Welcome to Flatch Canceled FOX Series Not Returning for Season 3

Status: Canceled
Latest Episode: 2/2/2023
Official site: www.fox.com
Station: FOX
Genres: Comedy

When a documentary crew sets out to explore the lives of residents in a small American town – their dreams, their concerns – they stumble upon the midwestern town of Flatch, which is made up of many eccentric personalities.

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  • Season 2
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Name Air Dates
Flatch: Churn Here Feb 2, 2023

Kelly and Barb fight to prove why Flatch should be the permanent home of the Butter Bust Museum; Shrub has big news to deliver to Lloyd; Mandy is in charge of blessing the town's animals.



What Are You, Chicken? Jan 26, 2023

The saga of the Flatch porch pirate continues; Barb decides Joe needs a makeover.

Flatch-elor Party Jan 12, 2023

Kelly and Shrub are scouting out the perfect location for Kelly's dad's bachelor party; Barb calls a town hall meeting about an alleged porch pirate on the loose in Flatch.

Flatch or (Butter) Bust Jan 5, 2023

It's Barb's birthday, but she is not in the mood to celebrate her milestone; Barb is not alone in her blues as Joe is also down in the dumps over his recent breakup with Cheryl; Nadine and Kelly set out to cheer up Barb.

O Come, All Ye Flatchful Dec 8, 2022

Barb holds auditions for her Barbieshop quartet; Kelly and Shrub host a toy drive.

Flatchural Disaster Nov 27, 2022

Mandy, Barb and Dylan throw their hats in the ring for town selectperson; when a tornado makes its way through the town, Flatch spins out of control.

The Tri-state Real Estate Conference Nov 17, 2022

Kelly, Barb and Barb's new boyfriend, Shrub, all attend a real estate conference together.

Glowing Up is Hard to Do Nov 10, 2022

Shrub has broken "The Cuz Code" with Kelly by dating her boss; Beth feels jealous.

The Headless Horseman Oct 27, 2022

A psychic at Barb's ladies spooky night influences some big changes and sparks some romance.

Open House Oct 20, 2022

Barb hosts her first open house; Mandy displaces Father Joe as the Flatch advice giver.

Maniflatch Destiny Oct 13, 2022

Cheryl's chickens are making enough eggs to go around; Father Joe attempts to teach Shrub to drive.

Blackout Oct 6, 2022

A major heatwave leads to a blackout; everyone must band together to stay cool.

Welcome to (Barb) Flatch Sep 29, 2022

Barb Flatch makes a triumphant return to her hometown to shake things up.

Merry Flatchmas May 26, 2022

When Kelly's father puts her in charge of the Flatch Christmas celebration, disaster ensues.

Pyramid Scheme May 26, 2022

Kelly accidentally gets involved in a green juice pyramid scheme; Father Joe helps Shrub get into college.

Ghosted May 19, 2022

Kelly and Shrub get lost in the woods on her birthday; Cheryl, Mandy, Nadine and Father Joe decide to host a séance.

No Credit/Bad Credit May 19, 2022

While Shrub thrives at his new job and Kelly gets a role in the car lot's commercial, Father Joe begins to miss having them around

On the Hooky May 12, 2022

Cheryl and Mandy bond over a day of playing hooky.

The Devil's Backbone May 12, 2022

To increase their social media following, Kelly and Shrub plan to record a surprise reunion with Father Joe and another former member of his religious boy band;

Dinner, Dresses, and Dumps May 5, 2022

Kelly plans a special dinner when her dad comes home; Cheryl dresses up for a date with Jimmy.

Sweet Spot Apr 28, 2022

Kelly and Shrub attempt to do good deeds in town, hoping to get a reward.

RIP Cynthia Apr 21, 2022

Kelly and Shrub volunteer at a senior computer class and the town gets a lesson on catfishing.

That Old Flatch Magic Apr 14, 2022

Kelly inspires Dylan to return to his passion of magic with a visit to Flatch's new magic shop.

Naked Lady Day Apr 7, 2022

Father Joe redirects Shrub's love of graffiti to an art class, while Kelly gets some quality time with her father, Bobby. Meanwhile Cheryl and Joe come to grips with their new relationship status.

Dance It Out Mar 31, 2022

When a coveted pair of sneakers lands in a Flatch shoe store, Kelly and Shrub come up with inventive ways to get the money to buy them, including selling homemade treasure maps and starting a for-profit hip-hop dance school.

Jesus Take the Wheel Mar 24, 2022

Kelly starts a ride sharing business called "Kuber," and enlists Shrub as her business partner. Meanwhile, Shrub seeks attention from Beth, and Cheryl investigates the missing town sign.

Pilot Mar 17, 2022

When a documentary crew sets out to explore the lives of residents in a small American town – their dreams, their concerns – they stumble upon the midwestern town of Flatch, which is made up of many eccentric personalities. It's a place you want to visit and maybe even stay. If there was a decent motel. Which there is not. The whole town attends the annual Scarecrow Festival, where cousins and best friends Kelly and Shrub compete in the festival events.

When will be Welcome to Flatch next episode air date?

Welcome to Flatch Canceled and Series Not Returning for Season 3.

Is The Welcome to Flatch renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 2/2/2023 and now is Canceled. Previous episodes of Welcome to Flatch can be found on FOX

Where to countdown Welcome to Flatch air dates?

You could see all of 2 Seasons AIR DATES at this page.

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