The Marked Heart Season 3 is to Premiere on Netflix

Latest Episode: 4/19/2023
Next Episode: To be scheduled
Created by: Leonardo Padrón
Official site:
Station: Netflix
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A man hell-bent on exacting revenge on the organ trafficking organization that murdered his wife becomes involved with the woman who received her heart.

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Name Air Dates
Expiación Apr 19, 2023

Camila lashes out against Zacarías, who tells Sarmiento to finish what he started. The outcome shocks everyone who finds out about their scheme.

Fuera de control Apr 19, 2023

A weary Zacarías wonders if he's lost control of the situation and Simón and Tomás aim to regain it. Lorena seeks to take advantage of Zacarias' spiral.

A contrarreloj Apr 19, 2023

Camila pleads to her mom for help. Tomás tells a prison guard he'll share the information Simón won't disclose — and inadvertently becomes a target.

La terrible elección Apr 19, 2023

Camila is kidnapped. While Zacarías tries to pressure Simón into making a macabre choice, Cárdenas gives Zacarías a deadline to cut ties with Sarmiento.

La última esperanza Apr 19, 2023

Samantha faints. The reason for Sarmiento's deference to Zacarías is revealed. Simón's bravery reaps rewards, but tragedy awaits around the corner.

El caos Apr 19, 2023

Nicky falls prey to Mariachi's gang. Greta threatens Zacarías. The botched bank robbery puts Simón in a precarious position and creates a media frenzy.

Una solución desesperada Apr 19, 2023

During a heated encounter with Sarmiento, Simón vows to deliver justice. He and Tomás prove they are willing to sacrifice everything for Samantha.

Bienvenidos al infierno Apr 19, 2023

As Zacarías operates with unprecedented viciousness, Camila comes up with an astonishing proposition and Simón faces an impossible predicament.

Ponte en mis zapatos Apr 19, 2023

Finding herself trapped against her will, Camila resorts to desperate — and deathly — measures. Simón's world is shattered after a conversation with Zacarías.

El reencuentro Apr 19, 2023

A year and a half after leaving Colombia, Camila's peaceful stay in Istanbul comes to an abrupt end. She flees to Mexico, where Simón happens to live.

La confesión Apr 20, 2022

Camila makes a difficult decision. Checo's next assignment leads Simón to the heart of the organization — and to a harrowing discovery.

La próxima víctima Apr 20, 2022

When Garabato threatens Samantha, she goes looking for Tomás. After having a heart-to-heart with Simón, Camila struggles to make her next move.

La cicatriz Apr 20, 2022

Influenced by Greta, Cárdenas makes a decision about Zacarías. Camila's scar leads Simón to a painful conclusion.

El infiltrado Apr 20, 2022

Mariachi gives Checo his first task. Simón realizes his revenge scheme has distanced him from his kids. Zacarías gets into an argument with Cárdenas.

La terrible verdad Apr 20, 2022

Greta and Cárdenas celebrate their wedding. Camila goes to extreme lengths to find the truth about Zacarías. Simón assumes another identity.

Estamos aquí para cambiarle la vida Apr 20, 2022

Camila confronts Zacarías with her findings. Tomás puts Samantha at great risk. Sarmiento makes a bold move to support Cárdenas' candidacy.

¿Mi esposo es un asesino? Apr 20, 2022

Camila questions her feelings for Simón, as well as Zacarías' involvement in her transplant. Samantha and Tomás meet again. Mariachi hunts for Karla.

Un momento crucial Apr 20, 2022

Camila resorts to hiring a hacker to unearth the truth. Zacarías strikes a deal with Sarmiento. Rentería interrogates Karla.

Sin cabos sueltos Apr 20, 2022

Simón confronts Dr. Robles. Cárdenas tries to manipulate Greta with a secret from her past. Emotions run high when Camila meets Simón's kids.

La organización Apr 20, 2022

Camila ends up in the hospital. Simón learns about Valeria's last moments through Karla. Sarmiento blackmails Zacarías into making an alliance.

Ese corazón nunca debió ser tuyo Apr 20, 2022

Rentería and Simón follow a clue. Camila visits a shaman. Zacarías focuses on finding a wife for Cárdenas. Samantha meets bad boy Tomás.

La búsqueda Apr 20, 2022

Sparks fly when Camila and Simón meet by chance. Camila's nightmares fuel her quest to find her donor. Simón takes the investigation into his own hands.

Un huésped dentro de mi cuerpo Apr 20, 2022

Simón receives an anonymous call about Valeria's whereabouts. Camila starts asking questions about her donor. Zacarías kicks off Cárdenas' campaign.

La felicidad no es redonda Apr 20, 2022

After a romantic night together, Simón and Valeria are involved in a car crash and she is kidnapped. Camila suffers a heart attack on her wedding day.

When will be The Marked Heart next episode air date?

The Marked Heart Season 3 is officially renewed and Scheduled to Premiere on Netflix.

Is The The Marked Heart renewed or cancelled?

Next Episode The Marked Heart Season 3 is officially renewed and yet to be announced on Netflix

Where to countdown The Marked Heart air dates?

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