Welcome to Eden Season 3 is to Premiere on Netflix

Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 4/21/2023
Official site: www.netflix.com
Station: Netflix
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

Drink from paradise to live an experience that will let you forget all your problems. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime

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Name Air Dates
Primer contacto Apr 21, 2023

Zoa suffers a massive betrayal as the rebellion crumbles and Brisa races against the clock to save the inhabitants of Eden.

Serpiente Apr 21, 2023

Reeling from news of another death, the rebels decide to blow Eden up. Astrid learns the truth about Zoa and Gabi. Erick plans his future with África.

Sobre las estrellas Apr 21, 2023

Mayka asks Charly to stay away from her. Eloy, Orson and Ibón explore the boundaries of their friendship. In Barcelona, detective Brisa is attacked.

El Nuevo Edén Apr 21, 2023

As the rebels spread the truth about Eden, Astrid makes a bold move to carry out her father's plan. África changes course and confronts Zoa and Bel.

Segundas oportunidades Apr 21, 2023

Zoa and Gabi's conflicting tactics put them at odds. Mayka convinces a reluctant Astrid and Erick to give Charly one last chance at survival.

Comité Apr 21, 2023

The rebels set out to take down Astrid. Isaac reveals his true identity to Eloy. Bel admits her feelings for Zoa and plans their first official date.

Azul Apr 21, 2023

Zoa and Bel grow fond of one another, causing a jealous Nico to take action. Erick and Mayka put their positions at risk by defending África and Charly.

Infierno Apr 21, 2023

After discovering another murder in Eden, Astrid brings an army to the island and seeks revenge. The arrival of Gabi disrupts Zoa's plans.

El viaje de vuelta May 6, 2022

A new influx of guests arriving at Edén give Charly and Zoa the opportunity to enact their escape plan, but obstacles arise.

Lilith May 6, 2022

The newcomers are tasked with proving their loyalty. Bel encourages members of the rebellion. Private investigator Brisa reaches out to Zoa's family.

Rebelión May 6, 2022

Charly questions Mayka's honesty. Àfrica throws a party for Astrid and Erick, but the festivities go awry, resulting in dangerous consequences.

Tormenta May 6, 2022

A heartbroken and angry Zoa turns to Ibón with her devastating news. Gabi's search for her sister leads her to San Sebastián.

La otra orilla May 6, 2022

Charly and Zoa express their deep concern about Aldo's disappearance and Bel gets Eloy's help to investigate what really happened.

Fiesta de despedida May 6, 2022

Zoa and Ibón each make close connections on the island while África attempts to learn more about her hosts. Aldo plans his escape.

Evaluación May 6, 2022

Astrid welcomes her guests to the compound but Aldo remains highly suspicious. Back home, Gabi worries about her sister Zoa's whereabouts.

El viaje de tu vida May 6, 2022

When Zoa receives an invitation to an exclusive party on a remote island, she jumps at the opportunity. But the festivities are not what she expected.

When will be Welcome to Eden next episode air date?

Welcome to Eden Season 3 is yet to be announced by Netflix.

Is The Welcome to Eden renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 4/21/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Welcome to Eden is to be Premiered on Netflix

Where to countdown Welcome to Eden air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 3 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first.

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