Utopia Season 5 is to Premiere on ABC (AU)

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 10/9/2019
Official site: www.abc.net.au
Station: ABC (AU)
Genres: Comedy

Rising viewing figures and very strong overall ratings promise a bright future for this popular television show

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Name Air Dates
The Ghost Of Christmas FutureOct 9, 2019
Levers of PowerOct 2, 2019
Ticks of Approval Sep 25, 2019

A routine urban development project proves surprisingly difficult for Tony when multiple Government departments get involved. Nat is forced to assist the Minister with a major challenge choosing this year's Christmas cards.

The Blame Game Sep 18, 2019

Tony is forced to defend himself when Jim and Rhonda try to blame a failed project on the NBA. Nat and Ash prepare for an important overseas trade delegation. And the new office security system proves a little too 'secure'.

Mission Creeps Sep 11, 2019

Tony is asked by the Minister to oversee the implementation on a new electronic I.D card scheme. Nat and Ash must face the fact that their expensive wildlife project preservation may not have actually preserved any wildlife.

Pipe Dreams Sep 4, 2019

Tony's opportunity to pitch an important proposal is undermined by computer issues. Nat and Rhonda are forced to deal with community backlash from a prematurely-announced construction project.

Working With Children Aug 28, 2019

The arrival of a work experience student leads to unexpected Ministerial developments. Nat is invited to join a prestigious board but soon finds herself clashing with the Chair.

The Law's The Law Aug 21, 2019

Tony and Jim clash over the best way to tackle high level company tax fraud. Keen to launch a major Government report, Rhonda seeks help from a well-known television personality.

Independence Day Sep 6, 2017

After threatening to resign Tony is offered his own independent infrastructure board but Jim has his own ideas about the word "independent". Rhonda & Beverley decide it's time for a new office reporting structure. (Final)

On the Defence Aug 30, 2017

With a major defence white paper about to be launched Jim and Rhonda ask Tony for help. Meanwhile Nat is summoned to Canberra for an exciting new job. Back at the office it is time for a Risk and Safety audit.

Snouts in the Trough Aug 23, 2017

Jim and Rhonda ask Tony for help building a new airport rail link, but Tony's proposal shocks them both. Meanwhile, Nat has her entire week derailed by a tweet.

Start Up Aug 16, 2017

Fresh from a trip to Silicon Valley, Jim asks Tony for help getting the Government involved in the world of start-ups. Meanwhile, a complaint from an ex-employee sees Nat accused of bullying.

Clause for Concern Aug 9, 2017

The NBA team is asked to help out with the sale of a port; Rhonda decides it is time for a digital upgrade; and Tony is forced to spend a night outdoors in the name of charity.

Nation Shapers Aug 2, 2017

Nat is asked to help out the Minister with a problem-plagued I.T. project. Meanwhile, a poor radio interview sees Tony forced to undertake media training.

Smart Cities Jul 26, 2017

Rhonda forces Tony to be keynote speaker at the Smart Cities conference. Nat is looking set for a promotion until Beverley from HR decides to step in. The arrival of a new couch has unintended consequences.

Blue Sky Thinking Jul 19, 2017

Jim and Rhonda force Tony to help step in and save a flawed government scheme. Nat is driven mad by a local council worried about a proposed development.

Summit Attempt Oct 7, 2015

Tony tries to take a vacation but is thwarted at every turn. Meanwhile, Karsten complicates plans for an infrastructure conference.

Reporting for Duty Sep 30, 2015

When a report finds a tunnel project unviable, a new business case must be made. Nat wants to fire an inept employee. Amy tries to be a barista.

Starting the Conversation Sep 23, 2015

Tony tries to stay out of a planning dispute. Meanwhile, Rhonda wants to raise the department's online presence through social media.

Terminal Problems Sep 16, 2015

After months of work on a large project, Tony gets a request from Jim. Rhonda nominates Nat to be a conference keynote speaker.

Dot Dot Dot Sep 9, 2015

When the Government announces 'Education Nation' it is met with rapturous praise. Only one problem - no one knows what it is. Nat is tasked with handling a Freedom of Information request.

Keep Out - Public Property Sep 2, 2015

Tony and his team are forced to justify why a new foreshore park now seems to have very little park. Nat is desperate for a parcel to arrive and the entire office gets caught up in Healthy Heart Week.

Shovels Ready Aug 26, 2015

After years of meticulous planning nothing can prevent a major tunneling project getting started. Except Rhonda. Meanwhile Nat makes the fatal mistake of asking HR for help.

A Fresh Start Aug 19, 2015

It's a new year and Tony is determined to focus on big things. Unfortunately, small things get in the way. Meanwhile, Nat's attempts to assist a local community unleash a multi-billion dollar government initiative.

The Whole Enchilada Oct 1, 2014

Tony is forced to evaluate plans for expanding the Ord River Scheme. Nat has issues with a stalled highway upgrade. Unfortunately for them the rest of the office is distracted by plans for a Mexican-themed anniversary party.

The First Project Sep 24, 2014

Slightly disillusioned by his first 11 months in the job, Tony thinks back to when it all began. The launch of the NBA was a great success but within weeks Jim was at his door, desperate for some sort of new public announcement.

Then We Can Build It Sep 17, 2014

Concerned that Tasmania's infrastructure needs have been overlooked, Jim sends Tony and the team south for a series of public forums.

Arts and Minds Sep 10, 2014

The decision to include roadside art on a major highway upgrade leads to controversy. Things go from bad to worse when Tony's visit to a primary school results in the actual launch of Australia's first space program.

Onwards and Upwards Sep 3, 2014

Tony is reluctantly dragged in when the developer of a low-rise inner city building project decides he wants to double the height of his apartment block.... and then triple it again. Meanwhile, Nat's attempt to conduct a performance review on a staff member leads to unexpected trouble. None of this is made any easier by Katie's decision to run a Healthy Choices Month in the office, meaning there's nothing to relieve the stress other than herbal tea and rice crackers.

Very Fast Turnover Aug 27, 2014

Tony is forced to investigate the feasibility of a very fast train. What looks to be a 30-year project is made more difficult by the NBA's inability to retain staff for more than a few months. Amy decides to conduct an office safety audit.

Protected Species Aug 20, 2014

Tony is forced to step in when an endangered grass threatens to derail plans for a new container terminal. Rhonda is convinced that the NBA needs a major overhaul of its website.

Wood for the Trees Aug 13, 2014

Attempts to sign an international development deal are compromised by Rhonda's decision to redesign the NBA's logo. Nat has to find room for a community garden within a waterfront development.

When will be Utopia next episode air date?

Utopia Season 5 is yet to be announced by ABC (AU).

Is The Utopia renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 10/9/2019 and now is not renewed yet. Utopia is to be Premiered on ABC (AU)

Where to countdown Utopia air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 5 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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