The Challenge Season 39 is yet to be announced Dec 27, 2023 on MTV

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/20/2023
Next Episode: 12/27/2023
Official site:
Station: MTV
Genres: Action, Adventure

The Challenge is an immensely popular and long-running MTV reality competition television series.

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The Challenge Season 39 is yet to be announced Oct 25, 2023 on MTV

Exciting News: The Challenge Season 39 is Coming Soon!

Calling all adrenaline junkies and reality TV enthusiasts! Get ready to mark your calendars because MTV's hit show, The Challenge, is gearing up for its highly anticipated Season 39. With its intense physical challenges, strategic gameplay, and captivating drama, this show has become a fan favorite over the years. So, grab your popcorn and prepare to embark on another thrilling journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected alliances.

What to Expect: Bigger and Better Challenges Await

If you thought the previous seasons of The Challenge were jaw-dropping, get ready to have your mind blown with Season 39. The producers have promised to take things up a notch, delivering bigger and better challenges that will put the contestants' physical and mental abilities to the test. From heart-pounding obstacle courses to intense endurance challenges, this season aims to push the limits and keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As the stakes get higher, alliances will be formed, rivalries will ignite, and drama will ensue, making for an unforgettable viewing experience.

A Star-Studded Cast: Meet the New Challengers

One of the most exciting aspects of each new season of The Challenge is the introduction of fresh faces and familiar favorites. Season 39 will be no exception as it introduces a star-studded cast of competitors ready to battle it out for the ultimate prize. From former reality TV stars to professional athletes, this diverse group of Challengers brings a wide range of skills and personalities to the table. Get ready to cheer for your favorites, root for underdogs, and witness the clash of titans as they navigate the treacherous terrain of The Challenge.

As the premiere date of The Challenge Season 39 approaches, anticipation and excitement fill the air. Fans of the show can't wait to see what thrilling adventures and dramatic twists await them this time. So, mark your calendars for October 25, 2023, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of heart-pounding challenges, strategic gameplay, and unforgettable moments. The Challenge Season 39 is set to be a rollercoaster ride like no other, and it's time to buckle up and enjoy the exhilarating journey that lies ahead.


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Name Air Dates
Reunion Part 2 Mar 1, 2023

The Ride or Dies settle unfinished business; a familiar face makes a surprise appearance.

Reunion Part 1 Feb 22, 2023

Maria Menounos is back and so are the dreaded daggers.

The End of the Ride Feb 15, 2023

A brutal final elimination sends one pair out of the game just before the last push of the final. One Ride or Die pair takes home the one-million-dollar prize and title of Challenge Champion.



The Hours Feb 8, 2023

An injury threatens one pair's fate in the game, a gruesome feast brings out the competitive eater in one player and the tensions between a Ride or Die pair leads to an explosive argument.

Riders on the Storm Feb 1, 2023

With four pairs of Ride or Dies remaining, TJ reveals the shocking details of their grueling 100-hour final challenge; Nany and Bananas struggle to communicate efficiently, putting them at risk.

Friends or Froze Jan 25, 2023

With the final challenge quickly approaching, players worry that they have let a champion skate by for far too long; the winning pair is conflicted on which team they should nominate for elimination.

Knot a Problem Jan 18, 2023

The remaining pairs hoping to earn their spot back in the game must face off in a classic Challenge elimination. Ride or Dies must quickly readjust to a change in the game. One pair of Ride or Dies makes a risky decision.

Terrorist of Love Jan 11, 2023

A nighttime challenge terrifies the challengers; Jordan and Tori's volatile relationship reaches a breaking point; TJ stuns the players with a twist they never saw coming.

Blind Faith Jan 4, 2023

Nany and Kaycee struggle with being on opposite teams; one player faces consequences after burning her vote instead of trying to protect her Ride or Die at all costs.

Frenemy of the State Dec 28, 2022

After multiple losses, one team realizes that they must come together to win; after losing his Ride or Die in the last elimination, one player feels vulnerable to danger while another player must count on their Ride or Die.

Nelly: Ride (or Die) Wit Me Dec 21, 2022

Nelson finds himself frustrated, powerless, and paranoid that he has no voice on his team; Nurys worries that her relationship with Jordan will alienate Tori and place a target on her back; TJ's favorite challenge sends the players spinning out.

Dancing On My Own Dec 14, 2022

With the Ride or Dies now on opposite teams, friendship and loyalty are put to the ultimate test; a high adrenaline challenge will separate the lions from the scaredy cats.

Split Decision Dec 7, 2022

The challengers make it to the halfway point and TJ stuns them with a game-changing twist; Tori and Jordan's complicated relationship is thrown for a loop when one catches feelings for another player; winning power tears a pair apart.

Born to Ride or Die Nov 30, 2022

After a season of big moves, one pair of "Ride or Dies" finds themselves in the crosshairs of numerous teams; one player must choose between new love, old friendship, and playing a smart game.

Deep Web Nov 23, 2022

The political game intensifies as a web of deception causes problems for one crafty player. Brainpower and endurance is put to the test at the Peaking Blinders challenge. A blindside leads to a shocking elimination round.

Come Michele or High Water Nov 16, 2022

Michele and Jay find themselves in the hot seat after controversial decisions and hope for a win to survive. One player finds out that the man she was interested in has a girlfriend at home and so she seeks comfort with another.

Get Rich or Ride or Die Tryin' Nov 9, 2022

A budding friendship is torn apart by betrayal. One player fears that she has made an enemy out of badass Laurel. Veronica reminds everyone why she is a dangerous force in the game.

Olivin' on the Edge Nov 2, 2022

A terrifying challenge is a must-win for a Ride or Die pair after their public betrayal paints a massive target on their backs. At-risk players plot an elaborate plan with the winning pair to keep themselves safe.

A Bumpy Ride Oct 26, 2022

Strength and endurance are tested at the Build Me Up challenge; Tori and Jordan try to make sense of their breakup; one player stumbles into messy territory when he flirts with multiple women; a Double Decker Hall Brawl stuns everyone.

Friend or Faux Oct 19, 2022

Communication is key at the challenge, where one slip up could put pairs at risk; Turbo continues to be a menace but meets his match when an old friend becomes a new adversary; players receive a game changing shock that they never saw coming.

Don't Die for Me Argentina Oct 12, 2022

Ride or Die partners hope to prove that their bonds can outlast the competition, as they battle for a massive cash prize; Laurel and Turbo get off on the wrong foot; TJ reveals a cutthroat twist disguised as a friendly gesture.

Ready to Ride Oct 10, 2022

Three teams of Challenge vets scope out the competition, and TJ Lavin offers a sneak peek at what's to come on a season that will test even the strongest ride or die bonds.

Spies, Lies & Allies: Reunion Parts 1 and 2 Dec 22, 2021

Maria Menounos gathers the agents to discuss Emy's plot to take CT from Berna and Amber's issues with the "Big Brother" alliance, and they finally learn who stole the frozen pizza.

The Decision Dec 15, 2021

On the season finale, the remaining challengers split into two teams and face several puzzles as they close out day one of the final, and TJ introduces a new twist on day two.

Night of Mistakes Dec 8, 2021

One player's weaknesses are exposed in elimination, and another gets the chance to show off their greatest strength, then it's every agent for themselves in an epic land-and-water final.

Drop Dead Dec 1, 2021

Nelson questions Logan's trustworthiness, teams run across an elevated gauntlet in Dead Drop, and the men keep their heads down and try to avoid what may be the last elimination.

Riverdance Nov 24, 2021

Emy tries to heal the rift between CT and Kyle, the agents get a taste of the prize money as they compete in Million Dollar Heist, and the Emerald Cell seeks to avoid further infiltration.

The Cave of the Wolf Nov 17, 2021

Emerald Cell tries bringing the fiercely independent Amanda into the fold, Devin feels betrayed by Tori's deal to help her new team, and Kyle's actions during Boom Raiders make him a pariah.

Mavericks Nov 10, 2021

Big T looks for a path off Team Ruby, the agents plunge into the danger zone  during a "Top Gun"-themed challenge, and Josh gets caught picking favorites among his own team.

Titanic Nov 3, 2021

The Ruby Cell worries about how Amanda will affect their dynamic, the teams dive for underwater treasure in Sunken Intelligence, and history makes it hard for The Agency to nominate someone.

500 Oct 27, 2021

On the 500th episode, the players transfer bags of cash to an end zone in a rigorous Brush Contact mission, and a vet causes dissension to coax a rookie into volunteering for elimination.

Mucus Plug Oct 20, 2021

The competitors speak to their families, the teams take leaps of faith while hanging over the Mediterranean Sea in Satellite Sabotage, and Kyle worries he's seen as an easy target.

Precious Stones Oct 13, 2021

Big T and Logan don't see eye-to-eye on their relationship, TJ changes the rules of the game during Diamond Dash, and a compromised player refuses to go down without a fight.

The War Oct 6, 2021

No longer protected, the vets must devise new strategies, the teams get down and dirty in Bombshell Battle, and Cory's cozy relationship with the rookies raises eyebrows.

The Threat Sep 29, 2021

Berna and Hughie hope to win the Dive Bomb challenge and finally break the vets' alliance, Amber considers a risky move in pursuit of revenge, and two teams Race to Escape in elimination.

Uncle CT Sep 22, 2021

Emy charts a risky gambit to steal her "dream partner," the house nervously awaits TJ's ruling on the pizza incident, and a legendary elimination game gets a new twist.

Alien Sep 15, 2021

Kaycee plans a romantic date for Nany, agents must solve puzzles while strapped to the tops of spinning cars, and a stolen pizza leads to all-out war.

Good Vibes and Gladiator Sep 8, 2021

The muddy "Mindfield" mission dirties up the game when players must use their brains and brawn in order to succeed. Two Rookie players debate making a very risky move in order to secure a strong partner.

Messy Sep 1, 2021

Amber seeks to affirm her spot in the "Big Brother" alliance, a split-second decision during Undercover Comms tests a friendship, and elimination gets personal.

Truce or Dare Aug 25, 2021

Big T's loyalties come into question, an intense diving challenge results in multiple injuries, and a desire for revenge tempts the Agency to smash the veterans' alliance.

Bertha Aug 18, 2021

The international agents rescue the Americans, two veterans reveal their unexpected off-season hookup, and a mysterious list sends ripples throughout the house.

The List Aug 11, 2021

The international agents rescue the Americans, two veterans reveal their unexpected off-season hookup, and a mysterious list sends ripples throughout the house.

Reunion Part 2 May 5, 2021
Reunion Part 1 Apr 28, 2021
The World Is Not Enough Apr 21, 2021
No Time to Die Apr 14, 2021
True Lies Apr 7, 2021
A Most Wanted Man Mar 31, 2021
Never Say Never Again Mar 24, 2021
The Best of Enemies Mar 17, 2021
The Spy Who Loved Fessy Mar 10, 2021
Tinker, Tailer, Bunny, Spy Mar 3, 2021
An Inconvenient Goof Feb 24, 2021
A Clockwork Amber Feb 17, 2021
Lady Vengeance Feb 10, 2021
A Muddy Matter Feb 3, 2021
Die Another Jay Jan 27, 2021
From Theresa with Love Jan 20, 2021
Skyfall Jan 13, 2021
Duplicity Jan 6, 2021

Loyalty is tested in a volatile new partnership. Agents must put their intel skills to the test while in a lava tunnel during "Mission: Drone Control." A stunning battle in The Crater causes ripples that will impact numerous Agents.

Enemy of the State Dec 23, 2020
Dive Another Day Dec 16, 2020
License to Killer Kam Dec 9, 2020

Thirty elite agents learn that they will be battling against one another in a twisty, spy-themed season, with the hopes of earning their share of a $1,000,000 prize. former champions find themselves in danger, as a cutthroat plan emerges against them

Behind the Total Madness Jul 29, 2020
Reunion Jul 22, 2020

The challengers reunite virtually for the first time since the finale to break down the strategy, expose the snakes, and address the madness from season 35.

It's the End of the World as We Know It Jul 15, 2020

After a season of grueling challenges and brutal eliminations, the nine finalists compete for their share of the $1 million prize.

Crash Into Me Jul 8, 2020

One player engages in sloppy political maneuvering, while another takes a shocking gamble to save a friend; competitors must fight for survival in the elimination game Hall Brawl.

Your Time is Gonna Come Jul 1, 2020
Victim of Love Jun 24, 2020

Nany and Kaycee's budding relationship brings out a shocking side of Bayleigh, as well as some alleged tea about Kaycee and Bayleigh's past; two women compete for their Red Skull in the brutal Off With You Heads elimination.

Pictures of You Jun 17, 2020
You Ain't Right Jun 10, 2020
The Final Countdown Jun 3, 2020
Backstabber May 27, 2020
Live and Let Die May 20, 2020
Should I Stay or Should I Go? May 13, 2020
Love Will Tear Us Apart May 6, 2020
Total Madness: Break Up With Your BF, I'm Bored Apr 29, 2020

During the Bomb Squad challenge, teams of Challengers must work together to detonate an explosion; Rogan seeks vengeance on Jay; Jordan and Wes get into a heated argument involving deli meat.

Karma Chameleon Apr 22, 2020

Bear seeks to prove that no one can extinguish the fire that he has burning for Kailah; Ashley and Mattie get into a heated argument; the players compete in the freezing Cold War challenge, which proves too chilling for one person.

A Hard Jay's Night Apr 15, 2020

The Challengers blow up trucks during the Decode and Detonate challenge; Jay finds himself in the middle of a dangerous love triangle that could result in his demise; Wes and Bananas' alliance faces its first true test.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Dee Apr 8, 2020
Mad World Apr 1, 2020
Reunion (1) Dec 18, 2019
Reunion (2) Dec 18, 2019
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cash Dec 11, 2019

Team USA wonders if it can still catch up with Team UK; a shocking twist spells doom for multiple players; the reveal of the million-dollar winners.

A Tale of Two Countries Dec 4, 2019

Endurance, puzzles, and math put Team USA and Team UK to the ultimate test; one player has a shocking and disastrous gas-out that threatens to sink their team.

Declaration of Independence Nov 27, 2019
Dee-Day Nov 20, 2019

A "Puzzling Swim" purge challenge sends shockwaves through the game; Dee sets out to prove that she is not the weak link; one player uses a brilliant strategy during the "End of the Rope" elimination.

The Right Honourable Rogan Nov 13, 2019
All Is Fair in Love and War Nov 6, 2019
Infinity War Oct 30, 2019
The Royal Rumble Oct 23, 2019
Saving Private Esther Oct 16, 2019
Zero Dark Turbo Oct 9, 2019

Team UK hopes to turn the tide against a dominant Team USA during the "Resilient River Run" challenge; Jordan says the wrong thing to Turbo,sparking a dangerous rivalry and a heated confrontation.

One Nation Under Leroy Oct 2, 2019
In Paulie We Trust Sep 25, 2019
Benedict Laurel Sep 18, 2019

Divisions on both teams come to light during the "Relic Runner" challenge; Laurel and Cara Maria's long-standing feud takes center stage; Bear and Georgia begin to flirt once again, leading Josh to question if he has a shot.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall Sep 11, 2019

A shocking twist at the challenge leads to an unexpected result; Josh he toys with a decision that could lead to serious consequences; Rogan and Theo's rivalry erupts into a heated confrontation.

God Save the Queen Sep 4, 2019
The British Are Coming! Aug 28, 2019
Reunion (1) May 29, 2019
Reunion (2) May 29, 2019
This is the End May 22, 2019
Death Race May 15, 2019
The Waterboy May 8, 2019
Final Destination May 1, 2019
Lost in Translation Apr 24, 2019
A Simple Plan Apr 17, 2019
To All the Partners I've Loved Before Apr 10, 2019
American Psycho Apr 3, 2019
Liar, Liar Mar 27, 2019
This Means War Mar 20, 2019
In Love and War Mar 13, 2019
The Greatest Showman Mar 6, 2019
It's Complicated Feb 27, 2019
Casualties of War Feb 20, 2019
Hellraiser Feb 13, 2019
Apocalypse Now Feb 6, 2019
Reunion (2) Dec 4, 2018
Reunion (1) Nov 27, 2018
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Nov 20, 2018

The Challengers come face to face with their ultimate Final Reckoning as the four remaining teams of Vendettas compete to take home the million dollar prize in a grueling, epic, and completely shocking Final Challenge.

The Walking Dead Nov 13, 2018

Alliances are dissolved as every team fights to earn their way into the finals; Paulie and Cara Maria's season-long flirtation turns into something more; TJ reveals a shocking twist regarding the Final Challenge.

It's Always Sunny in South Africa Nov 6, 2018

The Redemption House erupts when enemies come face to face; a season-long grudge match is finally settled when two power-house teams must battle for survival; players compete in the "Rolling Thunder" challenge.

Scandal Oct 30, 2018
The Leftovers Oct 23, 2018

A debaucherous night ends in total chaos as simmering tensions throughout the game finally boil over. The players face off in "Hit List" where their trivia skills are put to the test.

Wheel of Fortune Oct 16, 2018

Bananas and Tony struggle with being the odd men out in the game. A twist in the Double Cross leads to a twisted plan that blow up in one team's face. Two results of the elimination round send shockwaves through the game.

Lavender is the New Black Oct 9, 2018
The People vs. Johnny Bananas Oct 2, 2018
Unhappy Days Sep 25, 2018
You're the Worst Sep 18, 2018

Tensions boil over between Cara Maria and the Lavender Ladies after a night out, and the players are tasked with repairing a rope bridge 1,000 feet in the air.

Redemption House of Cards Sep 11, 2018

Johnny Bananas's relationship with Angela is questioned, CT tries some "polidicking," and the contestants wolf down a disgusting meal in the Dunking for Dinner challenge.

Bro-ing Pains Sep 4, 2018

Ahead of a shocking elimination vote, Marie is consumed by paranoia, Johnny Bananas and Da'Vonne look to disrupt alliances, and CT seeks a new way to motivate his teammate.

Shaneless Aug 28, 2018

Shane sets out to stir up drama in the house and on the field, and Faith has a change of heart about Kyle after learning about his latest hookup.

Big Little Lies Aug 21, 2018

The results of the elimination vote take almost everyone by surprise, the challengers must dig themselves out of a mine shaft, and "Queen" Kam devises an elaborate scheme.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Aug 14, 2018

Brad struggles to move past the rumors about Britni and Chuck, CT strategizes, and Kyle screws over Cara Maria -- twice.

Breaking Brad Aug 7, 2018

Accusations about Britni and Chuck irk Brad, a fight over a lack of initiative imperils CT and Veronica's partnership, and a purge challenge raises the stakes.

The Affair Jul 31, 2018

With a chance to re-enter the game on the line, the return of the Double Cross puts the Redemption House on edge, and Paulie has a plan to wreak havoc on a relationship.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Jul 24, 2018

Everyone is on edge about the elimination, Kyle gets closer to Faith, Britni has a hard time letting go, and Shane's social media meltdown may come back to haunt him.

The Young and the Wreckless Jul 17, 2018

Kam and Kayleigh's fate is revealed after their teammates' fight put their future in jeopardy, and exes Britni and Chuck try to resolve their issues.

Six Feet Under Jul 10, 2018

Kicking off the final chapter of a three-season saga, the challengers must literally dig up old vendettas and put aside bitter feuds to compete for a million-dollar prize.

The Challenge: Vendettas Finale (2) Apr 17, 2018

The insanity and intensity continues in the second hour of the Finale with the most feuds and fights in the history of The Challenge. Our four finalists will find out who will be crowned the solo champion for the first time

The Challenge: Vendettas Finale (1) Apr 10, 2018

After facing one of the most intense mental and physical final challenges ever… our vicious Vendettas cast members are reunited for the greatest, grimiest grudge-fest in MTV history.

Vendettas Never Die Apr 3, 2018

With $500,000 on the line, the eight finalists compete for their share of the big money. However, two mercenaries return to make their road that much harder.

Czechmate Mar 27, 2018
Help Me, Rhonda Mar 20, 2018
It's Britni, B... Mar 13, 2018
Rumor Has It Mar 6, 2018
Baskets of Deplorables Feb 27, 2018

One player's humiliating performance may cost her the game when she gets shamefully stuck in a basket. Devin vows to wage war against his enemy, Bananas.

Mercenaries of Mayhem Feb 20, 2018

Challenge legends continue to wreak havoc on the game; one player uses the power of the grenade to threaten the competition, creating a powerful vendetta in the process.

Pulling the Strings Feb 13, 2018

When the mysterious and offensive notes continue to circulate the Challenge house, they cause a stir among the female competitors and the culprit finally gets revealed; when four Challenge legends return, the game turns upside-down.

Notes on a Scandal Feb 6, 2018

A mysterious player leaves mean notes in the girls' room, causing havoc with their game as they all try to figure out the culprit; the bromance between Victor and Shane fractures into a newfound vendetta.

Guilty by Association Jan 30, 2018
Pizzagate Jan 23, 2018

Brad and Britni plan to win the game while the others plot their demise; a player gets caught stealing.

Banatalie Jan 16, 2018

Natalie tries to balance romance and a desire to prove herself; Melissa finds comfort with Nicole; Kayleigh questions Melissa's motives.

The Power of Three Jan 9, 2018

Three players earn power which makes their vendettas worry about being easy targets; Marie's romance with Kyle becomes threatened; TJ reveals a twist.

When Worlds Collide Jan 2, 2018

Challengers compete for a share of $500,000.

The Final Dirt Nov 28, 2017
Finale (2) Nov 21, 2017
Finale (1) Nov 14, 2017
One in a Million Nov 7, 2017
The Sinister Six Oct 31, 2017
A Million More Reasons Oct 24, 2017
Pretty Little Backstabbers Oct 17, 2017
Feel the Burn Oct 10, 2017
Boxed In Oct 3, 2017
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Sep 26, 2017
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Sep 19, 2017
Rampage Sep 12, 2017

A kiss sends shock waves through the house; a player crosses the line with nasty comments, and her competitors refuse to let it slide; a physically demanding elimination requires more than just strength.

Dirty Little Secret Sep 5, 2017

Hunter and Cory must face off in elimination; the Challengers take part in a trivia challenge; cast members get caught in a compromising position.

Ankles Aweigh Aug 29, 2017
Yaaaass, Booty! Aug 22, 2017
Road to Redemption Aug 15, 2017
Dirty Deeds Aug 8, 2017
Pride Before the Fall Aug 1, 2017
Shots Fired! Jul 25, 2017
Dirty 30: Thirty Rotten Scoundrels Jul 18, 2017

Players arrive in Cartagena, Colombia, to compete for $1 million.

The True Champions May 9, 2017

After a grueling three-day Final, the winners of Invasion of the Champions are revealed.

Math is Hard May 2, 2017

Camila and Cory's love affair gets tested when they work together; the Underdogs and the Champs need to rely on each other to finish.

A River of Endless Light Apr 25, 2017
Caged Apr 18, 2017

The Champions and the Underdogs must rely on their teammates to navigate a maze course; tempers flare for the Champs.

The Bloodbath Apr 11, 2017

The Underdogs must prove they are worthy of the final; a friendship turns into a rivalry when suspicious game-play is revealed.

Go Your Own Way Apr 4, 2017

The Underdog alliances begin to unravel; Hunter's motives for flirting with Ashley are questioned; TJ surprises the competitors with a twist.

An Officer and a Gentlewoman Mar 28, 2017
A Low Down Dirty Shane Mar 21, 2017
Achy Breaky Heart Mar 14, 2017
The Mile-High Club Mar 7, 2017

Nelson rages when things do not go his way; a player wets her bed; Jenna wants to rekindle a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Underdog Eat Underdog World Feb 28, 2017

The Underdogs are shocked to see the Champions enter the game; Nelson rages after a rejection; after wetting the bed, a player loses her suitor.

Four Tickets to Paradise Feb 21, 2017

Paranoia gets the best of Shane and causes him to lash out; LaToya and Nelson bond as the last four tickets to the Oasis are awarded and the players are ecstatic to finally move out of The Shelter.

Helter Shelter Feb 14, 2017

Cory takes a risk to earn his ticket to The Oasis; during an elimination, a player's nerves become too much to handle.

Skeletal Fracture Feb 7, 2017

The Champions prepare to invade the game.

Gimmie Shelter Feb 7, 2017

Underdogs arrive in Thailand; the players adjust to living conditions.

Reunion Aug 3, 2016

"Rivals III" competitors reflect on their experiences.

Split Decision Aug 3, 2016
Grapes. Wrath Jul 27, 2016

One final elimination will determine which three pairs will continue on to the final challenge; participants are in for a surprise.

Raging Bullies Jul 20, 2016

The rivals must work hand-in-hand in their last Mexican challenge to avoid elimination before heading to Mendoza, Argentina.

Rivals: Civil War Jul 13, 2016

Two teams are sent home, and the remaining Challengers need to step up in order to keep themselves in the game.

Digging Your Own Grave Jul 6, 2016

An attempt to hide an alliance threatens friendships, and families within the house.

Let Sleeping Dogs Wake Jun 29, 2016

Sleep deprived and mentally broken, the house begins to divide as teams band together to plot against others.

Stand by Me Jun 22, 2016

A late-night incident threatens to turn physical; and the contestants are taken aback by the serious implications. In other events, the cast is pulled into a last-minute challenge.

Camilanator: Salvation Jun 15, 2016
The Naked Truth Jun 8, 2016
Where the Ratchet Things Are Jun 1, 2016
I'm Going Home May 25, 2016
The Replacements May 18, 2016

Replacement rivals enter the house; challengers must work with a rival in an awkward and intimate challenge.

The Curse of the Black Skull May 11, 2016

The cast ventures into The Elimination Jungle for the first time, which means alliances are forming, hookups are hot, and friendships are already falling apart.

Mexican Standoff May 4, 2016

Meet the veterans and rookies from The Challenge, The Real World, and Are You The One? as they discover that in order to win the $350,000 grand prize, they'll have to work with their worst enemy.

Family Matters Feb 17, 2016

In the Season 27 finale, the competitors endure a series of demanding checkpoints while battling all day and all of the night for their share of the $350,000 prize.

Reunion Feb 17, 2016

Bananas, Aneesa, Cara Maria and other cast members discuss hook-ups, fights and relationships on the show.

True Blood Feb 10, 2016

The final three teams learn they will be competing in a major city; winnings are on the minds of the players while they prepare for the finale.

Tear Down This Wall Feb 3, 2016

After arriving in Berlin, tension causes players to lash out at one another; competitors must race across speeding trucks.

Out for Blood Jan 27, 2016

Players are reunited with their bloodline teammates and compete in an endurance challenge; the competitors learn of a location change.

Blood Versus Love Jan 20, 2016

The participants travel to Bodrum, Turkey to join family members who know their strengths, weaknesses and fears.

Blood is Thicker Than Mud Jan 13, 2016

CT and Diem's sister Faith join the cast to pay tribute to Diem and Knight; Bananas worries that his strategy is backfiring.

Blood Brothers Jan 6, 2016

Abram confronts Cara Maria and reaches a boiling point; voting results fuel existing animosity; an intense elimination ensues.

Dirty Little Secret Dec 30, 2015

One team's performance falls apart when they fail to communicate during the challenge; Bananas pulls a jaw-dropping move that makes the entire house question his loyalty.

A House Divided Dec 30, 2015

The divide between the veterans and a team of rookies comes to a head; KellyAnne's allegiance sets another veteran off and their insults cross the line.

Corneesa Dec 23, 2015

Cara Maria's ex enters the game with his brother; a veteran confronts her rookie hookup, and hears difficult confessions.

Camilanator: Judgement Day Dec 16, 2015
Bad Blood Dec 9, 2015
There Will Be Blood Dec 2, 2015

The cast arrives in Turkey, and learns they will be competing alongside their families; a scandalous hookup occurs; brothers clash.

The Greatest Love of All Mar 24, 2015
The S... They Should've Shown Mar 24, 2015
Reunion Mar 24, 2015
Bye Bye, Love Mar 17, 2015
Lovers in the Dark Mar 10, 2015
Total Eclipse of the Heart Mar 3, 2015
You've Lost That Loving Feeling Feb 24, 2015
That's the Way Love Goes Feb 17, 2015
Love Hurts Feb 10, 2015
Love, Sweat, and Tears Feb 3, 2015
Crazy Stupid Love Jan 27, 2015
Love Sick Jan 20, 2015
I Will Always Hate You Jan 13, 2015
Where is the Love? Jan 6, 2015
Reunion Jun 26, 2014
A Walk in the Clouds Jun 26, 2014
The $350,000 Pyramid Jun 19, 2014
Talk to the Hand Jun 12, 2014
Best Friends for Never Jun 5, 2014
Strike a Pose, There's Something to It May 29, 2014
Pride Before the Wall May 22, 2014
Not So Trivial Pursuits May 15, 2014
Stripes May 8, 2014
Power Coupling May 1, 2014
You Be Illin' Apr 24, 2014
Love in the Fast Lane Apr 17, 2014
Free Agents - Live Free or Die Apr 10, 2014
Reunion Sep 25, 2013
The Island of Misfit Challengers Sep 25, 2013
Final Destination Sep 18, 2013
True Colors Sep 11, 2013
Diemnesia Sep 4, 2013
Thrilla in Camila Aug 28, 2013
Crossing Jordan Aug 21, 2013
Revenge is a Dish Best Not Serve Aug 14, 2013
What the Phuket?! Aug 7, 2013
Mortuusequusphobia Jul 31, 2013
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Honey, I'm Homeless Nov 14, 2012
I Do Not Like You Sam I Am Nov 7, 2012
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N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C Oct 17, 2012
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What Happens in Vegas… Oct 3, 2012
The Perks of Being a Rookie Sep 26, 2012
Tis the Season Sep 19, 2012
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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Mar 21, 2012
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Crazy in Love Feb 22, 2012
Love the Way You Lie Feb 15, 2012
Where Did Our Love Go? Feb 8, 2012
What's Love Got to Do with It? Feb 1, 2012
Love is a Battlefield Jan 25, 2012
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At the End of the World Aug 24, 2011
The Storm Before the Storm Aug 17, 2011
Cry for Me, Argentina Aug 10, 2011
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Blowup Jul 27, 2011
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Through the Looking Glass Jun 29, 2011
Welcome to the Jungle Jun 22, 2011
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Czechmate Dec 15, 2010
Always a Bridesmaid… Dec 8, 2010
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Where the Red Team Blows Nov 10, 2010
Couching Tyger, Hidden Danimal Nov 3, 2010
Swat the Hell? Oct 27, 2010
Karma's a Bitch Oct 20, 2010
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Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Oct 6, 2010
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Sa-Wing Nov 29, 2004
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Melt with You Oct 25, 2004
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Dangle Drop Oct 11, 2004
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He Says/She Says: Battle for the Battle of the Sexes 2 Oct 4, 2004
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Handsome Reward May 24, 2004
The Final Burn May 17, 2004
Casualties of the Inferno May 17, 2004
Window Washing May 10, 2004
Saturn Valet Ballet May 3, 2004
Fallen Angels Apr 19, 2004
Balcony Swing Apr 12, 2004
Twist and Shoot Apr 5, 2004
Bungee Bound Mar 29, 2004
Come Sail Away Mar 22, 2004
Don't Yank My Chain Mar 15, 2004
Ultimate Saturn Road Trip Mar 8, 2004
Balls Out Mar 1, 2004
Disco Domino Derby Feb 23, 2004
Climbing Wall Feb 16, 2004
Wreck n' Roll Feb 9, 2004
Birdfeeder Feb 2, 2004
Grope the Rope Feb 2, 2004
Battle Scars: From the Gauntlet to the Inferno Jan 26, 2004
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Gold Rush Jan 12, 2004
Dukes of Saturn Jan 5, 2004
Vertical Sweep Dec 29, 2003
All or Nothing Dec 15, 2003
Turntable Dec 8, 2003
Rolling on the River Dec 1, 2003
Inferno Nov 24, 2003
Red Barron Nov 17, 2003
Sink My Ship Nov 10, 2003
Heavyweight Hustle Nov 3, 2003
Holey Canoe Oct 27, 2003
I Scream Oct 20, 2003
Mud Bath Oct 13, 2003
Masquerade Oct 6, 2003
Snake Soup Sep 29, 2003
Howdy Telluride Sep 29, 2003
Showdown at the Real World/Road Rules Corral Sep 22, 2003
Hot and Bothered May 12, 2003
Handsome Reward May 5, 2003
Maximum Velocity Apr 28, 2003
Razors Edge Apr 21, 2003
Human Aquarium Apr 14, 2003
Spider Mon Apr 7, 2003
Collision Course Mar 31, 2003
Stairway to Heaven Mar 24, 2003
Leaky River Mar 17, 2003
Battle of the Opposite Sexes Mar 3, 2003
People Mover Feb 24, 2003
Freeze Your Butt Off Feb 17, 2003
Seven Rings of Saturn Feb 10, 2003
Puck's Wedding Feb 3, 2003
Breath-Hold Bungee Jan 27, 2003
Tree House Jan 20, 2003
Dead Man's Drop Jan 13, 2003
Sergeant Says Jan 6, 2003
Hola Jamaica Jan 6, 2003
The Good, the Bad, and the Notorious Dec 30, 2002
Handsome Reward May 20, 2002
Siamese Wrestling May 13, 2002
Blockhead May 6, 2002
Sidekick Showdown Apr 29, 2002
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Rush Hour Apr 15, 2002
Round 'Em Up Apr 8, 2002
Ladder of Doom Apr 1, 2002
Montezuma's Revenge Mar 25, 2002
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Vertical Limit Mar 4, 2002
Musical Inner-Tube Tango Feb 25, 2002
Who to Vote Off? Feb 18, 2002
Hurricane Juliette Feb 11, 2002
Hang Man Feb 4, 2002
Cease Fire May 22, 2001
Race to the Finish May 15, 2001
True to Himself May 8, 2001
Downward Spiral May 1, 2001
Good Intentions Apr 24, 2001
Grudge Match Apr 17, 2001
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The Scariest Mission of All Time Mar 27, 2001
Leader of the Pack Mar 20, 2001
Yes Sir...I Mean, Yes Ma'am! Mar 13, 2001
Love and Foosball Mar 6, 2001
Wrestling with the Past Feb 27, 2001
Ayanna's Departure Feb 13, 2001
Rollerball Resurrection Feb 6, 2001
No Laughing Matter Jan 30, 2001
Budding Romance Jan 23, 2001
Blimp Water-Skiing Jan 16, 2001
A Challenging Decision Jan 9, 2001
Handsome Reward Apr 3, 2000
Stir Crazy Mar 27, 2000
Homemade Swimsuit Contest Mar 13, 2000
Sweet Revenge Mar 6, 2000
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Mud Football Feb 21, 2000
Redneck Games Feb 14, 2000
Snake Wrangling Feb 7, 2000
Wheel of Wrestling Jan 31, 2000
Demolition Derby Jan 24, 2000
Stratos-Fear Jan 17, 2000
Handsome Reward Dec 14, 1998
Shall We Play a Game? Dec 7, 1998
The Joint is Jumping Nov 30, 1998
Getting Drunk Nov 23, 1998
Bed Sores Nov 16, 1998
Money Changes Everything Nov 9, 1998
The "Real" Real World Jun 29, 1998
Urban Rap Jumping Jun 22, 1998
Zorbing Jun 15, 1998
Sheer Madness Jun 8, 1998
Ghostbusters Jun 1, 1998
The Challenge Spies, Lies and Allies: Global Activation Aug 9, 2021

The American agents plan new strategies and new alliances, the international competitors arrive with plenty of new faces, and TJ announces the season's first challenge.

Double Agents: Declassified Dec 7, 2020

The Elite Agents move into their new headquarters and get to know one another, as their handler, TJ Lavin, details classified intel on the upcoming season and its extreme missions.

Behind the Challenge Oct 11, 2019

The cast breaks down an episode with details on what happened behind the senes; a sneak peek of an upcoming episode.

Spring Break Presents: The Challenge: War of the Worlds--After the Show Mar 27, 2019

In front of a live studio audience of super fans, host Justina Valentine sits down with vets Da'Vonne and Hunter to break down the drama of the most recent episode; Hunter reveals behind-the-scenes details.

War of the Worlds: After the Show Apocalypse Now Feb 6, 2019

In front of a live studio audience of super fans, host Justina Valentine and seasoned vets and new prospects will break down the drama of the premiere and share exclusive behind-the-scenes sneaks of what's to come this season.

Basic Training Jan 30, 2019

A sneak peek into the new season of "The Challenge: War of the Worlds," as Prospects, reality titans from around the globe, clash against top Challenge Veterans in some of the most epic next level challenges and eliminations.

CT's Getting Married (2) Dec 18, 2018
CT's Getting Married (1) Dec 11, 2018
What Would CT Do? Feb 6, 2018

Getting CT's hot takes on what's gone down so far in The Challenge; Vendettas; what CT thinks of the craziest Challenge yet; how would he measure up against the harder challenges.

Dirty 30 Launch Special Jul 11, 2017

A look at the season's cast members.

13 Nail Biting Challenges Jun 27, 2017

Counting down the most death-defying challenges throughout the past 29 seasons of the series.

11 Ways to Become a Champ Jun 20, 2017

From Johnny Bananas' 6 first place finishes to the moment Cara Maria finally cross the finish line on Bloodlines, MTV counts down all the best winning moments of Challenge Champions.

14 Times The Challenge Proved That Girls Really Do Rule Jun 13, 2017

No one can argue with the fact that the super strong, crazy competitive, wonder women of The Challenge are just as badass at the boys—if not more.

14 Times The Challenge Proved That Girls Really Do Rule Jun 13, 2017
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Counting down exciting Challenge eliminations.

14 Times Our Challengers Lost Their S#&t May 30, 2017

Counting down the meltdowns.

15 Craziest AF Unseen Moments May 23, 2017

Counting down the best unaired moments.

15 Craziest AF Unseen Moments May 23, 2017

Counting down the best unaired moments, including naked cast members and hilarious antics.

Reunion May 16, 2017

The Champs and the Underdogs discuss the season, the rivalries, friendships, hook-ups, secrets and unaired footage.

Hall of Fame: Epic Fails May 9, 2017

The worst moments throughout the show's entire history.

The Shit They Should Have Shown Mar 14, 2017
Hall of Fame: Johnny Bananas Feb 14, 2017

As Johnny Bananas, who has more wins than any competitor in the history of The Challenge, prepares to return to for a record-breaking fourteenth season, MTV looks back at his most unforgettable moments.

Hall of Fame: CT Feb 7, 2017

CT prepares to return to The Challenge after a two year absence; highlights of CT's notable or controversial moments.

The Challenge: Rivals III Aftershow (4) Mucho Mas - Rivals Jul 20, 2016

Cousins Nany and Nicole discuss how the pressures of the game wounded their relationship. Sarah and Bananas reveal how they went from bitter rivals to best friends.

The Challenge: Rivals III Special: Best Moments Ever Jul 13, 2016

Veteran players look back the scariest, sexiest, and funniest moments in "The Challenge" history.

The Challenge: Rivals III Special: Survival Guide Jun 29, 2016

Fan favorites spill the beans on what you don't see on screen and dish dirty secrets on what it truly takes in order to survive life on "The Challenge."

The Challenge: Rivals III Aftershow (3) Mucho Mas - Anger Management Jun 22, 2016

Camila and Tony come clean about their disastrous and controversial partnership. Special guests CT and Madison discuss their thoughts on tonight's shocking episode.

The Challenge: Rivals III Aftershow (2) Mucho Mas - When Partners Attack Jun 1, 2016

Simone must answer for meddling in Ashley and Jaime's love life. Never-before-seen footage reveals Ashley's true feelings about Jamie. Cory and Tom discuss their trouble-making partners.

The Challenge: Rivals III Aftershow (1) Mucho Mas - Frenemies May 25, 2016

After a tumultuous night of partying leads to confrontations and hurt feelings, Nany, Camila, Nicole and Amanda come face-to-face to hash out the issue that have been tearing them apart.

The S#!@ They Should Have Shown Feb 17, 2016

The Challenge cast comes together to take you behind the scenes, share secrets and show some shameless never before seen footage.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Aftershow (5) Feb 3, 2016

Aneesa and Cara Maria confront one another after their brutal Berlin blow-out. A secret hookup in Germany is revealed. The remaining three teams gear up for the finale and give a sneak peak of what they will be facing.

Cold Turkey Special: The Road to Berlin Jan 27, 2016

Reflecting on the season with the final four teams heading to Berlin.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Aftershow (4) Jan 6, 2016

Cast members discuss cheating rumors about Abram and Cara Maria; Abram views pre-show footage of Cara Maria.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Aftershow (3) Dec 23, 2015

Cast members come together to discuss Tony's erratic behavior and severe injuries, plus dish on all of the steamy hookups. Hosted by Zuri Hall.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Aftershow (2) Dec 16, 2015

The cast discusses Camila's defense to Vince's insults and Bananas' betrayal.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Aftershow (1) Dec 9, 2015

Cast members discuss the Nany/Cohutta love saga, Jenna and Brianna's exchange and Cara Maria and Thomas' hook-up.

Battle of the Bloodlines: Meet the New Blood Nov 9, 2015

Join the cast and get to know the new faces as the veterans of "The Challenge," "The Real World" and "Are You the One?" introduce their bloodlines and gear up for the most dramatic season yet.

Meet the New Blood Nov 9, 2015
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