Basketball Wives Season 11 is yet to be announced Jan 12, 2024 on VH1

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Latest Episode: 12/18/2023
Next Episode: 1/12/2024
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Basketball Wives is an American reality television series that premiered April 11, 2010 on VH1.

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Name Air Dates
Reunion May 8, 2023

The ladies join Tamar Braxton to discuss Malaysia's departure, Brandi and Duffey's falling-out, the state of Brooke's marriage, Jackie and Jennifer's major rift, and more.

Episode 25 May 1, 2023

Brooke's husband Steven joins her in Mexico, Brittish lands a new gig, and Jennifer's cease and desist letter to Jackie threatens to derail Duffey's party.

Episode 24 Apr 24, 2023

The ladies take a day cruise, Duffey arranges a group therapy session, Angel deliberates joining the group in Mexico, and Brooke deals with conflicting emotions over ending her marriage.

Episode 23 Apr 17, 2023

Brittish hires a new attorney in hopes of losing her monitor, Brooke decides to try couples counseling, and Jackie and Jennifer's feud threatens to boil over at Duffy's re-engagement party.

Episode 22 Apr 10, 2023

Jen and Jackie's feud reaches new levels, and Duffey turns to therapy after her argument with Brandi. Angel reaches her breaking point when Amani gets sick. Brittish hopes the women can find relief from the drama through an alternative outlet.

Episode 21 Apr 3, 2023

Jackie sends one of the guests packing after a fight, Angel deals with a family emergency, and Duffey employs skills learned in therapy to handle her loyalty conflict with Brandi.

Episode 20 Mar 27, 2023

Brooke's husband tries to dissuade her from divorcing him, Brittish accompanies Angel to a postpartum depression support group, and tensions rise as Jackie hosts the women in Sacramento, CA.

Episode 19 Mar 20, 2023

Angel decides to prioritize herself and Amani, Jennifer vents to Jelani about Jackie's true intentions, and Brittish invites the ladies to blow off some steam with destructive therapy.

Episode 18 Mar 13, 2023

Brandi and Duffey get heated at the gym, Angel opens up about her anxiety on balancing her career with a newborn, and Jennifer prepares for the Redefined hair show at L.A. Fashion Week.

Episode 17 Mar 6, 2023

Brittish is devastated by the addition of her ankle monitor; reality sets in for Brooke as she officially files for divorce; Brandi and Duffey seek other support after their blow up at the winery; Angel struggles to juggle mom life.

Episode 16 Feb 27, 2023

Brittish suffers a major setback in her legal situation, while Brandi and Duffey find themselves at odds as growing tension reaches a boiling point; Jackie's parenting skills are put to the test, and Malaysia makes a major decision about her future.

Episode 15 Feb 20, 2023

Jackie demands a ponderosa with the ladies to set the record straight; Brooke tries to sever ties with her husband; while Duffey and Iman encounter a relationship roadblock. Jennifer reveals a rumor about Malaysia which leaves everyone speechless.

Episode 14 Feb 13, 2023

After a shocking discovery, Brooke finds her marriage in crisis; Jennifer takes a bold leap forward in her relationship with Jelani; Malaysia takes small steps returning to the sisterhood; Jackie feels offended when Brittish calls out her meddling.

Episode 13 Aug 1, 2022

Jackie is fed up with Brooke hijacking her girls' trip, Jennifer and Jelani enjoy a wine-tasting date, and Duffey organizes a casino-themed surprise party to commemorate Brandi's father.

Episode 12 Jul 25, 2022

On a trip to the desert, Brittish seeks comfort over her legal woes, and long-standing tension between Jackie and Brooke explodes at dinner.

Episode 11 Jul 18, 2022

Brooke hosts an event with a spiritual healer to celebrate her decision to begin IVF, Jennifer and Jelani talk about their future, and Brittish receives a phone call from the IRS.

Episode 10 Jul 11, 2022

As Jennifer celebrates the launch of her new hair business, Malaysia makes a decision that has everyone questioning her motives.

Episode 9 Jul 11, 2022

Brooke resolves her yearlong feud with her mom, Brandi and Malaysia reevaluate their friendship, and Angel and Brittish throw a sports-themed party to make up for the disastrous Vegas trip.

Episode 8 Jul 4, 2022

During Duffey's birthday weekend in Vegas, she defends Angel against Nia after the gender reveal party disaster, approaches French Montana with a proposition and deejays one last time.

Episode 7 Jun 27, 2022

Duffey gears up for the ultimate birthday blowout with the girls, Malaysia and her family search for a new house, and Brooke sits her kids down after a day out to discuss her IVF plan.

Episode 6 Jun 20, 2022

Duffey asserts her need for a career, Angel preps her kids for the new baby, Jackie brings the ladies together on her podcast, and Brandi has a health scare.

Episode 5 Jun 13, 2022

Jennifer enjoys success in both love and business, Brandi finds a way to honor her dad's memory, and Jackie and Duffey's gossip about Rocc's non-proposal to Angel leads to major drama.

Episode 4 Jun 6, 2022

Jennifer dates a man she met at Duffey's mixer, Brittish asks Jackie to stop meddling in her love life, and a shady social media post mars Angel and RoccStar's gender reveal party.

Episode 3 May 30, 2022

Duffey organizes a "meat market" mixer to set up her single pals, while Jackie pushes for Brittish and Lorenzo to reunite despite their constant disputes.

Episode 2 May 23, 2022

Brandi seeks out new BFFs after her friendship breakup with Malaysia, Brooke throws a blowout birthday bash, and Duffey's DJing passion becomes a point of contention with Iman.

Episode 1 May 16, 2022

Jackie and Doug celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary, Angel shares exciting news with the ladies, and emotions run high when Malaysia and Brandi discuss their falling out.

Finale Mar 23, 2021

The staycation comes to a close. Feby returns only to discover a few missing faces. Jackie makes plans for peace between Jen and Evelyn, as the ladies reflect on the highs and lows of the this trip, and this year.

Episode 6 Mar 16, 2021

Malaysia and Kristen's conversation with OG leaves the group wondering about the future of the sisterhood. Nia and OG spill some revealing tea about their relationship. Shaunie and Evelyn question their place in the group.

Episode 5 Mar 9, 2021

Malaysia and Jackie try to broker a truce. Nia drops a bomb about Feby's ex. Jen is over OG's attitude, but Malaysia and Kristen are still willing to give peace a chance.

Episode 4 Mar 2, 2021

Malaysia and Jackie finally come face to face. The women encourage Liza to move on from her ex. Nia and Noria Dorsey join the staycation, and OG opens up about her childhood trauma.

Episode 3 Feb 23, 2021

The wives kick off their staycation. Jackie dials up the volume on her peacemaking efforts and group is in for an awakening after a highly anticipated conversation.

Episode 2 Feb 16, 2021

The ladies deal with the repercussions of the pandemic lockdown, as they all flee to separate corners of the country. In the wake of the BLM protests, Kristen helps Malaysia find new ways of confronting her grief over her brother's murder.

Episode 1 Feb 9, 2021

Evelyn tries to broker peace between Malaysia and Jackie. Feby has a new beau. OG takes a big step with Kwame. Shaunie makes a major announcement, and Jackie's plans to get the ladies together are disrupted by the arrival of COVID-19 in Los Angeles.

Reunion, Part 2 Oct 16, 2019

Jackie attempts to prove her innocence, Malaysia and Jen face off, and one of the ladies makes an unexpected exit. Marc Lamont Hill sits down with Shaunie to discuss the impact of colorism within the African American community.

Reunion, Part 1 Oct 9, 2019

Marc Lamont Hill hosts as the women discuss a season of ups and downs. Jennifer clears up what she said about Shaunie's relationship with her ex, Feby calls Jackie out on a lie, and OG is forced to make a decision she is not happy about.

Finale Oct 2, 2019

Evelyn has printed receipts that prove OG might not only be a cheater but a home wrecker too. Kristen makes a decision that will forever affect her future with Cece and Byron. Jackie finds herself in the middle of two opposing sides.

Episode 15 Sep 25, 2019

Shaunie, Evelyn, Malaysia, Feby and Kristen may have lost the battle against the other ladies but they are determined to win the war as they plot ways to take down Cece, OG and Jackie.

Episode 14 Sep 18, 2019

The ladies arrive in Costa Rica where the division among the group is worse than ever. Cece takes aim at Evelyn for butting into her business, Feby takes shots at Jackie, and Malaysia's feelings for Jackie bubble to the surface.

Episode 13 Sep 11, 2019

Jen finds herself at odds with Evelyn and Malaysia when photos from her Sip 'n Shop surface with her face edited out. OG feels burned by the group when no one shows support at her retirement gala.

Episode 12 Sep 4, 2019

Shaunie and Evelyn are ready to find Mr. Right. Kristen and Thomas call a final family meeting in efforts to fix things once and for all. Jackie receives devastating news that may change her friendship with Evelyn for good.

Episode 11 Aug 28, 2019

Malaysia and Evelyn question Jennifer's motives for getting back in the circle. Kwame returns home to find OG planning moves for their future together. A malicious article hits the blogs about Malaysia.

Episode 10 Aug 21, 2019

Peace may be possible for the Scotts after Byron and Thomas take a step forward in their relationship. Evelyn faces her ex's daughter after years of estrangement. Malaysia and Jen air out their issues, and Jackie plans to clear her name.

Episode 9 Aug 14, 2019

Someone is spreading rumors about Malaysia and her kids, and Jackie is determined to find out who, but the tables turn when signs lead to Jackie as the culprit. OG and Cece reach a cross roads in their friendship when OG reads a text.

Episode 8 Aug 7, 2019

Shaunie and the entire O'Neal family celebrate a huge milestone in Shareef's recovery. Tami dives head first into a new creative venture, and calls CeCe out on her BS. Jackie forces Feby to face the music about a rap she dedicated to OG.

Episode 7 Jul 31, 2019

OG's relationship with Cece and Byron is called into question, leading Byron to set the record straight about his role in the Thomas rumor. In San Diego, Malaysia refuses to forgive and forget her issues with Jennifer.

Episode 6 Jul 24, 2019

Kristen's hope for a Scott Family resolution is renewed when she receives some promising news about Byron. Jen's plus one raises eyebrows, and when Evelyn and Jen come face to face in San Diego no one is safe.

Episode 5 Jul 17, 2019

The Scott family is noticeably absent at Cece and Byron's engagement party, leading Malaysia to confront OG; Shaunie plans a getaway to calm the tensions amongst the group, but when Jen shows up, Evelyn has her boxing gloves ready.

Episode 4 Jul 10, 2019

Shaunie deals with drama on the home front when a series of robberies causes her family to move. The drama in the group takes center stage as all eyes point to Cece as the source of the Thomas rumor. OG feels attacked and seeks solace.

Episode 3 Jul 3, 2019

Evelyn hosts an event for her new business venture, but things go completely haywire when OG drops a bomb on the Scott Family; Tami deals with the reality of her ex's serious health scare.

Episode 2 Jun 26, 2019

Tami faces her daughters after getting secretly married without them. Malaysia's attempts at mending the peace with her family leads to drama. Jen battles emotional demons from her past and comes face to face with Shaunie and Evelyn.

Episode 1 Jun 19, 2019

Shaunie deals with her son Shareef's devastating diagnosis; Tami keeps a major secret from the ladies; Kristen's invite to Cece's wedding gets revoked; Jen returns to reignite old flames.

Reunion Sep 16, 2018

It's time for a ponderosa as the ladies sit down for the "Basketball Wives" reunion; they rehash the drama from the past season, throw some new shade, and will give viewers two of the biggest surprises of the season.

Finale Sep 9, 2018

Evelyn's good intentions for bringing Jen to Amsterdam backfires. Jen's presence ignites a fire that no one could have expected. Malaysia reaches her breaking point and Evelyn hears rumors about her family that Jen has been spreading.

Episode 15 Sep 2, 2018

Kristen and CeCe's issues finally come to a head. Shaunie continues her weed research while the other women enjoy the sights of Amsterdam. Jen finally makes her arrival in Amsterdam, making sure to bring plenty of drama along with her.

Episode 14 Aug 26, 2018

Kwame makes a grand gesture for OG. The ladies are excited to arrive in Amsterdam, but tempers quickly erupt. Evelyn convinces Jen to fly to Amsterdam to defend herself, but when Evelyn breaks this news to Shaunie, Shaunie is blindsided.

Episode 13 Aug 19, 2018

Tami drops the bomb on Reggie that she wants to call off their engagement. Tension between Kristen and CeCe continues to build. Shaunie wants to boost her marijuana education with a trip to Amsterdam.

Episode 12 Aug 12, 2018

After her poor behavior at Jackie's event, Jen focuses on her love life. Kristen's stress at home has her thinking twice about more children. CeCe and Kristen keep their distance from each other and Malaysia finds their issues are much deeper.

Episode 11 Aug 5, 2018

Malaysia attempts to face her fears and meets with a police officer. Tami's cold feet about marriage get icier. Jackie hosts a premiere party for her Public Service Announcement, but things go left when Tami and Jen go head to head.

Episode 10 Jul 30, 2018

Evelyn's trip to Puerto Rico becomes a more emotional experience than she bargained for. Jen enlists help to solve her love life issues. Malaysia has a difficult talk with her son. Jackie helps Reggie plan next steps in his relationship.

Episode 9 Jul 16, 2018

Jackie stars in a play. OG deals with the death of her brother, the loss ultimately brings her and an enemy close. The Wives come out to support Jackie's play, but there's just as much drama off-stage.

Episode 8 Jul 8, 2018

Tami lashes out at Evelyn, leaving the entire group taking cover and taking sides. As an escape, Evelyn puts together a charity event, but Shaunie refuses to welcome Jen. Malaysia tries to get CeCe and Kristen past their conflict.

Episode 7 Jul 2, 2018

Shaunie investigates a rumor that could blow up the group, but it results in more questions than answers. Malaysia is surprised when Cece and Byron set her up on a blind date. Tami lashes out and says something she can't take back.

Episode 6 Jun 25, 2018

OG and her man discover they're not seeing eye to eye on marriage. Malaysia tries to keep her family from tearing itself apart. An explosive rumor threatens to destroy a friendship within the group.

Episode 5 Jun 11, 2018

Between side-boob and side-eye, newbie OG isn't winning any friends. Jackie trades acting out for acting on stage. Evelyn strengthens her friendship with Jen as she struggles to make a final decision about her embryos.

Episode 4 Jun 4, 2018

Jackie realizes she wants to move forward in her life through therapy. OG and Kristen butt heads. Tami is over Jen trying to mend fences with her and Evelyn. Shaunie wants her new business to be a family venture.

Episode 3 May 28, 2018

Jackie wants everyone to get to know OG and plans a pool day in her honor. Tensions fly between Tami and Evelyn. Cece is concerned with the impact of the rumor and plans a do-over with the ladies. Kristen and OG exchange juicy digs.

Episode 2 May 21, 2018

Evelyn grapples with a big decision regarding her frozen embryos; Tami is curious as to why Jen got so close to Evelyn after talking smack about her behind the scenes; and a rumor about Byron Scott's girlfriend, Cece, spreads.

Episode 1 May 14, 2018

Recently single Evelyn shows off her revenge body. Tami stays booked & busy with an appearance on Wild N' Out. Malaysia brings in a new crew; Kristen Scott and Cece Gutierrez. Jen goes to court for a restraining order on her ex.

Reunion Aug 14, 2017

The ladies gather together for the first time after their trip to Miami. Jackie and Evelyn push their strained relationship to the limits. Cristen is confronted once again on her miscarriage. Shaunie and Jackie find themselves at a crossroads.

Finale Aug 7, 2017

Evelyn receives a copy of Ta'kari's manuscript and reads excerpts to Jennifer and Shaunie. Tensions are high during a final Miami dinner. Shaunie finds herself caught in the middle of the beef between Evelyn and Jackie.

Episode 15 Jul 31, 2017

Shaunie invites the ladies to Miami to take a trip down memory lane. Kijafa Vick and Jeniva Samuel invite the ladies on a gorgeous yacht. Jackie is stuck on a boat with Evelyn and confronts Shaunie about an interview she did about her.

Episode 14 Jul 24, 2017

Tami breaks some tough news to Reggie. Malaysia still feels divided from the group. Evelyn and Jackie see each other for the first time since New York at Shaunie's "Women's Empowerment" event.

Episode 13 Jul 17, 2017

Jackie tries to broker a truce between Saniy'yah and Hazel; Jen Williams returns to the group; Evelyn and Jen speak to each other for the first time in seven years.

Episode 12 Jul 10, 2017

After the altercation with Jackie and Evelyn, the group is fractured. Tami hands over her "momager" roll when her daughter Jazz gets signed to a record label. An uninvited guest makes an appearance at Saniy'yah's party.

Episode 11 Jun 26, 2017

Tami suggests the ladies embark on a trip to New York City. Evelyn takes Shaunie on a trip down memory lane in the Bronx. Jackie pushes Evelyn to her breaking point and all hell breaks loose at drinks.

Episode 10 Jun 19, 2017

Malaysia spends time with her kids. Jackie finds out that Evelyn isn't happy with her. Things come to a head with Evelyn and Jackie at a party that Evelyn throws for her magazine cover photos.

Episode 9 Jun 12, 2017

Tami interviews possible surrogate mothers. Saniy'yah throws a garden party. Malaysia confronts Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn on some boiling issues. Jackie and BJ have words that pushes Jackie to her limits.

Episode 8 Jun 5, 2017

Jackie throws her "love your body party". Malaysia feels snubbed by Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn. Cristen divides her friendship with Jackie.

Episode 7 May 22, 2017

Back in LA, Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn regroup after being ambushed by Brandi in Palm Springs. Jackie hears some information about Cristen. Tami and Evelyn confront Cristen on whether or not she's been completely honest.

Episode 6 May 15, 2017

All the ladies head to Palm Springs for a celebratory weekend. Evelyn surprises Cristen with a makeover. Malaysia invites a friend from the past to dinner, which pushes Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn over the edge.

Episode 5 May 8, 2017

Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn meet up with Jackie to find common ground. Brandi Maxiell returns to LA. After receiving exciting news about her IVF treatment, Evelyn decides to celebrate by inviting the ladies to Palm Springs.

Episode 4 May 7, 2017

Shaunie attempts to broker a peace treaty between Tami and Evelyn. Jackie hosts a wine safari to bring her old and new friends together. Malaysia Pargo returns.

Episode 3 May 1, 2017

Jackie throws a party to celebrate becoming a grandmother but a confrontation with Tami spoils the evening. Shaunie supports Evelyn as she begins her IVF treatment. Tami hosts a book signing and leaves Jackie off the guest list.

Episode 2 Apr 24, 2017

Evelyn and Jackie put their differences aside and move forward in their friendship. Tami digs up new dirt on Evelyn in the hopes of proving that she hasn't changed. Newcomer Bonnie-Jill finds herself in the middle of some drama.

Episode 1 Apr 17, 2017

Evelyn Lozada makes the move to LA and reunites with her best friend, Shaunie, and her old nemesis, Tami. At Shaunie's birthday party, tension between Evelyn, Tami and Jackie threatens to boil over.

Finale Oct 21, 2013

The ladies help Tasha go toe to toe with a woman who's been posting about her husband online. Also, a surprise invitation to a Kenya Bell performance tests Suzie's patience.

Episode 9 Oct 14, 2013

During a whirlwind week in London, Evelyn sweats her hastily arranged Fashion Week debut while the group comes together to help Tasha and Suzie squash their beef.

Episode 8 Oct 7, 2013

Shaunie announces a girls' trip to London Fashion Week that puts Evelyn's clothing line plans into overdrive. Later, Shaunie's boxing date with Marlon leaves her feeling punchy.

Episode 7 Sep 30, 2013

Tasha takes Shaunie, Suzie and Evelyn to task for leaving her birthday party but it's what she asks Tami afterward that takes the cake. Also, Suzie and Tasha sprout their own feud after a hotel powwow.

Episode 6 Sep 23, 2013

Tasha's weave bar grand opening proves more hot mess than hot press. Also, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie's early departure from Tasha's birthday party leaves the birthday girl in a bad mood.

Episode 5 Sep 16, 2013

Tasha's "headbutting" jokes land her and Suzie in hot water with Evelyn. Also, Shaunie tries her hand at producing a play.

Episode 4 Sep 9, 2013

Evelyn takes her issues with her ex to the therapist's couch. Also, Tami expresses her displeasure with Shaunie "planting a bad seed" about her with Tasha.

Episode 3 Sep 2, 2013

The ladies deal with the fallout of Suzie's grilling of Tasha Marbury. Also, Tami raises questions within the group by failing to show for Evelyn's big birthday blowout.

Episode 2 Aug 26, 2013

Evelyn's friend Tasha Marbury meets the ladies while Suzie and Tami's insatiable curiosity about an old tabloid scandal makes waves.

Episode 1 Aug 19, 2013

Evelyn takes on the media for the first time after an altercation with her husband. Also, Tami tries to convince her to give the marriage a second chance.

Reunion, Part 2 Jun 11, 2012

Catch up to see what the ladies have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling as the cast reunites for the two-part "Basketball Wives Reunion Special". Get all the answers in the most emotional reunion of Basketball Wives' history.

Reunion, Part 1 Jun 4, 2012

Catch up to see what the ladies have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling as the cast reunites for the two-part "Basketball Wives Reunion Special". Get all the answers in the most emotional reunion of Basketball Wives' history.

Finale May 28, 2012

The ladies' trip to Tahiti erupts when Jen is called out on her erratic behavior. After the trip, Shaunie seeks an assist from a higher power in making a life-altering decision.

Episode 14 May 21, 2012

Jen's standoffish behavior and declaration that she's "lawyered up" irritate Shaunie and Tami, turning up the heat on the final days of the girls' Tahiti trip.

Episode 13 May 14, 2012

The girls play a practical joke on Kenya. Also, Tami and Kesha's conflict escalates, driving one of them to cut their island vacation short.

Episode 12 May 7, 2012

The ladies leave Miami behind for a girls' trip to Tahiti, setting the stage for an epic showdown between Tami and Kesha.

Episode 11 Apr 30, 2012

Evelyn and Chad discuss their upcoming wedding while Royce and her father get into it over Royce's relationship with football player Dezmon Briscoe.

Episode 10 Apr 23, 2012

Fallout from Evelyn, Jen, and Nia's altercation at the racetrack deepens the divides within the group. Also, Royce introduces boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe to the girls.

Episode 9 Apr 16, 2012

A trip to the races turns explosive when Evelyn's friend and assistant Nia challenges Jen's recent behavior. Also, Tami and her mother work through some of their issues.

Episode 8 Apr 9, 2012

Evelyn and Kenya's feud over loose talk escalates to the point of no return. Also, Suzie's penchant for peacemaking returns as she takes a stab at squashing Royce and Jen's beef.

Episode 7 Apr 2, 2012

Kenya tries to explain herself after some nasty gossip loops back to Evelyn, but things really heat up when Kesha brings in a friend to corroborate her version of the story.

Episode 6 Mar 26, 2012

The fallout from Jen and Ev's confrontation at Shaunie's birthday party continues, and Ev lays into Kenya for calling her "loose."

Episode 5 Mar 19, 2012

Shaunie's birthday party goes south when Evelyn attacks Jen over loyalty and how she's changed in the spotlight of fame. Also, Suzie and Royce drop in on Kesha's family farm in North Carolina while en route to Miami.

Episode 4 Mar 12, 2012

Tami sees red over Kesha talking behind her back. Also, the ladies are conspicuously absent from one of Jen's lip gloss launch events.

Episode 3 Mar 5, 2012

Shaunie, Evelyn, & Tami take Kenya to task over throwing Kesha under the bus at her music video auditions, Suzie's behavior at a charity event raises eyebrows, & Tami takes to the therapist's couch to combat her anger issues.

Episode 2 Feb 27, 2012

Evelyn and Chad meet to discuss social media accusations of infidelity, the ladies discover some shocking videos of Kenya online, and Royce is up for an off-Broadway show.

Episode 1 Feb 20, 2012

The explosive fourth season opens in NY to reveal Jen & Evelyn's ten-year friendship on the rocks. Two new ladies are also introduced to the mix: wife/aspiring singer Kenya Bell & ex-fiancée/professional dancer Kesha Nichols.

Reunion, Part 2 Aug 22, 2011

John Salley coaxes the ladies into dishing more dirt about their drama with Meeka and the status of Evelyn's relationship with Chad is also up for discussion.

Reunion, Part 1 Aug 15, 2011

John Salley returns to host another exciting reunion with the first ladies of basketball. Topics include Jen & Eric's divorce & Meeka hoping to set the record straight on what went down this season between her and the cast.

Finale Aug 8, 2011

Chad and Evelyn get into it when Evelyn spots him having lunch with another woman. Also, Jen's wild divorce party heats up when her date for the evening arrives.

Episode 9 Aug 1, 2011

Royce's meeting with Eric makes Jen's blood boil, Chad surprises Evelyn with a unique outing, and Jen finds chemistry on a blind date set up by pal Al Reynolds.

Episode 8 Jul 25, 2011

The ladies' trip to Italy explodes as Tami's feud with Meeka reaches the boiling point, and one member of the circle calls it quits over the drama.

Episode 7 Jul 18, 2011

It's an Italian vacation complete with extra baggage as Evelyn's reaction to a radio interview given by Jen threatens to end their friendship and Tami and Meeka butt heads over loose talk and leaving Royce behind.

Episode 6 Jul 11, 2011

Shaunie makes waves when she proposes another international girls' trip but excludes Royce from the guest list.

Episode 5 Jun 27, 2011

A trip to the Big Apple turns sour as Evelyn and Tami's beef over Ev's t-shirts resurfaces. Also, Jen agrees to her first date since splitting with Eric and Evelyn reconciles with her long-absent father.

Episode 4 Jun 20, 2011

Jen's curiosity and suspicions are piqued when Eric wants to take a meeting with Suzie. Also, more than mallets are swinging when Tami and Meeka get into it at an upscale polo event.

Episode 3 Jun 13, 2011

Royce's father raises concerns about his daughter's new boyfriend. Evelyn checks out a fertility clinic as she prepares to begin a family with Chad Ochocinco.

Episode 2 Jun 6, 2011

Suzie's return to the circle upsets Royce. Also, sparks fly when Tami takes Meeka to task for playing both sides.

Episode 1 May 30, 2011

While Royce is at odds with Evelyn, Jen and Tami are bent on preventing Evelyn from profiting off the hurtful phrase that launched their season-ending brawl. Is it too late to make amends?

Reunion, Part 2 Mar 14, 2011

Host John Salley presses the cast on Jen's recent nude photo scandal and Evelyn's romance with superstar football player Chad Ochocinco. The reunion is also rocked by a couple of surprise guests that are sure to cause an uproar.

Reunion, Part 1 Mar 13, 2011

Host John Salley reunites the cast to break down the explosive season finale. He also takes viewers through the ladies' individual journeys this season.

Finale Mar 6, 2011

Evelyn's weekend in Cincinnati with Chad Ochocinco could just be the start of something big. The shocking final act disclosure of a past infidelity links two of the wives and ends the season with an explosive showdown.

Episode 9 Feb 20, 2011

Jen & Ev accuse Royce of playing both sides by also being friends with outsiders Suzie & Ashley. Additionally, Ashley Walker and player Rafer Alston ambush Jen & Ev to prove that they are, in fact, a genuine item.

Episode 8 Feb 13, 2011

The ladies' trip to Madrid suffers from both Royce's phantom illness and Tami's sudden mood swings. Jen also finds a romantic mark and the women get piggish on the local cuisine.

Episode 7 Jan 30, 2011

Shaunie's surprise announcement of a trip abroad delays Evelyn's connection with flirtatious football icon Chad Ochocinco.

Episode 6 Jan 23, 2011

Evelyn is back on the dating scene with a date that ends with a miss…and then one with a kiss. The tension between Jen & Eric reaches a new mark.

Episode 5 Jan 16, 2011

Evelyn and Jen regret volunteering to help Royce and her man Dwayne with a fashion fundraiser. Also, Tami has some surgery done, helping her to lose pounds and setting the stage to gain a friend.

Episode 4 Jan 9, 2011

When Evelyn and Jen finds themselves left off the guest list of a posh fundraiser thrown by circle outsider Ashley Walker, they decide to crash the event. Tempers flare when Tami and Jen get into it over an innocuous remark.

Episode 3 Jan 2, 2011

Shaunie and the ladies launch a surprise ambush on Gloria to find out why her wedding was called off. Jen and Eric finally have "the talk" that will alter the course of their relationship forever.

Episode 2 Dec 19, 2010

Fallout over Suzie and Evelyn's argument has Suzie on the run to an unexpected source….GLORIA! Also, Tami reintroduces her daughters to father Kenny Anderson after many years apart.

Episode 1 Dec 12, 2010

Royce, Jen, Evelyne & Suzie return on Basketball Wives but with a few new faces. This season finds the ladies facing down old issues & new alike, with even more dramatic outbursts & heart rendering emotional moments than before.

Reunion Jun 20, 2010

The cast returns to recap, reminisce, and revisit the dramatic first season. A surprise guest shows up, letting residue from a past dispute "spill" out onto the reunion stage.

Finale May 30, 2010

Shaunie gives the girls a break from the Miami heat in her new hometown, Los Angeles. But all of them wind up in the hot seat during a season-ending dinner conversation that ends with almost everyone in tears.

Episode 7 May 23, 2010

Shaunie returns to Miami to check up on the girls, and galpal Erikka is surprised by lingering feelings when she's reunited with ex-boyfriend and professional basketball player, Rasual Butler.

Episode 6 May 16, 2010

Jen's upcoming Haiti benefit inspires Royce to invite the girls to make a difference on a personal level at a local soup kitchen, though Evelyn finds her motives suspect.

Episode 5 May 9, 2010

Suzie's efforts to fix up newly-single Evelyn with a local producer crashes with a thud. But not as fast as the relationship between Royce and Gloria once Royce finds out Gloria's been talking about her behind her back.

Episode 4 May 2, 2010

Emotions get heated and things quickly take an ugly turn when Gloria defends her sister's role in an alleged scandal involving Shaunie. Meanwhile, Jen and Eric look to solve their marital issues with a new luxury home.

Episode 3 Apr 25, 2010

Evelyn and Jen leave Miami to visit basketball fiancée Gloria Govan and her soon-to-be hubby Matt Barnes in Orlando. When Jen and Evelyn engage the couple in a discussion of why athletes cheat, drama ensues.

Episode 2 Apr 18, 2010

Evelyn throws herself a lavish 34th birthday party, which well-meaning Royce nearly tanks with a surprise dance routine. Also, Jen struggles with the idea of sticking it out in her troubled marriage to Eric Williams.

Episode 1 Apr 11, 2010

Fresh off her highly publicized filing for divorce from megastar basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal, Shaunie O'Neal returns to Miami for a night out with fellow basketball wives and girlfriends Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Gloria Govan, and Royce Reed. The women catch up and dish dirt over dinner and dancing as Shaunie and Gloria struggle to put recent drama behind them. Later, former Miami/Orlando dancer Royce gets out of control during a dance contest at a Terrell Owens/Ludacris pool party, creating a fresh internet scandal of her own and dragging Jen, Evelyn, and Miami social queen Suzie down with her.

Top 10 Flagrant Fouls Feb 27, 2011

Comedian Patrice O'Neal looks back at the top ten moments from Basketball Wives' current season and "Bonus Beefs" from season one.

When will be Basketball Wives next episode air date?

Basketball Wives Season 11 is yet to be announced by VH1.

Is The Basketball Wives renewed or cancelled?

Latest Episode was 12/18/2023 and now is not renewed yet. Basketball Wives is to be Premiered on VH1

Where to countdown Basketball Wives air dates?

You could see to countdown the Next season AIR DATES Season 11 on this page. Follow us and you find out it first. is your online-guide for tracking the Air Date of your favorite TV shows. Keep up with the Countdown to the next episode Basketball Wives, stay informed about air dates, and never miss an episode of your beloved TV series. Simply add your preferred shows to “Watchlist” and let us handle the rest for you.


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