, but twice.

Alligators in the Sewer, Unstoppable Car, Founding Forensics Oct 16, 2015

The underground gallery at the West 14th Street subway stop in New York City boasts a whimsical sculpture of an alligator emerging from a manhole. Although this work of art is fantastical, it depicts a monster that may have been lurking in the city sewers. Amongst the San Diego Automotive Museum's collection of iconic cars is a one-of-a-kind souped up automobile. Its custom modifications greased the wheel for an incredible and record-breaking journey. Paul Revere is remembered by history for his famous Midnight Ride. But an 18th Century advertisement at the Boston Athenaeum speaks to a seldom told chapter in the life of the American patriot - one that saw him practicing a very unusual trade.

Fallen Robins, Romeo Spies, All in for Poker Oct 9, 2015

Host Don Wildman examines a bird specimen, tiny camera, and popularity of poker.

Cellini Heist, Real Romeo and Juliet, Link to the Skies Oct 2, 2015

Host Don Wildman studies the inspiration behind a famous play, examine a strange device, and visit a Renaissance sculpture.

Blaschka Flowers, Ford Versus Ferrari, Lost MapJun 26, 2015
Crossword Code, Ampelmann, Brushy Bill Jun 19, 2015

Don inspects a crossword puzzle with hidden clues that could have jeopardized D-Day; one of the most important maps in world history, which was nearly lost forever; and an odd-looking traffic signal that became a cultural symbol for communist East Germany.

Great Kipton Train Wreck, First Inoculation, Spanish Space Suit Jun 12, 2015

Don inspects a set of tools that belonged to a man who changed the course of America's railroads; a risky experiment to save Colonial Boston; and an armband worn by a US deputy marshal who protected a brave little girl on a historic trip to school.

Cherry Sisters, President's Cow, Birth of a Riot Jun 5, 2015

Don Wildman examines a painted wooden sign that once advertised a vaudeville act so bad it was good; a famous cow's-milk can from the White House; and a program from one of the most polemic films of the 20th century.

Peeping Butler, Beaver Bomb, Mother's Day Mother May 29, 2015

Don examines a trinket that symbolizes the stormy evolution of a beloved holiday; a novel contraption deployed to save a bevy of wild beavers in Idaho; and a scandalous machine that titillated Victorian England.

Peanut Pusher, Hollywood Holdout, Lost Treasure May 22, 2015

Don examines a peanut that played a role in an unusual fad that took 1 man on a daring adventure; a standoff that pitted a man against some of Hollywood's most powerful people; and a set of gold relics that became the subject of an intense battle between 2 rival nations.

Invention of Pop Rocks, Pinball Wizard, London Smog May 15, 2015

Don examines one of America's most explosive candies; a pinball machine that represents a gutsy player who saved the game from obscurity; and a flare stick that guided Londoners through a unique time period.

Erno Rubik's Cube, World's First Factor, The Ampicar May 8, 2015

Don examines a classic toy that became a pop-culture phenomenon; a delicate silk sample that symbolizes a stunning tale of international espionage; and a quirky car designed to travel on both land and water.

Birth of the Road Map, Attack of the Killer Bees, Invention of the Gas Mask May 1, 2015

Don Wilder examines a road sign that was part of a plan to bring America's roads some order; A woman who acts unusual is accused of a crime; a honey production problem causes continental concern.

Stolen Strad, Fall from Space, Czech Dream Apr 24, 2015

Don Wildman examines a concert program that marks one of the most infamous nights in the history of a prestigious music venue; a space capsule used by a heroic astronaut during a harrowing mission; and a DVD from an unusual film that blurred the lines between fact and fiction.

Opera Riot, Golfer Behind Enemy Lines, The Great Mail Train Robbery Apr 17, 2015

Don Wildman examines a copy of a play that sparked riots; a monocular used by a soldier who made a daring and unusual escape from behind enemy lines; and the wrapper from a product so pungent that it caused an interstate postal feud.

Mile-High Club, Attempted Assassination, Zip to Zap Apr 3, 2015

Don explores an aeronautical device with a notorious claim to fame; a cane that thwarted a would-be presidential assassin; and a souvenir T-shirt from an outlandish event that became an all-out rampage.

Cellophane Start, Eruption Hoax, Parking Lot King Mar 27, 2015

A transparent roll of film that revolutionized the retail industry; A scary event at Sitka, Alaska; Richard The III possible burial site; A very special ink pen; A Arkansas boy who becomes a hero during the Civil War; A mayor in Oregon who tries to correct a road problem;

Dial M for Missing, $7 Renoir, Secret in the AtticDec 26, 2014
Porcelain Twins, The Warden's Wife, Lost City of AtlantisDec 19, 2014
The Kiss that Saved a Million Lives, Heist of the Century, Lorenzo's OilDec 12, 2014
Dramatic Defection, Wrong Way Flight, Cowboy's RevengeDec 5, 2014
Robber's Bride, The Night Disco Exploded, Escape by SeaNov 28, 2014
Dare to Dream, Mail Missile, Child WarriorNov 21, 2014
Nazi Art Hoax, Hunger Strike, Skull in the AshesNov 14, 2014
Radioactive Boy Scout, Match of the Century, Four Corners Outbreak Oct 24, 2014

The story of a boy scout badge that inspired an ambitious teen to undertake a perilous nuclear experiment; an examination of a outbreak that occurred in the southwestern United States in 1993; A chess set used in the Match of the Century, a 1972 tournament between Bobby Fischer and Russian champion Boris Spassky.

Tootsie Roll Miracle, Singing Convict, Operation PaperclipOct 17, 2014
Doyle & Houdini, The Poison Squad, The Great ImposterOct 3, 2014
Love Canal, Duquesne Spy Ring, Survival in the ColoniesSep 26, 2014
Circling the Skies, Lady & the Panda, 12 Years a Slave Sep 19, 2014

A reel of film holds a high flying stunt, a unlikely heroine discovers a panda, a aged document of one man's imprisonment, a unlikely source of a well known bank.

Brassiere Brigade, Flight for Life, Connecticut HauntingSep 12, 2014
Most ExplosiveMay 29, 2014
Weirdest WeaponsMay 15, 2014
Secrets of ChicagoMay 8, 2014
TrailblazersMay 1, 2014
Cloaked in SecrecyApr 17, 2014
Son of a Gun, Whale Rescue, Bottle Popping PoltergeistApr 3, 2014
Damascus Missile, Eye in the Sky, Soapy SmithMar 27, 2014
Annie Oakley, Project Chariot, Old State Prison HauntingMar 20, 2014
Baseball Stalker, Peggy Shippen, Moon HoaxMar 13, 2014
Civil War Prostitutes, Art Hoax, In Cold BloodMar 6, 2014
Failed Assassination of JFK, Max Factor, Martian MonkeyFeb 27, 2014
The Blonde Butcher, Charley Ross Kidnapping, Southern SasquatchFeb 20, 2014
The Cinder Woman, Milgram Experiment, Gold Accumulator HoaxFeb 6, 2014
Outlaw Marshal, 76 Days Adrift, Diamond Hoax Jan 30, 2014

A deadly wild west weapon; a device used to survive on the high seas; five glimmering gemstones that hypnotized wealthy men.

Funhouse Mummy, Playboy's Gold, Lawn Chair in the SkyJan 23, 2014
Psychic Horse, Strange Story of Rubber, Pulaski AxeJan 16, 2014
Strangers on a Train, Madame Tussaud, WD-40Jan 9, 2014
Miracle Car, Glass Harmonica, Yankee SpyJan 2, 2014
UnbelievableDec 19, 2013
Secrets of D.C.Dec 12, 2013
TinglingDec 5, 2013
PioneersNov 28, 2013
Asylum Poisoning, Naked Joe, The Mad BomberNov 21, 2013
Prison Experiment, The Real Noah's Ark, The InformantNov 14, 2013
The Death of William Wood, Hacker Spy, Skunk ApeOct 24, 2013
East River Blowout, The Day it Rained Meat, The Mysterious Michigan TriangleOct 10, 2013
Jack the Ripper in New York, Jim the Penman, Locust SwarmOct 3, 2013
Margery the Medium, Everest Ascent, The Pastor and the Choir SingerSep 26, 2013
The Infamous Jersey Devil, Tank Rampage, The Mysterious Death of President HardingSep 19, 2013
Don Bolles' Quest for the Truth, Stanley's Miraculous Snake Oil, The Infamous Northfield Raid Sep 12, 2013

A mangled car that tells of an intrepid journalist's quest for truth; attempted old west robbery, a medical treatment that is not what it seems.

The Dance that Seduced a City, Vanishing Lake, Mysterious Death of Bugsy SiegelSep 5, 2013
Squeaky Fromme, Hodag, Typhoid MaryAug 29, 2013
Boston Strangler, Operation Pastorius, Nellie BlyAug 22, 2013
Edison's Electric Pen, Vanishing Carroll Deering, Lizard ManAug 15, 2013
Great Train Robbery, Phoenix Lights, Sea SerpentMar 21, 2013
Patience Worth, Space Monkey, AbsintheMar 7, 2013
The Conqueror's Curse, Play-Doh, Poe MurderFeb 28, 2013
Santa Claus Heist, Long Island Heiress, Papago ParkFeb 21, 2013
Cleveland's Tumor, Man-Eating Lions, MeteoriteFeb 7, 2013
Sheppton Mine Disaster, Shark Attack, Erie Collar BombJan 24, 2013
St. Francis Dam, Philly the Dog, Suicide TableJan 10, 2013
Buried Alive, Mauve, Crash at CrushDec 27, 2012
Leopold and Loeb, U2 Spy, Chewing GumDec 13, 2012
Trunk of Horrors, Russian Roswell, Baby IncubatorsDec 6, 2012
Prophet of Oak Ridge, Human Scalp, MothmanNov 29, 2012
MGM Fire, UFO Car, Prophecy SwordNov 22, 2012
Niagara Falls Daredevil, Accidental Nuclear Bomb, Railroad HeroineNov 15, 2012
Most NotoriousSep 25, 2012
ConspiraciesSep 18, 2012
FreakiestSep 4, 2012
DeadliestSep 11, 2012
Secrets of New EnglandAug 28, 2012
Out of This WorldAug 21, 2012
Goat Gland Doctor, Legend of the Red Ghost, Easter IslandJul 10, 2012
Roulette Computer, LA Shootout, The Brooklyn Enigma, Equitable Building Disaster, Pigeon Missile, 1918 FluJun 26, 2012
Exorcism, Honey Island Swamp Monster, The Real James Bond, La Belle Shipwreck, Sgt. StubbyJun 19, 2012
Chowchilla Kidnapping, Texas City Disaster, Bezoar StonesJun 12, 2012
Hitchcock's Birds, Hope Diamond, Phineas GageJun 5, 2012
Black Dahlia, French Angel, Sterling Hall BombingMay 29, 2012
Lost Colony of Roanoke, Dr. Linda Hazzard, Deep Blue, Greenbrier Hotel Bunker, Death of Edgar Allan Poe, Liberty Bell 7May 22, 2012
Keely's Motor, Reagan Limousine, Audubon's Mystery BookMay 15, 2012
Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Lincoln Brass Knuckles, Pneumatic Subway, Karen Silkwood MurderMay 8, 2012
Boston Molasses Disaster, D.B. Cooper, Buddy Holly Curse May 1, 2012

Don learns about one of the nation's weirdest industrial disasters, inspects the wax likeness of an airplane hijacker and examines a pair of sunglasses once worn by a rock-and-roll pioneer.

The Donner Party, The Shoe Bomber, FDR's Cane Apr 24, 2012

Host Don Wildman travels the country inspecting a 100-year-old tissue sample that sent a doctor to the gallows, a collection of birds killed by a mysterious epidemic and the kettle used by a group of settlers to cook up a ghastly stew.

Brinks Heist, Saddam's Spider Hole, Ringdocus Apr 17, 2012

Don examines an old chauffeur's cap and a block of foam from a military man hunt, then tries to unlock a preserved beast; The Marie Celeste is examined.

Flying Car, Prison Riot, Dreamland FireDec 20, 2011
Lotto Scam, Somali Pirates, Haunted PlaneDec 13, 2011
Anthrax, Marilyn Monroe, Hunley SubmarineDec 6, 2011
Outlaw Shoes, Astrochimp, Message in a BottleNov 29, 2011
La Raid, Bioterror, AutomationNov 22, 2011
Shrunken Heads, Greeley Expedition, Broken ArrowNov 15, 2011
American Spy, Belle Gunness, OarfishNov 8, 2011
S.S. Eastland Disaster, Lost Gold Mine, Smuttynose MurdersNov 1, 2011
French Connection, Shipwrecked Gold, Area 51 Plane CrashOct 25, 2011
Prison Experiment, Butch Cassidy Manuscript, Dueling MammothsOct 18, 2011
Annabelle Doll, Bridge Collapse, Whale AttackOct 11, 2011
Siamese Twins, Assassin Umbrella, Capone Haunted CellOct 4, 2011
Concorde, Robert the Doll, Unabombers ShedJan 11, 2011
USS Intrepid, Seattle Glue Pot, Wing WalkersJan 11, 2011
Dillinger's Death Mask, Frisbee, ShipwreckJan 4, 2011
Theremin, Silly Putty, Tacoma Narrows BridgeDec 28, 2010
Rosa Parks, Elliot Ness, BigfootDec 21, 2010
Greensboro Lunch, Radithor, WWII U-BoatDec 14, 2010
T Rex Skeleton, Slinky, McKinley NightshirtDec 7, 2010
Bonnie & Clyde Rifle, Deep Sea FishNov 30, 2010
Japanese WMD's, Houdini Stature...Nov 23, 2010
San Francisco Quake, Mastodon StoryNov 16, 2010
Prehistoric Monster, 60-Year-Old Government Cover-UpNov 9, 2010
Alcatraz, Enigma Machine, Real Mona LisaNov 2, 2010
1906 EarthquakeFeb 20, 2019
The Loch Ness Monster LivesFeb 13, 2019
The Watergate ScandalFeb 6, 2019
Amazing Origins Dec 26, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a legendary marksman who faced a terrible challenge, the real wizard behind the curtain and a mysterious ring that inspired a literary masterpiece.

Skyscraper Seance, Frozen Woman and Black Widow Nov 7, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a seance to contact the spirit of Thomas Edison, the harrowing near-death experience of a woman found frozen in the snow and the explosive end to a black widow's killing spree

Special: Zodiac KillerOct 3, 2018
Killer Space Germs, The Yeti's Hand and The Bug That Changed History Oct 3, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the mysterious bacteria that imperiled the NASA space program, the decrepit remains of a mythical beast and a hidden insect that painted the world in a whole new color.

This episode should slot in between eps s21e15 & s21e16 on your website, but is numbered as s21e9 on Travel Channel's website:
I've labeled as special because I don't want to further destroy the numbering of season 21's screwed up numbering.

Atomic Age Sep 26, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a nuclear malfunction that almost destroyed the world, an underground bunker for members of Congress and a daring WWII plot to sabotage the Nazis' nuclear program.

Freaks of Nature Sep 19, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the origins of a real unicorn featured at a popular circus, the bizarre trial of a rooster that hatched an egg and a legendary creature from the American West.

Secrets of The Deep Sep 12, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a real-life sea monster, an underwater creature that became an unlikely WWII enemy and a mysterious design discovered on the ocean floor.

First Time Explorers Sep 5, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a professor's lifelong quest to uncover an ancient city, a record-breaking race around the world inspired by Jules Verne and a journey by snowmobile to the North Pole.

Unbelievable Inventions Aug 29, 2018

Don Wildman investigates an underwater breathing machine, an out-of-this-world fabric fastener and a musical invention that struck a major chord.

CleopatraJun 28, 2018
Cold War SecretsJun 14, 2018
Lindbergh KidnappingMay 31, 2018
Hidden Histories May 24, 2018

Don Wildman investigates how the Eiffel Tower was almost torn down, the suspicious death of a legendary artist and a new theory on the sinking of the Titanic.

Crime Fighters May 17, 2018

Don Wildman investigates one of the most prolific bank robbers in history, the first female detective in the NYPD and a ruthless crook who was caught red handed.

Biggest Cons May 10, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a scam artist who sold the Eiffel Tower, the man who invented the Ponzi scheme and a computer nerd who became the world's greatest slot cheat.

Close Encounters May 3, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a bizarre case of glistening orbs over a stadium, unusual patterns in crop fields and a NASA photograph that launched an alien conspiracy.

American Icons Apr 26, 2018

Don Wildman investigates the origin of a legendary statue, a national symbol designed by a high school student and the Liberty Bell's narrow escape from the British army.

Secret Identities Apr 19, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a seductive spy who used her assets to steal Nazi codes, a founding father's outrageous literary hoax and a mysterious golfer with an enormous talent and a dark past ...

Medical Marvels Apr 12, 2018

Don Wildman investigates a woman who claimed to give birth to rabbits, a curious case of a young girl with magnetic superpowers and an epidemic of explosive teeth.

Incredible Crimes Nov 2, 2017

Don Wildman investigates the stories behind the world's most infamous heists and scams, including a rigged game show where the contestants knew the answers and an artistic treasure that was stolen right off the museum's walls.

Hoaxes Jun 15, 2017

Don Wildman investigates a culinary caper that fooled the world, a legendary radio broadcast from outer space and a car that promised an automotive revolution.

Animal Heroes Jun 8, 2017

Don Wildman examines a bear cub that captured the heart of America, a horse that could allegedly solve math problems and a heroic canine that saved a village.

Lost Civilizations Jun 1, 2017

Don Wildman examines an enigmatic canoe that unlocked the origins of a forgotten civilization, the tale of a colony that vanished into thin air and an army buried underground in pursuit of eternal life.

Blast from the Past May 25, 2017

Don Wildman investigates the revolutionary ideas and iconic inventions that helped shape the modern world, including the story about a man who turned a pile of rocks into a gold mine and the tale of a woman who made Tupperware the life of the party.

Record Breakers May 18, 2017

Don Wildman investigates men and women who push the limits, including a parachuting thrill seeker who reached new heights as a real-life Batman and one woman who went over Niagara Falls and into the history books.

King Tut: Mysteries at the Museum Jan 26, 2017

Exploring the entire story of King Tut deep in the heart of Egypt, from the initial discovery by archaeologist Howard Carter to the curse of the pharaoh.

Dinosaurs: Mysteries at the Museum Jan 19, 2017

One of the world's greatest prehistoric mysteries, the dinosaurs; a dig for new dinosaur bones; a road trip through the Midwest.

The White House: Mysteries at the Museum Jan 12, 2017

Exploring the major events that made the White House into the most powerful house in the world.

Alcatraz: Mysteries at the Museum Jan 5, 2017

The real story behind the notorious prison break on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco; new evidence on whether the escapees lived or died.

Titanic: Mysteries at the Museum Dec 29, 2016

Why exactly did the Titanic sink, and how could it have been avoided? To get a better understanding of the world's most enduring nautical tragedy, Don Wildman goes on the scene, under the water and up in the skies to investigate. It's an adventurous deep dive into one of the world's most iconic mysteries.

Worst Train Robbery, Wild West Rumble and the Legend of Jesse James Dec 15, 2016

A locomotive linked to a daring heist; a shotgun wielded by a gallant bandit; a manuscript that re-examines an iconic outlaw's legendary tale.

Skylab, Apollo One Tragedy and Space Monkey Dec 8, 2016

A piece of scorched debris that sparked a worldwide panic; a taxidermied primate; a seemingly odd pen that played a role in a historic cosmic quest.

UnearthedJul 23, 2015
UndercoverJul 16, 2015
Notorious New YorkJul 9, 2015
Mind BlowingJul 2, 2015
Incredible CreaturesJun 25, 2015
Forgotten HeroesJun 11, 2015
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Iconic L.A.May 28, 2015
Death DefyingMay 21, 2015
Secrets of Las VegasMay 14, 2015
Most ExplosiveMay 29, 2014
Weirdest WeaponsMay 15, 2014
Secrets of ChicagoMay 8, 2014
TrailblazersMay 1, 2014
Cloaked in SecrecyApr 17, 2014
Monumental Mysteries: A Mystery at the Museum SpecialJul 17, 2012
Most Extreme SpecialMar 13, 2012
Best of SpecialMar 6, 2012
Unsolved Cases SpecialFeb 28, 2012

When will be Mysteries At The Museum next episode air date?

Mysteries At The Museum Season 11 is yet to be announced by Travel Channel.

Is The Mysteries At The Museum renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 4/17/2019 and now is not renewed yet. Mysteries At The Museum is to be Premiered on Travel Channel

Where to countdown Mysteries At The Museum air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 11 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Mysteries At The Museum, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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