Swamp People Season 15 is yet to be announced Jan 04, 2024 on History Channel

Latest Episode: 4/27/2023
Next Episode: 1/4/2024
Official site: www.history.com
Station: History Channel
Genres: Adventure, Nature

Swamp People is an American reality television series created by Dolores Gavin for the History Channel.

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Name Air Dates
Who Will Be King? Apr 27, 2023

It's the final day of gator season and teams are all within striking distance of winning the competition for 350 new tags. Ronnie and Ashley fight to hang onto their lead while Troy battles to keep his title as King of the Swamp. The Edgars hunt with only sniper rifles and treble hooks. Willie returns to a tried and true honey hole. While Bruce, Leron and Porkchop attempt to pull off a major swamp upset.

Big Gators or Bust Apr 20, 2023

As gator season comes down to the wire, Ashley and Anna try to evade poachers; Troy calls upon his decades of swamp wisdom to reclaim the lead in the competition; Bruce battles a voodoo curse; Jacob and Don save their best hunting spots for last.

The Marina Monster Apr 13, 2023

As the garden shaft operation gets deeper, the evidence of gold gets stronger. Willie gets an unexpected boost at the perfect time. Meanwhile Ronnie and Timmy target a monster terrorizing a local marina. Don hustles to impress the King of The Swamp as Leron and Porkchop take on their most ambitious day ever. And the Edgars bet on the giants lurking in the family's crawfish ponds.

Zombie Pirate Gators Apr 6, 2023

Troy runs into big trouble in his favorite honey hole. Daniel chases a legendary gator known as The Pirate. Leron and Porkchop battle a voodoo curse and confront a zombie gator. Black Rambo answers a call for help from his grandpa. While Ashley faces off against a gun-snatching beast.

Flash Frozen Gators Mar 30, 2023

An unexpected cold front threatens to freeze up gator season. Troy looks for warm waters to save the day. Don mixes up a special juice to lure big gators. Joey and Zak bet everything on a set of open flood gates. Willie beats the cold with a radical new strategy. Ronnie risks it all in the Dynamite Hole.

Gator Lightning Mar 23, 2023

A storm is headed for the swamp. Daniel faces the tempest head-on. Ronnie braves dangerous lightning. Ashley tries to outrun the rain while Leron and Porkchop wade right in. Bruce gambles on heading south away from the rains.

Pickle's Holiday Mar 9, 2023

Pickle teams up with Jacob and it's almost like being on vacation. Zak tries to make up for a crucial mistake. Bruce ventures into uncharted territory. Ashley sets her sights on monstrous land gators. Daniel gambles on crab traps to lure giants.

Hungry, Hungry Gators Mar 2, 2023

Troy and Pickle hunt the deepest waters of the swamp. Ronnie wrestles a cannibal gator that's destroying his chances to move up in the rankings. Leron and Porkchop go after monsters threatening their community. Daniel chases giant but infertile bull gators. Willie races against time to avoid getting trapped.

Gators From the Grave Feb 23, 2023

Troy attempts to run a record-breaking 100 lines alone. Ashley and Anna venture into a notoriously haunted swamp known as the Cemetery, while Black Rambo searches for a legendary vampire killing kit. Joey and Zak try to save a lost dog. And Leron and Porkchop head to high ground for land gators.

Flying Gators Feb 16, 2023

Daniel and Dorien call in air support. While Ronnie and Ashley compete in a battle of the sexes. Black Rambo hunts for a legendary payday. While Bruce tries to save his season.

Pirate Cursed Gators Feb 9, 2023

Jacob and Don venture into a cursed pirate swamp; Willie fishes solo after Little Willie takes a land job; Ronnie and Timmy battle poachers; Troy gambles on Pickle's new hot spot; Leron and Porkchop step up their game.

Pickle's Secret Weapon Feb 2, 2023

Anna takes aim at swamp monsters with her bow and arrow. Pickle surprises Troy with her secret weapon. Black Rambo hunts for a legendary antique rifle. Little Willie breaks news to his dad that transforms their season. Joey and Zak chase a line-shredding beast called Razorback.

Swamp of the Giants Jan 26, 2023

Ashley and Anna try to knock Troy off his throne in his own backyard. Daniel's strategy falls to pieces. Leron and Porkchop call in reinforcements. Troy and Pickle risk their lives to hunt in Deadwood.

Pig Head Jan 19, 2023

Ronnie faces a challenge in his own territory; Joey and Zak use pig heads to lure in giants; Leron and Porkchop battle a poacher who is stealing their catch; Troy places a big bet on Spearhead Lake; Jacob welcomes a new deckhand.

The Big Ten Jan 12, 2023

The Landry's target the legendary beasts of Cow Island. Daniel sets an ambitious goal to catch 10 alligators over 10 feet long. Ashley gambles on a new hunting ground. Willie and his son aim to keep their treble streak alive.

Gator War Jan 5, 2023

Hunters compete to win 350 new alligator tags at the end of the season; Troy aims to get an early lead while Ronnie sets his sights on dethroning the King of the Swamp; Willie and Little Willie chase nothing but monsters.

Til the Fat Gator Sings May 19, 2022

On the last day of the season the Landrys learn nothing comes easy. Leron and Porkchop battle bulls and each other. Willie risks not tagging out by refusing to set lines. Ronnie and Ashley struggle to fill their remaining tags.

Tag Team Gators May 12, 2022

Hoping to tag out, the Edgars face new challenges and confront an old nemesis. One mistake turns Troy and Pickle's day into a nightmare. Willie prepares his son for the next level. Ronnie and Ashley hunt a giant spotted by a local.

Swamp Juice May 5, 2022

Willie and Little Willie compete for the title of best marksman; Don puts his Swamp Juice to the test; Ronnie struggles to hunt alone; Chase is plagued by a sinker cypress menace; Leron and Porkchop set their sights on the swamp's biggest monsters.

Full Moon Mayhem Apr 21, 2022

Joey and Zak try to cash in on the full moon feeding frenzy. Daniel seeks revenge on Luna Bull. Pickle's superstitions come back to haunt her. Chase hunts sinker cypress near an old sawmill. The Edwards try out a shiny new bait.

Crawfish Monster Apr 14, 2022

Facing a cold snap, Daniel bets on a hot spring honey hole. Joey and Zak chase a giant into the crawfish ponds. Troy teaches Pickle to fish with a treble hook. Leron and Porkchop try a radical new strategy. Don tries to resurrect his sniper skills.

Captain Pickle Apr 7, 2022

Pickle gets her shot to be captain, but Troy struggles to hand over the reins. Jacob takes his son gator hunting for the first time. Ronnie and Ashley fish in a traditional pirogue, but they might be in over their heads. The Edgars blaze a trail into an untouched swamp. Chase Landry explores a sinker cypress hot spot.

Swamp Professor Mar 31, 2022

On a hunch, Daniel Edgar rushes to run tags before a rainstorm hits; Don captains his boat with the help of a deckhand who calls himself Black Rambo; Ronnie calls upon the help of a float plane to scout a gator hotspot.

Sinkhole Giants Mar 17, 2022

The Landrys fish in a dangerous sinkhole that could swallow them whole; Ronnie and Ashley battle the Cane Breaker; the Edgars hunt down the menacing beasts breaking into local fishermen's crab traps.

Battle of Black Lagoon Mar 10, 2022

Water levels are rising quickly, forcing Leron and Porkchop to race the incoming tide. Willie goes after his old foe, Black Lagoon. Ronnie and Ashley use their airboat to reach new honey holes. Joey and Zak struggle through a wasp-infested canal. Chase fishes for sinker cypress gold.

Secret Sauce Mar 3, 2022

Facing a heatwave, Pickle tries out her special bait, frozen chicken pops. The Edgars gamble on the cooler waters at the mouth of the Mississippi. Ronnie struggles to get through the day without collapsing. While Leron concocts a special secret sauce to attract gators. Bruce teaches his grandson about the family Gator farm.

Gators in Low Places Feb 24, 2022

With water levels dropping rapidly, Joey and Zak race to fill their tags before getting stranded in a remote canal. Troy takes advantage of the low water to settle an old score with a legendary adversary. The Edwards target giants searching for deeper water. Leron and Porkchop navigate a swamp minefield of tree stumps that could sink their boat. Bruce helps a friend fills his crab pots.

Blast in the Bayou Feb 17, 2022

Ronnie and Ashley follow an underwater pipeline looking for big gators and come across a gas leak that puts their lives in danger. Jacob and Don head for their favorite honey hole, only to find it blocked with trees that require an explosive solution. Then, when Pickle calls in sick, Troy's forced to hunt alone. Leron and Porkchop confront a menacing storm. Bruce hunts for a giant to fill his freezer.

Battle of the Sexes Feb 10, 2022

Troy and Ronnie compete against their deckhands, Pickle and Ashley, in a battle of the sexes. The Edwards rush to make up for lost time. Best friends Leron and Porkchop move to new hunting grounds after Hurricane Ida demolished their hometown. Bruce surveys the storm damage on his property.

Nothing but Bulls Feb 3, 2022

With their buyer shut down after Hurricane Ida, the Edgars hunt for giant bulls they can skin themselves. The Landrys lend a hand to Ronnie and Ashley after being devastated by the storm.

Gators on the Storm Jan 27, 2022

Hunters scramble to fill as many tags as possible before Hurricane Ida, an unprecedented category 4 storm, shuts down their season.

Bayou Blowout May 27, 2021

Troy and Pickles' tag out hangs in the balance, Don and Jacob make a big mistake, Willie and Little Willie battle to the end, Ronnie and Ashley take it down to the wire.

Tag Teaming May 20, 2021

Liz and Destin resort to old tricks, Frenchy & Gee put their partnership to the test, Bruce uses secret knowledge to try to tag out, Dorien has a big surprise for Mr. Daniel.

You Bet Your Gator May 13, 2021

Joey and Zach go head-to-head with massive monsters and Mr. Daniel and Dorien, Ronnie uses an unexpected trick to catch a wily beast, Little Willie puts his big idea to the test.

Gators on Ice May 6, 2021

An unexpected cold front threatens Troy and Pickle's season, Jacob and Don shoot their way out of a tough spot, Joey and Zach use an old school trick to get gators to bite, and Liz reaches into her bag of tricks to beat the weather.

Fire Power Apr 22, 2021

Troy, Pickle and the rest of the Landry clan return to a gator hunter's paradise. Frenchy and Gee make a stand in their own backyard. Willie and Little Willie put their money where their mouths are.  Ronnie and Ashley go after a gator threatening a neighbor.

To the Rescue Apr 15, 2021

Pickle convinces Troy to try her secret gator honey hole. Ronnie and Ashley race the clock to fill their boat with monsters. Bruce faces off with a notorious area of the swamp known as The Maze. Joey and Zak seek revenge for a friend.

Black Clouds Apr 8, 2021

With a major storm brewing, Liz risks it all to fill her boat with gators. Ronnie and Ashley brave the weather to turn a sea wall into a gator bonanza. Zak braves the elements and goes solo for the first time ever. Daniel shows Dorien how to outsmart mother nature.

Horse Eater Apr 1, 2021

Troy and Pickle reach deep into their bag of swamp tricks to nab a horse eating gator. Dorien takes the lead to prove himself. The long season brings Willie, his son and their gear to the breaking point. Troy sends his son Chase on a special mission.

Day of the Deckhand Mar 18, 2021

For the first time ever, Troy works as Pickle takes the captain's seat. Good-old-boy Don Brewer hunts gators solo. Mr. Daniel and Dorien find themselves caught in the middle of a gator feeding frenzy. Willie and his dad, Junior, fish gators together for the first time in years.

Darkest Fears Mar 11, 2021

Troy and Pickle bring a special guest onboard. Joey and Zak risk it all on the hunt for the biggest alligator Joey Edgar has ever seen. Ronnie and Ashley face their darkest fears in an area known as The Cemetery. Liz and Destin face high water and a low bridge in their quest for monsters.

Swamp Secrets Mar 4, 2021

Troy and Pickle brave the breeding grounds known for aggressive female gators. Daniel teaches his grandson, Dorien, the secrets of the swamp. Ashley hunts alone for the first time while Ronnie recovers from heatstroke. Bruce chases a deadly cannibal that's ruining his favorite honey hole.

Heat Wave Feb 25, 2021

A record-breaking heatwave consumes the bayou. Ronnie and Ashley try to run 100 lines to take advantage of a feeding frenzy. Willie and his dad, Junior, captain separate boats to leapfrog lines and finish faster. Don invents a slow drip-device to prevent Jacob's bait from drying out. Joey and Zak hunt along the banks of a popular watering hole for thirsty cattle.

The Boneyard Feb 18, 2021

With gators multiplying at alarming rates, swamp legends Frenchy and Gee return to the battle, but a familiar foe spoils their plans. Joey and Zak hunt a marsh full of tall grasses, and they're forced to call in aerial reinforcements to get the job done. Jacob and Don gamble on a notoriously difficult area, but when their luck turns around, their boat is pushed to the brink. Troy and Pickle hunt in the Boneyard, a swamp full of stumps that threatens to strand them in the water.

Battle of the Baits Feb 11, 2021

As the first week of gator season heats up, Ashley's worst nightmare comes true when an aggressive beast forces her gators on land. Troy and Pickle risk a dangerous jump over a beaver dam to reach their lines. The Edwards boys face off in a battle of the baits. An explosion of menacing monsters brings veteran gator wrangler Bruce Mitchell out of retirement.

Cajun Queen Feb 4, 2021

As aggressive gators invade every corner of the swamp, Troy and Pickle chase the bulldozing monster called Freight Train before it rips the bayou to shreds. Alligator Queen Liz Cavalier returns to the swamp to help cull the population, while teaching her stepson how to catch giants. Ronnie and Ashley discover a sanctuary that's loaded with big gators and charge headfirst into its dangerous waters. Joey and Zak hope to jump start their season in Mardi Gras Pass, but discover a mob of monsters terrorizing their catch.

Gator Attack Feb 4, 2021

A new hunting season begins, and with overpopulation supercharging gator aggression, the threat of attack is higher than ever. Diving into the fray, Troy puts his new deckhand, Pickle, to the test. Daniel welcomes his grandson Dorien back and hopes to convince him to stay. Junior returns to the swamp to help his family get the upper hand in an overrun bayou. Ronnie and Ashley come under attack from a relentless marsh monster.

Final Showdown Apr 16, 2020

On the final day of the season, Troy and Terral try to tag out in a cursed bayou. Jacob and Don chase monsters into deep waters. Daniel's airboat breaks down in the marsh, while Joey and Zak try to keep the family on track. Ronnie and Ashley struggle to recover from missed days on the water.

Graduation Day Apr 16, 2020

Brock and Aaron must fill their tags by day's end. King of the Swamp Troy Landry hunts with his dad. Ashley gets sick as she and Ronnie rush to fill their boat. Willie gives his son a final exam.

Swamp on Fire Apr 9, 2020

On the hottest day of the season, Daniel and Big Tee risk a trip into the scorching, unprotected marsh lands. Troy and Terral attempt to lure monsters into shady areas with cold-blooded beef melt. Willie teaches his son to hunt with a treble hook when the beasts won't bite. Ashley tries to fill her boat despite Ronnie's struggles with heat stroke.

The Cannibal Apr 2, 2020

Jacob leads the Landry clan into Big Bull Bayou. Chase hunts secluded channels with his tail boat. Daniel and Big Tee track a giant cannibal. Joey hunts solo.

Casanova Gator Mar 26, 2020

King of the Swamp Troy Landry gambles on Terral's secret honey hole. Willie gives his son the reins for the first time. Ronnie baits with rotten duck. Joey and Zak search for a monster bull.

One Man Army Mar 19, 2020

At the midway point of alligator season, Troy makes an urgent plea to his armada to fill more tags and sweetens the deal with a bet. Jacob and Don fish the deep waters of West Grand Lake where the biggest bull gators lurk. While Chase hunts solo, the Edwards go on a mission to catch the Moby Monster. Ronnie and Ashley journey to Gator Bayou--Ronnie's childhood honey hole--for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.

Airboat Armada Mar 12, 2020

Troy assembles a crew to infiltrate Cow Island. Ronnie and Ashley assist the Landrys with an armada of airboats. Brock and Aaron chase their biggest beast of the season: Dr. Steel.

Deadeye Driver Mar 5, 2020

The swamp heats up as Daniel and Big Tee face off against trespassers. Meanwhile an old timer teaches Troy new tricks. Young guns Brock and Aaron get lost in the Bayou backwaters. Ronnie and Ashley navigate dueling airboats to a secluded honeyhole.

Friday the 13th Feb 27, 2020

Strange things are happening in the Swamp. It's Friday the 13th, Daniel and Big Tee chase a bait-stealing monster called The Ghost. Jacob and Don hit a run of bad luck while Willie and his son brave the hazard-filled waters of The Graveyard. Brock and Aaron find a good luck charm.

Bad Banana Feb 20, 2020

Ronnie's day takes a turn for the worse when Ashley discovers a bad omen on board. Young hunters Brock and Aaron gamble on a new hunting area. Without his partner, 70-year-old Daniel pushes his limits on a solo hunt. Joey and Zak embark on a mission to catch a violent monster threatening a local neighborhood.

Mystery in the Bayou Feb 13, 2020

Not catching any Gators, Troy and Terral test a radical new strategy. Jacob's new deckhand tries to prove his worth. Young guns Brock and Aaron make a name for themselves in the swamp. Joey and Zak stalk a monster bull.

The Champ Feb 6, 2020

As week one comes to a close, Troy and Terral protect a friend's fish camp with the help of their ace-in-the-hole sniper. The Edwards boys go toe-to-toe with a heavyweight gator known as The Champ. Deadeye Jones puts her Daddy's gun to the test.

Return to Froggy Bayou Jan 30, 2020

As the season ramps up, Joey and Zak stake out game trails to nab deer-eating gators. After he's sabotaged by angry locals, Ronnie recruits Terral to help him get back into his prized honey hole. Troy tests the patience of a new deckhand. Daniel and Big Tee get creative with their bait.

Raging Bulls Jan 23, 2020

Desperate to cull the exploding gator population, the swampers employ new, risky tactics to target giant breeding Bulls. Joey and Zak create a feeding frenzy using wild Hogs as chum. A gator takes a bite out of Ashley and Ronnie. Willie Edwards teams up with his rookie son, Little Willie. And Troy and Terral embark on their most dangerous mission yet.

Crocogator May 23, 2019

In this special episode, Troy heads to the Everglades to help a friend hunt down mysterious invasive species that are terrorizing locals, including massive hybrid snakes and the fabled "crocogator".

Voodoo Python May 16, 2019

In this special episode, gator season may be over but Troy Landry is still battling monsters in the swamp. A snake invasion is threatening the community and Troy calls in some friends to help him track down the sinister Voodoo Python.

Tag Out or Die Trying May 9, 2019

It's the last day of gator season and the race is on to tag out. Troy and his armada are out in full force and ready to do whatever it takes to fill every last tag. Daniel and Big T search for the elusive predator, "Black Gold," while Joey and Zak venture onto sacred ground to track down giant monsters. RJ and Jay Paul face a major problem that could jeopardize their entire season.

Rolling with the Punches May 2, 2019

In the race to tag out, the hunters are pulling out all the stops. Daniel and Big T use a special bait while Ashley surprises Ronnie with a secret weapon of her own. Frenchy needs "Cinderella" to reach a remote honey hole but can his trusty boat handle these oversized beasts? Willie goes all out to take down an old nemesis.

Legends of the Swamp Apr 18, 2019

Joey and Zak doggedly pursue the mysterious gator known as the Phantom. Ronnie and Ashley venture into Dead-End Bayou and up the ante with a side bet. Troy spends the day with a swamp legend. Engine trouble threatens to leave Willie stranded and ruin his hunt for giant monsters.

Wild Wild Swamp Apr 11, 2019

Troy and his armada take an overnight trip to the legendary hunting ground, Cow Island. Joey and Zak go on a special mission to protect the Edgar's hometown while Daniel takes matters into his own hands to deal with a poacher. A bad "fish kill" means easy eating for the gators, forcing RJ and Jay Paul to snipe them from long range.

Night Terrors Apr 4, 2019

The Swampers brave eerie waters to hunt creatures after dark. In a time honored tradition, Jacob and Holden pursue frightening gar fish. Ashley and Ronnie battle flying carp in Mississippi while catching elusive gators at night. Frenchy and Gee go frogging for a tasty delicacy. On an overnight bow fishing adventure RJ shows Jay Paul that he's still the hunter to beat. Daniel and Joey show Zak how shrimpin' is done in the Gulf.

Hungry for More Mar 28, 2019

Before Dusty returns to Florida, he's determined to help Jacob bag a behemoth that's been eating other gators. Frenchy and Gee hunt for the beast that's been stealing all of their bait, while Troy and Terral ruthlessly pursue the deadly giant that killed their neighbor's dog. Willie takes on a 900 pound monster that's been taking bites out of his catches.

Raising the Stakes Mar 21, 2019

Ronnie wins extra tags in a poker game that he and Ashley are eager to fill and cash in. RJ and Jay Paul chase a bold beast encroaching on their family land, while Troy plans a nocturnal stakeout to catch the mysterious man poaching his lines. Joey and Zak stalk a vicious cannibal that is terrorizing other gators in their territory.

Cajun Cyclone Mar 14, 2019

As a major storm rages in the Gulf Coast, Troy, Terral, Jacob and Dusty race to run their lines before the storm sinks their gators. Meanwhile, severe lightning forces Ronnie and Ashley to take emergency shelter, while a broken water pump threatens to sink Frenchy and Gee in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Bringing the Heat Mar 7, 2019

As the Swampers battle the extreme heat, Ronnie pushes himself to the brink. Troy and Terral head out on an overnight mission to defend a state park, while Dusty uses some Everglades magic in the swamp. With Big Tee injured, Daniel goes on a risky solo mission.

Cow Killers Feb 28, 2019

Daniel and Big Tee respond to an urgent call for help from an old friend. Ronnie and Ashley bring out a secret weapon to bag colossal gators, while Frenchy rolls up his sleeves to protect his own land. Troy and Terral pursue a slippery old nemesis.

No Man's Land Feb 21, 2019

As hunters travel deep into the swamp, Joey and Zak use an off-road buggy to chase a giant bull gator. Daniel and Big Tee journey by land to reach a far off honey hole, while Willie has an old score to settle in the eerie Black Lagoon. Frenchy and Gee upgrade their boat with a Cajun trick.

Leviathans Feb 14, 2019

Joey and Zak need a bird's-eye view to find the beast breaking all of their lines. Ronnie and Ashley take a gamble by pursuing gators on land. Jacob and Dusty try their luck hunting giant beasts in a small boat.

Click Click Feb 7, 2019

RJ and Jay Paul battle the gator explosion on sacred ground. Ronnie and Ashley track the sinister dinosaur terrorizing a community, and Joey has a new secret weapon to bag more predators than ever before.

Clear and Present Danger Jan 31, 2019

The swampers are faced with a gator invasion that's threatening their community like never before. Determined to protect their neighbors, Troy teams up with swamp legend Terrel Evans, Jacob enlists python expert Dusty Crum to join the hunt, and veteran swamper Ronnie Adams puts his new partner, Ashley "Dead-Eye" Jones to the test as they venture into a wild swamp known as "the cemetery".

United We Stand Jun 7, 2018

Mother Nature dishes up an unexpected disaster.

Danger Zone May 31, 2018

Troy pushes his luck. Willie races the clock. Frenchy goes back to the future.

Speed Demons May 24, 2018

Troy devises a new strategy; Daniel chases an old foe; Joey and Dwaine put the pedal to the metal; Frenchy rolls the dice.

Lock Jaw May 17, 2018

A bitter cold front sweeps over the swamp, threatening to shut down the season.

Lone Hunter May 10, 2018

Willie has treble hook troubles. Kristi's on her own. Chase and Jacob stalk a menacing giant. Glenn goes on a ghost hunt.

Swamp Savage May 3, 2018

The Edgars go head-to-head. Jay Paul and RJ hunt down a ruthless killer. Kristi and Stringbean hit a snag.

Savage Showdown Apr 26, 2018

Troy protects locals. Big Tee reveals a secret. Willie makes a big gamble.

Poacher from Hell Apr 19, 2018

RJ encounters a crisis. The Edgars battle family problems. Frenchy unleashes a radical strategy.

Black Lagoon Battle Apr 12, 2018

The Landrys put family pride on the line. Willie ventures into mysterious territory. Kristi answers a call for help.

Comeback Kings Apr 5, 2018

Big Tee sets a lofty goal. The Landrys' best hunting grounds are under siege. Glenn mines for swamp cash.

Cajun Combat Mar 29, 2018

The Cajun Cartel work together to devise a plan to pool their resources and push back.

Swamp Ninja Mar 22, 2018

Frenchy uses a secret weapon to break new ground. Daniel suffers at the hands of poachers. Bruce invents a contraption to save his season. Dwaine tries to prove himself to his older brother.

Hotter Than Hell Mar 15, 2018

Willie employs a radical new strategy. Stringbean steps up. Jay Paul struggles with a moral dilemma. Glenn takes on a risky new hobby.

Texas Tag Out Mar 8, 2018

The Cajun Cartel tries to tag out Texas hunters affected by Hurricane Harvey. While back in Louisiana, Jay Paul's reunion with an old friend leads to serious problems.

Texas 911 Mar 1, 2018

Troy, RJ and Bruce answer an urgent call from friends in Texas to help fill tags in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Hell Rains Down Feb 22, 2018

In the middle of a tropical storm, Troy risks a treacherous lake crossing. Daniel hunts in the Gulf of Mexico. Jay Paul and RJ try to outrun Mother Nature.

Hunting Houdini Feb 15, 2018

Troy puts his sharpshooting to the ultimate test. Frenchy ventures into uncharted territory. Jay Paul and RJ pursue their old nemesis, Houdini. Kristi hunts to pay for a new hay barn.

Bruce's Dilemma Feb 8, 2018

Bruce faces the toughest decision of his career. Dwaine pushes Joey's boat to the limit. Daniel returns to a monster's lair.

Cajun Cartel Feb 1, 2018

Chase and Jacob struggle for command of the boat. Holden steps up. Daniel tries out a new deckhand. Bruce and Ron's partnership is on the line.

Never Surrender Feb 1, 2018

With his industry on the verge of collapse, Troy urges the Landry family to hunt quickly and save on expenses. Holden struggles to shed bad habits, and Chase returns to his careless ways. Meanwhile, Dorien Edgar makes a dramatic decision, and the Molinere's switch roles.

Savage Pursuit May 18, 2017

Troy's search for the Nile crocodile takes him to the deepest and darkest parts of the Everglades.

Monster in the Dark May 18, 2017

Troy Landry and his nephew Holden head to the Florida Everglades to help friends whose lands are being terrorized by unknown beasts.

The Hunt Ends May 11, 2017

On the final day of the season, Troy's future as a gator hunter is on the line. The Edgars have more tags to fill on the last day than ever before. RJ gives Jay Paul the ultimate captain's test.

Racing Sundown May 4, 2017

Willie rushes to tag out before his buyer shuts down for the season at the end of the day. Troy hangs more lines than ever before, and the Landry's race against sundown. Daniel's day turns sour. Jay Paul hunts the land next to his house.

Time's Running Out Apr 27, 2017

Troy confronts Chase about his obsession with sniping gators. Joey goes after his "white whale." Willie's buyer threatens to close early. Frenchy and Gee try to fill their last tags with big money beasts.

Brutus the Cannibal Apr 20, 2017

Chase gets a taste of his own medicine. Daniel unveils a secret honey hole. Frenchy and Gee's battle a cannibal. Glenn starts a new business.

Stranded Apr 13, 2017

Bruce gets notice that his buyer is closing early. Troy issues a mandate to catch big gators only. Joey and Dorien get stranded. Frenchy and Gee take on a second job to make extra cash.

Busting Chops Apr 6, 2017

Daniel and Dwaine try to make amends; RJ and Jay Paul go head to head; Jacob gives Troy a hard time; Glenn must find a way to repay a friend.

Good Luck, Bad Luck Mar 30, 2017

Troy relies on a Landry lucky charm, while Chase and Holden make their own luck; Jay Paul and Tommy go after an escape artist named Houdini; Kristi battles invading alligators on her land; Willie wrestles with poachers.

Pressure's On Mar 23, 2017

Dwaine hits a breaking point; Willie realizes he's losing money; Kristi hunts with her son; Glenn fulfills a lifelong dream.

Big Boy McCoy Mar 16, 2017

Chase stalks the biggest gator he has ever seen; Daniel annoys Dwaine; Kristi clears gators off her homestead and Frenchy's day does not go as planned.

Landry vs. Landry Mar 9, 2017

Troy lays down a bet against Chase and Holden. Daniel's bragging wears Dwaine down. Gunner causes trouble for Bruce. Gee takes charge on Frenchy's boat.

Vampire Gator Mar 2, 2017

A vampire gator terrorizes Troy's hunting grounds. Dwain and Daniel Edgar try and get in a groove. RJ hunts with his brother Al for the first time since they were teenagers. Willie struggles to get his season on track. Bruce, Ron and Gunner head into uncharted territory.

Breakdown Feb 23, 2017

After a rocky start, Chase tries to redeem himself and get back into dad's good graces. Daniel sets a catch quota for his family to hit to stay on track. Jay Paul and Tommy jump a levee to tap new territory. Will breaks down alone in the heat of the blazing sun.

Fresh Blood Feb 16, 2017

Chase fails to show up for his second day as captain. Dwaine struggles to live up to his dad's expectations. Bayou floods open up new territory for Frenchie and Gee. Glenn Guist returns to his house for the first time after a flood devastated his property, and must deal with some unwelcome guests.

The Hunt Begins Feb 16, 2017

Facing the prospect of buyer shutting down early this year, Troy promotes Chase to captain of his own boat. Daniel Edgar calls in his son to help fill tags. RJ and Jay Paul hunt on separate boats for the first time ever.

End of the Line May 2, 2016

The Landry's race to tag out on the last day of the season, but they've got company, as R.J. and Jay Paul invade their territory looking to tag out themselves. And the Edgars attempt to catch their last haul of gators...with a little help from their friends.

Home Stretch Apr 25, 2016

Troy and Guy race to fill tags as the end of the season looms near. Jacob and Chase have a surprise encounter fishing in their backyard. The Edgars hit a cold streak as their lines come up empty and Bruce and Ron put puppy Gunnar to the ultimate test.

Big Claw Apr 18, 2016

Troy and Guy stalk what could be their biggest gator of the season. In Houma, Jay Paul makes a bad call that could cost him and his father big bucks. In Franklin, Daniel Edgar's obsession gets the best of him and Glen Guist uses a swamp trick to get his boat to a favorite fishing hole.

Cannibal Country Apr 11, 2016

Troy faces off with a cannibal gator that threatens to ruin his season. In Houma, Jay Paul edges closer to taking over the Molinere gator-hunting operation. Over in Pierre Part, Chase struggles to redeem himself and in Gonzales, Glenn Guist does battle with "the leaning house of Louisiana".

Better Late Than Never Apr 4, 2016

Troy answers the code of the swamp and helps out an old-timer with his lines. Jacob's brother, Chase, is a no-show, putting the Landry's behind. Ron's puppy, Gunnar, finally gets his chance to prove himself and Dorien faces his biggest challenge yet.

Gamblin' Man Mar 28, 2016

Troy and his family push their season to the limit when they gamble on a new territory. R.J. goes solo and comes face to face with the truth. Bruce puts Ron's puppy to the test and Frenchy and Gee head to hog heaven.

Sweet Revenge Mar 21, 2016

Troy uses an old family secret to change his luck. R.J. and Jay Paul square off with the Edgar family as they hunt the same territory, and Glen Guist practices "Swamp Medicine" and pays tribute to his brother, Mitch.

The Party's Over Mar 14, 2016

When Daniel Edgar's boys show up late and hung-over, the party quickly comes to an end. Troy does battle with a poacher, as Willie risks it all to get the biggest gator he's ever hooked. Over in Hammond, Ron pushes to get the puppy a second chance with Bruce.

Monster Men Mar 7, 2016

Willie Edwards is back and this year he's striking out on his own. Armed with his trademark treble hook, this solo hunter is blind-sided by the biggest monster he's ever taken on--and it's war. Down south, Daniel Edgar is facing his own battle as he attempts to take down a foe that has haunted him for years. In Houma, an injury may put an end to R.J.'s season. And the Salt and Pepper team of Frenchy and Gee dig deep into their faith as Frenchy sets out after a beast that has been torturing him in his dreams.

Home Turf Feb 29, 2016

Despite help from The Edgar family, The King of the Swamp, Troy Landry is still behind on his tag count. The Edgars have headed home and now Troy must dig deep to rally his troops if he hopes to tag out this season. Back on their home turf, Daniel, Joey and Dorian Edgar are ready to fill their boats with gators but unforeseen forces complicate their mission. And Glenn Guist is always right at home in the swamp, putting food on the table in surprising and "Guisty" ways.

All Hands on Deck Feb 22, 2016

Despite his worst start ever, The King of the Swamp is determined to fill his 500- plus tags this year. Armed with the help of fellow swamper Daniel Edgar's family, he takes on the high water and cold weather in true Cajun fashion. Meanwhile, Frenchy Crochet and Gee Singleton's best laid plans literally blow up in their face. Will it end their season before it gets started? And in Houma, R.J. and Jay Paul continue their fast start to the season and reveal a family secret.

The Code of the Swamp Feb 15, 2016

After his worst start to alligator season ever, a desperate Troy does the unthinkable, bringing in outside help over the objections of his sons Jacob and Chase and his brother, Guy. The Edgar family, a Creole family from the south, has come to the rescue but can they save Troy's season from disaster? Or will their presence divide the Landry's? Over in Hammond, Ron is determined that his puppy Gunner is going follow in the footsteps of Bruce's dog Tyler and become their new gator dog. But in order to get a place on the boat, he'll have to prove himself first. And a duo known as "Salt and Pepper" makes their debut into the fray. Armed with unorthodox methods and an unshakable faith in God, they're determined to get their piece of the pie.

High Water Hell Feb 8, 2016

As the season opens, the King of the Swamp, Troy Landry, finds himself going head-to-head with Mother Nature. The water in the basin is higher than it's ever been, pushing the monsters into inaccessible back ponds and woods. On top of that, a cold front has moved into Louisiana making conditions even worse. As he and his family brace for what could be their worse season ever, the King discovers more bad news; R.J. and Jay Paul have invaded his area, using their airboat to get to the gators that are out of his reach. Over in Hammond, Bruce Mitchell prepares to start his second season without his beloved hunting dog Tyler. His partner, Ron Methvin thinks he has a great surprise for Bruce, but when they meet up, the plan blows up and puts their partnership to the test. And, at the end of the first day of gator hunting, Troy makes an announcement that rattles his family to the bone.

Now or Never Jul 13, 2015

On the final day of the season, two families rally their troops to challenge and inspire each other - ensuring their success as the season closes. One hunter challenges his sons to a contest to see who can catch the biggest gator - while another hunter reassembles her team once again to help her tag out.

Of Gods & Otters Jul 6, 2015

Up against time pressure, hunters look for some divine intervention to close out their season. One team burns sage to help them break their streak of bad luck. A second team seeks inspiration from a local church while a third is determined to outdo their father by catching a massive monster.

Here Gator Gator Jun 29, 2015

Swamp grass and lily fields stop hunters in their tracks, forcing Swampers to adapt and salvage their day. When one team's prized honey hole is blocked by reeds, they rely on a secret luring technique. A second hunter dedicates his final tag to catch a monster named "Cujo", while another team faces dangerous confrontations caused by a disrupted landscape.

Gator Boo-Fay Jun 22, 2015

Swampers have the rare opportunity to tag out early. One team baits their lines with a gator bait recipe called "Surf and Turf". A second team is forced to hunt their last tags of the season on an ATV. While another team finds themselves hindered by an unknown intruder who is hanging lines in their territory.

The Phantom May 18, 2015

Swampers venture to remote untapped honey holes they have been keeping on reserve hoping that it will yield them some end of the season monsters. One team battles a dangerous territory called "The Pipeline".  A second team tries to capture an infamous line popping gator called "The Phantom", while a third team ventures deep into a remote territory that is known for huge reptiles.

The Three Kings May 11, 2015

Swampers find their communities under attack from rogue predators. One team heads deep into the woods to capture a gator that has overtaken a local fishing hole. A second team goes after a gator that is terrorizing a camp, while a third team takes on the daunting task of hunting three different swamps for three monster gators.

Bait & Switch May 4, 2015

When hunting territories go bust, swampers are forced to quickly repo to new areas in order to salvage their day. One team must hunt with an old-fashioned motorbike and sidecar. A second team acts on a tip from some local crab fishermen while a third team does battle with a bait-stealing monster.

Royal Reunion Apr 27, 2015

When questions of integrity come into play, Swampers choose to put their season on hold to do the honorable thing. One swamper reunites with another to help a family friend rid their marsh area of a rogue gator. A second team serves double duty by running their lines and searching for a gator they sniped but failed to retrieve, while a third team does battle with an indestructible monster.

Bounty or Bust Apr 20, 2015

The $10,000 bounty deadline has arrived. One swamper returns from an injury in an attempt to win the bounty on the last day. Another hunter ventures to an area he has been saving all season while another team is in a mad dash to get their gator across state lines before the bounty deadline.

Blood Moon Apr 13, 2015

With the final hours of the Bounty on the Bayou looming, two teams cross state lines in search of a prize-winning monster--hunting through the night in dangerous areas of Mississippi. A third team gets a second chance at success as the day comes to a close.

Crooked Jaw Apr 6, 2015

One team hunts a legendary cursed monster that has been wreaking havoc on a local crawfisherman. A second team struggles to day after a series of injuries, while another hunter forgets his bullet clip and sprays his deckhand with shrapnel during a gator catch.

Outlaw & Disorder Mar 30, 2015

One hunter battles poachers by setting lines with no locator ribbons and relies on the "Swamp GPS" in his head to find them. Another team has a tense stand off with a hunter in the swamp and salvage their day with some risky open water hunting, while a final team must take out a vicious bull gator that has been devastating the gator population on a land owner's property.

Badlands Mar 23, 2015

Hunters journey into unknown, hostile areas of the swamp. One team, acting on a tip from a local buyer, heads to an area believed to be cursed. Another team visits a hazardous storm-altered marsh to fight numerous dangerous gators on dry ground, while another hunter is hell bent on hauling in 32 gators in one day.

Bullettproof Mar 16, 2015

Hunters are forced to track down some extra shrewd gators--and trusted deckhands step up to save the day. One team has to outsmart a big gator by using an old fashioned boat decoy strategy. Another team tries uses an old floating bait technique, while another recruits another deckhand to help him get caught up after falling behind pace.

Gator Slayer Mar 9, 2015

Hunters are forced to outthink crafty gators that are too smart to take their bait. One team seeks out some local crabbers to give them some indigenous bait. Another team uses a primitive alternative to the modern hook, while another team decides to use cannibalized gator as bait to lure in a vicious gator-eating monster.

Pirate of the Bayou Mar 2, 2015

One team goes after a brash, one-eyed gator they have been after for years. Another hunter is forced to hunt alone and engages an aggressive bull gator that has been tripping his lines and bending his hooks, while another team has to hunt down a greedy gator that keeps stealing the bait off their lines.

Feast or Fawn Feb 23, 2015

Rising water levels cause big gators to head into newly flooded areas seeking prey. One team heads into a dangerous canal only accessible by canoe in hopes of catching a bounty winning gator. Another team is forced to use an ancient swamp technique called a "Swamp Cooler" to keep their boat from running aground, while another team ventures down a hidden passageway to access one of their toughest hunting spots.

Twister Trouble Feb 16, 2015

Hunters are forced to rely on life-long intuitions to take on Mother Nature. To avoid floodwaters, one team makes a life threatening decision to head deep into the swamp. Another team is forced to open water hunt after their territory is choked off by unexplainable swamp grass, while another hunter goes after a rogue gator that is threatening his children's lives. While running lines, Troy finds several hooks with the bait twisted off of them. He realizes that this is the work of a gator he calls "Twister" that he and his brother have been after for years.

Gator Gridlock Feb 9, 2015

When boat traffic makes it impossible to run lines, hunters must adjust tactics and abandon plans in order to fill their tags. One team returns after a two-year hiatus and decides to hunt a remote area that forces them to cross the dangerous shipping lanes of the mighty Mississippi River. Another team avoids bounty hunters and boat traffic by travelling to a new and remote area called Boudreaux's Run, while another team hunts a waterway riddled with swells from tugboats and barges.

Bounty on the Bayou Feb 2, 2015

Swampers fight massive alligators and Mother Nature attempting to win "The Bounty on the Bayou". One hunter heads deep into the swamp to catch a legendary reptile. Another hunter empowers his younger deckhand by letting him fight his first line ever, while another seeks out advice from his mother in hopes of catching a bounty winning gator.

Lethal Encounters Jul 7, 2014

Over the years, alligator hunters in the swamps of Southern Louisiana have risked both life and limb to fill their tags. And while everyday on the swamp presents a new fight, there are a select few encounters that stand out from the rest. Moments, that to this day, send a chill up the spine of even the most seasoned fishermen. Where savage monsters attack, where Mother Nature descends with furry and where the lore of the swamp suddenly turns deadly. These are Swamp People's Lethal Encounters.

Day of Reckoning Jun 30, 2014

Veteran hunters race to fill their tags and a generational changing of the guard is looming. One team gambles on a hunting area that's nearly impossible to access by boat. A second team hunts a nostalgic family honey hole with a pirogue, while another is forced to finish the season in dangerous territory on ATV's. A final team hunts a hog for their end of the season celebration.

Metalhead Jun 23, 2014

Determined to take care of some unfinished business, one team returns to a remote hunting spot in hopes of tagging out and redeeming their disastrous start to their season. A second team goes after an indestructible gator named "Metalhead". And another team must have their best day of the season to tag out.

Unbreakable Bonds Jun 16, 2014

A hunting team gets support from family when their boys unexpectedly show up to help them tag out. Another hunter gets some help from his son on a hunt deep in the woods on ATV. Time is running out on a third team who is after a state record alligator and a swamper cuts his season short to be by his ailing mother's side.

Captain Invincible Jun 9, 2014

Deckhands come to the rescue when their captains falter. One hunter is unexpectedly placed in the captain's seat, while another team must make it through the day when their skipper suffers a gruesome injury. Another deckhand insists on changing hunting grounds and leads them to one of their best days of the season.

Beasts or Bust Jun 2, 2014

Swampers are forced to hunt problematic areas to bring in high dollar gators. One team risks their lives hunting in an electrical storm to land some monsters. A second team must fight through a clogged canal to fill tags, while another team ventures into cattle country in search of a state record alligator.

Swamp Ambush May 19, 2014

Swampers lose focus when they passionately go after individual predators. One hunter is determined to break a streak of small catches by going after a crafty bull gator. Another team is forced to hunt from a tiny skiff in hopes of catching a monster gator, while another team travels to a state park to catch a dangerous threat to public safety.

Blood Brothers May 12, 2014

With the season winding down, Swampers look to tag out certain properties before it's too late.  One team must travel through huge lochs in search of deeper waters. Two brothers go after two monster brother gators, while another team travels deep into the woods on an ATV in search of a record setting gator.

Outer Limits May 5, 2014

Swampers push into the outer limits of their territories to fill tags. One team hangs maggot-ridden bait on his property line to coax neighboring gators to his lines. A second team travels deep into their territory to stop a gator that has been destroying a local fisherman's nets--while another loses half their day fixing their airboat and must race daylight to salvage their day.

Way of the Swamp Apr 28, 2014

Swampers are in danger of losing their businesses until family and friends come to their aid. One hunter gets some needed help from their spouse and a friend. A second hunter is reunited with his partner--while another team relies on their airboat to lead them to success deep in the Texas marsh.

Beast of the Lake Apr 21, 2014

Swampers go on personal quests to settle scores. One team goes after a legendary gator they have hunted for years. A second hunter goes after a ruthless cannibal gator. While another team starts their season determined to break a state record.

Rumble in the Swamp Apr 14, 2014

Swampers take on big risks in trying to fill some high priced tags. One family must maintain an eight foot average in order to fill some expensive tags. A second team lets the pressure of the season get the best of them, while another team searches for new territory to bypass some rogue hunters.

Hexed Mar 31, 2014

Mysterious forces blanket the swamp pushing hunters to their limits. One hunter risks his life by venturing into a cursed area. Another hunter encounters an unexpected fish kill. A team's season is on the brink after their boat engine mysteriously breaks down, while another hunter must capture a wild raccoon that has invaded his family's hunting camp.

Gator Ghost Town Mar 24, 2014

Swampers push the limits of their property lines in order to salvage their day. One team accidently crosses boundaries with an angry landowner. One hunter avoids a crowded swamp by venturing into a remote hunting area. Two brothers are united and fish an old family hunting area, while another team ventures into a forbidden area to go after a monster bull gator.

Devil at the Door Mar 17, 2014

Hunters drop everything in order to deal with life threatening gators and unexpected setbacks. One team sacrifices their day to go after a gator that is terrorizing kids at a local camp. One hunter ventures out alone to catch a nuisance gator. A team relies on a secret baiting strategy to salvage their day, while another hunter's season is in jeopardy after he injures his back.

Hooked Mar 10, 2014

The younger swampers take things too far in an effort to prove themselves. Tensions between one team leads to a terrible accident. One hunter defies his father's wishes in making a new treble hook that he feels will be the secret to his success. Another hunter sacrifices his day to go after a monster gator in hopes of making his deckhand's last day a memorable one.

The Albino Assassin Mar 3, 2014

With the seasonal pressure increasing, emotional and physical injuries put hunters seasons at risk. One hunter is forced to hunt alone after his deckhand falls deathly ill. A hunting team goes after a rogue dog eating gator, while another team must hunt down a vicious cannibal gator.

Gravedigger Feb 24, 2014

Unexpected adversity forces swampers to change their tactics. One hunter must get used to his new quirky deckhand. One team goes on the hunt for a rogue gator that has been attacking livestock. Another hunter must go at it alone without his deckhand and faithful hunting dog.

Gator Jacked Feb 17, 2014

With competition out of control, several teams find that thieves have stolen gators off their lines. After finding their lines poached, one team, accidentally, crosses property lines and become poachers themselves. A hunter ventures out on his own and finds that being a solo captain is easier said than done. While another team's luck runs out--forcing them to forfeit a prime hunting spot in order to stay on pace for the season.

Aerial Assault Feb 10, 2014

With competition on the swamp greater than ever, hunters must venture into uncharted and dangerous areas in order to get a strong start. One hunting team recons in a helicopter on an aerial scout to determine if a remote area of the swamp will be the secret to their success this season. Another hunter ventures out on his own for the first time and finds that being a solo captain is easier said than done. Two hunters go on a road trip and must catch a menacing gator in order to get tags from a local landowner. Meanwhile, a veteran hunter faces the start of the season without his deck hand and must rely on a local swamper to fill in.

Once Bitten Feb 3, 2014

With the first day of gator season under way, swampers are under attack from some of the biggest and meanest gators in years. When veteran hunter Troy is forced to bring out a young teenager as his deckhand, he quickly realizes that he must calm the boy's nerves in order to fill his tags. A former nuisance hunter must capture a rogue gator that ate his father-in-law's prized hunting dog. When a seasoned hunter's deckhand is sidelined from being gator bit, he is left wondering who will be his replacement for the rest of the season. While another swamper must capture a live loggerhead turtle for a Native American ceremony to bless his upcoming gator season.

No Tomorrow Jul 18, 2013

On last day of alligator season, a massive cold front hits the bayou--driving swampers to extreme measures in order to tag out. One hunter is forced to make the risky move of crashing his boat through a beaver dam, while another hunter puts his life on the line to save his beloved partner.

Deadly Divide Jul 11, 2013

With only 48 hours left in gator season, and weather threatening, the race is on to tag out. One swamper invents a stout secret weapon, while other teams split up to cover more ground. A veteran hunter pushes through extreme pain, while another completes a personal journey to pay tribute to a fallen family member.

The Reaper Jun 27, 2013

With just three days left in the season, a team sets off to find a serial killer gator named "The Reaper" that has been snatching cattle from ranches in the middle of the night--while another veteran team is plagued by catching alligators so big, they can barely remove them form the swamp. A legendary swamper rallies his family to leave their boats behind and hunt beyond deep in the woods of the bayou.

Beast of the East Jun 20, 2013

As the days tick away, swampers are blind-sided with unexpected road blocks. For one veteran hunter, a family member in trouble means putting his own season on hold, while another agrees to help a neighbor in need... but it jeopardizes his chances of tagging-out for second year in a row. One team has only two tags left to catch a legendary gator that they have been stalking for 20 years.

Blood Runs Deep Jun 13, 2013

With only five days to go in the season, swampers have to repair their pasts with family and friends if they're going to have any chance of tagging out. After weeks apart, a veteran hunting team must learn to work together again while another swamper tries to reconcile with his estranged father by vowing to fill his dad's tags before his own. And when an injury takes down a legendary hunter, his brother is determined to make up for the devastating loss.

Down Goes the King Jun 6, 2013

There's only seven days left in the Louisiana alligator season. And just as new partnerships hit their stride, they begin to fracture again--forcing swampers to doubt their ability to tag out. While one hunter begins to heal, another faces a season ending injury.

Sabotaged May 30, 2013

With only eight days left of gator season, duck hunters have descended on the swamp making things causing chaos for swampers. One team abandons their boat and lies in wait with a sniper rifle while another veteran's hunt for a partner leads her to an unexpected door. And finding their lines tampered with, one team goes from hunting gators to hunting the culprit.

Lightning Strikes May 23, 2013

The season's running down and swampers scramble to save a precious day on the water as the worst storm since Hurricane Isaac hammers the gulf coast. One team of swampers start the day fighting the weather and end up fighting each other. Another team's day turns to disaster when a member of the group is the victim of a shocking accident. Veteran gator hunters have to come up with a Plan "B" for bait and a father and son team use their knowledge to make the storm to work for them.

Deadly Duo May 16, 2013

Just as teams have found their rhythm, partnerships are broken up, leaving veteran hunters to overcome the challenges of changing deckhands midstream. A boat captain father breaks up his teammate sons, poaching one for himself and leaving the other with an unlikely deckhand. A veteran swamper takes advantage of their partner's last day on the swamp by revisiting a marsh area that's yielded tremendous gators.

Young Blood May 9, 2013

With big gators getting harder to catch, the next generation of swampers steps up and helps their families get through some of the deadliest challenges yet. A pair of brothers go on an epic adventure for gators, employing ingenuity and fighting peril while journeying to a land not hunted in forty years. A swamper gets called back to his office job and is determined to make his last day hunting one to remember. A young hunter's risky night scout pays off.

Devoured May 2, 2013

A massive sinkhole consumes part of Troy Landry's hunting grounds and he and his sons must race to his remaining lines in the same area before they are swallowed up. "The Beast of the East" is chased by swampers using gator calls and while one team comes up with a clever way to extract gators from a huge snarled lily field, another bravely hunts for "The Monster of Monster Marsh" while trying to outrun a deadly lightning storm. The biggest gator of the season so far is caught and wrestled onboard.

Ride or Die Apr 25, 2013

Halfway through the toughest alligator season in decades, the battle-weary veterans need their deckhands to step up like never before. In a desperate plea for help, one swamper reaches out to an unlikely family member who is terrified of being in the boat. Another veteran struggles to harness the raw talent of his teenage deckhand--while another team hashes out the value of intuition over discipline.

Cursed Apr 18, 2013

A team of hunters catches a "yellow gator" which is said to be cursed and from that point on, bizarre circumstances fall upon the swamp. While one hunter loses his ability to shoot, another gets bit after a dead gator comes back to life. While RJ and Jay Paul conduct a Native ritual ceremony to rid the swamp of the curse, the Texans begin their season at home, hoping to catch a gator responsible for killing a neighbor's dog.

Breaking Point Apr 11, 2013

Nearly two weeks into the toughest season in years, swampers are starting to break down from fatigue and stress. When an impatient veteran sprays his partner with bullet fragments, it could mean the end to their longtime partnership. Recovering from surgery, one swamper risks their health to stay on the water... and brothers nearly come to blows as frustrations build and authority is challenged.

No Surrender Apr 4, 2013

The high stakes bet between the Texans and Troy Landry comes to an amazing conclusion. And while one team takes a huge gamble that could upset their entire season, another faces a serious health crisis.

Deadly Chill Mar 28, 2013

A cold front moves into the bayou, threatening to destroy alligator season. To salvage their day, two swampers try to jump their boat over a fifty-foot levee to gain access to warmer waters while others use the private parts of a male gator to lure aggressive males into attacking. And when two hunters find a massive cannibal gator assaulting their hunting grounds, they turn the tables to beat it at it's own game.

Waging War Mar 21, 2013

Hunting in narrow waterways, one swamper gets bumped overboard during a gator fight while another faces the collapse of his entire season if he can't catch his first alligator of the year. And when two hunters head back into dark waters to enact revenge on a gator that got away, they get more than they bargained for.

Blood Lines Mar 14, 2013

Swampers struggle and fill tags after a devastating hurricane. One hunter suffers a brutal alligator bite that forces him off the water for emergency first aid. Meanwhile, a cold front threatens to end the season for hunters in the north. For another pair, debris-filled waters lead to a serious accident.

Bad Mojo Mar 7, 2013

Poachers invade the swamp and steal high value gators from several of the hunters. The tables are turned by two of the Swampers who come up with a way to catch the criminals in the act. Tensions rise as a high stakes bet leads to a turf war and while a 17-year-old learns some life lessons as the newest hunter on the swamp, a veteran suffers a devastating loss as a result of Hurricane Isaac.

Floating Dead Feb 28, 2013

A fish kill of biblical proportions hits the swamp, causing the gators to stop biting lines, and forcing swampers to get inventive in their hunting strategies.

Texas Hold 'em Feb 21, 2013

To win a high stakes bet against two hunters from Texas, Troy must get his sons to step up and help him bring in the biggest gator. Two of his boys head into a remote area and snag a monster with a treble hook only to be dragged around the swamp by the massive gator. Meanwhile, when one hunter's gun runs out of bullets, his partner turns to a tiny pocket knife to try and bring down a massive live gator before it attacks the boat.

Swamp Invaders Feb 14, 2013

After a hurricane tears through the bayou on opening day of Alligator Season, delaying hunting for five critical days, the swampers turn to family to help make up for lost time. Complicating matters is the arrival of two new hunters who invade the Louisiana swamp from their native Texas and challenge King of the Swamp Troy Landry to a high stakes bet. The shortened season forces everyone to take bigger risks including one hunter who jumps into the water to wrestle a huge live gator that tries to get away.

Endgame Jul 12, 2012

As the last day of the month-long alligator season dawns, the moment of truth arrives. Today is about one thing: tagging out before the season ends at sundown. Troy is determined to hold on to his crown. He's got only 14 tags to go, but to cement his reputation Troy wants one more monster gator...one that will make a statement to the competition. R.J. and his son Jay are down to their final tags. For this father-son duo, tagging out will mean that they've filled a bayou-best 500 tags this season. Bruce, Ron and Tyler are facing a daunting final day. The elements have wreaked havoc on Bruce's territory all season, and after Lake Pontchartrain overflowed during a storm, brackish water has chased most gators from the area. With so few tags left, Liz and Kristi are determined to finish fast, but soon, the mood sours. A fish kill from dropping oxygen levels in the water poisons the honey hole, and with so many dead fish around, gators aren't biting.

Fight to the Finish Jul 5, 2012

It's the home stretch and swampers have the finish line in sight. Joe and Tommy are in a good position. At the end of the season, Joe usually hunts a reliable honey hole to get him across the finish line. But this year Tommy wants to lead the way to a new spot...and for the first time, Joe's willing to follow. Troy is looking to make up for lost time. If he hopes to retain his crown as King of the Swamp, he has no choice but to fill 45 tags in 48 hours. R.J. and his son Jay Paul have endured a grueling pace, but with so many tags already filled, the boys have run out of fresh territory. Now, they're forced to fish depleted hunting grounds for a second time. Liz and Kristi are feeling optimistic about the final days of the season and Liz has a plan to maximize the time she has left. To fill their remaining tags, the gals are returning to Liz's daddy's favorite hot spot. All season, they have operated different boats, but now Junior and Willie have reunited to close out the hunt.

Man Down Jun 28, 2012

Troy is in a tough situation. After a fellow hunter passed away, Troy agreed to help fill his tags for the community, putting Troy's on hold. Now, the reigning king faces an uphill battle to finish his new tags and get back to his own before time runs out. R.J. and his son Jay Paul are gunning for the best season on record, and the duo's been moving at a hectic pace. Now, it seems the grind has finally caught up with them. With only 3 days left to hunt, exhaustion sets in for R.J.  Joe and Tommy are in great position as they enter the home stretch. With only 25 tags to fill in 3 days, the crew is focusing on big gators. As they run their lines, they quickly discover that a monster gator is lurking nearby--one with prime waterfront property. Glenn and Mitchell are busy doing what they do best. Today, the boys are looking for garfish...but as things often go with the brothers, the day leads to unexpected places.

King of the Swamp Jun 21, 2012

It's down to the final 4 days and Troy's road to the crown takes an unexpected turn. A good friend and fellow hunter has passed away. When his long-time helper asks Troy to help fill their remaining tags, Troy has a dilemma. If he helps, he will have to put his own tags on hold and with so little time left in the season, it could mean that he doesn't tag out. R.J. and Jay Paul are working tirelessly to fill their bayou-best 500 tags this season. As the season enters its final days, R.J. is more focused than ever before. Willie and Randy are embarking on their last day as partners this season. Starting tomorrow, Randy has to move onto the next commercial hunting season, fishing for buffalo fish. Determined to go out with a bang, the brothers are hunting in a favorite childhood spot. Bruce's longtime sidekick Tyler isn't feeling well. With the season ticking away quickly, Bruce has no choice but to focus on the hunt, but it isn't long before worry for Tyler becomes too great to ignore.

Cold-Blooded Jun 14, 2012

With only 5 days left in the season, the swamp is blindsided by a cold front sweeping across Louisiana, bringing a punishing frigid rain. When temperatures drop, gators run for cover, and the hunters will have to chase them down. R.J. and Jay Paul are at a spot where R.J.'s betting gators will be on the move. But the front brings strong high winds, and their airboat isn't equipped to handle them. All season Junior Edwards has run a two-boat operation, but today he's reuniting the Edwards "A" Team. Willie is back at his father's side, and the duo is hoping their combined experience will help them track down gators. Bruce is anxious about the weather because his hunting grounds border Lake Pontchartrain. Even a few inches of rain can cause the lake to overflow, and force the gators to look for freshwater further inland. Troy's sons are hoping they can have a big day despite the cold front. They've got a secret weapon--a special bait to lure gators from hiding.

Never Say Die Jun 7, 2012

The swampers are facing the toughest stretch. Worn down, the best spots have already been fished, and one unexpected turn can sink the season. In Pecan Island, Liz and Kristi start slow. Liz's hands have taken a beating. She's not sure how long they'll hold on. In Bayou Sorrel, Junior's right-hand man had a fishing accident. He's working with his cousin Gerald, an avid hunter new to the gator game. In Pierre Part, Troy's boys Jacob and Chase have been assigned to a tough fishing area, "the Armpit." Getting off to a fast start the Armpit lives up to its name. In Myrtle Grove, Joe and his stepson Tommy head to an area saved for the home stretch but there's a problem--not one bait has been touched. A bully gator has driven every gator from the area.

Big Gators, Big Dollars May 31, 2012

Demand for alligator hides has soared, and buyers need more skins to fill their orders. Now, the race begins to get a piece of the action. Troy and his helper Clint have the prefect plan to find the big money gators they need. Five years ago, the duo caught a record-breaking 80 alligators in one day. Now, they'll return to the place they did it...determined to repeat past glory. R.J. and Jay Paul are after a monster of their own. Crab fishermen in the area have reported that an enormous beast is tearing apart their fishing pots to go after the bait inside. Junior Edwards' sons Willie and Randy are on a mission for big gators too. Randy spotted a beast the day before, and Willie's betting he won't be far. But, as the old saying goes...a gator doesn't get big by being stupid. Today Austyn and Blake are selling to a new buyer: the same one as Troy Landry. They know that a big catch today will fill their wallet and solidify their growing reputation.

Turf War May 24, 2012

As the gator season enters the home stretch, swampers are forced to work overtime to protect their livelihoods, defend their turf, and make every dollar they can. Today is the first day of shrimping season, and Joe and Tommy are intent on pulling a double shift on the swamp: gator hunting in the morning and shrimping in the afternoon. Liz and Kristi are also on a mission to protect Kristi's livelihood. When she isn't hunting gator, she's wrangling cattle at the ranch her family owns. Yesterday, Kristi's grandfather reported a menacing gator that's threatening cattle. Now, her two jobs are about to collide. Junior's right-hand man Malcom earns most of his annual income hoop netting for catfish and last night, he discovered a big problem. High water has moved a new gator population into Malcom's cat fishing hot spot. Glenn and Mitchell are are always up to something to earn extra money, and today is no exception--their friend stopped by with an old motor in serious need of fixing.

Voodoo Bayou May 17, 2012

Flooding in the Mississippi Delta has raised water levels almost two feet and now the once unreachable corners of the bayou are accessible. Troy is using the high water to his advantage, riding it straight into an area that the Landry family has lived and hunted for generations, and he wants to share the trip with his son Chase. R.J. and Jay Paul will travel the flooded channels into a Houma territory that's considered sacred in their culture--once used as a burial site. Joe and Tommy are preparing to take a big gamble. The high waters have made a remote canal accessible...and despite its eerie reputation, they're going in. Back across the swamp, cousins Austyn and Blake have their own plan to make the most of the conditions. The duo head toward an area known as Dead End Bayou. In low water, the territory is blocked and unreachable. But today, high water has flooded the bank, and the rookies can cruise right in.

Scorched May 10, 2012

As the sun rises on day 18, it's already 96 degrees on the bayou. Every hunter knows the heat drives the gators into a feeding frenzy. But the scorching sun can spoil hides and meat once the gators are in the boat. Troy and Clint are targeting Lake Verret to make the most of the voracious gators. Junior Edwards is also expecting a huge day. Five years ago, in 105-degree heat, he had the best day of his career. Today, he's hoping to repeat past glory. Liz and Kristi are primed to fill the boat by midday, and Liz is on the verge of her best catch all season. But soon, things turn on a dime when the swamp throws Liz a curve she never saw coming. Across the swamp, veteran hunter Bruce, Ron and Tyler are looking to cash in on the heat wave by targeting a hunting ground called "Cypress Graveyard." It's part of local lore, and Bruce believes it will deliver, but getting there is difficult--it lies at the end of a maze of canals that can confuse even the most experienced swamper.

Secret Weapons May 3, 2012

In Pierre Part, Troy Landry's sons Jacob and Chase are once again operating their own boat to help their dad fill tags. Jacob is looking for new territory--and he's bringing along the Landry secret weapon...his grandfather, Troy's dad...Duffy Landry. Meanwhile, cousins Austyn and Blake are also headed toward new ground. All season, they've been filling a daily quota for their buyer Coach...but Coach has leveled a new challenge: to find a honey hole of their own that delivers big results. Junior Edwards prides himself on finding the hidden spots that no one else would think to visit. Today, he's targeting the most unlikely of all--a pool that's behind a metal dike. Veteran hunter Bruce is also forging a new road to new grounds. He's upping the odds of success, stacking the deck with very special bait: blood-injected rotten chicken.

Under Siege Apr 26, 2012

With half the season over, the best hunters are back on track and ahead of last year's pace. R.J. and Jay Paul are after a nasty gator that's been wrecking havoc, and the monster's got a fitting nickname: Pas Tout La. It's a French saying that means "not all there," and the vicious nature of this beast's attacks point to a crazed killer. Troy and his sharpshooter Clint are after a prize of their own. An old adversary he calls King Tut has re-surfaced, and the crew will stop at nothing to end this ancient gator's reign. As Liz and Kristi head to their first line of the day, Liz spots an enormous gator. She uses her accurate open water shooting skill to put a shot dead on, but this monster's hard-plated head is so tough it deflects even their best shots. While the legends of the swamp track their behemoths, Glenn and Mitchell are tackling a monster of their own--a houseboat. Today the brothers have agreed to move heir friend Blake's houseboat.

Gates of Hell Apr 19, 2012

It's the halfway point of the month-long alligator season, and it's time to rally. Boat traffic is spoiling one of Troy's go-to hunting grounds, so he and Clint decide to brave a treacherous swamp guarded by the legendary Gates of Hell. Over in Myrtle Grove, the high water levels that remain after the storm have given Joe and Tommy a rare opportunity. Today, the guys are headed to one of Joe's daddy's favorite honey holes, located in a flooded drainage ditch they haven't been able to access in years. In Houma, today is a very special day for R.J. Molinere... it's his 50th birthday. In keeping with family tradition, the boys set a lofty goal--to catch one gator for each of RJ's 50 years. Meanwhile, Willie and Randy are facing some serious pressure from their dad, master hunter Junior Edwards. Junior's tasked his boys with a quota of six gators...and if they don't fill it, Junior will stop running their boat.

Rebound Apr 12, 2012

The worst of the storm has passed, but tidal surge after a storm can spell disaster, as rising waters top levees and flood towns. Joe and Tommy can't return to the hunt with their home and their community in peril. In Houma, saltwater from the ocean has rushed into the marsh, chasing the gators inland. R.J. and Jay Paul will move their hunt to the place they believe the gators are hiding. For Liz and Kristi, high waters and winds have left their hunting grounds unrecognizable--and they're forced to start from scratch. Junior Edwards and Malcom are also looking to make up for lost time. They will ride the high waters into a spot that's normally inaccessible. But there's a catch: it will only be accessible for a few hours and when they arrive the water level's already dropping. Glenn and Mitchell were hunkered down during the worst of the weather and ate through everything they had. Today, the brothers are grocery shopping the only way they know how...in the swamp.

Rising Waters Apr 5, 2012

Tropical Storm Lee is finally making landfall and it's wrecking havoc, threatening to shut down alligator season altogether. With the season in jeopardy, Troy still has over 300 tags left to be filled. To make matters worse, he's facing the treacherous conditions short handed. His son Chase is sidelined with an injury. Bruce and his shooter Ron are also braving the storm. But water levels have risen drastically, completely blanketing their boat launch. Bruce will drive the rising water like a highway, powering into a section of the swamp that's normally unreachable. Joe and his stepson Tommy head out across a lake to run their lines as fast as possible. But soon, the boys find themselves in the worst possible position: in the thick of Lee, in choppy water with lightning closing in. While the veterans push through the worst of the storm, rookies Austyn and Blake are close on their heels. The boys have a handful of tags from their buyer--and once again, their season is on the line.

Something Wicked This Way Comes Mar 29, 2012

It's been the best start to alligator season in a decade, and every record has been shattered. Now, the biggest storm since Hurricane Katrina is headed straight for the swamp. Forecasters predict it will make landfall by day's end so hunters across the bayou are using every second they've got to fill as many tags as they can. After days on the sideline with a wrenched back, Joe LaFont can't stay away any longer. He and his stepson Tommy are reunited on a mission to stay ahead of the storm. Troy Landry is once again running a two-boat operation. Troy wants to catch as many gators as possible before the storm makes landfall--so he's dividing to conquer multiple territories at once. Over in Pecan Island, Liz and her helper Kristi are also looking to use a two-pronged strategy: running lines and sharp shooting in open water. Rookies Austyn and Blake have five more tags from their buyer. If they fail to fill their tags before the storm arrives, their season could be over.

Treebreaker 2 Mar 15, 2012

In Houma, R.J. and Jay Paul are headed to an area known as the Hive. Every beehive has a queen bee...and the Hive has a king, a monster alpha male. Before the day is done, the boys are out to fill their boat, land the King and take another step toward their own crown. Over in Pierre Part, Troy Landry's sons are out to make their own name. Last season, Jacob and his dad bagged a legendary beast known as Treebreaker. In the swamp, when one alpha male is removed, another takes his place. Jacob plots to track down the Son of Treebreaker...and step out from his own dad's shadow. Across the swamp, Junior Edwards' sons Willie and Randy are also on the hunt, working for their dad. To keep his boys focused, Junior's made a big decision: NO hook. Junior knows that it's easy to catch a bad case of "treble hook fever," and spend all day looking for a target. Down on the Conway Bayou, Glenn and Mitchell are after a prehistoric fish known as alligator gar.

Avenged Mar 8, 2012

As the end of week one comes to a close hunters are faced with new challenges. Troy makes a shocking discovery, a monster gator is feeding dangerously close to his home. To protect his family, he and his boys set out to do battle with the monster in a tiny boat and come face-to-face with disaster. R.J. and his son Jay Paul summon the powers of their ancestors in an ancient tribal ceremony to prepare for battle with a beast known as Big Foot. Liz and Kristie encounter something rarely seen on the swamp; a gator so bold, that he takes the bait in broad daylight right in front of them. When they attempt to haul the beast in, he breaks off the line and the battle is on! The Guist brothers find themselves in need of lumber, but they don't head to the home improvement store. Instead, they turn to the swamp, and an age-old technique of harvesting lumber as they go in search of sinker cypress.

Monster Marsh Mar 1, 2012

Tommy is on his own for the first time in his career. His step dad Joe wrecked his back while wrangling gators, so now Tommy must carry the load all by himself. Veteran Bruce Mitchell, his sidekick Tyler and their new sharpshooter Ron are hoping for another big day. To fill the boat, Bruce will move their hunt to a remote bog known as Stinky Bayou. The area earned its nickname from the methane gas that bubbles to the surface there, emitting a rotten and pungent stench. In Pecan Island, Liz and her new helper Kristi are taking a huge risk in hopes of another enormous payday. The ladies are headed to a spot that locals call "Monster Marsh," home to territorial and aggressive alpha males. While veterans with hundreds of tags hunt for numbers, over in Bayou Pigeon, rookies Austyn and Blake are looking for one beast in particular. Their buyer has given them one tag to catch one huge gator that's threatening his property.

Divide to Conquer Feb 23, 2012

Day three of the month-long alligator season in Louisiana finds the hunters working at a frantic pace to fill their tags. King of the Swamp, Troy Landry and Master hunter, Junior Edwards are following identical strategies; by putting their sons on a second boat with a specific mission: Catch Big Gators. It's a mission the new captains won't find easy to fulfill. Meanwhile, in Myrtle Grove, Joe LaFont and his stepson Tommy are back on the water. With more tags than ever this season, they're on track to make big bucks until... Joe sustains a potentially season-ending injury. In Bayou Pigeon, newcomers Austyn and Blake are trying to earn their way into the alligator business a few tags at a time. With five tags in hand, they set out to prove to their buyer that they are the next generation of swamp legends.

No Guts, No Gator Feb 16, 2012

In Southern Louisiana the Gator Gold Rush is in full swing. Buyers are paying top dollar for alligators, and Troy has a plan to get his share. He's taking a special boat called a "Gator Tail" to an old family honey hole. But when he encounters an unexpected obstacle, he risks it all to fill his boat. Junior Edwards and his son Willy are stalking an elusive beast known for his distinctive roar they call Leo The Lion. But Leo is a formidable adversary and it comes down to Leo, Willy and a pocketknife. Down at Pecan Island, Liz and her partner Kristie are taking a calculated risk of their own, hunting the canals from land to capture a monster that has been terrorizing the local population. R.J. and Jay Paul spy outsiders setting lines directly across from theirs, a direct violation of the code of the swamp. Things escalate quickly and the two-time world arm wrestling champion and his son don't hesitate to take matters into their own hands.

Gator Gold Rush Feb 9, 2012

It's day one of the thirty-day alligator-hunting season in Louisiana. This year prices are 30% higher, and with big bucks on the line, a Gator Gold rush is about to begin. Troy Landry has a plan to cash in; reuniting with 20-year partner Clint and running a second boat with son Jacob at the helm. With 430 tags, more than ever before, he's determined to retain his crown. Down in Pecan Island, Troy's helper from last year, Liz Cavalier, is running her own boat this season with 260 tags of her own. Joining her is helper Kristi Broussard, a born and bred Cajun woman who's eager to show what she's got. In Houma, two-time world arm wrestling champion R.J. Molinere and his son R.J. are back. This season he's taken on 500 tags, more than anyone else, with one goal in mind...to prove that he's the king of the swamp. Swamp legend Bruce Mitchell is gearing up with plans of his own. He's got a new secret weapon, former military sharpshooter Ron Methvin.

Swamp Showdown Jul 21, 2011

It's the final day of the season, and hunters are in a hurry to fill their remaining tags before time runs out. As Troy and Junior head to run lines for the final time, the bayou is buzzing. Locals are reporting sightings of a giant gator in the area. Both men set their sights on the beast, to win bragging rights in a bayou showdown. Just a few miles away, Junior and Willie are equally determined. As the only crew that uses treble hooks to hunt in open water, they believe they have the advantage. Across the swamp, Joe and Tommy are feeling a different kind of pressure. A storm blows in off the Gulf...and rain soaks their supply of bullets. To make matters worse, they're too far out in the bayou to head back to the dock for more. They will have to make every shot count. Down the bayou, R.J. and Jay Paul are focused on only one thing: tagging out. The boys are in good position to finish by day's end, with sunny skies and smooth water ahead.

2 Days to Tag Out Jul 14, 2011

In the race to the finish, Troy is on pace to tag out early. But engine problems suddenly stall the hunt. Troy has no choice but to return to the dock for repairs. As Junior and Willie head to new hunting grounds, they're hopeful momentum will continue to be on their side. But when it's time to bag a beast, Junior realizes he's forgotten the guns. With little room for error, the boys now have to scramble. Bruce and Nick are down to a handful of tags. At their first line, they've got a gator hooked, but when they pull it up, they see it's been mutilated. With so few tags to waste, Bruce has to find the cannibal before his last catch is ruined. R.J. and Jay Paul have an ambitious plan to finish on time: using 2 boats, fishing 150 lines over more territory. To tag out by season's end, they'll need to catch a boatload in a hurry. Joe and Tommy have spent the last few days apart--fishing separately after a fight split them up. Today, the duo is reunited for the final push of the season.

Two Captains, One Family Jul 7, 2011

After starting the season with more tags than anyone, Troy's ahead of the game, and on pace to tag out by season's end. But as Troy's crew approaches today's hot spot, things don't look promising. The landscape has changed drastically and water lilies are now clogging the entire area. Across the bayou, Joe's hunting with his new helper, and so far, the team is working well. Timmy is a pistol marksman, and his work ethic is steadily impressing Joe. Only a few miles away, Tommy is again captaining his own boat, trying to fill Joe's tags and prove he's an elite hunter. Today Tommy is intent to get down to business. But soon, engine troubles threaten to derail the day and Tommy's tenure as captain could be in jeopardy. Deep in the swamp, Glenn and Mitchell have a little time on their hands. For these brothers, that means one thing--they're ready to hunt. They're intent to cook up their Dad's Famous Squirrel and Dumplings, so they'll need to bag a mess for their pot.

House Divided Jun 30, 2011

With only days left in the season, one team could let personal differences derail their season. After more than twenty years working together, Joe and Tommy have decided to part ways. To fill Tommy's shoes, Joe hires an up and coming hunter named Timmy. Meanwhile, Tommy decides to hire his old friend Steve. Together, the laughs are frequent, and the mood is a lot looser on board. After spending most of the season fishing apart to fill their tags, Junior and Willie are reunited on the same boat. They've decided to again join forces...and for good reason. Last night, Willie spotted a monster gator on the bayou. Nicknamed "Moby," the beast could be bigger than any they've bagged this season. When R.J. and Jay Paul head to a favorite honey hole, they discover they're not alone. Duck season has begun, and this area is a favorite among duck hunters. Gunshots are ringing out all around, spooking the gators and presenting a real danger to all.

Rising Pressure Jun 23, 2011

With only eight days left in the season, the old hot spots are completely fished out. To stay in the game, hunters venture into new grounds. Troy is the "King of the Swamp" because he always hunts with strategy. To keep ahead of the big gators, he moves his lines every 3-4 days to a new area of the swamp. Junior and Willie are headed to a new pond that is teeming with big gators. But the waters in this canal are now only three feet deep. With time running out, Junior decides to risk his boat and his engine. For Joe and Tommy, the day begins with tension on board, because Tommy didn't show up for work yesterday. As they run their lines, all are empty, and Joe believes had Tommy been at work, they would have already run these lines and moved to more populated waters. Glenn and Mitchell are always on the hunt for something the swamp has to offer. The boys are in the mood for a squirrel supper tonight--so they head into the swamp to bag a mess of squirrels.

Beat the Clock Jun 16, 2011

After twenty days, exhaustion is setting in. For Joe LaFont, weariness is only half the battle. On a day when he needs to keep momentum rolling, his stepson Tommy's a no show. As he tackles the job alone, his luck turns from bad to worse. Weather is coming off the Gulf, and Joe will need to muster the resolve to face every obstacle the swamp has to offer. Troy Landry is focused on keeping morale and production high, but his crew is showing signs of fatigue. Jacob shows up late, and on the water, Liz is ready for some lively debate. Bruce and Nick turn to a new territory, hopeful it will provide a surge of big gators late in the season. They're after one gator in particular--nicknamed Lucifer--who dwells in an area known in Cajun lore as The Devil's Swamp. R.J. and Jay Paul are also turning to a new territory to avoid a slump. They are hunting the 3000-mile Intracoastal Waterway. It's an area known for big gators...but, it's also overrun with boat traffic.

It's Personal Jun 9, 2011

Liz Cavalier has been a solid helper on Troy Landry's boat, but with the season more than halfway done, Liz wants to prove to her boss that she's more. Armed with years of experience captaining her own boat, she decides to step up, offering some of her own hunting ideas to Troy. Junior Edwards has trusted his son Willie with more responsibility. Today, Willie heads out on his own once again, and this time, he's hunting solo. He's on the lookout for the big gator that will make his reputation...but tracking it down won't be an easy task. When R.J. and Jay Pau's lines come under attack by a vicious cannibal gator, it becomes a personal challenge. R.J. will need to use every trick he's got to catch this menace before it stalls his season. An infestation of feral hogs is plaguing Southern Louisiana, and one large hog is encroaching on Terral's property. Feral hogs will charge humans on site--so Terral hopes to take care of the problem before someone gets hurt.

Full Moon Fever May 26, 2011

Night in the Swamp is a time when danger lurks. Joe and Tommy are night scouting for a new honey hole, but while they're looking for gators, another paycheck presents itself: the shrimp are running. They head off hoping to bag a boatload before sunrise. Tonight, Terral, his wife Dana and their friends are headed out in search of the fabled monster of the Honey Island Swamp. R.J. and Jay Paul have been dealing with a poacher that is stealing their gators. A dead engine foils their night plan to find the thieves and suddenly the duo is waiting for rescue in the dark. Willie Edwards can never work enough, and nighttime snake hunting helps him make money around the clock. In the Landry family, frogging under the full moon is a family tradition. On this night, Troy, Jacob and Troy's dad Mr. Duffy head out in search of tomorrow's dinner. The Guist Brothers know the swamps as well as anyone. But under the cover of night, even the most experienced swamper can get turned around.

Rising Sons May 19, 2011

After being sidelined by an injury, sharpshooter Liz returns to Troy's boat. An older Creole gentleman has reported that a monster gator--nicknamed T-Rex--has killed a dog and is threatening locals. To catch him, Troy and Liz must board their own pirogue, a rickety wooden contraption ill prepared to handle a large gator. Will their pirogue handle the hunt? Bruce Mitchell has his hands full with his greenhorn helper Nick. After a ton of rookie mistakes on Nick's first day, Bruce puts Nick to the test and challenges Nick to show him what he's learned. This season, Willie is captaining his own boat--as long as he keeps filling Junior's tags. When Willie reaches his first line he realizes he's brought along the oldest shotgun in the arsenal. Willie must find a way to bag gators and fill his tags before Junior ends his days as captain. Terral Evans has the day off and sets out to catch catfish by catfish noodling--jumping into the swamp and grabbing the fish with his bare hands.

Deadly Skies May 12, 2011

As a severe storm nears Southern Louisiana, the hunters are preparing for the worst. With his sharpshooter Liz still recovering from an injury, Troy and Jacob pit themselves against the gnarly weather. Troy uses an old Cajun strategy, employing a special bait to lure the gators despite the storm. Joe and Tommy are not on the same page. Tommy is looking forward to a day off, but Joe has a different work ethic. Joe is determined to run their lines in any weather, and despite protests, he drags Tommy along with him. R.J. and Jay Paul hunt in territory close to the Gulf--which means the winds are blowing even stronger. But Jay Paul isn't worried. Native Americans put a lot of stock in their dreams...and Jay Paul dreamed about catching a large gator in the storm. While the rest of the swampers head to their lines, Junior and Willie are taking theirs down. Junior is on pace to tag out in time, and he doesn't believe that fighting the storm is worth the money or effort.

Dark Waters May 5, 2011

After a rough start to the season, Troy is back in the groove, and on pace to fill his 320 tags. His new sharpshooter Liz has been a large part of his success. But on the swamp, things can change in a heartbeat. During a capture, Liz is injured...and Troy's momentum is suddenly in doubt. Bruce has always hunted solo in the swamp. That's the way he likes it. But today, he's not alone because he's hired a greenhorn named Nick, a local kid who wants learn the craft from a master. But, learning gator hunting isn't easy, and before long, the kid makes a mistake that could cost Bruce his season. So far, Joe and Tommy have had ups and downs this season. However, when the duo comes up against a massive cannibal, the team gels in its pursuit of the aggressive monster. Deep in the swamp, the Guist Brothers are busy making ends meet. With the food supply low, rabbit is on the menu. The brothers set out on the hunt, but they don't have a hunting dog. Glenn decides to take the job.

Hot Pursuit Apr 28, 2011

Legendary Cajun Troy Landry has hired lady gator hunter Liz Cavalier and on her first day, Liz showed her skills, but there are still a lot of gators to catch. Today, Troy's hoping to bag 25 gators, to get back on pace. R.J. and J. Paul have been making their mark as the new hunters on the swamp, and they have captured an impressive gator count so far...but all of that is about to change. A poacher is on the loose, and R.J.'s lines are the target. Over in Bayou Sorrel, Junior decides to send Willie out on his own, as captain of his own boat. With two boats running lines, the Edwards boys will move twice as fast. But pleasing Junior won't be as easy as it sounds. While the gator hunters are busy hunting gator, the swamp is hectic with other swampers at work. Brothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist, born and raised on the bayou, are hunting and fishing everything the swamp has to offer. The Guists have their own brand of humor, and a unique way of getting business done.

First Mates Apr 21, 2011

This season, Troy has been hunting without his longtime helper Clint, and the boys have struggled, falling behind last year's pace. Determined to get back on track, Troy enlists the help of a local sharpshooter...a lady gator hunter named Liz Cavalier. Renegade Gator Hunter Bruce Mitchell hunts alone...that is if you don't count his partner/dog Tyler. Bruce and Tyler began the season solidly, racking up the gators and filling tags. It's business as usual--until, Tyler suddenly goes missing. For Joe and Tommy, the season was off to a strong start...but then, Tommy's behavior disrupted their momentum. Now, a monster gator is popping their lines, and the boys are determined to get him. As the sun sets, Terral and Trapper Agent Corey Hunt are on the trail of a large gator that's been menacing the locals. The boys scour the area to relocate the gator, and to rid the threat...before some one gets hurt.

Shooting Wild Apr 14, 2011

With new challengers on the swamp, the race to catch the biggest gators quickly has never been tougher. But more speed means more danger. Legendary Cajun Troy Landry, and his son Jacob, are struggling. Without their old sharpshooter Clint, the gator count is beginning to lag, and the boys are growing more and more frustrated. New challengers, R.J. and J. Paul, continue to blaze a trail, making their mark as prolific hunters--and threatening to steal Troy's crown. R.J. decides to move the hunt three hours away to an old honey hole. To get there--across rough terrain in remote corners of the swamp--they'll use a secret weapon: an airboat. Veteran solo hunter Bruce Mitchell is back on the swamp. As he sets out, Bruce is joined, as always, by his dog Tyler. Junior Edwards and his crew are moving at a reckless pace. They're speeding along the bayou faster than ever. But when you're moving fast...a lot can go wrong.

Hunter or Hunted? Apr 7, 2011

Only a few days into gator season, Troy Landry and his son Jacob have over 300 tags remaining. With hopes of picking up the pace, they head toward a new honey hole--an area with evidence of many large gators. R.J. and his son J. Paul soon find evidence of a destructive gator...a bulldozer that is ripping up the banks. They set out to capture "Dozer."  Joe and Tommy continue their blistering pace as they set out to hunt...but when they have a large gator on the line, Tommy's mistakes cost them big time.

Gator Gauntlet Mar 31, 2011

As a new gator season begins in Southern Louisiana, hunters across the state return to the swamp with more on the line than ever before. Legendary Gator Hunter Troy Landry is back with his son Jacob. For Joe and Tommy, they have one goal in mind--to set new records. The duo hopes their trusty "shake and bake" bait seasoning will bring in more gators. Junior Edwards and son Willie have more tags than ever before. To accommodate the increase in tags, Junior's team begins their hunt with a much larger boat. But immediately, its size causes problems. When the sun sets and the gator hunters head home, Terral Evans is just getting started. There are many different jobs in the swamp, but Terral plies an unusual trade. Terral's a gator wrangler--when an alligator needs to be captured alive, he's the man to call. At night, when the nocturnal gators come to life, Terral grabs them from the water alive using only his bare hands, risking life and limb with every catch.

The Last Battle Oct 31, 2010

It's the final two days of alligator season. There are still a lot of gators to catch, not the least of which is the big daddy of all cannibal gators, the one known as the "Loch Ness Monster." Troy faces his ultimate nemesis, as other swampers race to end the season.

Final Countdown Oct 24, 2010

With just a few days left in the season, the pressure's intensifying. Can the swampers "tag out" in time?

Gator Voodoo Oct 17, 2010

With just a week left in the season, the gators have mysteriously stopped biting. Is it the full moon? Swampers fight back with their own tried and true tactics, from new territories to a traditional Cajun bait called "shake and bake."

Swamp Wars Oct 10, 2010

As the swampers race toward the end of gator season, Tommy and Joe have a poacher after their catch and vow swamp justice. Meanwhile, Junior and Willie try different ways to earn cash: catching frogs and snakes.

Family Feuds Sep 26, 2010

It's halfway through the grueling alligator season and the stress is taking a toll on families throughout the swamp. Joe and Tommy are fighting... and even Troy is frustrated. Meanwhile, nuisance gator hunter Howard McCrea is tracking a deadly gator.

Force of Nature Sep 19, 2010

A cold spell is coming, one that could drive gators into early hibernation, ending the season early.  It's a race against time as every gator hunter in the gulf tries to beat the storm.

Cannibal Gator Sep 12, 2010

Alligators are among the most territorial of animals, and won't hesitate to eat smaller gators that wander into their feeding grounds. Joe and Tommy come up against the notorious cannibal gator they call "Godzilla," when they discover smaller gators on their bait lines scarred with bite marks. Meanwhile, Mike and Troy face different battles. Mike's trying to pass down his vast swamp knowledge to his son T-Mike, while Troy's lines are empty, putting his season in jeopardy.

Troy's Gamble Sep 5, 2010

Troy desperately needs to find a new honey hole, a corner of the bayou teeming with gators. He thinks he's found one, but the rights to hunt it will cost him a lot of cash. He takes the risk--but will it pay off? Meanwhile, Joe and Tommy contend with their own greenhorn, a landlubber named Bud.  Across the swamp, the Kliebard family shows they don't need the aid of computers or a factory--Mike engineers and builds a perfect aluminum boat from scratch, showing off his Cajun ingenuity and expertise.

Houdini's Last Escape Aug 29, 2010

Troy enters one of the most mysterious hunting grounds in the swamp: the ominous cypress groves, in search of a monster gator that's escaped his traps for years. Meanwhile, Junior enters a different kind of foreign territory as he reluctantly hosts the ultimate greenhorn, an Italian leather buyer.

Big Head Bites It Aug 22, 2010

Welcome to one of America's last frontiers: the wild swamplands of Southern Louisiana, a place whose history stretches back to the 17th century. It's the start of the most exciting--and dangerous--time of year for the swampers, the month-long alligator season. During this 30 day window, swampers make most of their annual income culling gators. Troy Landry, a Cajun whose family goes back three generations is on a mission to hunt down his own personal "white whale," the notorious Big Head, a monster gator he's been after for years. This season, Big Head is threatening the bayou's swimming holes, and must be stopped at all costs. In this episode, we also meet master hunter Junior Edwards and his older son, Willie, as they make their special weapons, specially designed hooks. Another father and son team Trapper Joe L'enfant and his stepson Tommy, also hit the marshlands, where careless Tommy puts his life at risk.

Ten Most Legendary Monsters Feb 1, 2018

A countdown of the ten most legendary monsters of the swamp.

Everglades: Monster in the Dark; Savage Pursuit Jun 4, 2017

Troy and his nephew head to the Florida Everglades to help friends whose lands are being terrorized by beasts; Troy's search for the Nile crocodile takes him to the deepest and darkest parts of the Florida Everglades; enhanced; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Breakdown Apr 8, 2017

Chase tries to redeem himself; Daniel sets a catch quota for his family; Jay Paul and Tommy jump a levee to tap new territory; Will breaks down alone in the heat of the blazing sun; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Fresh Blood Apr 8, 2017

Chase fails to show up for his second day as captain; Dwaine struggles to live up to his father's expectations; floods open up new territory for Frenchie and Gee; Glenn Guist deals with some unwelcome guests; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: The Hunt Begins Apr 8, 2017

Troy promotes Chase to captain of his own boat; Daniel Edgar calls in his son to help fill tags; RJ and Jay Paul hunt on separate boats for the first time ever; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Beasts or Bust Apr 1, 2017

The swampers must hunt in problematic areas; a team hunts in an electrical storm; a team searches for a record gator in cattle country; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Unbreakable Bonds Apr 1, 2017

One team gets unexpected help from family members; a hunter gets help from his son; a hunter ends his season early to be with his sick mother; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Captain Invincible Apr 1, 2017

Deckhands come to the aid of their captains; a skipper suffers from a gruesome injury; a deckhand's decision results in one of the season's best days; extended episode; includes new footage.

Monster Gators Mar 30, 2017

A look back at the biggest and most formidable alligators to show up in the southern Louisiana swamp on the series, ``Swamp People.''

American Enthusiast: Rumble in the Swamp Mar 25, 2017

One family tries to maintain an eight foot order; a second team lets the pressure get to them; another team searches for new territory to bypass some rogue hunters; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Hexed Mar 25, 2017

One hunter risks his life by venturing into a cursed area; a hunter encounters an unexpected fish kill; a team's season is on the brink after their boat engine breaks down; a hunter must capture a wild raccoon; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Gator Ghost Town Mar 25, 2017

One team accidentally crosses boundaries with an angry landowner; a hunter avoids a crowded swamp by venturing into a remote hunting area; two brothers are united; one team ventures into a forbidden area; extended episode; includes new footage.

Dangerous Hunts Mar 23, 2017

While over the years, alligator hunters have risked both life and limb to fill their tags, there are a few dangerous hunts that stand out from the rest.

American Enthusiast: Badlands Feb 25, 2017

One team heads to an area believed to be cursed; another team visits a hazardous marsh to fight numerous alligators on dry ground, while another hunter is hell bent on hauling in 32 alligators in one day; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Bulletproof Feb 25, 2017

One team strives to outsmart a big alligator by using an old fashioned boat decoy strategy; another team tries uses an old floating bait technique; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Gator Slayer Feb 25, 2017

One team seeks out some crabbers to give them some bait; another team uses a primitive alternative to the modern hook, while another decides to use cannibalized alligator as bait to lure in a monster; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Ten Most Dangerous Moments Feb 18, 2017

A countdown of the most dangerous alligator battles as well as close calls and near-death moments from the past seven seasons of the series, "Swamp People;'' extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Feast or Fawn Feb 18, 2017

Alligators head into newly flooded areas seeking prey; one team heads into a dangerous canal; another team strives to keep their boat from running aground; another team ventures down a hidden passageway; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Twister Trouble Feb 18, 2017

To avoid floodwaters, one team makes a decision to head deep into the swamp; another team's territory is choked off by swamp grass; a hunter goes after a rogue alligator that is threatening his children's lives; extended episode; new footage.

Ten Most Dangerous Moments Feb 16, 2017

A countdown of the most dangerous alligator battles as well as a chronicle of close calls and near-death moments from the past seven seasons of the series, "Swamp People.''

American Enthusiast: Monster Men Feb 11, 2017

Willie Edwards is blind-sided by the biggest monster he's ever taken on; Daniel Edgar attempts to take down a foe that has haunted him for years; an injury may put an end to R.J.'s season; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: Home Turf Feb 11, 2017

Troy Landry is still behind on his tag count; Daniel, Joey and Dorian Edgar are ready to fill their boats with alligators; Glenn Guist puts food on the table in surprising ways; extended episode; includes new footage.

American Enthusiast: All Hands on Deck Feb 11, 2017

The King of the Swamp is determined to fill his 500 plus tags this year; Frenchy Crochet and Gee Singleton's plans blow up in their face; R.J. and Jay Paul reveal a family secret; extended episode; includes new footage.

Swamp ChristmasDec 8, 2014
Gator Recon Feb 3, 2014

While making their final 24 hours of preparations for alligator season, hunters take a look back, remembering the struggles, the joys and the dangers they've faced over the years fishing alligators.

Ten Deadliest Hunts Jan 27, 2014

Over the years, swampers of Louisiana have risked life and limb fighting thousands of monster alligators. These are the top 10 deadliest hunts of Swamp People.

Swampsgiving (2) Nov 26, 2013

It's holiday time on the bayou and Swampers are preparing for their upcoming harvest feasts. They're out to stock their tables full of traditional delicacies straight from the swamp. But when a family fishing trip turns into a race against the elements and a Swampers traps come up empty, both are forced to quickly find a new plan to save their family celebrations. And when a veteran hunter invites his new friends to the holiday cookout, a lively bet ensues, making this year's holiday celebration one that won't soon be forgotten.

Swampsgiving (1) Nov 17, 2011

Gator season has come and gone, but down in the swamp, life goes on for the beloved gator hunters of Swamp People. SWAMPSGIVING offers viewers a glimpse of the world of the swamp in the off-season--in particular, the varied traditions surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday in the Atchafalaya River basin, and the ways in which all of these born hunters and fishers go about procuring their fish and fowl for the big meal.

When will be Swamp People next episode air date?

Swamp People Season 15 is yet to be announced January 4, 2024 and to Premiere on History Channel.

Is The Swamp People renewed or cancelled?

The latest Episode was Season 14. Next Episode Swamp People Season 15 is renewed

Where to countdown Swamp People air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 15 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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