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Latest Episode: 10/12/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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The story follows Taylor Young, a girl who is fascinated by the phenomena surrounding a mysterious island, ever since her uncle’s disappearance.

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Name Air Dates
Episode 2Sep 25, 2023
Episode 1Sep 25, 2023
The Mystery of Raquel May 27, 2022

The Institute is shutting down and Taylor and Lila are told they're moving away from Rock Island, prompting one last adventure… and a shocking revelation from Raquel.

Lights In The Sky May 26, 2022

Mysterious lights in the sky appear over Rock Island, causing Gillian to go missing.

Brain Swap May 25, 2022

Taylor and Ellis come across a mysterious device that causes them to swap brains.

Pong Plant May 24, 2022

Taylor and her friends discover a rare plant with a powerful pong and mysterious powers that attract the interest of a billionaire.

Day Of The Octopus May 23, 2022

Taylor and her friends investigate the mysterious disappearance of all the island's octopuses.

A Young Mystery May 20, 2022

When the teenage version of Emily and Uncle Charlie suddenly appear in Taylor's loungeroom, the gang must do whatever it takes to avoid them clashing with their modern day selves.

Mystery Of The Forgotten Mystery May 19, 2022

Taylor and the gang are on a mission to a mysterious glass that destroys people's memories... but they keep forgetting what mission they are on.

A Date With Atlantis May 18, 2022

A tremor hits Rock Island, opening up a gateway to Atlantis, while Ellis gets asked out on a date.

Taylor's Dream May 17, 2022

Taylor and the gang enter into an alternate universe where Uncle Charlie still lives on Rock Island.

Treasure Map May 16, 2022

When a young prospector arrives onto the island with plans to find gold, Taylor and her friends do their best to foil his plans and keep the island safe.

Sea Shell May 13, 2022

On a trip to a deserted island, the gang encounter a mischievous sea shell determined to cause trouble.

Text Message In A Bottle May 12, 2022

Taylor discovers an old mobile phone in the ocean which contains a text message that leads them to a notorious island.

Hurricane Jonah May 11, 2022

A hurricane strikes Rock Island causing Taylor to lose her journal and discover an old dark house with a fifty year old secret.

The Shadow May 10, 2022

Taylor follows a mysterious shadow which leads her to a top secret section of the Institute.

A Tale Of Two Taylors May 9, 2022

Taylor accidentally creates her own duplicate, who ends up causing a heap of trouble.

Distress call May 6, 2022

Taylor and her friends discover a distress call from themselves from the future

Who's That Girl May 5, 2022

Taylor helps a teenage girl who washes up on the shore claiming she has no memory.

Something in the Water May 4, 2022

The gang meet an old friend of Uncle Charlie's who has discovered the fountain of youth.

Bermuda Queen May 3, 2022

Taylor and her friends discover a symbol that leads them on a journey across Rock Island to uncover Uncle Charlie's missing plane... unaware that someone else is following them.

Happy Birthday, Taylor! May 2, 2022

On her 14th birthday, Taylor Young receives a mysterious chest from an uncle who went missing five years ago.

When will be Rock Island Mysteries next episode air date?

Rock Island Mysteries Season 3 is officially renewed and Scheduled to Premiere on .

Is The Rock Island Mysteries renewed or cancelled?

Next Episode Rock Island Mysteries Season 3 is officially renewed and yet to be announced on

Where to countdown Rock Island Mysteries air dates?

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