The Family Chantel Season 5 is to Premiere on TLC

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 12/11/2023
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Station: TLC

The lives of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? fan-favorites Pedro and Chantel and their lively in-laws. Buckle up as they try to move past their differences and come together as an extended family.

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The End of Forever Sep 5, 2022

Pedro finally finds Chantel, leading to a fiery argument between the two. Chantel returns from vacation and has Winter and Karen move into the house. Pedro hits his breaking point and makes the decision to file divorce papers.

Hot Pursuit Aug 29, 2022

Pedro moves out of the house after asking Chantel for a divorce. Chantel turns to her family and tells them everything about her failed marriage. When Pedro discovers Chantel has run off after emptying their bank account, he sets out to find her.

Not So Separate Separation Aug 22, 2022

Chantel and Pedro attempt to live under the same roof as a separated couple. Alejandro gives Nicole an ultimatum. Chantel struggles with what she knows she needs to do and what she can do. Pedro visits a lawyer to get more information.

Like a Lawyer Aug 15, 2022

Mediation with Lidia does not go the way any of them expected; Alejandro fulfills a promise to Nicole; Winter brings a new attitude to her latest date; Chantel comes clean to Karen about the state of her marriage.

What Are You Doing Here Aug 8, 2022

Pedro arrives in the Dominican Republic and confronts Chantel about lying to him; Lidia suggests herself as a mediator between Pedro and Chantel; Chantel continues to keep her family in the dark; Pedro and Nicole attempt to mend their relationship.

Can I Come In? Aug 1, 2022

Chantel secretly heads to the Dominican Republic to try to mend her relationship with Lidia; Chantel's family thinks she's at a marriage retreat with Pedro, and Pedro thinks she's at a conference -- until his mom tells him the truth.

Recipe for Disaster Jul 25, 2022

With Pedro set on the idea of separation, Chantel comes up with a startling plan to try to save their marriage. While Nicole processes tragic news, Winter has high hopes for her next first date, and Karen tries again to get more info out of Chantel.

Dirty Laundry Jul 18, 2022

As Pedro and Chantel drift further apart, Nicole and Alejandro grow closer together. Chantel takes her friend's advice and goes out for drinks with Pedro and his co-workers, leading to a fiery confrontation.

You Should Be Thanking Me Jul 11, 2022

Karen and River question Pedro about his recent clash with Chantel. Winter's love life is blossoming. Pedro reaches out to his mum for advice. Nicole is at a crossroads with Alejandro as he pleads for a second chance.

Unusual and Highly Suspect Jul 4, 2022

Winter is putting herself out there and turns to Chantel for dating advice; Pedro's attempt at avoiding tension at home blows up in his face; Alejandro shows up unannounced.

No Ninos or Ninas Jun 27, 2022

Chantel throws a housewarming party to help put her and Pedro's recent marital troubles behind them; her plans backfire when the party shines a spotlight on the pressure points in their marriage.

On the Chin Jun 20, 2022

Chantel heads back home to Atlanta; Pedro and Nicole are locked in their fight; Nicole meets with a doctor to better her chances at winning the pageant.

No Turning Back Now Jun 13, 2022

Chantel and Karen are on pins and needles while Winter undergoes surgery; Pedro admits to his mom that he's having difficulties with Chantel; Nicole gets tough love from a coach helping her to get ready for the pageant.

Home Is Where The Tension Is Jun 6, 2022

As Chantel and Pedro settle into their house, they discover cracks in the foundation of their marriage; Winter prepares to undergo bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico; Nicole pursues her dream of winning the Miss Dominican Republic beauty pageant.

Mad at the World Dec 27, 2021

Chantel's family and Pedro's family finally converge in the Dominican Republic. Lidia questions Pedro's loyalty, and Nicole confronts Chantel. When Nicole's anger gets the best of her, insults aren't the only things being thrown.

My Other Family Dec 20, 2021

Pedro meets his half-brothers for the first time and learns some shocking information. River writes a song about Megan and plays it for her. Chantel and Pedro's relationship suffers when Chantel insists on being right instead of supportive.

On My Best Behavior Dec 13, 2021

The Dominican Republic girls' trip begins. Chantel struggles to keep her opinions to herself when she and Pedro meet up with his mom. Pedro pleads for Nicole's support in finding out answers about their father.

Burning Bridges Dec 6, 2021

The family finds creative ways to help Winter let go of her relationship with Jah. Chantel decides to fly to the Dominican Republic to support Pedro after Nicole and Lidia both turn against him for disrespecting the family.

Truth Be Told Nov 29, 2021

Chantel and Karen meet River's girlfriend. Pedro and Nicole learn more about his father's past and their family history. After a big fight with Jah, Winter reveals things about her relationship that she had been keeping from her family.

Breaking Bread Nov 22, 2021

Pedro arrives in the Dominican Republic to make peace between his family only to make matters worse. Winter and Jah host a dinner for the family to reveal their engagement. River decides to introduce Karen and Chantel to his girlfriend.

Home for the Holidays Nov 15, 2021

Karen hosts a holiday party for the whole family. Lidia vents to Pedro about Nicole's decision to get back with Alejandro. River and Pedro go on a mission for the perfect Christmas tree. Jah surprises Winter.

Risks and Rewards Nov 8, 2021

Pedro has enough of Chantel's judgement of his family. River is in the hot seat when he gets interrogated by Megan's friends. Alejandro seeks out relationship advice from his aunt and pleads for Nicole to give him a second chance.

Finding Your Roots Nov 1, 2021

The family heads to South Carolina to find out more about their ancestry, and Winter causes tension by unexpectedly bringing Jah. Pedro connects with his estranged cousin. Nicole fills in Coraima on the details of Alejandro's unfaithfulness.

Looking for Trouble Oct 25, 2021

River goes on a whirlwind date with his new girlfriend. Nicole is ready to show off her new body. Jah and Winter's date night takes some unexpected turns. Pedro arrives in New York and gets into it with Nicole's boyfriend, Alejandro.

The Blame Game Oct 18, 2021

At Chantel's graduation party, the family comes down on Jah about hiding his son from Winter. Nicole goes in for her breast implant surgery and afterwards gets a shocking reaction from Alejandro. Pedro and Chantel start their search for a house.

Unannounced and Uninvited Oct 11, 2021

Chantel's nursing school graduation is finally here. Winter is back together with Jah, and no one has spoken to Royal and Angenette since the Philippines. Nicole is in hot water with Pedro and Lidia for choosing Alejandro over her family.

Wedding Crashers Dec 14, 2020

It's Royal and Angenette's wedding day, but all eyes are on the Family Chantel. In the Dominican Republic, Alejandro makes a promise to Nicole that she needs him to keep in order to prove her mother wrong.

Sometimes People Are Snakes Dec 7, 2020

It's Royal and Angenette's wedding, and Karen is on a mission to get answers. Chantel and Karen have an explosive confrontation with Angenette's mom at the party. Meanwhile, Lidia is furious with Nicole, and Alejandro has a secret plan to please everyone.

Crazy Stupid Love Nov 30, 2020

Chantel uncovers new information that fuels her suspicions, but her attempt to get clarity from Angenette doesn't go as planned. In the Dominican Republic, Nicole and Alejandro try to put their fight behind them and resolve to tell Lidia the whole truth.

A Royal Mess Nov 23, 2020

Royal explodes during a night out. With the wedding in jeopardy, the Family Chantel is left stunned and questioning Royal and Angenette's relationship. Nicole is furious with Alejandro when his friends reveal info about his past relationships.

Loose Lips Sink Ships Nov 16, 2020

As the family Chantel prepares for the Philippines wedding, Chantel and Pedro try to get to the bottom of Royal and Angenette's trust issues, and it leads to an explosive confrontation. Nicole hopes introducing Alejandro to her friends will go smoothly.

A Thrilla in Manila Nov 9, 2020

A shocking secret about Royal and Angenette's relationship surfaces just as the family heads to the Philippines for their wedding. Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, Nicole braces herself for Lidia's reaction when her new boyfriend comes to visit.

Sister Act Nov 2, 2020

Pedro confronts Nicole about dating a married man. As the family prepares to go to the Philippines, Chantel and Winter have an emotional heart-to-heart. Then, things take a shocking turn when Chantel, Karen and Angenette go wedding dress shopping.

Ugly Sweaters and Painted Beards Oct 26, 2020

The family photo shoot turns ugly, leaving Chantel and Winter at odds. Pedro and Chantel head to NYC to meet Nicole's boyfriend, Alejandro, and they learn a shocking secret. Karen accompanies Winter to a weight-loss consultation.

A New Family Feud Oct 19, 2020

Chantel's suspicions about Royal's relationship with Angenette grow after talking to Winter and River. As Pedro plans a trip to NYC, Chantel gets big news about her graduation. Sibling secrets come out when tempers flare during a holiday photo shoot.

Like Sister, Like Brother Oct 12, 2020

Chantel's older brother returns to Atlanta with his foreign bride. The family welcomes her with open arms, but their speedy marriage sparks Chantel's suspicion. She takes her sister-in-law out to learn more. In the Dominican Republic, Nicole is in love.

What Are Your Intentions? Sep 9, 2019

Chantel's family make a surprising decision about visiting Pedro's family. And when Chantel confronts Coraima, insults aren't the only things being thrown.

The Last Supper Sep 2, 2019

After a tense exchange, Chantel and Pedro plan to unite their feuding families. Chantel confronts Pedro's mum and Pedro faces off with Obed to get the truth.

The Fight to Get Along Aug 26, 2019

Chantel's family joins Pedro and Chantel in the Dominican Republic. Trying to save their marriage, they get their families together, but it turns explosive.

Pack Your Bags Aug 19, 2019

Pedro's sister reveals their grandma is sick and he must visit her. When Karen hears Chantel is going too, she invites the family - but a shocking secret awaits.

It's All Crashing Down Aug 12, 2019

The private investigator discovers shocking news about Jah, so they decide to confront him. Pedro, Thomas and River are forced to face their issues head on.

The Truth Comes Out Aug 5, 2019

Chantel and Karen decide to hire a private investigator to look into Winter's secretive boyfriend, Jah. Plus, Pedro joins Thomas and River on a boys' weekend.

How to Come to America Jul 29, 2019

After a family counselling session, old feuds are reignited. Plus, Jah reveals a secret to Winter and Chantel confronts Pedro after discovering shocking news!

All's Fair in Love and War Jul 22, 2019

The family confront Pedro after they hear about the trip to the Dominican Republic. Plus, Pedro and Nicole discuss a big secret they've kept from Chantel.

When will be The Family Chantel next episode air date?

The Family Chantel Season 5 is yet to be announced by TLC.

Is The The Family Chantel renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/11/2023 and now is not renewed yet. The Family Chantel is to be Premiered on TLC

Where to countdown The Family Chantel air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 5 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode The Family Chantel, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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