Paramedics Season 4: to Be Released in Late 2023 on Nine Network

Status: Late 2023
Latest Episode: 12/8/2022
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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Station: Nine Network
Genres: Medical

Paramedics is an Australian factual television series on the Nine Network from 2018.

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Episode 10 Dec 8, 2022

A suburban shooting has Cam and Al battling to save a young man's life. Risky and Nicola are super-impressed with a spritely 92-year-old. Nathan and Jodie patch up a dirt bike rider who's fallen five metres and landed on his bum.

Episode 9 Dec 1, 2022

Steve and Jade carry a fabulous range of painkillers, but their motorbike crash victim doesn't seem to want any. Father-Daughter team Teagan and Brett are called to a potential heart attack, but their patient is only in his teens.

Episode 8 Nov 17, 2022

MICA Matt faces a grim scenario, as a dearly loved great grandfather's lung collapses. Mike and Eamon rush to a man who collapses in a pizza restaurant. Brett and Teagan are on high alert, when a mother can't wake her child.

Episode 7 Nov 10, 2022

Alarm bells ring for Cam and Doddsy as a fit young man suddenly has multiple seizures. Steve and Jade support a scared young woman who's struggling to breathe. Leonard and Cullen attempt a trick-move to stop a woman's heart from racing.

Episode 6 Nov 3, 2022

Mike and Eamon worry a teen could have life-changing head injuries after a fall and seizure at school. Steve and Jade deliver essential care for an incredible woman whose deteriorating health is on a knife edge.

Episode 5 Oct 27, 2022

Flight paramedic Steve and the team respond to a horrific crash, where a single-mum has gone off a bridge and into water. Newly-minted MICA paramedic Leonard needs all his skills to help a karate student make it back from a cardiac arrest.

Episode 4 Oct 20, 2022

Nicola and Risky find a driver who's had a seizure and crashed. Mike and Eamon get red flags treating a mother having a stroke. Jodie and Nathan stay safe while tending a patient putting himself and others in danger.

Episode 3 Oct 13, 2022

Cam's confronted with carnage after a motorcyclist crashes into parked cars. New partners Jodie and Nathan rush to an overheated triathlete who collapses over the finish line. Steve and the flight crew hold a rural GP's life in their hands.

Episode 2 Oct 6, 2022

Andrew and Doddsy race to help a motorcyclist on the brink of death. Will Taz and Erica discover their patient Edward is right about having a heart attack? Eamon has a surprise announcement for Mike.

Episode 1 Sep 29, 2022

Flight paramedic Steve heads to the country after a tractor topples over and crushes a farmer. Taz and Erika hope for the best as a much-loved grandma collapses. A woman having multiple seizures has Michaela and Simon on high alert.

Episode 11 Oct 21, 2021

MICA paramedic Steve is forced to deploy a high risk procedure to save a man who's heart is beating out of control. With his distressed family watching on, there are no guarantees the drastic treatment will work. Flight paramedic Ray fears the worst when a young woman crashes through her car's rear window and smashes onto the road. It's party time ahead of Leonard's last shift with his great friend Nat but they will be confronted with one last challenge before an emotional goodbye.

Episode 10 Oct 14, 2021

Steve races to remote bushland where a huge tree has fallen and crushed a man's leg. Cullen takes drastic action to save a critically ill patient. Homesick Emily 'adopts' a Nanna for the day, when she and Steve help a much-loved Gran.

Episode 9 Oct 6, 2021

Steve and Emily are ready for anything as an office worker is hot and dizzy and down to his undies. Eamon is unimpressed with Mike's fashion sense. A former grave digger surprises Cullen by laughing in the face of death.

Episode 8 Sep 29, 2021

A 76-year-old motorbike rider suffers horrific injuries after catapulting into trees. Al and Cam race to a lung cancer survivor gasping for air. Mike joins the 'fun' ambulance to help seriously ill children escape from their daily challenges.

Episode 7 Sep 22, 2021

A 38-year-old man has suffered a massive attack while enjoying a day off with his wife in their spa. A teen footballer has collapsed after a bruising tackle. Eamon's charm offensive might not work with feisty 94-year-old Miffy.

Episode 6 Sep 15, 2021

Cullen faces every parent's nightmare as a six-year-old child is hit by a car. Simon and Michaela battle to help a man whose pacemaker is misfiring, sending agonising shocks through his system. Tanie and Marlie fear for their safety.

Episode 5 Sep 8, 2021

Every twelve seconds across Victoria, a call for help is made to emergency services. Simon and Michaela perform a high risk intervention on a seizure patient. Cullen races to a man with horrific injuries from a horrific crash.

Episode 4 Sep 1, 2021

A little girl's terrifying seizure has Glenice on high alert. Marlie and Tanie treat a skateboard rider who has crashed at high speed without a helmet. Mike and Eamon celebrate a fun career milestone.

Episode 3 Aug 25, 2021

In rugged bushland, a car has crashed one hundred metres down a ravine. Rescuing the injured driver turns into a nightmare for flight paramedic Ray. And can a teenager survive a terrifying fall through a skylight.

Episode 2 Aug 18, 2021

Thousands of calls come through each day to Victoria's ambulance service. Nat and Leonard head to a hotel pool, after a romantic escape ends in disaster for a young mum. Eamon and Mike treat a traumatised child attacked by a dog.

Episode 1 Aug 11, 2021

Natalie and Leonard comfort a schoolboy who has fallen metres out of a tree and landed on his head. Cam fights to save a father in cardiac arrest. Matt and the flight crew race to a fellow paramedic bitten by a deadly brown snake, but reaching her in a remote location proves to be almost impossible. And Mike and Eamon get the call to support a young woman with a debilitating yet all-too-common condition, endometriosis.

Episode 20 Jul 21, 2020

An agitated burns victim puts Ray and the helicopter crew to the test. A baby's allergic reaction has Mike and Eamon working their charm on both bub and an anxious Mum, and a critically ill bus driver makes the toughest journey of his life.

Episode 19 Jun 30, 2020

Flight paramedic Ray joins a massive rescue mission in treacherous conditions near Victoria's Twelve Apostles. Amanda finds an admirer in a patient with a colourful past. Can Glenice save the victim of a horror car crash?

Episode 18 Jun 23, 2020

Cam worries his patient might give birth to twins in the back of the ambulance while Mike and Eamon's patient has a scare at early stages of her pregnancy. A puzzling case for Nat and Leonard and big dreams for a budding little paramedic.

Episode 17 Jun 16, 2020

Cullen fights to save a man who's choking to death. Will Mike and Eamon need to break down doors to get to a possible stroke patient? Carina and Doddsy are called to help one of their own, after a young paramedic is attacked on the job.

Episode 16 Jun 10, 2020

Carina and Doddsy rush to a car crash where a young man's life hangs in the balance. Amanda and Leonard help a scared Mum who has found her 11-year-old daughter lifeless on the floor, and is Leonard's baby about to make an early entrance?

Episode 15 Jun 3, 2020

A retired cowboy gets back in the ring with disastrous results, Glenice helps a young couple fighting to save their 6-year-old daughter who's suffering from a shocking disease, and Amanda and Taz get a lesson on making a marriage last.

Episode 14 May 27, 2020

Glenice rushes to the rescue of a scared elderly man who's been trapped in his bathtub for days. Cam is called out to help a tiny patient in big trouble. A grave situation for Taz and Amanda, and Nat wins herself an admirer.

Episode 13 May 20, 2020

Cam responds to a call for help from parents desperate to save their son who is bleeding to death. Mike and Eamon are confronted with a martial arts injury, and a father-and-son weekend becomes a dad's worst nightmare.

Episode 12 May 13, 2020

Australia's ambulance crews fight to save lives in this gripping factual series. Cameras capture unguarded moments of compassion, love and laughter, giving unprecedented insight into the daily lives of these emergency service heroes.

Episode 11 May 6, 2020

Mike and Eamon treat a car accident victim who's also been brutally stabbed. Nat and Leonard help a golfer who's feeling sub-par. And Glenice meets a hero dog who raises the alarm when his owner is thrown from her horse.

Episode 10 Apr 29, 2020

A gripping emergency airlift for a woman who's suffered a massive stroke. A patient refuses to go to hospital without his beloved dog and a fun day at a waterpark turns into a nightmare.

Episode 9 Apr 22, 2020

A bumpy ride for Amanda and Taz as they rush to a foster Mum in agony. Flight paramedic Matt races to help a student who is critically injured in a school sporting accident. Eamon works his charms on a distressed cyclist.

Episode 8 Apr 15, 2020

Cam answers a dangerous callout to save a patient in crisis. What surprise does Amanda have in store to celebrate Taz's ten years in the service? Mike and Eamon's concerns grow for a newlywed couple who've come off their motorbike.

Episode 7 Apr 8, 2020

Can Cam's detective skills crack a critical case? Nicola and Risky are baffled by a woman's bizarre symptoms. A laid back patient with a major problem has Leonard and Amanda on tenterhooks and Ray helps the victim of a high-speed car crash.

Episode 6 Apr 1, 2020

Leonard and Nat are called to a road accident that leaves a driver trapped, showing signs of amnesia. A mountain bike crash results in shocking facial injuries. Eamon and Mike play referee to an allergy patient and his protective mum.

Episode 5 Mar 10, 2020

Carina and Doddsy battle traffic to save a child. Taz and Amanda have a hair-raising encounter with a dog bite victim. Cullen responds to a devastating road accident. Glenice takes a coastal trek to reach the victim of a selfie gone wrong.

Episode 4 Mar 3, 2020

A mother is badly injured in a car crash and is desperate to find her baby girl. A shop assistant mysteriously collapses. Will expectant parents meet their baby in the back of the ambulance before Mike or Eamon can get them to hospital?

Episode 3 Feb 25, 2020

Matt attempts a difficult rescue of an injured paraglider. A horse trainer is critical after being kicked in the head. An aggressive patient at a train station puts Taz and Amanda to the test. A hit and run endangers a baby's life.

Episode 2 Feb 18, 2020

A shocking motorcycle accident leaves a family man in critical condition. Can surgery in the back of an ambulance keep him alive? Cam races to help a baby arriving in a hurry. Amanda and Taz help a little patient who's had a big fall.

Episode 1 Feb 11, 2020

This series is produced with the help of Ambulance Victoria and features unrivalled access to paramedics, with vision captured from up to 60 cameras rigged in ambulances, helicopters and on motorbikes.

Episode 10 Dec 6, 2018

Mark races to help a young father in danger of losing his arm, following a horrific workplace accident. After a car crash leaves a trail of destruction creating chaos, Nat and Leonard are shocked by a patient's surprising revelation.

Episode 9 Nov 29, 2018

A mysterious young woman found unresponsive on a bus has Carina baffled. Matt becomes concerned after a frightened car crash survivor loses her memory. Risky and Nicola are confronted by an unwanted intruder.

Episode 8 Nov 22, 2018

Every second counts as paramedics try to reach an unconscious patient by breaking into her house. Mark and Carina treat a man with a life-threatening condition, where the only way to save him is to stop his heart.

Episode 7 Nov 15, 2018

Mark is called to a volatile emergency as a man leaps from a moving car and goes on a rampage. Flight paramedic Ray races to a camping trip SOS. Amanda and Leonard treat a badly injured tourist after an ill-fated skateboarding attempt.

Episode 6 Nov 8, 2018

Matt treats a patient burnt in a work-place explosion, but bad weather jeopardises the flight to hospital. Nat presses Leonard to propose marriage. Mark struggles with a misbehaving driver who's crashed into a pole.

Episode 5 Nov 1, 2018

Nat and Leonard battle to save an elderly woman after a suspected stroke. Taz and Amanda race to help a child trapped in a car outside a kindergarten, all while the on-board GPS led them astray, and later found a family dog is also in the car.

Episode 4 Oct 25, 2018

Nat and Leonard get a surprise while treating a suspected drug overdose, who was later found to be wanted by police after breaching bail conditions. A heartbreaking fall for a 98-year-old woman requires a delicate rescue mission.

Episode 3 Oct 18, 2018

Mark and Carina race to save a young woman struggling to breathe from a severe asthma attack. Matt airlifts a trauma patient to hospital after a horror car crash. Taz and Amanda find a fun way of deciding who drives the ambulance.

Episode 2 Oct 11, 2018

Mark and Carina race to help a critically injured paraglider who's crashed into a cliff but challenging terrain hinders progress as night closes in. Jamie and Mike struggle to convince a cyclist hit by a car to go to hospital, fearing her adrenaline is masking multiple injuries. A bed bugs case has Nicola and Michelle getting itchy all over, while Taz and Amanda rush to aid a man who's collapsed in agony at his workplace.

Episode 1 Oct 4, 2018

Taz and rookie Amanda face a life-and-death scenario where every second counts in treating a man who collapsed after leaving a sauna. Meanwhile Jamie and Mike deliver friendly first aid to a colourful character having a tough time. Natalie and Leonard find a novel way to lift an elderly patient's spirits, and Matt and his helicopter crew make an emergency flight to Shepparton to save a two-year-old girl who has fallen unconscious and stopped breathing.

When will be Paramedics next episode air date?

Paramedics Season 5 is yet to be announced Late 2023 and to Premiere on Nine Network.

Is The Paramedics renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 4. Next Episode Paramedics Season 5 is renewed

Where to countdown Paramedics air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 5 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Paramedics, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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