Summer Camp Island Canceled Cartoon Network, HBO Max Series Not Returning for Season 6

Status: Canceled
Latest Episode: 10/9/2022
Created by: Julia Pott
Official site:

Summer Camp Island, the television series is originated from the short pilot, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival as a part of the Animated Shorts category. The series is created by Adventure Time’s Julia Pott.

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Name Air Dates
The Babies Chapter Three: Lem Is Nothing Dec 9, 2021

After landing in trouble with Susie, Lem runs away to Frozen Time to hide at Ramona's but is soon sniffed out by the fearsome Jabberwock. Later, Lem must decide whose wrath is worse: that of the Jabberwock, or a very grumpy Suze.

The Babies Chapter Two: Teacup Giant Dec 9, 2021

Susie sends Alexa to the Fjords to train as a giant, but her small size causes her to lag behind. Will Alexa be able to fake it until she makes it – or are these boots too enormous to fill?

The Babies Chapter One: Breakfast Errands Dec 9, 2021

Frustrated that he doesn't know his magical identity, Oliver convinces Susie to tell him by means of nonviolent protest. Not wanting anyone in her house, Susie takes Oliver on a series of errands to help him figure it out.

Oscar and the Monsters Chapter Three: Witches' Brew Dec 9, 2021

Mortimer and the monsters must figure out how to send Oscar back to his own time, but the only person that can help is the foe of monsters everywhere: a witch. Will they all be able to work together to get Oscar back to Hedgehog?

Oscar and the Monsters Chapter Two: Tiny Outburst Society Dec 9, 2021

After discovering that young Mortimer doesn't have any friends, Oscar helps him start a new club on campus. But the monsters are forced to hide their newfound friendship from the school – and Stuart.

Oscar and the Monsters Chapter One: Unaccompanied Oscar Dec 9, 2021

When Oscar isn't invited to Alexa's birthday party, Mortimer tries to make him feel better by telling him about a similar time in his life. Ever the glowworm, Oscar sneaks back in time to help a young Mortimer overcome the sad experience.

Susie and her Sister Chapter Three: Mildred's Friends Dec 9, 2021

Locked in a standoff with Susie over who will say sorry first, Mildred runs away to the woods and befriends a ghost. Will one of the McAllister sisters give in and apologize before the townsfolk run Mildred out of town?

Susie and her Sister Chapter Two: Hot Corn Girls Dec 9, 2021

On her 15th birthday, Susie must prepare for her Gibbous Rite Ceremony. Will Mildred be able to keep her chaotic magic in check for just one day so Susie can become the full witch woman of her dreams?

Susie and her Sister Chapter One: Heathers Dec 9, 2021

Susie's new little sister has a gift for magic, but it's causing problems for the community. Will Susie learn to accept that Mildred is more powerful, and will the townsfolk be able to accept the most powerful witch in the world?

Betsy and Ghost Chapter Three: There's A Racket In My Hope Chest Dec 9, 2021

The witches search for Betsy – who doesn't want to be found. Can she learn to love being a witch as much as she loves being a ghost?

Betsy and Ghost Chapter Two: Boo Jeans Dec 9, 2021

It's Betsy's first night on Summer Camp Island, and she's looking forward to a cozy evening in with a nice cup of tea. But when Alice convinces her to participate in an initiation ritual, Betsy gets lost in the woods.

Betsy and Ghost Chapter One: Burp n' Sighs Dec 9, 2021

On the eve of Ramona's exile to Frozen Time, Susie tries to get rid of the sad memory of their relationship, but soon finds herself haunted by the past.

Barb and the Spotted Bears Chapter Three: Nightcap Dec 9, 2021

Barb and the elves band together to protect the source of all magic from a pair of fiendish intruders. But will Barb be able to outsmart two rascals as old as the world itself?

Barb and the Spotted Bears Chapter Two: Hot Milk and Careless Whispers Dec 9, 2021

Barb tries to soothe the spotted bears with a dreamy invention, but soon finds herself outnumbered. Will Barb be able to even the playing field – or will she become the bears' next snack?

Barb and the Spotted Bears Chapter One: A Barb is Born Dec 9, 2021

On the third day of the world, Barb tries to save the ferns from being eaten by the spotted bears. But the bears are only getting hungrier and hungrier – will Barb be able to stop the ferns from going extinct?

Pepper and the Fog Jun 17, 2021

After the island gets covered in fog, Pepper attempts to make it to Susie's house.

Hall of Mooms Jun 17, 2021

Hedgehog tries to get her broom back.

Hark the Gerald Sings Jun 17, 2021

Oscar confronts an age-old superstition.

He's Just Not Here Right Now Jun 17, 2021

Oscar and Hedgehog encounter New Jersey's most famous piece of folklore.

Shave a Little Off the Wheel Jun 17, 2021

A mouse in heels befriends a rogue snowflake.

Tomorrow's Bananas Jun 17, 2021

Oscar and Hedgehog get an unsettling glimpse into the future.

Jeremiah Jun 17, 2021

Oscar finds and cares for a magical root from Susie's yard.

The Emily Ghost Institute for Manners and Magical Etiquette Jun 17, 2021

Oscar and Hedgehog go to a magical etiquette class.

Oscar & His Demon Jun 17, 2021

Oscar works to overcome his fear of crossing a very scary bridge.

Spirit Balls Jun 17, 2021

Susie and Ramona teach the witches how to make spirit balls.

Breakfast Like Gene Kelly Jun 17, 2021

Oscar attempts to make the breakfast of his dreams.

Mushrumours Jun 17, 2021

Alice suffers the consequences of accidentally spreading a rumor about mushrooms.

Sea Bunnies Jun 17, 2021

Oscar discovers an underwater portal. His return ticket? An errand for Susie.


Yeti Confetti Chapter 5: Where's the Confetti Dec 24, 2020

When it doesn't snow on the final day of Yeti Confetti, a Yeti Elder blames Lucy. In order to prove she belongs Lucy tries to find a way to make it snow.

Yeti Confetti Chapter 4: Lucy's Instrument Dec 24, 2020

Lucy goes to Yeti school to find her instrument.

Yeti Confetti Chapter 3: The Sherbet Scoop Dec 24, 2020

Lucy decides to tell a story during a Yeti cloud-making ceremony about a Yeti Elder she doesn't know.

Yeti Confetti Chapter 2: The Yum Whisperer Dec 24, 2020

Lucy and a young yeti named Fife argue about the right way to raise a litter of baby yetis they found.

Yeti Confetti Chapter 1: Don't Tell Lucy Dec 24, 2020

Oscar has to distract Lucy while the Yetis prepare a surprise for her.

Puddle and the King Chapter 3: All the King's Slides Dec 17, 2020

Oscar, Hedgehog and Puddle must figure out what's wrong with the King when he orders the aliens to turn all the planet's

Puddle and the King Chapter 2:Royally Bored Dec 17, 2020

Hedgehog and Oscar discover alien jesters who live under the floorboards of the castle.

Puddle and the King Chapter 1: Honey Moondog Dec 17, 2020

The King leaves Hedgehog and Oscar in charge of the kingdom while he and Puddle are away - their only duty is to carry out

Susie and Ramona Chapter 4: Witches in the City Dec 10, 2020

Ramona sends Susie back to New York in search of new magical creatures.

Susie and Ramona Chapter 3: Meet Me in Massachusetts Dec 10, 2020

Susie and Ramona train a gaggle of witches until they have a full coven.

Susie and Ramona Chapter 2: Ghost Baby Jabberwock Dec 10, 2020

Susie, Ramona, and Barb team up in frozen time to see what's threatening magic.

Susie and Ramona Chapter 1: Susie's Ark Dec 10, 2020

When Susie learns magic is beginning to disappear from New York, she tries to lead all the magical creatures to safety.

Glow Worm Jun 18, 2020

While Hedgehog is off "werewolfing," a deflated Oscar has a therapy session with Shark that helps him realize the magic within him.

Just You and Me Jun 18, 2020

The full moon finds Betsy withholding her big werewolf secret from Susie, who spends the night trying to figure out what her BFF is up to.

Tumble Dry Low Jun 18, 2020

When Hedgehog's podcast blows up, she must decide whether to ride the wave of fame or stay true to her small but loyal fan base.

Oddjobs Jun 18, 2020

Hedgehog and Oscar investigate problems at U.M.P.S. and meet the new intern, Oddjobs, who's a great friend but a terrible employee.

When Harry Met Barry Jun 18, 2020

Faced with two potential husbands -- burly Harry and sensitive Barry -- Barb enlists Hedgehog and Oscar to help her weigh her options.

Light as a Feather Jun 18, 2020

While Hedgehog braves her first witch coven sleepover, Oscar awaits a secret signal in case she needs to be rescued.

Honeydew Hatch Jun 18, 2020

Oscar and Hedgehog enter Frozen Time to help Ramona grow time babies, but Ramona and Susie's broken friendship causes problems.

The Later Pile Jun 18, 2020

Hedgehog convinces Oscar to tackle an overdue errand -- but this time, Oscar's procrastination habit has spooky consequences.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Caboodled Jun 18, 2020

Things get wonky when Oscar and Hedgehog use magic to get an edge on their fellow campers in the Rainbow Unicorn Badge contest.

Catacombs Jun 18, 2020

Oscar, Hedgehog, Lucy, and Saxophone must return a yeti comb to its home to save the island from a really bad hair day.

We'll Just Move the Stars Jun 18, 2020

When an astrological mismatch threatens King and Puddle's wedding, Oscar and Hedgehog join them on a quest to ensure love conquers all.

French Toasting Jun 18, 2020

Lucy's suspicious behavior prompts Oscar and Hedgehog to investigate whether or not she's the kingpin of a secret society.

Spotted Bear Stretch Jun 18, 2020

On the eve of the Spotted Bear Stretch, Oscar and his pajamas are stuck at Susie's place as unwelcome house guests.

Tub on the Run Jun 18, 2020

While Hedgehog and Max scour the island in search of a missing tub, everyone is dying to know: are things weird between them?

Dungeon Doug Jun 18, 2020

On a trip into the world of Dungeon Doug, Oscar and his dad find themselves on a father-son bonding mission.

Acorn Graduation Jun 18, 2020

Hedgehog endures her first magic lesson with Susie, while Oscar sets out to save her seat for a must-see event: Acorn Graduation!

Tortilla Towel Jun 18, 2020

After making Oscar's tortilla towel dreams come true, he and Hedgehog find that running a business is harder than they thought.

Molar Moles Jun 18, 2020

Oscar's fib about his last baby tooth alerts the Molar Mole Fraud Squad, and Hedgehog jumps to his defense at a kooky mole trial.

Ava's Yard Sale Jun 18, 2020

To help Ava overcome stage fright, Hedgehog takes Ava's violin into her own hands, while Oscar calls in for some reinforcements.

Meeting of the Minds Jun 18, 2020

While Oscar helps Hedgehog find her wand, Susie tries to convince the Meeting of the Minds that Hedgehog isn't responsible enough for magic.

The Library Jul 21, 2019

The campers spend a rainy day at the library.

Spell Crushers Jul 21, 2019

Hedgehog tries to get over a crush so she can regain her focus on magic.

Twelve Angry Hedgehogs Jul 21, 2019

Hedgehog wants to win the Golden Science Badge but runs into some unexpected competition.

The Great Elf Invention Convention Jul 21, 2019

Oscar, Max, and Hedgehog do a favor for Barb the elf in exchange for some chips.

Midnight Quittance Jul 14, 2019

Ramona invites Hedgehog and Oscar to participate in a special holiday ritual.

Campers Above the Bed Jul 14, 2019

Hedgehog finds a city underneath her bed as she looks for her missing diary.

Susie Appreciation Day Jul 14, 2019

Hedgehog and Oscar find themselves trapped in Susie's cabin and must escape undetected.

Puff Paint Jul 14, 2019

Oscar's painting is unpopular so he goes on a journey of self-discovery.

The Soundhouse Jul 7, 2019

Oscar and Hedgehog discover a new structure on the island and become friends with its caretaker.

Pajamas Party Jul 7, 2019

When Pajamas starts to panic that Oscar will outgrow her, Oscar tries to help but things go awry.

Mop Forever Jul 2, 2019

At Alice's dress-up party the campers are magically turned into their costumes.

Susie's Fantastical Scavenger Hunt Jul 1, 2019

Oscar and Hedgehog must learn to exist without each other when they are put on different teams during a scavenger hunt.

Sneeze Guard Jun 30, 2019

Oscar and Hedgehog must work with the witches to cure Alice's camp-threatening illness.

Mom Soon Jun 30, 2019

Hedgehog gets a call during her radio show from someone who needs her help.

Space Invasion Jun 30, 2019

A visit from Puddle the alien tests the limit of Oscar's hosting skills.

I Heart Heartforde Jun 30, 2019

Oscar, hedgehog and the other campers are excited to take a trip to the non-magical town of Heartforde.

The Haunted Campfire Jun 23, 2019

The campers must battle ghosts of their own creation after their scary stories mysteriously come true.

Director's Cut Jun 23, 2019

Oscar receives a camcorder from his parents and sets out to prove to them the magic on the island is real.

Radio Silence Jun 23, 2019

Oscar must get Hedgehog a special sandwich in order to save their friendship.

Cosmic Bupkiss Jun 23, 2019

A storm blocks Oscar and Hedgehog's one chance to see a comet.

Fuzzy Pink Time Babies Jul 7, 2018

Oscar and Hedgehog learn how to stop time.

Mr. Softball Jul 7, 2018

Susie challenges the campers to a game of softball to get out of doing a chore.

Hedgehog Werewolf Jul 7, 2018

Hedgehog gets bit by a cute puppy and is starting to act strange.

Pepper's Blanket Is Missing Jul 7, 2018

Pepper's blanket goes missing at a cabin sleepover.

Ice Cream Headache Jul 7, 2018

The campers get magical powers from the witches supply of magic ice cream.

Monster Visit Jul 7, 2018

The monsters get nervous when their Godmonster comes for a visit.

Moon Problems Jul 7, 2018

The Moon gets sad when Oscar loses his friendship bracelet.

It's My Party Jul 7, 2018

Oscar and Hedgehog plan a surprise birthday party for Susie.

Time Traveling Quick Pants Jul 7, 2018

Oscar and Hedgehog learn about a quicksand that lets them go back in time.

Popular Banana Split Jul 7, 2018

Hedgehog and Max discover a tiny high school when they are accidentally shrunk by a science experiment.

The Basketball Liaries Jul 7, 2018

With the help from Basketball, Oscar makes an impressive shot that scores him a spot on the Gold League.

Computer Vampire Jul 7, 2018

Oscar finds a mysterious old video game in the library.

Ghost the Boy Jul 7, 2018

Oscar and Hedgehog befriend a ghost who can't remember who he is.

Feeling Spacey Jul 7, 2018

Oscar and Hedgehog arrive on a planet that has no emotions.

Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody Jul 7, 2018

Susie holds the annual talent show that has the rest of the campers competing to win.

Pajama Pajimjams Jul 7, 2018

Oscar pretends to be a talking pair of pajamas named "Jimjams" to make his friend Pajamas happy.

Saxophone Come Home Jul 7, 2018

Oscar befriends a teenage Yeti.

Chocolate Money Badgers Jul 7, 2018

Oscar learns that he can earn merit badges that unlock prizes.

Monster Babies Jul 7, 2018

Alice lures Oscar and his monster friends for a tea party, but only to turn the monsters into cute babies.

The First Day Jul 7, 2018

Best friends Oscar and Hedgehog get dropped off at their first day at summer camp.

When will be Summer Camp Island next episode air date?

Summer Camp Island Canceled and Series Not Returning for Season 6.

Is The Summer Camp Island renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 10/9/2022 and now is Canceled. Previous episodes of Summer Camp Island can be found on Cartoon Network, HBO Max

Where to countdown Summer Camp Island air dates?

You could see all of 5 Seasons AIR DATES at this page. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Summer Camp Island, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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