T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle Season 4 is to Premiere on VH1

Latest Episode: 6/29/2020
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Official site: www.vh1.com
Station: VH1

T.I. and Tiny Harris are back, their hustle is strong, and they are joined by an expanded universe of famous “framily.”

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T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle - A Joyful Insight into Atlanta's Hustle Culture

If you're looking for a TV series that combines heartwarming family moments with the glitz and glamour of Atlanta's hustle culture, then look no further than "T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle." This captivating reality show follows the lives of rapper T.I., his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris, and their extended family and friends as they navigate the ups and downs of their daily lives. With its cheerful tone and creative storytelling, this series is guaranteed to entertain and keep you hooked from start to finish.

===Heading 1: An Inspiring Hustle Journey

"T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle" takes viewers on an inspiring journey through the hustle culture of Atlanta. The show beautifully captures the essence of this vibrant city, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives its residents. From T.I. managing his music career and various business ventures to Tiny pursuing her own dreams, the series highlights the determination and hard work required to succeed in the entertainment industry. As we witness their hustle, we are reminded that with passion, dedication, and a supportive network, anything is possible.

===Heading 2: Heartwarming Family Moments

Beyond the glitz and hustle, "T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle" shines a light on the importance of family and the power of love and support. The show provides a heartwarming glimpse into the lives of T.I. and Tiny's blended family, showcasing the challenges they face and the joys they share. From family gatherings and celebrations to candid conversations and parenting moments, the series reminds us of the beauty and strength found in the bonds of kinship. Viewers are sure to be touched by the authentic and genuine connections displayed by the cast.

===Heading 3: The Power of Friendship

"T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle" not only explores the dynamics of family but also emphasizes the significance of friendship. The series introduces us to an eclectic group of friends who provide support and guidance to each other as they navigate their own personal journeys. We witness the power of friendship in uplifting moments of laughter, shared experiences, and advice. The genuine camaraderie exhibited by the cast is infectious, inspiring viewers to cherish and nurture their friendships, knowing that true friends can be a source of strength in times of need.

A Captivating Blend of Hustle and Heart

In a world filled with reality TV shows, "T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle" stands out for its unique blend of hustle and heart. This cheerful and creative series not only offers an inside look into the hustle culture of Atlanta but delves deeper by highlighting the importance of family and friendship. Whether you're a fan of the music industry, a lover of heartwarming family moments, or someone seeking inspiration, this show is sure to captivate your attention and leave you eagerly awaiting the next episode. So, gather your loved ones, grab some popcorn, and immerse yourself in the joyful and entertaining world of "T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle".


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Name Air Dates
The Big Surprise Jun 29, 2020

The entire cast comes together for a good cause in a PSA with Cyntoia Brown Long. Monica shares the next chapter of her music at a listening party. LeToya & Tommi make a decision that can impact their lives forever. Red finally asks Toya a question.

The Incident Part 2 Jun 22, 2020

The Harris family deals with the fallout from TI's comments. Deyjah will have to decide whether or not she's ready to talk about the incident with her father, and a surprise podcast guest makes TI see things in a new light.

The Incident Part 1 Jun 15, 2020

Friends and family gather in Mexico for some relaxation. But drama erupts when TI's controversial comments about his daughter hit the internet. This controversy could not only potentially ruin the trip, but have lasting effects on the family.

Big Things Are Coming Jun 8, 2020

Monica attends court to finalize her divorce. Letoya plays her Christmas song to the record execs and receives a surprise reaction. Tiny and TI help Major find his passion. Toya's turnt birthday party reveals everyone's sexy side.

Charitable Action Jun 1, 2020

Tiny helps King's effort to win a bet made with his father, while TI & Cyntoia Brown Long address the sex trafficking problem rising in the US. Toya organizes a fight-against-cancer kickball game. LeToya & Tommi's relationship takes a turn.

Look Who's Coming to ATL May 25, 2020

TI makes a bet with King, but momager Tiny can't stay out of it. Monica has a big decision to make about her upcoming album. Toya's father comes to visit, but when her mom Anita shows up intoxicated Toya worries she's backsliding into her old ways.

Sisters in Sound May 18, 2020

As LeToya & Tommi's marriage races downhill, Toya toys with the idea of proposing to Red. Tiny figures out if music with Kandi & Xscape is a real potential or false hope. And Reginae connects with Lil Wayne for fatherly advice.

Trials & Tribulations May 11, 2020

Toya, facing her brothers' murder trial, is forced to confront her past. Letoya is ready to get back into music but Tommi gets in the way. Tip & Tiny get shocking news when Tip's mother reveals that she might be tying the knot!

Speak Your Mind May 4, 2020

When Tiny joins TI on his podcast, they get real about relationships. Niq plans a listening party for her new tracks, but Tiny has other ideas. LeToya books a couple's therapy session without telling Tommi. And Toya gets an unexpected call.

Reset & Recharge Apr 27, 2020

Monica invites the ladies on a glamping trip where Reginae must face her fears. LeToya hosts Black Music Honors where Xscape is given an award. Tommi and LeToya are at a crossroads and must decide whether or not they'll go to therapy.

I'm a Boss Baby Apr 20, 2020

LeToya & Tommi are shocked with news that changes their marriage. Tiny produces a commercial for Heiress' nail polish line. Monica seeks to educate her son Rocko on the ways of a gentleman.Toya decides on whether to break the silence with her father.

Empty Nesters Apr 13, 2020

T.I. & Tiny confront a growing empty house, leaving Tiny to get more involved with her younger kids. Tommi and LeToya face challenges in their marriage. Toya makes a surprising declaration and Monica is back in the studio opening up about her divorce.

A Leap of Faith Jul 1, 2019

Tiny performs solo for the first time ever! Tip finishes the Lake-house renovations but will Tiny like the reveal. Letoya faces her fears of getting back on stage. Monica departs for her national tour. Toya and Red take a step forward.

Big Changes Jul 1, 2019

Tiny makes a big decision regarding her solo career. Tip goes back to his roots to give back to his community. Letoya and Tommi look into alternate ways to expand their family, and Reginae moves back in with Toya.

Looking Forward Jun 24, 2019

Monica gets back on stage after her surgery and reveals her music video, while Toya and Reginae uncover truths during therapy. Tiny moves forward with her show as Messiah meets his music idol, and Letoya and Tommi get devastating news.

Don't Judge a Book Jun 10, 2019

Toya's mom got her book published and what she reveals shocks both Toya and Reginae. King's school work is in question, and with his tour on the line, Tiny makes a visit while LeToya plays her new never before heard record for Monica.

Ohana Jun 3, 2019

The Harris family takes off for a Hawaiian vacation, where they discover the shenanigans King has been up to on tour without their supervision. Monica undergoes surgery, and Toya is worried about Reginae dealing with a tragic loss.

Breaking News May 27, 2019

Tiny sets up a birthday party for Heiress in Los Angeles hosted by her idol, JoJo!, Toya and Red's WeightNoMore 5K takes place in her hometown of New Orleans, but everyone is taken by surprise when Monica's divorce news goes public.

Secrets and Commitment May 20, 2019

TI organizes a boycott on some of the hottest brands while educating his kids on black history. King is offered a tour but Tiny keeps the details hidden from TI. Toya brings up a commitment ceremony to Red and gets a surprising answer.

Mother's Love May 13, 2019

King's gearing up for his first performance, but an incident makes everyone question if he's ready. Monica gets news, which could impact her upcoming tour. Toya brings all the mothers and daughters together for a trust boot camp.

A Precious Celebration May 6, 2019

The Harris family deals with the loss of TI's sister Precious. Tiny continues her solo project as Ryder. Letoya and Tommi are ready to get intimate again post baby. Toya worries about Reginae after Lucci posts some messages online.

Ryde or Die Apr 29, 2019

Tiny decides to record solo music as her alter ego "Ryder" but Tip has feelings about her going public. Sparks fly when Letoya invites her parents to Gigi's photo shoot. Toya tries to build a closer relationship with her sister.

The Wheels Keep on Turning Apr 22, 2019

Toya is helping Letoya move to Atlanta but with Reign's birthday party approaching, Toya is worried the planning will fall apart. Tiny checks out the renovations on the Lake House and Monica's stepfather receives a devastating diagnosis.

In with the New Apr 15, 2019

TI and Tiny are living under the same roof, but tension arises when King asks to be homeschooled. Letoya and Tommi have a brand new baby, and Monica suffers a vocal injury that threatens to derail an important concert.

New Chapter Dec 17, 2018

T.I. leaves for Africa while Tiny gets ready for her So So Def concert. Monica brings Shannon into the studio for his thoughts on her new single. Toya is getting ready to publish her new children's book. Tommi and LeToya are preparing for their baby.

Making an Effort Dec 17, 2018

T.I. gets ready to shoot a movie in Africa as Tiny gets unexpected news about the So So Def tour. Tommi and LeToya hit a rough patch but Tommi has a surprise for LeToya that might boost their relationship.Toya and Red talk marriage.

Seizing the Moment Dec 10, 2018

Tip begins a press tour for his latest album Dime Trap. Tiny plans to be there, but needs to find a way to indulge in a much needed girls' trip with her ATL women. At a winery, the women discover things about themselves from an unexpected source.

Find a Way Dec 3, 2018

Zonnique sets out to work with a producer but because of their past he might not want to collaborate. Domani plays his latest track. Tommi sets LeToya's mom up on a blind date. Everyone gathers together to celebrate Tip's birthday.

Voice for Change Nov 26, 2018

After meeting Meek Mill, Tip gets his kids involved in the community. Tameka plans a commercial for Heiresses' new nail polish line, but when King gets in trouble, the commercial is jeopardy. Monica has some decisions to make regarding her dad.

Legacy Nov 19, 2018

Tip's trap house museum is about to open and there's concern it won't be ready in time. Tameka's juice bar is finally opening, and Toya meets Reginae's boyfriend, Lucci for the first time. LeToya has some unresolved issues surrounding her pregnancy.

Boss Moms Nov 12, 2018

Toya must face her own limitations when it comes to her mom. Xscape has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but not all are in. Monica has an unexpected side hustle. Tip makes a tough decision about his Trap Museum.

Adulting Nov 5, 2018

Tip and Tameka grow concerned when they realize King is spoiling his first girlfriend. Monica throws Laiyah a birthday party. Toya and Reginae prepare for a difficult trip to New Orleans for the memorial service of Toya's deceased brothers.

Art of Communication Oct 29, 2018

Tameka is upset when Tip issues a half-hearted invitation to Trinidad for their anniversary. Toya has a heart-to-heart with Tip. Monica gets back to the music. LeToya feels abandoned by Tommi after a contraction scare.

Atlanta's First Families Oct 22, 2018

The Harris family returns, this time with celebrity friends. R&B star Monica tries to balance music and family. Toya Wright is shocked when her daughter Reginae reveals her future plans. Former Destiny's Child member LeToya Luckett moves to the ATL.