Power Rangers Season 30 is to Premiere on Nickelodeon

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 9/29/2023
Created by: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy
Official site: www.powerrangers.com
Station: Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Super Charge is an American animated action and adventure television series is created by Haim Saban and Toei Company

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Name Air Dates
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always Apr 19, 2023

The Rangers come face-to-face with a familiar threat from the past. In the midst of a global crisis, they are called on once again to be the heroes the world needs.

Things Unspoken Sep 29, 2022

Izzy is torn following Fern's acceptance to a faraway college. The Rangers try to stop Quickspine and Mucus from stealing Carlos' key.

Wishful Thinking Sep 29, 2022

After Hexcurio transforms her into human form, Mucus tricks Javi, Amelia and Ollie into buying cursed wish charms.

Morphin Master Sep 29, 2022

The Green Morphin Master heals Zayto and gives the Dino Master Sabers to the Rangers, returning to their mission to stop Lord Zedd.

Rafkon Revealed Sep 29, 2022

When the Rangers journey to Rafkon, they discover Lord Zedd's plan to find the Sporix generator that can help him build his evil army.

Love Hate Sep 29, 2022

After Ollie botches telling Amelia that he wants her to be his valentine, Lord Zedd sends the villainous Sizzurai to use a mind control weapon on him.

Ultimate Mystery Sep 29, 2022

Amelia investigates reports of Bigfoot roaming Pine Ridge. General Shaw warns the Rangers that a villain might be head their way due to a jail break.

The Nemesis Sep 29, 2022

After Tarrick moves the energy cocoon outside of the city, the Rangers must do battle with the Void Queen and her massive Nemesis beast.

The Truth Sep 29, 2022

As citizens feel in the wake of the Sporix beast invasion, the Rangers find an energy cocoon created by the Void Queen that could destroy Pine Ridge.

The Invasion Sep 29, 2022

A band of Rafkonians arrive looking to colonize Earth, but the Rangers talk them into joining forces to stop the Void Queen's Sporix beasts.

Bad Vibes Sep 29, 2022

When Izzy and javi are hit by blasts from a special weapon, they're brainwashed into helping the Void Queen with her plot to steal the Sporix.

Guilt Trip Sep 29, 2022

The Void King and Queen attempt to put their nefarious plans for Pine Ridge into action by distracting the Rangers with a diversion in Japan.

Tiny Trouble Mar 3, 2022

Aiyon's favorite Zord joins the Rangers, but it seems to have shrunk to the size of a football, and he accidentally loses it! As they search for the valuable Zord, Aiyon learns a lesson about responsibility.

The Copycat Mar 3, 2022

Javi must come up with a new tune after his song for a competition is stolen. Mucus suggests a fresh way to beat the Rangers.

Losers Weepers Mar 3, 2022

Aiyon and Izzy find a secret stash of cash — and a powerful necklace that turns creatures mega-sized.

The Hunt Mar 3, 2022

Amelia leads the crew on a search for a ghost caught on camera. A new robot programmed to crush and conquer hunts down the Rangers.

Serious Business Mar 3, 2022

The Rangers question Void Knight's intentions. Santaura comes up with a new strategy to hunt down her former partner in crime.

New Leaf Mar 3, 2022

Santaura convinces Void Knight and wicked Squashblight to contaminate the city's water supply and turn all the residents into trees.

Jam Session Mar 3, 2022

Javi notices a powerful Dino Key on a band leader's necklace. The Rangers power up to face off against Void Knight's nasty new gizmo.

Stitched Up Mar 3, 2022

Izzy gets frustrated about the outfit her mom designed for the prom. The Rangers battle a Sporix creature with an appetite for trash.

Numero Uno Mar 3, 2022

Amelia is busy running Buzzblast while Jane is away.

The Festival Mar 3, 2022

Wreckmate returns more powerful than ever, and the Rangers realize they need a new weapon.

Missing Pieces Mar 3, 2022

Slyther places a magic spell on the Rangers, removing their recent memories and replacing them with false ones.

Secret Santa Dec 18, 2021

While the Rangers fight to get Santa's magic sketchbook back from the villains, Javi and Solon are caught in a trap.

Void Trap Dec 11, 2021

The Rangers need Dr. Akana's help to stop Void Knight's evil scheme – but Ollie disagrees with Zayto's plan, afraid it will put his mother in danger.

Waking Nightmares Dec 4, 2021

Seeking new Zords, Zayto is trapped on a distant planet and Aiyon makes a risky trip to save him. Together they must confront the nightmares of their past before the Zords can be found.

The Makeover Nov 27, 2021

The villains use a Sporix Beast with body-swapping powers to chase pirate treasure, which interferes with Amelia's attempt to makeover Pop-Pop for a date.

Crossed Wires Nov 20, 2021

Izzy attempts to hide her struggles with electronics class, putting the Rangers at risk when they rely on those skills during a battle.

Our Hero Nov 13, 2021

Aiyon gets free ice cream as a thank you for a heroic act, and the perks go to his head. When his Zord is captured, Aiyon learns what it means to be a true hero.

Ancient History Nov 6, 2021

Aiyon, the new Gold Ranger, reveals the dark truth about Zayto's past and the Dino Fury Rangers learn what makes a true leader.

Storm Surge Oct 30, 2021

Ollie agrees to help Javi with a story, but his desire for new tech distracts him from his promise. The villains exploit his obsession, and Ollie learns a lesson about priorities.

Old Foes Oct 23, 2021

Ollie boasts to his friends that he's afraid of nothing! But when the other Dino Fury Rangers are captured by a formidable foe, Ollie realizes his biggest fear.

The Matchmaker Oct 16, 2021

Javi thinks Izzy has a crush on a friend and he sets them up on a date, but his assumption causes big problems when the monsters smell love in the air.

Super Hotshot Oct 9, 2021

Izzy is convinced a new coach is going to take her athletics to the next level. Her training aspirations are put to the test when she discovers the coach's true motivations. 

McScary Manor Oct 2, 2021

Amelia hunts for ghosts at a creepy mansion. But there's no supernatural sighting - only a fierce face-off with pyramid-shaped Tombtress.


Phoning Home Sep 25, 2021

A knight from Zayto's home planet suddenly appears at Dinohenge with a message that might be too good to be true... and Solon has her suspicions.

Cut Off Sep 18, 2021

The Rangers tease Ollie for bringing all of his gadgets on a camping trip. But his tech might be their only hope when sinister Sporix suddenly attack.

Unexpected Guest Apr 17, 2021

A familiar face arrives on Earth and Zayto dismisses his quest as a distraction; after he saves the Rangers from a powerful Sporix Beast, Zayto realizes an important lesson.

Stego Search Apr 10, 2021

The Warden takes away Javi's keytar, putting him in a bad mood, which he refuses to explain to the team; Javi is forced to open up about his problems in order to find his Zord.

Superstition Strikes Apr 3, 2021

Amelia thinks she is cursed with bad luck and is reluctant to help the Rangers, afraid she will cause more harm; but when monsters attack the base, she learns the truth about luck.

Winning Attitude Mar 27, 2021

Izzy is determined to win a big race with the help of her Special Olympics athlete cousin, Lily; after Lily misses a training session and Izzy rejects more help, her sportsmanship is put to the test.

New Recruits Mar 20, 2021

General Boomtower tries to steal a mysterious orb from the city museum; when the Rangers struggle to stop him, they get help from an unexpected source.

Lost Signal Mar 6, 2021

The Rangers intercept a mysterious message from outer space and Zayto is desperate to know if it was sent from his home planet. Unable to decipher it and losing hope, he remembers another important message from the past.

Sporix Unleashed Feb 27, 2021

Ollie carries out a plan to catch Sporix without his teammates' knowledge. When monsters take advantage of his idea, Ollie realizes the benefit of working as a team.

Destination Dinohenge Feb 20, 2021

Go-getting reporter Amelia accompanies Ollie and his mom, Dr. Akana, to investigate the mysterious Dinohenge statues. The run into an evil warrior named Void Knight and a threat that puts the entire world in danger.

Evox Unleashed Dec 12, 2020

Evox executes his master plan, and the Rangers must do everything they can to stop him, even potentially sacrifice one of their own.

Source Code Dec 5, 2020

Nate makes a horrifying discovery and must rely on the wisdom of an ally to help him work through it.

Crunch Time Nov 28, 2020

Devon falls victim to a bad influence, which affects his relationship with Cruise.

Fossil Frenzy Nov 21, 2020

When Zoey accidentally ruins her brother's chances for a scholarship, she'll do anything to make it right.

The Silva Switch Nov 14, 2020

Nate and Steel accidentally swap bodies.

Goin' Ape Nov 7, 2020

Ravi and Roxy's anniversary hits a major snag when a misunderstanding gets out of control.

Golden Opportunity Oct 31, 2020

Nate is reunited with his do-gooder parents, who offer him a compelling and difficult choice.

Grid Connection (3) Oct 24, 2020

In an epic battle, the Beast Morphers team up with the Dino Thunder, Dino Charge, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to defeat the newest member of Evox's team.

Making Bad Oct 17, 2020

Evox decides to add a new villain to his team and commands his minions to find the evilest villain of all time.

Finders Keepers (1) Oct 10, 2020

A hasty decision by Zoey puts an old friend in danger.

The Greater Good Oct 3, 2020

The Rangers do everything they can to help their new ally return home.

Intruder Alert! Sep 26, 2020

The Rangers receive a strange message from outer space warning of an impending threat.

The Evox Snare Sep 19, 2020

Grid Battleforce shuts down the Morph-X towers to lure Evox into a trap.

Secret Struggle Apr 25, 2020

Steel learns that Nate and Zoey have feelings for each other and tries to bring them together, despite the strict Grid Battleforce rules that forbid relationships between Power Rangers.

Boxed In Apr 18, 2020

The Pan Global Games have arrived in Coral Harbor, but Ranger duties prevents the teens from attending any of the events.

Beast King Rampage Apr 11, 2020

The Rangers are given access to a powerful new Zord, but Evox has designs to steal it for himself.

The Blame Game Apr 4, 2020

Steel learns the concept of discipline and takes it too far, putting one of the Rangers in real danger.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Mar 28, 2020

Devon discovers that Cruise has some skills that will help the Beast Morphers Rangers in battle, and pushes him to join the team. 

Artist Anonymous Mar 14, 2020

Ravi secretly repaints a local art mural, but a strange artist arrives and claims the work as his own.

Game On! Mar 7, 2020

It's not all fun and games when Devon's favorite video game is brought to life in the form of a new Robotron.

Save Our Shores Feb 29, 2020

A huge trash spill at the beach endangers the local wildlife; Scrozzle sets about finding reinforcements.

Believe It or Not Feb 22, 2020

The Rangers are skeptical when Steel says he's found clues that proves Evox may have returned.

Scrozzle's Revenge Dec 14, 2019

When the Rangers get trapped inside holiday ornaments, their Beast Bots must save both the Rangers and the city.

Evox: Upgraded Dec 7, 2019

The Rangers mount a desperate mission to stop Evox once and for all.

Target: Tower Nov 30, 2019

Evox and his minions hatch the ultimate plan to take over the Morphin Grid.

Rewriting History Nov 23, 2019

The Rangers are brainwashed to think that Blaze and Roxy are part of their team.

Ranger Reveal Nov 16, 2019

When a movie star comes to town, the Rangers' secret identities are unexpectedly threatened.

Gorilla Art Nov 9, 2019

Ravi resorts to drastic measures when Smash accidentally discovers a closely guarded secret.

Seeing Red Nov 2, 2019

The Red Ranger gets amazing new powers, but they have unexpected side effects.

Sound and Fury Oct 26, 2019

The Rangers' skills are put to the test when Blaze uses evil tech to massively enhance his Robotron's destructive power.

Hypnotic Halloween Oct 19, 2019

The Rangers are hypnotized into believing that they are the characters they dressed up as for Halloween.

Tuba Triumph Oct 12, 2019

After witnessing a boy being bullied, Ravi takes him under his wing.

Real Steel Oct 5, 2019

When Nate and Steel unexpectedly clash, it leads to double trouble for the team.

Tools of the Betrayed Sep 28, 2019

An innocent lie leads to a break in trust between the Power Rangers.

Thrills and Drills Sep 21, 2019

Ravi must face one of his worst fears when it interferes with his Ranger duties.

Silver Sacrifice Sep 14, 2019

When Evox's new plan targets one of their own, the Beast Morphers Rangers must band together to save them.

The Cybergate Opens Apr 27, 2019

Scrozzle executes his plan to finally free Evox from the Cyber Dimension and the Rangers, along with an unexpected friend, must do everything in their power to stop him.

A Friend Indeed Apr 20, 2019

Evox targets the Beast Bots to stop the Rangers from forming their Megazord.

Hangar Heist Apr 13, 2019

Nate develops new technology from a captured Gigadrone and Devon struggles with fully trusting his team.

Taking Care of Business Apr 6, 2019

Devon finds it difficult to balance a new job he took to impress his dad, and the duties of being the Red Power Ranger.

Digital Deception Mar 30, 2019

Ravi is shocked when the evil Roxy comes to his rescue and wonders if there may still be good left in her.

End of the Road Mar 16, 2019

Zoey tries to convince the citizens of Coral Harbor to use Morph-X powered bikes instead of cars, but Blaze uses this opportunity to execute an evil plan.

Evox's Revenge Mar 9, 2019

When Grid Battleforce's Commander needs to select a leader for the team, the Power Rangers are at odds over who should get the job.

Beasts Unleashed Mar 2, 2019

Scientists tap into the Morphin Grid, but an evil virus corrupts the technology and a new team of Power Rangers is formed to defend the Grid from evil.

The Poisy Show Dec 1, 2018

When an old foe of the Rangers returns, the Rangers call upon Santa Claus to help them save the world.

Reaching the Nexus Nov 10, 2018

The Rangers must figure out how to save the citizens of Summer Cove and stop Odius once and for all.

Doom Signal Nov 3, 2018

Odius has a devious plan to create a massive army to control the world.

Magic Misfire Oct 27, 2018

One of Preston's spells accidentally causes unintended consequences for one of his favorite teachers which he must now fix.

Monster Mix-Up Oct 20, 2018

The Super Ninja Steel Rangers are ambushed my monsters who switch bodies with them.

Happy to Be Me Oct 13, 2018

When a monster steals Levi's voice, he learns an important lesson about self-worth.

Car Trouble Oct 6, 2018

Calvin is faced with a tough decision when he is offered his dream job.

Tech Support Sep 29, 2018

The Rangers need the help of an unlikely ally when their technology is infected with a computer virus.

Sheriff Skyfire Sep 22, 2018

A Space Sheriff is tricked into attacking the Rangers; Hayley learns an important lesson about respecting school rules.

Prepare to Fail Sep 15, 2018

Sarah gets overconfident about a test while Madame Odius summons one of her strongest monsters, Brax.

Fan Frenzy Sep 8, 2018

Dreadwolf attempts to transform the Power Rangers, and one of Levi's fans, into werewolves.

Love Stings Sep 1, 2018

Preston learns not to believe everything he hears.

Dimensions in Danger Aug 28, 2018

In a very special 25th Anniversary episode, the Super Ninja Steel Rangers team up with Legendary Rangers in an epic battle to save the world.

Outfoxed Aug 25, 2018

After their Zords are disabled by Odius' giant Foxatron, the Rangers must find a new way to stop her evil Zord.

Caught Red-Handed Mar 17, 2018

Brody is accused of stealing something from one of his teachers.

The Need for Speed Mar 10, 2018

Sarah tries to break the world hoverboard speed record using a strange new technology.

Attack of the Galactic Ninjas Mar 3, 2018

The Galactic Ninjas arrive on Earth to destroy the Rangers once and for all.

Game Plan Feb 24, 2018

The students of Summer Cove High become addicted to a new video game.

Making Waves Feb 17, 2018

When a monster threatens Summer Cove, the Rangers tap into the power of a brand new Megazord!

Tough Love Feb 10, 2018

Levi tries to change himself to impress a mysterious street performer.

Moment of Truth Feb 3, 2018

When Calvin forgets his and Hayley's anniversary, he panics and ends up a spinning a web of lies to cover up his mistake.

Echoes of Evil Jan 27, 2018

Madame Odius returns to Earth to track down the Ninja Nexus Prism.

Past, Presents and Future Dec 2, 2017

Sarah teams up with Santa Claus to save Christmas and the Power Rangers from a time-manipulating monster.

Galvanax Rises Nov 18, 2017

Galvanax comes to Earth with a new, seemingly unstoppable plan to defeat the Power Rangers.

Helping Hand Nov 4, 2017

Sarah must contend with her mother's interference when she tries to upgrade her hover board's battery; Vic and Monty's invention may have disastrous consequences for the Power Rangers.

Abrakadanger Oct 28, 2017

Evil magic and a spell gone awry leaves Preston the last Ranger standing against Galaxy Warrior's newest contestant.

The Adventures of Redbot Oct 21, 2017

Redbot documents the adventures of the Power Rangers on his new blog, while a cat-like monster attempts to steal the Ninja Power Stars.

Monkey BusinessOct 14, 2017
Grave Robber Oct 7, 2017

Hayley and Calvin's relationship is tested when they both decide to run for student body president.

The Royal RumbleSep 23, 2017
The Royal Rival Sep 16, 2017

A mysterious princess and her royal guard arrive on Earth to challenge the Rangers.

Ace and the Race Sep 9, 2017

Calvin gets distracted from his friends, spending all his time buddying up to his idol, a fellow car enthusiast unworthy of Calvin's friendship.

Family Fusion Sep 2, 2017

The Rangers access a powerful new Megazord formation to battle Ripcon.

Poisonous Plots Aug 26, 2017

Galvanax's latest contestant poisons Brody and the Rangers must make the ultimate sacrifice to save him.

The Ranger Ribbon Aug 19, 2017

When Summer Cove's sentimental ``Ribbon Tree'' is in danger of being cut down by Preston's wealthy father, Preston must learn to stand up to his father to save what is important.

Rocking & Rolling Aug 12, 2017

Levi excitedly embarks on his world tour, but as mysterious earthquakes start shaking up Summer Cove, he faces a tough decision.

Gold Rush Mar 18, 2017

Both the Power Rangers and Galvanax attempt to find more information about the new, mysterious Gold Ranger.

Hack Attack Mar 18, 2017

Determined to take part in as many student activities as she can, Sarah builds a device that allows her to clone herself, but the plan backfires when Galvanax's monster steals the technology for himself.

My Friend, Redbot Mar 4, 2017

Hayley is targeted by Galvanax's latest monster; isolated from the other Rangers, Hayley and Redbot and Kody must work together to save themselves.

Drive to Survive Feb 25, 2017

When the Power Rangers are caught in the spider web of Galvanax's latest monster, Tangleweb, Calvin must conquer his fear to unlock a new power and save them.

Presto Changeo-O Feb 11, 2017

To his amazement, Preston's magical abilities become real; Galvanax engages a mutant turtle who can bring the Rangers to a crawl.

Live and Learn Feb 4, 2017

Brody gets accused of cheating on his first day of school after using his Datacom to find answers and must lead the Rangers against another threat from Galvanax.

Forged in Steel Jan 28, 2017

Brody, Preston and Sarah return to Brody's childhood home in an attempt to find his lost family; Hayley and Calvin encounter a strange alien named Mick.

Return of the Prism Jan 21, 2017

Brody escapes to Earth from an alien spaceship with a special artifact called the Ninja Nexus Prism; Brody and two new friends must unlock an artifact's secrets to defend it from the villainous champion Galvanax.

Here Comes Heximas Dec 10, 2016

The Rangers are surprised when they find mysterious Secret Santa gifts that put them under the spell of Heximas, an evil monster who plans to send everyone a cursed lump of coal on Christmas so he can control Earth.

End of Extinction Nov 19, 2016

When the Rangers' base is attacked, they must use every weapon in their arsenal to keep the Energems from the villain's grasp.

Edge of ExtinctionNov 12, 2016
The Rangers Rock! Nov 5, 2016

The Rangers come up with a plan to steal the Dark Energem with the help of an unlikely, new ally.

Worgworld Oct 29, 2016

The Rangers have to act quickly when an evil monster's music causes anyone who listens to it to become a zombie.

Freaky Fightday Oct 22, 2016

The Rangers are determined to catch the vandal who has been spray-painting the museum walls; Snide convinces Lord Arcanon that he can help him steal the Energems.

Wings of Danger Oct 15, 2016

The Rangers attempt to convince Zenowing that they are more powerful when they work as a team.

Trick or Trial Oct 8, 2016

The Rangers are summoned to an intergalactic trial for crimes against monsters they have destroyed.

Silver Secret Oct 1, 2016

Tyler joins Shelby in auditioning for the popular New Zealand band, The N-Zed Boys; an ally arrives, but the Rangers suspect he has an ulterior motive.

Recipe for Disaster Sep 24, 2016

Chase is determined to master a dessert recipe from his native country, New Zealand; Arcanon, an evil monster, comes to earth to find the Energems.

Catching Some Rays Sep 10, 2016

Koda opens a forbidden section of the cave where his family once lived, and accidentally unleashes an ancient evil.

Love at First Fight Sep 3, 2016

Beauticruel plans to use Poisandra's magic paint and brush to make any man fall in love with her; Heckyl devises a plan to steal the Rangers' energems.

Gone Fishin' Aug 27, 2016

The Silver Ranger contacts Kendall from space to reveal the location of a new Zord, but the message is intercepted by Singe and Fury.

Besties 4Eva! Aug 20, 2016

Shelby's friend Erin tries to steal credit from the Pink Ranger and quickly finds trouble.

Riches and Rags Mar 26, 2016

Ivan uses a 1000-year-old suit of armor as a training dummy, and finds himself in debt after destroying it; Heckyl sends a hybrid monster named Spell Digger to spread greed to anyone who touches his gold coins.

Home Run Koda Mar 19, 2016

Kendall creates a new victory charger that requires the core five Energems; when Riley becomes Koda's baseball coach, he has a hard time pulling himself away to help the other Rangers.

Forged Under Fire Mar 5, 2016

When Tyler's Energem is cracked, he must dig deep into the earth to mend it with the extreme heat of lava.

Roar of the Red Ranger Feb 27, 2016

Tyler attempts to master the new T-Rex Super Charge Mode, but when Heckyl plants a virus in Kendall's computer the new Dino Charger malfunctions and makes Tyler go wild.

A Date with Danger Feb 20, 2016

Chase tries to impress his new girlfriend, Kaylee, by showing how talented and accomplished he is. But when it becomes more about him and less about her, Kaylee starts to fall for the Black Ranger instead.

Nightmare in Amber Beach Feb 13, 2016

Shelby receives a pillow from an unknown sender. When she uses it to take a nap, she starts living a nightmare. The Rangers suspect this must be from Snide so they all make sure to stay awake, but that proves to be harder than they thought.

Forgive and Forget Feb 6, 2016

Snide plans to contaminate the city's water supply with venom that makes you forget who you are; Riley has a score with an old rival at the Amber Beach marathon.

When Evil Stirs Jan 30, 2016

The Rangers believe their work is done after defeating Sledge, but an even more powerful monster begins to pick up where Sledge left off.

One More Energem Dec 12, 2015

With two Energems in Sledge's possession, the Rangers and Kendall must take the fight to his ship in order to save the world.

Race to Rescue Christmas Dec 5, 2015

When Poisandra steals Santa's computer, the Rangers must retrieve it before Christmas is canceled.

Wishing for a Hero Nov 28, 2015

While searching for a new Purple Ranger, the teens find all their personal wishes coming true in the worst way.

Deep Down Under Nov 21, 2015

With the purple Energem in hand, the Rangers race to find the purple Plesio Zord before Sledge can destroy it for good.

World Famous! (In New Zealand) Nov 14, 2015

When one of Sledge's transport pods is spotted in New Zealand, the Rangers head to Auckland and are shocked to discover the existence of a new Ranger.

No Matter How You Slice It Nov 7, 2015

When one of Sledge's monsters manages to break the Rangers' bonds of friendship, it's up to Riley and Koda to remind their team what they truly mean to each other.

Rise of a Ranger Oct 24, 2015

Prince Phillip discovers money can't buy the respect of an Energem when he embarks on his own quest to become a Power Ranger.

The Ghostest with the Mostest Oct 17, 2015

When a monster kidnaps a Ranger and takes on their appearance during a Halloween party, Kendall must discover which of the team is the fake before their Energems are stolen.

True Black Oct 10, 2015

When three Rangers become trapped in an underground tomb, it's a race against time for Chase to master his new power upgrade before his friends are lost forever.

Sync or Swim Oct 3, 2015

Tyler and Ivan's rivalry becomes a problem when it interferes with the Rangers' efforts to find and defuse a bomb that Sledge's monsters have planted.

Knight After Knights Sep 19, 2015

The Rangers must prove themselves worthy to win over their newest ally, the Gold Ranger; one of Sledge's monsters steals the Rangers' courage.

Break Out Sep 12, 2015

Koda and the Rangers fight to save an arrogant Prince and the Gold Energem from Fury.

The Royal Rangers Aug 29, 2015

When the Rangers find the Gold Energem among royal treasure, they decide to impersonate a Prince and Princess to trap Fury and regain control of the powerful Ptera Zord.

When Logic Fails Aug 3, 2015

Riley's logical mind is put to the test when the Rangers are trapped in a real-life maze by Fury and one of his henchmen.

Double Ranger, Double Danger Apr 4, 2015

When clone Rangers steal the real Rangers' tracking device, Fury learns the location of the powerful Ptera Zord.

Let Sleeping Zords Lie Mar 21, 2015

When one of Sledge's monster stings the Ankylo Zord, Shelby must use her advanced dinosaur knowledge to tame the wild beast.

The Tooth HurtsMar 14, 2015
Breaking Black Mar 7, 2015

A Maori fortune teller asks Chase for help guarding her shop from a potential thief; Chase falls under the spell of Sledge's latest monster.

Return of the Caveman Feb 28, 2015

When Chase and Koda are trapped in a cave by one of Sledge's monsters, Koda must rely on his caveman instincts to save himself and his friend.

A Fools Hour Feb 21, 2015

Sledge arrives on Earth to confront Keeper and the Rangers; the Rangers' plan to fight back is compromised when Tyler goes after Fury on his own.

Past, Present, and FusionFeb 14, 2015
Powers from the PastFeb 7, 2015
Legendary Battle (2)Nov 22, 2014
The Wrath (1) Nov 15, 2014

Just when the Rangers thought they had saved the planet, the Emperor reveals himself and launches an attack on Earth.

Emperor Mavro Nov 8, 2014

Emperor Mavro comes to Earth to avenge his sons and arrests Damaras for failing to protect the Prince.

Vrak Is Back - Part 2 Nov 1, 2014

With Orion kidnapped and Robo Knight turned against them, the Rangers must do everything they can to defeat Vrak and save their friends.

Vrak Is Back - Part 1 Oct 25, 2014

In the wake of Prince Vekar's defeat, Vrak returns with a new plan to destroy the world and a new robot he has programmed to fight against the Rangers.

All Hail Prince Vekar Oct 18, 2014

The Rangers battle the evil Prince Vekar face to face when he comes to Earth with his own Megazord.

In the Driver's Seat Oct 11, 2014

The Rangers are lured away from Earth to investigate an emergency signal from Corinth and are trapped in an alternate dimension by Professor Cog.

The Grass Is Always Greener or Bluer Oct 4, 2014

A body-switching monster switches Jake and Noah so that they are inhabiting each other's body.

United as One Sep 27, 2014

When the Megazord is damaged in a fight, Emma uses unconventional methods to defeat the monster.

Love Is in the Air Sep 13, 2014

When a love potion accidentally makes the evil Levira fall in love with Jake, a jealous alien targets him for destruction.

The Perfect Storm Sep 6, 2014

The Rangers are sidetracked from their fight against an invading monster when Tensou is struck by lightning, develops amnesia and wanders away from the Command Center.

Power of Six Aug 30, 2014

When his Ranger teammates are sidelined by an energy-sucking monster, Jake must put aside his jealousy of Orion and help him use the combined power of the past Sixth Rangers to defeat this terrible foe.

Silver Lining - Part 2 Apr 12, 2014

Orion, the mysterious Silver Ranger, explains his past to Gosei and the Rangers and how he obtained the Silver Ranger Key.

Silver Lining - Part 1 Apr 5, 2014

The Rangers are shocked and mystified when they discover the presence of a new Silver Ranger. Is this strange new visitor an ally or a foe?

Spirit of the Tiger Mar 22, 2014

When the Rangers face a monster with a magnetic power to wrench their weapons away from them, Jake and Emma turn to a quiet local Zoo Keeper named Casey to learn a special form of martial arts that helps them channel their personal animal spirits.

Samurai Surprise Mar 15, 2014

When a powerful monster named Matacore is sent by the emperor to take on the Rangers, they face a challenge like never before. Luckily, help comes in the form of a mysterious Samurai visitor and his mentor.

A Lion's Alliance Mar 8, 2014

Determined to strengthen their defense against the Armada, the Rangers head to a mystical airborne island named Animaria in search of the wild yet powerful Red Lion Zord.

Blue Saber Saga Mar 1, 2014

After being humiliated in battle by a master swordsman monster, Noah suffers a crisis of confidence and questions his worthiness as a Ranger.

Earth Fights Back (4) Feb 22, 2014

While the rest of the team works with the civilians to rebuild their city, Troy stumbles upon a plot by the Armada to launch missiles at major cities throughout the world.

Super Megaforce (3) Feb 15, 2014

Gosei presents the Rangers with new Morphers that unlock a Super Mega Mode, which will allow them to access the powers of every previous team of Power Rangers.

The Robo Knight Before Christmas Dec 7, 2013

Robo Knight learns the true meaning of Christmas from a group of children when he is mistaken for a donated Christmas toy and is shipped in a charity crate to a foreign land.

End Game Nov 30, 2013

When Cyborg Vrak, Metal Alice and The Messenger launch a vicious attack against the Megaforce Rangers, it will take all their powers and abilities to save the earth.

The Messenger Nov 23, 2013

The Megaforce Rangers' victory over the Warstar aliens is short-lived when they discover Metal Alice has turned Vrak into a powerful and menacing cyborg.

The Human Condition Nov 16, 2013

Admiral Malkor awakens from his cocoon stronger than ever and determined to destroy the Mega Rangers.

Staying on Track Nov 9, 2013

The Mega Rangers must race to save the day when Metal Alice plots to throw the city into chaos by derailing a passenger train. Meanwhile, Robo Knight comes closer to understanding humans when he meets a young boy.

Rico the Robot Nov 2, 2013

When one of Metal Alice's robots malfunctions, Emma and the Power Rangers decide to adopt it and teach it the values of friendship and freedom.

The Human Factor Oct 26, 2013

The Mega Rangers encounter their first robotic opponent, who tries to convince Robo Knight that humans are the true danger to the Earth.

Raising Spirits Oct 19, 2013

The Rangers have a strange encounter with a medium on Halloween.

Gosei Ultimate (2) Oct 12, 2013

When Bluefur and Bigs use the Aurora Box to become even more powerful, Gosei and the Mega Rangers must pull out all the stops to defeat them and save the Earth.

Dream Snatcher (1)Oct 5, 2013
Last Laugh Sep 28, 2013

It's no laughing matter when Gia and the other Rangers are captured by Nojoke, a monster who feeds on human laughter. It's up to straight-laced Noah and no-nonsense Robo Knight to figure out how to work together and save their friends.

Ultra Power Sep 14, 2013

The Mega Rangers must find and retrieve a powerful ancient weapon known as the Wild Sword, but Vrak is determined to harness its power for himself.

Man and Machine Sep 7, 2013

When a shadow-stealing monster attacks, the Megaforce Rangers must teach Robo Knight the power of teamwork in order to defeat him.

Prince Takes Knight Apr 6, 2013

While the Megaforce Rangers are unsure about how to work with the newly-arrived Robo Knight, Vrak captures the robotic Ranger in an attempt to reprogram him for his own nefarious purposes.

Robo Knight Mar 30, 2013

The mysterious Robo Knight joins the Megaforce Rangers. Can he help them defeat toxic monsters that threaten the earth?

Who's Crying Now? Mar 16, 2013

After Troy deals with some small-minded bullies at school, the Mega Rangers square off against a more dangerous bully, Creepox.

Harmony and Dizcord Mar 9, 2013

When a Warstar alien attacks the city with music that produces physical pain, the Mega Rangers must fight back in an unorthodox way with a song of their own

United We StandMar 2, 2013
Stranger RangerFeb 23, 2013
Going Viral Feb 16, 2013

When Noah has trouble lifting Jake's heavy weapon he begins to doubt his abilities, until he learns that believing in yourself is all that's necessary to get any job done.

He Blasted Me with Science Feb 9, 2013

The alien invaders send the alien scientist Yuffo down to Earth to study the human race, in order to determine how best to defeat them. Earlier, Troy finds himself face-to-face with Creepox.

Mega Mission Feb 2, 2013

When malicious aliens make their way to Earth's orbit, Gosei decides to form a new team of teenage heroes to defend the planet and carry on the proud tradition of the Power Rangers.

Stuck on Christmas Dec 15, 2012

The Rangers have to escape a malfunctioning Megazord in order to make it home for the holidays.

Samurai Forever (5) Dec 8, 2012

After the water from the Sanzu River floods our world, the Rangers must battle Master Xandred as he makes his last stand.

The Sealing Symbol (4) Dec 1, 2012

Dayu makes the ultimate sacrifice; Master Xandred returns to the surface; Jayden rejoins the team; Lauren tries to use the sealing symbol.

Evil Reborn (3) Nov 24, 2012

The battle between Jayden and Deker ends; the Rangers are torn between saving the world and saving Jayden.

The Great Duel (2) Nov 17, 2012

Jayden feels guilty for betraying his team; Deker tries to prey on Jayden's vulnerability and the two face off. 

Fight Fire with Fire (1) Nov 10, 2012

The Nighlok Fiera unleashes an overwhelming attack on the Red Ranger, but when he goes down another Red Ranger takes his place. Which one is the real Red Ranger? The answer will change the Samurai Rangers forever.

Stroke of Fate (3) Nov 3, 2012

When Serrator asks Deker to fulfill the final piece of his destructive plans, Antonio begs Deker to reconsider his role in the battle between humans and the Nighlok.

Trickster Treat Oct 27, 2012

Master Xandred and Octoroo deploy a mind-bending Nighlok named Trickster, trapping the Power Rangers in a series of horror movies. The Rangers must figure out what is reality and what is illusion. Will the Rangers escape the nightmare? 

A Crack in the World (2) Oct 13, 2012

The Rangers discover that Serrator's recent attacks have an ulterior motive - to crack open the earth and let the Sanzu flood it and thereby become ruler of both worlds.

The Master Returns (1) May 12, 2012

Jayden doubts that he has what it takes to be the Red Ranger; Master Xandred demands Serrator return Dayu's Harmonium.

Trust Me May 5, 2012

Serrator spreads paranoia throughout the residents on the island of Monalua.

A Sticky Situation Apr 28, 2012

Kevin and Mike must learn to sync with each other when they become stuck together by a Nighlok's sticky ability.

The Strange Case of the Munchies Apr 21, 2012

Emily loses confidence; a Nighlok's black sand causes desperate hunger and thirst in the Rangers.

Runaway Spike Apr 14, 2012

Spike gets a job to help out his Uncle Bulk; the Rangers run into a Nighlok who can make mirror-like duplicate images of himself to confuse the Rangers.

Kevin's Choice Apr 7, 2012

Kevin is unable to help the team when a Nighlok eats his Samuraizer; Dayu and Deker make a deal with Serrator.

He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother Mar 31, 2012

Mia's brother Terry comes into town and asks her to sing for his band, but instead he asks Antonio.

The Bullzord Mar 24, 2012

Cody, whose family was the protector of the very first Samurai Zord, the Bull Zord, unleashes it by unlocking an ancient seal; Jayden gets a power disk to tame the beast as it goes on a wild rampage and heads for the city.

The Rescue Mar 17, 2012

Octoroo kidnaps Antonio and Mentor Ji and uses them as bait to lure the Rangers into a Mooger trap.

Something Fishy Mar 10, 2012

Antonio develops a fear of fish that leaves him unable to be the Gold Ranger; a powerful new enemy arrives.

Trading Places Mar 3, 2012

A Nighlok traps the spirits of four Rangers into inanimate objects; Mike and Emily must figure out how to defeat Switchbeast and save their friends.

Shell Game Feb 25, 2012

The Rangers must defeat an armored Nighlok without Antonio's help.

Super Samurai Feb 18, 2012

The Rangers discover cracks in the earth where water from the Netherworld is seeping in; a Nighlok uses the evil water to keep from drying out.

Christmas Together, Friends Forever Dec 10, 2011

Join the Power Rangers the night before Christmas as they reflect on their first year together as a team, followed by an unexpected lesson about the true spirit of the holidays.

Clash of the Red Rangers Part 2Nov 26, 2011
Clash of the Red Rangers Part 1 Nov 26, 2011

The Samurai Rangers team up with the mysterious RPM Ranger Red to fight off dual threats from Master Xandred's Mooger army and a robotic supervillain from the RPM Ranger's dimension.

Party Monsters Oct 29, 2011

The souls of the failed and destroyed Nighlok trade war stories about their battles with the Samurai Power Rangers at a Halloween party in the Netherworld.

Origins (2)Oct 22, 2011
Origins (1)Oct 15, 2011
The Ultimate Duel (2) Oct 8, 2011

Deker challenges the Red Ranger to fight him in the ultimate duel.

Broken Dreams (1) Oct 1, 2011

When the Gold and Pink Ranger fall under the spell of a dream-inducing Nighlok, the other Rangers must enter the Dream World to save them.

Boxed In (2) Jun 4, 2011

With Jayden kidnapped by Deker, the other Rangers must summon the strength to fight a mutant Nighlok without their leader.

The Tengen Gate (1) May 28, 2011

Jayden is poisoned by Octoroo during his attempt to discover the Red Ranger's sealing symbol, which can lock away Master Xandred forever.

Team Spirit May 21, 2011

The Rangers must defeat the evil Splitface who steals people's spirits including the Yellow Rangers before the fall into an eternal sleep.

The Blue and the Gold May 14, 2011

As Antonio attempts to gain Kevin's respect as a true Samurai, Octoroo devises a plan to create a stronger portal between the Netherworld and Earth via a secret ancient well.

Room for One More May 7, 2011

Jayden's childhood friend and self-made Samurai, Antonio struggles to be accepted by the team as the Gold Ranger.

Unexpected Arrival Apr 30, 2011

An old childhood friend of Jayden's claims that he is the Gold Ranger.

Jayden's Challenge (2) Apr 17, 2011

Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harm's way, but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers.

Test of the Leader (1) Apr 10, 2011

A Nighlok is sent to stop the Red Ranger from using his special power to seal Master Xandred in the Netherworld forever, but their duel is interrupted by the mysterious Deker.

Forest for the Trees Mar 27, 2011

After Mike goes rogue in battle, Mentor takes Mike's Samuraizer away until he learns a deeper lesson about the nature of the Green Ranger's Symbol Power.

I Got a Spell on Blue Mar 20, 2011

A Nighlok uses mind control powers to force Kevin to fight against his fellow Rangers.

There Go the Brides Mar 13, 2011

Dayu crosses into the mortal world to cause misery by kidnapping brides on their wedding day.

Fish Out of WaterMar 6, 2011
Sticks & StonesFeb 27, 2011
Day Off Feb 20, 2011

Struggling to master a secret power disc, Jayden foregoes a trip with the others to an amusement park where the rest of the team encounters the evil Nighlok Dreadhead.

Deal with a Nighlok Feb 13, 2011

The Rangers step in when a devious Nighlok tricks a young boy into giving up on his baseball dreams.

The Team Unites Feb 7, 2011

Mike figures out the hard way what it means to be a Samurai Ranger after a Nighlok attacks him and his friends.

Danger and Destiny (2) Dec 26, 2009

In order to defeat Venjix, another virus will have to be inserted into his system. The Rangers have Tenaya walk back into enemy lines to insert the virus. Meanwhile the Rangers have to hold up against Venjix in a fight. Dr. K is able to reverse Venjix's deletion of the Gold & Silver Rangers. Reunited, they attack Venjix in his weakened state. Venjix is defeated and the war is over.

Danger and Destiny (1) Dec 26, 2009

The magnetic blast goes off and all electricity goes out in Corinth. Venjix activates the hybrids and the city is his. The Rangers battle an attack bot but they keep losing rangers. Venjix deletes Gem & Gemma. Dillon struggles with being activated as a hybrid. And Ziggy runs to save Dr. K. This may be the end of Corinth.

End Game Dec 19, 2009

Venjix's end game is about to reveal itself. Every attack bot has been a calculating step closer to his plan. The city is filled with hybrids just like Dillon. Venjix is going to activate them all and Corinth will be brought down.

If Venjix Won Dec 19, 2009

Ziggy accidentally teleports himself and Dr. K into a cave. The Rangers need to find out the password to Dr. K's system in order to get them out of the cave. Their failed attempts trigger a time capsule video that Dr. K compiled should they fail to destroy Venjix. The Rangers watch in horror as they figure out what the password might be before its too late.

Run Ziggy Run Oct 3, 2009

It's time for Ziggy to pay back $5 million he owes Fresno Bob. Tenaya 15 makes a deal with Fresno Bob to give him Ziggy in exchange for a certain case. Instead, she double-crosses Fresno Bob and Ziggy ends up saving him. The Rangers deploy Dr. K's Rail Saber weapon against the latest attack bot. Fresno Bob and Ziggy are now even.

Control-Alt-Delete (3) Oct 3, 2009

Dillon's search for Tenaya is put on hold when Scott is in trouble. Scott was shot with a key that allows Shifter to control him. The Rangers do their best to save their leader when they come face to face with Tenaya 15. She has been reprogrammed with one mission: Serve Venjix. Dr. K makes a gun whose shots can make Tenaya susceptible to mind control.

Beyond a Doubt (2) Sep 26, 2009

Dillon is betrayed when he and Tenaya 7 break into the Venjix Palace to retrieve codes that are needed to stop an attack bot.

Key to the Past (1) Sep 26, 2009

When Dillon discovers that the two keys to his watch fit together to play another song, he uses it to try and reach Tenaya 7.

Ancient History Sep 19, 2009

Truman discovers that Dr. K was responsible for creating the Venjix Virus.

And...Action! Sep 12, 2009

For the first time ever join Ziggy as he takes you behind the scenes of the Power Rangers.

The Dome Dolls Sep 5, 2009

When an Attack Bot puts all of Corinth's men to sleep, it is up to the girls to suit up and defend Corinth.

Not So Simple Aug 22, 2009

With their resources dangerously low, Dr. K has to trust the untested technology of the WheelZord to try and destroy the latest attack bot.

Heroes Among Us Aug 15, 2009

In an effort to impress his father, Scott makes a reckless trip out to the wasteland.

Three's a Crowd Aug 8, 2009

When Gem & Gemma's spontaneous antics nearly get them caught in a trap, they realize that they must work together as a team with the other Rangers.

Belly of the Beast (2) Aug 1, 2009

The Rangers learn they must return to the factory and destroy the Venjix Doomsday Box that is being built.

Prisoners (1) Jul 11, 2009

Dillon discovers that his sister might be a prisoner in the same factory where Gem & Gemma were once held prisoner by Venjix.

In or Out Jul 4, 2009

As the Rangers take a more offensive approach against Venjix, the virus traps the citizens of Corinth inside their own dome and proceeds to suck all the air out of the city.

Ghosts (2) Jun 19, 2009

The Rangers once again find themselves saved by the Gold and Silver Rangers.

Embodied (1) Jun 13, 2009

Seeking answers to Dillon's past, the Rangers go outside Corinth to a place Dillon thinks he remembers, unaware that it's a trap set by Venjix himself. 

Brother's Keeper May 23, 2009

As the Venjix Virus comes closer to taking over Dillon entirely, the other Rangers and Dr. K race to find a way to slow the growth rate of the virus.

Blitz May 16, 2009

When Venjix sends an attack bot from Dillon's past to infiltrate the city, Dillon is torn between destroying the bot, or finally finding the answers to his past.

Doctor K May 9, 2009

While attempting to overcome a power problem with the Rangers' new Zord configuration, Doctor K is haunted by a terrible mistake.

Ranger Blue May 2, 2009

All his life, all Flynn ever wanted to do was to help people, but his heroics as the Blue Ranger are cut short when there is a malfunction in his suit.

Ranger Yellow (2) Apr 25, 2009

Diamonds and pretty dresses are no longer important to Summer, who finds her true meaning in what she does with the Rangers.

Ranger Yellow (1) Apr 18, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Landsdown suddenly reappear in Summer's life, intent on making their daughter live up to her promise to marry into a wealthy family. Once married, Summer will receive the black diamond, the family heirloom that Venjix plans on using to bring destruction to Corinth.

Ranger Red Apr 11, 2009

Scott is flooded with memories of his brother when he returns to Marcus' crash site in order to retrieve an over thruster core the Rangers need for the new Megazord configuration.

Ranger Green Apr 4, 2009

Ziggy's recruitment as Ranger Green is put into question when parts of his shady past are revealed. Should the Rangers work with someone who is hated by all seven of Corinth's cartels?

Handshake Mar 28, 2009

When Dillon struggles to activate the invincibility mode of his suit, he challenges Dr. K to come out from behind her protective screen.

Go for the Green Mar 21, 2009

When Ziggy is charged with finding the new Green Ranger, he finds the perfect candidate in Tenaya 7, until he realizes she's a machine working for Venjix.

Rain Mar 14, 2009

Dillon goes through a series of tests to see if he even is Ranger material, but the real test comes when he is faced with the choice of seeking out his past or helping the Rangers as promised.

Fade to Black Mar 7, 2009

As Venjix grows stronger, it becomes clear that the Rangers need more than three operators to defend the city. Summer suggests that Dillon be the new Black Ranger, but with him part-machine and part-human, no one knows what side he's really on.

The Road to Corinth Mar 7, 2009

The Venjix Computer Network is attempting to conquer and lay ruin to the entire planet, and the human race has retreated into the environmentally shielded domed city of Corinth to protect itself from destruction. There, an elite force of Rangers is assembled in order to protect the city and battle the attacking machine army bent on world domination.

Now the Final Fury (3)Nov 3, 2008
Path of the Righteous (2)Nov 3, 2008
To Earn Your Stripes (1)Oct 27, 2008
Maryl and the MonkeysOct 20, 2008
The Spirit of KindnessOct 13, 2008
Tigers Fall, Heroes RiseOct 6, 2008
Don't Blow That DoughSep 29, 2008
One Last Second Chance (6)Aug 18, 2008
Blue Ranger, Twin Danger (5)Aug 11, 2008
Fear and the Phantoms (4)Aug 4, 2008
Arise the Crystal Eyes (3)Jul 28, 2008
Race for the Nexus (2)Jul 21, 2008
Dash for the Dagger (1)Jul 14, 2008
Path of the RhinoJul 7, 2008
True Friends, True SpiritsJun 30, 2008
No "I" in LeaderJun 23, 2008
Friends Don't Fade AwayJun 16, 2008
Bad to the BoneJun 2, 2008
Ghost of a Chance (2)May 19, 2008
Ghost of a Chance (1)May 19, 2008
One Master Too ManyMay 12, 2008
Pushed to the EdgeMay 5, 2008
The Blind Leading the BlindApr 27, 2008
Good Karma, Bad KarmaApr 21, 2008
Way of the MasterMar 31, 2008
Pizza Slice of LifeMar 24, 2008
Dance the Night AwayMar 17, 2008
Can't Win Them AllMar 10, 2008
A Taste of Poison Mar 3, 2008

Dai Shi and Camille send the Five Fingers of Poison to destroy the Power Rangers.

Sigh of the Tiger Feb 25, 2008

Buffalord tries to destroy the Rangers; Casey has doubts about the methods RJ uses to train him.

Welcome to the Jungle (2)Feb 18, 2008
Welcome to the Jungle (1) Feb 18, 2008

Three teenagers from the Pai Zhuq Kung Fu Academy are chosen to fight the forces of an opposing academy.

Crown and PunishmentNov 12, 2007
Nothing to LoseNov 5, 2007
Two Fallen FoesOct 29, 2007
Way Back WhenOct 22, 2007
Home and Away (2)Oct 18, 2007
Home and Away (1)Oct 8, 2007
Red Ranger UnpluggedOct 1, 2007
Things Not SaidSep 9, 2007
Ronnie on Empty (2)Aug 27, 2007
Ronnie on Empty (1)Aug 20, 2007
One Fine DayAug 6, 2007
Once a Ranger (2)Jul 23, 2007
Once a Ranger (1) Jul 23, 2007

Thrax, the son of Rita Repulse and Lord Zedd attacks the Overdrive Rangers disconnects them from the Morphin Grid bringing making them powerless; Power Rangers from past teams arrive to help.



One Gets Away Jul 16, 2007

Will loses the third jewel to Kamdor and is prepared to resign for it and Andrew Hartford surprisingly accepts. Meanwhile, the Fearcats attempt to retrieve a super armor. Spencer also must remind Andrew of his losing the crown. 

Out of Luck Jul 9, 2007

When Mack is cursed with bad luck by an ancient compass, he must find a way to overcome it. The other Rangers offer their support by providing him with charms they believe to be lucky. But will it be enough to reverse the effects of the curse and stop Moltor's latest scheme to get the jewels?

It's Hammer Time Jul 2, 2007

In the search for another jewel, the Rangers encounter Thor, the god of thunder. Thor agrees to save them, but takes the hammer. When the real Thor appears, he exposes the impostor as Loki, the god of mischief. Ronny feels guilty for losing the hammer and devises a plan to get it back.

Just Like Me Jun 18, 2007

Tyzonn becomes impressed with Will's style and charm with the ladies and begins to mimic him. Will becomes annoyed by this and doesn't seem to be able to avoid him. When the two of them are paired up on a mission, they must find a way to work together.

Behind the Scenes Jun 11, 2007

The Power Rangers are invited by Jessica Jeffries to be on her talk show Good Morning San Angeles. When the Rangers are presented with medals from the mayor, Tyzonn becomes sick. Meanwhile, the Fearcats try to retrieve a legendary cannon.

Man of Mercury (2) Jun 4, 2007

Flurious tests his gyros on the Fearcats, Mig and Benglo, turning them into powerful cyborgs. It is a race against time for the Rangers to save Tyzonn and stop the Fearcats from destroying San Angeles.

Man of Mercury (1) Jun 4, 2007

When an expedition camp in Brazil is attacked by new villains known as the Fearcats, the Rangers work with Tyzonn to stop them.

Face to Face (2) May 21, 2007

Mack and Tyzonn are ambushed by Bullox and a group of Lava Lizards as Rangers try to find Mack and reclaim the next jewel of the crown.

Face to Face (1) May 14, 2007

The Rangers try to translate the parchment that was recovered from Kamdor and Miratrix, but are ambushed by monsters sent by Moltor. Mack discovers that one of the monsters, an alien named Tyzonn, may not be evil, and tries to figure out the truth behind his actions. 

Lights, Camera, Dax May 7, 2007

Dax gets the opportunity to try out for a movie called "Ninja Rumba," but Mr. Hartford insists that their mission is too important. Rose convinces Dax to defy Hartford and audition for the role just to see if he's good enough, but Dax finds himself accepting the role. Can Dax figure out his true priorities in time to test a new weapon?

Follow the Ranger Apr 30, 2007

When Flurious and Moltor form an alliance and capture the Drivemax Megazord, Mack finds himself prisoner on an island. Meanwhile, the other Power Rangers must repair the remaining Zords in order to launch a rescue plan to save Mack. Can Mack escape Flurious's and Moltor's bitter rivalry in time? Or will they get control of the Super DriveMax Megazord?

Both Sides Now Apr 9, 2007

On their search for the next Hou-ou bird statue, the Rangers find that they've been beaten to the punch. Suspecting that Miratrix is behind the theft, Andrew sends Will undercover to retrieve the statue from Miratrix. Unfortunately, Will unknowingly helps Miratrix release her master Kamdor from imprisonment within her necklace.

At All Cost Apr 2, 2007

Ronny's competitive streak is in full swing when Hartford introduces the experimental Drill Blaster. To power the new Defender Vest, the Rangers must secure a dragon scale, but Moltor won't make that easy as he wants the scale for his new monster. Can the Rangers find the scale and tame the Drill Blaster or will Moltor win?

Pirate in Pink Mar 26, 2007

In St. Lucia, the Rangers encounter a ghostly pirate named Brownbeard. Although Rose is skeptical of Brownbeard's intentions, the Rangers agree to let him help them. When he betrays them, Miratrix appears and takes possession of the Eye of the Sea; creating havoc in San Angeles. Rose uses the new Shovel Driver to thwart Miratrix's plans and convinces Brownbeard to have a change of heart. He gives them the first jewel to the Corona Aurora.

Weather or Not Mar 19, 2007

The Rangers's mission to St. Lucia is put on hold when Moltor creates a weather device that goes haywire. Mack puts a civilian in danger and begins to doubt himself. When the other Rangers are trapped beneath an avalanche, Mack must put aside his doubts and take control of the experimental Drill Driver and come to their rescue.

Heart of Blue Mar 12, 2007

Dax becomes enamored by a beautiful girl named Mira. She ultimately becomes a distraction and when it's revealed that she is really a beautiful foe named Miratrix, Dax feels that he let his team down.

The Underwater World Mar 5, 2007

Will becomes frustrated with working on a team and tries to be the star. When Hartford detects a jewel signature in a structure connected to Atlantis, the Rangers must retrieve it. Will's ego endangers the lives and mission of the team and Flurious intervenes.

Kick Into Overdrive (2) Feb 26, 2007

Hartford is kidnapped by Moltor, who also steals the Corona Aurora. Mack must prove himself as the Red Ranger and aid the team in saving his father, before they must use their DriveMax Zords to save an island from destruction by a giant sea creature.

Kick Into Overdrive (1) Feb 26, 2007

Billionaire treasure hunter Andrew Hartford finds the ancient Corona Aurora, known as the powerful Crown of the Gods. But in the process, he unknowingly awakens two warring alien brothers, Moltor and Flurious. Enlisting stuntman Dax, championship racecar driver Ronny, master safecracker Will, and brilliant college student Rose to join him in keeping the world safe from the aliens as a new team of Power Rangers, Hartford refuses to allow his teenaged son, Mack, to risk his life by being part of the team. When given the chance to become the Red Ranger, can Mack prove himself to his father, and help protect the Crown from falling into the wrong hands?

Mystic Fate (2)Nov 4, 2006
Mystic Fate (1)Nov 4, 2006
The ReturnOct 30, 2006
Light Source (2)Oct 9, 2006
Light Source (1)Oct 9, 2006
Snow PrinceSep 25, 2006
Hard HeadsSep 18, 2006
The HunterAug 20, 2006
The LightAug 14, 2006
Heir Apparent (2)Aug 11, 2006
Heir Apparent (1)Jul 29, 2006
Koragg's TrialJul 22, 2006
Dark Wish (3)Jul 10, 2006
Dark Wish (2)Jul 10, 2006
Dark Wish (1)Jul 10, 2006
Ranger DownJun 26, 2006
Soul SpecterJun 19, 2006
Inner StrengthJun 12, 2006
Long AgoJun 12, 2006
Scaredy CatJun 5, 2006
The Gatekeeper (2)May 15, 2006
The Gatekeeper (1)May 8, 2006
Petrified XanderApr 24, 2006
Stranger Within (2)Apr 17, 2006
Stranger Within (1)Apr 3, 2006
Fire HeartMar 27, 2006
Legendary CatastrosMar 20, 2006
Whispering VoicesMar 13, 2006
Rock SolidMar 6, 2006
Code BustersFeb 27, 2006
Broken Spell (2)Feb 20, 2006
Broken Spell (1)Feb 20, 2006
Wormhole Feb 2, 2006

Gruumm finds a wormhole into Earth's past; S.P.D. follows him. They encounter the DinoThunder Power Rangers, who are busy battling Mesagog.

Endings (2)Nov 14, 2005
Endings (1)Nov 7, 2005
ResurrectionNov 4, 2005
InsomniaOct 28, 2005
BadgeOct 17, 2005
HistoryOct 11, 2005
MissingOct 3, 2005
KatastropheSep 26, 2005
ImpactSep 23, 2005
RobotpaloozaAug 29, 2005
S.W.A.T. (2)Aug 22, 2005
S.W.A.T. (1)Aug 15, 2005
Reflection (2)Aug 12, 2005
Reflection (1)Aug 12, 2005
ZappedJul 25, 2005
Messenger (2)Jul 16, 2005
Messenger (1)Jul 10, 2005
PerspectiveJun 25, 2005
DismissedJun 18, 2005
SamuraiJun 11, 2005
RecognitionJun 4, 2005
BoomMay 21, 2005
Wired (2)May 14, 2005
Wired (1)May 7, 2005
AbandonedApr 30, 2005
Shadow (2)Apr 23, 2005
Shadow (1)Apr 16, 2005
StakeoutApr 9, 2005
IdolApr 2, 2005
Sam (2)Mar 19, 2005
Sam (1)Mar 12, 2005
A-BridgedMar 5, 2005
DoggedFeb 26, 2005
Walls Feb 19, 2005

Sky is still reeling from the fact that he is not the Red Ranger. He refuses to participate is group activities. After Jack and Bridge are given powered up bikes, Sky has just about had it. Meanwhile, Gruumm has hatched a plan to steal a truckload of diamonds to be converted to an energy source.

Confronted Feb 12, 2005

Jack finds out that being the Red Ranger also means being the leader of the team. The A-Squad  sent into space to fight the Troobians when Gruumm launches an attack in a nearby nebula. With the B-Squad left as Earth's defenders, the others begin to doubt Jack's competence as their leader. Gruumm's assistant, the evil child Mora, helps him by drawing evil creatures and bringing them to life.

Beginnings (2) Feb 5, 2005

Cruger's decision to recruit the street thieves as B-Squad Power Rangers doesn't fly well with Jack or Sky, and Sky bristles at discovering he's not the Red Ranger.

Beginnings (1) Feb 5, 2005

Sky, Syd and Bridge, all B-Squad cadets, are about to be promoted to B Squad Power Rangers, which means they'll get morphers. First they have to deal with some street thieves, Jack and Z. Meanwhile, Emperor Gruumm plots his attack on Earth.

Thunder Struck (2)Nov 20, 2004
Thunder Struck (1)Nov 13, 2004
A Test of Trust (2)Nov 6, 2004
House of Cards (1)Oct 30, 2004
Drawn Into DangerOct 23, 2004
In Your DreamsOct 16, 2004
Thunder Storm (2)Oct 9, 2004
Thunder Storm (1)Oct 2, 2004
Strange RelationsSep 25, 2004
Isn't It Lava-lySep 18, 2004
The Passion of ConnerSep 5, 2004
Fighting SpiritAug 28, 2004
Disappearing ActAug 21, 2004
Tutenhawken's CurseAug 7, 2004
A Ranger ExclusiveJul 31, 2004
A Star Is TornJul 24, 2004
Triassic Triumph Jul 17, 2004

When Zeltrax uses his new Evil White Ranger clone to create the unstoppable Terrorsaurus, Tommy and Trent track down the Shield of Triumph. Conner fulfills his destiny by using it to become the Triassic Ranger.

Copy ThatJul 10, 2004
It's a Mad Mad MackerelJun 19, 2004
Lost & Found in TranslationJun 13, 2004
Bully for EthanJun 12, 2004
The Missing BoneMay 22, 2004
Burning at Both EndsMay 22, 2004
Leader of the WhackMay 15, 2004
Truth and ConsequencesMay 8, 2004
White Thunder (3)May 1, 2004
White Thunder (2)Apr 24, 2004
White Thunder (1)Apr 17, 2004
Ocean AlertApr 10, 2004
Beneath the SurfaceApr 3, 2004
Golden BoyMar 27, 2004
Game On Mar 20, 2004

Ethan is transported into a video game, where he battle the Triptoids. Once freed, the Triptoids and a wizard follow him back out. The Rangers destroy the monster responsible and return the wizard to his own world. 

Diva in DistressMar 13, 2004
Back in Black (3)Mar 6, 2004
Legacy of Power (2)Feb 28, 2004
Wave Goodbye (1)Feb 21, 2004
Day of the Dino (2)Feb 14, 2004
Day of the Dino (1)Feb 14, 2004
Storm Before the Calm (2) Nov 15, 2003

With the Ranger Zords destroyed, Lothor finally opens the Abyss of Evil and leads all his formerly defeated alien ninjas back from the dead to attack the Rangers en masse.

Storm Before the Calm (1)Nov 15, 2003
Down and Dirty Oct 18, 2003

While a track incident puts once close-knit brothers Blake and Hunter at odds with each other, sisters Marah and Kapri surprise everyone by recruiting Shimazu and attacking the Rangers with Zords of their own.

A Gem of a Day Oct 18, 2003

Hunter's been holding out on the other Rangers. Not all the fragments of the Gem of Souls were thrown into the ocean. Vexacus senses this and wants what's left. 

General Deception (2) Oct 4, 2003

As Zurgane stands poised at last for a final victory over the Power Rangers, a couple of allies await his downfall.

General Deception (1) Oct 4, 2003

As Tori drives the boys to their two-day camping trip, two of Lothor's officers decide to make themselves look better by making Zurgane look worse.

Eye of the Storm Sep 27, 2003

Lothor's newest alien monster spreads panic through the city via collars of fear, but Shane's already trembling over the impending visit of his disapproving much older brother. 

Double-Edged Blake Sep 27, 2003

Tori discovers Blake's been seeing another woman in secret. Meanwhile, Lothor takes a decisive step in getting more serious about dealing with the Rangers.

The Wild Wipeout Sep 20, 2003

Tori is transported to another dimension where the Rangers are evil. She teams up with Lothor and his forces to defeat the Rangers and restore peace to the city.

Snip It, Snip It Good Sep 20, 2003

Tori must use her "inner ninja" to find a Jade Turtle while Shane and Dustin are at each other's throats thanks to a scissor-handed alien who makes it impossible for people to agree.

Shimazu Returns (2) Aug 16, 2003

Cam examines the artifact and determines that, to open the portal it describes, the Rangers must become temporarily powerless.

Shimazu Returns (1) Aug 16, 2003

A fight in the artifact room of the Museum of Asian History awakens the spirit of an ancient warlord who uses werewolf-like creatures called Wolfblades to terrorize people.

Shane's Karma (2) Aug 9, 2003

Though mortal enemies, Lothor and Vexacus strike a deal to work together for mutual benefit, and as Skyla's time grows short, she endeavors to be near Shane when it's her time to pass on.

Shane's Karma (1) Aug 9, 2003

Two aliens in a cat and mouse chase come to Earth. The first wants to return a favor to Shane, the other wants to prevent it, and only Lothor understands what's at stake.

Brothers in Arms Aug 9, 2003

The Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde tale gets retold when a self-absorbed mechanic creates a machine that produces an evil alter-ego who turns one of the Power Rangers into a personal power battery.

Tongue and Cheek Aug 2, 2003

Dustin protects Kelly's store from vandals as the Yellow Ranger and becomes a local celebrity, causing problems. Things turn Grimm when the Brothers Bradley visit their ailing grandmother in the woods. 

Sensei Switcheroo Jul 12, 2003

Cam's attempt to use the Samurai Amulet to return his father to human form causes personality switches between Sensei and the Rangers.

All About Beevil Jul 5, 2003

Hunter tries being a big brother to a resistant little fatherless kid while Marah and Kapri try to retrieve Lothor's Personal Alien Manager (PAM) that they mistakenly traded on the Internet.

Good Will Hunter Jun 28, 2003

To improve Lothor's personal ratings, Marah and Kapri hire an alien TV producer who uses subliminal signals and a potent love potion to sway the public with a new sit-com starring Lothor.

I Love LothorJun 21, 2003
Scent of a RangerJun 14, 2003
The Samurai's Journey (3) Jun 7, 2003

Lothor's mosquito-like alien puts the nip on Cam, who slowly starts transforming into an insect as the Rangers deal with four additional monsters around the city. 

The Samurai's Journey (2) May 31, 2003

Journeying into the past, Cam encounters several revelations about his family at the academy while seeking a power to help the depleted Rangers in the present.

The Samurai's Journey (1) May 24, 2003

An illusionary master drains the Rangers of their energy before putting them in a dimension where they can't tell friend from foe. Cam makes a desperate move to save them all.

Pork Chopped May 17, 2003

Tori misuses her ninja powers to attend two separate outings, both ruined by Kalzaks and General Trayf from the planet Hamhock.

Boxing Bopp-a-Roo May 10, 2003

Shane and Hunter must learn to work together to defeat Lothor's latest monster, the Bopp-A-Roo. 

Return of Thunder (4)May 3, 2003
Return of Thunder (3)Apr 26, 2003
Return of Thunder (2) Apr 19, 2003

As global temperatures plummet, Wind and Thunder Rangers battle it out on a remote, deserted island.

Return of Thunder (1) Apr 12, 2003

The Thunder Rangers enter back into the lives of the Wind Rangers, but it's "déja vu all over again" thanks to Choobo.

Nowhere to Grow Mar 29, 2003

A carnivorous plant threatens the city, and Cam chafes at always being kept at Ops.

Thunder Strangers (3) Mar 22, 2003

To break through Sensei's energy barrier, Thunder Rangers seek the Gem of Souls in the Mountain of Lost Ninjas, with Wind Rangers and the mountain's walking dead at their heels.

Thunder Strangers (2) Mar 15, 2003

The Thunder Rangers continue to exhibit contradictory actions - attacking, rescuing, retreating - but eventually discover the secret location of Ninja Ops.

Thunder Strangers (1) Mar 8, 2003

Dustin only now realizes he's lost his backpack with Cam's disc inside, but the kicker is that the Thunder Rangers have long had it and can now thwart the Power Rangers' every move.

Looming Thunder Mar 1, 2003

Dustin meets two kindred spirits at a motocross race, not realizing they're actually in the employ of Lothor with long-range plans against the Rangers.

Beauty and the Beach Feb 22, 2003

Marah and Kapri target Tori, capturing her in an alien camera while sending a duplicate of her to find Ninja Ops through an unwary Dustin and Shane.

There's No "I" in Team Feb 15, 2003

Self-reliant Shane can't grasp the value of working within a team over working alone, so Sensei allows him to have his way and learn the hard way.

Prelude to a Storm Feb 15, 2003

Three tardy students are Earth's only hope after a force from outer space targets all secret ninja academies.

The End of the Power Rangers (2) Nov 16, 2002

Master Org's destruction of nature continues unchecked while the Power Rangers fight a last desperate battle for the Earth. Good and evil collide in a final battle between the forces of Animaria and the Orgs.

The End of the Power Rangers (1) Nov 16, 2002

With no more villains to fight, the Rangers realize that their time as super heroes is finally at an end. Meanwhile, in the remains of the Nexus, a new threat emerges to threaten the Earth and the Animarium.

Sealing the Nexus Nov 2, 2002

Jindrax and Toxica team up with the Rangers in order to rescue the Princess and destroy the Nexus once and for all.

Fishing for a Friend Nov 2, 2002

The Rangers receive help from an unlikely source in their battle against the powerful Locomotive Org, as Jindrax plots to bring back his friend.

The Master's Herald (2) Oct 19, 2002

The Power Rangers fight across dimensions to try and rescue Princess Shayla from the returning Master Org.

The Master's Herald (1) Oct 19, 2002

The Duke Org Onikage arrives in the Nexus with a plan to infiltrate the Rangers' Animarium and capture Princess Shayla.

Forever RedOct 5, 2002
The Soul of Humanity Oct 5, 2002

Without Princess Shayla or the Wild Zords, the Rangers still refuse to give up in their fight to save the world.

Monitoring Earth Sep 28, 2002

Kite finally remembers his past as he grows dissatisfied with mankind's disregard for nature.

Taming of the Zords Sep 28, 2002

The Lion Tamer Org takes control of the Wild Zords and turns them against the Rangers.

Team Carnival Sep 21, 2002

While Max and Taylor help Kite look for his home, they are attacked by Jindrax and his brother Juggelo at an amusement park.

The Flute Sep 21, 2002

Princess Shayla and Merrick argue as the Flute Org's music ruins their song, causing the Rangers to dance uncontrollably.

Homecoming Sep 14, 2002

Cole must protect Kite, a young boy alone in the city, as Mandilok, the new Org General, discovers a taste for new buildings.

Unfinished Business Sep 14, 2002

Merrick must confront a demon from his past when Zen-Aku returns to claim his soul. 

The Master's Last Stand Aug 10, 2002

Cole learns the truth about his parents when Master Org reveals his sinister origin to the Wild Force Rangers.

Reinforcements from the Future (2)Aug 3, 2002
Reinforcements from the Future (1)Jul 27, 2002
The Wings of Animaria Jul 20, 2002

Nayzor returns more powerful than ever requiring the Rangers to quest across time and space to find a new Zord's help.

Sing Song Jul 13, 2002

The especially powerful Tombstone Org tries to send the Rangers six feet under while Merrick and the Princess try to appease the only Zord capable of saving them.

A Father's Footsteps Jul 6, 2002

Alyssa must rely on her martial arts heritage when the Rangers come up against Samurai Org.

Three's a Crowd Jun 29, 2002

Danny competes with a wealthy rival for Kendall while preventing the Wedding Dress Org from capturing Turtle Cove's brides to be.

The Tornado Spin Jun 15, 2002

Max tries to regain the respect of his former bowling mentor in order to help him defeat a peculiar new Org.

Secrets and Lies Jun 8, 2002

Alyssa helps Cole search for information on his long-lost parents while Master Org tries to hide his past from Jindrax and Toxica.

Power Play Jun 1, 2002

The mysterious new Org General Necronomica fights the Rangers while Merrick finds a new home.

The Lone Wolf (7) May 18, 2002

The ancient Animarian warrior Merrick fights to atone for his past misdeeds.

The Ancient Warrior (6) May 11, 2002

The Rangers learn Zen-Aku's true identity and how he became an evil warrior for the Orgs.

Identity Crisis (5) May 4, 2002

Worried that Zen-Aku's memory is returning to him, Nayzor coerces him into attacking the Power Rangers with their own Zords.

Revenge of Zen-Aku (4) Apr 27, 2002

Taylor and the Rangers rally to rescue Princess Shayla from Zen-Aku.

Predazord, Awaken (3) Apr 20, 2002

Jindrax and Toxica hijack a bus full of innocents to coerce Max into giving up his Animal Crystal.

Battle of the Zords (2) Apr 13, 2002

Zen-Aku battles the Rangers with his own evil Wild Zords.

Curse of the Wolf (1)Apr 6, 2002
Soul Bird Salvation (2)Mar 30, 2002
Soul Searching (1)Mar 23, 2002
The Bear NecessitiesMar 16, 2002
Wishes on the WaterMar 9, 2002
Ancient AwakeningMar 2, 2002
Never Give Up!Feb 23, 2002
Click, Click, ZoomFeb 16, 2002
Darkness Awakening (2)Feb 9, 2002
Lionheart (1)Feb 9, 2002
The End of Time (3)Nov 17, 2001
The End of Time (2)Nov 10, 2001
The End of Time (1)Nov 3, 2001
A Calm Before the StormOct 27, 2001
Circuit UnsureOct 20, 2001
Nadira's Dream DateOct 13, 2001
Reflections of EvilOct 6, 2001
Time for Lightspeed Sep 29, 2001

As Vypra returns with a new plan to destroy the rangers. Carter and the Lightspeed Rangers team up with Wes and the Time Force Rangers to try and stop Vypra before her plans are unleashed.

Beware the KnightSep 22, 2001
Undercover RangersSep 15, 2001
Destiny Defeated (4)Sep 8, 2001
Fight Against Fate (3)Aug 25, 2001
Dawn of Destiny (2)Aug 18, 2001
Frax's Fury (1)Aug 11, 2001
Time Force TraitorAug 4, 2001
Movie Madness (2)Jul 28, 2001
Movie Madness (1)Jul 21, 2001
Full ExposureJul 14, 2001
The Last RaceJul 7, 2001
Lovestruck RangersJun 23, 2001
Quantum SecretsJun 16, 2001
Trip Takes a StandJun 9, 2001
Trust and TriumphJun 2, 2001
The Legend of the Clock TowerMay 19, 2001
Bodyguard in BlueMay 19, 2001
Clash for Control (2)May 12, 2001
Clash for Control (1)May 5, 2001
The Quantum QuestApr 28, 2001
Worlds ApartApr 21, 2001
Uniquely TripApr 14, 2001
Future UnknownApr 7, 2001
The Time ShadowMar 31, 2001
Jen's RevengeMar 24, 2001
Short-CircuitedMar 17, 2001
A Parting of WaysMar 10, 2001
A Blue StreakMar 3, 2001
Ransik LivesFeb 24, 2001
Something to Fight ForFeb 17, 2001
Force from the Future (2)Feb 10, 2001
Force from the Future (1)Feb 3, 2001
The Fate of Lightspeed (2) Nov 18, 2000

The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers take their battle against Queen Bansheera into her very lair.

The Fate of Lightspeed (1) Nov 17, 2000

Jinxer launches a crippling attack on the Aquabase.

Rise of the Super Demons (2) Nov 16, 2000

Olympius and Diabolico join forces prompting the Rangers to risk using the Lifeforce Megazord powered by their own life energy.

Wrath of the Queen (1) Nov 15, 2000

Bansheera unleashes her magnificent power on friend and foe alike.

In the Limelight Nov 14, 2000

Dana balances being a glamorous supermodel with her duties as the Pink Ranger.

Web War Nov 13, 2000

The Arachnor monster traps the Rangers in its web forcing Carter to deploy the Trans Armor Cycle: Mega Armor mode.

Neptune's Daughter Nov 11, 2000

Marina warns Chad that Diabolico has stolen her father's magical trident to drain the ocean leaving the Aquabase vulnerable to attack.

Olympius Unbound (2) Nov 10, 2000

Olympius fights to return to Earth while Jinxer hypnotizes Captain Mitchell into draining the Aquabase's power.

Sorcerer of the Sands (1) Nov 9, 2000

Ryan searches for a sorcerer to help him decrypt an ancient spell to banish Bansheera from Earth again.

The Last RangerNov 8, 2000
Trakeena's Revenge (2) Nov 7, 2000

The Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue Rangers join forces to stop Trakeena from destroying Mariner Bay.

Trakeena's Revenge (1) Nov 6, 2000

Trakeena comes to Mariner Bay, prompting the Lost Galaxy Rangers to team up with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.

Ocean Blue Nov 4, 2000

Vypra plots to use Chad's love for a mermaid against him.

The Great Egg Caper Nov 3, 2000

Jinxer's plan to unleash a powerful monster on Mariner Bay is thwarted when a thief steals the monster's egg.

The Mighty Mega Battles Oct 28, 2000

The Rangers deploy their Mega Battle gear against Olympius and his monster.

In the Freeze Zone (2) Oct 21, 2000

Carter battles to save his frozen teammates.

As Time Runs Out (1) Oct 7, 2000

The Rangers hurry to rid themselves of dangerous pods filled with poisonous flowers before they can hatch.

Yesterday Again Sep 30, 2000

Carter is haunted by psychic visions of a future in which the Power Rangers are defeated.

The Chosen Path Sep 23, 2000

Chad works to regain the respect of his disappointed martial arts instructor.

The Fifth Crystal Sep 16, 2000

The Rangers race to find a crystal before Vypra can use it to power her dangerous new laser.

The Omega ProjectSep 9, 2000
The Queen's Return Sep 2, 2000

Olympius conspires with Vypra to allow his mother Queen Bansheera to return to Earth once the planets align.

A Face from the Past Aug 26, 2000

Carter finally learns the identity of his boyhood hero.

Olympius Ascends (7) Aug 19, 2000

As the Rangers battle Diabolico, the infant Impus finally matures into an even more powerful demon.

The Cobra Strikes (6) May 27, 2000

Ryan journeys to an ancient tomb to overcome the curse of the cobra once and for all.

Strength of the Sun (5) May 20, 2000

Ryan risks life and limb to overcome his curse and help the Rangers battle Diabolico's monsters.

Curse of the Cobra (4) May 13, 2000

Ryan tries to hide his curse from the team.

Ryan's Destiny (3) May 6, 2000

Ryan does some soul-searching while Diabolico attacks Mariner Bay.

Truth Discovered (2) Apr 29, 2000

Captain Mitchell is reunited with his long-lost son.

From Deep in the Shadows (1) Apr 22, 2000

The mysterious Titanium Ranger attacks the Power Rangers.

Rising from Ashes (2) Apr 15, 2000

The Power Rangers attempt to rescue Miss Fairweather from an erupting volcano.

Go Volcanic (1) Apr 8, 2000

Dana faces double trouble when the bus she's on is hijacked and a monster causes a volcano to erupt in Mariner Bay.

Up to the Challenge Apr 1, 2000

Chad faces a dangerous new opponent secretly in league with Vypra.

Cyborg Rangers Mar 25, 2000

General McKnight tries to replace the Power Rangers with robotic doubles.

Wheels of Destruction Mar 18, 2000

The Rangers and Vypra battle it out in new advanced vehicles.

A Matter of Trust Mar 11, 2000

Dana is trusted with a special assignment by her father.

Riding the Edge Mar 4, 2000

The team rushes to help Kelsey's friend Nancy try to land a space shuttle under attack by Diabolico.

Trial by Fire Feb 26, 2000

Carter struggles with leading the Rangers in battle as he recalls a traumatic event from his childhood. 

Lightspeed Teamwork (2) Feb 19, 2000

The Rangers deploy the Rescue Bird to evacuate people from a burning building while fighting the lava monster Magmavore. 

Operation Lightspeed (1) Feb 12, 2000

Five brave young men and women are recruited by the secret agency Lightspeed Rescue to stop a band of demons from destroying Mariner Bay. 

Journey's End (3) Dec 18, 1999

Trapped on a desolate moon in the ruins of Terra Venture, Leo faces Trakeena all alone. 

Journey's End (2) Dec 17, 1999

The Rangers work to evacuate the crew of Terra Venture as Trakeena launches her final assault.

Journey's End (1) Dec 16, 1999

Terra Venture discovers a lush green planet to colonize as Trakeena merges with Deviot to become stronger and more terrible than ever.

Escape the Lost Galaxy Dec 3, 1999

Mike sacrifices his powers as the Magna Defender to help Terra Venture escape the Lost Galaxy.

Raise the Titanisaur Nov 19, 1999

Captain Mutiny unleashes the gargantuan Titanisaur on Terra Venture, the greatest threat the Rangers have faced yet.

Hexuba's Graveyard Nov 18, 1999

Hexuba uses her magic to resurrect defeated monsters to battle the Power Rangers.

Dream Battle Nov 17, 1999

Captain Mutiny's sorceress, Hexuba, uses her magic to cause the Power Rangers to fall into a deep restless sleep.

Until Sunset Nov 16, 1999

Captured by Deviot, Leo and Damon reminisce over their adventures up until now.

Grunchor on the Loose (3) Nov 15, 1999

The Rangers battle the enormous Grunchor monster that has burrowed inside Terra Venture.

Beware the Mutiny (2) Nov 12, 1999

The Rangers are welcomed to the Lost Galaxy by a scheming space pirate named Captain Mutiny.

Enter the Lost Galaxy (1) Nov 11, 1999

Terra Venture discovers the fabled Lost Galaxy.

Turn Up the Volume Nov 10, 1999

Damon competes against an unscrupulous rival for the position of head mechanic on Terra Venture. 

Facing the Past Nov 9, 1999

In order to save the Rangers from a monster absorbing their powers, Karone addresses an old wrong she once perpetrated as Astronema.

Protect the Quasar Saber (3) Nov 8, 1999

Karone, f.k.a. Astronema, seeks redemption by helping the Galaxy Rangers retrieve the lost Pink Quasar Saber from an alien outlaw auction.

The Power of Pink (2) Nov 5, 1999

The Galaxy Book points the way for Psycho Pink to get the Savage Sword from planet Rashon, with Cassie and Kendrix in close pink pursuit.

To the Tenth Power (1) Nov 4, 1999

Summoning up the five Psycho Rangers to pit against the five Galaxy Rangers brings forth the five Space Rangers to help bring them down.

The Chameliac Warrior Nov 3, 1999

The Rangers fight the Chameliac Warrior, unaware of danger to their Galactabeasts.

A Red Romance Nov 2, 1999

Leo struggles to earn the approval of the brother of the girl he wants to date while trying to save her from Trakeena's latest monster.

Loyax' Last Battle Nov 1, 1999

Deviot sends the honorable warrior Loyax to destroy the Rangers, but when he meets Maya she questions the honor in his ways.

Mean Wheels Mantis Oct 29, 1999

Leo, Damon and Kai race the Motor Mantis monster on motorcycles. The prize: Kendrix and Maya.

Blue to the Test Oct 28, 1999

Kai suspects Commander Stanton is under mind control when he orders Terra Venture steered into the course of a nearby star.

Green Courage Oct 27, 1999

Trakeena blackmails Terra Venture into sending their best engineer to repair the Scorpion Stinger's engines.

Memories of Mirinoi Oct 26, 1999

Shondra, Maya's best friend from her home world, arrives on Terra Venture, but Kendrix suspects Shondra may not be who she claims.

An Evil Game Oct 25, 1999

Seeking vengeance, Trakeena has Leo captured while Deviot plots against her.

Heir to the Throne Oct 23, 1999

While Trakeena makes new allies at an alien frontier saloon, Deviot plots against Scorpius.

The Lost Galactabeasts (2) Oct 22, 1999

Newly arrived Deviot, in application to be Scorpius' second in command, forces Kai and Damon into a fight to the death against each other.

The Lost Galactabeasts (1)Oct 16, 1999
The Rescue Mission Oct 9, 1999

Commander Stanton sends a boarding party to investigate a derelict spaceship with a dangerous secret.

Stolen Beauty Oct 2, 1999

Trakeena worries about losing her beauty when her father Scorpius wants her to become a full insect like him.

Destined for Greatness (11) Sep 25, 1999

Mike's return stirs up mixed emotions in Leo, who feels obligated to return his Quasar Saber to its rightful heir. 

Redemption Day (10) May 22, 1999

The Magna Defender struggles to overcome his loss of values while facing (causing) Terra Venture's immanent doom.

Shark Attack (9) May 15, 1999

Both Treacheron and the Magna Defender hunt Trakeena for revenge while the Power Rangers find themselves outmatched in battle without Leo (recovering from injuries).

Orion Returns (8) May 8, 1999

It's a three-way race between the Power Rangers, the Magna Defender, and Destruxo as the Lights of Orion return. 

Orion Rising (7)May 1, 1999
Silent Sleep (6) Apr 17, 1999

Leo and the Magna Defender are forced to work together when the Chillyfish monster freezes the people of Terra Venture. 

The Sunflower Search (5)Apr 10, 1999
The Magna Defender (4) Apr 3, 1999

The heroic Magna Defender renews his feud with Scorpius' new general, Treacheron.

The Blue Crush (3)Mar 27, 1999
Double Duty (2)Mar 20, 1999
The Lights of Orion (1)Mar 13, 1999
HomesickMar 6, 1999
Rookie in RedFeb 27, 1999
Race to the Rescue Feb 20, 1999

The Rangers befriend the Galactabeasts - five enormous animals that help them defend Terra Venture from the forces of the evil Scorpius.

Quasar Quest (2) Feb 13, 1999

As five heroes unite to protect planet Mirinoi from the villain Furio, the Galaxy Rangers are born.

Quasar Quest (1) Feb 6, 1999

An adventurous young man embarks on an epic adventure in space when he sneaks aboard the massive space colony Terra Venture.

Countdown to Destruction (2)Nov 21, 1998
Countdown to Destruction (1)Nov 20, 1998
A Line in the Sand (2)Nov 18, 1998
The Impenetrable Web (1)Nov 14, 1998
Ghosts in the Machine (2)Nov 13, 1998
Mission to Secret City (1)Nov 12, 1998
Andros and the StowawayNov 11, 1998
The Enemy Within (6)Nov 7, 1998
Silence Is Golden (5)Nov 6, 1998
Five of a Kind (4)Nov 5, 1998
A Rift in the Rangers (3)Nov 4, 1998
Carlos on Call (2)Oct 31, 1998
Rangers Gone Psycho (1)Oct 30, 1998
Dark Specter's Revenge (5)Oct 29, 1998
Dark Specter's Revenge (4)Oct 28, 1998
The Rangers' Leap of Faith (3)Oct 24, 1998
Astronema Thinks Twice (2)Oct 23, 1998
The Secret of the Locket (1)Oct 21, 1998
Always a ChanceOct 17, 1998
Zhane's DestinyOct 16, 1998
A Date with DangerOct 15, 1998
The Silver SecretOct 14, 1998
Red with EnvyOct 10, 1998
Survival of the Silver Oct 3, 1998

The Rangers discover the cryogenically frozen Zhane, the Silver Ranger and Andros' best friend.

Invasion of the Body SwitcherSep 26, 1998
True Blue to the RescueSep 19, 1998
The Rangers' Mega Voyage (2)Sep 12, 1998
Flashes of Darkonda (1) May 16, 1998

Andros makes a startling discovery about his sister's kidnapper and journeys into the heart of Dark Specter's empire searching for answers.

T.J.'s Identity CrisisMay 9, 1998
The Barillian StingMay 2, 1998
Grandma MatchmakerApr 25, 1998
The Great EvilyzerApr 18, 1998
The Delta DiscoveryApr 11, 1998
The Wasp with a HeartApr 4, 1998
The Craterite InvasionApr 3, 1998
When Push Comes to ShoveMar 27, 1998
A Ranger Among ThievesMar 20, 1998
Satellite SearchMar 13, 1998
Never Stop SearchingMar 6, 1998
Shell Shocked (2)Feb 27, 1998
Save Our Ship (1)Feb 20, 1998
From Out of Nowhere (2)Feb 13, 1998
From Out of Nowhere (1)Feb 6, 1998
Chase Into Space (2)Nov 24, 1997
Chase Into Space (1)Nov 21, 1997
Parts and ParcelNov 18, 1997
The Rival RangersNov 17, 1997
Little Strong ManNov 14, 1997
Carlos and the CountNov 13, 1997
The Curve BallNov 12, 1997
Cassie's Best FriendNov 11, 1997
The AccidentNov 10, 1997
The Song of ConfusionNov 7, 1997
Spirit of the WoodsNov 3, 1997
The Turn of the Wretched WrenchOct 31, 1997
Fire in Your TankOct 30, 1997
The Gardener of Evil (2)Oct 20, 1997
Beware the Third Wish (1)Oct 17, 1997
The Robot RangerOct 3, 1997
Clash of the Megazords (7)Sep 26, 1997
The Fall of the Phantom (6)Sep 25, 1997
One Last Hope (5)Sep 23, 1997
The Darkest Day (4)Sep 22, 1997
When Time Freezes Over (3)Sep 19, 1997
Vanishing Act (2)Sep 18, 1997
The Phantom Phenomenon (1) Sep 17, 1997

The mysterious Phantom Ranger appears on Earth to assist the Power Rangers.

Trouble by the Slice Sep 16, 1997

Divatox is struck by amnesia while the Power Rangers battle evil pizzas.

The Wheel of FateSep 15, 1997
Stitch WitcherySep 12, 1997
Passing the Torch (2)Sep 11, 1997
Passing the Torch (1)Sep 10, 1997
Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers (2)Sep 9, 1997
Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers (1)May 21, 1997
Cars AttacksMay 20, 1997
A Drive to WinMay 19, 1997
The Millennium MessageMay 17, 1997
Alarmed and DangerousMay 13, 1997
Weight and SeeMay 12, 1997
Glyph HangerMay 10, 1997
The Whole LieMay 8, 1997
Bicycle Built for the BluesMay 7, 1997
Built for SpeedMay 6, 1997
Rally RangerMay 5, 1997
Transmission ImpossibleMay 2, 1997
Shadow RangersMay 1, 1997
Shift Into Turbo (3)Apr 30, 1997
Shift Into Turbo (2)Apr 26, 1997
Shift Into Turbo (1) Apr 19, 1997

As the Power Rangers prepare for their high school graduation, Divatox plans her revenge on them for destroying Maligore.

A Season to Remember Nov 27, 1996

The Rangers, together with their friend Raymond, help Ernie set up for a multicultural holiday banquet, and in the process learn how different cultures celebrate the holidays.

Good as GoldNov 23, 1996
Hawaii ZeoNov 22, 1996
Rangers of Two Worlds (2)Nov 21, 1996
Rangers of Two Worlds (1)Nov 20, 1996
Another Song and DanceNov 15, 1996
A Mystery to MeNov 14, 1996
A Brief Mystery of TimeNov 11, 1996
King for a Day (2)Nov 8, 1996
King for a Day (1)Nov 7, 1996
Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?Nov 6, 1996
The Joke's on BlueNov 5, 1996
The Ranger Who Came in from the GoldOct 31, 1996
The Lore of AuricOct 25, 1996
Scent of a WeaselOct 23, 1996
Bomber in the Summer Oct 11, 1996

Rita and Zedd send a remote-controlled robotic monster named Louie Kaboom to take over as leader of the Machine Empire. But when Rito and Goldar lose the remote, Louie strikes out on his own and takes King Mondo's place for his own personal schemes. Meanwhile, Ernie opens a new beach club cafe, which is soon under attack from a group of biker punks. Jason befriends the main bully's misunderstood girlfriend, Emily, whose necklace gets turned into Louie's first monster, Tough Tusks.

Mondo's Last Stand (8) Oct 9, 1996

An angry King Mondo takes the fight to the Power Rangers personally. Will the Super Zeo Megazord be enough to defeat him?

A Golden Homecoming (7) Oct 4, 1996

The Gold Ranger requires a new host for his powers, and the Zeo Rangers are thrilled to learn that an old friend has been chosen to bear this honor. But will even he be enough to stop King Mondo's new line of invincible monsters?

Revelations of Gold (6) Oct 3, 1996

The extraterrestrial bounty hunters attack the Gold Ranger, and he must seek refuge on Earth, asking the Power Rangers for help.

Do I Know You? (5) Sep 27, 1996

Borax, a member of the bounty hunter race known as the Varox, joins forces with King Mondo to defeat and capture the Gold Ranger. 

Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers (4)Sep 23, 1996
Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise (3)Sep 20, 1996
A Small Problem (2)Sep 19, 1996
The Power of Gold (1) Sep 17, 1996

King Mondo deploys a divide-and-conquer strategy against the Power Rangers, splitting them up with his latest monster, Wolfbane, and an army of Cogs. Suddenly, a mysterious warrior from outer space arrives on Earth to give the Rangers a helping hand.

Game of HonorSep 16, 1996
Song Sung YellowSep 13, 1996
Bulk FictionSep 12, 1996
It Came from Angel Grove Sep 11, 1996

Adam finds himself in a twisted tale of horror when he is chosen to save the world from the Machine Empire... alone. 

Trust in Me Sep 10, 1996

Rocky takes an interest in a blind karate student, but she distrusts him and the others. Meanwhile, King Mondo summons Defector to gain the Rangers' and even Alpha 5's trust. 

Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead? (4) Sep 9, 1996

Tommy must rescue his brother from a cave of evil spirits while the other Rangers battle the Mace Face monster. To do this, Tommy must unlock the secret behind his arrowhead before the Machine Empire can take it for themselves.

Found and Lost (3)May 20, 1996
Challenges (2)May 18, 1996
Inner Spirit (1)May 16, 1996
There's No Business Like Snow Business (3)May 15, 1996
There's No Business Like Snow Business (2)May 14, 1996
There's No Business Like Snow Business (1)May 13, 1996
Mr. Billy's Wild Ride (2)May 11, 1996
Mean Screen (1)May 8, 1996
Instrument of Destruction May 7, 1996

A mysterious musician in Angel Grove High is pursued by Prince Sprocket and King Mondo.

A Few Bad SeedsMay 6, 1996
Graduation Blues May 4, 1996

As Billy learns he has accumulated enough credits to graduate from Angel Grove High, Cestro, the Blue Alien Ranger, lands on Earth seeking Billy's help. 

Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers May 2, 1996

Prince Sprocket recruits the Rangers to be in his own twisted movie; "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers." 

The Puppet BlasterMay 1, 1996
Every Dog Has His DayApr 30, 1996
Rangers in the OutfieldApr 29, 1996
For Cryin' Out LoudApr 27, 1996
Target Rangers Apr 25, 1996

King Mondo creates Silo, a monster inspired by a trivia game that Rocky is creating with a fellow student, to destroy the Zeo Rangers.

The Shooting Star Apr 24, 1996

When Mondo and Machina unleash the Staroid on the Zeo Rangers, they are forced to call on their untested Zeo Zords. 

A Zeo Beginning (4)Apr 23, 1996
A Zeo Beginning (3)Apr 20, 1996
Hogday Afternoon (2)Feb 17, 1996
Hogday Afternoon (1)Feb 15, 1996
Sowing the Seas of EvilFeb 14, 1996
Along Came a SpiderFeb 13, 1996
Water You Thinking?Feb 12, 1996
Attack of the 60' BulkFeb 10, 1996
The Alien TrapFeb 8, 1996
Climb Every FountainFeb 7, 1996
Alien Rangers of Aquitar (2)Feb 6, 1996
Alien Rangers of Aquitar (1)Feb 5, 1996
Rangers in Reverse Nov 27, 1995

Master Vile turns back time in an attempt to gain control of Earth and turn the Rangers into children.

The Sound of Dischordia Nov 25, 1995

Master Vile uses Dischordia to try to control the Pink and Yellow Rangers with her voice.

I'm Dreaming of a White RangerNov 23, 1995
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (3)Nov 22, 1995
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (2)Nov 21, 1995
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (1)Nov 20, 1995
A Chimp in ChargeNov 18, 1995
Another Brick in the WallNov 13, 1995
Rita's PitaNov 11, 1995
A Different Shade of Pink (3)Nov 8, 1995
A Different Shade of Pink (2)Nov 7, 1995
A Different Shade of Pink (1)Nov 6, 1995
Follow That Cab!Nov 4, 1995
Changing of the Zords (3)Nov 2, 1995
Changing of the Zords (2)Nov 1, 1995
Changing of the Zords (1)Oct 31, 1995
A Ranger Catastrophe (2)Oct 17, 1995
A Ranger Catastrophe (1)Oct 16, 1995
The Potion NotionOct 9, 1995
Final Face-OffOct 2, 1995
Stop the Hate Master (2)Sep 26, 1995
Stop the Hate Master (1)Sep 25, 1995
Fourth Down and LongSep 23, 1995
Wizard for a DaySep 20, 1995
Passing the LanternSep 19, 1995
A Brush with DestinySep 18, 1995
Ninja Quest (4)Sep 14, 1995
Ninja Quest (3)Sep 13, 1995
Ninja Quest (2)Sep 12, 1995
Ninja Quest (1)Sep 11, 1995
A Friend in Need (3)Sep 9, 1995
A Friend in Need (2)Sep 9, 1995
A Friend in Need (1) Sep 2, 1995

The Rangers travel to Edenoi to check on Alpha's creator, when they encounter the Masked Rider, who believes they have come to harm him.

Blue Ranger Gone BadMay 20, 1995
Wild West Rangers (2)May 9, 1995
Wild West Rangers (1)May 8, 1995
Storybook Rangers (2)May 2, 1995
Storybook Rangers (1)May 1, 1995
Best Man for the JobApr 29, 1995
Return of the Green Ranger (3)Feb 22, 1995
Return of the Green Ranger (2)Feb 21, 1995
Return of the Green Ranger (1)Feb 20, 1995
The Wedding (3)Feb 15, 1995
The Wedding (2)Feb 14, 1995
The Wedding (1)Feb 13, 1995
Rangers Back in Time (2)Feb 11, 1995
Rangers Back in Time (1)Feb 4, 1995
A Reel Fish StoryNov 29, 1994
Forever FriendsNov 28, 1994
The Great Bookala EscapeNov 23, 1994
Scavenger HuntNov 22, 1994
Where There's Smoke, There's FireNov 21, 1994
Lights, Camera, ActionNov 17, 1994
Rocky Just Wants to Have FunNov 16, 1994
When Is a Ranger Not a Ranger?Nov 15, 1994
Mirror of RegretNov 14, 1994
Goldar's Vice-VersaNov 12, 1994
The Power Transfer (2)Nov 9, 1994
The Power Transfer (1)Nov 8, 1994
Zedd WavesNov 7, 1994
A Monster of Global ProportionsNov 5, 1994
The Ninja Encounter (3)Nov 4, 1994
The Ninja Encounter (2)Nov 3, 1994
The Ninja Encounter (1)Nov 2, 1994
Zedd's Monster MashOct 28, 1994
Opposites AttractOct 25, 1994
Two for OneOct 24, 1994
White Light (2)Oct 18, 1994
White Light (1)Oct 17, 1994
Beauty and the BeastOct 10, 1994
Orchestral Maneuvers in the ParkOct 4, 1994
Missing GreenOct 3, 1994
Green No More (2)Sep 28, 1994
Green No More (1)Sep 27, 1994
The Song of GuitardoSep 26, 1994
Welcome to Venus IslandSep 24, 1994
The Beetle InvasionSep 21, 1994
The Power StealerSep 20, 1994
The Green DreamSep 19, 1994
Bloom of DoomSep 17, 1994
Putty on the BrainSep 14, 1994
The Wanna-Be RangerSep 13, 1994
The Mutiny (3)Aug 5, 1994
The Mutiny (2)Jul 29, 1994
The Mutiny (1)Jul 21, 1994
An Oyster StewMay 23, 1994
Mighty Morphin' MutantsMay 16, 1994
Football SeasonMay 9, 1994
Enter... The LizzinatorMay 6, 1994
On Fins and NeedlesMay 5, 1994
Second ChanceMay 4, 1994
Trick or TreatMay 3, 1994
Fowl PlayMay 2, 1994
Two Heads Are Better Than OneApr 29, 1994
Grumble BeeApr 28, 1994
Return of an Old Friend (2)Mar 1, 1994
Return of an Old Friend (1)Feb 28, 1994
Plague of the MantisFeb 17, 1994
Reign of the JellyfishFeb 16, 1994
To Flea or Not to FleeFeb 15, 1994
Crystal of NightmaresFeb 14, 1994
Lions and BlizzardsFeb 10, 1994
Something FishyFeb 9, 1994
A Pig SurpriseFeb 8, 1994
Rita's Seed of EvilFeb 7, 1994
Doomsday (2)Nov 30, 1993
Doomsday (1)Nov 29, 1993
A Bad Reflection on YouNov 27, 1993
Clean-Up ClubNov 23, 1993
Birds of a FeatherNov 22, 1993
The Green Candle (2)Nov 18, 1993
The Green Candle (1)Nov 17, 1993
The Yolk's on You!Nov 16, 1993
A Star Is BornNov 15, 1993
Calamity KimberlyNov 5, 1993
The RockstarNov 4, 1993
Island of Illusion (2)Nov 3, 1993
Island of Illusion (1)Nov 2, 1993
Wheel of MisfortuneNov 1, 1993
Life's a Masquerade (1)Oct 30, 1993
Gung Ho! (2)Oct 25, 1993
The Spit FlowerOct 19, 1993
Itsy Bitsy SpiderOct 12, 1993
The Trouble with ShellshockOct 11, 1993
Green with Evil (5): Breaking the SpellOct 9, 1993
Green with Evil (4): Eclipsing MegazordOct 8, 1993
Green with Evil (3): The RescueOct 7, 1993
Green with Evil (2): Jason's BattleOct 6, 1993
Green with Evil (1): Out of ControlOct 5, 1993
Switching Places Oct 4, 1993

Billy shows Kimberly a new machine he made that is supposed to transport people from one spot to another. Curious to see how well it works, they both get inside and end up switching bodies instead! Bulk and Skull show up and get inside later that day, unbeknown st to Billy or Kimberly and they switch bodies too and accidentally break the machine! Now Billy(in Kimberly's body) must fix the machine so that they can be restored.

Dark Warrior Sep 28, 1993

Billy is inspired by Trini's Uncle Howard - a brilliant scientist and expert in martial arts.

Foul Play in the SkySep 22, 1993
Peace, Love, and WoeSep 21, 1993
Power Ranger PunksSep 20, 1993
No Clowning AroundSep 17, 1993
Happy Birthday, ZackSep 16, 1993
For Whom the Bell TrollsSep 15, 1993
I, Eye GuySep 14, 1993
Big SistersSep 13, 1993
Different DrumSep 10, 1993
A Pressing EngagementSep 9, 1993
TeamworkSep 8, 1993
High FiveSep 7, 1993
Food FightSep 4, 1993
Day of the DumpsterAug 28, 1993
Trick or TrialOct 8, 2016
Race to Rescue Christmas Dec 5, 2015

When Poisandra steals Santa's computer, the Rangers must retrieve it before Christmas is canceled.

The Ghostest with the MostestOct 17, 2015
Legendary Battle: Extended Edition Nov 24, 2014

When the Emperor nearly defeats the Rangers after a massive attack, the Rangers get help from Legendary Rangers from the past.

The Robo Knight Before ChristmasDec 7, 2013
Raising SpiritsOct 19, 2013
Before It BeganJan 30, 2005
Before it Began Dec 4, 2004

Kira and Ethan find the link to the Morphing Grid, which supplies them with visions of the next team of Power Rangers.

Power Playback: Funniest Power Rangers MomentsJun 13, 1998

When will be Power Rangers next episode air date?

Power Rangers Season 30 is yet to be announced by Nickelodeon.

Is The Power Rangers renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 9/29/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Power Rangers is to be Premiered on Nickelodeon

Where to countdown Power Rangers air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 30 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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