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Latest Episode: 4/8/2023
Next Episode: 4/6/2024
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Say Yes to the Dress is a reality TV series that follows the progress of individual sales associates, managers and fitters at a the Kleinfield Bridal salon in Manhattan.

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Not a Good Day, an Incredible Day Apr 8, 2023

The trip down memory lane continues as Randy and Kleinfeld Bridal consultants, both past and present, trade stories of their favorite surprises, wildest weddings, most touching moments and most memorable celebrity encounters.

Now I Just Need to Find a Husband Apr 1, 2023

Personal trainer Jessica needs a gown that shows off her muscular back; Marie-Therese is shopping for a wedding dress despite still being single; Ryleigh's mom has a laundry list of changes to make before she lets her daughter walk down the aisle.



The "Just in Case" Dress Mar 25, 2023

Red already bought a just-in-case dress at another salon, but she doesn't want to settle; Randy gets a blast from the past; bride Shatava gets a taste of her own medicine.

Let's Give the Man What He Wants Mar 18, 2023

Amanda's back at Kleinfeld to find a second dress after her fiancé tells her he hates her first pick; the pressure is on for Randy to find the perfect compromise; Courtney fights indecision; Kindra and Jamel forget a key element of their wedding.

The Three B's: Back, Biceps and Booty Mar 11, 2023

Victoria wants to show off her back, her booty and her biceps, but Grandma wants her to cover up; Dominique has a little panic in the stockroom; Rachel hopes her decision to buy a dress before getting engaged was worth it.

I'm Gonna Be the Problem Child Here Mar 4, 2023

Bride Nina is pressed for time to find a reception dress she can bust a move in; couple Ashley and Amber need to find a jumpsuit for Amber and a gown for Ashley to use her legs comfortably since she was born without use of her arms.



Twenty Freakin' Seasons! Aug 13, 2022

Randy and the Kleinfeld Bridal family, both past and present, gather to reminisce about the most outrageous, emotional and dramatic moments in Say Yes history.

I Got Engaged Last Night! Aug 6, 2022

Engaged the night before, Monique has waited 20 years to get a dress that makes her look like a queen, but can she get her entourage on board with her choice? Plus, Lauren wants a dress with wings, and Debbie gets some bad news at her third fitting.

Can't We All Get Along and Get This Dress? Jul 30, 2022

Liana heads to Kleinfeld to find a dress for her wedding that's only four months away. Meredith wants a dress that gives her that fairytale feeling, and Bria brings her family to her final fitting, hoping they're all onboard with her choice.

Diva With a Capital D Jul 23, 2022

Emerald tries to convince her wedding planner mom to let her double her dress budget, and singer Jillian looks to her dad for approval. Plus, Elaina's back for her fitting with her sister, a "diva with a capital D!"

Is Anyone Even Listening to Me? Jul 16, 2022

Kayla's overbearing family threatens to take over her appointment unless she stands her ground. Milan has many requests and may end up getting a customized dress instead, and Prashanthi's last fitting goes a little bumpier than expected.

You Went From Snickers Bar to Caviar Jul 9, 2022

Kerry wants to look like a snack on her wedding day, but her outrageous entourage keeps stealing her spotlight! Gretchen needs a gown all four of her sisters will love, and Alex is back for her fitting, but she's wondering if she made the right choice.

A Season of Surprises Sep 25, 2021

Randy looks back at some of the best surprises of the season.

Kleinfeld, Here I Come! Sep 18, 2021

Randy shocks Kleinfeld with a surprise return and awes fellow designer Kim with his Beyonce dress. Elaina must take back control of her appointment from her bossy sister. Morgan worries her mom will reject her dress three months before her wedding.

Mom, You've Said Just Enough Sep 11, 2021

It's new consultant Peter's first appointment, and it's a doozy! Christie's mum doesn't like plunging necklines or the energy of certain dresses. Monique, aka Boujetta, is so picky that she has Mindy and Randy both stumped.

Thank You, Next Sep 4, 2021

LaQuesha wants two blingy dresses fit for her royal highness. Jessica is convinced she's too picky even to say yes to a dress at all. Plus, will Isabella's final look come together just days before her wedding?

Ugly Duckling Aug 28, 2021

After transitioning, Chloe is hoping to find a dress that makes her feel like her true self. No stranger to the limelight, Jenny is looking for a dress that takes the term "center stage" to a whole new level. Danielle is just hoping her dress fits!

Our Dress Has To Go Viral Aug 21, 2021

Amanda has been obsessing over a Randy Fenoli dress, but will it live up to the hype once it's on? Kindra's pastor mom wants a modest dress, but Kindra has something sexier in mind. Kelsey's second dress fitting hits a snag when her belt goes missing!

I'm Not Crying, You're Crying Aug 14, 2021

Worlds collide as Alex looks for a black gown fit for Morticia Adams and Lucille Ball. Prashanthi needs a dress ASAP, but her appointment is in trouble when her future brother-in-law asks to see a topless dress. Also, Jen's dress might not fit!

The Struggle Is Real Aug 7, 2021

If Chef Huda can't get her entourage on the same page, this contest between ball gown and mermaid will have no winners, just losers! Valerie seeks a black dress she can fit her generous bust into, and Natalia's mom has a major surprise planned.

This Is My Husband, and This Is My Fiancee Jul 31, 2021

An unconventional throuple needs dresses for their wedding, but one bride may have to compromise so the other can shine. Ashley, a doctor on the front lines of COVID-19, is tying the knot, but not before Ronnie surprises her one last time.

I'm Going by the Feel Jul 24, 2021

Stacey needs a last-minute stunner for her reception, but she's not convinced that she'll have an emotional reaction to an off-the-rack dress. Shaela is blind, but she knows exactly what kind of dress she wants and just needs her mom to see her vision.

We Don't Always Have a Say Yes Jul 17, 2021

Kleinfeld might look a little different, but the brides are back! Kendall Vertes of Dance Moms tries to help sister Ryleigh find a dress and stand up to their mom, Jill. Randy's assistant, Daniela, gets an unexpected dose of brutal honesty from Randy.

Is It Crown-worthy? Sep 12, 2020

Bride Alex searches for a sexy and sparkly gown to match her shoes! Jaqueline wants something unique, and Emily needs her dress urgently cleaned!

This Is a Randy Situation Sep 5, 2020

Indecisive bride Jacqueline has a challenge for Randy. Plus, a hip-hop medium is on the hunt for the perfect black dress for her special day.

Whose Side Are You On? Aug 29, 2020

Michaella is getting married in an Irish castle and wants a princess dress for her big day. And, fashionista Shavonne has a high-style reputation to maintain.

Hollywood Meets Bollywood Aug 22, 2020

Bride Stephanie tries to please her squabbling parents. Plus, a former pageant queen wants a dress with a Hollywood-meets-Bollywood vibe.

Watteau is the Word of the Day Aug 15, 2020

Jennifer wants to break out of her taekwondo uniform and is overwhelmed by wedding dress shopping. And, Rebecca rides a mechanical shark to the altar!

She Popped the Thigh at Me Aug 8, 2020

Bride Samantha has mastered her weight-loss goals, but can she get her mum to like her wedding dress? Plus, a bride has a glam wedding in Puerto Rico.

You Look Like a Chicken! Aug 1, 2020

A country girl is looking for a gown with bling! A socialite needs an extravagant dress for her royal Kentucky wedding, and a vintage Randy dress emerges!

Big Brother Hits Kleinfeld Jul 25, 2020

A bride and groom who were reality TV stars shop together. Social media pro Kristin feels the pressure to look perfect and chef Cat Cora gets married!

I Wanna Be Naked Jul 18, 2020

The consultants have a client who wants to show all of her body on her wedding day. Plus, Randy is pushed for time when a bride has only a month until her big day!

A Birthday Surprise Jul 11, 2020

It's Randy's birthday and his new collection of stunning dresses have arrived at Kleinfeld's. Plus, reality TV star Caila Quinn looks for her dream gown!

Crazy Uncle Randy Sep 21, 2019

Tracey's determined to find a black gown but mom says no; Randy helps his niece Danielle find the perfect dress.

Bedazzled Truck Driver Sep 14, 2019

Rebecca has lost 90 pounds and won't let her mom keep her from her dream dress; Cassidy has her heart set on one particular Hayley Paige gown.

Fashionably Late Sep 7, 2019

Chelsea's princess dream dress goes missing from the store; Cheryl finds fault with every gown she sees.

Cinderella Gone Wrong Aug 31, 2019

After losing her dress in the California wildfires, Eryka comes to Kleinfeld hoping she can fall in love with a new dress; Shay helps Ashley feel sexy after losing over 100 pounds; Randy helps a desperate bride who's dress has disappeared.

Love at First Flight Aug 24, 2019

Julianna wants the sexiest dress ever, but her fiancé's family are afraid she'll say yes to a dress she'll regret; jumpsuit enthusiast Randell wants a wedding onesie.

Randy Will Show You the Door Aug 17, 2019

Randy steps in to quell Jessica's feisty friends as they help her make a decision; Marlo hopes she can keep her twin Margo's brutally honest comments in check.

Mom's Not on the Guest List Aug 10, 2019

Kayla comes to Kleinfeld with her family to find a wedding dress but with one catch: they're not invited to the wedding; Dori wants to show her own style with a new dress while mom and Mama Dolly strongly encourage her to wear their 1950s gown.

200% Trouble with This Dress Aug 3, 2019

Samantha falls for a dress that's twice her budget; Krystina wants simple while her mom wants over the top; Shannon orders a custom gown for her Irish ceremony.

I'm the Evil Mom Here Jul 27, 2019

Samantha must rise above her bullying mom to find the perfect dress; Lia procrastinates so long that she's left with only one day to find her dress.

This Is Showtime Jul 20, 2019

Jenna and Val from Dancing with the Stars waltz into Kleinfeld to find her dream dress; WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley steps out of the ring to help his friend Heather find a last minute dress after her first dress was ruined.

A Walk Down the Aisle Mar 9, 2019

Emily needs a practical and beautiful form-fitting dress so she can help her paralysed fiancé down the aisle. Artist Tanya envisions a romantic wedding gown.

Bionic Bride Mar 2, 2019

Rebekah, known as the bionic model because of her prosthetic arm, seeks Randy's help to find her dream dress. And, sibling rivalry causes drama for bride Crystal!

Not with Those Chubby Arms Feb 23, 2019

Angelica searches for the perfect strapless gown, but her mum, who is paying for the dress, has other ideas. Will she have to compromise to please mum?

Cheetah Bride Feb 16, 2019

Actress Sabrina Ryan is dress-shopping with designer Hayley Paige. A Kleinfeld's consultant prepares for her own special day, and Randy meets an 11-year-old superfan!

The WAG Feb 9, 2019

Bride Lyndzie believes she was royalty in a past life and wants a regal, form-fitting wedding dress. Plus, Ashley wants a sexy gown that won't shock her mum!

Don't Show the Goodies Feb 2, 2019

Stephanie has a big budget and wants a show-stopper dress for her second marriage. Courtney Burson returns but has she finally made up her mind about a dress?

7 People with 7 Opinions Jan 26, 2019

Superfan TK brings 7 very feisty ladies with different opinions to help her choose the "it" dress. Plus, actress Leslie has no budget for her perfect gown.

Morticia Addams in a Good Way Jan 19, 2019

Hayley Paige helps a bride wanting to look like a creepy fairy. Plus, a bride with a penchant for pickiness admits to already trying over 150 dresses.

A Purple Unicorn Jan 12, 2019

Rock star and former bass player for Prince, bride Nik needs a one-of-a-kind dress for her aerial wedding ceremony. Teddi's wedding is only a few months away! Will this daddy's girls dress be ready in time?

Randy's Most Memorable Moments Jan 5, 2019

Randy Fenoli revisits some of the most memorable appointments from the series; every bridal appointment is about finding an unforgettable gown, but often it's the brides and entourage members themselves that are truly memorable.

Hell Yes to the Dress Jan 5, 2019

The sister of NBA star Stephen Curry hunts for her dream wedding dress. Plus, Cami Lee returns with her over-the-top mum in search of the perfect black dress.

Randy's Favorite Celebrity Moments Mar 31, 2018

Randy Fenoli looks back on some of his favorite celebrity moments, from celebrity brides and entourage members to big star surprises, revisit moments with Joan Rivers, Kelly Ripa, Kathy Griffin, Jillian Michaels and more.

That's How You Dress a Lady Mar 24, 2018

Randy's runway show is a big opportunity to prove he's back as a bridal designer for good; "Gold Rush" star Monica Beets and her colorful family have fun being fish out of water at Kleinfeld; bride Jaqueline and her mom butt heads.

Did I Hear Someone Say $16,000? Mar 17, 2018

Randy's day is nonstop as he assists brides and auditions models for his runway show; Emanuela wants a sexy ball gown and she's not afraid to throw her dad's budget out the window; Marlena is finally dress shopping for a wedding years in the making.

I'm the Bride, Leave Some Space! Mar 10, 2018

Fashion-forward Nikki is looking for a fun, party-ready dress for her wild New Year's Eve wedding; Natalie dreams of a finding a ball gown so massive that wedding guests will struggle to get close to her, and someone could even hide under it.

There's a Shark in the Salon! Mar 3, 2018

It's sink or swim for Randy when reality star Barbara Corcoran comes in. Bridgette needs a dress to say yes in and then run in a Vegas half-marathon!

Launching a New Marriage Feb 24, 2018

Dress shopping with Cat Cora ("Iron Chef") and her fiancee, Nicole Ehrlich; to keep things spicy the girls want to hide their final looks fro one another with blindfolds; Rain needs a dress that fits inside one of Coney Island's scariest rides.

Coco Is Not Impressed Feb 3, 2018

Doga instructor Mariah looks for a princess dress and wants dog Coco to match; Jami is eloping to Paris and needs a dress as magical as her destination.

I'm Having a Moment Jan 27, 2018

Bride Courtney expects to look at every dress in Kleinfeld until she finds the perfect one; bride Brianna wants a dress inspired by the movie "50 Shades Freed"; bride Angela runs a circus, but doesn't want to look like a performer at the wedding.

A Dress to Match My Black Heart Jan 20, 2018

Feisty Camila's desire to buy a black dress may push her equally fiery mother over the edge; after years working as Pnina Tornai's right-hand woman, it's Ally's turn to be the bride.

Randy Just Showed You the Door! Jan 13, 2018

Twins Marlo & Margo are back but this time Marlo is the bride! Karma can be cruel as Margo's sass is unleashed and family drama further escalates when a major secret is revealed. Bride Val needs a gown for her icy wedding atop an Alaskan glacier!

Everything Is on the Line Jan 6, 2018

Excitement's in the air at the salon for the brides & Randy: he's going back to his bridal design roots! Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos has a huge surprise for her friend & nanny, bride Monica. Bride Carly may be demanding, but Mother Nature rules all.

Empire State of Bride May 13, 2017

The entire Kleinfeld team comes together to help Emily, who needs a dress for her 10-year vow renewal atop the Empire State Building in two days; Olympian Queen Harrison faces new hurdles while deciding on her dream wedding gown.

This is My Fiancé...and This is His Wife! May 6, 2017

Bride Jennifer arrives at Kleinfeld with her fiancé and his wife; Glori only wants the trendiest of gowns straight off the runway; Amanda needs to leave with a dress today for her wedding inside a chapel made of ice.

My Sisters Are Picking Out My Dress! Apr 29, 2017

Arlicia is letting her sisters plan her wedding, which includes choosing her dress. Plus, Ameena has a big budget - and bridezilla tendencies.

We Don't Do Anything Normal Apr 22, 2017

Bodybuilder Melissa needs a dress that shows off her muscles; Shay loses his cool with Randy as they help Kat, a bride with a tight budget;.Jasmine wants a unique bridal look to match her one-of-a-kind wedding on top of the Grand Canyon.

Not Hell nor High Water Apr 15, 2017

Randy is in Louisiana to save bride Kelli's big day after she lost everything in a devastating flood; social media star Claudia Oshry brings the sass to her appointment; Pnina Tornai feels the heat during Bridal Fashion Week.

We're Going to Say "I Do" Underwater! Apr 8, 2017

Omarosa, of The Apprentice, is determined to find a colorful, dramatic gown for her big day; jet-setting bride Valerie wants a dress fit for her lavish Ibiza wedding; Randy rescues bride Magaly who needs a dress for her underwater ceremony.

Love is Love Mar 26, 2017

Transgender bride Gabrielle hopes to find a dress that rivals her fierce drag queen gowns; Kathleen, a budget-conscious accountant, needs a dress for her Tax Day wedding; bride Mykia's father is a Kleinfeld super-fan with a big surprise in store.

I Want My Daughter to Look Like a Sexpot Mar 19, 2017

Randy's mom visits for her 93rd birthday, and she's happy to share her fiery opinions with everyone; timid bride Courtney's appointment gets hijacked by her provocative mother; Katie needs a gown suitable for two big secrets.

The Shay Way Mar 12, 2017

Jamiee and fiancée Lisa are shopping together, and to keep the brides from seeing each other's looks, the consultants plan a wild surprise; wedding planner Michelle tries to let go and enjoy being the bride; Shay confronts Randy.

10 Years Later and Busier Than Ever! Mar 4, 2017

When Grammy-nominated rocker Elle King arrives, Randy and Shay have a dress disagreement; bride Lisa needs a gown for a wedding with dolphins.

Randy, I Think I Got This Jun 24, 2016

While new consultant Shay is excited to help with a surprise marriage proposal, former Miss USA Nia Sanchez has just one day to find her gown.

There's a New Guy in Town Jun 24, 2016

Randy discovers major changes & staffing shakeups at Kleinfeld. The biggest surprise: Kleinfeld hired its first male consultant! Bride Tolu contends with her opinionated sister, and Amanda fears her gown won't be modest enough for her orthodox wedding.

I'm a Firm Believer in Signs Jun 17, 2016

Bride Jenna is joined by her NFL player brother, Justin Pugh. Talmesha wants a gown that compliments a very special bouquet honouring her late father.

That Looks Like a Torture Device Jun 10, 2016

Bridget's feelings about the perfect dress for her wedding to pro snowboarder Scott Lago get turned upside-down by her opinionated entourage.

Not Afraid to Try New Things Jun 3, 2016

A team of specialists guide brides through the process of selecting, fitting, altering and delivering each flawless dress in time for the perfect day.

I'm a Legacy May 20, 2016

Joelle tries on her mother's 1987 dress - but is she ready to walk down the aisle 80s style? Bride LeAnne, a Kleinfeld legacy, declares she's the ultimate anti-bride.

The Male Perspective May 13, 2016

Country music star Kristian Bush joins his friends to find Evyn's perfect dress for her wedding. Melanie is nervous her dress won't fit her plus size frame.

Come on In, Grandma! May 6, 2016

Amanda needs to find a dress both she and her opinionated grandmother love; Hillary searches for a specific gown that her late grandmother adored; Macie has found her dream dress, but her grandmother wants her to try something different.

Dad's Being a Dadzilla Apr 29, 2016

Alyssa's father rules the day with his opinions; wedding planner Michelle feels extra pressure to find the perfect dress; when Emily's custom Pnina gown is all wrong, her dad demands a solution.

Bling, Lace, and Cleavage Apr 22, 2016

Krystle loves attention, but her friends have reservations about her over-the-top dress; Maria shocks her pastor father with a sexy sheer bodice; only Pnina can help Jaclyn when she faces a major dress dilemma.

A Rainbow Unicorn Dress Apr 15, 2016

Sharde dreams of a colorful dress to suit her rainbow unicorn wedding; bride Spencer wants a very avant-garde and dramatic gown for her big day; Sarah is shocked when the scissors come out during her fitting appointment.

I'm Not the Size of a Hanger! Apr 8, 2016

Southern bride Danielle gets some help from her girlfriends in the quest to find the perfect glamorous gown. Plus, Jen is having a beer-themed wedding.

You Are a Daredevil! Apr 1, 2016

Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy, not afraid to take risks, waits until three weeks before her wedding to find a dress; Katie brings a list ranking her top gowns; Lori hopes her dress fits for her wedding in 9 days.

I Am Bride-yoncé Mar 25, 2016

Bride Lauren loves dressing sexy, but she wants a gown that still feels bridal; Ali wants to look like Beyoncé on her big day day, and needs a dress with tons of sparkle; Blair hopes her grandmother approves of her sexy dress.

I Won the Battle Against My Twin! Mar 18, 2016

Bride Margo struggles to get her twin sister's approval of her dresses; Brenda needs all four of her sisters to agree with her dress choice; Amy worries her twin sister will think her dress is too revealing.

This is Your Day Mar 18, 2016

Randy gives back to Iraq and Afghanistan War veteran Alicia by surprising the shocked bride with a day at Kleinfeld; brides Margo, Brenda and Amy all struggle to get their sisters' approval.

I Am a Bride on a Budget Mar 11, 2016

Lauren is in love with a dress that will blow her budget to shreds; Shoshana is paying for her own dress to complete her special day; Sara is over budget and must convince her father the dress is worth the money.

The Sasha Dress Mar 11, 2016

"High School Musical'' star Corbin Bleu helps his fiancé Sasha find her dream dress; bride Lauren loves a dress that will blow her budget; Liz is anxious to wear the Pnina dress she chose with friend Danielle Jonas.

I've Stalked This Dress on Instagram Mar 4, 2016

Designer Hayley Paige makes three unique dresses for her big day; bride Elisabeth comes to Kleinfeld to buy her dream gown from Hayley Paige; LaKesha, a big fan of designer Lazaro, gets a huge shock at the salon.

What Does Martha Think? Mar 4, 2016

The wedding guru herself, Martha Stewart, visits Kleinfeld to help bride Bailey decide if she truly chose her perfect dress; bride Jessica's indecisiveness may keep her from finding a gown; bride Crystal wants impossible alterations.

The Sale is On! Jun 5, 2015

Brides come from around the country for Kleinfeld's famous sample sale where they will have only three hours to sort through hundreds of designer options to find their dream dress.

Sexy Sells May 29, 2015

A bride's husband pushes her to choose a sexy gown; a bride returns for a dress that is even racier than her last; a bride is hesitant of her fiance's form fitting preference.

V.I.Pnina May 22, 2015

On the days that Kleinfeld is closed to the public, dress designer Pnina Tornai meets with VIP clients for exclusive appointments to discuss their dress dreams.

Drama, Drama, Drama! May 15, 2015

WyQuasia's family spends more time bickering than listening to what the bride wants! Shelley's enormous entourage makes dress shopping impossible.

Like Mother, Unlike Daughter May 8, 2015

A bride's father grants an unlimited budget, but her mother disagrees with her sexy dress choices; one bride wants a ball gown, but her mother thinks form fitting is best; one bride allows her mother to dress shop for her.

Daddy Dearest May 1, 2015

Emily and her very opinionated father want the perfect princess ball gown for her big day. Melissa worries her conservative dad will not like her custom Pnina gown.

Worth the Wait Apr 24, 2015

A bride who has always been the bridesmaid; a bride determined to make her second wedding perfect; a bride who bought her dress four years ago.

Case of Dress Distress Apr 17, 2015

A bossy bridesmaid picks out an over-budget gown, leaving a bride devastated; a bride has trouble committing to a dress with her ill mother absent.

Designer Dreams Apr 10, 2015

A bride wants to show off her new body; a bride who said yes to a designer's sketch now awaits the real gown; looking for a fashion-forward dress.

Love at First Sight Apr 3, 2015

HuffPost Live correspondent and host Caitlyn Becker is torn between two dresses; one bride claims her dream dress is the first she tries on.

Booby Trap Mar 27, 2015

A brides size 34 chest is blowing her budget; a bride's mother does not want her showing off the goods; a bride hope her bust will fit after loosing weight.

Please Love My Dress Mar 27, 2015

A feathered or black ball gown; one bride loves every dress she tries on, but her family likes none of them; head over heels for a bohemain gown.

Agree to Disagree Mar 20, 2015

One bride's second visit and her picky entourage; a bride wants a nontraditional gown but her mother disagrees; a reception dress with a top that is completely sheer.

Breaking the Bank Mar 20, 2015

A bride finds the gown she has been searching for only to learn it is double her budget; a bride is committed to going over budget on her see-through bodice.

A Situation in the Salon Mar 13, 2015

Mike Sorrentino arrives at Kleinfeld to help Melissa find her wedding gown. However, Mike and his brothers steal the spotlight.

Vision Confusion Mar 13, 2015

Bride Lauren wants to look like a classy porn star; bride Amanda is hoping her custom gown lives up to her vision.

Performance Piece Mar 6, 2015

Actor Tony Danza helps his Broadway co-star find a costume; a ballerina bride wants a gown that is nothing like her princess dance costumes.

A Comedian Walks Into a Bridal Salon... Mar 6, 2015

Not even the mannequins are safe when comedian Kathy Griffin conspires with Randy to give her former assistant the surprise of her life.

Sample Sale Madness! Dec 19, 2014

It's shopping chaos at the blow-out sale! Danielle and Kathryn want the same gown - but there's only one. Plus, Jessica is looking for one very specific dress.

Challenge After Challenge Dec 19, 2014

Rebekah has made a remarkable recovery after being injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. She is now looking for the perfect white dress for her fairytale wedding.

A Thorn in the Bride's Side Dec 5, 2014

Miss USA is ready to find her dream dress, but she must also please her mother-in-law. Plus, Kat hopes that her opinionated friend loves her dress.

Style Therapy Dec 5, 2014

Callie is more concerned with pleasing her mum than sticking to her own style. Plus, Southern belle Annaclaire has no clue what style of dress she wants.

Dazed and Gown-fused Nov 28, 2014

Katy has already tried on 50 gowns elsewhere and still doesn't know what she wants. Meanwhile, Cy can't choose between two perfect dresses.

Dueling Visions Nov 28, 2014

Bride Kristin is torn between a sexy or traditional look; bride Alexa has a conservative father but wants a dress with sex appeal.

Entourage Sabotage Nov 21, 2014

Entourages that are bossy instead of helpful; bridesmaids insist on their styles; a mother demands her daughter try on a pink gown; a bride's family argues over the length of her hem.

Top My Dream Dress! Nov 21, 2014

Blingy bride Lucille arrives in love with a satin dress, but wants more sparkle. Plus, spicy bride Joan loves a dress from her hometown but arrives wanting one no one else can get.

The Quest for Perfection Nov 14, 2014

Mackenzie worries her beach wedding dress will be too short to cover her bare feet. Meanwhile, picky bride Kea has already tried on over 100 dresses.

A Dress Like None the Rest Nov 14, 2014

Actress Suttor Foster searches for a dress; a wedding dress model fears she has worn too many gown to find one that feels special; Hope wants her dream dress for her vow renewal.

Father Knows Dress Nov 7, 2014

Caitie and her wedding planner father clash over a gown. Meanwhile, Danielle lost her mother to cancer, so Dad steps in to help her make the big decision.

Brotherly Love Nov 7, 2014

Searching for a $14,000 Pnina dress no one can find; a brides two NFL star brothers secretly plan to purchase her gown; one bride's unwanted addition to her dress.

Mom's Seal of Approval Oct 24, 2014

A bride wants to look sexy, but her mother wants a more modest look; a second-time bride whose mother is very opinionated; a bride worries her mother won't approve of a $13,000 gown she bought without her.

All Hands on Deck Oct 24, 2014

Former model Meghan flew all the way from St Louis to find the perfect dress for her wedding to professional baseball player Jim Edmonds. Will she be successful?

Tight, Strapless, and Sexy! Oct 17, 2014

Carla wants to show more skin than her mum would like, and 52-year-young Dina is ready to try on her gown, saying it will fit right if it fits tight.

When in Doubt, Customize Oct 17, 2014

Host Courtney Cason only wants a Mark Zunino gown; bride Zabrina looks for a ball gown for her New Year's Eve wedding; bride Cheryl has never seen her custom dress.

Surprise, Surprise! Oct 10, 2014

Tumi lost 175lbs and has a surprise guest waiting for her. Meanwhile, Megan receives a surprise proposal and a trip to Kleinfeld on the same day.

A Chart Topping Dress May 23, 2014

Aspiring country music star Whitney Duncan wants a romantic lace gown that gives her some curves. Plus, a bride with an oversized personality is looking for a matching dress.

Sister Act! May 16, 2014

Samantha is one of triplets whose opinionated sisters want to make the final dress decision! Meanwhile, sisters Jessica and Kristen shop together for their gowns.

Smother's Day May 9, 2014

Staff members of premier bridal salon, 'Kleinfeld', help brides-to-be find the perfect wedding dress. Will the dream of a perfect gown ever come true?

Always the Pageant Girl... May 2, 2014

Ashley is desperate for a dress that puts her pageant days behind her - even if her family isn't. Plus, rodeo queen Becky wants a gown with bling.

More, More, More! Apr 25, 2014

Rasha needs a huge ball gown that will wow all 700 guests at her wedding. Plus, Melissa's dad has a special surprise for her when she wants more bling.

For His Consideration Apr 18, 2014

Britanny shops with her uncle who insists her dress has 'lots of sparkle!' Nicole is a daddy's girl, whose dad is just as delighted and desperate to please.

A Kleinfeld Family Affair Apr 11, 2014

Danielle, a close family friend of Dorothy, has a very special surprise in store, while consultant Katie is delighted to turn customer for the day.

Design Intervention Apr 4, 2014

Patti Ann travels from Chicago to find the perfect dress for her wedding in the Bahamas. Plus, Merav has expensive taste, but will her budget hold her back?

My Day, Mom's Way Mar 28, 2014

Pageant Queen Anastagia wants to choose her own dress, but first she needs to battle her mum's influence. Lisa butts heads with her mom over an ivory gown.

If You've Got It, Flaunt It Mar 21, 2014

Kia is a pro basketball player embracing her height, as she looks for the perfect long dress for her six-inch heels. But how will she get on?

One of a Kind Dress Requests Mar 14, 2014

Lisa has tried on more than 100 gowns and Brittany is determined to wear pink - will both find their dream dress?

Til Dress Do Us Part Mar 14, 2014

After losing 100lbs, Stephanie wants to show off her new curves in a sexy wedding dress. Meanwhile, Akisha is worried her dress won't impress her fiancé.

It Fits, She Scores! Mar 7, 2014

Kristi is looking for a glitzy dress to complement her luxurious lifestyle, while bride Jennifer hopes that her boss will help her find the dress of her dreams.

No Room for Compromise Mar 7, 2014

Petite bride Christine wants a gown to match her 20's-themed wedding. Plus, Stefanny wants a sexy dress to wear on her big day, but her parents have other ideas.

Nothing Ordinary Here Feb 28, 2014

Erin wants a blue gown but must first convince her sceptical entourage, while Heather's entourage is shocked when she proudly shows off her flower-patterned dress.

More Money, More Problems Feb 28, 2014

Kandice is worried her custom made gown may not be all that she hoped for. Plus, in search of the perfect dress, money is no object for Aleshia.

A Gown Worth the Trip Feb 21, 2014

Liz has flown 4,000 miles to visit the salon and has to find something. Plus, bride Danielle has lost 8kg and worries that her gown will not show her curves.

New Dress, New Beginning Feb 21, 2014

Comedian Seth Meyers surprises a delighted fan, Shealynn, who is an injured army vet. Plus, model Ashley wants a sexy dress that also impresses her picky father.

Apple of His Eye Nov 1, 2013

Nikasha wants to look like a grown woman on her big day, but dad is at odds with her as he would like her to look the way she did on her sweet sixteen.

A Mother's Touch Nov 1, 2013

Amanda is mourning the recent loss of her future mother-in-law during her shopping trip; Dana searches for a dress of which her late mother would approve; Katy wants to incorporate her late mother's wedding gown fabric into her dress.

A Surprising Turn of Events Oct 25, 2013

Bride Cindy and her mother are looking for a regal ball gown, but get a shock when Cindy's sister and best friend fly in from Miami.

I'll Know It When I See It Oct 25, 2013

Brooke is looking for a special gown - it has to be unique and she won't settle for anything else. Unfortunately, nothing lives up to her expectations.

Not What I Was Expecting Oct 11, 2013

Emily is an attorney by day and a rock star by night. She wants to contrast her normal all-black style with a traditional long-sleeved lace wedding gown.

Day of Challenges Oct 4, 2013

Stefanie wants a simple dress, but her family has grander ideas. Precious just had weight loss surgery and is looking for a gown that fits her shrinking frame.

Not What I Had in Mind Sep 27, 2013

Broadway dancer LaQuet is looking for a fun gown with straps to cover her bulky arms. Jill puts her in a dress with straps, but it seems too matronly.

Mom's Day, Mom's Way Sep 20, 2013

50-year-old bride Dina is looking for a dress as sassy as she is. Bride Laure wants a simple lace dress, but her entourage has a different idea.

You're Making Me Blush Sep 20, 2013

Kara wants a red dress, but her future mother in-law has more traditional gown ideas. Sheena needs a colourful dress to wear to her Indian wedding reception.

Race to the Altar Sep 13, 2013

Bride Dawn is looking for a princess gown for her wedding, but no dress is living it up to her or her family's standards. Will her dress dream ever come true?

More Than a Wedding Sep 13, 2013

Cheryl and Krisin have recently beaten cancer and Jennifer is battling a kidney disease. For these brides, their weddings are a celebration of love and life.

Better Than the First Sep 6, 2013

Bride Mackenzie knows exactly what she wants - a dress that makes her look like Jessica Rabbit. Will her consultant Britney find the perfect gown?

Father of the Bride Sep 6, 2013

Bride Katie wants a mermaid-style dress but her mom would prefer to see her in a traditional ballgown. Can consultant Jenny find a dress to please both?

Family Rules Aug 30, 2013

Tanya takes her outspoken family to the salon to help her find a blush-coloured dress. But no one is honest like a family - can the consultant keep the peace?

Brides and Their Boys Aug 23, 2013

Dana is taking her two bridesmen to her appointment, and Akisha her fiancé's best man. Can a male perspective during the process speed up a bride to say yes?

Showing Off Your Assets Aug 23, 2013

Emily, who works at a nightclub, wants to look ultra-sexy on her big day. Her mother has more conservative requests - can Emily be convinced to tone it down?

A Family Affair Aug 16, 2013

Saralyn needs two dresses in order to share her wedding with her sister Megan who has Down syndrome; Rachel brings her sister.

Sisters Know Best Aug 16, 2013

Kristin Chenoweth comes to Kleinfelds with her bride-to-be assistant; Amy and her twin sister have very different opinions; Heather tries to please her picky sister.

Requests Like None of the Rest Mar 1, 2013

Amanda is looking for a dress with sparkles, glitter, smoke and mirrors, Charae wants an 80s dress and Lynsey is looking for a short, fun party dress.

Picky Brides Feb 22, 2013

Violet wants a tight and sexy gown to wear at her Dominican Republic wedding; Rachel hopes Kleinfelds will be her last stop; Leighanns first dress did meet her standards.

It's Just Money Feb 15, 2013

Kandice comes from Texas to find a blingy, dress for her vow renewals and bride Barbara wants a sexy gown with sparkle to match her killer stilettos.

Day of Challenges Feb 15, 2013

Shari looks for a vow renewal dress with her picky hubby, bride-to-be Alex must find a gown in twenty-four hours and new bride Ebony is nervous for a fitting.

Love the Skin I'm In Feb 8, 2013

Heather is looking for a dramatic gown that doesn't accentuate her hips, and body conscious Kristyn has been avoiding wedding dress shopping for a year.

Queen for the Day Feb 8, 2013

Nicole leaves her young quadruplets at home while she shops and cancer sufferer Margo wants a perfect dress to make her feel beautiful.

Dare to Be Different Feb 1, 2013

Randi is having a carnival wedding and wants a polka dot gown to match; Mary is an opera singer; Boo and Piper are having a dog wedding.

Grands Know Best Feb 1, 2013

Bride Nicole shops with the help of her psychic Aunt, Desiree consults her 90-year-old Grandma and Allyson tries to match a 100-year-old veil with her modern gown.

Keeping an Open Mind Jan 25, 2013

Tamara is looking for a gown that makes a statement. Meanwhile, Stephanie comes in for her fitting still not convinced that she's bought the right dress.

The Blowout Sale Jan 25, 2013

Four times a year, the salon has a blowout sale where brides get an opportunity to purchase marked-down, designer dresses at bargain prices.

Size Me Up Jan 18, 2013

Tall bride Rebecca is on the hunt for that "wow" wedding dress, but is afraid every gown will come up too short. Whilst, Valerie is a petite bride with big dress dreams.

Second Time Around Jan 18, 2013

Second time bride Becky hunts for a dress to make up for her first wedding disaster. Meanwhile, four years after buying her dress Monica prepares to wed!

Beat the Clock Jan 11, 2013

Cynthia's veil clashes with her dress causing mayhem, since her wedding is only one month away. Whilst, Passant is running out of time with a limited dress selection.

Princess Fantasy Jan 11, 2013

Crystal vies for the perfect princess Pnina dress. And, Deborah feels a strong connection with Princess Diana and is determined to have her own Royal Wedding.

A Very Merry Wedding Jan 4, 2013

Stephanie wants to kick off Christmas with a Black Friday wedding. Meanwhile, Katie is hoping to look like an ice princess for her winter wonderland wedding.

Mother May I? Jan 4, 2013

Even after gaining confidence from losing weight, Victoria still needs her mum's approval on her dress. Meanwhile, Lauren and her mum disagree on styles of gowns.

Daddy-Daughter Dilemma Dec 28, 2012

Trisha's father overcame heart failure and helps her pick out a dress. Meanwhile, Caitlin has her fitting now that her father is healthy enough to attend.

Big Entourage, Bigger Opinions Dec 28, 2012

The red carpet is being rolled out for the premiere episode and with a celebrity in the salon - there is no shortage of attitude!

New Beginnings Aug 17, 2012

Katie who survived a lung transplant, is looking for a dress to celebrate her new beginning. Plus, Christy comes for her first fitting after losing 160 pounds.

Bling It On! Aug 17, 2012

Krystle wants to find the perfect dress for her wedding to baseball player Ryan Howard. Meanwhile Deshae is a Southern belle who's all about glitz, beads and sparkle.

Staying True Before Saying 'I Do' Aug 10, 2012

Indian bride Rashi wants an Americanised gown for her wedding, and Shenelle is back for her fitting, and nervous about seeing her custom dress.

Red She Said Aug 3, 2012

Kelly wants to say I do in her favourite colour - red! Beth never imagined herself getting married, so she wants to be the opposite of traditional with a black dress.

NFL Brides Aug 3, 2012

Bride Devon has come to Kleinfeld with her fiancé Duane Brown who is the left tackle for the Houston Texans, and Taya is engaged to Adam Koets of the New York Giants.

Expecting Brides Jul 27, 2012

Tisa is looking for a dress that makes her look hot; Victoria is looking for a dress for her wedding just eight weeks away; Emily is trying on her gown for the first time.

Worth the Weight Jul 20, 2012

Kristy has lost 100 pounds and is looking for the right dress to show off her new figure, and Kristin has lost 40 pounds and is excited to fit into dress samples.

Rocker Brides Jul 20, 2012

Kristin wants to find a rock and roll, edgy wedding dress, meanwhile Amber has two wedding dress priorities - a dress that is different and shows off her tattoos.

Big Budget Brides Jul 13, 2012

Bride Monisha has come to Kleinfelds looking for a dress for her three wedding ceremonies, and Mary has a budget of thirty thousand dollars to buy two dresses.

Image is Everything Jul 13, 2012

Natalie's hoping Kleinfeld will be the last stop on her bridal gown tour of the North East, and Amy has lost 70 pounds but still sees herself as overweight.

What's My Style Jul 6, 2012

New to wedding dress shopping, Farrah doesn't seem to know what she wants in a dress, whilst Stephanie's style is vintage glam and knows exactly what to go for.

His Opinion… Jul 6, 2012

Bride Tara is shopping with Olympic figure skater and fashionista Johnny Weir. Meanwhile Taylor brings her fiancé Austin to help her find her dream gown.

Race Against Time Jun 29, 2012

Amy bought a gown elsewhere but changed her mind and now she's hunting for her dream dress and Michelle is viewing her dress after losing 50 pounds.

2 Dresses, 1 Dream Jun 29, 2012

Jacqueline explains that she would like two different style dresses for her wedding. Meanwhile Christina is at the salon for her second dress fitting.

Sister, Sister Jun 22, 2012

Katie's sister convinces Katie to ditch her tomboy look. Courtney searches for a ball gown. And Jennifer orders a dress too small for her, in order to lose weight.

Not Your Mama's Dress Jun 22, 2012

Bride Krystle shares the spotlight with her mum, Kathy. Afrodite and her mum argue over fashion. Plus Lindsey wants her mum to attend the fitting.

Extreme Entourage Jun 15, 2012

Melissa shops for her wedding dress. Stella is having a Greek wedding and has brought along a big entourage, plus Carli comes in for her final fitting.

You're Sexy and You Know It Jun 15, 2012

Sahar, a belly dancing paralegal, has her gown fitting, whilst Bride Aimee says she wants a dress that's tight and blingy, but will she find it?

Princess for a Day Dec 30, 2011

Kristin was diagnosed with lung cancer and now cancer-free she is ready to marry her high school sweetheart. Plus, Latoya wants a blinged-out ball gown.

Ready, Aim, Focus! Dec 23, 2011

As more women search for the perfect gown, former pageant consultant and part-time model Ashely is dreaming of one gown that she tried on at another salon.

For The Love Of Mom Dec 16, 2011

Candice is shopping with her mum for her wedding that is just 21 days away. Meanwhile, bride Jacy has come to the salon with an entourage.

Same Dress, Different Girl Dec 9, 2011

Consultant Jessica has her hands full because bride-to-be Kasey has obsessive compulsive disorder which can be debilitating for her decision making.

That Special Someone Dec 2, 2011

Sarah and her husband visit the salon to find a gown for their 10th anniversary vow renewal. Meanwhile, 'cute' Jodee wants to look sexy on her wedding day.

A One Track Mind Nov 25, 2011

Sarah has come to the salon with her heart set on one particular lace dress; Erika has arrived for her 3rd fitting; Kelly is certain she wants a particular gown.

The Majority Rules Nov 18, 2011

Marjorie's enlisted her family to help find a dress for her wedding in just two months. Later, bride-to-be Lynette is at style odds with her family and friends.

Sister Resistors Nov 11, 2011

The 'DC Cupcake' girls, Katherine and Sophie begin their search for Katherine's dream wedding dress. Plus, can Suzy and her sister find a dress they both love?

Never Settle Nov 4, 2011

Three more brides search for the perfect dress including Elona who has overcome tremendous obstacles to be at the salon and Courtney who takes her mum for help.

The Facilitators Nov 4, 2011

Tamika is on the hunt for the perfect dress, but can she stay within her budget? Plus, Ashley finds the perfect princess dress, but can she afford it?

The Devil Is in the Details Oct 28, 2011

Niche wants a stylish gown but her mum prefers the traditional look. Meanwhile, a bride with a specific style in mind struggles to find her dream dress.

Dress Obsess Oct 28, 2011

Porsha is obsessed with turtlenecks. Can she find a dress to match her signature style? Plus Randy hunts for a unique runway sample for a bride with a huge budget.

Together as One Oct 21, 2011

Same sex couple Meighan and Christina are looking for gowns that are individually flattering but complement each other. Will they both find their dream dress?

Worth the Wait Oct 21, 2011

Dale has been waiting 30 years for her dream wedding. But will she opt for a traditional white gown or a black dress? And can Rachael find a princess dress?

One of a Kind Oct 14, 2011

Jackie is a model who has worn many bridal gowns throughout her career. Can she find the perfect dress for her big day? Plus, Alia returns for her final fitting.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Oct 14, 2011

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro's wife, Lisa, searches for the perfect dress for her vow renewal, but is torn between two gowns. Which one will she choose?

Fashion Police Oct 7, 2011

Norah is shopping with her family, but will they be a help or a hindrance? Plus, the consultants search for a gown for a bride with a fashion forward entourage.

Pushing the Limits Oct 7, 2011

Comora hunts for a glam gown with the help of a celebrity consultant and Randy tries to find two dresses to satisfy a statuesque blond with expensive taste.

Happily Ever After...Sort of Apr 8, 2011

Leah visits the salon with her family, but her sister's opinion is the most important. Bethany searches for a gown that goes against her mom's wishes.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… Apr 1, 2011

Sahar visits the salon with one dress in mind. Meanwhile, Kristin is back for her fitting, but it's not the same dress she originally bought.

Great Gown Expectations Mar 25, 2011

Sonya wants an expensive look on a budget. Meanwhile, Candice is getting married for a second time and wants the dress to represent who she is.

Men of Honor Mar 18, 2011

Christy wants a gown to cover a scar and she has brought her twin brothers to help. Plus, Cathy has arrived with her best men, but will they share the same taste?

Search and Dress-cue Mar 11, 2011

A bride with a list of dress expectations; a former NFL cheerleader has already bought and returned one dress; a military bride.

Make Room for the Green Groom Mar 4, 2011

Today, the grooms are taking over the salon. All the consultants know that when the man is in the salon, he is the one who could be driving the appointment.

New Beginnings Feb 25, 2011

Bride Lindsay has been through her share of tragedies; Cher brought her new blended family along; Vera is having a big day in fittings.

Double or Nothing Feb 25, 2011

Amy purchased a gown with her mother, but with a venue change, she feels her dress doesn't fit. Meanwhile, Tara wants a dress that accentuates her figure.

Bride, Interrupted Feb 18, 2011

Justyna's eloped and is tying the knot in 22 hours, so she must walk out of the salon with a dress today.

Mom's Way or the Highway Feb 11, 2011

Jesyca wants a dress that is flattering; Duvae wants a dress that makes her look grown up; Sara is back for her fitting.

Secrets and Surprises Feb 4, 2011

Nikki Ann has a budget of $5000, or so she thinks; Dawn's mom arrives with a little present; Kristyn plans to wow her wedding guests.

Sticker Shock Jan 28, 2011

Michelle travels to try on dresses designed by Pnina Tornai; Kiki, a Greek "Southern Belle", loves a bargain; Audrey and Randy search for the perfect dress for Lillian.

Torn Between Two Styles Jan 21, 2011

Janine has a princess ball gown in mind for her wedding; Celeste is used to thinking about others before herself; Christina is pregnant and self-conscious of her body.

Beat the Dress Jan 21, 2011

Liza has returned to the salon to top the dress with 2 skirts that she designed. Leanne purchased a cheap gown but doesn't love it. Ivania has arrived with her opinionated fiance'.

Dad Knows Best Jan 14, 2011

Kate is at the salon with an entourage that includes her father; Leah's dad can't attend because he is a quadriplegic; Nancy has arrived in alterations with her fashionista father.

The Group Calls It Jan 14, 2011

Syndai is on the verge of marrying into New York Yankee royalty. Sarah and company come armed with notepads to help rate each dress she tries on. Danielle has returned to the salon with her vocal family in tow for her first dress fitting.

Best Laid Plans Jan 7, 2011

Sarah and Randy vow to turn Virginia's appointment around when they realize the dress of her dreams has been sold; Jennifer rushes because of the upcoming redeployment of her fiance'; Kelly's dress must be taken apart seam by seam.

The First Dress Syndrome Jan 7, 2011

Kristy wants to look like a pirate and is armed with a picture of a pirate dress she loves. Even though Laura's dad is reluctant to attend the appointment, he is not shy from voicing his outrageous ideas. Donna visits to try on her pink dress.

In the Spotlight Jul 30, 2010

American Chopper swaps blowtorches for gowns when Paul Teutul Jr. accompanies his fiancée to Kleinfeld's. Can she find the right dress for her red-carpet wedding?

Love Connection Jul 23, 2010

Julie-Ann and Evan arrive at the salon to select a dress for their vow renewal. Plus, bride Carol wants her daughter's input on a dress for her second wedding.

The Path to the Dress Jul 16, 2010

Jessica brings her faince and his mother to find her dream gown; Jamie's vision of her wedding day is not clear; Carla wants to make ammends after picking a dress against her mother's wishes.

Fit for a Fantasy Jul 9, 2010

Cherine's fantasy is to look like an "Egyptian Barbie" in her wedding; whereas Jessica is looking for a dress that will look great with fairy wings.

Man Tears Jul 2, 2010

Bride Nancy's dad and Uncle Dave join in and help consultant Diane to search for the ideal dress. Plus, bride Nicole relies on her dad for a second opinion.

All in the Family Jun 25, 2010

Nicole and her vocal family visit the store. Can she find a dress they love? Plus, Amanda's mum will not leave the store until her daughter's dress is fixed.

Fantasy Unhinged Jun 18, 2010

A bride is determined to buy a third wedding gown; a bride admits to planning the wedding before the proposal; a bride tries on her fantasy dress.

Dress Mates Jun 18, 2010

A bride must choose a second dress when her fiance' disapproves of the first purchase; a bride with breast cancer shares the dress shopping experience with her fiance'.

Struggling to Commit Jun 11, 2010

Bride Joey has tried on over 100 dresses at other stores; a first time dress shopper is distracted by a tiara; a nervous bride's dress was not love at first sight.

The Entourage Jun 4, 2010

Bride Carli arrives at the salon with an entourage of eight in tow, while Jessica brings her mother, aunt, two friends and her baby to attend her wedding dress fitting.

Mama Drama May 21, 2010

Carla wants a glitzy dress but her mother disagrees; Natasha hopes to reconnect with her mother; Erin nervously tries on the dress her mother loves.

Randy to the Rescue May 14, 2010

Sarah has her hands full with Rachel, a bride who wants a sexy dress with lots of bling. Plus, Melissa has a limited budget and no idea what dress she wants.

Dress Distress May 7, 2010

Lindsay's dress gets ruined at the cleaners; Heather is panicked at the salon; Caitlyn's dream dress wasn't the right size during the fitting at another salon.

Family Ties May 7, 2010

Grace brings her father, who is conflicted about letting go of his "little girl." Bride Lauren is shopping with her opinionated family. Sharon is shopping with her best friend, Wendy, who's like a sister.

Going Bridal Apr 30, 2010

Danielle's aunt brings the family's "wooden spoon" to keep order; brides Erika and Devin want matching dresses; after eight months the fitter struggles to close Amy's dress.

Wallet Woes Apr 30, 2010

Donna can't find anything in her budget so her father doubles the number; Daisy searches for a Spanish style gown; Heidi tries on her ball gown.

The Cardinal Rules Apr 23, 2010

Amanda finds a gorgeous dress that tops the one she's already purchased at another store. And can consultant Keasha help Brooke to become a 'Kleinfeld bride'?

Anything Bridal Apr 23, 2010

A pageant queen is determined to have all eyes on her on her wedding day; a wannabe bride gets a jump on wedding dress shoppping; a self-proclaimed "Goth girl" returns to the salon.

Seeing Eye to Eye Dec 18, 2009

Brooke tells Dianne and Randy that her budget is $7,000 but her mother reveals it is actually $4,000. Will her mum support her decision to buy an expensive gown?

Cinderella Comes in All Sizes Dec 18, 2009

Sarah is a plus size bride, who's tried on close to 20 dresses that have all been misses. Meanwhile, Sofia wants to lose 20 lbs for her big day.

Daddy's Little Girl Dec 11, 2009

Nicole has flown in on a private jet with her family to go shopping at the salon. She is shopping for a couture gown and money is no object.

Princess Brides Dec 4, 2009

Bride-to-be Jennifer clashes with her mum about the budget for her dress. Kate's fitting goes into crisis mode over a curved band of fabric. Can disaster be averted?

Family Support Nov 20, 2009

Susan's family travels from New York to see her dress. Meanwhile, Suzanne brings her soon to be mother-in-law, who she is meeting for only the third time.

The Price of Beauty Nov 13, 2009

Bride-to-be Jessica has fallen in love with a dress that is unfortunately way over her budget. But can she be persuaded to compromise?

Two to Say I Do Nov 6, 2009

Jennifer is on the search for a new gown after being pressured into purchasing a dress by her mum and step-mum. Plus, Lisa uses her fiancé as a style guide.

Moms and Daughters Oct 30, 2009

Joan briefs the consultants on how to handle situations when a bride cannot make a decision without her mum or when a mum tries to take control!

Plan B Oct 23, 2009

Meghan's wedding is in two weeks and she is panicking at the fitting because she does not recognise her dress. Can they fix it in time or will she have to buy a new gown?

She's a Vision Oct 16, 2009

Magdalonie brings five outspoken bridesmaids to her appointment. Plus, rugby player Michele, who is battling Lymphoma, visits the salon with her fiance, mum and aunt.

The Blowout Sale Oct 9, 2009

Maria brings three generations of her family to her appointment. Meanwhile, Pamela is on the hunt for a grand ballroom style dress, but how will she get on?

Voice of Reason Oct 9, 2009

Heather brings her 3 bridesmaids to the store. Meredith has no idea what style she is looking for. Isabel is accompanied by her fiance and style guru to the salon.

100 Dresses and Counting Oct 2, 2009

Mum of 18, Michelle Duggar brings her family to help her find a dress for her vow renewal. Bride Beatrize has a list of 40 dresses she wants to look at.

Ready or Not Sep 25, 2009

Consultant Sarah struggles to find a dress for choosy bride Bernadette, who shuns all the options she's seen. Meanwhile, nurse Marcie is unable to make a choice.

Veterans vs. Rookies Sep 18, 2009

Bride Mirjana needs to walk out of the store with a dress that day and wedding planner Bethany is looking for a dress to top all others.

Going the Extra Mile Sep 18, 2009

In a tough economic climate, the consultants must work hard to make a sale. Audrey reconstructs a dress and Vera reconstructs a neckline, saving a fitting.

Practically Family Sep 11, 2009

Tiffany is searching for a hot pink gown and her mum is finding it difficult to come to terms with her choice. Meanwhile, second time bride Holly has her fitting.

Overbooked Sep 11, 2009

Bre wants to be a traditional bride and Bride Jennifer visits the shop with only one dress style in mind. Plus, Susan has waited 20 years for the wedding of her dreams.

Goals Jul 31, 2009

Carmel is struggling to hit her monthly sales goal. Can she help bride Jennifer and make a sale? Meanwhile, Keasha works with a bride who recently donated her kidney to her fiancé.

Indecisive Brides Jul 24, 2009

Susan bought a gown that is too grand for her small outdoor wedding. Can she find something more suitable? Jennifer never wears dresses, so relies on her family to help her choose.

Family Dynamics Jul 17, 2009

Julie wants a $6,000 dress, but her brutally honest mum is footing the bill. Will they see eye-to-eye? Plus, can brides Joy and Beth find outfits that meet their high expectations?

Clicking with Brides Jul 10, 2009

Leah, a former model, is assigned to consultant Dianne, who is challenged by her opinionated maid-of-honour. Will Dianne be able to keep the peace?

Missing Mom Jun 26, 2009

Alla, who lost her mother to breast cancer, battles an opinionated aunt. Ellen falls for a dress that might be out of her budget. Timoria's fitting gets emotional.

Two for One Jun 19, 2009

Debbie and Carmel team up to sell dresses to sister brides. Debbie has no problem working as a duo, but Carmel prefers to go it alone. Will both girls find their dream gowns?

Second Time Around Jun 5, 2009

Caitlin is having a military wedding after eloping. Carmel is assigned to help, but Randy steps in. Lee and her husband, search for dress to renew their vows in.

Getting in the Spirit May 15, 2009

Consultant Sarah gets engaged and now must find a dress, but can't keep her focus at work. Sola looks for a dress that will reflect her culture.

The Art of Negotiation May 8, 2009

All brides have a tight budget, forcing some to haggle for even more bang for their buck. But will everyone be able to secure their dream dress?

There's a First for Everything May 1, 2009

As a Wiccan bride, Jessica wants a fairy-themed wedding. But will she find the perfect dress? Then, Vicki returns for a fitting.

Hot Dress, Cold Feet Apr 24, 2009

Saying 'yes' to a dress is not always easy for a bride. Sacha refuses to stay within her budget and Dorianne's dad gets emotional during her fitting.

Seeing Red Apr 17, 2009

New consultant Carmel has a tall order from her first bride of the day. Indian bride Jasleen Gill wants an elaborate dress, for two thousand dollars, in red.

The Dress Ties That Bind Apr 10, 2009

Camille brings her mother in law to the appointment in the hope of improving their strained relationship. Plus, can consultant Keasha help her friend to find the perfect dress?

Playing Dress Up Apr 3, 2009

Nicole's sorority sisters have surprised her with a weekend trip, but there's something fishy about this appointment. Then, bride Lauren tries to please her aunt.

Bridal Wave Mar 20, 2009

Bride Jessica brings scorecards to rate her gowns and Lydia has her first fitting. Finally, it's time for the annual Blowout Sale, but will this year's event be a bust?

Once Upon a Dress Mar 13, 2009

Bride Kate is on a quest for her dream dress. But can she find a gown that suits her taste and budget? Plus, bride Adrianna has a particular dress in mind, but can she find it?

In My Opinion Mar 6, 2009

Single-minded brides are always coming into the salon with strong opinions on their ideal dress. In this episode, the team helps a woman who wants her gown painted on her.

Changes and Challenges Mar 6, 2009

Change is in the air. It's a new season and with a new trio in charge of the floor, the season is looking bright. But not everyone thinks change is good.

Time to Cut the CordDec 26, 2008
Daddy Knows BestDec 26, 2008
That's My DressDec 19, 2008
Second ChancesDec 19, 2008
Emotions Run WildDec 12, 2008
Under PressureDec 12, 2008
Bridal NightmaresDec 5, 2008
I'm Not the ProblemDec 5, 2008
Ciao and CherrioNov 28, 2008
To Have and to HoldNov 28, 2008
One is Not EnoughNov 21, 2008
It's My Wedding, But Tell the BridesmaidsNov 21, 2008
It's Always Something Oct 10, 2008

Kate Gosselin finds herself torn between two stunning dresses when she visits the store to pick out something special for her renewal ceremony.

Double the Trouble Oct 3, 2008

The brutally honest assessments of her twin sister leave future bride Vicky struggling to pick a gown. Meanwhile, a mother and daughter come in for a double fitting.

What a Bride Wants Sep 26, 2008

The consultants face a trying situation when a socialite bride comes in to collect a $20,000 dress she designed herself, only to decide it's not what she wants.

Grooms in Gowns Sep 19, 2008

Eager grooms accompany their fiancées as they hunt for their dream dress. Meanwhile, there's sad news for one former customer when her partner breaks off their engagement.

Every Bride Counts Sep 12, 2008

Whatever their wants and needs, all customers are treated equally at Kleinfeld Bridal - from a bride with a taste for vintage fashion to a biker chick with more outlandish tastes.

Runway Bridal Sep 5, 2008

The store's buyers head to Bridal Market Week - a crucial event where designers showcase their latest trends. Elsewhere, Sarah helps an Islamic bride to find an acceptable dress.

Bridal Blow Out Aug 19, 2008

Gigantic queues form outside the salon as the staff prepare for the annual sale. But once the sale starts, the salon's owner causes chaos by breaking his own strict rules.

Daddy's Little Girl Aug 12, 2008

A family from California jets in to visit the salon, led by bride-to-be Rochelle's opinionated father. Also, a client struggles to stay on budget when she finds her perfect dress.

I Do Redux Aug 5, 2008

A bride looking to renew her wedding vows comes to the salon, but faces a dilemma when the dress she picks doesn't meet the approval of her two sons.

Mother Knows Best Jul 29, 2008

Diane encounters difficulties when her first client is accompanied by an interfering mother and Keesha receives good news about the lump in her breast.

Bridal BFFs Jul 22, 2008

Two Baltimore brides with differing tastes come in for a joint appointment. Meanwhile, new fashion director Randy ruffles some feathers with his no-nonsense approach.

Here Comes the Bride Again...and Again Jul 15, 2008

Consultant Keasha bonds with cancer survivor Jennifer while they search for the perfect dress. Meanwhile, in fittings a bad tempered bride takes her frustrations out on Vera.

Italian Dressing / Here Comes the Groom Nov 16, 2007

Another hectic day selling gowns, and it's rookie Claudia's last chance to prove she can sell. And it's Blow Out Sale time again! Hundreds of girls line the streets to get in the store and take advantage of their biggest sale of the year.

To Buy or Not to Buy / What a Girl Wants Nov 9, 2007

Who says a bride shouldn't have her future husband on hand when shopping for her dress? With only a very small budget, Alexandra is crushed to find out she can't afford the dress of her dreams. Will Claudia be able to make Alexandra's dream a reality?

Lucky in Love / Wedding Dress Blues Nov 2, 2007

Back from her two week vacation, consultant Claudia is trying to get into the swing of things at the bridal salon. The Fitting Department can get very hectic and Alterations Director, Nitsa, is kept constantly on the go.

That's Not My Dress / Bridal Breakdown Oct 26, 2007

Brides shop during a sample sale at world famous Kleinfeld's Bridal Salon. Is there an order mix-up or does a bride remember her order wrong?

Rocking the Dress / I Do or I Don't Oct 19, 2007

Some brides can't wait to shop for their wedding dresses, enjoying every moment of playing dress up and indulging in childhood fantasies. In the bridal business, committing to a dress can be harder than committing to the fiancé.

Here Comes the Bridal Salon / Three Times a Bride Oct 12, 2007

Welcome to the busiest bridal salon in New York City. Where the brides come to try on dresses, and the consultants try to find their brides "the one".

Brides Best FriendJul 18, 2020
Say Yes to the Dress at HomeJul 11, 2020
Since I Said Yes "Bride Emily's Update"Jun 23, 2018
Since I Said Yes "Bride Magaly's Update"Jun 16, 2018
The Twins Are BackFeb 17, 2018
Hayley Ever After: The Dress Jan 13, 2018

When Hayley Paige, the highly sought-after bridal designer takes on The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe's wedding dress, a design challenge is born as Hayley's interns compete against one another to impress the celebrity with their own innovative styles.

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Fit for a Princess Jun 24, 2017

Demanding moms take over the appointments; Claire wants to find a dress for her castle wedding.

Second-Time Jun 17, 2017

Nellie wants a gown to outshine her first; unique wedding locations provide a challenge for finding the perfect dress.

Overwhelmed Jun 10, 2017

Bridezillas Ameena and Jordan demand the perfect dress; opinionated sisters threaten to ruin Jordan and Arlicia's appointments.

Countdown to Prom 2017 Apr 1, 2017

Getting ready for prom 2017 with a look back at the 2016 event; top students from two Miami schools choose the prom dresses and jewelry of their dreams, then walk the red carpet with confidence; with a sneak peek of the new special.

Countdown to the New Season Mar 4, 2017

Randy bumps heads with the new male consultant; a surprise marriage proposal; a highly opinionated sister; a former miss USA; a comedian bride; with a sneak peek of the new season.

10 Years of Yes! Feb 25, 2017

A look back at the show's most memorable moments includes Randy's behind-the-scenes commentary, insider facts and celebrity appearances.

Ginger, Rebekah, and Chic Jun 17, 2016

First they said yes to the dress, then they said yes at the altar. But what happened next? Catch up with 3 very special brides to see where they are now: Good Morning America's Ginger Zee, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah, and rock 'n roller Chic.

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When will be Say Yes to the Dress next episode air date?

Say Yes to the Dress Season 23 is yet to be announced April 6, 2024 and to Premiere on TLC.

Is The Say Yes to the Dress renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 22. Next Episode Say Yes to the Dress Season 23 is renewed

Where to countdown Say Yes to the Dress air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 23 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Say Yes to the Dress, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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