The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 24 is to Premiere on Nat Geo Wild

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 11/23/2023
Station: Nat Geo Wild
Genres: Medical, Nature

The Incredible Dr. Pol is an American reality television series airing on National Geographic Wild since 2011

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Name Air Dates
Mini MayhemJul 22, 2023

Dr. Pol and Diane celebrate a milestone that's been decades in the making.

The Pol-den Years Apr 1, 2023

Animal old-timers fill the docket looking for treatment and TLC.



Ooze and Ahhs Mar 25, 2023

To heal their patients, the vets need to get dirty.

Dr. Pol Goes to Washington Mar 11, 2023

With an ultrasound for a bearded dragon and wound care for a goose, the to-do list never ends. Dr. Lisa has back-to-back pup emergencies. Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda team up to answer an emergency farm call, and Dr. Nicole gives TLC to a stray kitty. While the clinic staff takes care of business in MI, Dr. Pol proudly escorts U.S. veterans to Washington, D.C. with the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight.

Pitch Purrrrfect Mar 4, 2023

Dr. Pol searches for clues to why a python has lumps under her skin. Dr. Nicole discovers the surprising cause of a cat's sky-high fever, and Dr. Lisa sutures a dog's puncture wound. In the parking lot, alpacas get their shots and a goose gets loose. Dr. Pol is asked by a local baseball team to throw out the first pitch. To warm up his arm, Dr. Pol plays catch with Charles and Abigail.

The Pawfect Storm Feb 25, 2023

It's Father's Day! Before Dr. Pol can relax, a puppy tornado touches down at PVS. A kitten is rescued and a pig needs help with a severe hoof injury.

Tater Swift Feb 18, 2023

The vets treat an ailing alpaca and a dangerous cow with a face full of quills while Charles works on a solution for seat-stealing Tater.

It's A Wonder-foal Life Feb 11, 2023

The Pol's welcome a new foal to the family as the warmer spring temperatures turn up the heat on animal emergencies. Dr. Brenda's knee snaps while saving the life of a mare. Dr. Pol is called out to treat five calves that are struggling to grow. Dr. Nicole plucks quills from a curious Chihuahua, and Dr. Lisa treats a cat with a blocked bladder.

Gettin' Rowdy! Feb 4, 2023

There's no time to waste when the emergency calls come in. Dr. Pol is called out to two calvings, Dr. Lisa skillfully stitches a Chihuahua after a dog fight, Dr. Brenda gives special attention to a calf needing extra nutrients, and Dr. Nicole gives a duck a pedicure. With one call right after the other, the team's day is just as wild as the Michigan weather.

Steering Up Trouble Jan 28, 2023

The pets of Central Michigan are in a jam, and it's up to PVS to get them unstuck. Dr. Pol plucks porcupine quills from a Mastiff's nose, Dr. Nicole pulls three feet of string from a cat, and Dr. Lisa unhooks a dog from a fishhook. An emergency case sends Dr. Pol out on a farm call to treat a horse with choke, while Dr. Brenda has her hands full with pregnancy checks on a herd of rowdy cows.

Friends Furever Jan 21, 2023

It's all about best friends. The Vets see a dog that took a spill and busted a leg, a goose that survived an attack, and a fluffle of show bunnies.

The Biggest Little Fair Jan 14, 2023

Dr. Pol is primed for fair season, and all complications that come with it. The emergencies are non-stop and so is the competition in the showring.

Purranormal Activity Jan 7, 2023

It's a feline frenzy at the clinic as Dr. Pol and his team brace themselves for a multitude of cat-titudes with a "meowntain" of cat cases.

Trouble With Tater Sep 17, 2022

Clinic house cat, Tater, falls ill and the team bands together to save him.

Litter-ally Puppies Sep 10, 2022

Limps, lumps and camel thumps; Dr. Nicole tends to her old beloved beagle.

Brrr, It's Friesian! Sep 3, 2022

The vets swing into action mending paws, jaws, and a down on his luck duck.  

Glove Will Find a Way Aug 27, 2022

Santa takes a leap and Doc goes flying.   

Happy Meowloween Aug 20, 2022

PVS helps a laboring Lab, a wounded big pig, and a kitten needing a home.

Pol on Patrol Aug 13, 2022

When a sick dog can barely walk, the PVS vets are on the case.

Pup Friction Aug 6, 2022

Donkeys, ducks and dogs: from quirky to jaw dropping, Pol vets see it all.

Faux Paws Jul 30, 2022

A harrowing farrowing to broken bones, the PVS vets pull off miracles.

A Hard Day's Bite Jul 24, 2022

A sick Shih Tzu, boisterous camels, and a hungry iguana.

Chutes and Bladders Jul 17, 2022

The vets of PVS treat a sweet little dog with an injured eye, pets with creepy crawling critters, and a horse injured by a truck.


On a Wing and a Mare Mar 19, 2022

Dr. Pol treats a sow who is too ill to care for her 15 piglets, a German shepherd that collided with a golf cart, a wobbly colt and plenty of puppies.

Marco Pol-O Mar 12, 2022

Puppies, a peahen and a miniature horse all get the Dr. Pol treatment.

The Beagle Has Landed Mar 5, 2022

The vets work their magic on baby beagles, weeping wounds and broken bones.

The Bark Side Feb 26, 2022

From emergency calvings to shaky emus and goats, Doc comes to the rescue

The Fair Necessities Feb 19, 2022

Dr. Pol helps 4-H kids get their farm animals ready at the County Fair.

Flock Around the Clock Feb 12, 2022

Dr. Pol and Dr. Lisa are a dynamic duo when similar cases arrive at PVS.

Neighs of Our Lives Feb 5, 2022

PVS springs into action to treat everything from checkups to emergencies.

Cat Scratch Fleaver Jan 29, 2022

Guinea pigs, tortoises, mares, and cows! From the largest to the smallest, it's a never-ending parade of PVS patients.

Goat Get 'Em Jan 22, 2022

Dr. Pol races to save a cow battling tremors and assists a difficult birth.

Toe the Swine Jan 15, 2022

From lumps and bumps to sneezes and coughs, Dr. Pol and the vets save the day! Geckos and goats, sassy cows and mini horses all keep the clinic busy.

Lilo and Stitches Jan 8, 2022

A wave of head-to-toe cases sweep Pol Veterinary Services. The vets bring their splints, glue, sutures, and expertise to treat their wide variety of patients.

Another Day Another Collar Jan 1, 2022

It's the dog days of winter at PVS and Fido keeps filing into the clinic. Busted legs, bulbous cysts, and overgrown nails fill the docs' doggy docket.

New Pol on the Block Sep 11, 2021

PVS is busy, from birthing mega pups to welcoming a new Pol bundle of joy.

Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Four Puppies To Go! Sep 4, 2021

Puppies have taken over the clinic! Six litters of playful pups need puppy checkups and the doctors work on a variety of leg issues.

The Chester-shire Calf Aug 28, 2021

From fights and falls to geckos and goats, Doc and the vets save the day.

Game of Bones Aug 21, 2021

The vets treat back-to-back canine emergencies and aid a farrowing pig.

Cold Your Horses Aug 14, 2021

It's a real dog and pony show at Pol Vet: whether it's puppies or ponies, the docs mask up, glove up, and giddy up!

Poodles & Company Aug 7, 2021

The PVS vets treat a herniated horse, a mischievous mouse, and a kangaroo.

Fresh Off the Bloat Jul 31, 2021

The PVS team tackles cases from a mangled mutt to a severely bloated steer.

Here Comes Guinea Boo Boo Jul 24, 2021

The vets at PVS tackle a wide range of summer sores. Dr. Nicole helps a dog with severe lacerations and Dr. Pol assists a cat that was hit by a car.

Dramatic Paws Jul 17, 2021

The vets of PVS take on a Chihuahua with a broken leg, a choking mare, a pregnant pooch that looks ready to burst and a wobbly steer.


The Magic Touch Jul 10, 2021

Dr. Pol and the team are buzzing with cases ranging from a check-up with a speedy bearded dragon to an emergency with a horse's leg.


One Year Pol-der Mar 6, 2021

The vets are out on farm calls and they make sure that every animal has a fighting chance. Dr. Pol tangles with a feisty bull and performs pregnancy checks on a herd at House Dairy. Dr. Lisa treats a horse with a large wound on its leg that isn't healing and staves off a deadly infection with antibiotics.

Pig and Small Feb 27, 2021

No Swine Left Behind pig rescue calls in Dr. Pol to help a 970-pound pig and its cracked hoof. Back at the clinic, the vets treat a goose injured during an early morning hunting accident. Dr. Nicole performs health checks and vaccinates seven newborn puppies.

When It Rains, It Purrs Feb 20, 2021

It's summer in central Michigan, and high temps and humidity are taking a toll on everyone, especially the furry felines. The clinic is full with one upper respiratory infection after another. Meanwhile, Dr. Lisa checks for signs of infection around the heart of a large steer, and Dr. Pol examines a six-week-old colt.

Sticks and Stones Feb 13, 2021

Drs. Brenda, Ray and Pol have a busy start to their day and have their hands full with a pig that isn't gaining weight, a dog with back inflammation and a goat with stomach issues. Additionally, Dr. Lisa performs health checks on 10 adorable puppies, while Dr. Pol visits an Amish farm to tend to a horse with an umbilical hernia.

Lights, Camel, Action Feb 6, 2021

With 100,000 patients, Dr. Pol has seen it all. Specializing in large farm animals, this senior is anything but retiring as he takes an no-nonsense approach to veterinary medicine. Unflappable and unstoppable, he puts in 14-hour days and is a legend in the community. We travel with Dr. Pol across rural Michigan to care for every family pet and head of livestock in need of his expertise.

Three Little Piglets Jan 30, 2021

When a dog comes into the clinic after eating a sweatshirt and throwing up, it's up to Dr. Lisa to examine the poor pup for any serious complications. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda treats a pet goat having seizures, and Dr. Pol helps a cat that was hit by a car and has a badly broken leg.

Marvelous Miss Maisey Jan 23, 2021

Drs. Lisa and Pol are on hand to assist during a horse's emergency delivery, and Dr. Brenda examines a calf born during subfreezing temperatures. Later in the week, Dr. Lisa looks at some 4-H pigs that are running fevers, and while diagnosing the problem is easy, treating the squealing pigs is a challenge.

Feel the Born Jan 16, 2021

The doctors are kept on their toes with obstetrical emergencies and sick puppies. Dr. Lisa examines a horse that has mysterious hair loss on its back legs, and then rushes to help a goat that has been struggling all day to give birth. She also treats Rottweiler puppies that have upper respiratory infections, and after several rounds of antibiotics, all make a full recovery.

Shiver Me Puppers Jan 9, 2021

The vets kick off another busy day with clients lining up before Doc even has his coffee. They start by dealing with the overnight emergencies, and staff warms a hypothermic puppy. Next, the docs treat a chicken's swollen abdomen, a cat's broken leg, a goat's open wound and a cow's bloated stomach.

Love Wool Find a Way Jan 2, 2021

Spring is usually baby season for the Pol Veterinary Services team, but the staff has its hands full this winter with puppies, kittens, lambs, calves and bearded dragons. During this baby frenzy, Dr. Pol also performs health checks and gives vaccinations to retriever puppies and foster kittens.

Feliz Navidog Sep 12, 2020

It's a busy week at Pol Vet, but with Christmas around the corner, spirits are high with the clinic halls decked for holiday cheer!


You Bruise, You Lose Sep 5, 2020

Winter weather doesn't deter Pol Vet's dedicated docs as they treat animal eye infections, accidental overdoses and scaly skin conditions.


Pol-lapse of Judgment Aug 29, 2020

Dr. Pol treats a range of animals in this episode, including guinea pigs and pit bulls, all while managing a dog's recovery from a recent attack.


Walking in a Winter Pol-ar Land Aug 22, 2020

The docs battle freezing conditions - and an unseasonal Michigan snowstorm - to make sure their patients are healthy and safe.


Hocus Pol-cus Aug 15, 2020

It's fall in Michigan, and the Pols are ready for Halloween. The candy bowl is out; the leaves are turning; and clients are in costumes.


A Meow-tain of Cases Aug 8, 2020

A wide variety of animals make their way to Pol Vet every day, and in this episode, Drs. Nicole and Brenda face an influx of feline cases.


Homeward Hound Aug 1, 2020

In the midst of all of their usual cases, the staff of Pol Veterinary Services pull together to help a dog that was hit by a car.


Supe-Pol-stitious Jul 25, 2020

No one at the clinic will admit that they are superstitious, but curious cases and mysterious mishaps are abound today despite the skepticism.


Sprain, Sprain, Go Away Jul 18, 2020

Dr. Jan Pol has been a practicing veterinarian for more than half his life. In 1981, he and his wife, Diane, opened a vet business out of their home, and over the years it has grown to service more than 19,000 clients. Set in central Michigan's farm country, this reality series follows the work done at Pol Veterinary Services. Specializing in large farm animals, Dr. Pol treats horses, pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, goats, chickens and even an occasional reindeer. The program also features Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, who has worked with Dr. Pol since 1992.

Su-Pol Sized! Jul 11, 2020

Dr. Jan Pol has been a practicing veterinarian for more than half his life. In 1981, he and his wife, Diane, opened a vet business out of their home, and over the years it has grown to service more than 19,000 clients. Set in central Michigan's farm country, this reality series follows the work done at Pol Veterinary Services. Specializing in large farm animals, Dr. Pol treats horses, pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, goats, chickens and even an occasional reindeer. The program also features Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, who has worked with Dr. Pol since 1992.

Here, There, Emu-Where Mar 14, 2020

The week starts with 10 feisty cows that might be pregnant, and then a wild chase ensues when an emu hops out of its enclosure and makes a run for it. Dr. Pol and Charles team up to figure out the mysterious injury on their horse's leg. It's a full house this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Daned If I Do, Daned If I Don't Mar 7, 2020

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs race across central Michigan to help animal clients of all shapes and sizes. Dr. Pol and Charles rush to rescue Sam, a two-year-old horse with a life-threatening infection. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda needs to work fast to assure that Sebastian, a 4-H sheep, is free of ringworm and ready for the Midland County Fair!

Moo in Town Feb 29, 2020

During a series of challenging clinic and farm calls, Drs. Pol and Brenda let new vets Drs. Lisa and Ray take the reins to show off their skills. Staff members – both new and old – must work together to solve medical mysteries and use their strength in numbers to change a baby calf's life forever!

A Pol New World Feb 22, 2020

The docs face husky canines, spellbinding kitties, prickly prospects and Dr. Emily's emotional departure. After almost five-and-a-half years at Pol Veterinary Services, Dr. Emily announces she is starting a new life chapter in Virginia! With heavy hearts, the vets and staff reflect on their time with Emily and host a final goodbye luncheon.

Lord of the Wings Feb 15, 2020

This week at Pol Veterinary Services, there's an emu with a broken leg, a colt with a mysterious growth on its leg and a collapsing mastiff. Dr. Pol treats a climbing cat, while Dr. Emily faces a rowdy red cow. Dr. Nicole helps heal an injured horse.

Fair-y Dogmother Feb 8, 2020

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs have their hands full with 4H clients preparing for the Isabella County Fair. The vets treat a champion dairy feeder with a last-minute emergency and care for a goat, which gives Dr. Pol a headache. Despite the challenges, they work around the clock to keep the animals in tip-top shape.

Cat Scratch Fever Feb 1, 2020

This week at Pol Veterinary Services, the vets are herding cats! The feline frenzy is only the beginning of the crazy cases that pass through PVS' doors, which include a barn cat with a cold, a new mom with kittens and a fired-up feral determined to redecorate the clinic.

Love is a Cattlefield Jan 25, 2020

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the vets at PVS slip on their kid gloves to care for a box full of kittens and a goat kid feeling not so rosy. Also, Dr. Brenda examines a lame reindeer, and Dr. Pol treats a cat that has survived by the skin of its teeth. It's a nonstop week for the docs at Pol Veterinary Services!

That's a NoNo! Jan 18, 2020

It's spring in Michigan, and that means baby farm animals! From reindeer calves to goat kids, these brand-new clients are keeping the Pol team on its toes. Add in a prickly pet and a potentially deadly case of pancreatitis, and the docs are giving viewers an action-packed episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

One Dane at a Time Jan 11, 2020

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, Dr. Pol and Diane fall head-over-paws for a sweet Great Dane puppy looking for her fur-ever home. As if a new puppy doesn't keep Doc busy enough, Pol Veterinary Services is slammed with animals in need. With so much going on between PVS and the new puppy, the vets barely have time to squeeze in a lunch break!

Little Pol Peep Sep 21, 2019

America's favorite vet quartet barely fret as they're faced with prickly problems on another busy day. The docs have their hands full with aggressive bovine and a mangled mini horse. It's sure to be a wild ride on this jaw-dropping, heart-stopping episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Danes of Our Lives Sep 14, 2019

The Pol Vet Crew is working overtime this week with late- night rescues, multiple stalled labors, and one of Charles Pol's pets. The team will work through some of its most challenging situations to get these animals on the road to recovery. From puppies to heifers, it's all in a day's work at Pol Veterinary Services!

License to Chill Sep 7, 2019

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, winter is on its way out but not before blasting the area with one last ice storm. The wintery weather makes work even more difficult than usual for the vets at Pol Veterinary Services, and with the ice storm causing so many complications, PVS closes early for one of the first times ever.

Dr. Pol's Super Bowl Aug 31, 2019

Dr. Pol sees thousands of patients every year, and yet only one pint-sized pony has managed to capture his unbridled love--Charlie the Mini-Horse! On this very special episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol, we deep dive into the unique bond that Doc and this amazing therapy horse have formed over the years.

Frankly My Deer… Aug 24, 2019

The patients of PVS have managed to find their way into serious trouble, including a goat that gets tangled up in a fence that causes a life-threatening injury. Dr. Emily's daughter is assisting her mom with her crop of patients. From routine checkups to a yeast-infected pup, Dr. Emily treats her patients alongside her inquisitive little shadow.

More Than a Feline Aug 17, 2019

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, a bona fide bevy of bovine awaits Drs. Pol and Nicole as they roll out to Clay Knob for herd health checks. At the clinic, Dr. Brenda works on an Anatolian shepherd named Darcy while Dr. Emily treats Copper, the labradoodle puppy, to his first lick of peanut butter, concealing a de-wormer pill.

Love at Frost Sight Aug 10, 2019

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, Michigan is blasted with a blizzard, but not even snow and ice can slow the team down when animals are in need! Dr. Pol gives a little TLC to a tiny peach-faced lovebird that turns out to be quite the handful, and Dr. Nicole hits the road to an Amish farm where a horse fell and punctured his chest cavity.

The Quest for Camel-ot Aug 3, 2019

It's an emotional time for the Pol family as they bid farewell to their beloved cat, Kid; however, the clients keep flooding in, and the show must go on. Emotions are high, and the cases are quite a handful! Intestinal parasites, a tail amputation and a hitchhiking kitten create the whirlwind of patients at PVS this week.

Pol-iver's Travels Jul 27, 2019

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the vets of PVS pull out their best tricks to treat splits, twists, rolls and flips – and one of the biggest rabbit Doc's ever laid hands on! From first-time mama dramas to a goat as sweet as honey and a trusty police horse choking, it's all a balancing act that keeps the vets on their toes!

North Pol Express Jul 20, 2019

Doc is still recovering from ankle surgery and rolls into his first case on his scooter only to find two chickens suffering from bare bums! While the docs brave snowy squalls to make farm calls, Charles decides there's no time like the present to surprise his wife with a gift that will grow on her – a Great Dane puppy!

Boot Scootin' Boogie Jul 13, 2019

Dr. Pol glides into the clinic with a grin on his face and sports a newly replaced ankle and a fresh set of wheels. Doc is bound to a knee scooter while he keeps things on track at PVS. Hilarity ensues as he whizzes around the clinic, recruits Charles as his physician's assistant and even perfects the art of coffee talk.

Paws for Concern Mar 30, 2019

This time it's Dr. Pol's turn to be a patient! Decades of rough riding have left Doc with severe arthritis in his right ankle. Between bovine blunders, parvo panics, and a never-before-seen procedure, Jan and the Pol family find time to head south through Grand Rapids, Michigan to Metro Health Hospital for a life-changing ankle replacement surgery.

Meow & Forever Mar 23, 2019

It's summer in central Michigan, and things are heating up at Pol Veterinary Services. Dr. Nicole is the newest addition to the Pol team, and she is lending a hand with the farm calls and clinic cases. From broken legs to stalled labor, summer time doesn't mean vacation time on this sizzling episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Beauty & the Bees Mar 16, 2019

Summer is in full swing and Pol Veterinary Services is abuzz with ducks, pups, and all sorts of emergencies! The vets find themselves treating a 17-year-old duck, a Chihuahua with a tickle in his snout, and a cat with a gunshot wound, to name a few! On top of it all, Diane is out for back surgery, so the PVS team is pulling double duty to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Good Wool Hunting Mar 9, 2019

Dr. Pol has his hands full keeping the 4H animals healthy for competing in the 2018 Isabella County Fair. In this episode, we follow three young competitors and their animals as they prepare for the fair - Myia and her lamb, Gavin and his pig and Chelsea and her goat. These kids, along with all other kids at the fair, are hoping their hard work pays off when it's time for the competition.

New Chicks In The Flock Mar 2, 2019

This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, it's a bevy bash as the newly married Charles and Beth Pol hatch a new flock! After weeks of wait and anticipation, Charles successfully spawns seven new peachicks and a little chicklet, who he dubs Henriette. Later, the lovebirds show off their new brood to Doc and Diane at PVS—flitting, flapping and flying their way throughout the clinic!

Of Mice & Macaws Feb 23, 2019

This time on The Incredible Dr. Pol, there's a new face entering the fray at PVS…Dr. Nicole Arcy! A Dearborn, MI native and University of Missouri graduate, Dr. Nicole is back in her home state to learn from the pros at Pol Vet and treat animals of all kinds.

Another One Fights the Doc Feb 16, 2019

When the going gets tough, the toughest vets around get going! Not even a kick to the head keeps Dr. Pol from coming to the rescue of his clients. It's a wild week of false alarms, around-the-clock emergencies, and old-fashioned detective work by the docs at Pol Veterinary Services. The docs at Pol Veterinary Services once again prove they're willing to go above and beyond for their clients!

Game of Goats Feb 9, 2019

This time on The Incredible Dr. Pol, spring has sprung in central Michigan and that means birthing season! It's a baby bonanza at Pol Veterinary Services, where the docs have their hands full with some beautiful babies...and some angry mamas. Doc Pol's barely finished his first cup of coffee when the calls start pouring in!

Cow I Met Your Mother Feb 2, 2019

Spring is here and there's no shortage of mama drama as the docs handle cases with new moms, foster moms, and everything in between this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol! The week ends on Mother's Day with a surprise cake for the clinic's own matriarch: Diane!

The Foal Monty Jan 26, 2019

It's a week of firsts for the vets at Pol Veterinary Services! Doc is rocking around-the-clock equine care with not one but TWO emergency foalings, and Dr. Emily finds herself treating a dehydrated pig in the back of a truck. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda takes the cake for cute cases with a litter of 11 Australian Shepherd puppies in the clinic!

Something Pol, Something New Jan 19, 2019

Winter is making a slow exit, but the animals are coming in fast at PVS! All three docs are on call for a boom of bovine troubles and the clinic gets doubly interesting with a mini-horse duo and a two-day Indo-Brazilian bull calf. Finally, Dr. Pol's son, Charles marries his childhood sweetheart. It's all in the family in a week of surprises, surgeries and success-stories!

Swine and Dandy Jan 13, 2019

It's a bull-wrangling, calf-chasing, pig-squealing good time this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol! The docs have their hands full with a goat with a swollen neck, a calf with a worm infestation, a horse with a hoof abscess, and a vomiting pot-bellied pig. They are doing what they do best: saving animals in distress—though that doesn't mean it's always easy!

She Works Hard For The Bunny Sep 29, 2018

This week, the vets go over the hills and through the woods of central Michigan from one emergency call to the next. They race to the rescue of some raucous alpacas, Luna the loveable therapy rabbit, and Twinkie, a cute baby goat. Thankfully, when things get tough at Pol Vet, everyone's favorite three-legged office cat, Tater, is there to save the day!

A Plague on Both Your Horses Sep 22, 2018

Looks like chills are multiplying this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol! A nasty bug has hit the clinic causing multiple staffers to call out sick. Overwhelmed and understaffed, Dr. Pol and Dr. Emily tag team to take the lead on cases ranging from injured legs, quilled faces, and amputated ears. Between treating sick animals and dealing with a sick staff, a vet's job is never done.

You Can't Handle the Tooth Sep 15, 2018

Dr. Michele shadows our regulars for a crash course in farm calls – Dr. Pol-style! Dr. Michele picked a good week, feisty bulls need wrangling, a reluctant horse needs dental work, and a series of pregnancy checks kick off the week. Add to the mix an emergency goat kidding and a little kitten with a crippling leg problem.

Kung Fu Biting Sep 8, 2018

This week on the Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs at Pol Vet are bombarded with not one, not two, not three, but four dogs that have been attacked. On top of the dog fights, the docs are seeing everything: bloated cows, pregnant pigs, and even a needy kitten makes an appearance.

Meow-Y Christmas Sep 1, 2018

Santa Paws is coming to town this week in the Incredible Dr. Pol! The holidays are here again with lights, decorations and an unexpected snowstorm! Despite the weather, the staff at PVS are determined to keep their spirits high. With broken wings and smelly things, jingle bells and puppy yelps, it's looking to be a Holy, Pol-y Christmas!

A Twitch in Time Aug 25, 2018

Emergencies don't follow regular business hours at Pol Vet. It's 911 from head to tail in a race to save lives this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Bark 'N Stormy Aug 18, 2018

Sit! Stay! You're in for a barking good time this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol. In this pooch-packed episode, cut tails, close calls, quill pulling and knee popping keep the docs at Pol Veterinary Services paws-itively busy as they rush to help injured pooches.

Hook, Line & Lemur Aug 11, 2018

After a busy summer, everyone from the clinic staffers to their furry friends at Pol Veterinary Services are excited for some rest and relaxation. Dr. Pol trades in his stethoscope for a fishing pole for a weekend as he and Diane take a mini-vacation out on the open water.

New Cats on the Block Aug 4, 2018

The vets see everything from poisoned puppies and sassy cats. Meanwhile, Tater, the clinic cat, gets an adventure of his own.

Doc Got Run Over by a Reindeer Jul 28, 2018

As the leaves change during autumn in Michigan, the crew at Pol Veterinary Services are falling into the same busy routine! Dr. Pol handles a dramatic three-day baby reindeer emergency, while Dr. Emily helps a bulldog that appears to be choking. And Christmas comes early for Dr. Brenda when she is tasked with a herd of Santa Clauses and their reindeer.

May the Horse Be With You Jul 21, 2018

It's another whirlwind weekend as the clinic encounters constipated cats, gassy horses and even a surprise proposal. Dr. Pol trims a ram's overgrown horns, giving it a chance at many more healthy years. Meanwhile, while vacationing in England, Charles surprises his girlfriend, Beth, by asking her to marry him! Looks like the Pol clan will have another case on their hands: planning a wedding!

Grub-a-Dub-Dub Jul 14, 2018

It's trauma, drama and a piglet in peril. A piglet named Winston is rushed into Dr. Pol's clinic after his owners become worried about his sudden decline in health. Dr. Emily worries that it's Tetanus, which can be lethal in small animals, so all of the vets must join forces to help Winston pull through. Meanwhile, the clinic is busy with bloated calves, cats with grubs and even an injured emu.

I Love Moo! Jul 7, 2018

It's a healthy dose of cows, bow-wows and vows this week in central Michigan! A dehydrated dachshund receives intensive care at Pol Veterinary Services, while a horse with colic calls Dr. Emily thirty miles from the clinic. As Dr. Brenda helps a cow that can't get back on her feet, Charles is orchestrating his biggest surprise yet for his parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Mooovin' On Up Mar 31, 2018

It's that time of year again—it's 4-H Fair week in Michigan. It takes months of hard work to prepare for the big event, and the 4H kids and animals couldn't do it without the help of the doctors at the clinic. Dr. Pol and team rush to get their patients healed before the Isabella County Fair.

One Pol Over the Cuckoo's Nest Mar 24, 2018

This week, it's a chirpy and chipper set of cases for the vets of Pol Veterinary Services as they deal with ornery ungulates, cut colts, knobby knees, and more. While Dr. Pol checks on a worried dog owner's beloved pup, Dr. Brenda treats a bull with an injury. Meanwhile, Dr. Emily helps a couple of cows with pneumonia. Finally, Dr. Pol and Charles finish up their latest project – new coops for their recently rescued birds.

The Fourth of Pol-Ly! Mar 17, 2018

It's been a busy summer so far for the vets at Pol Veterinary Services, and things don't seem to be slowing down. From lightning strikes to cat fights, the clinic is seeing a slew of interesting cases. This week, the vets see a goat with gigantic goiters, a dog that came a little too close to an angry cow, and a mysterious number of cattle deaths at a nearby farm. However, it isn't all work once the Fourth of July rolls around.

Storm's a-Mooin' Mar 10, 2018

It's Dr. Emily's first week back at the clinic after maternity leave, but that doesn't mean things are all smooth sailing. When a massive flood strikes Michigan, humans and animals alike are reeling from the devastating effects, making it a wet and wild week for the vets.

Be My Canine Feb 22, 2020

Dr. Emily goes into labor three weeks early— leaving Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda to man the busy clinic without her! While Dr. Emily welcomes her baby into the world, the clinic sees a few chaotic cases, such as a turkey with some mysterious lumps, a heifer struggling to give birth, and a family dog experiencing a problematic labor. Finally, Dr. Emily and her husband Tony bring in their newest addition to meet the vets.

Three Vets and a Baby Feb 3, 2018

Spring is in full swing in central Michigan, and the vets at Pol Veterinary Services are busy with babies. Pregnant horses, cows, pigs, and sheep are going into labor and the clinic is flooded with calls from clients needing their help.

Pop! Goes the Beagle Jan 27, 2018

It's a whirlwind of a week at Pol Veterinary Services. From wrangling wild alpacas to rolling stubborn heifers, the vets have their gloves full! This week, Dr. Pol treats a sick goat, a malnourished alpaca and a piglet with a dangerously swollen ear. Dr. Brenda gets herself into a "tight" situation, and Dr. Emily sees some disturbing doggie doo-doo.

Birth, Wind & Fire Jan 20, 2018

With the long and frigid Michigan winter finally coming to an end, the staff and animals rejoice. The changing seasons brings new life, and Dr. Pol and team have their hands full with baby animals. This week, Dr. Pol helps with a basket of newborn puppies, and Dr. Brenda treats a thrashing horse with an injured leg.

Rock-a-Baa Baby Jan 13, 2018

As the weather begins to warm up in Michigan, the staff at Pol Veterinary Services are thrown into a frenzy of frantic phone calls from clients needing their help. While Dr. Pol and Charles respond to a call about a mother cow with birthing complications, Dr. Emily stays back at the clinic to check on a yorkie that is having trouble walking. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda consults with a worried dog owner who's pup won't stop shaking.

What's Moo with Ewe? Jan 6, 2018

It's a hectic week for Pol Veterinary Services as the staff sees a slew of emergencies, reunions, and ruffled feathers! From cat fights to labs with lumps to emu rescues, the vets have their hands full. Dr. Pol treats a horse with a tooth issue, while Dr. Emily helps a pup with a deadly virus. Meanwhile, Diane receives a call about some emus that need a loving home.

Dairy Poppins Sep 2, 2017

It's winter in Michigan, and that means that the snow is falling and so is the temperature, but there's no time to relax by the fire, as the cases just keep rolling in. It is time for the vets of Pol Veterinary Services to bundle up and get to work. From a grumpy cat that gets a taste of his own medicine, to a couple of after-hours emergencies, there is truly no rest for these cold and weary vets.

Frosty the Pol-man Aug 26, 2017

‘Tis the season for surprises and miracles! From a collapsed horse with a mysterious brain injury to a potbelly pig that missed her flu shot, Dr. Pol and the clinic are encountering a shocking set of cases.

K-9 to 5 Aug 19, 2017

It is K9 chaos at Pol Veterinary Services. Dogs of all breeds come into the clinic after getting into mischief and some intense emergency situations.

Mamma Mia! Aug 12, 2017

It's another wild week at Pol Veterinary Services, as Dr. Emily, Dr. Brenda, and Dr. Pol take on cases big and small.

Pe-Pol's Choice Aug 5, 2017

Dr. Pol and the clinic run into unique and surprising cases, from exposed tendons to pig attacks.

Show Me the Honey Jul 29, 2017

Vet assistant Katie shadows Dr. Pol in hopes of getting into vet school. Meanwhile, Charles conducts a taste test, showcasing his fresh homemade honey to the entire staff.

Pol Side of the Moon Jul 22, 2017

A new season arrives in Michigan. During the heart of the fall, a freak snow storm blows through. This happens on an already odd week, with a full moon and Halloween which is keeping Dr. Pol and the vets very busy!

Happy Birthday to Moo! Jul 15, 2017

This week, animals are ailing and the doctors are determined. From a potbelly pig to hurt horses and injured cats, it's as busy a week as ever for the staff at Pol Veterinary Services. There's a birthday to celebrate too!

Hooked on a Feline Jul 8, 2017

A three-legged feline is hanging around clinic, and he's here to stay! The new office cat is hanging out in his very own clinic while recovering from a nasty trap wound. Dr. Pol gets a strange new case when a macaw a cockatoo fly in with bizarre injuries. A mystery calf throws Dr. Emily for a loop, while Dr. Brenda treats a coughing canine.

It's All Dutch to Me Jul 1, 2017

Dr. Pol, Diane and Charles visit the Netherlands, but for Doc, this is no vacation, as a whirlwind of adventures and farm calls await; back in Michigan, Dr. Brenda, Dr. Emily and the rest of the staff do their best to keep up with the busy clinic.

Paw & Order Mar 25, 2017

Pol Veterinary Services receives a call about a rescued Saint Bernard in a life-threatening situation. Left outside in the blazing summer sun, this abused dog needs Dr. Pol's help recovering from potential heatstroke. Dr. Pol and Diane care for the Saint Bernard and nurse him back to health. Eventually, they fall for the loveable lump and are determined to keep him out of the pound and in a suitable home.

The Return of Dr. Strangeglove Mar 18, 2017

Weird things happen every day at Pol Veterinary Services, but things are downright strange this week as Dr. Pol and his team treat some of the most bizarre patients they have ever seen. Their cases include a red-necked wallaby with a peculiar protrusion, a cow with a mutant baby, and an extra tiny two-pound goat.

Beginner's Yuck Mar 11, 2017

As late spring turns to summer, one thing remains constant at Pol Veterinary Services - the vets are busy with patients in need. Dr. Pol, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily shift into overdrive to meet the needs of their clients, until some extra help arrives. The Pol Clinic veterans take a new vet, Dr. Erin, under their wing, as they flip cows, clamp calves, tube horses, and treat a rescue rooster.

Itchin' for a Stichin' Mar 4, 2017

In case of emergency, dial Dr. Pol! The stakes are high for Dr. Pol and the clinic staff as animals across central Michigan find themselves in one complication after the next. Dr. Emily rushes to treat a dog that had been shot, and then responds to another call involving an injured Beagle. Meanwhile, Dr. Pol and Charles get roped into an unexpected rodeo that puts Charles out of commission.

Foaly Moses! Feb 25, 2017

This spring, the Pols are filled with excitement as they attend to a very special pet project: their Friesian horse, Anneke, is expecting! After 11 long months, Anneke finally gives birth to an itty bitty stud colt. Dr. Pol and Diane adore their new baby but are deeply concerned about his size ... he's lighter than expected. They pull out all the stops and to nurse their new baby to health.

Sheep-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Feb 18, 2017

It's another wild week in Michigan. From animal attacks to breakaway bovines to slick sheep, the team at Pol Veterinary Services is busy on call as the cases keep rolling in. Meanwhile, Charles has his plate full with a plan to go green at the clinic and at home. He's leading the charge to help the Pols get eco-friendly for a sustainable future.

Wizard of Paws Feb 11, 2017

The clinic is going to the dogs as the vets have their paws full with this motley crew of pups. From limping labs and damaged danes to Pomeranian's with pimples and terriers with tooth trouble, the clinic is busy helping man's best friend.

Cranes, Sprains & Automobiles Feb 4, 2017

Spontaneous blizzards and chill temperatures are complicating things at Pol Veterinary Services this spring, but that doesn't slow the team down. A late-night emergency keeps Dr. Pol at the clinic during a snowstorm while Diane copes with a power outage. The weather interruptions continue as Dr. Pol is called out to treat a first for him: a wild Sandhill Crane with life-threatening injuries.

Twist and Snout Jan 28, 2017

Pol Veterinary Services has an exciting new addition to the clinic staff: Dr. Emily's husband, Tony! The team is grateful for the extra help as they receive a slew of difficult cases. A complicated calving in dangerous weather conditions, a dog with "swimmer puppy" syndrome, and a cow with a cut milk vein have the team running on all cylinders.

Doc Nose Best Jan 21, 2017

Neither rain nor snow can stand in the way of the team at the clinic. But this year, the weather is putting them to the test! Meanwhile, the veterinarians respond to an array of wild cases, including a huge, rambunctious boar with razor-sharp tusks, a near-fatal skunk attack, and a twisted uterus. Then, Michigan mud season kicks in and it seems nothing is working in the vets favor.

Show Me the Bunny Jan 14, 2017

Broken toes, worm infestations, and nursing puppies send the clinic into a whirlwind. Dr. Pol and Diane are short-handed and Charles goes out of town at the last minute, so the Pols call in some backup. Dr. Pol and Diane's grandchildren, Adam and Rachel, hurry to help out. Stakes are high Dr. Emily performs two lifesaving surgeries on one of the worst cases she's ever seen!

Oh, Pol-y Night Jan 7, 2017

Ho, oh, no! It is the holiday season in Michigan and Dr. Pol and his team make their patient list, check it twice, and treat those who are naughty, spotty, snotty, and nice! The clinic meets with a dog owner who suspects her dog ate Christmas lights and Dr. Pol rushes the young pup in for an emergency x-ray. Meanwhile, Dr. Emily rushes to help a calf with an enormous amount of fluid in its lungs.

One Great Dane Sep 24, 2016

The Pols have had Great Danes as pets for decades. Frija, the oldest of the Pol's Danes, sunbathes at the family lake house. At almost 10 years old, Frija is the "old girl" of the house. Unfortunately, Dr. Pol diagnosed her with bone cancer and has a tough decision to make.

Albert Ein-swine Sep 17, 2016

As Thanksgiving draws near, Charles Pol shows his appreciation for the staff at the clinic. Meanwhile, the vets' tireless efforts and passion is on full display, leaving their clients — and their pets — ever so thankful.

Dr. Franken-Pol Sep 10, 2016

Dr. Emily remedies a Frankenstein puppy, Dr. Elizabeth does her first solo farm call, and spooky circumstances bring in a cat riddled with bb pellets.

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Goat Sep 3, 2016

Before the Pols can relax and go work on their lake house, Dr. Pol must treat a wide array of clients including a camel, a bull, and hedgehog.

The Alpacalypse Aug 27, 2016

Dr. Pol handles an emergency calving, where a bone has cracked and fallen into the pelvis of the cow, blocking the calf's way out.

Flip ‘n Stitch Jul 30, 2016

Hailing from Georgia, Dr. Elizabeth Grammer is the latest addition to Team Pol, and she's arrived not a moment too soon. Her first weeks bring big surprises and helpful lessons as she learns the ropes at Pol Clinic.

E-I-E-I-Pol Jul 23, 2016

Bill calls on Dr. Pol because his 1,800-pound bull has been limping around. After a quick and very careful investigation, Doc realizes this burly bull simply needs a mani-pedi!

Peacock-a-doodle-do Jul 16, 2016

Spring is on the horizon in central Michigan, and with it comes new life. Calves and puppies are being born, and the Pols go all out to boost their peafowl flock!

Mommy Reindeerest Mar 12, 2016

Early springtime in Michigan means mothers, including Diane Pol, are being celebrated across the state! From a cow's dangerous breech birth to a very pregnant mare who escapes, the clinic will rest at nothing to nurture moms and their youngsters during this magical time of year.

Pup-Pup-Hooray! Mar 5, 2016

The clinic gets cases of sick and injured pups, from constipated puppies to deadly diseases and nasty dogfights, but with Dr. Pol's help, these dogs will be back to chasing their tails in no time!

Goodnight Mooooooon Feb 27, 2016

Unplanned pregnancies, long labors, mystery symptoms and power outages — the vets at Pol Veterinary Services have their hands full! While it's raining cats and dogs outside, the cats and dogs inside need help — even without lights and computers. With a little assistance from Dr. Pol and a lot of hard work from the staff, business carries on at the clinic.

Piggin' in the Rain Feb 20, 2016

The gloomy weather doesn't stop the crew from taking on a range of unique cases, including testy bulls, coughing pigs and wobbly reindeer. Once their work is finished, Dr. Pol and Diane take a little trip to Holland, Michigan. Reminiscent of Dr. Pol's home country where the two once lived together, Jan and Diane enjoy a day holding hands and laughing over the bright tulips.

Double Trouble Feb 13, 2016

After working hard throughout her pregnancy, it's just about time for Dr. Emily's maternity leave – but not before Dr. Pol and crew treat a slew of young animals.

Un-Bee-Lievable Feb 6, 2016

A tough winter has finally broken in Michigan, and local animals are abuzz in the warmer weather. Meanwhile, Charles has spent the week preparing for his latest project — beekeeping!

The Color Purr-Pol Jan 30, 2016

Dr. Pol treats animals of all shapes and sizes. Yet there's still one thing even the incredible Dr. Pol cannot do with precision — get his colors straight. He may be partially colorblind, but that doesn't stop him from appreciating the finer details of life. So when Charles hears of a new technological breakthrough, he decides it's time to give his dad the greatest gift of all — the gift of color. Things aren't always as clear as black and white for this country vet!

Frostbitten in the Mitten Jan 23, 2016

Central Michigan is in the throes of yet another brutal winter, but the staff of Pol Veterinary Services remain undeterred — no matter the conditions, there are sick animals that need care, and these are just the vets for the job. The deep freeze of late winter has everyone feeling uncomfortable — but Dr. Pol won't let the temperatures stop him from taking on a new home improvement project.

Dairy Queens Jan 16, 2016

The elements have never stopped the staff at Pol Veterinary Services from working their tails off — not even lots of snow and ice! They are in the midst of one of Michigan's toughest winters, but the team won't let the frigid temperatures slow them down. The clinic receives a call about an agitated cow at a nearby farm. The situation is not looking good for the cow, who recently birthed a calf. Will she even let Dr. Pol close enough to help her?

Freezin' Pol'd Jan 9, 2016

It's the dead of winter in Michigan, but the arctic temperatures can't stop clients from blowing into the Pol Veterinary Clinic — from Nugget the hedgehog who has a sticky situation, to Tiny the quarter horse who has a severely torn eyelid — and not snow, nor sleet, nor ice will slow down the Pol vet team when an animal's in need!

One Hot Llama Sep 26, 2015

The leaves have changed and the first hints of winter appear in central Michigan. Dr. Pol and the PVS crew are still hard at work servicing the farms and small animal owners of Isabella County and the surrounding areas. Spitting llamas, a surly Scottish highlander, and a red heeler who had a run-in with a car are just a few of the surprises in store for these dedicated vets. As they zip through the unforgiving Michigan countryside in their trusty trucks, every day brings a new set of challenges—vehicle troubles included.

Squeal of Fortune Sep 19, 2015

It's Dr. Pol's birthday—but before the celebrations can begin, there's a bevy of cases for the Pol Veterinary staff. From colorful parrots to a sick zebra, Dr. Pol's hands are full with this week's exciting cases! The first call of the day is from Gary Smith. He needs Dr. Pol to perform pregnancy checks on a whopping 86 cows at his farm! With the fighting and kicking, it takes hours to get all these cows accounted for. But with a lot of help from his right-hand man Charles, Doc gets the job done and is on to the next. Back at the clinic, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Emily are both looking after some troubled pups. Little Annie has a severely fractured bone in her leg. Dr. Brenda has to weigh all the options and determine what's best for this still-growing pup. Meanwhile, young Ayasha wants to be a doctor when she grows up. When she arrives at PVS with her new puppy for a checkup, she wastes no time in teaming up with Dr. Emily to give her best friend a clean bill of health. At the end of a long day, the Pol family surprises Doc with a birthday dinner. For a man whose plate is always full, the night provides some well-deserved relaxation and celebration!

Knights of the Round Stable Sep 12, 2015

It's another busy week for Pol Veterinary Services. Across town, there's a stalled labor at McConnell Farms, which gets doubly complicated after the team realizes the mother is birthing twins. Every minute is critical, especially with a twin calving, so Dr. Emily calls Dr. Pol for a little lesson on his way to handle it. Back at the clinic, Marshall the pig arrives with his new family. Marshall's feisty as can be, and with a squeal to match. His owner, Kassie, hopes Dr. Pol can figure out what's causing this piglet's tantrums. Over at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Dr. Pol takes a look at the hooves of a limping horse named Maverick, a jousting giant scheduled to compete at that day's tournament. Will Dr. Pol be able to help this stoic steed in time for the show?

Hook, Feline and Sinker Sep 5, 2015

From gimpy goats to belligerent bulls, families all around are relying on Pol Veterinary Service to take care of their animals this summer. The first patient of the day is a loveable family pup who got a little too close to some farming equipment. With a few stitches from Doc Pol, he'll be up to snuff and playing with his family in no time! Later, a young girl arrives with her dad and her cat, Princess. Curiosity got the best of this cat when she managed to get a fishhook stuck in her leg—will Doc be able to rescue this Princess in peril? Later in the week, it takes the whole team of doctors to help an injured goat named Willie. Willie seems to have twisted his neck but that may just be a sign of an even worse illness. All the while, Charles has been tending to his newest baby—a little peachick named Drogo. With the help of Dr. Pol, Charles is becoming more and more like his father, with a flock of his very own.

Dr. Fix-It-All Aug 29, 2015

It's another busy week for Dr. Pol both in the clinic and at home. Clients take matters into their own hands and our vets have a slew of do-it-yourself doctoring to repair. Dr. Brenda's got her hands full devising a creative treatment plan for Cash, a hyperactive blue heeler puppy whose owners had no choice but to create a makeshift splint for his broken leg. Dr. Pol sees some crafty DIY treatment himself when a client uses super glue to mend a gashed lip after his pug, Buddy, got into a fight and lost. While Dr. Pol deals with Buddy, the stakes are high for a beloved hunting dog, Sadie, as Dr. Brenda corrects a homegrown suture procedure gone wrong. As if they're not busy enough at the clinic, Dr. Pol, Diane and Charles embark on some ambitious home improvement projects at the lake house. There are no days off for the Pols … and that's just the way Doc likes it.

Cowhide and Seek Aug 22, 2015

Runaways, adventurists, and escape artists—what's gotten into these animals around town? First, Dr. Pol is called in to assess two runaway bulls who've shown up at Tom Knoll's Farm. Across town, Dr. Emily is responding to a complicated emergency calving. It's going to take some repositioning to get this calf out, and Dr. Emily has to hustle in order to save both the calf and mother. Later, at the clinic, Dr. Brenda is helping Miss Kitty who's in with a problem that's making her young owner squirm! Back at their home, Athena and Donar get together and finagle their way out of the house – is there any stopping them? Will Charles ever catch up to these great adventuring Danes? Between canine hijinks, bulls on the loose, and an attempted kitten getaway, the Pol's sure have their hands full!

Dr. StrangeGlove Aug 15, 2015

The staff of Pol Vet Services has one head-scratcher after another, from the peculiar to the downright bizarre. With over 19,000 clients, it's only a matter of time before the vets are presented with a unique case that they've never seen before. Dr. Pol leads the charge into uncharted territory. He devises a way to noninvasively remove penile carcinomas threatening a beloved horse, and advises a client on how to best treat her duck whose penis has prolapsed. Dr. Brenda also has her hands full with a herniated pig, and a beagle that has a brain-shaped vaginal polyp. Not to be outdone, Dr. Emily, the newest vet at PVS, completes her ‘first flip and stitch' LDA treatment on a dairy cow, treats a tongue-twisted horse, and delivers a deformed calf with no anus. All in a days work at Pol Vet Services!

My Fair Piggy Aug 8, 2015

The Isabella County Fair is just around the corner – which means Dr. Pol, Dr. Emily and Dr. Brenda are busy treating fair animals, making sure they are in tiptop shape for competition. Dr. Pol and Charles start the day tending to a fair pig, whose future isn't looking so fair after all. Will Dr. Pol be able to get this prolapsed show pig back in shape? Across town, Dr. Emily's up to bat, with a cow named Toro – who's abdominal hernia seems to be more than a hiccup on the road to winning the blue ribbon. Now it's Dr. Brenda's turn – there are two horn-y things on the heads of steers, Big Ron and Hannah, preventing them from getting fair-side.

Back to the Suture Aug 1, 2015

It's no secret that Dr. Pol has a need for speed; in his stable of unique cars, the stainless steel DMC DeLorean is one of his all-time favorites, but much like his patients this week – a prolapsed 4-H pig, a duck with a mangled web, and a cow with udder issues – this iconic car needs some TLC.

Squeal of Dreams Jul 25, 2015

Dr. Pol is fielding farm calls all over Isabella County now that the spring birthing season is in full swing. Dr. Pol is ready to catch whatever curveball a cow throws his way, but when the local minor league baseball team asks him to throw the first pitch, it comes right out of left field. He may not be a baseball pro, but Dr. Pol knows how to play hardball, and after practicing with Charles, he's going to show Michigan a first pitch to remember. But practice comes last when Dr. Pol still has so many farm calls to deal with first!

Black and White and Pol All Over Mar 14, 2015

A swift kick from a horse forces Charles to sit out farm calls, so it's up to Diane to fill his coveralls.

Dog-a-POL-ooza Mar 7, 2015

It's all dogs, all day this week at Pol Veterinary Services! Dogs are an incredibly important part of the Pols' lives, as both personal pets and clients. From unclaimed strays to nosy farm dogs, there's no pup Dr. Pol and crew won't treat.

Chubby Bunny Feb 28, 2015

While the Pol clinic is packed to the gills with a mini-pig, giant bunny, pregnant dog, and a busted hen; the Pol's own family of animals is about to add one more pooch to the pack.

Ruff Day at the Office Feb 21, 2015

A pup with eye problems, a bird with a busted beak, and a trio of possibly pregnant alpacas start the day, but emergency after emergency keeps the entire clinic hopping well into the night on one frantic Friday.

It's Raining Hen Feb 14, 2015

Popeye the therapy rabbit comes into Pol Clinic with overgrown teeth but leaves with a couple of dates when his owner, Jodi, of nearby Hopewell Therapeutic Ranch persuades Dr. Pol to donate dinner with himself and Diane for her organization's auction fundraiser!

Slop, Drop and Pol Feb 7, 2015

Dr. Pol certainly has a lot on his plate when a pit-bull is in for emergency surgery, a pair of pups run into a prickly porcupine, and Smoke the pet pig, is attacked; but Charles may have bitten off more than he can chew when he decides to enter the annual pancake eating contest.

Money Barks Jan 31, 2015

The animals of Isabella County are getting antsy after such a long winter and they're up to more trouble than usual.

Bugged Bunny Jan 24, 2015

The Pol Clinic vets are up to their coverall collars in clients and the new vet, Dr. Emily, can't start soon enough as Dr. Pol juggles cases that send him out to help a horse combating colic, a rabbit that can't hop to it, and a working dog named Stitches, with possible head trauma.

Udderly Frozen Jan 17, 2015

Vets, calves and cats are all having a hard time after getting the cold shoulder from Jack Frost this winter. Farmers, livestock and pets work to adapt while Dr. Pol stays warm the only way he knows how — by keeping busy.

Incredible! The Story of Dr. PolJan 10, 2015
Nerves of Steer Jan 10, 2015

Horses are driving Dr. Pol wild as he works to fix chunky runny noses, gruesome gashes and even penile problems. He's always up to the challenge, but it's a horse of a different color when Dr. Pol is asked to deliver a commencement address to the entire graduating class of Central Michigan University.

Pol-tergeist Oct 25, 2014

Halloween-themed episode in which Dr. Pol tends to the needs of a variety of animals. Included: cows; sugar gliders; horses.

The Upper Hoof Oct 18, 2014

It's a full day for the vets when Dr. Pol wrangles a foursome of gutsy cows that refuse their pregnancy checks and Dr. Brenda deals with an after-hours emergency when Sisco the horse is down with colic. The two vets are always ready for action, but with the clinic understaffed and Dr. Sandra preparing to leave the practice, life at the Pol Clinic somehow found a way to get crazier.

Santa Paws Oct 11, 2014

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the farms, Dr. Pol is still working inside the red barns! It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas in Michigan as Dr. Pol heads to John Jourdain's for his first farm call of the day. Without a head chute, the set-up for these castrations is less than ideal - but nothing Doc Pol can't handle. It's clear these calves aren't willing to surrender without a fight. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda races out to Rooftop Landing, where a reindeer named Ole is aching for a chance to pull Santa's sleigh. December tis also the season when reindeers breed, leaving this buck cruising for a mate, and on his feet almost all day long. This wouldn't be a problem if he didn't have a massive hoof abscess growing on his back right hoof. Will Dr. Brenda be able to get Ole's hoof healed up in time to join the reindeer games? The end of the week finds the Pols in the mood for some holiday cheer. With Dr. Pol and Diane as Grand Marshalls of the Farwell Lights Parade and Charles volunteering as Santa's helper elf - the family can finally celebrate the Christmas season together.

Talk Turkey to Me Oct 4, 2014

This Thanksgiving the birds are calling the shots at Pol Veterinary Services when Charles adopts three turkeys that are on the run. Then when Gail and Lynn Wernette find a pair of wandering Great Danes near their home, they bring them to the clinic. Thin and in poor health, these dogs are in need of some serious TLC, but Dr. Pol and Diane have a full house. The hunt is on for homes for these gentle giants. Later, it's all hands on deck when Capone, a horse with a nasty cut on its hoof, arrives in the clinic parking lot. It's an uphill battle as Dr. Pol wrestles with Capone, and calls for help from his owners to get the horse treated. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a meal shared with family and friends and everyone from the clinic gather for a traditional Amish Thanksgiving meal, taking a break from the business of work to enjoy one another's company.

Barking Bad Sep 27, 2014

The Pol Clinic is bursting at the seams with two-legged and four-legged traffic, and Dr. Pol and Diane are ready to expand. Cement mixers and cranes have the Pol clinic buzzing with anticipation for this latest addition. But on the road it's business as usual for the crew as Dr. Pol, Charles and Dr. Brenda tackle the problems of a feisty alpaca, a troubled twosome of dairy cows and a miniature donkey with a fungus problem on its feet.

Here's Looking at Moo Sep 20, 2014

Dr. Pol may be from the Netherlands, but there's no question his home is Michigan - as a vet or a church member, or a high school football fan, Dr. Pol and his family are very much a part of the Isabella County community. In honor of his dedication, Dr. Pol is surprised with an award in recognition of his work with 4H. But he has little time to celebrate before he's off to help Marshall Farms' castrate some of the newest members of their cattle herd while also working to curb a potentially disastrous pink eye outbreak at Finnerty Farms.

Apocalypse Cow Sep 13, 2014

This week, the Pols go Dutch when a special visitor comes to town - Charles' uncle Jan is visiting from the Netherlands! Uncle Jan doesn't speak English and Charles is on a mission to learn enough Dutch to finally have a conversation with his uncle. Dr. Pol helps when he can, but he's got to stay focused on the job while dodging a feisty cow with a stinky foot problem and helping a down-cow taking a treatment that could kill it. Brooks, a puppy with a protruding hernia and Buddy, a Shih Tzu with a bulging eye who's seen better days, keep the clinic hopping until Uncle Jan is in Michigan. Will the conversation be lively or Charles find his attempts fall flat on Dutch ears?

Puppy Love Sep 6, 2014

This fall, love is in the air at Pol Clinic as Charles plans a surprise anniversary getaway for his parents. But the Pols aren't giving just their marriage some TLC; there are sick animals across central Michigan that need Dr. Pol before he can get out of town and celebrate 46 years of marriage with Diane. First up is a bellowing, bloated calf with a problem much worse than a bellyache. Meanwhile at the clinic, Dr. Brenda is dealing with a snarly dog that has a gnarly hot spot on his cheek. Still, every so often a client comes in that stops everyone in their tracks. Today it's a beloved family cat suffering from a severe gunshot wound. From dachshunds to Rottweilers, sore husky pups, and to an abandoned pit bull.

The Amazing Dr. Brenda Aug 30, 2014

Dr. Brenda's 21-years working at the clinic is taken a look at. A horse receives help with weight management whilst a dog with a stomach wound is helped.

Piggin' Out Aug 23, 2014

Dr. Brenda tries to save a calf with a dislocated hip. Dr. Pol helps a hedgehog and a retired stallion and then judges a chili-cook off.

Raging Bulls Mar 29, 2014

Dr. Pol loves keeping it old school, but his son Charles is determined to teach this old vet new tricks by upgrading the computer system at the Pol Veterinary Services. However, Dr. Pol can't be bothered with motherboards when he's got a mare and her sick foal to deal with. Add escaping cattle, a wobbly dog that won't stop walking in circles and an alligator with an attitude to the mix, and you've got a perfect storm of Pol-manageable madness.

Goats Gone Wild Mar 22, 2014

The county fair has come to town, and as the unofficial vet for the entire event, Dr. Pol is a busy man. At the clinic, Timmy the goat has come to see Dr. Brenda. She thinks he's got something blocking his esophagus and must rush to get it out or Timmy will die. The emergency cases keep piling in as Cooter the hound dog arrives at the clinic after battling it out with another dog.

Pol Speed Ahead Mar 14, 2014

Dr. Pol and Charles rush to save a mother mare and foal, but will it be enough? Next, the father-son duo race over to Marshall Farms for a few pregnancy checks. The farmers want to thank their favorite vet by giving him a chance to drive a victory lap in their brand-new racecar. But right as race time finally comes, duty calls and Dr. Pol has to make a pit stop when a dog with a badly slit neck comes into the clinic. Will Dr. Pol make it on time or will his racecar dreams be left in the dust?

The Incredible Mr. Quackerson Mar 8, 2014

Babies are everywhere as Dr. Pol, his son Charles and Dr. Brenda try to keep up with an onslaught puppies, kittens and calves, oh my! Amidst the birthing chaos, Dr. Pol and Charles must wrestle two 1,600-pound cows to the ground in order to operate on their twisted stomachs, a potentially fatal condition. Then, Charles's Great Dane puppy Athena has come of age and is in for a fix. But will a routine procedure present Dr. Pol with more than he can handle?

Wonder Horse Mar 1, 2014

Father's Day is around the corner and Charles is busy scheduling a unique father-son camping trip. Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda see a mountain of cases at the clinic. First is a wild cow with an injured hoof. The team works to find the cause of the pain and heal the frantic cow without landing themselves with an injury of their own. Next to be seen is poor Chubbs, a playful black lab suffering a mystery illness. Can Dr. Pol solve this puzzling case so Chubbs can go back to his old, happy self?

Dog Dazed Afternoon Feb 1, 2014

The summer season is in high gear at the clinic as life-and-death situations stream in. Dr. Pol and Charles visit Stough Farms and Farmer Bill is one happy camper when he finds out that two-thirds of his cows are pregnant! At the clinic, Dr. Sandra examines a goat that gave birth the previous night. Its concerned owners suspect there may still be another baby inside. Meanwhile, Dr. Pol is across town at the Mogg's, tending to a pig that is suffering violent seizures.

How Now Smelly Cow Jan 25, 2014

The first signs of summer are gradually creeping across central Michigan and Pol Veterinary Services is in full swing. Dr. Pol and Charles head to Gross Dairy Farm for an emergency call to help a feisty cow with a twisted stomach and a foul stench. Back at the clinic, Dr. Pol examines Ginger the goat and suspects it might have polio. Dr. Brenda receives an emergency farm call of her own -- a new heifer at Delbert Garrett's farm has a prolapsed uterus and is still straining post-labor.

The Bull Pen Jan 18, 2014

Dr. Pol and Charles start their day by heading out to see a sick ox who has lost weight and is having trouble breathing. After an examination, Dr. Pol finds that the ox's lungs are in bad shape; most likely he's contracted pneumonia and it's so advanced, Dr. Pol is unsure if the animal will make it. Back at the clinic, Dr. Brenda sees Remington, a dog that has accidentally ripped the skin off the top of his back. Meanwhile, Dr. Pol and Charles head off to a farm to fix a castration gone wrong.

Spring Fever Jan 11, 2014

Spring is beginning to bloom as the animals begin to run wild. First on the doctor's list is mini-horse, Mateo, whose hormones have kicked in, making him go wild for the mares. The solution is to castrate Mateo to lessen the testosterone, but this turns out to be no ordinary castration. Then, Jezebel the cow is in distress and unable to birth her calf. Dr. Pol and Charles discover that she has milk fever and if not treated quickly enough, could slip into a coma, causing her and her calf to die.

Noah's Bark Jan 4, 2014

The winter snow has turned into torrential rain, bringing a flood of farm calls to Pol Veterinary Services. In the pouring rain, Dr. Pol rushes out to Pohl Dairy to check on a normally docile dairy cow that is acting out of its mind. Meanwhile, Jacob the goat and Nellie the pig come in with their concerned owner, who's worried they are sharing a skin infection. And Pickles the chameleon has a cyst that needs Dr. Pol's astute eye to check it over.

Cat in the H.A.T.S Sep 21, 2013

After a long, cold winter, the animals of Isabella County are getting testy. Dr. Pol and Charles head out on a farm call to treat an angry bull with a deadly case of bloat. Dr. Pol must act quickly, or the bloat could block the bull's diaphragm and lead to death. Back at the clinic, a cat injured while birthing kittens inspires Charles to volunteer at HATS, the Humane Animal Treatment Society, whose goal is to keep the animal population in check by way of spaying and neutering animals.

New Dog, Pol Tricks Sep 14, 2013

It is birthing season in Michigan, which means Dr. Pol and his clinic staff have their hands full. After receiving an emergency calving call, Dr. Pol and Charles discover that a heifer is already in labor -- but is still out in the pasture. So before he can help her, they'll have to catch her! Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda gets an urgent call about a few sick piglets that were recently purchased for a 4-H project, and she must stop this potential pneumonia epidemic before it spreads even further.

Pigs in a Blanket Sep 7, 2013

As winter drags on Charles, Dr. Pol and the rest of clinic staff brave the frigid temperatures to keep animals healthy in the clinic and on the farm. The first stop is an organic farm where the owner recently lost two calves to a mysterious infection. Across town, Dr. Brenda is called out to visit a 10-month-old horse who has cut his leg badly on a rusty trailer. Later, Dr. Pol and Charles investigate two bizarre cases, both involving birth defects at the opposite ends of two young calves!

Baby, It's Cold Outside Aug 31, 2013

Roses are red, violets are blue, when animals go crazy, Dr. Pol knows what to do. For Dr. Pol, Valentine's Day means flipping a cow upside down to fix his stomach, de-worming a champion goose, and curing the relentless cough of Zev, the Siberian Huskie. Now, that's love. Inspired by Zev the huskie, Charles takes a shot at driving a sled dog team, but realizes that mushing isn't as easy as it seems. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda dehorns a group of loud, but loveable pygmy goat babies.

Charles in Charge Aug 24, 2013

After successfully handling a cow with a twisted stomach, a rabbit with overgrown teeth and a complicated foal delivery, Dr. and Mrs. Pol head off to their much needed vacation. Taking care of his patients is Dr. Brenda, who tends to Debo, a rambunctious escape artist dog who has broken his foot in four places. She also aids a cow that may have slipped on ice and a cat with a toy in its intestines. Eager to help, Charles goes on a farm call with Dr. Brenda to check on a baby goat with pneumonia.

Pol'r Plunge Aug 17, 2013

Dr. Pol challenges Charles to take part in the local Special Olympics charity event, the Polar Plunge, where participants dive into an icy lake in the height of winter.Then, Dr. Pol races to a farm call to check on a horse that's showing irregular symptoms. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda discovers a cow is having respiratory issues and has twisted its stomach. Finally, Dr. Pol must race out on an emergency farm call to young racehorse who has severely wounded his leg, jeopardizing his racing career.

What's Up, Doc? Mar 9, 2013

As the temperature rises in Michigan, Dr. Pol heads to a farm to help a cow that needs calcium immediately-but if he doesn't administer it right, she'll die. Then, he helps a crippled horse that has been infected by the West Nile virus. Will he treat it, or is it too late? At the clinic, a beagle has been in labor for the past 18 hours. Dr. Pol knows that the babies are too big to come out own their own. His experience shines through as he performs an emergency cesarean section, saving her life.

Red, White & Moo Mar 2, 2013

Before Dr. Pol is able to enjoy the Fourth of July, he must take care of animals in need. Dr. Brenda prescribes anti-anxiety medications to a puppy so she can get through the fireworks. Then, they receive a visit from a very sick dog, Gabby. Dr. Pol isn't sure what's causing her distress and it's uncertain if she'll wake up in the morning. Then, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Sandra help a cow in labor. The calves are positioned upside-down. Will they be able to save them?

Hog Days of Summer Feb 23, 2013

It's one of Michigan's hottest summers on record, and the sweltering heat is taking a toll on both Dr. Pol and the local farm animals. Dr. Pol and Charles hope to save a newborn calf with pneumonia, but the thick blanket of humidity covering the area makes their mission even more difficult. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda and newcomer Dr. Sandra struggle to help a stubborn pig give birth on a brutally hot day.

Rock'n Pol Feb 16, 2013

We revisit Dr. Pol and his son Charles as they must solve a mystery -- 10 Angus steers have suddenly gone lame and are struggling to stand. A steer's kick can be lethal, and to treat the sick cattle Dr. Pol will have to stand directly in harm's way. Back at the clinic, we see a recent widow who is prepared to pay whatever it costs to save her late husband's dog after the pet swallowed a rock. The sweltering heat isn't the only thing causing Dr. Pol to sweat; he's preparing for a family reunion.

A Fair to Remember Feb 9, 2013

It's time for the Isabella County Fair, which culminates in the 4-H competition. Dr. Pol and his staff are busy tending to animals that need last minute checkups to make them eligible to compete. Dr. Pol, Charles and Dr. Sandra bounce back and forth between the fair and farm calls, while Dr. Brenda holds down the fort at the clinic to deliver a set of bulldog puppies. When Dr. Pol and Charles get in to a bidding war over a sheep at the fair, it's anybody's guess as to who will come out on top.

Ready, Vet, Go! Feb 2, 2013

With more than 19,000 clients, Dr. Pol is stretched to the limit. To keep up with calls, he adds Dr. Sandra to the staff. A farm girl at heart with lots of large animal experience, Dr. Sandra treats a downed horse with lesions that make it nearly impossible to stand and nurse her colt. Elsewhere, Dr. Brenda is called to treat a bloated cow in critical condition. Without treatment the cow will die, but with one simple procedure, she miraculously has him off the ground and eating in minutes.

Flu the Coop Jan 26, 2013

The flu takes the clinic by storm, but Dr. Pol and his staff must fight through it. Dr. Brenda struggles to find out what is causing a dog to be so abnormally lethargic. She learns from his owner that it's possible he was exposed to marijuana. Dr. Brenda is relieved that the dog will be back to normal in a day. Then an entire herd of cows are too thin despite being well fed. Dr. Pol thinks it's a lack of minerals, and is surprised to find the entire herd has come down with pneumonia.

Llama-Rama Ding-Dong Jan 19, 2013

Temperatures are blazing in Michigan and there are more farm calls than ever. The heat also brings more pregnancy checks and births, leading Dr. Pol and Charles to start their day by heading out to a stable to check the status of some horses. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda heads to a ranch to vaccinate minihorses, but instead gets some screaming and kicking. By the time she's finished, Dr. Brenda is bruised and bleeding, but she never gives up when it comes to the health of their patients.

Gallop Pol Jan 12, 2013

Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda face another unpredictable week of diagnostics, treatments and surgeries. He visits a local breeder and frequent client to check on her limping horse, DooBee. Though DooBee isn't really a compliant patient, the doctor's tactics help him treat his old friend in no time flat. Across town, Dr. Brenda gets help from an Amish boy while treating his newborn foal. Charles and Dr. Pol deal with one of their most dangerous patients yet -- an angry cow separated from her calf.

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Jan 5, 2013

The Pols are experiencing some unusual emergencies and the only explanation they can think of is the full moon. Dr. Pol and Charles head to a cattle farm to perform pregnancy checks. For the first time ever, all the cows they examine are pregnant! Back at the clinic, an X-ray of a dog hit by a motorcycle shows bruising, but no broken bones. Luckily, the dog is able to leave that day. Then Dr. Pol heads to treat a pig with a rectal prolapse - a dose of antibiotics will help alleviate discomfort.

Whoa Mama! Sep 29, 2012

With Mother's Day on its way, it is only fitting that Dr. Brenda successfully deliver twin calves on a farm call. Across town a horse breeder receives the good news that several of his mares are pregnant and can soon expect foals. Back at the clinic, Dr. Brenda struggles with a young dog that can't seem to keep anything in his stomach, while Dr. Pol treats a baby goat with an abscess on its chin.

Holy Bat Attack! Sep 22, 2012

In an enhanced episode we see it's another emotional day for Dr. Pol and his team that starts even before the clinic opens—in the early morning hours, Dr. Pol mistook a bat for a rotten banana peel and got bitten. He takes the bat to animal control to get it tested for rabies, and a positive result could endanger the health of his whole family.

Down and Derby Sep 15, 2012

Dr. Pol and his hard-working team have another packed schedule of farm calls and clinic appointments. A horse in rapidly worsening health and a hairless calf with a poor chance of survival take their toll on the team. However, their expertise and dedication is the result of a healthy newborn calf and a beagle that survives a serious neck injury. Another busy, emotional week only secures the fact that Pol Veterinary Service is in serious need of more help.

All Vets Are Off Sep 8, 2012

It's spring, the busiest time of year at the clinic. In order to keep things on track, Dr. Pol and his team have decided it is time to search for another veterinarian. Dr. Pol, his son Charles and a student from Iowa State who is shadowing Dr. Pol for the day head out to check on a downed cow at a nearby farm. After injecting the cow with calcium and phosphorus, the three go to a local breeder and trainer of racehorses to ensure that his animals are in good health for breeding.

Udder Madness Sep 1, 2012

We check back in to see how Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda are juggling an explosion of patients. First, Dr. Brenda removes an abscess from a puppy. Then, Dr. Pol determines a horse's teeth are not aligned, making it difficult for her to chew. He quickly nips the horse's teeth, allowing her to comfortably chew her food again. Next, Dr. Pol discovers a sick cow not only has a fever, but is pregnant! Find out if Dr. Pol will be able to deliver the calf before it's too late.

Polnado Warning Aug 25, 2012

We revisit a busy day as it begins with a clinic packed with animals and owners. First up, a dog that really does eat homework. With some anesthesia and a few quick moves, Dr. Pol safely removes the spiral metal from his gums. Later, Dr. Pol is busy with patients when the tornado sirens start blaring. The whole clinic, including pets and owners must head to the basement for their safety and ride out the storm.

Got Your Goat Nov 12, 2011

A Boer goat has lost 50 pounds after refusing to eat. While examining the goat, Dr. Pol assumes the goat must have some sort of parasite. He confirms it is Coccidia–-a dangerous, one single-cell parasite that infects the intestinal tracts of animals.

Up Sheep's Creek Nov 5, 2011

Dr. Pol's next farm call requires him to take blood samples from a flock of sheep in order to test for OPP – Ovine Progressive Pneumonia, a progressive disease that is incurable and highly contagious. But it's not as easy as it sounds, Dr. Pol and Charles will have to wrestle the sheep before they can get the samples.

How Now Downed Cow? Oct 29, 2011

In another emergency farm call, Dr. Pol must treat a dairy cow with a Left Displaced Abomasum, or a twisted stomach which means that one of the cow's four stomachs has floated to the top of the abdominal cavity. Dr. Pol will have to perform a procedure to suture that stomach to the wall of the cow's belly.

Vet and Wild Oct 29, 2011

Dr. Pol receives an emergency call from a client who finds her horse down and fears he may not make it. Suffering from a spinal cord injury, he decides to give the horse a cortisone shot. Will he survive? Dr. Pol's son, Charles decides to extend his visit to help his father with the work overload. His only request—to palpate a cow. But trouble creeps up when Dr. Pol and Charles perform an emergency futotomy, an intense procedure to extract two dead fetuses from a cow.

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Generation after generation, families rely on Dr. Pol to keep their animals healthy.

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Doc and Charles make a dynamic duo.

Peek-A-Moo! Sep 28, 2019

As spring approaches, the team at Pol clinic gears up for a newborn season.

Don't Turkey, Be Happy! Mar 3, 2018

While Dr. Emily welcomes her baby into the world, the clinic sees a few chaotic cases.

Be My Canine Feb 10, 2018

The old saying of "dogs are man's best friend" couldn't ring truer for the vets at Pol clinic! From pit bulls and beagles to spaniels and labs, this week is all dogs, all day as Dr. Pol, Dr. Emily and Dr. Brenda fetch solutions for Fido. It's time to revisit the most beloved cases along with the most beloved pets—dogs!

Kitten Kaboodle Jan 6, 2018

In this very special episode, it's all furry felines --- the second most common animal to visit Pol Vet --- and that makes for a jam-packed hour of purrfect patients! From the gripping to the gross, tears of pain and joy, Doc and his team help cat lovers get the right care for their favorite fur balls. Whether it's a fishhook in the mouth, a seriously damaged eye, or an infected wound so gnarly it makes your skin crawl, Dr. Pol's cat clients get into all sorts of trouble – meow-ch!

Sherlock Pol-mes Sep 16, 2017

Take a look back on some of the most intriguing and intense cases ever seen at Pol Veterinary Services.

Purr-fect Pairs Sep 9, 2017

Pets of all sizes and species have one thing in common: they're more than just animals to their loving owners, they're best friends!

Deja MOO!: Foaly Moses!Aug 12, 2017
Deja MOO!: Sheep-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Aug 5, 2017

The vets are on call and on their toes as cases keep rolling in.

Deja MOO!: The Return of Dr. Strangelove Jul 29, 2017

This typical day at Pol Vet is weird, abnormal and extraordinary.

Deja MOO!: Cranes, Sprains & Automobiles Jul 22, 2017

Chilly temperatures are complicating treatment for PVS patients.

Deja MOO!: Twist and Snout Jul 15, 2017

Dr. Emily's husband, Tony, joins the PVS staff.

Deja MOO!: Doc Nose Best Jul 8, 2017

Neither rain, nor snow, nor big Pete can stand in the way of the vets of Pol clinic.

Deja MOO!: One Great Dane Jul 1, 2017

The Pols deal with an emotional time but with clients continuing to come into the clinic, they must carry on.

Deja MOO!: Wizard of Paws Apr 15, 2017

The vets have their hands full with a motley crew of pups.

100th Episode Pol-tacular! Mar 25, 2017

Over the years, we've seen world-famous veterinarian Dr. Pol wrangling animals, tackling cases and dealing with some wild situations. Now, take a trip with us down memory lane as we look back at some of the show's most incredible moments, remarkable cases and favorite memories over the past 100 episodes.

Deja MOO!: Dr. Franken-Pol Mar 18, 2017

Pol Veterinary deal with neck bites and thunderous growls during the Halloween season.

Deja MOO!: Mow, Mow, Mow Your Goat Mar 11, 2017

The Pols find time away from a wide array of clients to work on their lake house.

Deja MOO!: The Alpacalypse Mar 4, 2017

Another not so average week for Dr. Pol and his team.

Deja MOO!: Flip 'N Stitch Feb 25, 2017

The first days of autumn bring beautiful color to the Michigan countryside and a new vet to Pol Veterinary Services.

Deja MOO!: E-I-E-I-Pol Feb 18, 2017

The first days of autumn brings a new vet to Pol Veterinary Services.

Deja MOO!: Mommy Reindeerest Feb 4, 2017

The team celebrates all the mothers.

Deja MOO!: Double Trouble Jan 28, 2017

Everyone gathers to welcome the newest member of the Pol Veterinary Services family.

Deja MOO!: The Color Purr-Pol Jan 21, 2017

Dr. Pol is partially colorblind, so when Charles hears of a new technological breakthrough, he decides it's time to give his dad the greatest gift of all - the gift of color.

Deja MOO!: One Hot Llama Jan 14, 2017

The Pol team deal with llamas, a surly highlander and other surprises.

Deja MOO!: Squeal of Fortune Jan 7, 2017

Pol Veterinary handles cases from colorful parrots to a sick zebra while celebrating Dr. Pol's birthday.

Deja MOO!: Goodnight Mooooooon Sep 24, 2016

The vets at Pol Veterinary Services have their hands full with unplanned pregnancies, long labors, mystery symptoms and power outages.

Deja MOO!: Piggin' in the RainSep 17, 2016
Deja MOO!: Frostbitten in the Mitten Sep 10, 2016

The staff remains undeterred in the throes of another brutal winter in Central Michigan

Deja MOO!: Dairy Queens Sep 3, 2016

Even the elements don't stop Pol Veterinary Services from working at their best.

Deja MOO!: Freezin' Pol'd Aug 27, 2016

Even arctic temperatures can't slow the vets down when an animal is in need.

A Pol Lotta Pressure Aug 20, 2016

Winter, spring, summer or fall, the life of a country vet is a life on call. Whether just sitting down for family dinner or in a deep sleep, animal emergencies do not always occur within business hours. From a baby reindeer clinging to life, to an emergency birthing in the dead of winter, there is no rest for our PVS vets. This week we'll take a look back at some of the most memorable emergencies that left us on the edge of our seats.

Blue Ribbon Kids Aug 13, 2016

It's a best-of-the-kids compilation episode with the world's most famous veterinarian. The cute, the cuddly, the wild, the wooly, we have an entertaining cast of kids — tots to teens — who will do anything for their animals.

Deja MOO!: Un-Bee-lievable Aug 13, 2016

A tough winter has finally broken in Michigan, and local animals are abuzz in the warmer weather.

The Pol-ympic Games Aug 6, 2016

Welcome to the first annual Polympic Games! Horses execute flawless floor routines, cows go in for the high jump, and the doctors band together to make up the ultimate veterinary team. Who will take home the Pol'd?

Deja MOO!: Back to the SutureJul 30, 2016
Deja MOO!: Squeal of DreamsJul 23, 2016
Deja Moo!: Peacock-a-doodle-doJul 16, 2016
Deja Moo!: The Upper HoofJul 16, 2016
Deja MOO: Pup-Pup-Hooray! Apr 16, 2016

Don't miss this enhanced version of The Incredible Dr. Pol! From constipated canines to nasty dogfights, these pups have seen better days.

That's Incredi-Pol! Mar 26, 2016

After helping over half a million patients, Dr. Pol has earned his incredible nickname. Take a look back at some of Dr. Pol's most memorable cases.

Udderly Unpredicta-Pol Mar 19, 2016

Reliving the most bizarre moments in Dr. Pol history means scale invasions, creepy crawly maggots, and the lumpiest bumps and nastiest stenches.

Deja MOO!: Talk Turkey to MeMar 12, 2016
Deja MOO!: Pol-tergeist Mar 5, 2016

Halloween is coming and Dr. Pol is in his element dealing with jumping, flailing and barking clientele.

Deja MOO!: Dr. Strangeglove Feb 27, 2016

The vets have one difficult case after another, from the peculiar to the downright bizarre.

Deja Moo!: Goodnight MooooooonFeb 27, 2016
Deja Moo!: Knights of the Round StableFeb 20, 2016
Deja Moo!: Hook, Feline and Sinker Feb 13, 2016

Families from all over rely on Pol Veterinary Service to take care of animals from goats to bulls during the summer.

Deja Moo!: Double Trouble Feb 13, 2016

Everyone gathers to welcome the newest member of the Pol Veterinary Services family.

Deja Moo!: Dr. Fix-It-All Feb 6, 2016

The vets have a slew of do-it-yourself doctoring to repair after clients take matters into their own hands.

Deja Moo!: Cowhide and Seek Jan 30, 2016

Between canine hijinks, bulls on the loose, and an attempted kitten getaway, Dr. Pol sure has his hands full.

Deja Moo!: The Color Purr-PolJan 30, 2016
Deja Moo!: The Amazing Dr. BrendaJan 23, 2016
Deja Moo!: My Fair PiggyJan 16, 2016
Deja Moo!: Santa Paws Jan 9, 2016

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the farms, Dr. Pol is still working inside the red barns!

Spring It On Apr 12, 2014

It's the best of the seasons at the Pol clinic -- springtime! Some of our most memorable moments of Dr. Pol and his team caught in a tornado, flooding rains, and strange happenings because of the full moon. They weather the storm of non-stop emergency calls from stalled cow births to animals with unusual birth defects. The springtime fun continues with cute baby animals preparing for 4-H competition and a never seen before' case with Bill O'Reilly, the baby turkey.

Pol-a-Palooza Apr 5, 2014

From cows and pigs to goats and pugs, celebrate some of Dr. Pol's greatest moments caught on camera. For over thirty years Dr. Pol has played an integral part in the health and welfare of both the people and pets across Michigan. His skills and dedication warm the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to call him their vet.

Jingle Pols Dec 25, 2012

Join the Pols in central Michigan as they get into the holiday spirit. As the family pitches in to get the house ready for Christmas, Dr. Pol and Charles take the time to reflect on life in the clinic and out on farm calls over the past year. From twin calves to dogs that have had some close calls, and even a new veterinarian in the clinic, this year has been an eventful one, and one for which the Pols and clinic staff can be thankful.

When will be The Incredible Dr. Pol next episode air date?

The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 24 is yet to be announced by Nat Geo Wild.

Is The The Incredible Dr. Pol renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 11/23/2023 and now is not renewed yet. The Incredible Dr. Pol is to be Premiered on Nat Geo Wild

Where to countdown The Incredible Dr. Pol air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 24 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode The Incredible Dr. Pol, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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