The Block Season 19 is to Premiere on Nine Network

Latest Episode: 11/5/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
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Station: Nine Network

The casting call for a fourteenth season is out and the network is already looking for participants in the upcoming installment, with filming planned to begin in 2018

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Name Air Dates
Auction Episode Nov 6, 2022

Which Blockheads will win The Block and $100,000.00? Watch the auction action.

Landscape Reveal Oct 31, 2022

The Block Tree Change comes to an end find out which couple will win the car for their outstanding landscaping.

Landscape Week (4) Oct 30, 2022

Take a look back at The Blockheads journey over the last 12 weeks as they work on finishing their homes and landscaping.

Landscape Week (3) Oct 26, 2022

Scotty and Shelley visit the Blockheads for the last time this year to check on how their landscaping is progressing.

Landscape Week (2) Oct 25, 2022

The Blockheads keep on pushing to finish their 10 acres of landscaping.

Landscape Week (1) Oct 24, 2022

Jenny and her landscaper come to blows and Ankur and Sharon are once again in the budget spotlight.

Working From Home Space Reveal Oct 23, 2022

The race is on for the second last reveal on The Block Tree Change. One team receives the devastating news they won't make the finish line.

Working From Home Space Week (3) Oct 19, 2022

The Blockheads are faced with obstacle after obstacle as they strive to finish the work from home spaces in their massive sheds.

Working From Home Space Week (2) Oct 18, 2022

The odds are stacked against our Blockheads finishing their homes. Will a surprise visit lift their spirits and drive them on?

Working From Home Space Week (1) Oct 17, 2022

Most teams are in financial strife, and this is causing tension among the Blockheads.

Guest Bedroom and Re-do Room Reveal Oct 16, 2022

Which team will the judges deem worthy of winning $10,000 for their guest bedroom and re-do room?

Guest Bedroom and re-do room (3) Oct 12, 2022

The Blockheads scramble to get their houses ready for 100 potential buyers to inspect them.

Guest Bedroom and re-do room (2) Oct 11, 2022

The Blockheads get ready for the most important challenge of the season.

Guest Bedroom and re-do room (1) Oct 10, 2022

With three weeks to go, the Blockheads tackle their guest bedrooms and re-do rooms.

Guest Bedroom Reveal Oct 9, 2022

Find out which team takes home $10,000 for their guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Week (3) Oct 6, 2022

A fascinating design challenge inspired by a top-secret location gains one couple the biggest prize in Block history.

Guest Bedroom Week (2) Oct 5, 2022

Scotty is in the firing line as the contestants ask how they can start landscaping if no budget has been given to them.

Guest Bedroom Week (1) Oct 4, 2022

Sharon is overwhelmed and the Blockheads come together to comfort her. Omar and Oz sit down for a frank and honest conversation with Dan.

Hellway Week Reveal Oct 3, 2022

The Blockheads reveal their hallways, mudrooms, laundries and breezeways. Who will win the $10,000 cash?

Hellway Week (3) Sep 28, 2022

Bad weather and muddy conditions are making hell way week even more hellish.

Hellway Week (2) Sep 27, 2022

The Blockheads scramble to get on top of the mammoth task which is hallway week and there is a mad capped challenge they must navigate.

Hellway Week (1) Sep 26, 2022

The Blockheads commence the dreaded hallway week which includes connecting the old part of the house to the new with breezeways, laundries, and a whole lot more.

Living and Dining Room Reveal Sep 25, 2022

Judging reaches new heights as the epic living dining rooms are revealed. Will there be a penalty for a team who has broken the rules?

Living and Dining Room Week (3) Sep 22, 2022

The teams face the real possibility of not finishing their massive living dining rooms.

Living and Dining Room Week (2) Sep 21, 2022

Pressure mounts to complete the biggest living and dining rooms in Block history. Also, the Blockheads finish a very special charity house.

Living and Dining Room Week (1) Sep 20, 2022

The Blockheads work on a challenge which will have a big impact whilst product shortages impact their living and dining room progress.

Kitchen Reveal Sep 18, 2022

Which team will take home $10,000 for their amazing kitchen design?

Kitchen Week (3) Sep 14, 2022

One contestant questions whether The Block is an even playing field. The Blockheads are working hard to deliver their stunning kitchens.

Kitchen Week (2) Sep 13, 2022

The teams are racing to prepare their rooms in time for kitchen installations. Keith shuts down two houses for breaking the rules.

Kitchen Week (1) Sep 12, 2022

The contestants think the judges are playing favourites. A heart-warming letter brings the Blockheads together for a very worthy challenge.

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal Sep 11, 2022

It's the final push for the Blockheads to finish their guest bedroom and bathroom for judging.

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Week (3) Sep 7, 2022

Scotty and Shelley have concerns for Sharon and Ankur. Will they stay, or will they go?

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Week (2) Sep 6, 2022

The Blockheads race to get two rooms ready for reveal. One team clash with their builders and are extremely unhappy.

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Week (1) Sep 5, 2022

The teams are struggling with the move into the modern section of their homes and there is an emergency at home for Sarah Jane.

Master Bedroom and Walk in Robe Reveal Sep 4, 2022

The judges are amazed by the stunning bedrooms and walk in robes. Who will take home the $10,000 cash?

Master Bedroom and Walk in Robe Week (3) Aug 31, 2022

The teams are designing some of the biggest master bedrooms and walk in robes. And suspicion builds over the challenge win.

Master Bedroom and Walk in Robe Week (2) Aug 30, 2022

Find out whose comment causes grave offence to their fellow contestant. There are consequences for a team that refuses to heed Dan and Keith's warning.

Master Bedroom and Walk in Robe Week (1) Aug 29, 2022

Which team feel they are out of there depth but still feel their room should have won.

Master Ensuite Reveal Aug 28, 2022

Find out who will take out the $10,000 for their Master Ensuites?

Master Ensuite Week (3) Aug 24, 2022

Teams are shutdown, tiles are missing, and tears are flowing as the Blockheads battle to get their ensuites on track.

Master Ensuite Week (2) Aug 23, 2022

The ensuites are causing the contestants grief as they are thrown hurdle after hurdle including a challenge.

Master Ensuite Week (1) Aug 22, 2022

 The contestants must begin work on their master ensuites. That's if they can get over the judges' decision from the previous night.

Guest Bedroom Reveal Aug 21, 2022

Who will take out the $10,000 for their stunning guest bedroom? Find out whether the gnome comes into play.

Guest Bedroom Week (3) Aug 17, 2022

The Blockheads get a fascinating insight in to the cultural heritage of the land.

Guest Bedroom Week (2) Aug 16, 2022

The teams are working hard to create plush guest bedrooms. They also have a challenge which raises lots of questions and the chance to nab the gnome.

Guest Bedroom Week (1) Aug 15, 2022

Whilst one team are revelling in their massive win last night others are reeling and are throwing some serious shade at the judges

Bathroom Reveal Aug 14, 2022

The stakes have never been higher with $250,000 worth of kitchen appliances and $10,000 up for grabs in the bathroom judging.

Bathroom Week (3) Aug 10, 2022

The Blockheads are under the pump as they struggle to get their bathrooms across the line.

Bathroom Week (2) Aug 9, 2022

The couples are roughing it in bleak weather conditions as they plan their bathrooms.

Bathroom Week (1) Aug 8, 2022

Which couple's first bedroom will wow the judges and get them the pick of the houses and which couple walks off The Block without even saying goodbye?

House Decider Challenge Aug 7, 2022

With a move to the country, five couples and Scotty arrive to renovate massive homes on 10 acres, on what is the biggest and most picturesque Block ever.

The Auction Nov 7, 2021

There is finally an answer to the big question as the winner of The Block 2021 is revealed.

Front Garden & Facade Week Reveal Oct 31, 2021

It's the last reveal on The Block 2021 before auction day. Who wins a new car for their beautiful front garden and facade?

Front Garden & Facade Week (3) Oct 27, 2021

The Blockheads are ecstatic as their families are coming to visit. The teams reflect on their time on The Block.

Front Garden & Facade Week (2) Oct 26, 2021

Tensions rise, money troubles are everywhere and Bronte Court is chaotic as The Blockheads work on their front gardens and facades.

Front Garden & Facade Week (1) Oct 25, 2021

With only one week left, will the contestants finish their houses on time or will front garden and facade prove to be their toughest yet?

Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Reveal Oct 24, 2021

The teams struggle to finish their massive spaces before the judges arrive. Someone will take home $10,000.

Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (3) Oct 20, 2021

The Blockheads have a mammoth task ahead of them with three rooms to deliver this week.

Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (2) Oct 19, 2021

The blockheads are tired and broke. Scotty takes them away for a night and a fun challenge.

Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week (1) Oct 18, 2021

Frosty relationships cause one team to refuse to enter another team's house.

Backyards Reveal Oct 17, 2021

The judges are blown away by the stunning backyards. Find out who wins $10,000.

Backyard Week (3) Oct 13, 2021

As the teams realise Kirsty and Jesse house could be a huge threat on auction day. Questions are being asked how they are affording all their trades.

Backyard Week (2) Oct 12, 2021

The Blockheads must present their homes to 150 potential buyers whilst continuing work on their backyards.

Backyard Week (1) Oct 11, 2021

The Blockheads start backyard week with amazing landscaping and entertainment areas planned.

Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week Reveal Oct 10, 2021

Who will finish their hallway, laundry, and powder room and take away the $10,000?

Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week (3) Oct 7, 2021

Laundries are causing friction on the Block as the teams struggle to through this massive reno.

Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week (2) Oct 6, 2021

The Blockheads are halfway through hell week and to add to the workload they have their pools

Hallway, Laundry & Powder Room Week (1) Oct 5, 2021

There is tragic news for one contestant. A Bronte Court neighbour decides he is just not going

Living Room and Dining Room Reveal Oct 4, 2021

Will Tanya and Vito's game changing living and dining room pay off in tonight's judging.

Living Room and Dining Room Week (3) Sep 29, 2021

Some teams are struggling with budgets, but they are putting their all in to finish their huge living and dining rooms.

Living Room and Dining Room Week (2) Sep 28, 2021

The teams must present their videos to see who wins the real estate listing challenge.

Living Room and Dining Room Week (1) Sep 27, 2021

One team is furious about the judges' comments about their kitchen. Will they pick themselves up and tackle living dining room week?

Kitchen Reveal Sep 26, 2021

Find out who wins over $100,000 is prizes for their magnificent kitchen.

Kitchen Week (3) Sep 22, 2021

Shelley and Scotty check on the progress of the Blockhead's kitchen. Find out who is not Tanya's cup of tea.

Kitchen Week (2) Sep 21, 2021

As if kitchen week was not big enough Scotty throws in a lip sync challenge for our Blockheads. Get ready for some mind-blowing performances.

Kitchen Week (1) Sep 20, 2021

Kitchen week kicks off, and so do some of the contestants.

Guest Bedroom & Redo Room Reveal Sep 19, 2021

Find out who takes home $10,000 for their guest bedroom and redo room. The judges feel one team's room is so disastrous they have created another redo room.

Guest Bedroom & Redo Week (3) Sep 15, 2021

Scotty's not going to let the twins get away with their latest escapade as it could compromise the whole Block.

Guest Bedroom & Redo Week (2) Sep 14, 2021

The contestants take to the sea in a hilarious challenge. There is disastrous news for one team.

Guest Bedroom & Redo Week (1) Sep 13, 2021

Which contestant suddenly realises they are on a reality TV show? The contestants get started on their bedroom and redo rooms.

Master Ensuite Reveal Sep 12, 2021

The judges decide who to crown the winner of master ensuite week. Will the gnome come into play?

Master Ensuite Week (3) Sep 8, 2021

The Blockheads are working hard to complete their master ensuites and with one team now in possession of the gnome the competition is hotting up.

Master Ensuite Week (2) Sep 7, 2021

The Blockheads are set a crazy challenge that will see delight the whole family.

Master Ensuite Week (1) Sep 6, 2021

The teams start work on their inspirational bathrooms and get together for a winners-are-grinners dinner.

Half Basement Reveal Sep 5, 2021

For the first time on the Block incredible basement spaces are revealed. Who wins the $10,000?

Half Basement Week (3) Sep 1, 2021

The most dramatic night in Block history with a body corporate meeting from hell.

Half Basement Week (2) Aug 31, 2021

The cheating scandal comes to a head when two contestants sit down for a tell all interview.

Half Basement Week (1) Aug 30, 2021

The amazing basement reno kick off so does the biggest cheating scandal in Block history.

Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe Reveal Aug 29, 2021

The judges have a hard task ahead of them deciding who takes home the $10,000 for Master bedroom and walk-in robe week.

Master Bedroom & Walk-in-robe Week (3) Aug 25, 2021

There are meltdowns all around the cul-de-sac as problems keep popping up for the Blockheads.

Master Bedroom & Walk-in-robe Week (2) Aug 24, 2021

Could this be the comeback story of the year for one couple. An emotional block challenge sees the teams dig deep.

Master Bedroom & Walk-in-robe Week (1) Aug 23, 2021

Josh and Luke have more problems than they know what to do with and it all gets too much for Ronnie.

Bathroom Reveal Aug 22, 2021

After a week of bathroom bungles, the judges decide who takes home $10,000 cash.

Bathroom Week (3) Aug 18, 2021

The twins await make or break news and Scotty has a game changing surprise for the contestants.

Bathroom Week (2) Aug 17, 2021

The fans are finding out just how hard bathroom week can be. Do any of them make waterproof Wednesday?

Bathroom Week (1) Aug 16, 2021

The contestants and judges don't see eye to eye when the teams check out each other's rooms.

Guest Bedroom Reveal Aug 15, 2021

The judges deliver their verdicts on the Blockheads' guest bedrooms. Which team will take home the $10,000 cash and who is hurt by the judges' comments?

Guest Bedroom Week (3) Aug 11, 2021

It's four days to bedroom reveal and misinformation rocks The Block as the differences between the all-stars and new kids becomes apparent.

Guest Bedroom Week (2) Aug 10, 2021

Alliances are already forming, and the reality of no house plans throws the contestants off their game.

Guest Bedroom Week (1) Aug 9, 2021

The arrival of the all-star Faves sees the competition get real. We find out which houses the teams will choose to transform.

House Decider Challenge Aug 8, 2021

It's Fans vs Faves on The Block this year. The contestants must transform five very different houses in one Cul-de-sac into luxury family homes, all without plans.

The Block Auctions Nov 22, 2020

We take a look back at the contestant's journey and find out wins The Block 2020 as their homes go up for auction.

Open For InspectionsNov 16, 2020
Backyard Reveal Nov 15, 2020

The contestant's lavish backyards and pools are revealed. Which lucky team will drive away in a brand-new car?

Backyard Week Nov 12, 2020

The contestants are reunited with their families but still must finish their designer backyards.

Backyard Week Nov 10, 2020

The teams back gardens are so extravagant that their budgets are becoming an issue.

Backyard Week Nov 9, 2020

It's the last week of the Block and the teams must deliver their back gardens and fix any defects.

Studio & Garage Reveal Nov 8, 2020

Only two teams manage to finish this massive week. Who will take home the $10,000 cash?

Studio & Garage Week Nov 5, 2020

Whoever said it was easy? Harry does and Jimmy loses it. The massive studio week is beginning to seem insurmountable for most of the teams.

Studio & Garage Week Nov 3, 2020

Witness just how big a job the teams face this week. And who never learns from their past mistakes?

Studio & Garage Week Nov 2, 2020

Teams start working on their biggest space yet, the studio and garage.

Front Garden & Facade Reveal Nov 1, 2020

The Blockheads stunning front garden excite the judges. Find out who wins the $10,000 cash.

Front Garden & Facade Week Oct 29, 2020

The teams face an uphill battle to finish their front gardens and house facades.

Front Garden & Facade Week Oct 28, 2020

Stress levels are high and budgets are low. Find out why all the teams think this week is far worse the hell week.

Front Garden & Facade Week Oct 27, 2020

It's total mayhem on the Block tonight as the teams have the mammoth task of restoring the front of their homes.

Hallway Reveal Oct 26, 2020

It's judgement day for the team's hallways, powder rooms, laundries and stairwells. Who will take home the $10,000 cash.

Hallway Week Oct 21, 2020

The veterans from the biggest Block ever actually seem to enjoy mucking in to help this year's teams with their hallways.

Hallway Week Oct 20, 2020

In the middle of the week from hell a challenge is thrown in. Will some old faces put a smile on this year's Blockheads' dials?

Hallway Week Oct 19, 2020

Teams are pushed to the edge as they have to finish off the interiors of their houses. Yes, it's hell week.

Upstairs Reveal Oct 18, 2020

It's judgment day for the upstairs rooms. Who will take home the $10,000 for their creative design and layout choices?

Upstairs Week Oct 14, 2020

Shelley and Scotty drop by to see the upstairs layouts and design choices.

Upstairs Week Oct 13, 2020

The Block welcomes Brickman. This challenge is one for big and little kids.

Upstairs Week Oct 12, 2020

Sarah and George are down in the dumps and have a message for the judges. Keith sparks up at Harry.

Living/Dining Reveal Oct 11, 2020

Who takes home the $10,000 for their living/dining space? One team's efforts are deemed a complete fail.

Living/Dining Room Week Oct 7, 2020

While one contestant threatens to walk, Jasmin celebrates her birthday being spoilt by her Block family.

Living/Dining Room Week Oct 6, 2020

The contestants present amazing marketing campaigns to sell their homes.

Living/Dining Room Week Oct 5, 2020

Will one team's controversial decision take them out of contention of winning living/dining room week?

Kitchen Reveal Oct 4, 2020

The judges have tough job deciding the winner of kitchen week. Which team will take home the $10,000 cash.

Kitchen Week Sep 30, 2020

Shelley and Scotty visit the contestants and check the progress of their trendsetting kitchens.

Kitchen Week Sep 29, 2020

One team is accused of plagiarism. Plus, there is a ghost like challenge with a gnome up for grabs.

Kitchen Week Sep 28, 2020

There is excitement all round as the teams prepare for kitchen week. Check out who has upset his trades.

Bedroom & Bathroom Reveal Sep 27, 2020

Design inspiration all-round as the judges decide who takes home the $10,000 prize money for the best bedroom and bathroom.

Bedroom & Bathroom Week Sep 23, 2020

Luke and Jasmin are having a very bad day while Sarah and George have returned raring to go, Dan is shocked.

Bedroom & Bathroom Week Sep 22, 2020

The teams are back at The Block after COVID-19 shutdown. Will dirty Harry pay for the price for being sneaky?

Bedroom & Bathroom Week Sep 21, 2020

Get you tissues ready for the most emotional episode of The Block ever.

Master Ensuite Reveal Sep 20, 2020

The teams have overcome hurdles to produce some of the best bathrooms ever. Find out who wins and takes home the $10,000 cash.

Master Ensuite Week Sep 16, 2020

The Block parents face a tough decision, the stress is mounting, and one contestant is accused of dobbing.

Master Ensuite Week Sep 15, 2020

Tonight's episode tugs on the heartstrings as the parents are offered a chance to reunite their families.

Master Ensuite Week Sep 14, 2020

Keith loses his patience and wants to kick someone off The Block.

Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Reveal Sep 13, 2020

Which team takes home $10,000 cash and which team's room do the judges deem a disaster?

Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe Week Sep 9, 2020

Which contestant seems to be suffering from memory loss and which team have a massive target on their backs?

Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe Week Sep 8, 2020

The Block is full of razzamatazz as Shelly and Scotty morph into gameshow hosts in the hotly contested agent challenge "Block It In".

Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe Week Sep 7, 2020

All the teams get together for a lavish winners are grinner's dinner. But, Harry is not smiling. Has the load become too heavy for him?

Guest Ensuite Room Reveal Sep 6, 2020

Scotty's brother makes a welcome appearance on site and the judges deliver their verdict on the team's guest ensuites. Who will take out the $10,000 prize money?

Guest Ensuite Week Sep 2, 2020

Shelley and Scotty call out a contestant for shifty behaviour and one of the Blockheads has a medical emergency.

Guest Ensuite Week Sep 1, 2020

Bad news from home rocks one couple's world. Meanwhile, there is a storm brewing and it brings with it a world of pain.

Guest Ensuite Week Aug 31, 2020

Guest ensuites are proving challenging for the contestants and there are tears aplenty.

Guest Bedroom Reveal Aug 30, 2020

Judges Darren Palmer, Neale Whitaker and Shaynna Blaze judge the contestants first room. Who takes out the biggest room reveal prize in The Block's history?

Guest Bedroom Week Aug 25, 2020

Scotty drops a bombshell which adds extra pressure on the teams this week.

Guest Bedroom Week Aug 24, 2020

The winner of the house decider challenge is announced, and the contestants get started on their first room this series.

Episode 1 Aug 23, 2020

Five new teams arrive at the Block Brighton to find five derelict houses from 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 and 1950. But who will choose which house?

Auction Nov 10, 2019

After 13 weeks renovating the Biggest Block ever, The Oslo houses go under the hammer. Which couple will win and take home the life changing $100,000?

Open For Inspections Nov 6, 2019

The Block is open for inspection. Thousands of people get the chance to check out the houses before the auctions and meet their favourite Blockheads.

Front Garden Reveal Nov 5, 2019

Its 48 hours until the reveal of the front gardens from the last week on The Block. Weather has been bad, budgets are low... can The Blockheads finish in time for judging? Who will take out the very last room win?

Front Garden Begins Nov 4, 2019

It's the first day of the last week on The Block, front terrace week. But there is a storm front coming.

Roof-Top Terrace And Garage Reveal Nov 3, 2019

It's the last chance The Blockheads have to win $10,000 cash. Who will take out the prize for the best rooms?

Episode 52 Oct 30, 2019

As The Block draws to a close, Mel hosts a very emotional dinner party. The teams share their favourite memories of their time at The Block.

Roof Top Terrace/ Garage/ Re-do Room Continues Oct 29, 2019

One teams fall from grace sends shockwaves through The Block.

Roof Top Terrace/ Garage/ Re-do Room Begin Oct 28, 2019

Its roof top terrace, garage and re-do room week. One Blockhead calls in the police, and have the mighty fallen?

Hallways & Study Revealed Oct 27, 2019

The teams are exhausted. Will any finish their hallways, media/studio rooms, powder rooms, stairways, laundries, bedrooms? Who win tonight's reveal and the $10,000?

Domain Cover Winner Oct 23, 2019

Domain's Alice Stolz arrives at The Block to announce which team will have the honour of gracing the front cover of The Domain magazine. Which team wins this prestigious prize?

Hallways & Study Continues Oct 22, 2019

One team is quickly falling behind in Hell Week. Scotty is worried. Have they left their run too late?

Hallways & Study Begin Oct 21, 2019

Tonight, marks the start of "Hell Week". This includes not just the hallways, media/study spaces but any remaining powder rooms, laundries, stairs, bedrooms, flooring, skirting, everything!

Verandahs Reveal Oct 20, 2019

It's the reveal of the double verandahs. Which teams wows the judges with the most amazing space and which team makes them see red?

Obstacle Course Challenge Oct 16, 2019

Celebrity chef Matt Moran helps Scotty with a special reunion that is sure to bring a tear to your eye. The boys' massive delivery has every Blockhead wondering what they are up to.

Verandahs Continue Oct 15, 2019

Budget doom and gloom sees every contestant get on the tools. Tess is excited to be working with her new best friend. One Blockhead pushes buttons, while another steals something valuable from the Blockinator.

Verandahs Begin Oct 14, 2019

It's double verandah week, but one team decides they don't care about this week at all, while one Blockhead not only takes on the Blockinator, they also take on Scotty.

Studios Reveal Oct 13, 2019

The teams race to finish their massive studio spaces. For the first time ever on The Block a judge is brought to tears. Who will win the much needed $10,000?

Money Blowout Oct 10, 2019

Scotty gives the most devastating news he has ever had to deliver to a team.

Tiny House Challenge Oct 9, 2019

The fallout from the body corporate is massive as two teams go to war. A heartfelt challenge takes place, with $5000 up for grabs.

Studios Begin Oct 8, 2019

It's studio week and our couples receive some exciting news from Scotty. There is another body corporate meeting, which is the meeting to end all meetings.

Courtyards Reveal Oct 7, 2019

A body corporate meeting is called and we all know what that means - trouble. The teams race to reveal their courtyards. Will the judges be blown away? Who will take home the $10,000 cash?

Lip Sync Challenge Oct 2, 2019

Courtyard week continues but tonight....There's a lip sync challenge and the team's performances will completely blow your mind.

Buyers Jury Night Oct 1, 2019

150 prospective buyers take a tour of The Block houses. Everyone is keen to hear feedback from people other than the judges. Who is on the right track and who will be the buyer's choice?

Courtyards Begin Sep 30, 2019

The Blockheads prepare to open their homes to potential buyers. Meanwhile, Scotty surprises the teams with news of a showstopping performance.

Living & Dinings Reveal Sep 29, 2019

Its judging time for our couples' living and dining rooms. The judges are so blown away by one room that Shaynna likens them professional interior designers. Its a close call as to who will take the win and the $10,000 cash prize.

Ronald McDonald Challenge Sep 25, 2019

The Blockheads compete in an up-swap charity challenge where there will be $5,000 up for grabs. Mitch and Mark accuse Jesse and Mel of cheating on live radio and the fallout of these allegations rocks the whole Block.

Living & Dinings Continue Sep 24, 2019

Jesse's secret is finally out. Last year's Blockhead Norm pays a visit with a surprise for our couples where Norm's partner, Jess, issues a challenge to our Blockheads. Whose live radio appearance will send The Block into a tailspin?

Living & Dinings Begin Sep 23, 2019

It's living and dining room week and one team's confidence is rocked after the judge's feedback on their kitchen. Jesse aims to break a record and as the pressure of the biggest Block ever builds, the couples begin to turn on each other.

Kitchens Reveal Sep 22, 2019

It's judgement day for our couple's kitchens. Who will wow the judges and take home the $10,000 prize money and the romantic trip away?

Charity Challenge Sep 18, 2019

This episode, one team is going home with the golden gnome and $5000 in this special charity challenge.

Kitchens Continue Sep 17, 2019

No one has enough money to finish, so the couples pull out all stops to win the ever-important kitchen week. As we all know, kitchens sell homes.

Kitchens Begin Sep 16, 2019

It's the halfway mark but the teams are more than halfway through their budget as kitchen week kicks off. What makes Matt melt down over Mighty?

Master Ensuites Reveal Sep 15, 2019

Our judges are blown away by the most stunning master ensuites ever. Who will take out the $10,000 cash tonight.

Million-Dollar Look Room Sep 11, 2019

The Blockheads team up to create a million-dollar look room. Who will win the challenge? Could one of our favourite contestants actually be a thief?

Master Ensuites Continue Sep 10, 2019

A body corporate is called as one couple attempt to extort money from another. This sends shock waves through The Block. Friendships are irreversibly fractured.

Master Ensuites Begin Sep 9, 2019

This week The Blockheads tackle main ensuites, but for the fallout from last night's judging has left a sour taste. As one couple pulls the emergency lever, Scott visits the teams to clear the air.

Second Guest Bedrooms Reveal Sep 8, 2019

A pregnant Sara and Hayden drop into the Block. $20,000 is up for grabs tonight in what is possibly the most controversial judgment the Block has ever seen.

The Block All-Stars Challenge (2) Sep 4, 2019

Friends are made and feathers are ruffled as The Block All-stars make their presence felt. Meanwhile, Keith literally hits the roof over Jesse's antics.

The Block All-Stars Challenge (1) Sep 3, 2019

Excitement is at an all-time high as 10 of our favourite past Blockheads return to partner up with this season's teams for a challenge.

Second Guest Bedrooms Begin Sep 2, 2019

As couples start work on their second guest bedroom, a serious safety breach occurs and someone is thrown off the program for good.

Main Bathrooms Reveal Sep 1, 2019

The countdown is on to main bathroom reveal. Stress levels are high, morale is low whilst progress is slow. Which team will overcome the hurdles and bag the $10,000 cash in this bathroom battle.

Room Switch Aug 28, 2019

Have Keith and Dan finally had enough of Jesse? Scotty gives each couple one last chance to change their plans which may have far-reaching ramifications come auction day.

Main Bathrooms Continue Aug 27, 2019

The new and old part of the building may have finally been joined but relationships are becoming fractured. As waterproof Wednesday looms, the couples face challenge day. The winners will take out $5,000 cash and the golden gnome.

Main Bathrooms Begin Aug 26, 2019

Tonight the couples start work on the main bathrooms. The old part of the building finally meets the new. Jesse questions why house 5 is always last causing Keith & Dan to reach boiling point.

Master Bedrooms & Walk in Wardrobes Reveal Aug 25, 2019

Tonight master bedroom and walk in wardrobes are judged. Mitch and Mark present their entertaining space. How will the judges react? Which couple will win the $10,000 cash?

Budget Saving Aug 21, 2019

Mitch and Mark are desperate to hide their secret. But nosey neighbour Matt is more than just a little bit curious. Will their secret be uncovered?

Master Bedrooms & Walk-in-Wardrobes Continue Aug 20, 2019

Fire hazards produce fireworks as Keith lays down the law causing Matt to explode. Mitch and Mark's grand plans causes Dan to hit the roof.

Master Bedrooms & Walk-in-Wardrobes Begin Aug 19, 2019

The contestants start work on master bedroom week - or do they? One couple has a cunning plan to change the game, but will it come back to bite them?

Formal Living Rooms Reveal Aug 18, 2019

Formal living room week sees Tess and Luke question whether they are cut out for this competition. The judges are stunned by the rooms our couples have revealed. But who will take out the massive $45,000 worth cash and prizes?

Budget Blowouts Aug 14, 2019

Jesse and Mel outstay their welcome as their never-ending ensuite saga drags on. Tess and Luke's honeymoon from hell continues... and budget blowouts are exposed as the teams push to deliver their rooms.

Formal Living Rooms Continue Aug 13, 2019

As the teams work hard on their formal lounges... Mitch and Mark come up with a secret game changing plan that could turn The Block on its head.

Formal Living Rooms Begin Aug 12, 2019

It's formal lounge week which is anything but relaxing as builders are bounced off the Block and allegations of cheating are aired.

Ensuite Bathrooms Reveal Aug 11, 2019

There are trade troubles, cracked tiles and tears as the couples race to finish their ensuites. With 24 hours to go will everyone finish? Who will impress the judges and win the $10,000 cash?

Guest Bedrooms Reveal (2) Aug 7, 2019

The winner of the guest bedroom is revealed and the contents of that game-changing safe are unveiled. One contestant's arrogance irritates The Blockinator, causing Scotty to come in with guns blazing.

Guest Bedrooms Reveal (1) Aug 6, 2019

Tears are shed as our couples realise just how hard Block life is. Has Scotty set an unrealistic challenge? Will Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze have any finished rooms to judge?

Guest Bedrooms and Ensuites Aug 5, 2019

Scotty questions whether any team will actually finish their guest bedroom and ensuite in time. The pressure is well and truly on. Up for grabs is a game-changing safe.

Welcome to The Oslo Aug 4, 2019

Five new couples arrive at the biggest block ever, The Oslo Hotel, built in 1856. They have just one week to deliver a guest bedroom and an ensuite bathroom.

Auction Oct 28, 2018

After 12 weeks of renovation five apartments go under the hammer. The teams win anything bid over their reserves and the team with the highest over reserve takes home an additional $100,000.

Open for Inspections Oct 22, 2018

The Block is Open for Inspection. Thousands of people get the chance to check out the apartments before the Auctions and meet their favourite Blockheads.

Final Challenge Apartment Week Reveals Oct 21, 2018

It's the final room reveals of the series and what an amazing finish! The Judges decide on the final amounts to be taken off each team's reserve at auction.

Final Challenge Apartment Week Oct 17, 2018

There is two days until the last tool is down on the Gatwick. Scott and Shelley visit the teams for one last walk around of the Challenge apartment.

Final Challenge Apartment Week Oct 16, 2018

An argument erupts between Hans and Sara regarding Hayden's unwillingness to help the group.

Final Challenge Apartment Week Oct 15, 2018

The second and final week of the challenge apartment begins. The Blockheads compete for their last chance to knock some money off their reserve prices at auction.

Challenge Apartment Week One Reveals Oct 14, 2018

It's Challenge apartment week one room reveals. The judges decide which couples get a share in the Ninety thousand dollars up for grabs to take off their reserves at auction.

Challenge Apartment Week One Oct 10, 2018

The scaffold around the exterior comes down and the glorious Gatwick is revealed.

Challenge Apartment Week One Oct 9, 2018

After nominating Hayden as challenge apartment Treasurer, Sara un-nominates him giving all the power to the penthouses.

Challenge Apartment Week One Oct 8, 2018

Our five teams begin week one of the Challenge apartment. The rooms are allocated and no one wants the dreaded hallway, but someone has to do it.

Terrace Reveal Oct 7, 2018

Terrace week draws to a close and It's the final reveal of our Blockheads apartments. Neale, Shaynna and Darren return to score some amazing terraces.

Volkswagen Challenge Oct 4, 2018

Blockheads chopper to Phillip Island to race Volkswagens on a world famous grand prix track. While Dan deals with multiple disasters back at the Block.

Terrace Week Oct 3, 2018

After chatting with a paint specialist, Jess wants Norm to re paint their whole apartment.

Terrace Week Oct 2, 2018

After 8 gruelling weeks it's time for our Blockheads to confront head on the final piece of the puzzle. It's terrace week and a battle of biblical proportions is sparked.

Guest Bed And Re-Do Room Week Reveal Oct 1, 2018

The Blockheads reveal their second guest bedrooms to the judges and Scott treats all the teams to a very special surprise!

Guest Bed And Re-do Room Week (2) Sep 26, 2018

Shaynna judges the re-do room challenge rooms, awarding one lucky team $10,000 from Suncorp.

Suncorp Challenge Sep 25, 2018

Money, money, money! All the Blockheads are very strapped for cash. After crisis talks with all the teams, Scott throws everyone a lifeline with a $25,000 Suncorp challenge.

Guest Bed And Re-do Room Week (1) Sep 24, 2018

This week our Blockheads must tackle two rooms in Guest Bed and Re-do Room Week. Jess wants to move their suspended fireplace and Norm battles with the decision.

Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room Reveal Sep 23, 2018

Our illustrious judges return for Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room reveal. As the Block's most epic week so far comes to an end one teams terrible execution earns them a low score of 18.

Hallway, Laundry And Powder Room Week (3) Sep 19, 2018

Alice from Domain returns for walk arounds with Scott and Shelley. One team wins $5000 in the cooking challenge.

Hallway, Laundry And Powder Room Week (2) Sep 18, 2018

Two teams have issues with their finished floor levels and one couple gets caught cheating. Scott and Shelley give all the teams a cooking challenge.

Hallway, Laundry And Powder Room Week (1) Sep 17, 2018

Hallway, Laundry and Powder Room Week Begins. Our esteem Buyers Jury return to inspect the team's apartments and award one couple $10,000 cash prize.

Kitchen Reveal Sep 16, 2018

Two teams strike a deal and their alliance splits the Block in two! One team receives the first perfect score at the Gatwick.

Kitchen Week (2) Sep 12, 2018

The teams continue to work on some of the biggest kitchens ever seen on The Block. Scott invites all the Blockheads to HQ for a big surprise: a world first!

Steel Sculpture Challenge Sep 11, 2018

Radio Presenter Jess broadcast's live from the Block Shop and interview's Courtney Hans about the pool saga. Bianca and Dan play a prank on Carla.

Kitchen Week (1) Sep 10, 2018

Our five teams begin Kitchen Week. Sara calls a body corporate meeting to vote if Norm and Jess can have a pool. One team has a big secret to reveal.

Living & Dining Reveal Sep 9, 2018

Tonight, it's a frantic race to the finish as our couples deliver some of The Block's largest ever rooms to the judges. Norm and Jess's secret weapon, pushes Norm to breaking point.

Ronald McDonald House Challenge Sep 5, 2018

Ex contestants Ronnie and Georgia return to judge a Ronald McDonald House Challenge. One team calls a body corporate to ask the group if they can be exempt from the Challenge.

Living & Dining Week (2) Sep 4, 2018

The largest rooms in Block history take their toll on our Blockheads, and one couple walks off The Block.

Living & Dining Week (1) Sep 3, 2018

Courtney and Hans have a huge decision to make, do they allow Norm and Jess to install a pool and hope it doesn't give them a winning edge at auction or do they risk their friendship and say no.

Master Bedroom and Walk in Robe Reveal Sep 2, 2018

Dan is concerned Bianca and Carla might be trying to cheat after they fail to display their air con vent. The judges feedback is delivered, causing one team to go from zero to hero.

Master Bedroom And Walk In Robe (2) Aug 29, 2018

Two of the Today show's biggest stars and co-hosts Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner visit the Block. Norm and Jess get one step closer to building their secret weapon, provided they get one neighbours approval. But will they get it?

Caravan Challenge Aug 28, 2018

Courtney is highly stressed about styling her massive Master Bedroom, that's triple the size of the penthouses. Ex contestants Michael and Carlene return to judge the teams in a caravan challenge.

Master Bedroom And Walk In Robe (1) Aug 27, 2018

Our five teams begin Master Bedroom and Walk in Robes week. After a dramatic judging last night one team consider leaving the Block for good, the question on everyone's lip is will they stay or quit?

Master Ensuite Reveal Aug 26, 2018

It's the day before reveal and three teams have issues with their shower screens. One couple are very upset with the judges feedback and want to leave the Block permanently.

Master Ensuite (2) Aug 22, 2018

One couple wins five thousand dollars in the Kids Undercover challenge. All teams return to the Block, where two couples are behind the other Blockheads after Keith didn't approve their waterproofing.

Kids Undercover Challenge Aug 21, 2018

Sara's is elated when her secret weapon arrives. Courtney and Hans cannot stay at the Block, so Scott sends all the couples for a night away in Bendigo.

Master Ensuite (1) Aug 20, 2018

It's day one of a new room, Master Ensuite. One team feels the Judges are being overly harsh towards them and Keith catches another team cheating. Some Blockheads decide to meddle with the Architects plans and change up their floorplans.

Guest Bedroom Reveals Aug 19, 2018

The Judges return to score some impressive guest bedrooms. It's a close finish, with half a mark between first and second place. An ex contestant returns to pay one of the Blockheads a visit.

Guest Bedroom Week (2) Aug 15, 2018

The winner of the first challenge is announced. One team discovers an issue with the build of their guest bedroom that appears impossible to fix before reveal.

Style to Sell Challenge Aug 14, 2018

Tonight five couples compete in a challenge for extra money to go towards their apartments. One team comes up with a game changing idea, that could potentially win them the Block.

Guest Bedroom Week (1) Aug 13, 2018

Five teams inspect each other's finished bathrooms, before starting on their second room, guest bedroom. Kerrie and Spence redeem one of their safe prizes.

Bathroom Reveals Aug 12, 2018

It's a frantic race to the finish as our couples deliver their incredible main bathrooms to the judges, one team is at risk of not finishing in time for tools down.

Bathroom Week (2) Aug 8, 2018

The Blockheads are all at different stages with their rooms. Site Foreman, Keith, has stern words with two teams and another team suspects they are cursed.

Bathroom Week (1) Aug 7, 2018

Our five teams start on Day 2 of their main bathrooms. They are all busy finding trades, coming up with secret weapons, and fixing problems, so they can deliver their rooms in just 4 short days.

48-Hour Challenge Aug 6, 2018

The five teams race to finish the 48-Hour Challenge and do their best to impress the judges; Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze. The winning team gets first pick of the apartments. Next room, the bathroom.

Welcome to The Gatwick! Aug 5, 2018

Five new couples arrive at The Block to find The Gatwick, an iconic rundown 58 room hotel built in 1937. They have just 48 hours to deliver a winning bedroom to get first pick of the apartments.

The Block Auctions Oct 29, 2017

After 12 weeks of renovation the five houses go under the hammer. Couples compete to have the first choice of Auction order and will win anything bid over their reserves with the highest team over reserve taking home an additional $100.000.

The Teams At Home And Public Open For Inspection Oct 24, 2017

Visit the teams at home to find out what they've been up to since they moved out from The Block plus the five houses on The Block are Open for Inspection as thousands of people get a chance to check out the homes before the Auctions.

The Best Of The Block - Pimp My Pad Block Style Oct 23, 2017

Block Judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren play a game called "Pimp My Pad Block Style" where they choose their all time favourite rooms from across every series to create the ultimate Block pad. They also rank the best rooms ever delivered.

Front Garden Judging Oct 22, 2017

There's still a lot of painting to be done as the teams approach the deadline for delivery of their front gardens and facades. They meet Scott at HQ for the judges comments and scores for the very last time.

Front Gardens Continue Oct 18, 2017

With just a few days left on The Block to complete their front gardens and defects lists the teams are giving it all they've got to get to the finish line, to take a bit of pressure off Scott organises each couple some extra help.

Front Garden Continues And Teams Work On Their Defects Lists Oct 17, 2017

The teams continue work on their front gardens and have a huge amount of painting to get through, they have also been given a defects list by Foremen Keith and Dan for the inside of the houses, to be fixed before they move out next week.

Front Garden Commences Oct 16, 2017

It's the final week of renovations and a big job for the teams to complete the landscaping of the front yards, bring their façades to life with cladding and verandas and paint the complete exteriors of the houses.

Studio and Garage Judging Oct 15, 2017

What the teams have achieved in just one week is remarkable as they deliver five incredible studio apartments with walk in robes and en-suites for judging. There's some perfect scores and two couples achieve a new Block record.

Studios And Garages Continue And Final Walk Arounds Oct 11, 2017

With a massive one hundred square metres to renovate everyone is under the pump getting their rooms ready for a long night of painting. Scott and Shelley visit the teams and check out their rooms for their final weekly walk around.

Studios And Garages Continues Oct 10, 2017

The teams continue with the massive task to present their studios and garages in just one week. Foremen Keith and Dan continue with their defects check list resulting in one team having their house shut down.

Studio and Garage Week Commences Oct 9, 2017

The teams have one week to renovate their studio apartments and garages totalling a massive one hundred square metres. Foremen Keith and Dan visit each house to list the defects with one team having to fix over one hundred items before Auction.

Backyards Judging Oct 8, 2017

It's been an exhausting week to finish their massive backyards but the teams deliver five stunning outdoor spaces to Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer. The winning couple receives $10,000 cash.

Backyards And Walk Arounds Oct 5, 2017

It's touch and go whether one team will be able to get crane access to have their shipping container pool lifted into their backyard, it's causing major delays to the already tight deadline of six days to finish their backyards.

Backyards Continued Oct 4, 2017

Tensions are high as one couple negotiates with another two teams asking them to stop work so they can get their pool craned into their backyard. It's a race to get the concrete slabs poured ready for the install of the pools and spa.

Backyard Week Commences Oct 3, 2017

Excavation commences as the teams start work to deliver their massive backyards in just one week. With four of the five couples including pools and a spa it's going to be a testing week for the Blockheads and their landscapers.

Guest Bedroom Rebuild Judging Oct 2, 2017

The contestants deliver the last room inside the houses, their Guest bedrooms. Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer are very impressed with all of the rooms the teams have delivered and the scores are high.

Guest Bedroom Rebuild Continues Sep 27, 2017

The teams return from a Challenge in the ski fields with just a couple of days to finish their rooms. They are also planning their backyards with one team facing problems trying to get their pool craned in, they're running out of options.

Guest Bedroom Rebuild And Challenge Sep 26, 2017

The teams continue with the demolition of their Guest Bedrooms along with planning for their backyards where four of the five couples are wanting to include a pool. Everyone heads off to the Mount Buller ski fields for a makeover Challenge.

Guest Bedroom Rebuild Commences Sep 25, 2017

It's Guest Bedroom week, the last room to finish the inside of the houses and the chance for the couples to put all of the experience they have gained over the past eight weeks into practice. The teams also start to plan their backyards.

Hall and Laundry Judging Sep 24, 2017

The couples struggle to reach the finish line to deliver their hallways and laundries. Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer score the rooms, and a team will take home $10,000 cash to put towards their renovation.

Hall, Laundry and Challenge Continues Sep 20, 2017

The couples have been shopping and cooking in their new kitchens to produce their own signature dish. Celebrities Kate Langbroek and Dave Hughes join Scott and Shelley to judge the winner. Work continues on the hallways and laundries.

Hall, Laundry and Challenge Sep 19, 2017

It's all systems go for hall and laundry week and the couples test drive their brand new kitchens with a challenge to produce their own signature dish.

Hall and Laundry Commence Sep 18, 2017

The couples start planning their hallways and laundries. Three buyers advocates check out all of the houses to give the teams feedback and the chance to win $10,000 towards their renovations.

Kitchen Judging Sep 17, 2017

It's another mad rush for the teams to finish their kitchens for room reveal but some contestants find time to help one team make the deadline to avoid being eliminated from the competition. One kitchen receives a perfect score from the Judges.

Kitchen And Challenge Continues Sep 13, 2017

Two contestants are working around the clock to avoid being eliminated from the competition while the other four teams join forces to renovate and style the perfect five-star holiday accommodation and the chance to win $5,000 in cash.

Kitchen And Challenge Sep 12, 2017

The kitchen installers arrive on site. Two contestants race to get their master suite and kitchen finished to avoid being eliminated from the competition while the remaining teams head off to Victorian coastal wine country for a Challenge.

Kitchen Commences Sep 11, 2017

The teams are busy preparing for their kitchen installs. Two contestants call a body corporate meeting, they need a unanimous vote to save them from being eliminated from the competition and the first ever Block baby arrives.

Master Suite Judging Sep 10, 2017

Delivery of the biggest spaces ever on The Block is pushing everyone to their limits. Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer arrive to score the rooms. There are triumphs, tragedies and a fall out that with rock The Block.

Master Suite Continues Sep 6, 2017

The pressure of finishing the biggest room ever in Block history is starting to get to the couples. It's a hive of activity in four of the houses but one team is three days behind and it looks like they won't finish.

Master Suite and Challenge Sep 5, 2017

Everyone is feeling the pressure resulting in some of the Blockheads bending the rules and another team about to give up. They all get arty on a challenge, competing to win a much needed $5,000 in cash.

Master Suite Commences Sep 4, 2017

This week the teams don't only have to renovate but build their master bedroom, en-suite and walk in robe, a massive forty five square metres. It's the largest area Block contestants have ever attempted to be renovate in one week.

Living and Dining Judging Sep 3, 2017

It's the final push to the finish line for the contestants to deliver their living and dining rooms. Block Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer give two teams high scores but one team misses the mark.

Living and Dining and Challenge Aug 30, 2017

All the teams are busy working on their living and dining rooms when they get a visit from Scott to announce it's Challenge Day, they are given silver gnomes to exchange for items to sell at a Charity Auction.

Living and Dining Continues Aug 29, 2017

The teams continue work on their living and dining rooms. A body corporate meeting results in one couple being accused of cheating.

Living and Dining Commences Aug 28, 2017

The teams get busy planning their living and dining areas. It will be a challenge this week to get the right flow from the older style front part of the houses to the new contemporary back extensions.

Anything But a Bedroom Judging Aug 27, 2017

It's a push to the finish line before tools down. The teams deliver a combination of home offices and lounge rooms to Block Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer. One couple will take home the winning prize of $10,000 in cash.

Anything But a Bedroom and Challenge Aug 23, 2017

The teams head off for a Challenge. They need to transform five rooms within Ronald McDonald House into sanctuaries for families visiting their sick children in the nearby hospital. One couple doesn't finish in time for tools down.

Anything But a Bedroom Continues Aug 22, 2017

One team is feeling the pressure which threatens to hold up the construction of the house extensions. It's bad news for one couple as their plans to include a pool in their backyard are squashed by another team.

Anything But a Bedroom Begins Aug 21, 2017

The teams decide how to best use the room space and what type of room they will deliver to the judges this week, it can be anything but a bedroom. Scott visits one couple for a budget intervention.

Kids Bedroom Judging Aug 20, 2017

It's a mad rush to the finish before tools down. Block Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer are impressed with some rooms but others fall short. One team gets the first perfect score of 10 out of 10.

Kids Bedroom and Walk Arounds Aug 16, 2017

Scott and Shelley visit the teams and check on the progress of their kids bedrooms. There's budget worries for one couple and Foreman Keith catches one contestant trying to cheat.

Kids Bedroom Continues and Challenge Aug 15, 2017

Everyone continues to plan and work on their kids room. One team calls the first body corporate meeting and it's off to the Yarra Valley for a Challenge to win some much needed prize money.

Kids Bedroom Begins Aug 14, 2017

The teams start work on their kids bedrooms. One of the couples house is shut down and a Block surprise brings an emotional reunion.

Guest Bedroom Judging Aug 13, 2017

It's a tough decision for Block Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, delivering the closest room judging scores in Block history.

Guest Bedroom Takes its Toll Aug 9, 2017

Emotions get the better of some of the The Blockheads as they continue work on their Guest Bedrooms and a practical joke backfires.

Guest Bedroom Continues Aug 8, 2017

Three out of the five couples take on the extra challenge to add an en-suite and walk in robe to their guest bedroom delivery this week. The Block Foreman, Keith, puts his foot down with one of the contestants and has some bad news for another.

Guest Bedroom Begins Aug 7, 2017

The couples start demolition and planning for their guest bedroom. Clint and Hannah have got some big decisions to make around fixing up their unfinished bathroom from last week. One contestant gets some sad news.

Bathroom Reveals Aug 6, 2017

Tonight it's a frantic race to the finish as our couples deliver their incredible main bathrooms to the judges, sadly one team doesn't finish in time for tools down.

Bathroom Week continues Aug 2, 2017

The Blockheads all face different challenges as they approach delivery day of their bathrooms. Site Foreman, Keith, shuts down one house with the team having to stay the night with their neighbours.

Bathroom Week Aug 1, 2017

Our five teams start on Day 2 of their main bathrooms. They are all busy finding trades, changing floorplans, selecting tiles and fixing problems, working double time to stay on track for room delivery in just 4 days.

48 Hour Challenge (II) Jul 31, 2017

The five teams race to finish the 48 hour challenge and do their best to impress the judges; Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze. The winning team gets first pick of the houses. Next room the bathroom.

48 Hour Challenge (I) Jul 30, 2017

Five new couples arrive at The Block to find five heritage houses Scott Cam has found and transported from around Victoria. They have just 48 hours to deliver a winning bedroom to get first pick of the houses.

Auction DayNov 13, 2016
Party TimeNov 8, 2016
Final Challenge Rooms RevealedNov 7, 2016
Birthday BashNov 2, 2016
Budget Blues and Budget WinsNov 1, 2016
Final Week BeginsOct 31, 2016
Challenge Apartment Rooms RevealedOct 30, 2016
Challenge Episode Takes ShapeOct 26, 2016
Renovating Roller CoasterOct 25, 2016
The Final Challenge BeginsOct 24, 2016
Terraces RevealedOct 23, 2016
Brendan Fevola Cooking ChallengeOct 19, 2016
Budget BluesOct 18, 2016
Terrace and Redo RoomsOct 17, 2016
Kitchens RevealedOct 16, 2016
Kitchen Week ChaosOct 12, 2016
Challenge DayOct 11, 2016
Kitchen Week BeginsOct 10, 2016
Hallways, Laundries and Powder Rooms RevealedOct 9, 2016
Mid Week MayhemOct 6, 2016
Tassie Road Trip ChallengeOct 5, 2016
Hallway, Laundry and Powder RoomsOct 4, 2016
Master Bedrooms RevealedOct 3, 2016
Budget Blues Sep 28, 2016

As the week continues everyone is feeling the budget squeeze, and it goes from bad to worse for one team who are fined $2000 for using power tools after hours. The roof top garden is in full swing and taking shape under fore girl Kim.

Bubbles Challenge Sep 27, 2016

The teams meet Scotty and Shelley for a soap making and wood turning challenge. There's a chance to win $5000 cash, and the winning soap will also be stocked in David Jones stores across Australia. The winner will also take home a bonus point!

Master Bedroom Week Begins Sep 26, 2016

This week the teams are battling it out for the most luxurious master bedrooms and walk in wardrobes they can afford. Dwindling budgets and tight deadlines keep everyone on their toes. The buyers jury judges the best apartment so far, and the winning team takes home a safe containing $20,000 cash, which will stay in their apartment.

Living and Dining Rooms Revealed Sep 25, 2016

Tonight it's the explosive end to a massive week of renovating. Julia and Sasha struggle to get their room finished and Julia isn't happy with the result. Ben and Andy, the self proclaimed style king, argue about their dining table.The judges hand down their verdict and one team walks away with $10, 000 cash.

Mid Week BluesSep 21, 2016
$10,000 ChallengeSep 20, 2016
Living and Dining Week BeginsSep 19, 2016
Guest Bedroom RevealsSep 18, 2016
Flooring DisasterSep 14, 2016
Restoration and Repurposing ChallengeSep 13, 2016
Guest Bedroom WeekSep 12, 2016
Bathroom RevealsSep 11, 2016
The Roof Top Garden ChallengeSep 7, 2016
Master Bathrooms ContinueSep 6, 2016
The Art of Art DecoSep 5, 2016
Guest Bedrooms RevealedSep 4, 2016
Budget BlowoutsAug 31, 2016
Guest Bedrooms ContinueAug 30, 2016
Demolition and Design Aug 29, 2016

A new week of renovating kicks off with walls being demolished and the block contestants surrounded by building dust and debris. Its Guest Bedroom week on The Block and our savvy renovators know that clever design is key to impressing the judges.

Master Bathrooms Revealed Aug 28, 2016

Tonight five incredible master bathrooms are completed and revealed. For some teams it is a frantic race to the finish, but one couple enjoys a casual breakfast on the morning of reveal!

Battle of the Master Bathrooms Aug 23, 2016

Our five teams are thrown in the deep end with enormous master bathrooms to renovate. Some teams spend big on tiles and gold plated taps, while one clever couple rolls the dice on an early game changing move that impresses foremen Keith and Dan.

The Vault is Opened Aug 22, 2016

Tonight its the race to finish the 48 hour challenge and the couples do their best to impress the judges; Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze. The highest score means first pick of the apartments.

The Biggest Block Begins Aug 21, 2016

Five couples make their way to Port Melbourne where they meet Scotty Cam at the biggest Block ever. Our teams hit the ground running with a 48 hour $5,000 challenge. It isn't not long before some teams feel overwhelmed.

Blocktagon Auction DayNov 25, 2015
Open For InspectionNov 24, 2015
Final Rooms RevealedNov 23, 2015
Team Work Proves DifficultNov 22, 2015
Go Karting and Paint PartyingNov 18, 2015
The Final Rooms BeginNov 17, 2015
Challenge Apartment RevealNov 16, 2015
Surprise Not to MissNov 11, 2015
Battle of the BuildersNov 10, 2015
One Apartment Five CouplesNov 9, 2015
Terraces And Re-Do Rooms RevealedNov 8, 2015
Budget Woes and Break-upsNov 4, 2015
Terraces and Re-do RoomsNov 3, 2015
Terraces and TantrumsNov 2, 2015
Dining Room and Foyer RevealNov 1, 2015
Budget Highs and LowsOct 28, 2015
$10,000 ChallengeOct 27, 2015
Dining Room and Foyer Week BeginsOct 26, 2015
Kitchens CompletedOct 25, 2015
Supermarket Rush ChallengeOct 21, 2015
Suzi & Vonni Lag BehindOct 20, 2015
Kitchen Week BeginsOct 19, 2015
Living Room RevealOct 18, 2015
Challenge DayOct 14, 2015
Budget Blues and BonusesOct 13, 2015
Scotty's Shock AnnouncementOct 12, 2015
Triple Room RevealOct 11, 2015
Coffee Challenge With Colin and JustinOct 8, 2015
Blocktagon BluesOct 7, 2015
Triple Room RenoOct 6, 2015
Bedroom and Ensuite RevealOct 5, 2015
Shelley and Scotty's Mid Week VisitSep 30, 2015
Budget Blow OutsSep 29, 2015
Neale and Darren Host BrunchSep 28, 2015
Master Bedrooms RevealedSep 27, 2015
Designer Bed Head ChallengeSep 23, 2015
Life Lessons on a Building SiteSep 22, 2015
Master Bedroom Week BeginsSep 21, 2015
Guest Bedrooms & Ensuite RevealSep 20, 2015
Who Said It Was Tacky?Sep 16, 2015
Game Plays on The BlockSep 15, 2015
Bedroom BeginsSep 14, 2015
Master Ensuite Room RevealSep 13, 2015
The Truth Comes OutSep 9, 2015
Bathroom Ideas a PlentySep 8, 2015
Who Gets the Penthouse?Sep 7, 2015
Let's Begin!Sep 6, 2015
The AuctionApr 29, 2015
The Last ChanceApr 28, 2015
The Final ChallengeApr 27, 2015
Terraces RevealedApr 26, 2015
The Budget BlowoutApr 22, 2015
Terraces Take ShapeApr 21, 2015
Terrace Week BeginsApr 20, 2015
Staircase JudgingApr 19, 2015
Kitchen Capers ChallengeApr 15, 2015
Triple Threat RadioApr 14, 2015
Study and StairsApr 13, 2015
Kitchens RevealedApr 12, 2015
Challenge DayApr 7, 2015
Kitchen Week ContinuesApr 6, 2015
Kitchen Week BeginsApr 5, 2015
The Block Triple Threat SpecialApr 4, 2015
Master Bedroom RevealMar 30, 2015
The Block Open House 7: Ensuites ReviewMar 25, 2015
The Wine AuditMar 25, 2015
Style to Sell ChallengeMar 24, 2015
Master Bedrooms BeginMar 23, 2015
Ensuites RevealedMar 22, 2015
The Block Open House 6: Living & Dining ReviewMar 19, 2015
Ensuite Week ContinuesMar 18, 2015
Face Value ChallengeMar 17, 2015
Shaynna Mentors DeaMar 16, 2015
Living and Dining Rooms RevealedMar 15, 2015
The Block Open House 5: Powder Room, Laundry and Cellar ReviewMar 12, 2015
Living and Dining Rooms Take ShapeMar 12, 2015
Model Tenants ChallengeMar 11, 2015
Buyers JuryMar 10, 2015
Powder Room, Laundry and Cellar RevealMar 9, 2015
The Block Open House 4: Bedroom 2 ReviewMar 7, 2015
Three Room RealityMar 4, 2015
Make A Wish ChallengeMar 3, 2015
Buyers JuryMar 2, 2015
Bedrooms RevealedMar 1, 2015
The Block Open House 3: Main Bathroom ReviewFeb 26, 2015
The Battle Of The Seagrass WallpaperFeb 25, 2015
Jimmy Possum ChallengeFeb 24, 2015
Buyers JuryFeb 23, 2015
Bathroom RevealFeb 22, 2015
The Block Open House 2: Bedroom 1 ReviewFeb 19, 2015
Bathroom Week ContinuesFeb 18, 2015
The Rug Rat ChallengeFeb 17, 2015
Bathroom Week BeginsFeb 16, 2015
Bedrooms are RevealedFeb 15, 2015
The Block Open House: Eliminations ReviewFeb 12, 2015
Demolition and DesignFeb 11, 2015
Let the Renovating BeginFeb 10, 2015
The Triple Threat ArrivesFeb 9, 2015
Meet Our New Blockheads!Feb 5, 2015
Bathrooms in 72 hours!Feb 4, 2015
The Final Elimination Round BeginsFeb 3, 2015
Who's the Next to Go?Feb 2, 2015
Elimination Challenge TwoJan 29, 2015
Elimination Number OneJan 28, 2015
Welcome to The Block!Jan 27, 2015
The AuctionOct 12, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Apartment 6)Oct 10, 2014
Challenge Apartment Downstairs Rooms RevealedOct 9, 2014
Brothers Caught in Rooftop HellOct 8, 2014
Darren Defies Keith's Kitchen RequestOct 7, 2014
Apartment 6 RevealedOct 6, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Terraces)Oct 3, 2014
Keith Accused of Playing FavouritesOct 2, 2014
Keith Recruits New LabourersOct 1, 2014
Apartment 6 Challenge Gets CompetitiveSep 30, 2014
Block's Biggest Bust UpSep 29, 2014
Terraces Are RevealedSep 28, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Ensuites)Sep 26, 2014
Keith Faces An UprisingSep 25, 2014
Terraces Take ShapeSep 24, 2014
Children First Charity ChallengeSep 23, 2014
Jury VotesSep 22, 2014
Ensuites RevealedSep 21, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Living and Dining Rooms)Sep 19, 2014
Reno Replay Challenge ResultsSep 18, 2014
Reno Replay Challenge BeginsSep 17, 2014
Keith's DiscoverySep 16, 2014
Jury RevengeSep 15, 2014
Living and Dining Room RevealedSep 14, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Kitchens)Sep 12, 2014
The Block AuditSep 11, 2014
Australian Made ChallengeSep 10, 2014
Living and Dining on a BudgetSep 9, 2014
The Jury VotesSep 8, 2014
Kitchen RevealSep 7, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Laundry and Staircase)Sep 5, 2014
Will There Be An Audit?Sep 4, 2014
Brothers' Kitchen NightmareSep 3, 2014
Kitchen Build ContinuesSep 2, 2014
The Buyers VoteSep 1, 2014
Laundry and Staircase RevealAug 31, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Master Bedroom)Aug 29, 2014
Staircases and LaundriesAug 28, 2014
The Best Challenge EverAug 27, 2014
Pop Up Shop is RevealedAug 26, 2014
The Block Jury VotesAug 25, 2014
Master Bedrooms RevealedAug 24, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Bedroom and Study)Aug 22, 2014
In TroubleAug 21, 2014
Taking ShapeAug 20, 2014
Take Down the WallsAug 19, 2014
Jury With a DifferenceAug 18, 2014
Bedroom and Study Room RevealAug 17, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Main Bathrooms)Aug 15, 2014
Pop Up Shop PoliticsAug 14, 2014
Pop Up Shop ChallengeAug 13, 2014
Secret Rooms and Building DelaysAug 12, 2014
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Main Bathroom RevealedAug 10, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Guest Bedroom)Aug 9, 2014
Problem After ProblemAug 7, 2014
Love Thy Neighbour ChallengeAug 6, 2014
Safety FirstAug 5, 2014
Scotty's Game ChangerAug 4, 2014
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Design Disputes & The Block UnlockedJul 31, 2014
Building DelaysJul 30, 2014
Settle the ScoreJul 29, 2014
First Room BeginsJul 28, 2014
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The Grand FinaleApr 9, 2014
Open for InspectionsApr 8, 2014
The Final JudgmentApr 7, 2014
The InteriorsApr 6, 2014
The Block Unlocked (Terrace)Apr 4, 2014
The Pressure's OnApr 3, 2014
The First PointsApr 2, 2014
Bedroom BlitzApr 1, 2014
Two House ChallengeMar 31, 2014
The Final Block JudgingMar 30, 2014
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Racing To The Finish LineMar 27, 2014
Best Worst Room EverMar 26, 2014
Last Rooms On The BlockMar 25, 2014
Scores Are RevealedMar 24, 2014
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Tensions RiseMar 20, 2014
Colour My World ChallengeMar 19, 2014
Comedy NightMar 18, 2014
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Living And Dining Rooms RevealMar 16, 2014
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Phil and Amity ReturnMar 12, 2014
The Block Under AttackMar 11, 2014
The Ground FloorMar 10, 2014
Kitchen Room RevealMar 9, 2014
The Block Unlocked 5 (Main Bathroom)Mar 7, 2014
The Heart of the HomeMar 6, 2014
Shelley's ChallengeMar 5, 2014
Budget BluesMar 4, 2014
Kitchen Week BeginsMar 3, 2014
The Main BathroomsMar 2, 2014
The Block Unlocked 4 (Second Bedroom/Pool Area)Feb 27, 2014
Bathroom BattlesFeb 27, 2014
A Block WeddingFeb 26, 2014
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The Forgotten PoolFeb 24, 2014
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Wall WarsFeb 20, 2014
The Mark Tuckey ChallengeFeb 19, 2014
The Morning AfterFeb 18, 2014
Darren Palmer Master ClassFeb 17, 2014
Guest Bathroom, Laundry, Drying Terrace Room RevealFeb 16, 2014
The Block Unlocked 2 (Guest Bedroom 1)Feb 13, 2014
Sleepy Steve and ChantelleFeb 13, 2014
Square Metre House ChallengeFeb 12, 2014
Bathroom DisastersFeb 11, 2014
Triple Room WeekFeb 10, 2014
Guest Bedroom Room RevealFeb 9, 2014
The Block Unlocked 1 (Elimination Rooms + Favourites)Feb 6, 2014
Scott and Shelley Walk Around The BlockFeb 6, 2014
Shelley's First Challenge - Switched OnFeb 5, 2014
Super LukeFeb 4, 2014
Move In, Camp OutFeb 3, 2014
Apartment challenge: Fans v FavesFeb 2, 2014
Fans Meet FavesJan 30, 2014
Elimination (2)Jan 28, 2014
Elimination (1)Jan 27, 2014
Domestic Blitz - The Block to the RescueAug 3, 2013
Grand FinaleJul 28, 2013
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The Block UNLOCKED - Exterior, Foyer & RooftopJul 18, 2013
Scott & Shelley tour the blockJul 18, 2013
Real Estate ChallengeJul 17, 2013
Bec vs KeithJul 16, 2013
The Challenge Level beginsJul 15, 2013
Foyer & rooftop revealJul 14, 2013
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Designer Decades ChallengeJul 10, 2013
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George vs. KeithJul 4, 2013
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Myers Windows are judgedJul 2, 2013
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Room Reveal - Foyer and LaundryJun 30, 2013
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Foyers and LaundriesJun 27, 2013
Super-sized BlockJun 26, 2013
Mike & Andrew returnJun 24, 2013
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Living & Dining Room RevealJun 22, 2013
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Day at the racesJun 19, 2013
Living room week continuesJun 18, 2013
The Block on safariJun 17, 2013
The Halfway MarkJun 16, 2013
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Challenges & CheatsJun 10, 2013
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Bedhead Bedlam BeginsJun 3, 2013
Return to The BlockJun 2, 2013
Master Bedroom Room RevealJun 1, 2013
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Scott & Shelley walk around The BlockMay 29, 2013
All Stars Tour The BlockMay 28, 2013
Bec's Birthday SurpriseMay 27, 2013
Teams Team UpMay 26, 2013
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Paint Roller WarsMay 22, 2013
Tough Mudders ChallengeMay 21, 2013
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Hotel Room RevealMay 13, 2013
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Someone Leaves The BlockMar 4, 2013
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Hell Week ContinuesFeb 21, 2013
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Room RevealJun 24, 2012
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Room RevealJun 17, 2012
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Scotty's Workshop ChallengeJun 13, 2012
Renovations ContinueJun 12, 2012
Shelley Craft's ChallengeJun 11, 2012
Room RevealJun 10, 2012
The Block UnlockedJun 8, 2012
Scott & Shelly walk around The BlockJun 7, 2012
Scotty's Workshop ChallengeJun 6, 2012
Renovations ContinueJun 5, 2012
Shelley Craft's ChallengeJun 4, 2012
Room RevealJun 3, 2012
The Block UnlockedJun 1, 2012
Scott & Shelly walk around The BlockMay 31, 2012
Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay 30, 2012
Renovations ContinueMay 29, 2012
ChallengeMay 28, 2012
Room RevealMay 27, 2012
The Block UnlockedMay 25, 2012
Scott & Shelly walk around The BlockMay 24, 2012
Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay 23, 2012
Renovations ContinueMay 22, 2012
ChallengeMay 21, 2012
Room RevealMay 20, 2012
The Block UnlockedMay 18, 2012
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Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay 16, 2012
Renovations ContinueMay 15, 2012
ChallengeMay 14, 2012
Room RevealMay 13, 2012
The Block UnlockedMay 11, 2012
Renovations and Paint BallMay 10, 2012
Scotty's Challenge feat Shaynna BlazeMay 9, 2012
Guest / Powder Room Renovations ContinueMay 8, 2012
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The Block UnlockedMay 4, 2012
Scott & Shelley walk around The BlockMay 3, 2012
Scotty's Workshop ChallengeMay 2, 2012
Two-Room Week ContinuesMay 1, 2012
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Room RevealApr 29, 2012
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Room 1 Renovations ContinueApr 25, 2012
Shelley Craft's ChallengeApr 24, 2012
Move into The BlockApr 23, 2012
The Block UnlockedApr 22, 2012
House Decider ChallengeApr 20, 2012
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Elimination Night (3)Apr 18, 2012
Elimination Night (2)Apr 17, 2012
Elimination Night (1)Apr 16, 2012
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Episode 48Aug 17, 2011
Episode 47Aug 16, 2011
Room Reveal and Judging (2)Aug 15, 2011
Room Reveal and Judging (1)Aug 14, 2011
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Episode 41Aug 9, 2011
Episode 40Aug 8, 2011
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Elimination Night (2)Jun 21, 2011
Elimination Night (1)Jun 20, 2011
The FinalNov 24, 2010
Kitchen and DiningNov 17, 2010
LivingNov 10, 2010
Bathroom and LaundryOct 27, 2010
Master BedroomOct 20, 2010
The EnsuiteOct 13, 2010
Guest BedroomOct 6, 2010
First BedroomSep 29, 2010
Welcome to The Block 2010!Sep 22, 2010
Episode 26Jul 25, 2004
Episode 25Jul 20, 2004
Episode 24Jul 18, 2004
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Episode 6Jul 6, 2003
Episode 5Jun 29, 2003
Episode 4Jun 22, 2003
Episode 3Jun 15, 2003
Episode 2Jun 8, 2003
Episode 1 - Series PremiereJun 1, 2003

When will be The Block next episode air date?

The Block Season 19 is officially renewed and Scheduled to Premiere on Nine Network.

Is The The Block renewed or cancelled?

Next Episode The Block Season 19 is officially renewed and yet to be announced on Nine Network

Where to countdown The Block air dates?

Follow us and you find out it when series officially to be announced. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode The Block, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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