Question Everything Season 3 is to Premiere on ABC (AU)

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/13/2023
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Station: ABC (AU)

Jan Fran and Wil Anderson go beyond the headlines, joined by a panel of comedians separating real news from news that is 99% fact-free.

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"Question Everything" - A Delightful Journey of Curiosity and Knowledge

If you are a fan of mind-bending mysteries, thought-provoking questions, and the thrill of uncovering secrets, then "Question Everything" is the perfect TV series for you! This captivating show takes its viewers on an exhilarating adventure, challenging conventional wisdom and encouraging us to delve deeper into the realms of knowledge. With its unique blend of storytelling and educational elements, "Question Everything" is sure to leave you both entertained and enlightened.

Unveiling the Enigma - The Plot of "Question Everything"

"Question Everything" centers around the curious and intrepid character, Alex, a young student with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Each episode follows Alex as they embark on an exciting quest to uncover the truth behind various mysteries. From unexplained phenomena to historical enigmas, this series covers a wide range of topics, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as they accompany Alex through their thrilling adventures.

With the help of a group of eccentric yet brilliant friends, Alex finds themselves navigating through captivating puzzles, deciphering cryptic clues, and engaging in mind-boggling debates. As they peel back the layers of each mystery, "Question Everything" not only entertains but also encourages viewers to think critically and embrace their own curiosity, creating a truly unique viewing experience.

The Perfect Blend of Entertainment and Education

"Question Everything" masterfully intertwines entertaining storytelling with valuable educational content. Each episode leaves viewers both entertained and enlightened, encouraging them to explore topics beyond the screen. The series not only presents fascinating mysteries but also provides historical and scientific facts, making learning enjoyable for all ages. By fostering a sense of curiosity, "Question Everything" reminds us that knowledge is not limited to classrooms but can be found within every corner of the world.

"Question Everything" has undoubtedly captivated audiences with its mesmerizing blend of mystery, adventure, and knowledge. This delightful series reminds us to embrace our curiosity, allowing it to lead us on exciting journeys of self-discovery and intellectual growth. So, if you're ready to challenge the status quo, unlock hidden truths, and embark on an unforgettable adventure, "Question Everything" is the perfect TV series for you. Get ready to question, explore, and be entertained in the most delightful way possible!


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Name Air Dates
Episode 10 Nov 30, 2022

Dan Andrews is back and the Prosecco has gone flat. Our panel proposes new names for true blue bubbles. Joining Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are Carl Barron, Mel Buttle and Blake Freeman.

Episode 9 Nov 23, 2022

School's out for summer. The Gold Coast braces for the return of Schoolies Week. Plus the FIFA World Cup begins and our panel is kicking off. Joining Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are Wendy Harmer, Dan Ilic and Bec Melrose.

Episode 8 Nov 16, 2022

Public art is under attack. Plus a plucky protestor serves Charles eggs royale and our panel is ready to crack the case. Joining Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are Paul McDermott, Charlie Pickering and Alex Lee.

Episode 7 Nov 9, 2022

The home raid that gave the news a real buzz. Plus our panel goes on a news safari to spot morning show anchors on the loose. Joining Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are Tom Gleeson, Mel Buttle and Blake Freeman.

Episode 6 Nov 2, 2022

How journalism died, was resurrected and died again two days later. Plus it's Halloween and we dig up the tricks and treats of the trade. Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are joined by Mark Humphries, Kirsty Webeck and Luke Heggie.

Episode 5 Oct 26, 2022

The news' bizarre budget bonanza beggars belief. Plus the sports sponsor saga takes centre court and our panel is ready to test the boundaries. Joining Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are Matt Parkinson, Alex Lee and Nath Valvo.

Episode 4 Oct 19, 2022

There are looters on the street, threats in the sky, and passive-aggressive emojis on your phone. We'll get to the bottom of them all. Joining Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are Mark Humphries, Geraldine Hickey and Cameron James.

Episode 3 Oct 12, 2022

The beginning of a nanny state and the Aussie speech that could end it all, Question Everything is back to sort fact from fiction. Wil Anderson and Jan Fran join comedians Dave O'Neil, Jordan Raskopoulos and Frankie McNair.

Episode 2 Oct 5, 2022

The news is obsessing over asteroids again, and who's declaring the pandemic over? It's a who's who but it's not the WHO. Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are joined by James O'Loghlin, Claire Hooper and Alexei Toliopoulos.

Episode 1 Sep 28, 2022

From clickbait fit for the King to the king of all Chess Scandals, Question Everything reveals the media tricks used to get your clicks. Joining Wil Anderson and Jan Fran are Matt Parkinson, Kirsty Webeck and Tom Ballard.

Episode 8 Oct 6, 2021

We discuss rumours of deaths that have been greatly exaggerated. Are moon conspiracies full of it? Plus faking it. Everything, that is. Wil and Jan are joined by Julia Zemiro, Aaron Chen and Bec Melrose.

Episode 7 Sep 29, 2021

The story that shook Melbourne, for about forty seconds. We shake up disaster misinformation. Plus how to tell a fake tradie from a real one. Wil and Jan are joined by Wendy Harmer, Danielle Walker, and Alexei Toliopoulos.

Episode 6 Sep 22, 2021

We're talking COVID origin conspiracies from bats to the batty. How are sock-puppets threatening democracy? And we reveal the tricks to get your clicks. Wil and Jan are joined by Mark Humphries, Tom Cashman and Bec Melrose.

Episode 5 Sep 15, 2021

How a vaccination campaign hit a dissonant note. How new is that new world order? Are celebs scamming you? Wil and Jan are joined by Alexei Toliopoulos, Alice Fraser, Aaron Chen and a bunch of celebs, unless that's a scam.

Episode 4 Sep 8, 2021

We reveal what they don't want you to know: how conspiracies work. Plus who is spreading the most misinformation? And has cancel culture hit the playground? Wil and Jan are joined by Nina Oyama, Luke Heggie and Vic Zerbst.

Episode 3 Sep 1, 2021

Questioning vaccine questioners. How horse sense can dismiss horse medicine. And we're all going to die. But how? We tell you what not to worry about. Wil and Jan are joined by Dane Simpson, Susie Youssef and Tom Cashman.

Episode 2 Aug 25, 2021

Unlocking the secrets of the Anti-Lockdown protest. Are we helping the Taliban's PR offensive? How do tabloids get away with their lies? Wil Anderson and Jan Fran join Lauren Bonner, Fady Kassab and Greta Lee-Jackson.

Episode 1 Aug 18, 2021

Question Everything debuts. Or does it? It does. We're talking climate change, mice on the move, and how patient zeroes might be heroes. Wil and Jan are joined by Luke Heggie, Alexis Toliopoulos and Concetta Caristo.